Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 8
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P.g. A-8-INDEPENDENT IK* imk. t«M. !'. Mvck II. mi Slale Senate Gels Budget From Vote-Short Assembly Los Angeles, a candidate for the GOP nomination for governor, bitterly criticized this move on the floor. A straight party-line, 41-33 vole brought the spending exceed the 19G1-G2 budget by program out of the lower (Continued from Page A-l) mittee, dominated by Democrats, tnmmeii only SM.S17. T H E RECORD outlay would $199 million. |licmse. It was preceded by 4',j To get the budget out of.hours erf debate, the lower house and into conference. Democrats icmovcd the urgency clause frum the hill, meaning only a -11 -vote majority was needed. Republicans, led by As- fcmhlyman Joseph Shell, R S l I U I B I ! teem tin itci "IT CAME FRCM OUTER SPACE" "CREATURES VYAU AMONG US" tOCF.I (III I9CI "TREASURE OF PAIICHO VILLA" "OESTIHtTICN MOCK" COLOR C A R T O O N S WEST COAST "DEVIIISHLY FUNNY" The Democratic majority held firm through all the Republican a s s a u l t s on the Democratic administration's spending program. * * » * C H A I R M A N Robert W. Crown, D-Alamedj. of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, blasted the mi mirity party's p r o p o s e d changes, must of them cuts totaling $l. r million but oth crs calling for more spending. Assemblyman Robert ngan. R-Traey. chairman of a Republican ta'-k force study ing ways of reducing the budget, said Crown was wron in calling it a balanced budget. "This budget is no more balanced than my little budget at home, which is slightly out of balance at the ment," said Monagan. He said the administration was "spending down to the last nickel." "Tliis budget in the present form is not even the governor's budget, a budget he would vote fnr," Monagan said. offered by the Republicans. Salary Increases for state college faculty. One was for 10 per cent, costing $1,701,G.'!0. Another was for 5 per cent. Republicans said they were needed to improve the quality of education. Elimination of the Consumer Counsel's Office, the Economic Development Agency and the jobs of Gov. Brown's o u r $25.000-a-ycar super- Liz Wonh Deny Rift Stories NEW YORK (UPI)-- Eddie : isher Friday denied that his agency heads. Elimination of iry |x)siti(ins, a saving of $5.229,000. A mandatory, but unspcci fied, SG-million reduction, to be applied at the administra lion's discretion. A cut of $182,300 to eliminate funds .set aside for purchase of additional land at 859.5 sal IMPERIAL :·.! l. ot« no :».'! DRV/IY1 SONG 1 'EoocHubsoN-fiwA louoaauiii SflKDMDg'BatBTDABIH CROWN CALLED it tight budget." "It's a budget needed to meet the needs of the fastest growing state in the nation,' he said. These were the major amendments unsuccessfulK Squaw Valley State Park. Restoration of $730,000 loan for replenishing Lake Klsi- nore, in Riverside County, with water. Elimination of a budget provision to borrow $5 mil lion from the State Highway Fund and use it for junior col Icge construction. A proposal tn take an ex peeled $12 million in fedcra funds now set aside for old age-pension increases and use it for state - employe pay raises and a supplement to the General Fund. Most of the major amend ments were the product o Monagan's task force, which has been studying the budge «inrp !.i*T nvmth Only (ine of the 78 legisla tors did not vole. He wa Assemblyman Walter Dahl The ROMAN SPRING of .MRS. STONE BELMQNT S'ett C t l l X I O T f N 4 H · HUDSON --Oir.1 HAY 'Lover Come Back',;.',', 1 -- NOW SHOWING -, fWMILlAND "BWBBBIP BUPJAL INCOLOR.AN3 PANAV1SION* ACTION CO-HIT IN COLOR GUNS