Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 11
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 11

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 11
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MISS PEACH POOR KIP/ HE CAN'T TELL ONE COLOR TO WORK/ A3CUT, LESTER* , Um , Tuw, »·*. II, INDEPENDENT--P«gt What Made Uncoln a Great American? By ANGELO PATBI '" What makes a man great? What, is -it within a man.-that makes "his name a symbol for all that is'fine, in mankind? What immortal spirit is-in a man to cause a nation, to look up to him as we Americans do o Lincoln? There is a quality of. elemental nature in great men, a Do'lt-Yourself Dentist? By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR A B B Y : I am wondering if you w o u l d know where I could buy one 'of thoseiDO-IT-YOUR- SELF Dental Kits. . I have a big family and I don't make much money. The dentist wants $200 to give me an upper and lower set of teeth and I can't stand; that kind of pressure. If you could tell me where to find one of those DO-IT-YOURSELF Dental Kits, I am sure I could do it myself as^ am very handy with my hands.--ANDY. DEAR ANDY: You might be handy, Andy, but it takes an expert with much skill and training to make a satisfactory set of dentures. I've never heard of DO-IT- YOURSELF Dental Kits, and doubt if there Is anything like this on the market. DEAR ABBY: I traded a neighbor my husband's old tuxedo for what was supposed to DBX bo a thorough bred Siamese cat. This cat is so d u m b that she doesn't even know her name. her. and ^she is t h r e e C e e t a w a y from me and and she doesn't even look up. own call naturally dumb and I should not expect too much from this cat because, after all, it is not a dog--it is only a cat. Is he right or can you train cats-to come when you call them and so forth?--CAT OWNER DEAR OWTEK: Cats can be trained. If your cat doesn't even look up when you call ..her, maybe she .Is deaf. Take her to a .vet. Some .cats are smarter than dogs.- " * m * t DEAR ABBY: I am always so- embarrassed whenever I get a gift of cash. In the' first place I. think it shows' bad ;aste'for a person to give someone money because it shows that they don't want to take the time or give a little thought io selecting a present. Writing "thank you" notes for a money gift jay, money" ?--NOT' PLEASED DEAR Js wrong Hov/ Columnist Launched Famous Compliment Club By DK. GEORGE W. CRANE Case X-325: Doris D., aged And by the end of that very IS, is a college .coed. "Dr. Crane," she began, "how did you happen to- start your 'Compliment Club'? . "My father is a B a p t i s t clergyman and he has used your 'Compliment Club' as a regular Christian project for Sunday School classes. 'You may not remember me. J.VU int*J *«»*» but I qualified for membership and have one of your personally signed diplomas, too." Well, a number of years ago one of my psychology students at Northwestern U n i v e r s i t y asked for a personal interview after class. During our discussion, she b r o k e into t e a r s as she informed me she was so terribly lonely and friendless. "Although I'm surrounded by millions of people here in Chicago," she said, "I feel almost as isolated as if I were Robinson Crusoe. "For nobody speaks to me 'or smiles and shows the slightest interest in whether I live or die. "Dr. Crane, I can't stand i' much longer. 1,3'ust live for the letters from my parents in Wisconsin." '··-· * * · * THIS GIKL was quite shy We'd call her an introvert. She had an office job by day and was taking one of my classe: at night chiefly in the hope o ' winning friends. So I assured her that.I'd con coct a psychological experimen that would make her popula: and help her win plenty o friends. At the next meeting of he class I announced the "Compli ment Club" as a c l a s s r o o m project. "You are to pay an hones bit of praise to each of thre people, every day," I began "And you should keep it u without a break for 30 consecu - tive days. \ "Then w r i t e a 500-wor theme on the changes you hav noticed in yourself as well, a in your companions and co workers. "This will be a homework as-' signment and carry c o l l e g e credit." House-to-house sales work is one of the m o s t extrovertive tasks you ever can attempt, but most of my evening students in this