Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 6
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1P«S» A-4--INDEPENDENT 1** SIKV OK. TKV, AM i IH: From 9 lo 5 Recognition Sought by Guatemala junta (Continued from Page A-1) for weeks before recognizing Guatemala and the rest Peru's military --·""·--~~~ last year. government Central America. Ydigoras charged In Managua, Nicaragua, statement that Peralta had al- where he was flown after lied himself with junior army being deposed Sunday, Ydi- officers sympathetic to left- *My boss said the last ride' · with your airtinj was very bumpy. Haven't you got a . plane with softer seats?' goras also appealed to all nations that had diplomatic relations with hij government to recognize the Penlta regime "to prevent outside forces from taking over the country." MAKE MONEY any through Classified ads! BUT ently YDIGORAS had some appar- second leaning former President Juan Jose Arevalo whose secret return to Guatemala last week apparently triggered the coupi Ydigorai considers Arevilo a Communist and tried to block his return to seek the presidency in November elec- 1 tions the Peralta regime has since cancelled. Arevalo calls (Continued from Page A-l) shore. They also found the oa the boat." The colonial secretary's fice announced in Nassau that the Castro Tighten had been taken into custody on a COL. ENRIQUE PERALTA Communist Fight time thoughts since his arrival in'himself a spiritual Socialist Sell Managua Sunday when he de-JHe vanished after telling no-longer-used items for cash, clared the coup was good for newsmen Friday he was going |to live with peasants on the Pacific coast GOODBYE MONEY PROBLEMS IN GETTING NEW DENTURES HERE IS "HOW I HANDLE THEM for YOU L ECW KUCH KOKET? Alter won* ewnmrfsa. uir;!e dentures rt stava wia (rice* raided herein. Ten see fcntart tnd price. Tn cisest 2. CETTDiG CFICIT: Wart is rtxW tafan trtdit check cf. V] cm easj credit. . No credit ttrds. WnWUSS: Centra ftti tttri. ·rfjrttet r-i fevered t joa wit* S3 CC»1 PAYMBl. paymtnt due 45 eys iftenards. Ai tnj n twi GOP Attacks, Morse Hails Exile Curb WASHINGTON (UPI)--Republican congressmen reacted AT A NEWS conference strongly Monday a g a i n s t Monday night, Peralta said he President Kenned/s crack had no official word Arevalo's whereabouts, believed that he had Guatemala again, He also said that it Ydigoras, not himself, had made an agreement with Arevalo. Peralta carry out what needed reforms. anti-Castro raiders. British Arrest 17 Anti-Castro Raiders trhich ^s'i The raiders left Miami by boat last week, picked up a load of arms at a point out- iside US. territoy, thea sailed , Jon toward the island where they intended to refueL SIXTEEN hours after the group left Miami, a US. Navy small key in the Eiuma f^ 6 »PP«red overhead and Island chain. 350 miles from N a T y P 1 ^** followed them Miami and about 200 miles north of the Oiban coast. IN WASHINGTON, the British embassy issued a statement by Sir Robert Stapledon, governor of the Bahamas, which said the men The Londonderry, a 2,150-'.load of rifles and explosives, tea anti-sub frigate, was) These men were released, r e c e n t l y transferred from he said, but their ecjuipment Bermuda to patrol duty in the Vas confiscated. Last Saturday, he said, a small plane landed 03 the island with three C a s t r o an the way. "When we arrived at the island, we saw that a trap had been set for us." Jerry related. The police asked if my name was Buchanan. When I said yes. they told me we were under arrest. BUCHANAN said the Londonderry picked up a band of seven Cuban underground fighters aboard and was cap- workers March 16 as they lured by -British n a v a l were h e a d e d for Cuba's units." These men also were Matanzas province with, a'released. - tianamas, wniva saiu inc nicui***^ **^ wv*c uuvi^i «*ic3i. had been detained by Ba-jThey said they were sympa- hamas police and · placed thetic to our cause but were the HMS aboard deny. London- following government orders. "Then three landing craft army had issued the first report of the incident