Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 39
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 39

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 39
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Trailers UBTrallers 165Trollcrs 165Trailers 165 Trucks and Tracton 168 V 6f ~ C"HE'VY~ p i r.ku o! T sk« Vv"«r pyrnls. Fttt ed'Jilv. No down pvrnt. Call or sla Mr. CHUCK UOYER OHLY. ME 3-0711, air. Auto Parts Repairs 19 WE ARE DISCONTINUING NEW TRAVEL TRAILERS to Mafc« Room for Mobil B Hornii HERE THEY GO WHOLESALE · I 25-ft. DEVILLE, twin btd ·fr I 25-ft. DEVILLE, double bed ·ft I !9-(r. HOLIDAY HOUSE ·fr I 20-[t. STANLEY, lell-contam.o 1 * ALSO 2 USED BARGAINS * ·V I 20.(i. I960 STANLEY ·fe I !9-f». 1959 ARROWHEAD, gal r e W g e r a t o r N-E-W PARK LANE with H-U-S-E DOUBLE EXPANDING 17K17-F1. LIVING ROOM AND 1UI7-FT BEDROOM. Im-ncd a'e dehveiv all 5li«, all colon, ail floor clans, 23 TO chooift lioni. Carpeli. iub enclowre, Apiece srove. Also 5*- i 55 M. 1- S. 2- BONIER FREEWAY Mobile Home Center 4655 ATLANTIC, LONG BEACH Open 7 Diyi t Wtel 6A 3-0444 ABC ]|kt netf 1557. 10x47 rbdrm. oro* vlnciat. Beautiful OBlural wood in- lirior. See In aooreciale. Prit-ed to sell Ihis weekend. Pettls, 1745 Rosecrarif. Honvalk al Sa.^ta Ana Freeway UN e 1737 Boles Areo - Boles Zenith S-fout Trailers n»l Soulh Ailanllc NE !-3«3 "COMPTON" $195 DOWN 195? HENSLEE «xlO. lake over cciitrdclr Dvmls. 179 mo. Dixie MoUlt Hornei. 121J2 Harbor Blvd.. Garden Grove. JE J-6141 '59~coLUMB]A'Ta'iio' uit-inj. i bdrm. Air cond. CABANA, /O'xS 1 . Indivldjally wired. Al-jm. a«nln3. All cr part. Make o f f e r or will trade ^or equity In 3.barni. honie. SPARTAN~8x43 1-br. HVe new thru (Mjl Carpel, drices, liiSD. S4V5 Inri. Ins., int. lie. Real bargain P"|VATE° P PART Y TE 44in NEW '41 lO-WIDE, $35?S Inc. Sales lax, Ltcente Set Up HARVEY'S TOM ATLAHTIC COMPTOt ' TRA1LORAMA-.ARGUS TRAVELEZE-B1LTMORE JOE'S MOBlLfc HOME--Mr 1 !!13 11527 S ATLANTIC LYNWOOD ! LOW, LOW Pric LOT OEMO ONLY Brand r.e* 1J61 55x10 It. Travols. JS495 value. Now S4J9S. SII69 d.n. «J mo. paymenls Include IK. li- c e n s e / 7 vrs. Insurance -I Ir -delivery lei uo to 50 ml. SPARTAH. 'Make* good mo-jntain cabin. S»5 F. P. 1559 -- 3S*S-F1 ROADLINER DC i'jxo rraale deccr. Here's re^ oua'ilv. «usl see. 57,895. E-Z _RAY's,_«6n : onp_BtKllB!., L._B REDUCING STOCK ALJO COASTLINER TERRY All Floor Models Must Go No Legitimate Offer Refused WE NEED MONEYl HERt'b THE PLACE! to buy or traae lor mobin hcmts W» socclalln in irw CRUSADER SWING-A-W1NG ROD J REEL UNIVERSAL TERRA CRUISER KIT STATEL1NER OASIS We have a hjll line of III modal! s. many used trailers to chooi "ffiRflPfb 7 TV SALES A Sftl.LE: slick icl-up tor Olds or Portli.ic. UN 4 3_?2 _ _ lectric Cors 170 "ELECTRIC CAR For as lovf aj $740 AUTOETTE ELECTRIC CAR CO. ?l L- B. BLVD. HE J.W4- ELEC. car In s!oraffe 3 vrs. Excel cond. Deluxe. 1395. Park BY OWNER Call form o b 1 1 « THE TRADEWINDS 15W2 LatCAOOd Blvd. JTO HOT WEATHER SPECIAL Free coolers Installed, no etfra charge, IhJi weekend only on new 1561 SSxlO w:des. or Iced Irom $3.995. Pellls, 12M5 Rosccrans, Norwa'.lc «t Sanla Ana Freeway. UN 81737 ' EXPANDOS SAVE WORE factory Dlsdav FACTORY TO YOU ..__A(I S'lCS '60""TERElACRiriSER ~10x50. Pro- vinclal 2-BR. beauf. spattoos. Xlras Inc. melal awn I no cob- a-va. Sliding olssi dcors, disc., air cond. Si75 i ai^um* pavmt^- PRIVATE PARTY .._JTF_ (-0335 SACKThTCb: Vae3ti5n Irlr. 'i9"*18', l'.t.,slrwr., comb elect, ref, v*a:er htr. Aux. waier la.-.l;. Butane llt«. Xlnt, cond. A steal. SL«5. Priv. ptv. It542 So. Paramoant Space ^rM, Dawnev, Calif. Setup In So'jl nia's h.Mr.e park. ROADLINER 55-il., 12-w:de exteided liv- iro room. Thli Is ore o( tf'.c n:ost comulele mobi't homci to bfr fojr.d »"Y- whcre. SMwn by aoDOint- menl only. Lincoln 4-3600 Ini!4lic0 -. Ui*d Cl-trrv Auto Parts 7B?7 CHERRY AV6 GA Autos Wanted Import Sport Can 174 lmport Sport^Cars '58 VOLVO, $799 de 3-Ur. sedan. E)i vir.vl :-i1encr He niechjnic.illv Llbtrnl S. W. LEMON Delude 3-Ur. sedan. C^fr.i dean ilcncr Healer Gocd · terms. GE 3-3197 5?