Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 54
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 54

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 54
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C-U-INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TREGRAM(m)| INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM DIRECTORY OF ("1 1 Acoustical Ceilings Custom Acoustics $25 EACH (12x12) 10 YR GUARANTEE FREE GUTTER NO MESS LICENSE NO.M86S1 "Custom Work At Volume Prices" 596-5167 Carpentry BANTA'S SPRAY ON Acoustic Ceilings Gardening Landscaping Painting, Paperhatrging CLASSIFIED ADS jl LINES DAYS 9 ! 00 1" EACH ADDITIONAL LINE Household Appliances 310 REFRlGS wOTltd. working TCP price*. Alto, irwiw*, ff1. (frYfft A tlQVfl tfl-M raw Wv. I HO. I v ELEC Ranwe. Ccpoefl m cm) «a«Fi lon*. LiVt r*v TM Radios Television BARGAINS . . RELIABLE TV TV BARGAINS A-l-A TV I EJtock Ea*l o* CROWN . Rent TV-Stereo 110 PER MONTH PLAN OPTION TIDBUY PLA" I.YEAK LEASE PLAN MO-FROST H 1 HotPOirt Rrirlo. Bo1 romFreenrllMOy-KSI. Glass Glazing Services FIRST DATE OF PUBLICATION Ml COPY it li\t lor t»*sda'e. ,jd will fan o«nol d [TIIIILTnilTlIKLTED KJtl I ABGC OR SMALL rY, fftlnUno, Prtrx-ll^ g, EiNx' *« iToa._?9 93/i « To S25 Ui I Room Jobs Wekomc SarxJWast - Rocokn- Coat I rra LVxrvte » D.r,\ liiv V C H H O A V I 5 J77 *MI 3** Contractor-Builders BICENTENNIAL SALE E l l - A U T i r IK. D«APCHICS L Y fft ALLOR Acovstic Ceilings SnvifM L.D L S. iltxi H Custom 3C(wls irot. Cow (l Wr;it*Hi gxJA*. Prw Mf wrv. S Ik .»!« R f'HKf.S HOME SAVERS PLUMBINGS HEATING GRACE BROS. ACOUSTIC CEILINGS CALL THE UNPLUGGER R L S U L T S G U A W FAST SEHV Elec equip-? day wfc 597-093. DRAIN OPENED S9.50 | T OSiiO,"H : .N CHARGES us ro tn UP to PA LOWEST PRICES I 596-8196 WIICOX-GI88S Dd,« «e*«: F«lcl Icvk. rvw lAbfe motor, xifit. N7- ' wxl rMiMrxc IMulIra AL R U E TRIMWUNG. HEASON E. Call ?l OTUO Acoustic Ceiling 1?xin» OLC WALLS MAtH: NFW Business, Office Equipment Fixtures PIANOS I. ORGANS RENTED Pinna TurWnq R«ui : !ng AYS TO T/W Vefn Davis «?·»» 846-31 IAUI ING i VOV1NG 7 1 · Ic ·nth « H t y . »!». .ny1i J29-8SH DRAIN OPEN $9.50 ACOUSTIC CEILINGS H.W. BANTA Since 1949 fSX JlSSLAkewOTd Brvd DALE'S ROOTER SERVICE WAINS t* w «AAIH i incs in ( A I L ANYTIME" G U A R A N T E E D 597-1653 or Additions Remodeling CONSOLE PIANO. New OILLFNGS BALDWIN 3712 ATLAMT1C ADD-A-ROOM oo .K W355 REASONABLE 'kJ-ni*-' V. I'Mrttnivi te* l»W Merchandise Wanted 767 rn I'rkCS ."XJ Cornpl*1loo O l [lr« [Jo.i ConsolidaledBkrfs EARL'S WALL WASHING t»l» Llv k%). Xkil CLCANthG WANTED USED ORIENTAL RUGS B P OFFICE FURNITURE OUTLET PcleS Pluoibirrg i He.ilinq r*v C*lm I.M . Jinn rV-v "- n n o in MM i?