Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 12
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B2E :^ '^^ffffffff'^ THE LYONS DEN ^r^;.^ '.!·'$g S^ !K^ fVKiJaHBH^ V"' M A ^ A A A A . A ^ A A M ^ M ^ A M M i M ^ M i i p '*-^y. . M.'\G*' "l*'*''*~"'T\~~I'*·'·''.·'''· ·· H^HBW.PBB[^^^^^^Hi i ;: ^^r^vV^'HFY'-ifinW'vv^^?'' Kuss Lost btroheim Deal fIST COAST I «4t-fl» OWN NOON--CONTINUOUS 'SIMM pieruRBil/ zShtofa- ; .i CNTERTAINMCNTI ' ' K I '··· .. MDRET .,, FRED KEPBIIRN-JlSTalll -5SF*' ,_. By LEONARD LYONS VTLUANl The upstairs roo it M.vum's won't be the urn low that Erich- von Strohelm tone, i.'o wai there every ev tag unrll he wn itrlcken, an hat'l uliere I last saw him o memorable Paris night H «ml! iced of his yean as roducer-dlrector-star, when vai billed ai "The Man Yo ^ove to Hate." When he fin arne to Hollywood the studio wanted to give him a bulldu 'us an American. "But," he laic "I was as American as apfe strudel." Von Strohelm told ut ot the offer he received to nuke a movie In Moscow. Hli fe» · · ··' SATURDAY S · · t9 N,*^* ·A 4M-I* B8SW OMK 11 NOON CLIPTON Will ' I. Cwwrff Mil "BiUsdsri Rlrifi thl Bill" and Cartoons ~ --Cr*H Only-Mil MlHii buMI S If · I! IlloriV-fiP OMN 11 NOON "flAVY OROeMTT and thl Rlvir WrtlM" _HUI_ ; "TM Tr»» ttirr «l JMM J»M" · dnd CARTOONS UtltT GUN vv R E S T G A 4 I 6 ' I » CONTINUOUS ITMTIN* * I v NOW BOTH ,i THEATRES I MPIRIAL HI «i9«yi tasa CONTINUOUS FROM NOON would b* In rubles, froien currency which ooull be spent only In tht Soviet Union. "But" the Soviet represents live assured him, "you can use those rubliti to buy (uri and Jewell and then tell them In America." Von Strohelm refused the deal. Ha told the Russian: ·I didn't leave Europe and go to Hollywood and become a itar -- · to start making (ur And eivelry lalesmen out of my lamlly." The lait' time he wai ' In Und/i he heard a waiter ad dreu him as "Mr. Strohelm." He quickly corrected the waiter: It's Mr. VON Strohelm. Do you remember my orclerT" . Yei." the waiter replied, ron herring for Von Strohelm." tragic note In the paper the ,, * uiu other day about the conviction T K X A N i Amy Vanderb It. O f Henry Shapiro on a charge of CHANGE) In Saudi Arabia, robbery U punlihed on the flnt and second offenaei, A third robbery offenie by the same person li treated harshly: ;*,», * The police eloM all shop* .and summon the people to the city square--to witness, the defendant's hand cat off, with an me, . v~r , _,, , · ·,,»·-.,; -·· King Saud'i recent visit to Waihlngton reiulted In a more civilized treatment ot thlrd-of- ftni« robbers. Their hindi itlll are chopped off -- but under anesthetic. v i i M ^ , ' , , ; , , , . _ , -.;., AMBITIONi, There wai a Uthor of the etiquette book), recently toured Texas doing re. search on the habits of oil mil- onalrei. In Wichita Falli ihe lilted the home of an oil man. e showed her through the lace, including hli wardrobe-- hlch contained 40 sulU, 28 topcoat* and 75 pain of the fittest lafle-to-order ihoes. "Seventy- ve pain of shoes?" said Mlu anderbllt. In