~VQLVCT2-c!r\, A Jpc*0 Ir.insm'.s- llon, RMH, b'ack with dc luxe ln- tpr ! o- Buy th : l cir fcr If« than 9A1 MODEL. 4 Dassentwr V convert t_D.u. TOoaz 947W LARGE SELECTION ne* A used electric cars. GA 2-U93, ME .M54. Autos Wanted 173 SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE Ne* deluxe 12 ft. Trailer ... S795 TRAVELEJE--TERRY SANTA Ft S. COASTLINES USED SPECIALS BUY - SELL CONSIGN STORAGE Gocd, Clean Tra'lers. BEST TRAILER SALt£S __1W_SOuth St., L.B. ME A 33i6 '« TER'RA Cru'scr 5010--l-Bdrm. 9x43 aium. awr.'ngj covler. Trade equity for turn 1 .-, Soace 9i. 329 S. Harbo Santa_Anj^ 55nlO"FT. wide. 1-br. . ? Blvd., x . w c . - . New! Toke over pvmls v;;ll take trade. Reo- ular crtce WSO. Clear, price «995 17WO Dellliovrer BlvrJ. - ··" A I R S T R E A W rraller. 15A1, 2V. tu-.-1 2^-FT. 2 a x l e trailer, electricbraW, l?m b'jillr 1«ln beds, lofs of e x - ^ ilove relno 1-tcdrm. 5fcLL . _ _ j-WHECL llohlwilstil Irlr. tic. Gi. | cond. 555. HA Y-717; , TEARbROP~frBile7r~iiutane touili- rnent! SI60. 2375 Golden. _ AHOELUS 8x4J, ' . T_E_ W73 J. ft 51--39' ROADMASTER Irlr, sell cr trade (or car. RP,IS. HE 5-J1W Trailers 165Trai(ers _^---- 6 " 23S ^ "BARGAIN BUYS" NEW 55x10 3-bedrm. --WMO '60 50x10 2-bedrm. Universal swco ·59 50x10 2-bedrm. Nashua .I3j0p 'if 41 )l 1-tr., washer-drver 52600 '56 *2 U 1-ljedrm., Sch-jll 57?00 CERTIFIED TRAILER SALES ¥111 E. Arl«ild, Be'Hower TO 6-3777 HA_SJ5M )T~ALUWrtra^Ter wllh canvas awning «. ream, b-jlane ilove v/.lh ovco, 10-cal waler tanK w i f n slrSt timn. Icebox (H3b. capacity), cxlra wtieel tire wd '61 license laos.. iSW. ^2715 V-'ashlnolon St.. $"|"95~DOWN 1560 WarleHt 55x10. Take over crwi!racf. Olx McbllR Ha.-res. 12152 Harbor fllvd.. Gartien Grov«. JE 7-6144 '61 T R AVELEZE"~de luxe. 16x8', full balh, seif-conla'.ned. all ex- trss, 3 w«Vs o'-d, live new; due to ILlresi muii sacrifice; save S800 + ta* nrrf license. S4W GE --4537. BY "Owr.erf 1960 Venus 50x10 ft. Tub, shcwer slooi, w-w carpet- Ino. Forced a:r heat. Kitchen sfov* refrlg. Back B- front _ll£?^- _L[ce"sc^33id. L _fViE 3-555S. '59 A'LJO 27'ft. Fult colored balh, carcflotJ, a'r cooler. 2 awn noir 25 ga" wlr la'-k. TV anlennae. L l V e r e w ! See at 2027-2JO'ti St.. L^mlta. ,,___ 15-F-l TRAVEL-Traller, Ice box. ilove w/ovcn. BuMnt «id e!ec. llo^ls. S'PBD? 5. Clean '5S~~15~~FT 1 La Cabana alum. vat. Irlr. 2 bu. l.itVs, lols ot extras, r'ean. S550. 29^0 Long Bt.icJi Blvd., lot 323. TRADE TEARDROP FOR OPEN BOX TRAILER *M- X)01 W. H ILL t B E_H mo C HUR CH.) O?~PT sTrcpV 4 many cupboards tfaseis ^WO cah. Clean. Ht 21 TT. TERRY, 1954 CAMPER--1^95 21 FT. KENSKILL SPORTtANb 1 * TRAILER"" SALES X9« L_ B. BLVD. GA i-8320 _BLVD. LAKEWOOD HIGHEST PRICES BEING PAID NOW FOR CLEAN SHARP LATE MODEL CARS deVille Anaheim Atlantic HE 7-2731 - . "t 8. E MOTORS 860i_Arlcsi.i _ __ A'U *-' ~'60 TR-"3, Jf595~ Jet black roadster. V e r y shaip, Ha* TonnMv cover * side cyr- tains. Per!, cond. 5. W. LEMON _?!? L_B._BLVD. _ GA 7.9J8? '57 RENAULT-- $525 Dauah.'ne Series 4-dr. wilan. Clean, all vinvl Ir.lciior. Xlnl. mechanically. Hca'er. 35 frpg. Ternis. 5 W LFfVlON C!r 3 9197 E. PAC. CST. al JUNIPE RO, LS. INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TBLEGRAM--D-IS Lcflg Btacrt, Cllif., SunOrr Jay .»* "" Import Sport Con 174 MAYFLOWER NATIONAL MONARCH TRAILERS _15_31 |_S._ ATL ANTI C___CO_fVl PTON ·ft FT. ROD 'n Reel house Irailer. Bufjne equipf. stove, ref/lB, water tank, furnace. Toilet showet. Large becroom Iw n bed* w1h full a*n:ng. See to appreciate. CABE BROS. 2185 L.B. Blvcf.. HE_5 : S3EL CRUSADER CHECK OUR PRICES 12 Wide* iw:no-a-Wlng Oi*'« /Acbile Homes. 12152 Harrier Blvd., Garden Grove. Jt_7JS}U Mvr"FT~"Ktno 1 ' Ivl." fr. Sleeps *. E'tct r«f. 4 brn. ap!. slave. Tw. Uu Ik! Awning. E-Z hft hllch. Ex. t i r e 1 whl. Ex. cond. M,vw exlras 329 Grand Ave. Ph. GE 30091. __ 16' AIRSTREAM, 1956 Bubble. UVe new, TotieN co.nit. rcfrlg., heater. Easv-Llft hitch. Ready to travel. Prlv. phv. $1500 cosh. TE ^^2057, VJilmrngion. SPARTAH 50x10 b«aut. Provin. 