The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1957 · Page 3
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 3

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 3
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*^^M*fc^ •' P/oyf /n Boieba/f, Track *wuld KM iih* «v turn*! eut f« tat'iamAe* oflt wt biok tftd pick what •** •consfdw ttit «K« «i at IB* wit lit tfat inlet it fl» ftrtwet H-AAAA HU ft<ur »** «H H»**< •dent en* ftit championship jrtertis*. . -., Until these jinrt three tame* tht 8Htpp*flf itafl MMr'dt top tt Had bwtf^a tie fflf tti* cfflBfer*«ce flat. find fewttheY and t<xj Many rained out gam**, bath district and n*n*dlatMct, hurt th* **po*|*ra ir their drive ta «tay on top. The-gntpUer* failed ta wt in ma«y wtttfhtf fame** du« to th«>*e%eathKr ooAAtioM but tint remained * front *uonw until the rtnal wteek. ' ' daw* June 0<»t*'» £**AH*t* had b**ft r*f*td*d « itn«tf tnfrf la ih* li<4A *ae« Mter* IK* ttuM tteiled ' by iae* at pr.ttt** «t«u awauntir eitatMi ifcem. both tad J»*Idln3. *.. Ang/afon Junior teenage Starts Tuesday,,,, Lake Jackson-BC Open Major Race fflfcht opening Ift ft **« will, are the current the warns, with the - . of ciute's fted So*, t Weft, Colombia welt nlAejmi- asco Yankees are oii t&p wiih te6fl-Age i ' fl » *£«« <) « *lfii'= W *«- oM *ln against no losses. . B * l * dln m tttibl iflt« league ' Lake Joekson/An^fon Mo/ors P/oy.,,, ' *' ; -: •-£?•' Down LL Games td HJfabsffs WitJi 2 Homers* ^ National tittle League's jft take JieHlM and Anglttofl «?«e itw Wily teams ablets play m U*t IWday 1 * major But in the gam- we thought th« Shlpp*** did their there wd« no Pittirtj slump for cute player at least. This w.i« 'game*. the Oftlen* *»art el.ub that Jewle Hibbetta clouted twd h«m*'_T?»* deubleheader Jft -U'i to pick up nib* With Robert Bagtey ! f - , .,* co *' e * > 'ISf Bfc i* strikeout* Iii tossing i Iff Ahfletofi action It was !he a two hitter. Kenny Eberspach- > " """ r a l-M tilt.erwiffered the pitching loa* for! but having to th*.Legion nine. lit ft Thursday game under the Angleton banne.-, the Ki- And ife akeady the ft tbtifil of pmeg ttieif belt*. The efttiwifht with ' fhoviftg over City: •fftts ftply wmes OH the Te-n'- Ag« Mfd tonight will b* ihe i Imajdr *ffa» Ift BSV Citv arid tft '(tame* In <he county , that find. West C01urh8)a mg Ctute's Red Sox whl)« ffi* H«d«kiiM test the Vanbt •« y^ftjfcrtflt'l <Wi8.Ua/ night will sec action in Attgletott'. JUttloi- loop,' and ... — Warriors came back to -2 wm Over Alvln. lose their seocnd game, to fhe IB ihe county JUniet- jjcajll|Yank£ by a 7-3 count ftcr/ns Cancel Gator Twinbill In Corpus • W**%«W fftttt l*ff tdA* tfif*» ineh«i in Cot put Christl "and i« *4 d«mr l«eM iH« UK* Jaekiaa datiri to t*ne«l 4fi«tr deubiaftMfiit with ihi Gulf coast nin*. tBi (StJSr* ftad Jiktrt in* plsylns Held ill Cotptt* wtittt tB* h**Tt dowftpojt hit and dum?