The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 5, 1920 · Page 2
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1920
Page 2
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THE iDAtLY F.KEE PRESS IHE DAM FREE PRESS Established, Weekly 1877 Press Publishing MM.-JOHN T: GALBHAITH Editor and Manager Telephone - - 218 TERMS . ' " «»b?crtptlon 15 'cents & ireek. bills due -weekly. .Job' work . . AJNNTTAlL SUBSCRIPTION 17.80. •nt*red at the postofflce at Carbon->««»». HUmols, as second class, .matter. KMice In -the Free Press Building, - Mmln Street .Peb. 5, 1920., i litasults TTroiti Free Press : Classified^ Ads ./Aabtaer-example'-of results . derived: trot classified advertising .in ; the Free; ... Pr««s'.'wa3i-show.n'^when.J. .O. Christie?.-• traded. 'his < farm. east of this ; city for v .the towji property. of;M. C. Galleher,, -<-. "iOS^SouthiLoEan street. Mr.. Galleher -, wnlri»ke possession of the farm ',Jhe j:TSi»£?of "March. >'at • which ; .time V jMir.: '-Cnrfetie'and family expect to go to St. /Mr;,-, Galleher came. here from Ma.- ago. . SELL SHIPS — airy Law Forces Sale of Seized ... Liners. '..-;"', EXCHANGE DROP IlflMlKETS Basic Foods? .and Cotton in Big ';'; Price .Slump <on All , lO"-" '' ".'Marts.'"' '-. •• '••" FREIGHT EMBARGO ORDERED Edict Affects 15 ' Mississippi Valley . ^States and Will Enable Farm- ' ens to Obtain Cars to Send ' •; Grain to Markets. London, Feb. 5.—The goyernnient, .It is. announced by .the' Evening, Sfand- ard. has taken "steps to .reduce the paper money In circulation by $100,000,000. . ' .-—.,' " Chicago, Feb. 5.:—Marked reductions tf the basic prices of'-practically- all foodstuffs, came on .theTwake'.of.^the collapse of -the'.market : reign^exr change..;,,;. ^^,.. _..;..;.'-•. |- -\\ ';.','; ^Grain, live stock> provision'and cot; t6n,Drices followed those of exchange In'jf^e headlong tuiiibTe.' Ilyfe" led tlie "waySrttK"'a ! dro'^from Sti.'65%:'td r $l.S6, malcjliig li'to'tal^bssbf 32 cents In less thari^30''dnys; :> htig p'ricesv.w.ere sent to- i;he;3owest 'price In a 'month, with n loss of around $1; lard,-corn,' oals and other grains and commodities fo.llow- ACTION AGAINST PANIC Y;' EXCHANGE Attorney ' General : tells House Body ^Helped Restore VIOLENCE WAS PREVENTED Country-Wide Arrests of Bolshevists and Enforcement of Laws -Has . • Given Notice That U..--S. In• tends to Keep'Oi-cler.' Washington,, Feb. 5.—Deportation of radicals, coiintryrWide arrests of others and •the.< u vigorous enforcement of existing. lav,-s have'-Elven notice that the United , States intends to, keep order arid has helped Improve conditions," At- .torney General Palmer told ;the : house judiciary committee; ',"" ..' -1 ... ; ''The'poSitiye tntentioa 'of'trie goj|gj- conrmunists hiis created ,a' state "of • or- ,aer;-which(wonld have been; Impossible , P6und Sterling ..Drops to ,$ ' mendous Crash All Along • ,-'.. •'-., ... the Line, • New York, Feb. :5:—Wrtve after \va\e of terrific selling followed another violent crash In foreign.,exchange : here, perftand hills sold at. : $3.19' to the-British pound sterling. . There was, t a strong-recovery; to'$3:31 in the';ear)y afternoon, followed by another drop to '$£2^4. At Its maximum deprecia-; tlon\tlie pourid-..wasr.-.9E07%-'below its normal quotation aijifl It'had declined 14%'. cents -from yeisterday's .low,; record;! .DraftsVon.;i.ondon flooded,; the market, panic-stricken holders offer- .ing them almost regardless nt .price; , 'Exchange on France• and Italy^also slumped to new. levels of depreciation. Francs sold at 15.02] to.the dollar ; fqr 'sight checks- and lire at 18.77; the ripr- mai'parlty in each-case being 5.18. : , ROB CHICAGO GEM FIRMS Two .Men Get''$1;500 Worth of ••'' . 