2-br. Fu"1 balh wlUl rm. for washer. Colo.'ed ilxt'jies. A!r tend. IVa yrs. Excel, ccnd. 54.990. Owner. TE cond. DO YOU NEED MONEY? CAR PAYMENTS TOO HIGH WE WILL TRADE YOUR CAR OR EQUITY FOR A LOWER PRICED CAR OR BUY IT FOR SPOT CASH CREST MOTORS 1335 Long Bpnch Blyd^_HjEjjW WlTwiLL BUY your used cat regardleti ol maka or model or equipment. Ol w» will taVo if in on trade lor a leu expensive- cat and pay the difference in caih Glann E Thomas Co.--DODGE L. B.'i Oldfit Ntw Cai osaitrsn'D 333 E. Anaheim H£ 6-1283 A DREAM!' ·S9 PEUGEOT $1099 TRADE WAY MOTORS _Ty_L.B. BLVD. CA_7-«W 'ECONOMY SPECIAL J 59 Warlb'-ro. Shculd gel al Icail 0 niog. Reo 1 . clean, lave over for ^25 tin. and noor. ctedil. Rqscp* ft'.lrs.. 229S L.B. Btvd.. L_B '59~MORRIS MINOR $799 7-tfr s«lan. OH ivhlle wim red vinal Inlerior. Exlra r.'ean. S. W. LEMON _?330_ l^._ B. Bjvd. GA 7-??^ MlCROBUS, $799 VW DLX STATION WAGON Ne-.v l'r«. Verv inwD S W. LEMON 2330 L.B-_BLVO. GA 7-72S AUSTIN HEALEY "SPRITES 4 sn^rp ones Priced lew, low, low From S1OT5 BREWSTER GRAY 3il5 Allonlic ALFA--VOJ-yO_Djpaler '52 MG-t - red - $695 JAMESTOWN _13SO_Lcng_Beac.ln BlvtJ. HE_2_-791S RENAULT"DayoMne 21.000 m'le car. LIVc new (or or.'.v S23.^2 cer mo. SHE MORE OF YOUR BANKER DEPOSIT THE SAVINGS TKOM YOUFl "THRIFTY- DAUPHINE \f Check Thesa Values! '60 MORRIS 1000 4-DR. !60 HILLMAN Mini A-Ot. 'fcO PEUGEOT 403 Sdn. RSH '59 RENAULT 4-CV 4-Dr. ·59 DAUPHINE 4.Dr. H '60 DAUPHINE Sunroof RSH ·61 CARAVELLE 2 top, RH Import Auto BANK TERMS "The Oldesi Renaull-Ptj^eot Dea'ersh'p In Calif." I460 L.B. BLVD. LONG BEACH HE 48i35 6 for 0"'Y 5iW SUBURBAN fAOTOKb ·Si" "iVG~TO~ RolxiilT molor. socni Ne« ' c c , LC-^.ol , s bells, xni cond. Ihrucul. '5S M.G.A. rcftd^fcr. RiH. wheels. fr"'.cnl ec-.Cil.Gtf. GE_JMW. I"' IAG TD, new ten, ua'-nl. cr A uphotileiv, SS55. 37J? Ol 1958 VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN A sharo IIICc lob with lu'l leader Ivcf Inttrior, healer, wlii'e '-de- walls. Fresfi illver bclof Ofllnf. Thlb car li Dtricct, L'c. Mo. PHI 203. $1199 Large slock o! ccmoacls lo choast '"M'EL BURNS FORD 1KOJOS5 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 6-2215 CA 6 3»l CHOICE ECONOMY IMPORT FAMILY SEDANS Each Car in Pint Clan Condition and Guaranteed 100% Financing (a.c.) '60 DKW Station Wagon Near new .............. ~. . . 51095 '59 SIMCA 4-Or. Sedan Radio, htaler . ........ ... ............ S7»S '59 HILLMAN 4-DOOR Radio, heater ....... ------------ IKS '59 VAUXHALL 4-DR Red ................ _ ........ -_»?5 'B9 Renault Dauph. $795 ·59 VW BUS .......... $1595 JAMESTOWN 1350 loTM B-.Kh Blvd. _HE_J.»I 'BRftND NE'.V vrim FULL FAC T O R Y GUARANTEE - Mo1 used 1 96 1 Volkswagens $ 1 6 7 5 P O E r;a.s at l^.e only aui honied VOLKSWAGEN-PORSCHE Dt.-o:er in Ihe L, 6. Harbor A t e R1CKETTS MOTORS 111 Long Be.ict, 81. HE 7-748 Shojvrocni Opefi Fridavs 'ti P.isll am Snivlc* Oucr Saturdays ·fi- ROADMASTER Ur Nr. new Miirvel refno. 5* eium. a»n'r.Si. Slctps 4. T.V., i:e«(lv uahcl. divan. Original ov/ntr. HE 54150 REPOSSESSIONS TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1959 1960 1, 2, 3-Bedroom Models 10-ft. Wide _ . _ _ _ _ _ UNFUR'I. 1 or 2 bdrm. «xlO Fidrr.'noo aluminum awnma. S3.9jO C DOWN Includfrj Tax, License and Insurance (en approved credit) on tKest Pre-Owned Stateliner -- Golden State Great Lakes Mobile Homes Why Buy a Now Trailer When You Con SAVES SAVES SAVES BONZER FREEWAY MOBILE HOME CENTER £655 Atlantic, L. B. OA 3-0444 Op«n 7 Days a We«V '53 PIONFFR Tolltl 27 FT trailer house. Alum, cowered. Gocd cond. MOO. 15353 Bandecia, Pararr,o',-nt. 15' TERRY. Awning. Water lank, brakes. AM extrai. Clean._ Readv *sT7-Dx8~KHrTlxfr." Fu1l~b£lh. Air o~.d. Av;rtin3. Full/ furn. Orig. owner. Gft ?