*d torn* thro ifltB** b*for« U lit up. (5*fdr efficiaU announced thai thef will t*r and MHadut* tl>c twlhWll later In ih« summer. L»k* JaekfOft 1* r, 0 » sehedultd to mov* ov*r io «ou»- toft Tuasdtr nluhl for a eeni*si in Tti-Couftly U«jue. Th«f ttt du« 16 >J«T 8.j*fltfe's Of LaMarqu*. Th* Qatar, ar* uHb*at*n In loAp play, holding a mark of 5-tt. Sill and Tom with- LOCATIONS Art* 24 HOURS A DAY IM JJ, P»«lt#. U 1 f* 1*1 W. ftf**<S, J-41» , <*• * on doty *t »H Pli*n« ts !•< GARRETTS' PHARMACIES 4-1 behind in _„ TH* Dodgers push. ed 1 hoWIft the fourth, four runt ...v i, MB uv « r cw 4 UVIIHSiU* UJD.; J.UU1 Ul* IWUT National rate wrapped up the j IB the fifth and then six big l***IdUI 4hlCef Alt 3*f T l**M»r V *fe JMI*. IJ^I.AJI. Ic* Aft. j *!__« »__i ' A yeas- ago we picked »bbtt« play agaifl*t B.ytown *«<f«thYt tit/until Jun^^^^ tht outstanding ba«*ba'.l event for *4« and again h* haul. J'l.«?«*. V&*! l **..]W* 5r * r ^• wiUJoutjMJ-S victory over the r/s-1erican race. «^ ' J ' ^' for ' * £tl " not .low up Qualifying for National .... their two'leagu* race a. they 19 will continue to play until the close of their regular season, which is In the middle of July. Make-up game, will be played ,..•••»*.... i w . i «* m * JW< I*** 6 d * totttt,' League >uns 1ft the final Inning, picked Jflbbettl play against fiaytown **jf« tint city until June 10, as, The Tailtwlsters ham ' event for *4« and again h* " ' '" *'"*' *-"-- -'-" "' ••-•"down honors but for hi* hitting. Young J.ii. knt>«n as *SIg Ted" was playing «ateh*r in '$1 and runted in a fin* bit of fielding and throwing to knMk down BaviawH In a doubt* play a year age, OUt (his year Hltibett. shifted to the outfield under D* via direction and b*carne the Shipper* leading hitter. , ._ The g»me we ricked, aa the Shlpa top performance of ""Jj?? Jrf*ik? tftS'^m « t n, •57 Is against Galen* Park. Here the exporters had to come ;seiioa "was washed down fhe from S-0 behind to * in a 8-4 ^contest. ., ; : L.o Wl.rryk was working on the mound for Braaoa- port and bad already b»«M touched for a pal* el 'Oft »*» b*lor* the Ships started big inning thai f»- sult.d in ».»»n runt and sent th*m te ih* treat with a 7*1 margin. The Exportei * put together a couple of hits, an error and a fev walks in ihe fourth to tie.the score at S-S with one on and t*o outs. Then till/belts came through with hi. ftrat ho- WM»I« tobk a »lim 5-4 win over lilS <h< n«i»H.n. »h<i< «h. v.-u.*««* the the Yank* under the Anjtleton Ju- banner will be Stars and draifffifi freeport as the Cubs, leaden of the loop, and the Red Sox, Second place team, had been matched.' ' Houston Meet Next For Jrs. „•.!,•,. ._.,,' - 'azdrla County, long known .Braiosport Eitporter senior high first half schedule,for It* Interest in golf, is ex* golf team are slated to play in will come to a <Sose on Tues- peeted to .end several youth- the meet but players from day, June 4, at which time they ,ful amateur golfers to Houston Sweeny, West Columbia ind will take off for Boy Scout,on July 2nd for the qualifying Angleton are also urged to camp until June 17. During that .round of the 10th annual Jun- take part. "— severa.l rawed out games ior Golf Tournament. Th. miaitfvin* round, which , deep Into the Teeft-j i Age