^ Ekxlrki*iA, SHU Ho. J«Wf, M-iVrf- d Orslii All wklog. rww t. r«v.i"r ww k UitiQp Ury^r nlwi. F'mr LM^W^\ DICK 431 */oa KIE; sw J/;/ F R A N K ( M 4 t U I « n Wo BUY OW Newspapers $2$ PER TON IM/W.ltihSI. ALL ELECTRIC WORK A firr ih,'rr-t«. Roil. Li PLmber. Hooesl Reliable W.H I wmll i^^ L.k ^f '*-? Additions-Rools- Patios ?s. tvi i. wrrtdy SCHU'S Plumbing-Healing JUS I GOOD IMumttno Ih'^lhv TIL-C cMxnjlf. C.MiJn WO SEMI RETIRED "770" 513 WE BUY SCRAP SILVER. xjH LJbor. TriHi- * IU S-iver in ^lr fJ OMCf.p'ilB! *»1'"» tLL BUY SOME ORGANS PIANOS FOR CASH OM7/ LOWEST PRICES IN CALIF! Musicaf Instruction C A R T E K Ektrk. RMUVn'UI. Com ii%oitk,iH lnrtuilri.\i I k\ M800 ?i M YEAHS F'LUWniNG EXI'ER Lk. rtUll Cjll Any tin if -OJ^fetA Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeralion Repairs P new Ok oc^V US B.P?sn Inches Slimmer Sd m B««vi A.IIKJOC la f .i l fix J16 SW*?^ INSTALLED 1 C.*o L.» \ C.itl iiU) 1HMS Mattresses Pillows ASHER ROOFING CO. R E P A I R S 8. Rf ROOFING U niiSl FIPC r.Hm i.'ft ? Radios Television 330 DRitN ;^. PR ^, T3BJ .sy TL[ I'rintcd Patlcrn 4562 MATTRESSES PILLOWS RENOVATED AVIS RENT A TV SI2.50PERMO.AlM Stereo rentals 4364887 Awnings Pallo Covers 411 I WrTLL RnciikxjCo 4 E M 1»JM ^^-^ V*f GIVE ULLIC CHIP STAMPS WIN HC*jyot_k Radio t'O *J» J»J M.OOOiailt *g i^oovt iionil -n,m IL^XV I. t-JJv ro.inicw YV Itv^rr 1 (* ill* Ovw i'w'lri Brick Stone Work Fashions' Newest ACME WAITRESS FACTORY Ct)LWi:i L ROOF INfi CO Fnitniirr ilCJ't DW PrkM W Ol r - L k »!*! Iti Ul WINHSXICl-D (UrHrt*OI J;Q C AM INSTAl L il 1"H W C R I E Rd-llioi i9745'i F r C.i 1 ' rl'i»r-mr. All Ifprt rocl- Miscellaneous Services FT MCING R r o A l r c d A IrnM 1 M Ch*iii LTr* *. CV)0 KetwMi Oufl-iry N\AHSIIALL Rucllr-j EVoio (JVslJJl fr,v «1. «l W1 SMAJ^L rc^rg. tR, Tit 1JM , ? DIKES. EVoyi MX I."!). Gkll J- n Burglar Fire Alarms Kormit's Moving Tr*irrs!iv !"^* rgl^r Al.wmi Smo Ft fa ElHniatti · T 1 * Ekx: 1 ALirrm Ftoors-Sand Refinish C T I i n C U T un\SCDC - SANOnLASTNO - RESIUCCOiNfi SiUUtNl MUVbKs lixTuRE FIMISH WANTED Furniture Furniture Repair Refinisning KiTCHEM 1 EVati r»nv«Vllrfl Si^r^ Uc ?X**1 Frw nr JTSAjn HENN1NGSEN t. SON FU»N RHInHhtngA RfMirs KMch Screens Screen Doors Garage Door Service Sheet Metal: Gutters, Fans Gardening Landscaping FOQ OLD Ofl NEW FURN Kuwv LuCkv U^ int. HO t Oorn .U SIKI J 1 T I . R S . f * t\Kl Wi-xk L *, SKXF *J-^t WjHfll JT1 .-Dlf CURRY'S L A W N S E R V I C E . 