Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 7
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SOUTHLAND SCUM! Dope Pusher Gets 15 Years to Life A Wilmington longshoreman, convicted of possessing narcotics for sale, was sentenced by Superior Judge Maurice C. Sparling Friday to 15 years to life in state prison. Elmer Tahtincn, 4G, of 111 E. C St.. was the first persons sentenced locally under a recently enacted law increasing the penalty against dope pushers. Dcp. Dist. Atty. Lynn D. Compton pointed out that Tahtinen is ineligible for parole for the full 15-year minimum. By comparison, a person imprisoned for first-degree murder can be paroled after seven years. Tahtincn was arrested Jan. 4 when police found three grams of heroin in his room. Investigators said they had reports he was selling the drug. The defendant served two previous prison terms (or narcotics-law violations. He was sentenced in 19IJ for smuggling opium and in 1950 for possessing marijuana. 2.000 cubic feet of water. The company provides service to Artesia, Baldwin Park, Bellflowcr, the City of C o m m e r c e , Com pton, Downey, Lynwood, Monte- bcllo, Nonvalk, Paramount, Pico - Rivera. Santa Fe Springs and South Gate. U.S., Russ Plan More 'Space-Partner 9 Talks UNITED NATIONS. N. Y. OTJ--"resident Kennedy's and Premier Khrushchev's chief nogotiators on outer space cooperation said Friday they will resume talks this spring on an expanded basis cither in Washington or In Geneva. Dr. Hugh U Dryden. of the U. S. National Aeronautics (NASA), and Soviet Academ ician Anatoly Blagonravov, this week to explore the joint space programs proposed by Washington and Moscow. Their third session was Fit day. The two appeared briefly before newsmen here and Dryden read a joint statement that said they had held informal, exploratory discussions. Dryden, deputy admin istrator of NASA, ruled out The state said the two. accompanied by other scientists, prabibly will m'ft In Washington when the International Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) convenes there at the session of the International Council of S entitle Unions April 30-May 10. If the conferences are not resumed then, the statement tecnnical and legal subcom armed, fled to \V4t Berlin mittces of the U.N. committee during th- night, puhce re- on peaceful uses of outer space begin their sessions. Additional scientists will he addnl to I he panels at future meetings. Accompanying Prydcn at the current talks were Prof. David F. Hornig of Princeton, a Kennedy adviser on space projects, and John W. Town ported. Keil Corporal BERLIN Wl -- A of the Last German army, in beginning May 28 when the combat uniform and f u l l y INDEPENDENT-Pig. A-7 IHU ClU ,,,. w^a ,i. IHI send of NASA, assistant di- lector of the GodJard Space Flight Laboratories. Blagonravov's assistant was Yuri Uarinov. The Russian scientist said he planned to leave for Moscow Monday. REWARD 1*7 trill «J will vilH (*· "f d'J · · c i t i n g MorttjtiooJ St«p j j . t t F t M J o t S2J ?:·· A**., t l « »U t» (··-o'dH bf b**r"} qbU *o pjrt L a.« l^t »try lattit o"J ·itlt!' t 7 fl.tiieM (of S p r i n g o" d tai*»r. Water Kate Uiltc COMPTON--The California Public Utilities Commission Friday announced an Investigation of rate-increase request by the Park Water Co. which serves more than 41,000 customers in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties. The date of the public hearings in Los Angeles will be announced later. The water firm is headquartered in Ccrnpton. The investigation stems from a request from the company to raise its rates by about $423,000 a year. If the rate increase is approved, it would add about 80 cents to the monthly bill of a householder who uses Slayer Sentenced LOS ANGELES --Bobby Willison Ashley was sentenced Friday to state prison for from five years to life for the love-triangle shooting of a merchant seaman last Jan. 2. Superior Court Judge Alfred P. Pcracca denied probation in sentencing Ashley, 40, an auto wrecker, 1519 130th St. The ex-boy friend of seaman Charles Henry's common-law wife waited for the ample in their darkened home at 908 W. School Avc.. Compton, and fatally shot Henry. 45, with a .25-calibcr automatic. Cily Manager Hired CTPRESS -- Robert K. Rogers, 40, former City manager here, was hired Friday tn fill a similar post in the city of Porterville. Rogers resigned from his Cypress post Feb. 2 and was replaced by Acting City Marker John M. Tccps. Kogcrs will begin as the Pnrtcrville city manager Monday, with a salary of $10,500 yearly. SHOP PENNEY'S DOWNTOWN MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P. M. SATURDAY ONLY! · NO PHONE ORDERS DOWNTOWN PENNEY NO LAY-AWAYS QUANTITIES LIMITED SATURDAY AT 9:30 A,M. MONTH hen cten knchcrtranc!) C.inirt Huildinz Ohd ANAHEIM--Plans for a now SG50.000 municipal court building here have lifi'n approved by the County liojid of Supervisors on a -1-1 vote. The county would lease parking sp.icc from Anaheim. The county building will replace the small single- courtroom structure at 1160 N. l.os Anpclcs St. and will be adjacent to the present court facility. The Anaheim- Fullcrton Judicial District now has four court divisions. IT'S HEtSK! Anolher PAYLESS DEPT, STORE SPECTACULAR eth and Tint. Dc-«low« long Inch Firmer 1. C. feniey lldg. THIS BEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPH ,:!, CHILD Uu "O I 2" CCM W I o JjZ O m t* vi J9 ^ ONE BI LIFE-SIZE PHOTOGRAPH No age limit! FOR ONLY Com* earlf--iit\i woititj. rietur. lok«» In cur itort. 3 DAYS ONLY! 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