OF THE K-Picdmont. There arc vacancies in the House. twc vas (in ic F t h e ii/ahpih Taylor r o c k s . Miss "aylor. who is in Rome, was lilcnt on the subject. Fisher said he looked for- vard to a lifetime of happiness wilh the actress. He aughcd off as "ridiculous" reports that he had suffered a breakdown because she had discarded him for actor Rich ard Burton. The .12-year-old Fisher, ap waring thin but chipper, remarked with casual candor hat a press agent might be jchind the whole thing. · · * * COMING OUT of week-long ·seclusion, the singer showed up at a chaotic press confer cr.ce at his hotel which was nternipted by a voice calling out: "Mr. Fisher! A call from 70 ITEMS ON BALLOT 13 Seek L.B.-Area Primary Support Thirteen candidates will vie for June 5 primary nominations at stake in the Long Beach area, with most of the action centered in the East Long Beach 39th Assembly District where seven had filed at Friday's deadline. The local congressional and ,wo Assembly contests arc only three of more than 70 terns scheduled for the primary ballot. Rep. Craig Hosmcr is un AI'I'CAK HERE James Arthur, who plays Prime Minister Sebastian in "Call Me Madam," is a veteran television actor and has taken many roles in Long Beach area. The Long Beach Civic Light Opera production opens April 5 in Municipal Auditorium. Rome, Italy." Fisher modestly excused himself .after promising to come right back. He r e a p p e a r e d in 10 minutes to say that his wife had telephoned from the set of the movie, "Cleopatra." He said she had declined to make any statement in connection with the rumors, and the rest of their conversation was of a "personal" nature. The recurrent rumors of a breakup of his marriage to the Taylor Lose Valuables Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Zit linger, who moved to the Southland from Germany 1C days a;;o, lost a purse containing passports, immigration papers, family photo graphs and money after riding on a Long Beach-to- Compton MTA bus. If found the purse may be returned to HG10 Atlantic Avc., Comp ton. four-limes-wed Miss atoni«h?'l him. Fi'hT snid and went into a private hos pital Monday, said he hat done so simply because he was tired and it was a gooc way to take a rest. He sail he had told Miss Taylor by opposed in Republican his bid for nomination the for Tongress in the newly-num- jcrcd 32nd District (old 16th). le seeks election to his sixth cnrt. The 32nd is Long Beach, -akcwood, Signal Hill and county area west to Avalon Boulevard. Two Democrats filed for heir party's nomination in he 32nd: W. Bud deCannis, -akcwood beauty-salon proprietor, and Joseph J. Johovich, of Lakcwood, a super- visorial assistant at Nor-Air Division of Northrop, Hawthorne. * * * · IN THE WEST Lon K Beach Lakcwood - Dominguez 44th Assembly District, three can didatcs arc unopposed for their party nominations: incumbent Joseph M. Kcnnick, seeking his third term, Demo crat; Wilbur R. Richardson. Los Alamitos schoolteacher. Republican, and William Jay Scalf, of Lakcwood, Prohibition Party. In the new 39th District (old 70th) from which incum bent William S. Grant will retire at year's end. four Re- WHAT ABOUT her | p h o n e S u n d a y what rc . I planned to do. ,,· public-ms and three Dcrno 1-Counly Poker Ban Advanced (Continued from Page A-l) the parlors are "an attraction that hurts the working man and attracts the professional gamblers." "I am not picking im Gar- dcna," he said. "Gardcna has a lot nf nice people there, churchmen 1 understand." A s s e m b l y m a r Clayton Dills. D-Gardcni. said the hill would "give the Los Angeles County supervisors the power lo act like