Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 13, 1967 · Page 13
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 13

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 13, 1967
Page 13
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f YEAH. BUT THE V. COURSE 15 N/CE HOW DO vou LIKE IT? THIS IS FIRST AT TH/S SOLF CLUB/ HI AND LOIS LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE I9ACROSS CITIZEN COMICS SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1967 PAGE 13 ·NWS - vaNino ·r'xovisaxows -c 'IMO -z ' MNVHd3Y3 '11 'OI/A '6 'iOd '8 '13AOHS '/ 'XIS '9 '00101 '? '30HSMONS 'L--"ojay :sH3MSNV NANCY WIZARD OF ID STEVE CANYON V TELL ME WHY What Is The Milky Way? AW--THAT'S TOO MUCH WORK THE BIRDS ARE EATING ALL THE SEEDS IN MY GARDEN WHY NOT MAKE A SCARECROW? s-V^Hr ~ r- 5 ^!"*!, V/ - -~-i.-l -"·=_! WilSf-^S-^S -ir : 2r7v ST^ ONI)I '01 'Old '8 Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address and age to TELL ME WHY! care M this paper. The Brittannica Junior, IS- volume encyclonerlia for school and home win be awarded for the letter selected, la the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: Mary Jurecka, 12 Mart, Tex. Ml X N l I S THE LAST CAY OF "BE K(NO TO ANIMALS 3 6000tO£EK.) ./i./^/^. 7 MllCN'ACCOMPLISHED, gfl 1S0ACK GIRL COULD TAKE WAS INTERESTED (fj U/tf BEFORE I ARRIVE? WITH' BRENDA STARR O APANESE FVWAMAS ·"*« MADE OP REAL ORIENTAL. I LOOK--A SATIN SASH AMD A BIG DRAGON EMBROIDERED ON THE SACK POES THIS MEAN GOING TO START EATING CHOP SUEV IN seo? , WAIT-ILL YOU eee WHAT I BOUGKT MYSELF WAIT A MINUTE BLONDIE I'M AFRAIP 6HE'LL BE OVERDOING/ BESIDES, I'M TlREP/ IlL MEET YOU IN-THELOBBV, WIL / I WANT TO SPK CLAR GAKROWAY FOR A FEW MINUTES / ASATHA SEEMS TO BE THOROUGHLY ENJOYING THE EVENING, WIL/ IF SHE FEELS UP TO IT, I SEE NO REASON WHY SHE COULDN'T STAY UP A UTTLE LATER/ WE WERE THINKING OF LEAVING, TOO/ IT* LATE AND I'M TAKING AGATHA HOME/ REX MORGAN VVMAT AR6 YOU? SOMS «INP OF WISE HOW 5OI.P1EIZS PO YOU HAV6 IN CAMP BEETLE BAILEY ANP SOMEONE ELSE 15 JNTepESTEP IN THE YOLM3 AWN'S FLIGHT NORTH 50f.RY,HAH}i! EVEKY HOTEL ANP MOTEL. IN TOWN 15 NEW YEAE EVt... EXCUSE ME, 15 Y NoTHINS SCHEDULED THERE A FUI6HT I ANY MofcE TOPAY... 60IN5 NORTH ?/ BUT YOU A1I5HT GRAB i KICE IF A PRIVATE AIRCRAFT STOPS TD we HAVE A PEOLEST FgO/V\ A TRANSIENT COMIN5 IN fOR, THE PPO/A/ 60TAHYTWN6? PONT LO CONTACT UNAWARE 0 SURVEILLANCE/ THERE is ACTIVITY IN THE COLLEGE TOWN TOWAPO WHICH POTEET ANP ITSY ARE HEADEP... Our earth, the other planets, he sun, and several thousand ther bodies make up our solar system. But the solar system is only part of a still larger sys- em which is called the galaxy, or Milky Way. It is called the Milky Way because of the way it looks to us -- a wide, softly shining band of light that can be seen stretching across the sky on clear, moonless nights. It ex:ends entirely around the sky, ike a great irregular circle, but only part of it can be seen at one time. What is a galaxy? It is a great group of billions of stars and clouds of dust and gas. Because there are millions of other galazies out beyond its Doundaries, we call the Milky Way "our" galaxy. This galaxy is shaped some- ;hing like a giant watch, with the earth some distance