Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 94
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 94

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 94
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CROSSWORD PUZZLE Solution to Puzzle on Page 33 By Joe li laniii ACROSS I I tor nan magistrate. 8 Untidy person: ' SJ. 12 After a proof sheet. ' 18 Itlooming, 19 Tiny deer of Chile. 20 Illustrious. 22 Abuse. 23 Severe, Iiarsli. 24 Leaving a valid will. 25 Test. 20 Discern. 29 Man's name.. 30 Anatomical duct. 31 Ruminant's stomach. 33 Nobleman, 31 Strip of ' leather. 35 Hcrra's glove. an \Vv. 37 Coruscate. "*' f 39 Si\lh: It. 10 I n l f M i n a l . 42 Hod Slrigcr portrayal. 44 Mitigate. *!." "AKIUIS ". '16 Interjection. 47 Conjoin. l» Humorist Sahl. 49 Sesame. 50 Kasy movement, 51 Brolh. ' 52 Expert. 55 Pretend: Colloq: 2 - 'words. 58 Tenure by · grant. 59 H.M.S. Tinafore role. 61 Senseless. 62 Expound. 64 Slip knot. 65 Frank Wool worth brainchild: 2 words. 67 Small valley. 60 Wreath: Her. 69 Short poem. 70 Prong. 71 Anplo-Saxon litle. 72 Rrst 73 Lily . · 7 4 . Diabolical enemy. 75 One: Gcr. 76 Stuff. · 79 Require. 82 Sneeze producer. 83 Slraightesl way. 85 Select part. 86 Edible inii?hronm. 87 BiilUh protectorate. 89 Mascagni opera. 90 Frenchman's "dad." 91 Auction. 92 M-n. Opera · soprano. 93 Famed politirnl cartoonist. 91 Arabian fiullannle. 95 1795 Irish secret society. 98 Cadence. 99 Dispatched: 2 words. 101 Individual. 102 MiforLune. 105 Sanction. 106 Tahlcvi's land. 107 Kefmcd. 10(1 Plaid. JU'J Tart of a dollar. 110 Vendetta. DOWN 1 Original. 2 Prc-Kaphaclitc. 3 O'ief Phoenician fi.i.Idcss. " 4 Unnatural. ( 5 Accept: Scot. C Japanese city. 7 Sell in small ]nt?. '8 Add flavor lo. 9 Knticcmcnt. 10 Redolence. 11 Dime novel author. 12 Withdraw. J3 Correct. 14 Force. 15 Concern. 16 Ocean fish. 17 Covenant. 21 Sinew. 22'Disabled. 27 Conjecture. 28 First-rate. .31 Kxaminatton. 32 Opulent. 37 Condi' of " tropical waters: 2 words. 38 Table d* 39 Cunning. 4-1 Imitation diamond. 43 Plant of carrot family. 4 I Bumpkin. 411 Prairie- tree i;rove. 49 Vigor. 50 Kind. 51 Undressed lea I her. 52 Acidity. 53 Swrar: CoHoq. St Sword: Fr. 55 Venetian beach resort. 50 City in Oklahoma. 57 Docile. ' Africa. 59 Well eMahli.-hed product: 2 words. 60 Source/ cause, 63 Carpentry tool 66 Kindle: Obs. 71 Slab of pottery 72 City of central Italy. 73 Issuer of land grants. 74 Suitable for public debate, 75 Biblical man,** name: Var. 76 Plundering. 77 Liqueur. 78 Andy Griffith portrayal. 79 Disi'nlluuuc, 80 Simple imbalance. fll Carmen ,, 82 Adriatic . seaport. 81 Surveyor's nssislant. 86 Hearer of rich fnr. 88 TerpMr.horeaiu 9L ".Semper FidrM* 1 ' composer. 92 Scaly apikelet. 96 Pirrce. 97 Joie dc vivre. 98 Kndiaiiler: Arrh. 100 Frasmcnr. 103 HuvcroKC. 101 Uulgarifin coin. HOW TO Use Fiberglass On a Boat Hull T*j|OST POPULAR handyman use of fiberglass to date has been for resurfa'cing boat hulls, using plastic resins reinforced with glass-fiber cloth. Boat is made faster, maintenance vastly reduced. Methods shown here for boat hull also can be fitted to any job using glass cloth sandwiched between layers of plastic resin. Use resin according to manufacturers' directions; only one brand to a job (some won't mix); about one quart at a time as material dries rapidly. 1. REMOVE OLD PAINT with a scraper or sandpaper. Don't use blowtorch or paint remover not specified for use with fibreglass. R e m o v e grease or oil spots with acetone or soap and water, only; l e t d r y thoroughly; sand smooth. 3. LAY GLASS C L O T H over hull, overlapping 3 to 6. inches at keel, and cut it, roughly, to shape with a scissors. Use tacks to hold cloth in place. Flexible material will smooth to fit hull contours. Roll cloth up on a broomstick or a long wood scrap as shown for easy handling. 5. EMBED GLASS c l o t h into resin while sticky, rolling in place from broomstick. Use a dry roller, squeegee, or hand to smooth cloth over surface; it will slide over the resin to fit around compound curves. Be sure to work out any air bubbles. A stubborn bubble can be collapsed by slitting cloth with sharp knife. 7. USE THIRD COAT like a thick paint; brush it smooth, avoid runs. Additional coats may be needed for smooth finish. Let resin dry completely, then replace hardware. Fiberglass can be sanded, planed, and drilled exactly like wood. 2. REMOVE hardware such as keel cover, drain plug when taking off paint. When surface is smooth, mix ground glass with resin to a putty consistency, and use like wood filler to seal any holes and cracks or later coats of resin will run into them and cause pinholes in final surface. 4. APPLY FIRST COAT of resin as heavily as possible without running. Divide surface into sections that can be finished within setting time of resin; work one section at a time. Watch surface -- if a spot goes "flat," resin has soaked in. Apply more over flat spot at once. 6. WHEN SURFACE is dry, apply second coat. Use a squeegee to fill pores, smooth surface! When coat is dry to touch, trim edges with sharp knife; sand or p'.ane laps and rough spots. Sand over any pinholes until sanding dust fills them. · Copyright, Bctlcr Homes ana Gardens

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