surprise ... "Yes, I," the Texan replied. "You «. I like to walk." RIVAL! There have been sev- ral preview performances of lie new musical, "New Girl in own." A noted musical comedy uthor bought two tickets for preview, and paid $40 foi e pair. As he seated himself grumbling about the cost of these tlcketi to a rival muilcU he laid: "This'd tatter be bad." JIT I. OIIMl I K r t ,.N \ IKI|l'MlN' MM IW FMlora wife-beating. A few years ago he'd been arrested on a charge of receiving stolen property . . . Shapiro Is the son ot the late "Gurrah" Shapiro, co-leader of Murder Inc. I met "Gurrah" once, before he became a fugitive, and he spoke prldefully of hli young ion: The boy wanti to itudy law, then became a G-man. That would be great" PABENTi Mois Hart's yean of psychoanalysis resulted in 'Lady in the Dark." the hit muilcal he wrote and directed. Another, far more important result Is his happy marriage and 'amlly. "I try to be a good father," said Hart. "I devote a lot of time to my children. I take them by the hand In crus. Ing itreeti. I leed and clothe them well, bring them goodies, call for them at school--every then will come thai day--Just once--and when they stretch out on that ASTAIRE DANCE STUDIO OPENS ,, Discussing operation or the new Fred Astalre School ; of Dancing, which opened Wednesday at 311 E. ' Ocean Blvd., are Charles L. Caganave, left, preal- · dent of the chain of studios, and dancing star Fred Astalre, board chairman. Cleo Wagner Is managing : director of the new studio. HEY, KIDS! 2 BIG FEATURES at the TOWNE TNaitra SATURDAY Doort Opti Noon Ml CHItNM B/CWHT, _ TKHNICOMR. Tersiiasion' Gets I ,, · . ' , - , · .·'/·:···: · . " · · · : , ' ' at Cannes' 'CtNtCOLOR I iMBKg PATRICIA MIOINA » JOHN UNM analyst's couch, that'll be only day they'll recall." the WRITEKi Cy Howard, the writer, who Just was divorced by Gloria Grahame, also hai spent yean on the analyst's couch. Thli If quite expensive, and so he's taken on extra writing assignments for cash. Howard met Yvette Schumer, the producer, who wanted to discuss a show with him, "Where can I reach youT" she asked him ... Howard started writing his name and phone number on a piece of, then heiltated: "I hate writing on ipec--even this." · -· - - 1 CANNES, France (AP)-Th United Statei took the top awan Friday night at the Cannei Film Keitlval, No. 1 Interrutlona movie ihowcaw. William Wyler'i' "Friendly Penuaslon" won the ·, golden palm a the bet picture ihown at feitlval'i 10th edition. It 1 a gently humoroui itory abou Quaken and their oppoiltlon to war ai expressed during the war =» between the states. One of the featured playen wai a ily duck. The picture which won icenarlo quality and grandeau award wai a Soviet Ruulnr movie, about a girl who ihot 40 men during the Russian revolu tlon, fell In love with the 41st but killed him. too. It li called "The 41it." Juron were fascinated by the fact that thli wai the flnt Soviet film ihown abroad emphailzlng lex rather than industrial production. ,,.'