Independent from Long Beach, California on February 25, 1969 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1969
Page 6
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INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)_A-7 Long B««eh, C*in., TOM., Ptb. 15, IN* Humphrey Predicts TRUSTEES TO ACT o\ PACT TODAY More Support in 72 S. F. Teachers End Strike Striking Students ·' ·*- t A V ITI? A V / " I C f *C"\ / 1 · DM I S i t n n t n - n - l m r c :il ^-i n \ f t r n c t n n e \c n v n a . - l nA 11\ -i. ·» mi r U n i / t r n / i i t i m i t i f i t - ^ 1 i* i" f "t .._ I I By BOB HOUSER Political Editor LOS ANGELES -- Former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey said Monday h» is determined the Democrats' 1972 presidential candidate will have a "stronger, more united and more modern party" behind him "than 1 found in 1968." Humphrey, in Los Angeles to address the Jewish Welfare Fund Dinner at the Beverly Hilton, and to meet party friends also told newsmen he has not ruled himself out of the '72 nomination. V * *. 4 AT THE same time, Humphrey delivered some kind words for President Nixon, some of them for coming around to Humphrey positions. Nixon, he said, has been "cautious, careful and constructive." He said he thoroughly .supports N i x on's visit to Western Ku- rope. Why Do You »' Have A Poor Memory? A norcd publisher in Chicago reports there is a simple technique for acquiring a powerful memory Tvhkll can pay you real dividends in both busmen and social advancement and worU likr ma^if to mve you addrd poise. nn.C".s.nv self- confidence and greater popularity. A c t o i d m s 10 i t n s p u b l i s h e r , manv people do not realise liow much they could i n l l u e i u e others 5imp!y by rrmcmlirnnr: a c c u r a t e l y everything they see, hear, or read. "Whether in business, at soual functions or even in casual t o u v e r s a - tions jvitli neiv acquaintances, there are ways in which you can dominate each situation by your ability to remember. To acquaint the readers of this paper with the easy-to-follow t u i e s for developing skill in remember- ins anything you choose to remember, the publishers have printed l u l l details of their self-training method in a new booklet, "Adventures in Memory," -which will he mailed free to anyone who requests it No obligation. Send your name, address, and rip code to: Memory Studies, 83* Diverscy Pkwy., Depr. 304-012, Chicago, 111. 60GM. A postcard will do. He added that he has taken encouragement and pleasure from Nixon's backing for "some of ihp things 1 advocated in the campaign." In this category. Humphrey noted continuation of the income surtax, continuation of the ,loh Corps and Offices of Economic Opportunity, a favorable position on the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and establishment of an Urban Affairs Council. W h i 1 e acknowledging universities should uptime themselves, H u m p h r e y said they should "brook no nonsense" from the handful who would destroy them. He said he would quit, his professor's job at Macalester College at St. Paul and the U n i - versity of Minnesota "if IS and 19-year-olds were allowed to determine if 1 should he their teacher." Humphrey, looking trim, relaxed and s t i l l at home shaking hands of all in sight during a si roll through the Los Angeles airport terminal, listed factors which he said contributed to the losing Democratic campaign last year: (1) the gross dissension over Vietnam; (2) the lateness of the convention, "later than any other in history for a non-incumbent, and (3) the Chicago convention which "was as if we were in a Minnesota cyclone and our house collapsed around us and we were trying In dig our way out of the basin." PUNISHMENT I ITS CRIME SACRAMENTO UP) ~ The latest issue of the state Parks and Recreation Department's "News and Views" publication put this item under the poetic justice category: "The punishment fit the crime" when Ranger W.O. Williams of the Santa Crux, area caught a family loading I h e i r station wagon w i t h n a t i v e plants. "The p l a n t s were poison oak houghs." DOOLEY Special! MULTI-CYCLE AUTOMATIC WASHER Features all porcelain 88 Free delivery, normal installation, 1-year ports and labor guarantee, 5-year parts guarantee on transmission. DOOLEY'S Hardware Mart 5075 LONG BEACH BtVO -NORTH IONG BEACH SAN FRANCISCO (UP!) -- Union teachers at San Francisco Slate Collee ended their strike Monday and promised to return to work as soon "as a peaceful and free academic atmosphere prevails on campus." The executive committee of American Federation of Teachers local 1352, which struck Jan. 6, said the teachers accepted the settlement lasi week. The agreement, signed by representatives of the hoard of trustees and the college a d m i n i s t r a t i o n , included a grievance procedure "limiting the final authority of the president of the college." It also includes a crucial hack-to-work clause covering no reprisals for striking. Teachers scheduled for nine units would not have their pay docked for the time they were on strike. * * V ¥ TEACHERS will return in work as soon as the proposal is approved by the full board of trustees and a "peaceful and free academic atmosphere prevails on the campus." The AFT represents about 250 of the college's 1.200 teachers. The teachers, members of AFT Local l.'