God." THE ASSLMII'LY'TURNED down an amendment by Dills thai would force Los Angeles County to reimburse Gardena for the money it might lose if the parlors were outlawed. ported romance with Welsh actnr Burton in Rome?" a newsman asked. "The ot-.Iy romance between Liz and Richard is tlul between Marc Antony and Cleopatra--and it's a pretty good one." he said. Fisher, who arrived in New York from Italy on Sundayjcncr. too,' "I feel fine," he said. "I was just tired." A newsman asked what future Eddie envisioned for himself and M'ss Taylor. "Lots and lots of happiness, misunderstandings, love, contradictions--all the things you guys probably 1 he said. Philharmonic Concert Emotionally Moving By RACHEL MORTON An inexpressibly bcautifuUpassion and pathos of the' * . . · I ___,!..,,*«,! ,f ti-iih i Beach generally east of Atlantic Avenue. * « · · ALSO ON THE June 5 bal- ot, registrants in the three qualified parties will make their nominations for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, controller, :rcasurcr, attorney general, 3oard of Equalization member ;4th District), U.S. senator, state senator (Los Angeles County 38th District), seven county central committeemen for each party in each Assembly district, 47 superior court udges, superintendent of public instruction. First District lUpervisor, county sheriff, county assessor, member of the Central and West Basin Water Replenishment District, and will vote on various ballot propositions. Sheriff Peter J. Pitchess and Supervisor Frank G. Bonelli were virtually assured of re-election. No one filed against either but their names will be on the ballot so that write-in candidates may be entered. VOTERS registered but who declined to state a party preference will receive pri mary ballots containing only nonpartisan offices and ballot proposition*. They will, hmv- ever, be permitted to vote on all offices in the November general election. Deadline for registering to vote in the June 5 primary is April 12. A certified list of all candidates who arc eligible to be crats have filed. Seeking the GOP nomination are George Deukmcjian attorney; James A. Hayes, attorney; Charles M. Garrison former city councilman, and Alvin G. Miller, a teacher al I'ullcrton Junior College and Mayfair High School. Democrats arc William J. Pcalce, editor of the Democratic News; Bert R. liond.'for a statewide certification Long Beach vice mayor, and lisi by the secretary of state. Dr. Kenneth W. Appclgate. Long Beach City Collepc educator. The Mth District is Long voted upon is be completed scheduled to within five $65-Million Slate Pay Raise Seen SACRAMENTO OD --California's 129.000 state em- ployes may get a SOS-million pay raise, but it won't be retroactive to Jan. 1 as proposed by Gov. Brown. ·The Senate Finance committee Friday approved a G-pcr-ccnt salary increase to take effect April 1. if the governor signs the budget bill in time. Originally $20 million of the SG5 million was planned for a 5-pcr-ccnt increase retroactive to Jan. 1. The new plan gives employes the same overall money increase. The revision followed an opinion by Atty. Gen. Stanley Mosk that the retroactive increase would be.unconstitu- tional since it would involve work already performed. * * * * THE SENATE committee also voted to deny raises to any employes receiving more than $15,000 a year, constitutional officers or judges. The governor recommended a $24,500 ceiling, but Sen. Stephen P. Tcalc. D-West Point, said: "Let's worry about the shoes for the kids and not the cream for the coffee." The committee rejected a proposal to add $G.G million for special adjustments in salary categories