The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas on August 25, 1952 · Page 8
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The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas · Page 8

Leavenworth, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 25, 1952
Page 8
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Eight THE LEAVENWORTH TIMES, MONDAY EVENING, AUGUST 25,1952. It's Time Now For Ike, Adlai To Be Specific By JAMES MAKLOW WASHINGTON IB—Gen. Eisenhower and Gov. Stevenson, who seem to think like twins on some ol the biggest issues, now have the opportunity to: 3. Explain where there are any real differences in their thinking. 2. Get -down to cases, by being specific, on what they'd do and how they'd do it if elected. They get the opportunity in their campaign, that part of it requiring speech after speech around the country, which opens this week. Until now, although stating their position on some issues, they have talked a lot in generalities, too. Since Eisenhower or Stevenson will be running the country the next four years, voters who hope to make' an intelligent choice between them expect to be informed in some detail on how the candidates will go about doing what they say they'll be doing. This will give some idea of the twin-like quality of the candidates up to this point according to statements they have made about some of the issues: Arming our Allies and stopping Communism around the world Both are for it. Going into Korea: Both approve although Eisenhower, without explaining exactly where, blamed the Truman administration for steps leading up to the Korean War. Brannan farm plan and compulsory health insurance: Eisenhower is against both. Stevenson apparently is against both of them, too. Middle - of-the-road: Both say that's just where they are. Taft-Hartley Act: Neither Eisenhower nor Stevenson has mentioned repealing it. Both have suggested maybe it could be amended a bit * Corruption in government: Eisenhower says he'd clean out corruption. Stevenson says he'd clean out the "mess" and be ruthless against corruption. Tax Cut: Both for it and think it possible, but not right away. FEPC: Both against racial discrimination and both indicated they're against compulsory FEPC. Tidelands: Here there is some disagreement Stevenson said the basis for his stand must start with a Supreme Court decision that the federal government, not the states, has paramount interest ,in the offshore oil reserves. He wouldn't go along with the idea of complete state control of the reserves, but suggested an "equitable arrangement" that would protect both state and federal interests. Eisenhower once said, "I am one who obeys the Supreme Court." But he has also said he would favor legislation by Congress giving the states control over their submerged oil riches. Aside from the tidelands question, if there's any big difference in the outlook of the two men. it hasn't appeared yet, except that the Democrat says the Democrats can run the government better while the Republicans says the Republicans are the boys for .the job. THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW By Fagaly and Shorten CAREFUL . SHMAREFUL! HE'S COVERED AIN'T HE? L) i WHEN SHE ASKS HIM TO WRAP A THREE CORNER ON THE RID, HOW FUSSV IS BUSSV ? TEES OFF JON HIS MISSUS IF SHE DOESN'T WRAP UP HIS LUNCH V/INDPROOF, RAINPROOF AND 100 PROOF- MAR."