!f2, ratified the agreement last Thursday. The State College hnard f trustees is expected to art nn the agreement at its regular meeting today. Meanwhile, striking s t u d e n t s met w i t h a six-mar, administration committee to discuss their l.S demand*. The suidems went on strike Nov. (\ Their "non-negotiable" demands dealt mostly w i t h !h" establishment of an autonomous third World College and a black studies department. * * V * POLICE reported two incidents on the campus Monday. John Jenkins, 22, a black student, was airested for disrupting a class in political science. He allegedly yelled ai Dr. John Runzel who is u n p o p u l a r w i t h the strikers because of \vhai he calls his "supportive criticism" of the black studies piogram. About l!f officers guarded the class. Police also reported two cherry liombs exploded in the humanities building. Suffer Setback Leaders of faculty strikers at San Francisco State and the University of California at Berkeley will conduct a "teach-in" at California State College at Long Beach from 2 to 5 p.m. Wednesday in Building 1.A5, Room 202, it was announced Mondav. All-Grades Discipline Bill OK'd by Senate SACRAMENTO (XPl-- The Senate voted Monday to tell every public school official in California -from grade one to the u n i - versity -- to immediately discipline anyone involved in campus disorders. It was the first action on the floor of either house aimed at curbing the current academic unrest, with more legislation expected to follow in the near future. Senators reported heavy mail protesting the violence on University of California and state college campuses, and telegrams flowed into the governor's office on the same subject. * * * 4 A 23-0 VOTE, w i t h 16 senators riot present or not voting, sent to the Assembly a resolution urging the UC Board of Regents; state college trustees; junior colleges board of governors; and boards of all the state's local school districts: "Take immediate action, including filing criminal charges and the i n s t i t u t i n g of disciplinary proceedings, where appropriate, against those individuals who aid, abel or participate in" a long series of acts, such ns beating other students or disobeying campus officials. The resolution rapped recent disturbances, and said "this has imposed ;in u n j u s t i f i a h l e f i n a n c i a l h t n den nn t h e heavily l a x r r l people of t h r s l a t e who have so generously supported education." * * V * THE AUTHOR, Democratic Sen. Walter W. Ktiern of Bakersfield, explained the resolution "is an immediate statement of legislative i n t e n t t h a t is made available to campus officers while we debate the 60 some bills before us on campus unrest." The upper house put off action on other measures seeking to stem HIP disturbances, and a floor f i g h i on at least one of them loomed. The. Democratic floor leader, Sen. George R. Jvloscone of San Francisco, said he would seek to alter a Republican-sponsored bill giving campus officials the power to remove faculty or students whose "presence" threatens "the orderly procedure" of a campus. * * * * MOSCONE said he will try to amend the bill to eliminate the reference to mere "presence" and change it : to affect only a person who c o m m i t s an act "which constitutes a clear and present danger" to t h e campus. He remarked that "I don't want to be a smart sleek, hut under Hie present hill, a conscientious COURT RULING (Continued from Page A - l ) curreti when Joltn F. Tink- rr, 15, his sister Mary Belli. 13, and Christopher Eckbarrit, 16, went lo school in December Iflfili w e a r i n g Iwo-inch-wide hands of black clolh on. their sleeves. "They n e i t h e r i n t e r r u p t ed school activities nor soughl lo i n t r u d e in t h e school affairs or t h e lives of others," Fortas wrote. "They caused discussion outside t h e classroom hul no interference with work and no disorder." But Black said. "This court's argument is sufficient to reach down into the schools and regulate them. That's too f a r for nin l.o gn." He I old the packer! chamber: "This court is I n k i n g under i l s wing I his n a t i o n ' s 23.900 school sys- Irm." l l n asserted t h e r u l i n g subjoins cvrry p u b l i c school "In thr whims and capricrs of t h e i r loudest mouthed . . . students" a n d will encourage the current wave of siudcnl defiance. c.hiof r u m p u s a d n i i n i s l r a l i v e officer would have i n bar (iriv. Reagan from campus" -- because Reagan's presence would cause campus disruption. The bill's author. Republican Sen. Donald L Grunsky of Watsonville. said he will oppose the amendments. "We've got to stop playing around with this thing . . . The great majority of the people are 100 per cent behind what we are trying to do," he remarked. Meanwhile, as the session began ils e i g h t h week, t h e number of bills dealing with campus dissi- d e n t s rose above 70. Srn. Clark I.. Bradley, R-San Jnse, introduced five hills, which sought to: --Suspend any junior college or s l a t e college student who uses physical violence on campus, and bar his readmission for a year. --Require all full-lime slate college professors to teach at least 12 units a semester, at a time when (he teachers