Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on February 1, 1973 · Page 46
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 46

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1973
Page 46
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PAGE 46 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N THURSDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1973 Sheinwoid On Uridge By ALFRED SHEINWOL0 In most hands the declarer knows what is going on long before the defenders. In rare cases a defender can turn the tables on declarer. South dealer , Norti-South vulrterable NORTH 4 A5 V A K Q J 9 O 942 VEST 4 K.J96 9 7 4 3 2 0 6,5 + 1083 EAST 4 43 ? 8 5 A J JO 73 + K 6 5 2 South 1 4 2,,NT SOUTH 4 0 . 1 0 * 7 2 V 10 6 O K Q 8 4 A Q 7 West North Pass 2 3 Pass 4 NT EM» Pass All Past Quake monitoring Stations V. . · . O shut down by budget cuts like a flash Euthanasia bill urged SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the federal agency charged with keepirig watch on the forces of nature, is closing its earthquake monitoring stations in California. The closures, ordered by the Nixon administration, means the agency will terminate its research into the causes of earthquakes and how to predict them. Dr. Don Tocher, director of the agency's earthquake mechanism laboratory here, said his office has been told to close. Several other NOAA agencies in California received similar orders. They 1,467 murder cases DACCA (UPI) - There were'1,467 murder cases in Bangladesh in its first year of independence. included the state climatolog- ist in San Francisco arid the. Marine Minerals Technology Center at Tiburon. "NOAA will remove itself from most of its earthquake hazards activities," NOAA Director Robert W. White said in a letter to all personnel. The cuts were in line with President Nixon's new budget, White said in the letter written at NOAA headquarters in Rockville, Md. BERKELEY, Calif. (UPI) ~ Life is short -- especially for the rho prime meson. ; · Researchers froniLawrence Berkeley Laboratory and Stanford Linear i Accelerator Center announced that they have confirmed the existence of the subnuclear particle that , exists for only a millionth.of a ; billionth of a billionth of a'sec- ond; · · : · ,, ' · · : ' . . · For the numerically minded, that's" 11,000 jCOtijOOO^OO,-. 000,000,000,000th of a second. Physicist George. · Yost of Berkeley said the elusive par: tide was created in the head- · on collision of a .laser beam and a burst of electrons moving hear, the speed of light. An examination of two million photdgraphs of 'particle tracks in a bubble chamber didn't turn up a picture'of the shortest-lived subatomic particle, but researchers did detect four of its offspring -longer-lived pi mesons formed 1 when the rho prime mason decays. ' Yolk's not, on the postman RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) -Postmaster Dick'Hays said his employes 'didn't quite know what t6 .do when they discovered , an unusual package in a collection box. The,''package" was an egg --· unwrapped but with a stamp and address on it. Hays' said the egg, which had rib return address, couldn't be sent as was because it wasn't packaged properly. But he said postal Workers wrapped the egg and sent it on its way. : Hays said he wasn't sure if the egg was raw or hard 1 boiled. SALEM, Ore. (AP) - A person judged incurably il 1 could have his request for mercy killing honored under a bill introduced in the Oregon Senate. The bill also provides for formal advance requests for euthanasia in the event of a future incurable illness and entitles an incurably ill patient to the administration of whatever quantity of drugs is required to keep him free of pain or, if he asks, to render him continuously unconscious. Regulations would be handled by the State Department of Human Resources Persons convicted of falsifying a declaration for euthanasia could .be sentenced to Ufe imprisonment. .' Opening lead -- 6 After this deplorable auction, West opened the six of diamonds. East recognized the lead for what it was and therefore saw no advantage in playing the ace of diamonds. To Keep declarer in the dark, East played the ten of diamonds at the first trick. The hand would have been easy if East had played the ace of diamonds. South would go after a second club trick, easily winning a spade, five hearts, two diamonds and two 'clubs.;-,;. '.' ·'' -",;. ·..