'elery—MisV-Otlier'yalUabiei '" ' Febr-5.— T.wo men 'held-'iip , . . - ^t h Siut ; ,.arrests..and deportation. : he I tiip.JeAvelry. firms of ;s..M.:Sand3eider nd,ded. ,. v .. .... t ; ,,, . ..-•K','' Brothers, and Hutchlnspn,: Hustla '* ;] ,Mr. Palmer. .denied that ^he had "a; ^ .7^: Hey^-orth DulVdin ? ..'anQ'-e* plain case of cold feet" when he failed |, ch ^ "with ; Hrf.500 'wbrtir or jewelry. to appear -before 'the. house rules com- 1 They orerlooked dfemonds.' several mlttee several .weeks' ago ' : to explain | Imer ty' bonds and :i other valuables"ln ithe.'.njied* for, 'additional • anti-sedition | !„&,." haste. .'Police- are., now ^on* the AiR FIVE MILLION PEOPLE? USED IT LAST YEAR remedy for 20 „ , fo'rm-T-safe. sure, no- ireaks up a cold- in 24 relieve* grip in. 3 dm. back it it failsL The ,:, wit-Ii picture:, .. ' has- Mr. : . Hill's , Gall- 381 or; the p. K. barber shop. I am running four cars. I oari absb- luteiy.assure'"you the best service In the' eity. -Alw.ays,-a answer yp,ur_ call:;/1 ( d6,; nothing but auto '' '' ' After Nothing restores Strength tad ViUlitya«quick!ya«Vinpl,our . Cod Liver and kon Tonic, v.Stlll .further reductions in'the price of .grains,.,are expected as the result j of r news which, came after the closing of the^gra'in'.murket'. '•' ' .."' :\ .' ".' JEmbarao"'to "rtelleve Market: ' ' 'Th'ls v was that''the rail administration'.hail placed' an'e'mbargo 'on .the use of freight cars for the shipment of nny- thlrig es.ceot..scf.ti)j_j.\!00&^ pulp, or sugar in. the Mississippi valley states. •The order'becomes effective February 8. and will remain In force .for' ten legislation. :•-. '•• . ., ; .:pidnt Ha ... ... , "Some misunderstanding:, exists In regard to my attlrnde toward this l.e'g- Istatloh/' 'lie''s'lird. '"'"Some said I had ;'h l 'pialn cnse K of ebia 'feBt,'Bothers that 'I : 'had 'turned tan.' '* Tfiat; : -of '• course; 'Is not correct. I did hot attend';be^ cause T : conld not. give support to-the pending rule for the. Sterling-Graham •biii." _' ',- .'._' •;" .. '..- .' ''.' "..Store"'harn^ than good would cbme from'repressive legislation, Mr.: Palmer •s'nld?' n'ddfng that pending' measures ' Practically 'All 'Bookirtos. Canceled on " '. 'j/e«sel«' Plying to South ••• ^ " American Ports. Washington, Feb. 5.— Sale of the for•- :n»er (Jerraan passenger liners seized --;- at .the. outbreak .of ; the war was forced > on-the snipping hoard by ,the'operation ," -of the; national prohibition, law, Clmir- i_ ruan •Payne is. understood to have told v ^'President Wilson. Mr. Payne- <y'as' said to have written. 'rthe president that .the government .-•could hot operate v the liners on winch r. intoxicants Avere not "sold in computi-. -Uon'wltli privately owned sliips on • .whicli wine and other liquora were ••served. He-^vas understood 'to 'have said that after the board nnnoinicod Intoxicants would not be carried on • • Sts liners plying to South America mid " - .reiscwliere, prnt'tlcnlly'nll bookings for '• i.tiieste -ships hnd been canceled'.' Tlie chairman's 'view's were set forth .. fin a.-'letter.-to the president,'- re-lailng between the hon'rd ket and release the immense funds- tied up in these commodities. With the cars provided for the movement of the crops us the result of the embargo, /there is bound to be a freer movement, with the result that the artificial shortage will be relieved.'