want to cut their teaching load. --Tighten rules granting slate college tenure, or job security, for professors. --Toughen bail rcquire- inr.nls for anyone arrested on misdemeanor charges for any crime, w i t h the specific aim of keeping s t u d e n t activists from fur- t h e r aciivity while court a c t i o n on previous arrests is pending. The bill would bar the release on bail of anyone arrested on a f o u r t h m i s d e m e a n o r charge within a certain period. --Takp the tenure of a professor away if lip goes on strike. Broadway Heist CANOGA P A R K (CMS) -- Burglars broke i n l o a Cnnoga Park d e p a r t m e n t store and escaped w i t h an c s i i m a l e d $100,000 in jewelry. The burglary, at Hie B r o a d w a y Department Store in the Topanga Plaza shopping center, was discovered Monday. INTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY insured savings 5.13% is what you actually earn when the passbook rate is 5% and is compounded daily and maintained for a year. 5 .13 % You «orn on additional 1/4% par annum over our current passbook rate of 5% per annum by investing in a three-year bonus certificate. Should you withdraw your Funds prior *o thfi three year term .you still corn our current asibook rate. EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A YEAR Funds received by the I Oth of any month earn from the first of the month. Funds received after the 10th earn from the date of receipt. Funds earn to the date of .withdrawal. FEDERAL SAVINGS OF LONG IEACH NOT THE LARGEST-JUST ONE OF THE BEST Until mmtittv ----.Jmtmmmm P H O N E i P. M. Frit«YI FIRST and PINE HEmloeh 7-1311 US E. OCEAN AVE. F R E E P A R K I N G Would PSA put you down in Oakland? Sure. For $13.50 a week connect Northern and Southern California. More than any other airline. All jets. Lowest air fates. Not to put down San Francisco, BUT-to East Bay points, Oakland International airport is closer, easier, and the crowd hasn't found it yet. PSA gives you a lift* Investigate Stanford Vandalism STANFORD l/l'i S t a n f o r d U n i v e r s i t y Prrsi- dent K e i i n e l h S. P i t / e r inoi w i t h Black S t u d e n t s U n i o n representatives Monday a s o f f i c i a l s probed vandalism which resulted in a $fi,500 loss at Ihe campus book store on Thursday. Pitzer said talks would continue as long as no further destructive acts occurred. Representatives of the Mexican-American S t u d e n t Confederation also met w i t h school o f f i - cials. P i t z e r had disclosed plans before the bookstore was invaded in name minority group members as assistants lo the He also said financial aid to minority students was lo be increased by 5168,000 next year, black faculty reciTjitment was being expanded and the Afro-American s t u d i e s program being strengthened. BLRKKI.F.Y. (L'l'll -·· Striking students at the l.'niversiiy of California we:i thwarted Monday in efforts to hold a mass convocation. Third world Liberation From leaders, who called the proposed meeting "The Fits; Class of i h e Third Work! Collece." blaMed the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n for being more interested in "academic red tape" t h a n in solving campus problems. But ihey made no serious a t t e m p t u violate ihe school's ban on use. of the outdoor Greek t h e a t r e or on Harmon G y m n a s i u m . IXSTEAD, about .100 s t u d e n t s and teaching ass i s t a n t s picketed at the mam campus entrance ami at S.uher Gate, bmli scenes of wild n o t i n g last week b e t w e e n sinkers and police. About fifl C ' . i l i f n r n i a H i g h w a y P a l r o l m e n and A l a m e d a C o u n t y sheriff's d e p u t i e s kept p a t h w a y s open i h n u i g l i t h e lines. One person was arrested -- tor o b s t r u c t i n g the entrance--before h e a v y rain dispersed the pickets. Some -100 persons gathered outside the gym at noon in response to flyers announcing a rally there. Rut they returned to the picket lines after police locked the gym doors. * * * * CHARLES Brown, president of the Afro-American S t u d e n t s Union, one of the three groups in Ihe TYVLF, t o l d a news con- ference many university officials felt the proposed cnnviratinn "i; legitimate and should be initiated." Brown said the striken would meet with Chancellor Roger \V. Heyns and other a d m i n i s t r a t o r s 10 seek permission lo use Harmon Gym. He said if they were t u r n e d down, they would announce new tactics in the month-old strike. Th« TW1.F struck Jan. 22 lo back demands for an autonomous college of ethnic studies. New rules calling for immediate suspension of any s t u d e n t violating campus regulations went i n t o effect Monday. 'ITie were established last week by ihe Roard of Regents. FOR A IIOI.K IN THF. ROOF OR A WHOLE XFAV ROOM check i h e "Home Improvements" in todav's Classified Ads! COCKROACH CONTROL OVERNIGHT!! Now product dots it! SUPER ROCHEX, Univ.nltv i«ttd and proven In h o m · t, aportmtntt and busin*n*t. Permanently effective, roachci cannot develop resistance to it. Applies in min- utei. SUPER ROCHEX h non-toiie to humans whan used as directed. End cockroach problems in home or business -- now -- eerma- nenflv!! Available in this area at: KITANO'S 5431 STRING SI.. 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