-S312. '53 SHASTA tracer. Like new. 16'. Brakes, wtr. pump, larfc?. S7K). _?5C3_Gn'r^ GA 7-583.S. W'lLL take S6S3 cdH or tcrnii fcr 31' aluminiwn Curlls -- Modern. Aero Ifflllfr Sdlei _1 ?7C? S ATLANTIC 60 TRAILO'R, 10xW, 1 br v awning, cooler, oocd sieas. oooa ns rev;, IWarE^Rpiecroni, Norwa'fc.jg^Jj flTR OYC R AFT ,"35 x'sV ~N«w "awr.i n g tasfern bit. S2.575. Lot »fi. 29M Lcng_BE_achi Blvti- \ FT. ROYAL 1-br. toilet shovi Xlnt ccrxl. LA. \-VXA, *T24 VJ A^h, Fu'-ierton. PIONE='R TRAILER co. .RSOI.D SIHCF! 19*0 FLAM1KGO. 50x10." ccrnolelelv c3uiCiied._RcJ^pnatalr?. TFT 5-7519 Trailer Space ^"*^1^ PARADISE COVE Mobile Park Home New Large Spaces on the beach MAIJBU 28128 W. Pacific Coast Highway GL 11-7-11 etc ., . .. aluminum vacallon tralle Electric traV«, b-jt.ine Mohi, VCO. 70 7-14*0. ·51 NASHUA "l-bdrm. Toilet , » shower. 23 n. New tires. Eteclrl. _braVni. Privafe_car1y__WE_3 : U^ j?, T-br., as Is. Sec lD31__Ches1^nijf,__Los Aldmiks MUST sell '59 «x!0"v«nus. Ven, gTOd._~7^ 65J1 AtlanMc_Av_e. LTTTLE~"Ca«ar hstrl., 15', t S750. 1971 Pjr.fl, Act. ?.__ \ H'OUSETRAILER "*T i UTIUTI TRLR. GE 8-966g. TRAILER hitch (Ffli-JIM) axe Ivae. SeTtfpm_ui«d. GA 4 116 \H L HOLLY Mo hi te h.o m e, 2 cQrn?'elely_s_eU-suilalnerJ fAE -3jt I2 1 "HOUSE TRAILER FOR. SALE , fFARDRdT^tralrerrTMrxi'nrcow _5acrj.jmi\_\ti_,_ Ijncg_ln^_GA 457- TRAUETmob'ie hcme for 2 or 3b h-amc. PeH'5 UN S-173?, LA MB! I '54 WiARLETTE /.".otlle home, 3Sx ?-bdrm.. awning. Archer GA ' "" 15' aluir.inu-n ' _ C C Q.^_? A 3 I CAMPING vac.iHon 'IMJ TR'AILCR. very rea SCeS BANTREE CIRCLE WE NEED JUNK CARS HIGHEST PRIC.E5 PAID FREE PICKUP SSRVLCE CAVIN JUNK WRECKING ion w, PAC. CST. HWY. L.B. HE t-5570 or TE 4-6H1 WE NEED CARS!! HlDflest prices paid tor 19S3'! through KMi. See Harm i»aa DICK BROWNING fcxct-j^'we OLDSMOB1LE D e w i e r 1501 Lq. r ig_Beacri T-rvQ- HH^ 6-V624 ~^"HNbTICE--irV Heed imaort Sedans Rcadsterj NEED BADLY-IOP PRICE DAVE THOMAS MC gp^ 5 - i ^TbP~CASH FOR « THRU '56 CARS Jn good Ocen 8 a m to 9 o.rn. 7 dayi wk 7130 \V PAC CST HWY LONG BFACK GE 8-^jj " JUNK CARS WANTED GREGG PAYS WORE j-ree pickun service un SIGtIAL HILL Aulo Y/recklno 251? E WILLOW GA -l-M WE ARE In urge.nt need of cle,iri cars See us today for a cood deal'fn cash or trade In. URGtiHf VERHF. HOLMES--Dodoe 35ih 4,_Ailar.1ic GA^-WOJ LLOVD'C. PATTERSON Will Buy Cleai Cars ^^^V.Ll^L^T. JUNK car vronled, rt.nntr.g or nol. GA -C369_cr_ TF_4 V9M. AutoParts Repairs 169 Trailers Trailers 165 Trailers 16S SEE THE ALL NEW GuacLr 12' Wide and the j Special - Special ALL LOT MODELS on SPECIAL SALE Rod 'n Reel end Crusader Best Trailer Sales 555E L.B. Blvd., L.B. (Just So. ot L.B. Freeway (^ L.B. Blvd.-Across from 5-ladv Acres Minlal-urt Golf Co-jiie! GA 3-3058 GA 2-5479 Ij59_i7- 10 ivlde. cost S7,^cn, sell S-i.JQO. f^aP.Y exl. TW 3C9M. 13" FT ALUMINUM Camping tracer. Cd. .ofid._ _Reasonabjf^.JQ_7-34f7. '56 CAL-CRAFT IF.V travel Iraiici. Like new, sleep* 5. FE 5-3638 J 2 UTILITY Ira-lerj, 1 5x9, 1 4x6. i5?6 Van Buren. Dpmlnujgf. Trailer Space 1?^'^ OWN" YOU R OV/N Trailer Lois ntar Knatls Ave. i Ball Rd. Low as 1S95 down. Payments less than renl. Sec Dlans at this DeLuxe Trailer Park al " ' irolr, AnnhEim liJXTIONWiBEl SAFTI- BRAKE , CENTERS/ BE "SAFE 1 "BE SURE" B R A K E S "RELINED" NEW 1961 SPRITES $1795 12 to Choose From JAMESTOWN 1 _Ujq_Lp:-g Boarh Blvd. Hh 2-'?]j TRS's" TR2's 4 1o ch^DiC Iro'ii- As clean a j you'll fi"d ftnywrhf ft. JAMESTOWN No Lubes - No oil changes 35 MILES PER GALLON '59 War:b-jrg slcl-on waned L'Ve DKW ?lcor. Fionl wheel drive. 1B,GOO nil. «55. Call nftcr t, p.m. weekduVL Sat., all day Sunday. HL_5-5A77. __ "'55 V.W.--$795 OE luc 2-dr. i scd l in. Sharp, cria. iel blank iirvvi. Perfccl ^li let! vinyl .-iiencr. RXH. xlni lire*.,i.-.lcrd Icrmv S. \V. LtMOW GE J-9197 F. PJC^ C-.1. Jf Jiu-r-'oero. L.D- ~LOCAL"DR.'S--ONE OWNER '58 NOMAD, $1695 AT--RH. Po-.ver itrp , hr.iixp?, w r d c w s ?. se^U E x c c l ' f n l cord. S. Vi. LFMON 23ji) L.B. BLVD _ _C_A_7-5/S* '56*AUST'lN"Hc3lv rcJdLler, 4 soted nejr box A overdr. Xlnf. trct:h,nn- IC.V.IY, pen. hcrly., new red p.i'nf. SI29S 3 Ccvina GL 5 3936 '58 B.M.W. 600 SEDAN Low ccM Iran?. Xlras. 