/ FUKGUSOtf. /223Z APPOLMS, •D£TK.C1T,MICH. Crown Prince Olaf and Crown Princess Martha. Margaret Truman Arrives In Norway for Visit OSLO, Norway (Jl — Margaret Truman arrived in Oslo after the midnight hour this morning by automobile, after missing the train from Stockholm. She will be a guest tonight at a dinner party given for her by Ambassador Charles Ulrich Bay. Later she will tour Oslo and will pay a visit to the residence of Radio Program KMBC—980 \VEAF-6iO KCMO—810 WHB—110 MONDAY 6:00—WDAF—Wayne King Show KMBC—News; Sports WHB—News KCMO—News. Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WD AF—News WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Lone Ranger KMBC—Club 15 6:45—WDAF—One Man's T-uiiiy KMBC—News WHB—Stars For Defense 7:00—WDAF—Railroad Hour KCMO—News KMBC—Horatio Hornblower WHB—Stars In The Night 7:15—KCMO—Songs For America 7 30—WDAF—Music KCMO—Chicago Signature KMBC—Arthur Godfrey WHB—Crime Does Not Pay 8:00—WD AT—Telephone Hour KCMO—Escores At Eight WHB—News: Today's Hits KMBC—Romance »:15—WHB—Blues vs. Louisville 8:30—WDAF—Band of America KMBC—Steve Allen 8:45—KCMO—Speaker 9:00—WDAF—Music KCMO—Music By Roth KMBC—Walk A Mile 9:30—VVDAF—News; Dangerous Assignment KCMO—News; Sports KMBC—News: Sports 9:4b—KMBC—Curt Massey KMBC—Elmer Davis 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10:00—WDAF—News; Weather KMBC—Organ Concert KCMO—Back To The Bibl« WHB—News Comments 6:00—KMBC—News: Sports WDAF—Evening Varieties WHB—News KCMO—News, Sports 6:15—KCMO—Freddy Martin KMBC—Weather WHB—Sports 6:30—WDAF—News KMBC—Peggy Lee Show WHB—Gabriel Heatter KCMO—Cisco Kid 6:45—KMBC—News WHB—Jerry Gray Show WDAF—One Man's Family 7:00—WDAF—Scarlet Pimpernel KCMO—Silver Eagle • KMBC—People Are Funny WHB—Jimmy Carroll Show 7:35—WHB—News Comments •7:30—WDAF—Barrie Craig KCMO—Escape With Me WHB—Dr. Kildare KMBC—Mr. and Mrs. North ' 8:00—WDAF—Meet Your Match KCMO—America's Town Meet KMBC—Life With Luigi WHB—News; Todays Hits 8:15—WHB—K. C. vs. Louisville 8:30—WDAF—Trutli or Consequences KMBC—Louella Parsons 8:45—KCMO—News 9:00—WDAF—Band Concerts KCMO—Wayne King KMBC—Novelty Tunes 9:15—KMBC—Strawhat Concert 9:30—WDAF—News; Stan Kenton Orch. KCMO—News, Sports KMBC—News; Sports 9:45— KMBC—FYI KCMO—Elmer Davis 9:55—WHB—Scoreboard 10-00—WDAF—News: Weather . KMBC—Beulah KCMO—Back To The Bible WHB—News Comments LITTLE I Weights & Measures Answer to Previous Puzzle ; HORIZONTAL ' 3 2000 pounds 452801eet 8 Eight quarts 12 of a kind 113 Persia 14 Great Lake 3 Early Christian 4 Less 5 Press 6Alit 7 Compass point 8 Stone (prefix) article ; 16 Nobody 118 Amaze 1 20 Sea eagle* 21 Harvest goddess 22 Therefore 24 Measure of land 26 Notion 27 Watering place 30 Persons 32 Thoroughfare 34 Expunges 35 Wigwam 36 Decimal unit 37 Polishes 39 Charts 40 Hebrew measure 41 Knight's title 42 Musical drama 45 Stir 49 Claiming 51 Lincoln's son 52 Revise 53 Enthusiastic ardor 54 Before 55 Pl.-ce 56 Consumes 57 Japanese coin VERTICAL 1 Indian weight "> Individuals 11 Piano parts 17 Nullify 19 Uncloses 23 Reposes 24 Encourage 25 Wax 26 Give forth 27 Divides 28 Peek B o S S 0 E S S L_ e R S A R E O 1C A T E E R 1 B T A, T S A V t & O M A R O T O * V E N E P i T E N O S E ^ T l_ e± N A S R E N S '•'; 1 ^ U E S 0 /'/, "•'' Ed E C E f S •':-••• A K. A B S R A N T T E •S A T T O S T K. E A T *r V E A U T A H A f S E T O R S G l_ 1 Ml T 1 E R S U E T E E U S A C» c> S E S S E 29 Noun suffixes 43 Foot (prefix) 31 Teutonic 33 Send 38 City in Rumania 40 Declaim 41 Endorses 42 Poems 44 Send out 46 Insect 47 Waste allowance 48 English statesman 50 Scottish river 1 n. . 