psychology class already were employed at good jobs. So I launched the "Compliment Club" as the' next best method for turning their attention OFF themselves and UPON their social surroundings. ·» « · * IT REALLY is just the Golden Rule applied to social contacts. It puts the stress on POSITIVE thinking, too, for you must look for good traits in your companions as the first step in p a y i n g them sincere praise. Wei!, before the month was o v e r , the e n t i r e class had ' changed into a friendly, happy lot. The students now would greet each other cordially as they assembled for class, and report their most interesting c a s e s during the week. In fact, I devoted 15 minutes each week for a testimonial mtetlng. d'u r 1 n E which the^j . gave lome of the more dra- ' 'matio. examples of good will which the p a y i n g of compliment* had produced. emester, this Wisconsin girl too was weeping- from loneli- ess, grew so popular she ac- ually became engaged to .a Chicago schoolteacher who sat n the back of the room.' So send for the "Complimen Club" booklet, e n c l o s i n g s tamped return envelope, plu 20 cents. Use it-to spread more u n s h i n e as you journe hrough life. It also is an ideal project for hurches and schools.- Fami ies likewise profit by it, for many wives and children are aken for granted by the head f the. household. Compliments are simply verb al bouquets offered BEFORE Jie funeral. Foundation Aids Skin For the .woman with drj /an, B. bit of foundation undo er make-up during the .winter essential.'.-.It shoul o on regularly; each-' mornin jefore the powders. The reaso or this : is not only 'that foun dation lends a glow to'the : skin t also protects. It forms a,film against 'the ravages', of.''wind and rain and^Keeps the.' : skin rom getting.that,dry,, crawly ook.ah'd feeling.. Your attitude Many people give a gift of cash because they are not sure of the size or your preference of color--or simply because, they want you to have exactly what you want. A gift ol cash is far b e t t o r than receiving: a "white elephant" or something that has to be exchanged. * * * * / DEAR ABBY.: You are always telling,-*- "ieone who is in love with someone besides their own spouse to fill up the holes in their heads. You might be able'to fill up the holes in your head, but how do you stop the your heart?--ACHING HEART DEAR'.ACHING: Time, my dear. Time. C O N F I D E N T I A L TO FARMER HANK: Life begins at 40--and Irom then on It goes like 60. Don't let any grass grow under your tractor. * « » * DEAR ABBY: Do you think it would be all right if-I were to send a little'gift of "thank you" stationery to the friends and relatives · who have . not acknowledged our Christmas gifts yet?--TEMPTED DEAR TEMPTED: Certainly notf Your " l i t t l e gift" might cross In the malls with their "think you" notes. selfless,, almost spiritual strength unconscious, and beauty that marks them from all .other men. We study 'their' lives to earn what makes them different but.'all -we can know,is it : is just there as it is in,;a majestic mountain, a towering tree, · or a .boundless ; ocean. . . . « « . * . * ; 'IN" tINCOLN the .source.of his greatness,..what 'made, him power that made him the lea'd- er of a nation in'time of stress for' he "was -humble' where others,'smaller men, were haughty. He. always was willing to·'stand aside .for one who. could do .a service for the "country better than he" could, or .thought he 'could.' ' '· ' ·'. . ... We are celebrating the birthday of this great America^ and it would be us.e the"occasion -tovmake his qualities'oJ haracter Jknowri to the boys service and selfishness, and above all,- the power to stand alone in -the face of abuse, deceit and betrayal, and hold fast to the ideal to which'the soul is dedicated. It would be well, .and I know it will;be done in'schools, all different, ·;. could ' .not be. wealth,' he. had little and-seemed to care less about what he,had than others 'did. .It' cpuld' his -personable"-appearance : s men .appreciate''.beauty,- for he has 'been, called- homely,"-awk- and girls of the nation he^lovec nd to which he "gave th*e las' ull measure of devotion." : *. * * » IT WOULD be well to-point out-to them that greatness does not demand riches. It does.not demand .power and place/. It does not require 'the support