1 oijsehold Appliances ANTIQUE AUCTION SAT.AWRCHTCthl PW GOOD USED FURNITURE LIVING ROOM-BEDROOM DIN ING ROOM iTOVE-REFRIGERATORS WRINGER WASHERS COLOR TV'S WORKING OR NOT PIANOS 4 ORGANS HOUSEFUL OF ANTIQUES WE PAY CASH Reconditioned Appliances ORNAMfNTAl. WHOUCHT CtMri1l. ftr* Ek Tr^ E»'m NFW I.AVVNS ft SPRINK1FRS Painting, Paperhanging HLPAlHS. Rooi*. iw Carpet Services EO Y A R D CLEANUP A HOCK OOt IO- PROFESSIONAL PAINTING S P E C I A L I S I N G IN E X T E R I O R Ai*o Inlprlor P r o f f i r ycmr^l U.«-m1 by b***i .t LIC INiliRLO ANO piOMOCD r.*in'rr. RMsoMbie Raics MTUP SflW Dryers $3* uo COTMtely Gwranted Free Delivery t, Installation Bond's Home Appl. 9S5 E Fou'lh SI. «?-875/ OPEN 7 DAYS PER WEEK HARRELL'STREE SERVICE iiH-u-vi Itippir^ Sh^p.mj J nvvirj Also Will Oiintf Y(vr ACE AMCff ICAN C A R P E T ENG1NEEHI EXPERIENCED JAPANESE FlI| nMltti , mow A. rV*. t\f Ap 1 CKf'-ce ENG1NEEHINO f LJS10W S T E A M CirAMNC. XIM rewHi V*»v f m P r * s FREE ESTIMATE DAY,NITE,WK£ND S E R V r C E S97-3314 Lei Long Beach Paini Corp A R«*1.tble FViirtcr LES'S TREE SERVICE C A L E N D A R SitCWS P R E S E S T S THECLAREMONT ANTIQUE SHOW i SALE - TOP A E S r COAST SMO*»S. PROFESSIONAL PAINTER interior r-lr.(«v. Rr 11.·*'('. Fr f(.VP*nLt E - p W l K J ^ DGET TREF. S E R V I C E j3» »il A S V T I V E CARPET CARPET CARPET T inii*Jk*T«vt ft rtv-iiri E Get into a party mood any hour ol the day or OUTSIDE PAINT SPECIAL Etl -Iftl t Piim'liv*!, Jrw«'nr, Drew *'fv«i. SOWETHIWJ FOR EVERYONE'! -MARCH 19-20-21- TOP PRICE PAID \\Tiirl evcr' w here in SENIOR CITIZENS PAINTER Andy tiis graceful, embroider jumpsuit! It's dynamite Kight colorful sprays in cool while crepe. UpTKilstering Services n easy stilchery accent casual in knit, denim. Antiques, Tools. Seeding Goods Wise Hous^bcW Goods PRO-wrr i COURTEOUS CHE PIECE Otl A MCHJSEKH.O ^T oorqir.HT OR O AT AUCT-OS R E P P M O T T I N C . HOI E. Anaheim St. L.B. GE 9-0277 $3t.,Sui.Eves. 25-W? Printed Pattern -IW2: MOONLIGHT ANTIQUES s k i r l of linen, denim Misses' Sizes S, 10,' 12 I t . 16. 18. 20. Size directions for waist (bust 3-D lakes 2'-3 yard ' (HJALHY P A P E R MANC^NG A T COMPFllTiVE P R l C 6 i « A . STfAJM CLEANING C.w M W rm J P/ ^. f rf ^11 J $1.00 fur each pallern JI.OO for each pattern. Add 35c for each patlern Iirsl-i-l.iss airmail a n d for lirst-elass airmail and handling. Send to: DM.T DOTI. »'» FV r C;«vi OQ i Dept.. h~. Independent. CUSTOM RoW.W-og G*rd*nt or* M/V1 Rr*^ i Bf^'»! J«? S-lS* lill. OM Chelsea Sta.. WE SERVE ALL OF L A * ORANGE COUNTY Call (?U) $31-1 S2i Of Nrw Ywk. NY 10011 Print Name. Address, Zip, Pattern Number. f A R P E 1 SALE ,. V W 1 Y P 4 V R C 1 A U . ? "·»··« . Pattern Dept., 74. Independent. P r e s s - T e l e g r a m , 24:1 West 17 St.. New York, NY 10011. Print NAME, ADDRESS, ZIP, SIZE STYL£ NUMBER.

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