1 _ owner. 'S9 HILLAliAN "HUSKY ED B A R B A R I PLYMOUTH 6»3 N. BelH-n',scr __TO 7-3?31 '60 V W -- F U L L Y EQUIPPED. SPECIAL 11495 BRLWS1ER GRAY 3515 Ailanllc ALFA--VO1 VO Denier " 'S9~MGA ROADSTER . BRIGHT RE:D--AND CLLAN. BRbV-STER G R A Y 3S1S AH.vilic ! ALFA--yOLVO_Dciler _ _ I958~KARMAN GHIA ' 5 £S R ££r P iS?E'"lIr;. 3 " eilfl - G!Tf.?«l 3 A8! TS^Fri. _ 7 V\AV~Xim~Co--,d " " «SS '59"VOLVO 4i3ced ,,. . S1199 14W wam-jf HE S O W . -/; H£R3 FRiEDLANDER yf ation Wagon* A-1 RAN A LITTL Sharp 1955 FORD V/A ICK WAGON , .E RED WAGOH .harp lns r Cl DrxJ cu. RaduS, ricatef, while side vrall Mrei, n-j\a~ malic, red and vrhl'c makhlnjj- In- icrior. He. Ho. JJR 909. $599 MEL BURNS FORD 19W-70S5 LONG GA 63315 " EAC V^?i A-1 1956 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN V-8, Fordorralic, rad.o. healtr, while wall Mres. Beaulllul Mon* ueen S.-0 »!iire linlsh. Lie. MBD V83. Your vacation saeclal $899 MEL BURNS FORD 19«-:055 LONG BEACH BLVD. GA 6-3115 GA 4-33)1 NEW MORRIS Sedan-.. cr.verlibles, jtai:on wiio Olli, pICkUDS. --NEW STOCK-- -· SAVE TO $300 NOW Choice Wagons at Crest '60 Chev. ParVwood .,. J2495 V-B. ^ulnmalic. radio And tipsier. '60 Plym. 6-Pa«.. 4-dr. ..$24?S Aulcni.. radio, healer, power sleer. '59 Ch«v.BrooU 1 d4.dr.$l795 Au*o., r;idia, header. '57 Chev. BelAir4-Dr. ...$1295 Extremely 5h,irD, auto., owr. s f f f r . '59 Plymouth $1795 Rfrtl etOPO-nv 6cyl.. sricfc shili. '55 Chev. V-8 O'driva $975 RotJiOj fcfilter ·55 Plym. 4-dr. V-8 SE95 A u f o m a r i c . Mwcr steering , " 'to VOLVO"--! SPLED !$ down 8. S12.« Per wk. C.V1 Crtdil_rVgr. PR_46«J " '5B~V. W. PAHcL. SI295. 5Q7i L. B. Blvd. DoolfV'-- _Hfi rdw.ire Ma/1 _ ; 57~V;. W.S.W-", "RH.' Low ml.-- Xlnr cond.--Will trade for od. 7nd. ·59 RE£NAUL7~Dai«iiin? all xlras. Wral inl. Clean. 4350, Pri-ply. HA l'M03. ~"'«B VOLVO' S49 down $7.70 Per vjcek. _ C n l l _ C r c d i l _ M g r . _ _ _ _PR_ J :*"? '61 FIAT '(.CO Sui roof. ^OCfl milev «OQ. See al IWt Locust Ave.. IS'GHIA ccuM~J3T5Tmi'cs. iijs:. _0_rig. rr.vnrr._ GF. 8-WSJ fl». 3::0 ·5?" .V.'GA' Rdslr, V u s l sell. SU50. :22I E.. ViT.lon. Ap!._3. '}9 OMJPJHNE Renault. Orig. own- rr. L i k e ne.v. S/?i. 1F-J.-7275 7 5? REIJAUL1 Excel, cor.d. Priv. ·5R"MGA~excei.~~cir.d., orig. criv. _oartv._[ixtras. HA S-.J1W T R j ^ R f d " ' 5 3 . ~ w : r e wheels, ht.iler. S*3M._PR^^7I3_ev^'S._*_wk._iid J . V W XLflf. corn. Musi sell best offfr_oye.' «50 takes. KA_9-1661. '"58~TR~TlJf.\PH TR-3 Metallic. RAH, _WAV. _Prl.._Pry.._J 1375 «E_2-7«9 VW_CAMPE_R." G£ 1-4719 195? KARV.ANN GHj'A. while w / a l «t_r«._GE -U51. 195* AUSTIN"HEALEY. Excellent ccnd lloo. GE 9-6J|S- ____ TR-3 l¥W. GOOD CON'Q. Sl7(?i 'SB"ENGLISH ' S-OKD. ^Ang'iiaT Ttr. ?Sr"voTvO~REiH" ««V "cord; Rad'o, . Blvd. '55 WO'DEL c'e.m. S735. '57 Consul Ri L A, Ande TR Low ml. txtra _czM. TO 7 ISO 39 g=od. S755. 181! E. Ana-.e' Auto Parfs Repairs 169 MR. COMPLETE OVERHAUL Transmission SPECIAL OVERHAUL ANY TRANSMISSION at C E R T I F I E D T R A I L E R Sales, inc. 9111 E. Artesia Bellflower TO 6-3777 or HA 5-4800 WE TRADE KSAL CST/JTE -- TRUST DEEDS AND FURNITURE SV-'IMMING PCX3L--Large 8. small soaces. Natural trai separate lam- Hv secllon. Pels OK HE 5-9733 «OSHCRAti"S L-B. Freewav. 30-50 fr., 10 Vfldfi. Adulls, sv;:m pool. L.A. bui sroo. ME CLO5i= to !.. B. Soac«! Reaipnable. Advjlts. SPACE 1or trailer to 35'. Hopel5.j4U2 Elm Ave. 1j 7 It. TE S-ilU Trailers for Rent 165-B NEW and used vac. trFrs^ Sell--rent HE 7-5??] Bumgarncr. ^liB E. 101 h 15-FT. VBcal.'c _ _ '60 15' VACATION "trailer," Ir.vjr Sleeps S. ;10 wfc. HA 5-5066. 