The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 4
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\ t M/f or/of... GREATER TAX EQUITY IS RESULT OF INCREASE IN LICENSE COSTS ft tt gwetsflf toncectsd fey whd think with us epift atari that ffie fattest of ill toe* ft th* "ast tt*,» fhi* t«HA HrfW* td a tax ft Which th* use* of * SBTviee i* facility ptovidsd bt th« tfdwrhment gay* for it, to this *a? it dafftW froift IM ad m t**, wWeh is assessed to the of pfopftrty in ptopoftioft to Its valu«; of th« i««owie tax, ftlleeted in tjfoportion t« th« size of an ittwme. In ?**&, the »ads boilt bf the Texas Highwa? Dejsafttnftftt are paid for by the tax paid OB gasoline, and also th« eo«t of license fees. Siac« vehicle use pfoduws thts rtvenuff f»ifl which highways are built, suck eon* ftttuctioft it thWefore financed from a use ta*. But th« road construction itself is not the Oftly Jfeflt «f expense in build' ing highways. Add bete is where the element of inequity creeps in. The state ill the past hat requited counties and cities to pay all the costs of right- of-way fa? a highway going through the county or city. This to a major • • * Paul Harvty Nawt IKE SMILE BRAINWASHED PUBLIC »T »AUt HARVEY Coagr«« and the White House repwt ptotett poftdttdi Uperiflg off. With paueat and persistent propagandis- ing for Mtronomictl FedeMl spending, the Administration ha* the public just about brair-washed now: But if thU is the last vote* to be raited JM opposition to thi* vulgar extravagance, *o b» it VouVe heard all of my ariumenti. New let'i -evaluate the ones the President uses. Mr. Elsenhower con' tend* that if we did not finance and fortify our friends, we would have to tpeftd "many bll- Iloiu of dollars more" on out own detente. Walt a minute! , that It a bald-faced admission that, except far our aid, the 42 nations with which we r-ave detente treaties would do lllttt _or _ nothing In their own detente. If that it true, theft thete nations have no rial determination to oppose communism. >-%hey 4V* building their defejitea cause tineie Sam fdott the bOL When we (top,,, (her'11 stop. K the President'! assumption It correct, then we'd be a dura sight safer (pending the** billions on our own defense! The same Mr. Eisenhower who said in 1U1 "the United States cannot be an Atlas, eannoi carry all other nations of the world oa iu shoulders" now often no alternative. 1* our allies are to crass, to blind, so vapid th*y would make little or no detente effort without u* bribing them t* do so, then tueh alll«» ,weuld not be worth having in a showdown. . ••'•'. ;.•/• , President Eisenhower' further contends our foreign aid program Is "little aid t» the physically htndicapped. As they grow stronger, w* grow stronger." But the physically handicapped don't grow stronger unless they are required ta do sd. Wftrld War It taught our doctors to get the patient out of bed the first day after surgery to withhold the ssdattves u soon as possible, to remove the cnitth promptly ,.. or you end up with a resigned cripple, first unwilling, then unable to overcome his own disability. It is not cruelty, It is kindness to force the patient to a reaceeptance of his own confidence-and hit own self-respect. Tht Finance Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Amja« All, said IU , "Our economic dependence on the United States has grown beyond expectations and the sooner we get to our feet the better for Us.' Vice President Nixon, parroting a presidential policy that contradicts bis own •avowed "convictions, toid tin American Iron i ana Steel Institute Convention, <<We are'g«t-i •' ting more for our money in security lor the United States from what we are spending abroad than from what we are spending at home." Then God help us! It we art placing greater reliance on foreign "hired soldiers" than on our own military resources, then we are safe only as long as our money lasts. And our money Is going fast On Side.. ANIMAL AID PRECEDED CHILD AID BT x. T. A* th* delicate rot* T* th* tun's «weet ttMtta Detti herwtf undo** Bread* and length; i my heart to yow. —D. O. Roseetti Geoffrey Lawrence, brilliant banfator, wh* stmstafully defended Dr. Adam* fc\ that celebrated British ntjrder ca«e, received a fee equivalent to «• * ~ '•' U the highest *•* *v*r paid a lawyer ia a British mur. der trial. I dont know what th* United State* record it, but the lawyer, who npretented Harr Thaw in th* Stanford White cat* were undoubtedly paid ptonty. switchboard operators and saleewomen are inclined to be dltagreeable is because they are frustrated. That it caused by their not liking their Job* or because they are unhappily married. So, U torn* saleswoman act* surly, or a waltree* map* at you and practically tosses your