activity over the past week end with the only tilt being played coming in Lake Jackson'* Junior loop. That saw the , Cub* trim the Pirates 54. I The Cub win thus ties than with the Red Pox for i»a*ue honor*, both with one victory. The Lake Jackson Junior, will now take off until Juae 10th for Boy Scout camp. O« June 10th the loop will Open back and run straight through until the last week'tff After that will come the tournament' prob .move Into the web'of games. Some of the top high schools The Cub. got the lead early in' " -••--- - never to! They nan 1 ;! July 14. All county" that WUI °* . Illang p ' rt to this' any serioui trouble, .w^t'ta «to i« .dEidtoiSt' 40 ""'* An Prt** tte »' W l»! seven hits otf,the rhreetome I uiv IMIDCBW n The minor game *and* th* Brave* after the Redskins. Attgletoa'* LL picture finds all the action t&,Ut* Anwrlean loop with the r «ank* facing ft* Kiwanls and th* Bed Sox going after th* Rutarian* in the *Mond part of the twwblll. • Weet Columbia, Sweeny, BC-V, Treeport and Angleton «r» also due for League games Tueeday night In Lake Jackaoa butt IHdey '" the Card* remained on atate track circles. Co*ji.w*nt e*i to win the date AA championship aimed slngl* k*nd*d while th. Oandeia were ike dlaittet champions. ' Only Cutihall and Jamea Nixon, In the (hot put, managed to win berths for th* Ship, in District end Cutahall ww th. only on* nufcing"'the state trip. Bears Building .... Baylor's Golden Beara hooked Stamford's Mike, McCleU Ian, the all-itat* halfl'Mk in football and the .print king in the 100 and 100 dastm. . ; It look* a* II *»T'»' U gelng le be *•* el Ike tee! ieutk grid outfit. f« tk* MK! *ever»l ywut« a* tker CMM up wltk Mv«n*l «**i high Mh««l teetkaUen. Track will aiao b* * sport that the Beara should com along faal In w they have a ooupU of speedy freshmen and with the addition of McCl.llan will field a fine sprint re. lay four*ome. The Bears ateo got Boyce Wist, a 200 pound all-state guard from* Stamtord when th*y signed MeCleUan. H«Cl*U*a *e«t*4 II point* is* Ik* Claa* A at*** tratk meet tkl* year kr winning »»• bread | UBB> IM *«d It* dwke* and tk*n tutuOng *a • *wplg el tftef leeja*. If b* pUy* football he ahould make tht Hear* « TO threat *ach tint* he tak«* th* biU. Freshmw coach Luke W*lch ahould have a lot better year in '»T than h* did last Shop. Several player. 'bout (or th* Card* and gav* way to two hita whll« B% Hudgbu *u«*r*d the PhlUiaa'to**. Wtts, bashed three hit* for th* Cart* Twwdar. Jua» 4i Little League- County Baseball Schedule Meerfir. June* .", little Uaiue- "' Treeport,—«Braves vs Redskins; Bobcat* v* Red Soar., Ang. (A> -V Yank, v* Kl' RotiW v. Red Sax, ... .^.>*> v- i „ Clute aVWefe Col. f JunJot). Redskins v* Yankee* <• in' Freeport (Junior). ' * Lak* Jackaon at Bay City (Major*). nUfttber *Dt *|ua|ifiers in each section win be determined by tournament officials after . entries close, based i»,the 4ize •nd playing qyalitr of the 1 first and second halve, in Free, nor Country Club In Washing- Ihol,, of ^^1"^; W How7ver° ~W «i, u- rt ^ *.' to ^or. oneiPOrt ^*m,w™^fa**t™1&ni^^££™&& %"£ I JSdVK *pSS °whfl« I run and cut the Sorter margin to a slim one-run le.d.