1 65-C Trailers Wonted WE~HAvT~2- 4 3-BDRM. HOME! to Trade for Trailer Homes CERTIFIED REALTY SALES 9111 E. Artesla. eelll:cv;er TOrfev «777 HA_5-3M HAVE CASH -- WILL BUY Clean Trailon. GA 3-0444 Most Others, SIS.95 H No Money Down. "Use ^our Credit" B All Malor Oil Co Credil Cards Accepted ft "FOREIGN CAR" . "rahe Rellne Special :d Til| July 14th Only g Complete H _ . Except Discs g 5e,coo-mile guarantee, oner Good en Nash. Metro, Ocel, ·· Slrnca. Vauxhall, VW, Volvo, · ,, "MOST OTHERS S28.95 H · Front End Align, ° - FORD CHEV. B PLYM. B 1430 W. P.C. HWY. Jilt W«ll L«I «"" Ktn'J HE 5-75SO B · a 'rollers 165 ;**************!** *J ' MR. TOOLE says: J J "TO BE SPECIFIC-- J - IT'S TERRIFIC" J K I T * Exlenti-A-Room nice _w:il traie_ WILL clean trailer---Owner rwusr LA 2-S376 Ekr. far clean Irailer. HE 1-9187; CASH for yo-jr trailor NE 1-6802 TRADE 3-br. l-jrn. home for trailer. _ Pel^sJJN 8J7J7.JLA l-*a2^ VJAUt"USED TRAILER NT_?-«06__ V7A"NTEO. Trai'er irVlll pay cash. LABOR PLUS PARTS 90-DAY OR ID.OOD-MILE GUARANTEE MR. RING t, VALVE SPECIAL S MOST 6 CYLINDER 8-CYl. SLIGHTLY HtGHEP ENGINE CONDITION PERMITTING No Money Down ON A P P R O V E D TBEOIT 74 MONTHS TO PAY if Loan Cars ·fa Financing Arranged ·jit Free Estimates MR. Transmission Motor Service TO 6-0715 17412 tAKEWOOD BLVD Ariesia B , 2838 E. J^ACIFIC CST. _ ,g 0 p f A T joiiv--surrev Ion beacli bugov. mcJel 600, nearly nev. very low rnlle.-ige 095. 209 _ P r o s c c c r Avc- _ ou J-oCIS. _ _ l~Wl' RENAULT DAUPHINE ~4 dear. Pjrthased in France bv cwncr. __ ___ GH 9-3031 '!3~ZEPHYR ronv.", 6-cvl.. si'lcX, 20 MPG In Icrv.n Near per(«cl. TaVe part Irarfo. SM. TO 7-6S6J. _ ·M" TRIUMPH TR-3. Xlnf ccnd. pWo S^[!:*WSE.?1SS: '53 /AG TO. xlit cond,, corr til c1 cl .· rebuilt eng'r,e, law milar*. Pri- _yate oarfy. SJSO. CA 3 1140 _ ~'i9FUGEOT 4 DOOR -!,· .vn-- S9.:0 v;Jc. PR -A523 v;ir« whec's, '59 "ENGLISH" FORD'$M5 AHMJA 2 DR. SDH. DLX. 4 CYL Pcrlecf cno. ! 0^.1 t 1 ' 1 - 6 '-lill. a 11 b:u» »irvl intr.--Hlr., ooca li'cs. Turmi"" Gua-anleed i W LEV.ON GE 9!W E. 'PAC. CSI. al JUNJPERO. U. B. GUARAMTEED used Voi'iwage.n5. Ctsl leleclirwi. Prices Ironi SBSi. Aultiorlrcd n«« VW dea'er. WJ Ir.xJe for ^nv car. Ocsn eve. 5L "' KtllOON MOTORS 12^1 P.C. Hv f y. TE 2762^ 4 Btocks v.'c.sT_pi Hjrbcr Prccwav REAL'SH ARP ' '60 VOLKSWAGEN .. ..JI49? LIKE NFV; TRADE WAY MOTORS !SJO L. B. BLVD. GA7-7JM VOLKSWAGEN. 5499 RONS GOOD DALE BROWN MOTORS 2JW L B. BLVD. GA_ 7-S941 "M.6.A~ $T259 ^haro I»l1lt Co'.cc v;llK He,itcr jjgg.ipo rath, etc _B:LL BRYATH ]5?oj : . i 59 BOKGWARD slaKon waeon. Lov/ n'i'c.itfe. Orvc CMfiCr Red I t.carn S*AHOLEV'MARTIN" mt Lena Be.Kh B»y. d -_P- A - * 33 ^ 7 '59 V .W Sunroof," Ne« 111 rs brakts. 1295. Will lake tlea- car (cr etiullv, or J^"^! SJM'VRTLE ·5? MG T.D. ccndii:cn--S?5 51^8 fA nlurn Ave , Lkvjd. ME 4 pita Antique Classic Cars 1/4 ·29 tSSS-X Roadslcr. Brisus bcilv, n n-, gcid Trailer 16, *13 F. _Afl)0_r_S[.,_N i L^.B^ Station Wagons 175 "'60TONTlA"C CATALINA 9 PASSENGER WAGON if.d'o, healer, nutcmalic. , tcef L-.g 1 lj r ak t i V/f . te wall · res. 13.000 adual miles. Meldlllc jljcSvi'-'i while toa- Village Motors 1470 L.B. BL HE 7-2276 All lull 1 / guflrartlecd CREST MOTORS J335 L.B._^lyd. HL ?-»6? '61 PONTIAC Catalina Wagon Rfltfio. healer, A-jlomaHc pc«f n«ro. power brakes, svnll? wall lire;. Deijie 1rim. 7.0CO mil«. Mclalic green. NEW CAR GUARANTEE. Village Mokrs I470 L,B. BL. HE 7-2276 OPEN SUNDAY _ '59 PONTIAC Caralina Wagon R)dlo. hcalei. AulcmdMc, cawer sleenrp brakes. Exlra clean 1 Village Motors 1470 L. 8. Blvd. HE 7-2i?t OPEN SUNDAY I960 STUDPBAKER l.vk Slaiion Waooi. Heit's an ODpo^funltv. 10 o*n a laft rnotfel compscl wiiiioijt iiienUini) a lot of money. Han standard ihlll for ecor.emy, ntar wall tires, all vinyl cvr vr , interior, very low mileage. Car .T wrillcn g-jflrdnl*e. Priced und ie* Glenn E, Thomai Co. 333 E. AnaT«:ni ved cred : l. DODGE HE 6-1333 · · · · · 1957 FORD 9 Paisengsr CcunirV Sedan Stallo.T Waocn, orloinal 1hru out. Has automatic shift- r»* do,*r, power s1e«rlng. cad* ded daih and visors, eleclrlc ctcck. llnled glnss. V E T V o=od! v.hile wa'.l Mres. WrMlen fljir- .inl^c. 11CH9. «i dOi-/n wilh aoorovftd credit. Glenn E. ThomAi Co.