15 18 W 30 W U « fj S2 55 2 Z6 « 3 t\ 11 f) • ••"/ '///, W 1 13 M> % 31 57 S n 26 ^ 50 W Sb t. U '% 'n. 36 15 7 'm. y/// ^i 1Z iS %% % 17 Z> ^ Ml 8 W m 4} 39 •) 27 11 H 57 ID 28 11. II 2? W 25 Modern science has found a substitute for almost everything except sleep. exw WDAF-TV Tonight 6:00—Quiz Kids 6:30—Music 7:00—Mr. Peepers 7:30—Robert Montgomery Theatre 8:30—Bollywood Playhoouse 9:00—Playhouse 9:30—Theatre 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 3.0.00—Foreign Intrigue 10:30—News, Weather, .Sports 11:00—Easy Chair Theatre TUESDAY 6:00—Midwestern Hayride 6:30—Keep Posted 7:00—Boss Lady 7:30—Circle Theatre 8:00—Amateur Hour 8:45—Vest Pocket Theatre 9:00—Police Story 9:30—Invitation Playhouse 9:45—Newsreel 9:50—Community Forum 10:00—Dangerous Assignment 10:30—News. Weather. Sports 11:00—Newsreel Man May Be Losing Fight Against Age-Old Enemy WASHINGTON UB—Man may be losing his age-old battle against insects. In the foreward of a new 952- page Agriculture Department yearbook titled, "Insects," Secretary of Agriculture Brannan calls the sit- Russians Organize German Air Army BERLIN (ft —Informed sources said Monday the Russians have established the framework for a full air army in East Germany. U. S. airmen said they have information that the nucleus, including 700 jet fighters, has been so organized that it" could be expanded quickly into a tough fighting force. The unit, which operates from the Oder to the Elbe Rivers from IS first class airports, is listed by the Russians as the 24th Air Army. It includes transports, but as yet has not been assigned heavy bombers. * The informants said the Russians now have here between 400 and 500 MIG-15s of the type operating in Korea. Upwards of 200 twin jets also fly daily over the Soviet zone, along with more than 1,000 more conventional typo fighters such as YAKs and PO-2S. The 18 operational air fields are strategically placed to cover every strip of territory facing the west along the Baltic Seacoast. Trusted German guards have been used for sentry duty, but the Russians have not given the East German "People's Police" any authority to engage in air activities. The People's Police are restricted to their expanding army and "Sea Police." POLIO VICTIM HAS SOX ,. HUTCHINSON Iff) — Mrs. Lyle Campbell, 21, of Burrton, Kas., confined to an iron lung because of polio, gave birth to a son Sunday. She is a patient at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Hutchinson. Both the baby and mother are doing fine. DIES FROM GUN CHARGE WARSAW, Mo. Iffi-Clyde F. Gordon, 58, of Chanute, Kas., died of a shot gun charge fired while he was sitting alone in his car at a Lake of the Ozarks camp. Authorities said the death apparently was accidental. uation "disturbing He wrote: "We ha% T e more insect pests, although we have better insecticides lo use against them and better ways to fight them." Brannan blamed foreign pests which slip through U. S. quarantines for part of the trouble. He said insects are costing the country approximately four billion dollars a year in damage to crops and property. i Americans Reach Peak In Church Membership NEW YORK Iffi—Some 88,673,000 Americans—more than over before ia the history of the nation— belonged to a church or other religious body at the end of 1951, says the National Council of the Churches of Christ in" the U. S. A. The Council reported that the: figures represented an increase of! 1,842,515 over 1950, a growth of two per cent compared with ani estimated population increase of; 1.7 per cent. . ' I ONE DIES, THREE HURT IOLA, Kas. I/Pi — One man was killed and three persons were in- BLOW CAUSES DEATH STAFFORD, Kas. W-A tractor! tire blew out while Geoffrey En-! yart, 46. of Hutchinson, was chang-j ing it Saturday. The blast splitl jured Sunday m a head-on auto- the cast . iron rim and mobile collision at the north out-, iece of mcte , fc E f , .skirts of Humboldt, Kas. turing hjs skuU _ shou]der and • I The dead