food on th* table, or a telephon* operator does not give you th* voice with,, a tmll* treatment, don't becom* angry. She is more to be pitied than censored. Perhaps tome man baa don* her wrong. Maybe her husband hain't turned out to b* th* "dream man" in* thought h* wat. ,• PLXAkMEMOTK What if th* firft name IB th« teKphon* hook m y*ur towaT That is, nam* of a perm, not a firm. Anybody named "At" liv* to ypur dtyT Thafs a Dutdj mrname. P*t«r Aa waa a well-knew* bookf*U*r and publiaher ia Uyden, Holland. ASIDES The Duke and Ducheti of Wiadtor make two round trip* annually between their Paris home and New York. On that* trips they bring along a secretary, a valet, two maids, three dog* and 140 pieces of luggage . , . People who order their steaks well don* or their egg* boiled only two minutes are usually difficult customers to handle and notoriously poor tipper*. So says a wajtrot of long ezperienc*. NOIIMi MO WOMBtt to specialists i the reason some waitresses, THE BRAZOSPORT FACTO ,1 "f 7«iu. br Rwin AMOVO THE P**t your wife undersUnd b*okkf*p- m»? If not, tend her to night scheoL A wit* with a knowledge af bookkeeping can »v* you. much money on household *J»»V peaatt and iacom* ta^es- U you liv* in an apartment, your wife should have a desk of her own. If you live Jn a home the should have t raom to us* at M offl««. This thould hav* a^amall, artistic sign on jt raad- inr- "Home Manager." Me«« Editor Snort. Wltor t*. tl>.M »«, ,«r. Br , P«r wMk. |li.|M •1. Hit. tkt 40, u SI0ELIOHTS Only one EpglMhman tut created the seas from his native country and won a wortd'» bojfing chanjptontbjlp in tha United Stefe*, TJwt WM Tad "HSd," UwU . , , In NfW Y««* £?ty tfa* Sodtty <« the Pr Wf n- tiaa 9 f CretOty to Aniwalf was founded nil* y*«r« bjrfc,* tH* S«4*ty W (h* ^a- of CrwUr to Children. ftmqdfF flf tMM> i m . it* it«ft ft! exfehUe, ftnd o* CoufiM is paid ettt t>l &§ td vtfttftm tax collected by tfc* wuftpf. Ito this reason, the increase of 10 p*f cent on all vehicle Hceft*e fee* tedsfttly approved tty the legisiatote and signed into law by the governor i« a move toward greater equity in uses, this money is to be used by the state in paying half the cost of til righwrf-way for state roads, wltft the city and county paying the remainder. For the average owner of a vehicle in Braaoria County, business 6tvindi> viduil, this will fneaft that nexiyear he will «*ve probably a little more added to hit license fee than he was paying i« taxes for his share of the cost of that Half of the right^way paid by the city or county. it is still better that he do so, in that it amounts to a little more of his share of the cost of the roads he Will be using, rather than that he should pay less and penalize the owner of property. . MRMAN UNITY PART Of Dt-ARMING MQVl An Editor's. tt COMMENT On Mosquitoes for the past week the few people who knew about it have been getting a look at the actual operation of the first county-wide mosquito control program in this county's history. The Federal Civil Defense Administration Is paying for it, with funds which County : Judge Alton Arnold asked for and got This U not the county program that wat reluctantly" accept e d by Commissioners Court earlier this year. It is an emergency program that is intended to protect cltlxens , from the immense infestation ' kS£i Jf »L 1llmort i*?* 1 * to com* n»m the swamplands created by the river overflow earlier in the month. But this emergency control program U significant in on* important respect—it is the first attempt ever made to protect the entire county from mosquitoes by attacking the breeding grounds. la the past, all methods wen» timed at protecting individual communitie* by fogging and by killing larvae found breeding near the settled areas. Most of the member* of tha Braxoria County Mosquito Control Commission created last year have been convinced that fogging and local Urvadding are not only expensive methods of cutting motquitoM, but ar* relatively taaffective? Th* reason la that ttudle* have shown that only about «v* percent of th* mosquito** that infest local communitie* ar* hatched out in that vicinity. That leave* IS percent that breed in swamp* along the P*te Ourklif, who heads the Motquito Commlatloo, f«ela that by devoting most of the county's efforts* to keeping moavjuitoet from getting out ol «*•»•»* WH.aJta, there *U» Nlit* of the m In toe «w»ty than by wing any other method. . ' .:•..' ...' '. . •': Alto, it will b» the cheapest meant of cutting down on & rank* of nuw^toM, And tt has the lurUwr advantage of befeg Jwl : M »tt»fltiv« for the iwlated farmer or rancher (who alto pays taxes from which mosquito control programs are financed) M, for *Sf l lvta ' to iettl * <i •*»•*. Ourklit; was guest speaker