--DODGE 333 E. Anaheim -- HE M?!3 · · · · · - , . -_ C a ' 1 Credit ~ " ~ SSI d:v-n, i.- C.VI Crecil f.'gr. PR 4^2 '55 JAGUAR roadit'er. XK HO, S975 or bc^l c!Fcr. Cor.s:d«.' ^mall \tAde, Priv. oarlf. GE_l-^43. _ '57 MERCEDES Convert. IW^SL. U'.st sell A-l. J2,2£3. 57I b. 23rd St., ADI. 9._GE 4S9GI. VOLVO 19S7 wIlK IHfi Chev. 75 rri. to oal. V-B eng., slicV; s h i f t . Reiis- cnahly orkoc. GE 0-19Ci, _ r 60~OPAL~ Slalion Wagsn. Coral. SI303 _Per fcct contf. HE 5-?-tW^ ' S9 SI2^ W -Klftfrn eW -VM«r d r53 c^ ER p C r^!v S ,n?^7 ;5 ^3.?55 ·55 A K" Elecl o'drlve, new seal co» d tMllo. S1»ON_ GE_W«i-_ ^58 VWCamperGE [-5368 ·55~lAGuXR XK1AO--MC RoEKhier. . '5~VV/ Orio. Excel ^__ owr-cr. \V/W. · Rft'H. lrr : rnac^___GE_y 37ai . Black. Auto Parts Repairs 169Auto Parts Repairs 169 Traiier Tcv/inq 1iS-E TOWING--ANYV;HER"E~IM STATE. . MITCHELL TRAILERS, UMJS-OIS Center Living Roo 17 Floor Plans 43 (I.. 50 ft., or 55 fl. BIG LIVING ROOM? j LOOKIT! | i 18x2! H. in our 55-ft. J f 1 5 x 1 8 our 5 0 - f r . J J 13x18 ft. in our 43-fh * t (Soy, picV up thof yard- ^~ [ stick and measure your J ' own livjnq loom ngnt j now. How about that? If * Trucks tractors 168 ·51 FORD r'-i-tl. cc-xJ i lirei. 4H __ ·55 GWC'VjT. Pi). de'u« rj. Gocd i:r«s, nvoio t«rj. Ml _ ca6 ; Long . ·» CHEV. P.U. N : ce CbTicjr. GA 77318. ~ ~ .. Dlr. 1957 v.w. cicv uo . . MW_E. Pac._Cst^»«. !l?I°!i!' ^ CtePP rtv7 G ^ ' S 'lrS« H . EV cVe! Cd |5 1 .ri"G'El D . U 173. in _ J II terrific, * » * + * * Ste r!ie rest, then See the best! TOOLE'S * 8020 S. Atlantic, Bel! * * Exclusive. Kir DeoUr 5 '/ D n . -- 7 Yri. to Pay { t. M. GORDON E. J + TOOLE, INC. * £ San. 9 to 5--LU 2-743? J | 8020 S. Atlantic, Bell * + Bet. Fireitone Florence * FRANCHISE DLR. 4 * OASIS-TERRY * T R A V S L TRAILERS . _ _ ·STCHEV. P.O. fl !.H . til'r _HE_7-23Jj '_*.P^iJi. ' p Truclis Tractors 168 Pickups Galore 22 to Choose From FORDS CHEVYS DODGES 100% financing Avail, EE Motors |iC5Arr«1r\ ME MS1B '56 V.V Sedan. Bv cv _GE 1 61__ J 58~~AUST IN HE ALE Y l"W S. + si. Slard. _P'J^D't: CE_?:3Cr?6 LA DARWL flifrglass bsdv Jao Ira-rvc _ eniflf. GE 1 7C4] '55 JAG^ "XKUX Rd^sr. Ovrdr. 5a50 GF 031?1._ 5~ V W?" SEDAN. JWS. XLHT._ CGND. HE_2 1013 19 A. H "SPRUE, rwt ror«J- Must se'i. SUSO or Ica^, GA ^'*_33J. ij M.C. Clean, ncedi ea'nt. S'25. mport Sport Cars 174 RING VALVE SPECIAL Ask for Gtorge or Carroll HERE'S VrfHAT WE DO: Motor Exchange (SKO^T BLOC*! CHEV. '36-'53 ·3£ '52 Inslaliation OQD^E, PLYMOUTH s 6's Installed FORD t, MERCURY S f /I QM '3.'53, V-8 Installed '**« ?rica includal: InitalUtion, gaifceti. oil «nd labor. Other ma^et at comparabl* prices. Motor Tune-up Aulo. Transmission) Brakes Relined FREE LOAN GARS 24 MONTHS TO PAY ON APPROVFO CREDIT -- ALSO -International Cr*d-1 Card, Ba-.fca-n«rlc»rd All Work GaaranUe^ In Writing IMPORTS ^ J A R T H »Iaffotta COUP* - - -- Sli ilif/ Jetp. 4-irvn. lr. il USTtN-HEALEY . S p r u e ". "'".-~.^'~~'-~ II 3 Delude, O'D . s' i RoadsTer, O'D, ^SDd. su/a I AT ? B'anchlna S*'S 9 "600" Multfpla M?S 'iM" ScdM iS« fiianchma, ne^ . ^ - 11095 ANCIA ^ "1530 GT" CouPi . .Sl«5 A E R C E D E S B E N Z S T 2 3 Seda-i . . SUSS 9 "300-D/' Auto., PS. WJW , G tl RflatilKr, wire wh(*ll i'B?i 7 Roadtler, forauolie ---.1ii?i WT.Cr Chflic* of two -I1W5 MORRIS '"?.°Jv r erRffi w -=rSU '59 "OLDS FIESTA--$2695 Full [»wer, Jow rnlltiJB*. Clean, j 7iM L.B. BLVD. LE ^° N GA_7.9M?| ·io FORD CtK-nlrv Sedfwi V;a«. · RH AL!O Pv^r. sle«r brah.ti. 11995. , iO;5 L. B. Blvd. I Doolev'4 Haidivafe Mar! ·5"i~PLY.V.OUTH V/o«3n, very clean t In cxtellenl running ccndllicn. Full price 1*W. Pay SID down, I S27 m:nlh Ed Barbarl pivmoufh. · 6200 N. BepllowerJBtvd._Tp_7-273] j '»" RAMBLER Cr. Cnlry. V-B. Aulom. R.iil o hea'er Good l JSSO, Prlvaic parly niusi · sell ihis weekend. 10441 L . F a y y,cod. BejM(.ewer TO 6^013.4 '^""FORU V-8 Wfloonj au'omallc. ratiia, Jicaler. Full price «W. Pay cnlv 510 tiov/n S?7 month. Ed Rarhiri Pivmcuih. 