Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 29, 1930 · Page 2
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1930
Page 2
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lltDHJT PRICES Coal Industry Try. A*t ** T*&ift Consumers to Vi« Uflnftllef Grade of Fuel —-Would Uqualize Prices. toy MORRIS OK HAVEN TRACY, Start Correspondent. ' '('rON. Pa., May 29.—The an- ttitaclte coal Industry, which Is about M negotiate a new wage scale with ' ft* 180,000 employes, has extended its tftOdernliSatlon program to methods of marketing, with hopes that the time is not far distant when the consumed pocketbook will be the gainer as , well as the Industry. While engineers have been InstRll- • Ing labor-saving machinery into the breakers, and even below the ground. economists and sales experts have been working upon the matter of distribution. A* a result in the last few years modern sales and service methods have come into an industry which five years ago was somewhat notable for its adherence to practices which developed in the days of slow transportation, and before marketing of a product became a science by itself. Some $60,000,000 have been invested in the last five years by coal companies to Improve the quality of coal as delivered to the consumer. This investment was to insure more even siz- ' ing, cleaner coal, and a lower per- i centage of non-heat producing elements. New anthracite is washed " continuously from the time it leaves ; the mine shaft, straight through all . the crushing, sorting and loading • processes, and even as it is poured ' from the breaker onto freight cars it flows out of the loaders mixed with ' -water. One company has gone so far as to put a sort of trade mark on each • piece of coal. As the car is loaded the , coal is sprayed with water mixed , with.a blue stain which dyes the coal and marks Its grade and quality. But only now has this development, according to leaders among the oper- » ators who have been escorting a '' party of newspaper and magazine 1! writers through mine after min« for 11 the last two days, reached the point 1 where probably Its next Important ', turn may affect favorably the con- i Burner's pocketbook. The hope of sav- ' ing money of the consumer, they say, ' rests in the development and of meth- '.! ods permitting the home-owner to " burn in his furnace the small sizes of " coal which now are sold almost ex- I! cluslvely for industrial purposes. In the industrial market these " grades are forced to compete with ',. cheap bituminous coal. Hence they '• are sold at losses ranging as high as '• $5 and $6 a ton. The anthracite in- r dustry has to rely upon the domestic ... consumption of three large sizes ; chestnut, egg and pea coal for its ., prollt. i. If methods can be developed, and ''•• they are now in the process of de;'• velopment, whereby the small grades ,,"' can be used domestically, they will be ' taken out of competition with bituminous. That will permit an increase In price for the small, so-called , "steam coals" now sold at a heavy "' loss, and operators say that they are ,1'. ready to reduce the price of the three •" domestic grades proportionately. "• The ideal condition which we are i sl striving for, one of the largest oper- .-' ators in the industry told the United : Press, is to get all grades of coal into domestic use. Then coal will be !• coal, and will be sold at one price, V the buyer ordering the size merely to rl accommodate the needs of his own (i heating equipment, and not in consid- 1 ' eratipn of price. The industry will ','.' benefit because it then can sell all *• grades at uniform profit. The consumer will benefit because, whatever '; grade he buys the price will be less ,!i than he is paying now. SA-AV Hi<aK ABOUT -TH * na oM£ i -fo -THA-T, EK( 2 1 MAV BB A fcrT QFF " PLAV6.P Fa'R A GAME VvlAS. A UM-M—ALAS' — OM -THe LAS-T HOLE I BLEUJ UP A MISERABLE Hoi-p BA<3 VoU •BALU Hrf -TH T -fee ma. U.&PAT.OTF. OI93O BY NEA SERVICE, INC. 'PRESIDENT IS TO FOLLOW TRADITION © GOODGOLF SCORE OFTBJ DEPEWDS OKI A. LOT OF GOOD LIES/ BICYCLE FOR TWO IS LISTED AS HAZARDOUS BOSTON, May 29.—The bicycle built for two, that vehicle which spread delight all through the gay nineties, has been officially frowned upbn by the Massachusetts governor's committee on street and highway safety. The tandem machine has no place in this motor age and constitutes a highway hazard, the committee ruled in issuing a list of "Don'ts" in connection with a revival of the bicycling craze in Massachusetts. (By United Press.) WASHINGTON, D. C., May 29.— President Hoover will be following a presidential tradition when he visits the battlefield at Gettysburg tomorrow. The following chief executives made visits there: Abraham Lincoln on Nov. 19, 1S63, bade his great address at the dedication of the National cemetery, although he was not the orator of the day, Edward Everett being the principal speaker. Rutherford B. Hayes was a guest on Memorial day, May 30, 1878, but did not speak. Grover Cleveland was a guest May 30, 1885, but did not speak. Theodore Roosevelt delivered the address on May 30, 1904. William H. Taft. May 31, 1909, made the address at the dedication of the monument on the battlefield in honor of the United' States regulars who fought in the battle there. The monument stands on Hancock avenue, not far from the cemetery, and between the Bloody Angle and the Pennsylvania state monument. When he was an ex-president, Theodore Roosevelt again visited Gettysburg on May 30, 1912, to make the address. Woodrow Wilson made the address at the fiftieth anniversary of the battle, on July 4, 1913. Warren G. Harding was a visitor or July 3, 1923, to the marines who camped there for a week and gave a demonstration of Pickott's charge. By JOHN T. NEW YORK, May 26.—The lumber ndustry df the country, too, Is suffer- ng from several vicissitudes to which perhaps hot enough attention has been >aid. The importance of the lumber; ndustry In the national economy remains considerable, in spite of the fact that Its uses seem to be dwindling. Incidentally those who predict the time when we will have no use whatever for ' lumber seem to forget that 80 per cent of the standing residences bf ;ho couritry today are made of wood. The lumber .industry ranks third among our manufacturing Industries in the number of wage earners employed and eighth in value of products. It employs directly about 600,000 persons and pays them almost a billion dollars in wages each year. The value of its primary products alone exceeds two billion dollars annually. Capital Resinol Heals Stubborn Unsightly Rash on Baby's Body "At the age of 3 months there appeared on the buttocks and be- htad the cars of my baby a very irritating and unsightly looking rash. Many remedies were prescribed and all were used faithfully without obtaining any but temporary results Harassed by the untold discomfort caused the baby as well as the increased un- sVtliness I began, on the recommendation of a friend, to use Resinol Ointment. I"-**"^ marked i«P roveI ? cnt9 T 1 o^ noted, and now, at the age of IpH months, the child is without the slightest trace of his trouble. (Signed) J to.J.O.Re.mer,Co8hoeton.O. Mf'd by Resinol Chemical Co., .; Md. Sold by all druggists. jouKnow* its the kind that Hurts only Dirt ITCHEN LENZER HURTS ONLY DIRT KEITH'S Protected I IK SAVES LIVES Children have always been subjected to a host of dread diseases. Their undeveloped bodies have been easy prey to bacteria. Parents are learning the secret of "Protection." 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