at » meeting last wtek of the Freeport Kiwanit Club, where he outlined some of the work that it to be done if and when Commissioners Court provides the funds for putting th* control program Into effect. Comparing variout programs, Ourklit pointed out that the most expensive is that of individual housewives who spray their hornet nightly. , Cheaper than thlt It the local fogging and larvadding by communities. County-wide control, striking at the source, 1* the cheapest present poistbili- ty, though state control would be still more economical. The best method of attack- . ing the swamps that, Oarkllt,, and his group hav* seen practiced locally is that in Qalvet- ton County, where truck* and planet are used to spray a 1*. thai dust This dust It laid in "barrier strips" around th* breeding grounds at a time when certain conditions have produced large numbers of motqUlto** ready to Infest th* town*. When th* mosquito maste* Attempt to fly through the dusted salt grass in th* barrtw strips, not many survive. What makes thi* method » effective 1* the development of the dust itself, which retain* a residual killing effect for-a week or longer. ThU. la likely to b* the fir* step ia a control jvocraoi ta • Brasoria County. But Ourklit. it for going beyond that to a typ* of program that would wfpe out most of th* breeding grounds. • ThU it called a "water management" program. Th* her* it to |*tiid of a* place* that motquitee* ia at it economically In this, th* best bet u ww> . age. Otherwise, breeding areas can be rendered let* writable motquitoM ar* more likely to breed In ar*a* which wa at- ternately flooded, then drltd. Where neitht* of these melh. ^?,*ff w^motauitoa* can ,ttill b* controlled by cutting •patsage* for itnall flsh to «! terto feed c« the larva*. Though permanent, tb*t* measure* art npcetiv*. and w«jid b* don* gradually, at part of a long rang* prpgram, and durin^ataferlm w«ul4 be cembia*d with tha barrier strip control. By GLENN HEATH At tit* present time, GurkUs* group mutt find a full-time director to handle the Working end of the program. At first they intended to advertise for someone experienced in the work. But now they feel they will do better with a local man. Th* reason it that mosquito control work It so new to most of the nation that there are few men with actual experience. Also, the methods used la <••>* place would not be et us* in many other*. So the mosquito group feels that th* best choice would be a man familiar with local condition*. wMdfcWeuld be hard-;.t eT to l*arn r «an mosquito eon- t t»l techniques. Alto, mosquito control men would be operating largely on private property, and it was felt that a local man would get mor*" cooperation from land owners who** property breed* mosquitoes. At present, Ourklit hat three application! from local men who want the job. Ourklls told Klwanlan* that oldttmert remember a time when mosquitoes were to thick that .th* ar«a was almost tin- liveable, and that attacks by •warm* had been known to worry livestock to the point of death. That was during a stage of ~ —*, years, with mosquitoes d*. ulng: in reotnt years be- J dry year*. But tha indication it that the wet yean are coming back. In the meantime, it it pcetibte that the joMrtr wffl be la better thape ttit time beeauN of improved drainage. Kattoa-wid* bate .may b* tim^lh* <0r J5fflr i> * w " rtwl ^li^TlBlKei «7d "*P*^V?ff^W •*• JWHI* ate Bto 704, WklehT would tet up a fund of mi million for g^ter^- 1 ** 114 ^ ****** anured Misps E3eS5£& SO***** Wfffr *<* [<* fitting eouirty pfpfrtm. and Stop Mt -By eiNNITT Looking Back COMB VTSITOIW down in DM* indulged I, (a *«ort*d t«« of hiitric batt).fkd.. Tb* <Wv*r-,uJ4l* i r*wi it* tin V.TM a and Urs. w**k*ad. Uen tva* t)w "tlir** of Ntw X«V» bart r*giinant* grt licktd hcyah," or This i« whar an A»l»nt» ba^iy captura* * Ytnkaa W fad*," ato, ate, A Bo»t<w ||dy gr*w mart and mwa indifnant *i th* tewr progressed, finally ift. terrupted. "Didn't we YM* k««t win OM battl* «round •v*r. "Not w Wle r m driv- W thi, bus they 4lda'tl» • tt , tl YAM* At* TWt '!»