6»0 H. Bell- awer Bjyd^ TO 7-5731. "dfCHEV. Parkwcod 9 oa». V-S. P.G" P-S, RH. T.G., w/w. Orig. Dflce ^3,711 + lax 5. lie. _«.OSO. Pri._ DtY. »E 9-1679 'S5 FORD StaJlan wacan. Xlnl. Cash $14 30 T a k e over S77.O. 16SJO Lakcrtacd Blvd. Mt 3-^34 Cir. , '51 PLYMOUTlf SfaHor. Waocrv- Stick ove^dr. Real r.:ct. Cash . S1SEO. Take over 1?7.^3 rro. | 16S50 L.ikevjood Blvd. ME J-JnW : r S6 MHRCURY*9-D3S1. Waccn. Full i po*er Immac. Caih S?3 30. TaVc over lor M3.40 mo. I6S3Q Lakewcod_BI. ME 3 : 4TM_qir. j '55"CHEV. 2 "dr. "Bel "Air. Poer j ?a ga-n. 1 ° tf -' r 'H LE ° w 7-^! '5i CHEVY va 4-Dr, A-l, Air cor.d. i r.ew odln! lijes, R · H. P^r. · brakes- 1211 Hatfrnan. Act. 6._ i TM~PLVMCUJTH" sta. Waocn, sixx-rsi sutMjrban. Takt over oayinc-nl? 53Q.A3 rr.o. prlv. parly. UN_j-_49_]3. ·57 RAMBLER Vtallon waion, rnlr. iUit overha-jled, oooct cond.. ??00. , GE_3 AW3_ i '57 FORD CoLnlrv J«tJan, pwr, s'«firiQ braVc^, windows seal, . _1?2S._S351 El Rcble.__P_ark Esratg^ I '57 DE SOTO Waoon, R, htr. i a u r o , owr., M7 tloiftn, si 1.01. c j \\_Cf « LM?ft P? ..l: 4 . 5 ^ I Vr'iS CHEV. S'ls. Wacon, SM dn., 1295? ccr rro. Call Mr Kin? for ! Fr«e hc-ne trial. GA_7 L 8H7._D;[. '59 FORD 6 cvl, *-Dr V/a?on. Real ; clean, lo* miles. NE 9-37il. ill I H. L.B. Blvd ,^'CoTipion." Dlr. - '54~MtRC. 9-pas?. s'a. ·, cle,v. See -il Flvlng S'eams Lkwd._Bljj. ·54'"CMEVY, 4-d'., « cvl.. '·S^Fb"RDr"Ciean~~od~cor"d. V-8, .TiBjrd eng:ne. SAOQ. Call NE 1-SK 194i FOR D SI a rta r Waoon, ExcL _Su_rj:ia waaon, S7S. 11 - 70fh Pt. '4S FORD wood ila'ion wagon, built engine. ' ' ' _ . Verv slalioa. i STatfon V/Man !jl3»5 M "1400" Super .--_ »lf«5 S-iDtr Speedster .. S121S RENAULT 41 Daup/iine Sunroof Sll's I1ATA S3 RoaJi!er, thar» t 57 4 Ooor Sedan . ,,. 51*5 ShaTelaine Sla, V/gn. 1795 SUMBHAM '57 R,*D : «r Hardtop TRIUMPH 'S7 RoEdiler, chwci of J $1195 VOLKSWAGEN '61 Convertible 113? 'il J-Oser . JU9 *.D3ftf Van 1149 'K Sun Roof !HIimr--SlW VOLVO £0 4-SPttd, SupffChWflid 11B95 BOATS U II, Mercery Inboird IMt. Oulbsard lilt, Outboard MAKE OFFER Woolpert Imports ill wcu Pacillr coait HWY Ui HE Sim 57 FORD Ranch Wag. V-8. ovrdr, R«,H. SfW- TO6-KSJ '61 MERC. Corrnvjttr, 9 pass. FuK power. Pi]v. Dlv. HA 98166 ~Bv owner. GE 1-4143 . . ·36 CHEV. HOOlid. Black. Gcod ccnif. FORD V8 V/aacn. RH. slick. JW^_P£;v._ply L _ GEJ-30M '53 CHEV. "Sta~wab". X'lnf. cond. Hev/llras. Good paint. GA ? 5933 StaHon Wagons 175 Stations Wagons Galore '60 FORD ·ST'"MERCURY 9 cassena*.', wi'h ^ r, ·57 PLYMOUTH '"^"PLYMOUTH"' 6-oasi«r:cfr. wllh ocwer. ·55 NASH RAMILER Automatic. 100% financing *vo». EE Motors IMArltill ME4-JSIO REAL" NICE! '57 CHRY5. itat. wag. T . TRADE WAY MOTORS _2S30 L.B- BLVD. GA 7-?4M }25 DOWN ·S4 Plvnnfluth slatien waoon, jLfii like nen. Only S37 cer rno. DALE BROWN MOTORS 1501 E. PAC. CST HWY., L.g, ·si"CHEV. v-i s'at. wsoon,. 4-tr. RH, pwr. o'.'cie. Clean SS95. _L.A._AiKjefscn. 13X2 E. Anaheim Station Wagons .175 VACATION TIME STATION WAGON SPECIALS Each One of High Quatily and Ready to Go SAVE SS '58 DeSOTO ' STATION WAGON Radio. h e a t e r . power Peering, brakes, $1 ^OC auiomajlc trani. _**'* *^ T 59 CHEVROLET NOMAD 4-DOOlT V-8. ltd. trans.. radio. h icier, poii-trcction '59 DODGE STATION WAGON Power s t e B r i n g, power bralcei. r a d i o , h.pafrer. a u t o - maftc. CKoict ^^09^ of 3. As low as *«W 1 if '59 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN 1 4*0oor. Auto., ^ ^ O O C RiH. p./r. ileer. 1 O7^ '58 CHEVROLET STATION WAGON Brookwood V-8, automalic. radio, h e a t e r . SI ^IQK power iteering. . . * * * '58 PLYMOUTH \ 4-Do or. V-S. Automoitc, ladfo, h « a t e r . ^ T ^ O R Sharpl . . ... '_ *^~ ·59 PLYMOUTH ·* STATION WAGON 9 - ?aiiengor. Automatic, radio, h e a t e r , power s r e t r - ing, pwr. brofe«s r $1 OOI% Choice ol 2. - ' "X '60 FORD 6-Poss. Station Wagbn 4-Door. Stick, '?QQR RiH fictt. Sharp! A V / ^ / Ofh«n to Choose From GOODWIN DODGE ^ 16900 Lakewood Blvd. BEUFLOWER · Many Olht» /to Chaos* From TO 6-9081 ·; flpm Ev«i. and SurnJayi.

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