· '· ' · . ; · ' · ' · ' .' . ' When East played the ten of diamonds at the first trick South, misplaced the ace. He was sure that West had 1 led from a suit headed by A-J-7-6, and that the contract depended on developing the spades before the diamonds ruined him. South won the first diamond with the queen, led a spade to dummy and returned a spade, losing a finesse to West. When a heart came back, South won in his hand and led another spade. West took two spade tricks and noted his partner's discouraging discard of the club deuce. East obviously didn't have heart strength and had taken the trouble to discourage clubs, so West led his other diamond 1 to let East take the setting trick with the ace of diamonds. DAILY QUESTION. .. Partner opens with one jpade, and the next player passes. You hold: S -- K J 9 6, H -- 7 4 3 2, D -- 6 5. C-- iO 8 3. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two spades. The hand is a bit light for any response, but it pays to raise when you have strong four- card support for partner's major suit. This makes it hard for the opponents to enter the bidding, and no disaster is likely to occur when your side has a strong trump suit. Coovrlaht 1973 Punishment for grass is losing car DETROIT (AP) -- Agents who find a little marijuana on a person crossing into Detroit from Canada won't arrest him. But they will keep his car. And, officials said Friday, those with confiscated cars will be fined from $100 to the value of the car. U.S. Customs officials have upped their drug confiscations to a record high -- so high that they don't bother prosecuting persons caught carrying small amounts of "soft" drugs into the country, officials said. Fred Lawrence, Michigan director of control for U.S. Customs, said: "The courts are loaded with cases involving small amounts already. After all, they're not the people we're after anyway." U.S. Atty. Ralph Guy said his office has not prosecuted small cases for several months but local prosecutors are given the opportunity to press charges. 'Mannequin' is burglar SOUTHEND -ON-SEA, England (UPI) -- Police were baffled over why the burglar alarm at a tailor shop rang. They searched the shop without finding anything, then . as they were leaving one noticed that one of the mannequins in the display window blinked. John McDaid, the unsuccessful dummy, pleaded guilty to burglary and was fined $23.50 and given a six-month suspended sentence. TRULY FINE FACIAL TISSUE - Soft, absorbent LIQUID BLEACH White Magic Brand LIQUID DETERGENT DETERGENT White Magic Why pay more? PUDDING VEL KAY SHORTENING 3-lb. CAN SNACK Town House Brand 4 49 cans II ^F WkM. fM IM M Item mirtw4 M $IMCM| Diietwrt" H mtMt i tpteiil ttmptnrf mints, mil ktltw wr mry toy tficwmt prici. Alii, whm m null M ·iviftltiwl PW*!MII *r ttc»i«i pmnttitn ilUw- ·iwtt fnM Miwfiitarari wi hiti in ·pp*rtMity !· start MV urine* *Hh yw. Itetuti Ihtu in ttm- ptrirj irtri MriRfs, wt iMrk *»« "Sfweiil Oil- ctvnf. StMk up whlli UWH ntra minis art In if- fKt FROZEN FOODS at Discount Prices! FRESH PRODUCE CORN ON THE COB BEL-AIR WAFFLES Wonderful quality... at discount prices! CALIFORNIA AVOCADOS Delicious for salads and dips ·%··*«**·** FRESH PAPAYAS PINEAPPLE FOR Exotic, delicate flavor each 45 0 Refreshing Naturally sweet each A luntHbox fovoritf Crisp, juicy Mogic Garden Hydro-Cultyr* Flavorful Good in itewi 5 ibs. 4, b , ,b59' s 1 Navel Oranges Anjou Pears Tomatoes Fresh Rutabaga Fresh Turnips Town House Raisins 6 39 Bulk Prunes Heollhfuf , .55* MIX OR MATCH! Small Red Delicious Apples Golden Delicious Apples "§ IDS. I FRESH MUSHROOMS 85* Flown in daily W lb. CHERRY TOMATOES Add flavor and color Pint OQO basket ^J^ FRESH MUMS 6-!nch Pots TUUPS 6 pot Bel-air Brand Pkg. of 4 ears Buttermilk . . . So hand/ Cotillion Ice Cream · 69* Cheese Pizza Whipped Topping Bake Shop Shop our bakeries located at: · Broadway Wilmot · N. 1st Ave. Grant ' · 73* Forty Quort AT* trid* dn. 11 Orange Juice Tater Treats Pot Pies Florida -at. 4Ct Etl-air can i*V Bel-air 32-oz. Potatoes pkg. Monor Hourt tin. · or. 0(J« fc V Shop our Liquor Deptt, it: · Broadway Wilmot · Broadway I Campbell · N.lstAve, Grant · E. Broadway I Camino Stco · Oraclt and Wtst Rocor Road CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE Rich, smooth chocolate ^ Peach Pie each $189 K'9. 89' 1 I «och ^·r · · 6 7E* 13 Pound Cake x jr 2 99' s Plus Bread R ;i ,, 36* ^Cream Puffs A, 2,,36* MACNAIR'S SCOTCH Imported Whisky * f^ r A p^t^rfji ^P Mflk 1 ^ "* l*^9"*T^. ^*^TM 'tfrcLAn ^·^ Quart OM CaHioun's Senorita Tequila Kaviana Vodka SUnton's Gin For gr*at margaritos 80-Proof Quorl 1711 W 80-Proof Ouort MICES EFFECTITE TNURS., FEI. 1 TNRI SAT^ FEI. 1, 117) IN TUCSON AT: »lr***»«y t, Wilmt! · Ir*i4wiy t Cmr/Ml · N. 1st ATC. 6r«rt · S. 12th AT*. I Aj* · E*tt lr»»*rHy ft Cmht* S«c« * Ornefe tfM West Rtjtr DISCOUNT WITH A DIFFERENCE

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