• Wrto Ciuk e«i**rt. mOH it qitttt plain thlt W«t tm b*eo«i the "-_ _ __ m In tail ttweHipT TO ISJfttitti'' t dCl&S'ffii&ili't wift Huttifc tUt tsUftH old KKeeKKd itt getting *f tt WtsBllSh *T Ml U link b*. twttt ft ftroejf dlterntamfefit tjfYfelHMnt and thi UrtltieaHon 0* WHi maA KaK Offtntafijr*"" A jfetirt t&NklHUfeniJUft itttHtro j WaslUBftoi tiler thrfe dsys of WKI Mid that effort* mult ptwmi to retch a disarm** mint tf**ty. ti*kat «^at*» "^'-- ik^ Aait^iiwftkdl A nw nm *vcp) uiv conununi* •aid, would be ta make a j toward disermantent Theft, th* communique con- tinutd, negotiations should be fttrlei "within t reasonabl* tiiM" for a breed agreement. t prior eeBdltion to t ftMUI^II flffWtA^lt ttltlaH ta* uniflcStioA of ft* two pots of (Jernuny, th* com* mUnlqU* laid. . It wu added that the United States would consult Britain and franc* on a suggestion by Adenauer that the first step toward a disarmament agreement might usefully b* followed by t meeting of the foreign minuter* of the United States, Britain, France, and Runt* on German unification, The Eisenhower . Adenauer t*lk* overshadowed the London disarmament conference, which was resumed after an 11-day recess. The atmosphere in London art« ot Wttt* MM! HJfttoTy. « ™i um wwfcri ft e««d in the *ntt-Am*He«i rtoH |» fofmd-tt, whteh MtuttM the acquittal by an Army i martial 6f M Arterleail^ di*r whfl killed « ChtMM peeping torn, threaWnrt to hive t lasting; effect oft fett* tionl between tha tfnit6f States and Nationalist Chlfrt. TnA two njttV'feniJftWiw INMf0iv to repair the breach lit, their close relatio4t,i But Chto were still angry over the otiitUl. And the State DtfL. m*nt made it known that it reduction la the stronfth of the Ifl.WW-mtn American gar< Fulgenclo BatlMa of Cuba flured anew. Fighting between fowrt- ment troop* and small buhdt of rebels w«s feport*d 1ft tw« aresi of th* country. in Havana, the caplUI, Mbel nboUur* cut off eiMIHe powei- by djmgmltlin an «l«c- triclty dljtrlbutlng plant Whleh «ervM the eentef of th* city. Butinen w«« disrupted beeaute of lack of light Telephone! were put out of cortmiMlon. Theateri, cafes and night ilubt were clowd. Inside Washington... SQLONS HEED VOTERS INSTEAD OF LEADERS By LYLE C, WILSON WASHlNGTON — m — Events are spelling out for President Elsenhower what it means to be a lame duck Chief Executive. He and his successors are barred by the Constitution from a third term. What U meant It this: That the . most widely supported President ever put In office by ijha&oters is kUng> conttol of his TBarty seven months after nit .triumphant re-election. Elsenhower moved urgently within recent weekt to regain party command. He made two television appeals to the voters for support U hit budget battle 'with Congress. _After the second speech, White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty shortly was telling questioners that Elsen' bower's fan . mall had been neavUy weighted In favor of the President's appeal for defense and foreign aid funds. It was assumed that members of Congress also would hear from the home folk with blunt instructions to give Eisenhower the funds he sought. It seems not to have worked out that way. House Stands Pat The House of Representa- ttrea stood pat on its detent* economies when the showdown votes came this week. Th* House clipped $1,S«9.J78,000 from detent* spending before tending the bill to the Senate bjr a vote of 1M-1. Mr. Eisenhower's lost of party control it not adequately re- fUcto* in the fact that only M Rout* Republican* deserted Mm on an earlier key economy vote and that 140 Republicans stood firm for this reason! He had asked the Republican congressional leaders to move to restore to the defense bill $1,274,000,000 of th* sums lopped off by th* committee which seat th* bill to th* floor. House Republican leaders sought to restore only about one-fourth of that turn. Tried To Hold Line \ By lowering ._ their sights from the turn sought by BlMh- hower to a much lesser sum. Republican House leaden! believed they might hold the party line when the vote came.. Had they gone after the f 1,. 374,000,000 as urged by Etsen. hower, a great many more House Republicans unquestionably would have been recorded at voting for economy and against th* Republican president • ; It all seems to add up to this! Congreuionftl Republicans believe the President IS • out of step with the voters on Spending. These members of Congress evidently believe their own records in favor of economy will have more vote* appeal in th* elections to com* than anything Eisenhower can tay or do for them. No legislators will be running next year or in I960 on an "«l*ct - me-and-help-Ike" platform. Eisenhower's tun* of vatt power to reward and punish it running out Bitting Ztbra INDIANAPOLIS — ffi — A SUM Board of Health animal wport listing cam where ani. malt bit people hat listed • surprise culprit On* was bitten by a sebr*. DAILY CROSSWORD! IFIntmM 4. Dtvoured I.Uir* •.Dry T.W«t»»rtfc tOoldotln I. Oarmeate U.Swp*mat> ura) being (T«ut.) |l. I«* crtam bird la! Haul M, Mixed graeiia 17, Emigrant M. Dried »«-< w.ruxm-— |i.O*triehUk* . btid -'.'J'.' I -.11 ! • .. " : -:>. -j.i.-.- -u ••J'-M' I, I t -I •! 1 J 'v;:iiti'.( , i i i. I'llH 1 'I '.',1 1 ..J !] t".t 1 i 111 Ui feMoitr's AM*** (fter.r tef*tk*t tH.S**Mh M, Boring tMU M.WIW i*c*pte«l* tfinglorttigreta »» • » w i&*

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