-,.. , ·/," · · · · " · "'. GARY COOPER Wai the star of "Friendly Pmuiilon." But the prize for went, not to the beit acting Cooper, but 'to American Negro John Kltzmll ler. about whom nothing known here except that he has CAROUSEL iWKWiW Put MMTIN . "Tin Thtnuiii' MrMnw" MM. WAlNM-Jift NUNTH "Tni Sttry tl JMM Jaait' l*tk O-IMII I OiMr JOHN WATNI "WINflS of EAGLES" f '· ' JMOT HOUIIMY · " ·_ "FULL el LIFE" ENGLISH. CON WAY-CONNORS AbnMlFrMMtlM A tkMMMd r»i if "skrt TMORI AUISOM GARLAND · HAYES iDINE^ MCE; ; : ' -·. . , high above the city in the beautiful NEW SKY ROOM Now Serving Bretkfiit, Lunch and Dinner ;·/", Dining and Dancing 7 Nights a Week ,,-i«'" . Mwic by THE NATURALS ...,^' 9 f,m. -- TkmuUj 12:30 p.m. NO ! SPECIAL ' COCKTAIL ! HOUR £ " ' '' . 3 f- 1 "' to 7 p.m, 'ft *!'£;.',' -.' HOT HOUS D'OBUVMS SERVED : f THE WILTON HOTEL f ATUtDAT MATINII ONIY OMN 11 AJK--CONTINUOUI llttlt Kill IM III Kldi Hi l»llll( Tltkllltlll ff · III «l lk IMF-- 'Tht Yurllnc* . _ nui ~ M Color ' OlriMRI L flKEUJOOD M 5 - 2 b 3 0 ,.:· l rimi;. 1111 U»1 INTHMINAUNr n'HT ma win i/vi IN rov* Hitn roniviii Miss, U Contest Rifts i Iron Curtain in Poland fy : Europe's Iron Curtain, tightly shut against most diplomatic overtures. Is opening wide for beauty's sake. Poland ii going to send a girl to compete in the sixth annual ' Miss Universe Beauty Pageant here July 11.21, It is the flnt time any Iron Curtain country has participated In the event . , , . * · IN MAKING the entryannouncement Friday, Oscar Meln- hardt, pageant executive producer, said: "We are happy that the objectives of the Miss Unlvene Beauty Pageant have gotten behind the Iron Curtain, These people came to us to see If they could participate." One of the principal objectives Is to promote the understanding that develops between the beauty delegates /mm the four corn«n of the world. , Miss Poland will share a room with an American girl. "Maybe we're on the verge of accomplishing something." Melnhardt said, Leopold Dende. New York City, will go to Washington Mon day to make State Department arrangements for Miss Poland's visit here. . ,, . . ( . . . _ . ,, . x , ( v · U KUCKOW of Teatre Syrens, Wanaw, the Polish sponnor, called Melnhirdt to report that interest li "enthusiastic" in his nation, Klekow added that the conteit to select Poland's most beautiful girl was getting widespread publicity. Poland's entry brings to 43 the number of nations that will tend beauty delegates to the international conteit. ITI Atlsntli llva. U Mill . OPIN Ili4l A. M. Hir, KIDSI * Ifi flir llrtkfir-PrliM I liirprlMi al 0«r Ut, Mitlm 7 -- CARTOONS -- 7 ; KRAZY RACES .' Pint Riqulor Program ' Join Our Birthday Club IITTII KIDS 2M 110 KIDS Ht Writ* 3432 STIVILY. L I. I ·miuM to* ta MMIIU SNACK SHACK STEAKS Tullil Bra -- ItmraK -- Dmifl · HntttMte PtM -- eklll ,' J'T'ITM UROAOWAY HI MIT* ' ; OH* II to aiM (itoiM MM.) "- I Ml Illll nil MrUlf NTI Atlintlt, N14^-M Mill ,--C/NEM,4SCOP£ ·--, , · RAY MILUND · ANTHONY OUINM "-' · DURA PAAIT ' "THE RIVER'S EDGE" --_ COLOR ------- PLUS CO.HIT -,;,-;., JIW CHANDLIR · . . * ' JIANNI GRAIN · '" "Thi Titt.nd Dnii" --C/NfM($CO« -- IIIA* I I Hli Mill Nl MTU IMI« Tht Tatttnd Drtit" rl-tAIIAITI THE RAIN MAKER" (Wltllln t W«f) l POIICT--All SUTI · f^ !