of yes-men. It doe's demand and sternly, the ability to. know;the difference between 'right and ( wrong,. the difference between traction-' that made people know they were' looking at an ex traordinary man, a. man o ok and feelln · . , . great dignity, benevolence an At night, the-protection will | strength _- , take the'form of a rich night' cream which does its work strength. It could-not be hunger fo while you.sleep. Special Meeting A special meeting for members of Ebell Juniors who in;end to become regular members of Ebell of Long Beach this year is slated at 10:30r;a.m., Feb. 18,. in Eb'ell Clubhouse. Pertinent information will be given regarding Senior Ebell unctions. Welfare Lunch Mrs. Leon Ross -will act as lostess for a welfare lunch and card party sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Re- ;erye Assn. Unit 43, Thursday noon in Veterans Memorial Building. LIKE · A JOB? Now's- the I time to get it! See the columns| in Classified. Set Open House Gay pink and white inylta tions saying "Please Join Us are .in the mail this week t( members of St. Mark's Guild o Our Lady of bidding them open house from 6 to 8 p.m Saturday, in the -home of Mr and Mrs.. Jack Hamilton; 146i Le Perla. Mr. and Mrs. Al Del ler will assist. .Refuge 1 Church to a Valentine , GET G O O D APPLICANTS through Classified ads. Call HE 2-5959 for an ad-writer. over" the land,' to read the .Gettysburg. -Address, to give the the souL background .story of' that'"occasion . and so make this mas; terpiece'- of "[literature, this statesmanlike .work spoken in the crisis of a nation's life : -apart of each school child's/rich." inheritance..pur boys, and' ; prl«.;j need to know this.greafimarL'*,.' story, his selfless- service x-to- that they in.theirV- turn,-may serve her .well. ·-,..-; : -., Greatness that' leads, to -fin- mortality is-the f greatness; of. ·4-Virt */«il .'· ' ' ' · CHICKEN A K f c O t t HE 4.1437 Lunches · Dinners · Snacks 1900 AMERICAN AVE. Uttariy MW will fwtrtt way f» flr*«M '. . ' flVM fffcM "rn*1it" .«*|tlt«ly HOUSE OF FURS Fine Furs for Les* 252 E. 4th · HE 6-6755 · Rcmodclinq · Repairs More , Doctors Ifil MAT than any other brand! ·"" ' Long Btoch · Santo AM Ogilvie Sisters Creme Set and "Lanallure 11 Creme Set Reg. 1.25 Special, 75c each "Lanallure" Cream Set, with lanolin, magic make-up for the hair! When applied after shampooing, hair bceomes more-manageable . . . , lan-o-lovelier! ' ' ' f Creme Set helps counteract. dryness when'applied to hair ends, induces lustrous waving!' Don't miss-this Ogilvie Sisters offer--effective/for a - LIMITED TIME ONIY1 ·plus' Fed. tax Cosmetics, Street Floor UIHIIII i iiiiniliiiHiilniHimiiiinliMiit nun Two Tussy Favorites... Wind Weather Lotion and Hand Cream Reg. $2 size, 6QCh $1* Containing Allantoin to heal. chapped, dry skin . . . with silicones to 'protect against the possible effects of detergents .'. , and with'emollients to help soothe and soften. Take adva'ntage-.of this Limited Time Half Price' Special and save on these all-time -· Tussy -favorites! . - ·plus Fed. tax Buffums' Cosmetics, Street Floor, offers famous name preparations . .;;:" to highlight your beauty! Tussy Rich Cream... -your skin-beauty diet at Half Price! Reg. 3.50, 1.75* R.g. $2, $1*. No matter'v/hat your skin type-- ; ; Tussy Rich'Cream is YOUR ; beauty treatment! 3ently supplements dry.^ ; skin with a softening.'lubrication; ' ' - · · ' Velaxes lines! 'StabiUzesJ-'norrnal'- skihi ' " against'-extrefnes', adds a youthful glow! " -, · · And a treatment of Tussy\ ' Rich'Cream'keeps, slightly oily .skins smooth,'soft! The.'/ 2 price, is your invitation to try it! *pius 'Fed. tax Buffums' Cosmetics,' Street'.Floor , ' Ogilvie Sisters NEW Home Permanent for lovely WIVM, 2.50 A NEW kit,-created to give even damaged or hard-to-wave hair the softest, most natural- .Looking permanent! Each kit contajns,a free'sample.of .Pro-Perm, -the'marvelous before-ond-after conditioner . for the hair. -Why not give. . . 'yourself along-lasting / : . Ogilvie Sisters Permanent for' Spring -- it-'s easy as - puttingiup your hair! * plus .Fed. lax .Buffums' 'Cosmetics,- Street Floor. i i f f u r n , 1 S t o r e H o u r s :' 9 : 3 0 a . m . t o - 5 : 3 0 p . m . F r i d a y s : 1 2 n o o n t o 9 p . m ,-\i_-

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