out of line wilh private industry. Woman in (laliincl? WASHINGTON' CD --Rep. Edith Green, D-Orc., has been endorsed by the National Federation of Business and Profcssioncl Women's clubs to succeed Secretary of Welfare Abraham A. Ribicoff if he resigns to run for the Senate. days. April 21 is the deadline musical experience was had by the large audience that music and conducted it w i t h j power and alfection. The or-. heard Mahler's "Das Lied von chcstra responded magnifi dcr Frdc" (The Song if the Farth) given by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists in the Philharmonic Auditorium Thursday night. Paul Klctzki conducted and the soloists were Carol ccntly. The creamy rich voice nf * , · . . . . , H l l L t l . l t t l , ( M 1 U H I Miss Smith seemed purposely Jlcre are starting times o f ( i n 2n( . an(] a boy ^ IQ made for the music and the SHOW TIME Trywils Monday M a g n o l i a Thcalcr, 2400 Magnolia Avc., will hold try-! ,outs for Arthur Laurcnts' ro- jmantic adults-only comedy ("Invitation to a March," at 8 'p.m. Monday in the theater. ! ,| To be cast: three women in i ; their 30s: a girl in early 20s; three men. one in 40s, iwo features at Long Beach thea mood. She sang w i t h cnnsum- tors as listed by theater man- mate care and skill and her last rcilcratiims of "twig" agcrs: Smilh, contralto, and Richard (Forever) seared an unforgettable impression of eternity on all who beard. It was very n» num. TO i mi (··t. II-' FICHU OIUII Sill" "t»m I I M I V I I I · ti«tir, «r.i. ui l nil II Hit. I!-' t«ll«lll I HOUI" · C3 I UIUI lilt" ItDONDO tltCH *6~C^ti II tin CM*. M I Mil ;. uiiai-iiic lumts · »u:nn CF tn" ii "" ' m"i un · · M I M I T U P . ! I U H I I L " '_tmi ti in nut KITH" C4IDIH G»O»f WIIMINGTON_ M1I1B1 ( l( 11(11) II 1-lllT · I M I C I H I C I I I ' I *CUf · Ulll 11ICI · -,-**- | T *·**,,'/ ·' mriei. in:ii.ti»wt · ie«t» ii AIU -n«n »t»n nn» _ _ IA Hit KTA.illrl.liriltlll UI I llll · I»l Until!! _^JIIHIII_II III I _l rumiuii inn i.. niV-4111 · l l t l l l l l II M l l l l l l " _ · I »ui mti l t u l t u t f^ _ t;i:j~ii in w. (iiinrw wiiitur · t l l t H II T| «II«T' _^tn ny_«st nKjur* _ _ Iwiliul r riTrtVn inn l4 nil ·mill n tm nui" -Til HUIIII- MSTCOAST UKEVOOD DEVILISHLY FUNNY! For //ie hcau/ifi,'/ ^ounrj Budiilii't pirf it' i cj'cvi/is/i/y !;nrr/ In understand v.'hy the yei.nrj p f;c:-f con'/ rnorry . . . for ,'/!C yoonrj pr.'c 1 ' ff's o'cvili'sMy /lord lo rc'.c i:cr i-.'irjer'fcnc/ . . . fcr ,'':c old pried i.''i a'cvi/ij/i/y herd to mic.'cfi'onr/ of o'l . . . For you i,''s n . . . DEVILISHLY FUNNY PICTURE! WILLIAM HOIDEN I ClIFTON WEBB: SATAN Tf:c ao:v;i. : ,ijj achievement of the //'.in v.-ho r;.r.'0 ' PLUS--ANOTHER EIG HILARIOUS COMEDY AT BOTH THEATRES.' Lewi, tenor. The immense work is based..... - --on six age-old poems from beautiful singin; the Chinese and alternates the tenor and contralto rolos. 'I he troubled mind of Gustav Mahler found rich material for his music in these poems. between drunken revelry and inexorable death -- between frivolity and despair. But a s\vecl piece of resignation closes the great work, as if Mahler, a sick man, sensed LlAVIS, English tenor, is remembered h i r e for his many appearances with the San ]'rancico Opera Corn- · ;:'·""' i«: 7.'. i! lt«l CM«. PALACC BM-»«." II II i II. r R?c»/' t:l). t U. fil m Ow'tr SCJLI." John R. W i l l i a m s will direct. OPEN II.» AM.