^, AngletoA,^ importi^e^ first round U op« to ~ "" " ^ But Hijelts w*s not through. 'are slated for action tonight I all golfers under 18 years of Vor in th* altfihji* blastwt out hi* second almost 1» while the other county LLnlnf*!age but they must have their', 0 jS~ e i« «,. *.:.. -«x «"i.v '-* ~~ ,**,„ i« Ih. .pot wn.«*;th. flr*t M. w.nt ew v te ..i**d i^'l Kl'LT"**! 1 ?^ "*«*» tolentrle*. S pjn. Wd,,, ?°i te ? ta . th « rt « te and nation|th, game jnd were never to th* *eik^>A*tyij&'kt* bewer*^-"-'*"*•'-'-"'-'*"' ^ lift UeWkjIenc* BTTOont Fi.ld. An Intei-esllnj rote on both of the** Jess had'Just pi.rchljed «• new bat only hour* before. Cutshall In Track .... , # 4 In track, wo would have to pick Veryl Cutsball and flta winning broad lump :n the District, and region. Cutahall aiao set a record over in Beaumont with a long leap but Injured hi*; leg In th* state me*t and failed to' get his usual distance. Also in track, the Kxportera John Bridge* cam. along fast and proved to be ihe third fastest man In the IS- AAAA pictur*. John ran tkltd behind Pasadwaa't B*rl Coan *»d B*rtown's L r nn Oraf In Ike dlslriet •**». __ TMW1-W „. Bridge*, tht football fullback, was the bigger 6f both top in the Nationalrace a* they Coan and Gray, who are slat* known fo* their speed. IwWto the*Dodgera gof^S \M The track season for Braaotport waa uneventful aa they j Brave* 2-0 with two shutouu were working both Blytown and Pasadena, two power* in j being picked up. Line worked on the mound sport shirts by th6 thousands . ... the styles, the fabrics that are making tomorrow's news! SPORT SHIRT FAIR Steve VnenuiVjFiafaa, i feck, Kean White, Wilson. Joff Oambino had hits driving in runs for the winning Cubs.1 The big blow for the lacing -~ ., nraUs was a--big. home run.. The lowest scorer for the 18 j the first of th* Lake Jaduon holet of medal play in each! Junior season, by Ituahing. That section will f et a silver med-i round tripper came in "At al If a He, duplicate medals; fourth inning with no one on Will be given. He* for qualify-: base. ' ing place* or aft, alternate's A senior Teen-Age (erne be-; *pot In th*. sectional play wi.l tween the Lake J*ck*on Cat* be decided immediately by a' and Alvin was rained out. Free- hole-by-hole playoff. 'port and West Columbia, each ss? FABULOUS WASH wey save hours of hot work, make .unimar a bre«a for the ladles, too. Choos* famous ttan Hirer woven plaid* or Penney's ptck-of-the-crop atripes *n. print*. AH funy washable. : B A C •tripes, print* Robert Griffith got a three- gam* aa they remained do** on th* Cards' heels, Richard Rimato ww me locer and had t five-hitter far tk* Brav**. The Dodger* uaad two hits Rice aiao fvt * (ma (ootballar wkan lb.y Oeorg* Semi-Pros Hoping For Tues. Game Br«io«porV* ntw ttmi'pro ttpiMbAH tWTO Wf hfmtljg' fOjT i break in the w«»ttwr «Wa week so they can get in a. ewtV ale of games, Th* Freenort M«* tors »no the Se-«il- & os w»l» raintd of * last JobnsoA from