from the center. It is so large that a man traveling at the speed oJ light, which is 6 million million [6 followed by 12 zeros) mile, in a year, would take 100,000 years to go from one edge to the other! Like all galaxies, the Milky Way contains billions of stars and clouds of dust and gas. The central part is shaped something like a sphere and is surrounded by a great flat disk of stars. All the stars in the gmaxy are suns, some smaller than and some hundreds of times larger than our sun. Most of these stars are so distant that they cannot be seen as separate stars. Astronomers now believe that the galaxy itself rotates . and that it takes 200 million years for it to make one revolution. Although the galaxy is such huge system, it is only part of a greater system. Beyond the Milky Way are millions of other galaxies. Many of these are similar to our galaxy in structure and size. The distance from the Milky Way to the nearest of these other systems, the Great Nebula in Andromeda, is 1 million light years. The Riddle Box 1. Why is a football stadium cold? 2. Why did the parrot wear a raincoat? 3. What did one strawberry say to the other? Answers 1. Because there's a fan in every seat. 2. So he could be polly - unsaturated. 3. If we weren't so fresh we wouldn't be in, this jam. DID YOU KNOW Chrjasjcj Many words in foreign languages are hard for us to pro nounce. Experts have figured out that one of the most unpro nounceable for an English speaking person is the Polish w o r d for may bug. It's "Chrzaszcz!" P THE PHANTOM S LIFE EXISTS. IM OTHER COUNTRIES, f B. C. BE E£OT1S.TICA,L. OF UTxDTHlMKTHAr Pl4Li LIFE OM THE FLAM er J Ti40U6HT EARTH WAS PIRT ITS HOUSE-CLEflNIN DAY AN'I WANT ALLTHREE OFVOLJ FELLERS TO HELP ME SNUFFY SMITH ^E'RE : HOME FROM THE MOVIES, MOMi MOM'S W/1SHEP PINNER DISHES.' BUZ SAWYER NOT TONIGHT, GWEN DEAR. MOTHER'S TIRED. HERE'S SOME HEAPACHE MEDICINE INSTEAP. I HAVE AHEAD: ACHE. YOU ALWAYS SAVE 'EM FOR US TO DO HIGH TIME. MADE.VO AH'AA GOIM 1 IT'S TH' SORE YOU DOhTT MIWD WEARINT MV RAGS? LEL ABNER I DOMT Y/AMT )/^??-TH' U'L'SAO UJCK" ^ H01.D ) ^JW NEW SUIT \ CtOUD JS A-FOULVlNy IT// -l SPLATTERED. 1 ! · · · " " · ---^ Slim is a briqht boy, Clovia, but he's fallen behind J How is slim doing in Chemistry, Dr. Bender? Is he flunking badly? GASOLINE ALLEY Most of them have troubles of their'own... He needs \ f Could he get more help \ help from some but there is one boy! I think uou know him/ of the other students? than I have time to give V hint.' Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will be awarded for the letters selected each week. Copyright W7 CORONADO NATIONAL FOREST wiM contract 3.9 mics of road reconstruction in the Chuicahua Mountains, 40 miles ' Northeast of Douglas, near Portal. Contractors can obtar information by caing Mr.Knapp U.S. FOREST SERVICE at 792-6011 DICK TRACY IT WON T BE LONG NOW KNOW WHAT? THAT BLOOD , HOUND'S /THINK KIDDING HOW COME YOU STOPPEP 60IN6-TOTHE BALL6AMES WITH LEONT SMIDGENS WOULP VOU LIKE TO SIT NEXT TO A 6UY WHO POKtfT UNPER- ^TANPTHE SAME ANP KEEPS A6KIN6- 6TUPIP QUESTIONS? sit-H 6O5H,NOJ tffj WELL.NEITHEK POES LEONi APARTMENT 3-G CALL ME WHEM ScT OVER. peeve, np '^y

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