man was Albert Oliver, ------- ° j 75-year old deaf mute from lola. The injured are Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Baker of Tulsa, Okla., He died Sunday. Want a delicious main dish for a bridge-luncheon? Bake thin five-j and their W-yearold daughter, inch pancakes androll them around | !n,ar.v' Ellen. Mrs Baker and her| a {illing o£ crearned canncd lob . daughter were released after treat-! ster ment. | For Loans 3155 Quick, Easy Loan Plans on Automobiles and Furniture Fall Housccleaning Time Is Near! Get Ready for It With An Automatic Upright Custom Deluxe WESTINGHOUSE ' CLEANER $72.95 Free! 12-Picce Attachment Set, value $23.93, with the purchase of this cleaner, for a limited time! BUY OX OUR EASY . PAYMENT PLAN! THE MEYER APPLIANCE CO. 217 South 4th St. Phone 1 ' DROWNS IN STOCK TANK TRIBUNE, Kas. W — Barbara Moritz, nine-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Moritz, drowned Saturday in a stock tank at the farm home of her parents, 13 miles southwest .of Tribune. ACCIDENT KILLS TWO GENESEO. Kas. UrV-Two Gen- and Bill G. Taylor, 32—were kffleS Sunday night in an automobile accident a mile east of Geneseo. Thier car left the road and turned over into, field. Any dill growing in your garden? It's delicious chopped fine and sprinkled over cold potato soup. eseo men—Roy Dee Burnett, 37, | sliced cucumbers, or cold salmon. If you ve tasted todays SCHENLEY ... you know it's the best-tasting whiskey in ages! • BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF. 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS. SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK, NEW YORK SCHOOL DAZE SPECIAL All Plain SKIRTS...... 35c Good only until Sept 15th at WOOD The CLEANER 710 South Fifth Phone 796 FARM INJURIES FATAL , CHASE, Kas. IB-Anthony Linke,! WICHITA UO1> HEAD 38, died Sunday of injuries suf-j WICHITA UPI — Whitney Drake, :ered Saturday on his farm ncarjWichita banker, has been selected ^hase. He fell under a disc which'chairman of the Scdgwick County he was pulling with a trader. (Republican Central Committee. A splendid location-in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. 555 delightful rooms, all with all . modern hotel facilities. 555 ROOMS FROM Outstanding Food — Y« Old Oalc Tavern'; also popular Sub - Marine Cocktail Lounge ... Garage Adjoining. 5 minutes from Union R. R.Terminal • JOHN T. LOCHHEAD-M.E.MAITBY-MANAG/NG Smith's Drug Store 504 Delaware Phone 500 Phone 1440 for Plumbing Installations and 'Repairs! Morton Plumbing Go. Wayne Morton, Prop. 1424 Spruce PLASTSC WINDOW SHADES With the New Textured Weave! 36 In. x 72 In. $139 2-Shelf Full Mirror Medicine Cabinet $2.98 Metal Zip-Top Trash Burner $2.29 Bath Mat Helps prevent accidents in the tub. 890 ROTO-LITE BRACKET Your Third Hand for Holding Flashlight Always Ready! Aluminum Sink Strainer 190 Seidlit/. Xon-Yellowing White Enamel Quart $1.98 Metal Lunch Box with Pint Vacuum Bottle. REAL ESTATE LOANS INSURED SAYINGS ACCOUNTS •BUILD -REMODEL 'REPAIR . . Consult With Us . . The Citizens' Mutual Building and Loan Association G. W. Hoins, Pres. 312 South Fifth C. W. Tinimons. Sec'y. "&UT VIC \5 ALECT I AN17 REACTS QUICKIS THAT'S 1 ENOUGH OUTOf= M3U/ LET HIM HAVE IT NONE OF MY BUSINESS SUV, AMP NONE OF VINCNS Of' COUMT -TWI5 15 A LJTTLE TKICK-THEY TEACH VOU IN THE /W«NE3 W6 F R E: c; K L HOPPER.. NOTORIOUS BANK KOBBEK, HAS BEEN CAPTURED BY— YOU'VE GUESSED IT! g . SMITH! NICE GOIN, PAL' wuy. POP.YOLWE GOT MSW SUIT/ WELL, SON, I THOUGHT THE OCCASSOM DEMANDED A THAT NIGHT- fel CHRISTENING/ HATS , BECAUSE I WAS MADE FOR IT". SU6AR.

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