. Thp movement of -grain to the seaboard ajso will have a direct effect, on the money .stringency 'by releasfng the loans of the hanks on these commodities.- '•' - • •. •• . . In fact it \yas because of the "existence of the conditions .which the embargo is intended' .to remedy that the grain and live stock markets' were able until this .week -to resist the tendency to liquidation which 'prevailed in the security markets. "' It was not until the last few days thai the grain markets ceased to ignore the continued decline In sterling -..fliul 'the.-war department concerning the •sale "of the ships. If. was said that 'flie. tbjd, the president '.the hoaril did -joot iobject to the proposal to include Fin 'the b'ill of sales in each case a •«lnuse 'giving the government a right fto requisition the llnei's iu the event <of;n :oat)onal emergency. '-.: • The i, war department had objected, to u «pntright sales, holding that title to (the; ships', should rest with tlie goyern- so that they could be usfed :\0 trail of: the Bandits.; • n days. • It was directly due to- the'in- j-'were so drastic and far-reaching that ability 'of the farmers to ^'obtain cars 'they would overreach the'purpose for -"" : which to send their crops .to mar- ('which they were intended. -. ,"Tl;e' situation.-calls for .legislation of a simple character guarding the bill of rights, 'but filling "ft 'hiatus in laws which exist in present statutes." said Mr. .'.Palmer. ' '. ... "There are no federal statutes which are'adequate to meet the situation. A condition of revolutionary intent exists in . this country on the part of | aliens and citizens, sufficiently widespread in character -to merit consideration, by-cohgresr. ' - " Threats Being Made. "Threats are written by persons who would injure and overthrow the government. "And these threats which are being circulated on the part of such persons are the kind which do not entitle those who employ them to the guarantee of the so-called right of free speech." '/ : _. . . ,. . ,, , Mr. Palmer said he disagreed with, exchange. This was m spte, of the. • - ^ revolutlonarv ' fact that the fall in the value of the •• ' pound had made Its'elf directly percep- Just j. . 'Sloan's Linimentiand L^.V^nQCk it galley r west" JEREN'T'''prepared for that quick switcH'-ih . temperature^-^ ;\vere you? Left.,you-«tiff t sore, full .of, rheumatic twinges?. '-." '.'' . " ''Voii,should 'have had a'.bottle : of ; Sloan's Liniment handy—.that would .' havesoon- eased up the muscles, quietfd . the. juinpy,.^painful,. affected .part — ' penetrated '• ivilh'out rubbing, bringing : gratifying relief. V ' '•• •••'•• • ••:.- Helpful in all attacks of.lumbago, --sciatica, external- soreness, stiffness, , strains, aches, sprains. Get : : a bottle 'at your druggist's. - I!: - ; vrt itr-An. ^Remember- phone 381 or the Q. K. ' '.. ..-.;•• ^ „. .... ..\ v .'j.,. . •'.;.•'.-;l::.,or.':••:.•••..'. Earl^.Npel, Prop.'.'- 1 Advertisement. ' ; . •'.'"..., Mrs. Moon*Proved Thlst . vyarsaw; Ind.—"Influenza left terribly weak and anaemic and-i " •appetite. I could not even.walk the bouse without:-being 'all and as I am a housewife 11 'help.,..I tried* .tonic*:, and ,dc ,out benefit- I'read'about' ._ four bottles Kult rne up-iind . my strength, and I have several ryeno. were., benefited iir the. sam* ' by its use."'—MRS: GHAHLES'Motifi proriiptly beriefitea^by : tnis fiiinotlsfe W«<are:so' l»-better than; other that we iOTH;0w.._. . _._..-, i,'v Your mon»y baeft (f it fail Claad* Fox : and Orncel*u Zi?..-:. f - '.'* •-' ''•' ' ; . f i^-'-.