tjonor*. Johnson WM an *ll-*ta(* wiacUon in the Clasa 4 ranlui of football, all-stat* in b«»k*tbail, thai put champion and ouU* * band at playing b**eb*4i. Aaelktr tint *»»l»«» going If l»r»e» vttl fce BubU Part* ei UWrtr, TW* 1)1 pwndM WiU fUf (M<« »W«M« and b«**k*4^ Me wiM be plarlnf 1* tk« Mfk wheel All- •i*f f *m* to 0«Jla» fat Augvwt. OavU pitched two no hitter* in > week »nd h#d two one* hitter* on the toine day this paat baseball aeajon.' Toll Crow for Waff teff * * * . Robart W»g*t»ff, who i* beaded ta Lufkin, wiU t«k* PVW t bwketbaj/ mm th*t »po*an to b* coach in ihe Braiosnrit syattox (or U y«nn i* tAeJMW 1 cage c^B,y*y *f lt4*4A. vm *4*4» ! A ^ffljnft thil hj|§ fVtf W4 fM| i P - " t>Lt '•-'• •'• r newly farmed team of lining manager MOI, baa game, with Camoo, Bay City or Wharton ior Tuesday night. The local club will not play In • l*»fu* ibis year M this type of baseball loop U n*v to the Gulf Coast. However, I* hoped tnat several |e will b* in oo*r«tioo n*»t mer, PracUc* wiU be b«ht in of th* Br«UKport High {M>Ofll tbi* afUmonw, weather permit ting, and allboys that old to play Major T-A Vreeport *. Yanka va Wblte, SM; Kagl** vTcob* " ' Ang. (N) — TailtwUters v* Brave*; Dodger* v* Legion. B-c-v — Jones Creek »t Clute (Bravea>; Clute Hodgen at Velaaco. WC -~ Doubl«b*a<i«r »t f OaWwwjr fl«W, "~*^-p T*en-Ago— ' Bay Sty at Lak* Jackton tStniora). We4n*atf*r, June I Columbia at .Major*) »t Alvin Th«w*d«Tt Jww UU1« Uague— Angleton <A) — Rotary v*, VanX*. Kiwanis v. R*d So*. Warrifli* vs. Redskin* 1 Frexpart i Juniors) Weak* vs. R«d Sox at Ve. 9 IjMco (Junior*) report *t West Coluo>Wa Angleton IN) — Dodj»r» vs TailtwisUfrs; Brave* v*. Legion WP—Doubieheader at Dal ' loway Held B-q-V—Bmori* v*. V*U»*co: Jone* Creek at Clute iDodger*) Teen-Ag*-<Lak* Jackaon *.t Bay City and Jwiiet y«ni«r **«**a- Ir re«*Hr«4 ikett Unsrm** 1 * laotbaU |»«k*ts for tke paat aetasw. H«r«. h*e4 «Mel> WUsee, jlgM, i* fettstf ready t« give wl tbe {*ck*t* as sopheww. Jew** Phillip, left. aivM tk*m>* cl«**f leak. LOW;COST LOANS Coiu|i<u« Our Hatt's and Save Aiouey No indorsors-Simplifiod Plan . A«i»iu»t From *IW to $1,000 i Qouvpuient - Confidential Service MMN8 on litnatur*. car, or fumitur* Fwt, jy atrvlce— no emtorser* required, U8|WAIf llJtlM of your own choice you selfct th* plaa " >ou b»t and tak* up to « month* to repay. rA?aJCNTS by comjilaiog *.ur bill* end uito wve account with u*. gapay in small, te»t*Um«Ms. ntuaoiy vontuiv rwst NEAT TOWNCRAFT "UNIVERSITIES"! 98 School's out, but Penn*y* trim Towncraft unl- vwstty model goes on, oool as you please, all aummer long. Here's th* authentic 3-button collar «nd box pleat yoke .... now in abort sloeve*. Ohaow woven pUlds, chock* or stripes In lOOf. combed Sanforised cooona, • With Braiojport'i Fwtwt OfUN Til, «;H IMO. Ti|W«n4?HI TB. I* GUARDIAN FINANCIAL CORP, INSURANCE A6ENCY A, B. LUSTROUS NEW "SUK LOOKS"! Add chflf»ijttr4o your casunJ richest,• most elegant "lopK'' yet. Glowing hleu4» ft .Ok and coltpp '» ayloi), tailored Vi .•'

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