--CONTINUOUS Tfirilf Upon T/in'K Jfe n» So Ad»««t«r« Tkrllltr GUNS OF THE Black Witch Filmed fa Celericep* -i*HEY KIDS! SPECIAL MATINEE SATURDAY! the subjects of which vacillate pany. A dramatic interpreter. b i s n u n d e a t h , heard the music He performed and he died three years after he made the music live and his diction was impeccable. He s-anTM everything without use of score. Like a young Kicgfreid he strode through the music, ing- cult music of "The Drinking Song" never Ilighthearted as the birds sin| ormcd ing around him. The difficu completing it. held no problems for this · · · · master finger. Ilk voice, al- TIIK PERFORMANCE nf-though of a light timbre, car"Das Lied von Erde" was so ricd well over turbulent or- emotionally moving thai one chcstration in the frenzied felt like tiptoeing from the hall in reverent respect. There was a long silence before the audience broke into frcn/ied applause. land n great Paul Klctzki realized all the,cation. ending of "The Drunken One in Springtime." Lewis is a fine artist with a magnificent stage presence :ift of communi- ATLANTIC II Mill till S A T U R D A Y KID SHO.V "UW 6 JflKE WADE" JtArrin? Cabrrt T*»lqr-- In C*'or "HOT ROD GANG" J KID SHOW * OPEN * NOON SIATC lun'ry." I I S. i IS. I W. I." J II. I I". TO«NE ir." 1 lo"'l3'^» * ·IVOll Cc"« 1:1!. 4 10. I 5J. 'reft.- : oc, «:. i; s. Itiiililin" I'rnnils Th-t n-5in, IT.IIT *«. Thtt Tl*r, lUitl.fll Clvflf B. '.'ct if-fl 1 "!. I P:.-rl. Sl.t:!. L t W Co KIDS CUT I II OPEN NOON CARTOON CARNIVAL "TANK BATTALION" "Paratroop Command" itrut! 01. to*v "Ji 131. 11:7 r.'-^C on. Sill F»r..^C TOWKE PACIFIC THEATRES , . . Rrtcf W e * n, r-wiol 1 on, IJOI Ar. WOO; W.u-am J. O fln*i. fonffAcTof. rm^T C C o.rr. if.ti I*.TI.:» *s*fl- 'i, ;i:; r. in rd. »«,ooc, psft M- l» tllintic CA J-I22I III. !«!» I P.M. "FltlrlH ( H U M Itll 1 · tt»i tinuiu · STATE 1 l» OctlB i Pin "lit ItUIIH" HE 7-Ji:i "tnviDtll «CID- J-IIBSII mint! ro«neit "-j "TANK B4TTAUON" | "PARATROOP COMMAND' 1 j MYCll U.ll.d.Stli HE (-1297 · i«iu imi net- SUtll HIIKIII ··iiei limit" itct. . ln-jn. »Hff** tn. ; O f s f c e a firtr., D* y i Dt3n\t. ar t. iC'.na, JI.7/1; Wll!« t on. rtitrictcr. M Mcriev, «"fri* m, JJrtlO. r.wo* M N·^.-M ll A W '.f-t'T., Ji'e^ .'(Iiilli-Xiilioii Knckrl LONDON (/D -- Ilritain, West Germany and Italy have signed an agreement to develop a multination West ,»T»»»»» T , .European launching r o c k e t ~ -Jfnr earlh satellites to cost about $196 million. ART "THE KING I" irxMi I.IV-J i^-1* U "CAROUSEL" 5»««« «I ««4 tit » OPEN ; : i P.M. J 4 CONTINUOUS* **»»»****. |'^T" SHOWS AT 6:30 CIRCIE Tiilllc Clicll CE 9-S5I1 t HI I ··lie ccuini" C 11KEWOCO "T Canoa.Cb«rry C* -333l -tin, mil Hie I LINCCIN llrcoln W. (I Knot) IA lit cut* »«*! · lutmrniD i" ·Wirlltl tint Kilt" i.ii PIII tintig -cti't tiiui ten- tOS ALTOS ttllllr,Sprirr"«l»»u«i HA S-K22 '·«··'· l liic Hi-Wiy 1) Ni. C.G. Bird. IE (-E2I2 in CCIQI i«n»: ' MI»1IUI[ IUIIU- ··Cllllllllll Wrlll" Wnnir W. el Hi-wir» VI 7-3SSI »llt C l l l l f l · I I I K I " -- (till ··ciiDiiruii" Ml UK Cllllll OPEN II AM. -- OPEN ALL NIGHT DANNY K A Y P -- C»l*r "FIVE PENNIES" CEO MONTGOMFRY ~ Ct^r "STEEL CLAW" SAY DANTON · JULIT ADAMS 'TARAWA BEACHHEAD' _ ,-K ..-.: M* "THE ANDERSQNVILLE TRIAL" Tk., M.. tit., 11.11 In. U--II.. It. I -«. In. I In, I.II i.m. l U I O I ' l l ·it ieii . ii iiumi c. HIII-K. i. mum fir KiMniiliit Cl I 1111 I'Cl I 1111 llll KIII1LII PARAMOUNT Drix-lii Tkiiln PiriBt. 1 C«;t. Hid, Pinmt. ADM. lit Hip* -- L»n« Tvr^tr ··EICHEISH III OFF-BROADWAY.THEATRE. 'MR. ROBERTS" ON STAGE li3D P.M. HE 7-3571 Tit \IIITIO\M. J A Z Z * f » I** W»-^ frt~ Nrw C"**-^- t R i O A Y - * A T u O D A Y niv-t^a: «·· I ft ni.K.l.NS i I.I II ri\Ml TKiST THE UOCK $^50 Fir CH i Til ltd | M nut Avr. PHONF Hf «» "DAT OF THI IADMAN" ·MAIIHOUSE «OCK~ ·7IINAGEH1 OUTII if AC I" NOWI STATE AND CIICU

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