- J Better to have Insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it THE CARBONDALE INSURANCE AGENCY, ? i PHONE 303 tible. In the grain markets , in the decreased export buying which it had brought about. - Cotton Drops $8.80 a Bale'. The. losses in the cotton market were even more prqpounced than in the grain markets. -In New York the extreme loss hi the present movement reached' $8.80 a bale, and in New Orleans it was even higher, at $10. terances should be m'et by arguments Instead of statutory laws. He again urged that the hill drafted by the department of 'Justice and Introduced last November by Eepresent- ative Davey (Dem., .Ohio) be reported favorably. , . . . . * Declaring that because of apparent dllntorlness hi stopping "red" activities .last'summer every newspaper In the country had "shouted"'at.hlm,,\Mr. Palmer said the department by. giving rtransp'orts' in the even,t they were •*ieeded In a future war. Leading bankers of the country -wert Invited by Chairman Payne . to serve on a committee to interest the Snvestlng public In the value of ship- ipi'ng securities. PLAN G. 0. P. PLATFORM BASE (.National Chairman Will Hays Confers . ". ,With Group of Party Leaders . . ' ; at .Washington. Feb. 5. — Preliminary r»l|)ijs for ^ the work of tjbe new Repub- - llcah committee on platform and-pol- •:dbies wero discussed at a conference :«t the eapitol between JCatloual Ch.nlr- 'itinn Will Hays -and. more than ;a "score of senators ani\ represent'ativos, are memhers o'f (he committee.' "Chairman -Hays sriiil the primary z»nr.nose of the mectinK was to 'ex- ,_.., flange views as to the practical work- d f? nitel l ~ii>g of the oommitteo, which lias 171 REDS ROUTED AT ODESSA ,_, , . ^ aiiijc» -o«.iu iiic- «icpui Liucjuii. uy • ^iriug The market was naturally affected I ndV nnce notice .of..."Intended 'wide-' by reports that the depreciation of the spre ad violence against the ,gijvern- pound has led' Liverpool to refuse to^ m ent" had blocked any great disturb- accept American cotton. TJie British ' cotton manufacturers are reported to have five months' supply on hand, so that there is no danger to them of a shortage, but it .is recognized that cot-' _ ton sales-will be difficult .in the future j Wireless Dlsp'atch Reports 'Great, Vie•••''• ••-• ••- •-• : tory of Russian Volunteers' Over ' , VBolshevik Force*.! ; Archangel, Feb. -5.—A wireless dispatch from Odessa reports a . great victory, of .the,Hussian.volunteer army over the bolshevik forces, whlch ; .have jbeeh driven back over the.Don.'; The finest cavalry of the reds, under command of Generals Bndenny and Dou- menko, are In disorderly" flight;.Ithe! message says. The volunteers .cap- until the exchange situation Is renie-. died. TO PUT EX-KAISER ON TRIAL Sir Auckland Geddes Tells of Allies' Plans to Punish the Former German Emperor. : 'London, Feb: 5:—Sir Auckland Geddes, minister of national service and reconstruction, r speaking . at Andover, , A w ' 150 mac hlne guns and sal* the government intended to put ••••=.the former German empeTor oh trial arid carry out whatever penalty was provided.- He added that if Holland its members, 'in gathering and co-orfllrmt-' -'Ing suggestions for 1 the party's 1020 -platform. There was no attempt, he •snid. to-reach anv definite decision..' vide asylum for him within Dutch territory, the former ruler could not reside on Dutch territory In Europe, and Holland must put him on some island belonging to it outside of Europe. ;:i).S. DEBT CUT $1,660,000,000 ARMY MAY RECRUIT 300,000 8,000; prisoners.. TURNS DOWN REPAIR FUND ^Decreases in Last Five Months Due to Salvage and Taxes, Houston Reports. . Washington, Fuli.- 5.