in Miami The Cubaa anti-Communist from the Londonderry came ashore. The British soldiers were fully equipped down to It said that American and,machine guns. They herded British wai ships and planes!the Cubans to the landing participated in the action. A D e f e n s e Department spokesman in Washington butjThe administration p o 1 i c y ( denied that my US. air or jeftlfound a defender, however, in'sea craft were involved. Sen. Wayne Morse, DOre. . A State Department spokes- Morse s a i d in a Senate'man in Washington late Mon- w j^ speech that the hit-and-run'day told newsmen the m- raids against Cuba and Soviet 'formation on w h i c h the ships would i n v o l v e the!British acted "was provided ., United States in another P 7 dged .,, t ° bristling showdown with Russia. If the more militant Cu- he. called ban refugees "were so to British authorities by the United States." · · THE SPOKESMAN, Lincoln IHI PHONE THAT: your sarinjs in oivorue i HE 6-4072 ] for exact prices-- · NOT ESTIMATE!' I KOEXTW I CHARGE ! fCI I IIFTOU.I ! I Dr. 1.1. Campbell, Denial WSES | IONG BEACH --446 PINE AVE. } Free farting -- irk eid Lscirj . i AH Dr. CsmpbeS Offices dated All Day Scfuriayit 'AMPBELL If fcaclicc *aJ lyoiptocutic tixa ja joint* And noscln mike icv fed Kherzble tad tired, try world- imam DcWitz'i Pifls fa* they positive *alfcuc ictioa. lesda fcrizpaj fas piOixtivc rcHcf of pain. DtU trfi PJU sst tsZd orctic iicxioa t? fcelp jronr t^uea clcsr rat acid wssm tcft fcy ilu|ps LulacTt. DtWitft FiUs tern relieve fcicltcae Ricnei iad kelp yom Icid · more active life. fous to fight against tyranny, w^ declined to say how they should have stayed in vs authorities learned of 1 Morse said. Rep. John Anderson. R-IIl., said Kamedy Administration has embarked en "an the existence of the exile camp and said he did not know whether it had served for any of the strikes against craft at bayonet point and took them aboard the warship. The officer in charge said we would be turned over to British. naval intelligence. I DEMANDED to talk to the American consul and they agreed to fly me to Nassau. I went to court this (Monday) afternoon and the magistrate said he could find no violation of British Uw and that we would be released tomorrow (today) and sent out of British waters with an our equipment "There judge said there was no aggressiveness toward the British government" unconscionable and dangerous course in dealing ""^ I.~«.I.T.. «^,t. «v« r\*ti-*,* «i_ *-uoa Jerry Buchanan, his brother Beginner's Dance Class Grand Opening WED., APRIL 3rd, 8 P.M. 30 HOURS $POO FOR J YOU Will LEARN!! Cli C»». Swin. T«f«. Waa feifrof. Walfz. Jamt« THIS OFFER INCLUDES: ·ft fttr trhett LCIIDII -ff TCI Class tcssois ·if STztcci Hsirt loclal Dci · AOUI.TS ONVT FKEE ADDED FEATURE! THE BOSSA NOVA Tjught tf Mr Caret tirtclor ·ptnirrf ilT*. JLjrV * FRED ASTAIRE STUDIOS 311 East Ocean Blvd. Phone HE 5-7495 harshly with the Cuban patriots who refuse to lie down and play dead." R-Miciu, sent Kennedy a tele- said, was the leader of the Rep. August E. Johansen, TMP which was picked up. .*" ** _ . IT^. *-*\A lArr^r «I+l/\ ¥*·»* He said Jerry, who has grain protesting w h a t he been active in the anti-Castro called "harassment' of the' m ov«nent since 1959, told ICuban refugees. 'km ** story: Packard Bell FOR 9 63! IS THE CHOICE TRADE IN YOUR OLD TV TODAY! YOUR OLD TV AT BURK'S i NO MONEY DOWN Low Easy Termsxt Warranty Parts Tube FEA7URZS: · Injhfw. c!*ortr picfmt. 9 rcof*r certmt. SERVICE BURK'S · Foioraale tnf« k», bipfo- l. ecMojrrd, if eciol flrtrcJ glra. · fewrr f u r d fraisfaraer pmxtti power Mr^r, »· tab. Eft. · Circilt tmltr. ·· fen f* rtptac*. P1CK1RD BELL Prices Sfcrrf At Remote Control optional Tfaeasaads el tmr-*nestor« all enr U« world fad Out Bit most absorbing book they ewa. Their Coi9un3y passbook becoises wtil more sAtrtii* fcj n toe «« rf cr=7 v^-- ' ~ S=J tit the* talaaccs (rs* at the anaal rat* cl 4i%. Aa4 e»ery ct)/ ttiti amooat t»s lit benefit ei DA11Y IKTtREST-- Mring* cam f rwa V-.1 tij rt- ttt. 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