· f^ V« JC mjfl 10 UNI AVI. -- PHONI [ _ _ . ._ 40* TIM I p. M. -- Kids lit »t IVIS..WIMIND IHOtlDATi Always 3 Fealurw 'REVENUE ol Iho ZOMIIES" Artlwr m*NI "Niw OrloiM UHMRtond" KM IIUIUI "LUST POR LIPE" -- nut -- . · 5' (IdC^hr) ·KJ IAUIUI · TtiMt II IAILI "RAW EDGE" «h»»n M 4.04.7141. MiU · ' 1F-«^-*»-»~^i"«.^'»_» r ^"^^"S^"S^% ellutmo ^MEXICAN FOOD , . . th* bMl' ywi «**r (MM. "" """i^"^K' * ""* ISM I. W»MOW · «A7-M1S , TOWNE STARTS REGULAR PROGRAM AT 4:IS TONIGHT! played tome minor role* In Ital Ian films. He playt the part o an American airplane pilot wh boy and girl find Valley of Peace" In the Yugo tiav picture of the tame name. Prize for best actress of th Mailna for her part u a prost tute In the film "Caberl MOW! OPENS NOON {SHOCKING JUVENILE (PUNISHMENT'FARM! L, 1 SISISIsl M --· ^^ ^_ ^to_ ^^^^ MiSSSSSfc. UNTAMED! {YOUTH ft RICHARD TODD WIMTAsllltOfF.- CROSSROADS" % SHOWS Start Tonite at Duik ^ rf» · B*^^U ^ A m UIU A I US ITU CARTOON CARNIVAL WITH REGULAR PROGRAM J ELL l»aP v 4v7f JOSE PiRRER "MOULIN GRCGOKY PECK UUREN BACALL POIIAE" .TICHNI- KUUI9C coion MAMEVAMOOREN LORI NELSON "THE VINTAGE" "TIMIT IIM" ·IUIM, ln»r Tl MHI "IIIU WITHIUT Mttll" "UIT IT IIII" ' IIHWUI. ·«*·· Tl 4.IIII "Illll WITHOUT A IAUII" _ . "UIT IP l»ll" ALAN LADD SOPHIA LOREN I'. CUFTON WEBB IM Mr» "iir m A "IHt IIIIlT IIII" IIAIAIA. Wlhitoiriii Tl 4.I4T1 O ir. nun" 1 ·· "ItllM Illll" Illll Fell--JlKll WKITMOSI "UNDERCOVER MAN" "HURRICANE SMITH" ' H4 lAMIIIt-to MtU "WAGONS WEST" ···ra »»»· II A.M. 'Til I r.M. In. ««.. In. * OHN ALL mam- mi rAIKINO Aim * r.M, tmHr 0*y lafwdvv A Alll LAII · Vllltoll MAT! , "THE BIQ -- nut -Jin ALLTMII · J»l LI"I« "YOU CANT RUN AWAY MOM IT* i Itkf) 'sriMtmrt t l«WftM IMt. la PIMBMII IHOW ITARTS APPROX. I P.M. M«t»M HTM ,'.t f l (Ittlftlt Nlllm THE RAINMAKER* HIM I. Tmtil Tl Mill "HUH HAT" "W IIIIIT AffAII" U Ml«m, Aim*! I III Ul Mill "HIAVII MOWS HI. AUltll" "TNI IIIIIT IUI" LIIIILI, lull Nrt U 1.1111 "lilt IKIIII ii uri 111 nil" "DAW IPII" lOillUH, UtM I. nn». HI MNI "TMI III UH" "Till lAI'T *UI AWA1 MOM IT" IUIDOWI, Illll I. Wllk. WMttlir "MIAirill K»«»« Ml, ALLIIOI" "HiiiTv it uri" TWII vui. rifimi ii ill * 4'lllT "HIUIATI IF TNI IA*I" "Till TAIL 'T' " Lh-i tk* Lift tl Illliy at tki HUNTIKOTON HOTEL . H Or A BLOVK I2t0 E. OCEAN BLVD. LONQ IUOH Tbli k«W HIM lhre»«h ftM Ik* feoul«TftM to th* M«IB. Two lebbi«R. All TOMI h«r» »rt'«» MiH'. wall- Hmtlur to-wa wrt n»id I IM«II .OO ··» i «j«ii p*jjjj' ·MiknFrktkM "WnriirtTijji^ fled «nrwtilr«r Pti«M 'HB 0-VIAS. ^****~L4frssJriKi HMMI A. B* T H E T H E A T R E "n» TIAH0USI of HM AUOUST MOON" I5JSiii^ A *££. CMHMM ISOTT ' ' ' MM S. rm. C*w* Hwr. "*""·'· Club mm " " ·· i -*- w *- a LONG BEACH DRIVE IN T H t t «t Mull '· Tl 444*41 COMMUNITY PLAYH:IH Mil IAIT ANAHIIM PHDNE HfariMk MWI "ANNIVERSARY WALTZ" ' ".,, I liN M. I tab lIJt-ftU PUKIM ·

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