—In the- last' -five months -the total public delit has' shown a decrease of about $0."0.000.(iO(i - and the floating debt about 5730,000,-000, Secretary Houston annnunci-d in -comparative statements of- (he public ' debt'on August 31, im<). wbon the debt reached its peak, ami on last January 31. The decreases were due. principal-. -•1y to salva'ge and taxes. :> \German Miners;.on. 7-Hour Basis.: Berlin, Feb. 5.—Miners? i» the Ruhr v-.districtt : have .abandp^ed ,.thE\Jr..,fight '^r .[a six-hour day and are" returning "'"to' ! "vi:ork on a 'seyeh-Kour. basis, ac- -';cofaihg' : 'tO''the \Gffzette;'' .TTiis' :; result -was attained principally through the Senate Repealed Peace-Time: Limita- tions'of Pefense Act Which F'xed . • -• . Pea'ce Strength. ^Washington, Feb. 5.—In passing the army appropriation bill, the senate re- pe'aled the limitation of the national defense act, which fixed the peace-time strength jjf the army at approximately j AGREE ON LABOR ROW CLAUSE 170,000 officers and .men, it developed during the hearing before the house military committee. . - ' - Secretary Baker/said the repeal left the war department free to recruit the army to 300,000 men.^but added that "no one ho°pes to make that increase." House Naval Committee Oppose^ $10,000,000 Appropriation for Improving Battleships. Washington, Feb. 5.—The house naval committee voted to oppose a $10,000,000 appropriation asked by" the navy deportment-for repairs and improvement of battleships. " Comm'it- teemen said they did'riot regard the fund as urgent. When-,an effort was made later in the house 'to include' the item memhers of ,the naval aTid-ap- prlations committee joined-, .in 'oppos- j ing it. Erzberfltr Able to Be Out Agajn. feerlin, . Feb.: 5.—The condition of ;Mathlas Erzberger, minister of finance, who. was' shot recently, has improved to such, an, extent "that he purposes to Both Houses Reach, a Settlement on Important. Matter^in Rail- : road Bill. .Washington, .Feb. 5.—Both houses reached a /virtual agreement on the provision for settlement of. lahor •dfs- putes. A eompromlse. was suggested fpr^the. elimi'riation pf.'.the seriate antistrike clause'; substiruting therefor a provision whereby >: wage disputes will bo taken up by wajie -'boards, consist- -wna »»>.,u>«.i-i* !•• •..•—.f—-.r ^-"ft.. imr •- n.1. 'j , ' ', " u ' ^<*"^^ J ™y *V • »»«^c -wwui uo, ^JVUPiai* strengthening of military forces In. the , attend Thursday s sitting, of the tax lne of reprcsenfijtlves. of employees, district. ' \ .' ' ; . : . I committee of aie national assembly. J offl .-... 7 an d the'Dnbllc.... " { . ' A ' "' •'" ;" ; ! •: •'•' "• ." '' '• ;.''.•-.'-, •".''; . ' - ;'-• • '. '-. ' "> : ' ; " /; v /• .V^- ,\: .'.,....-&% .., •'•' Something • * Valiesr's Enterpri'aci jFlour- bakes delicious, v.iicIasQme things with a flavor that cannot be bpught-rthings that express your own individuality and give your luncheons character. It can always be relied upon,and produces results impossible to obtain with flour of less exceptional quality. Valier*s JTAMOFACTURED FflOM DECT «RADE "or PURE WHEAT ,^~—**********»•"•'-'" ««4t ia milled slowly from the finest hard •"winter wheat grown—wheat rich in gluten and fully matured. It retains all the baking qualities of that exceptional grain and is ground to remarkable fihenesa.' ' ' Of course sucK flour cpata slightly more in the sack, but it coots las on the table. There :"'=' '• '-'.'I -'" ' '•''•"' L- - ' more loaves per sack, Call up your grocer today. _;.-; H« c»rrie» y«lior'» Enterpri«e Flour.

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