Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on October 30, 1950 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, October 30, 1950
Page 2
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Everyone Will Behave But Be Careful · ·/ ' . '-' · '. - ' · - .:_ .--:--. : Mardi. Gras .Halloween 1 party at the high schooLstadium. The Arizona state,tax'commissionVis scheduled to re- Bhuffle-its aoininistrative setup within-the next few,days, pladng Elwood'Driggs'-as a ^'director''.over the luxury sales f and income tax-department?. Driggs is now, director of the.'sales tax'.department. Thus far,., there has" been -JIQ could have what they and 'finance be established, with the tax commission .'remaining pri the' candidate * has a mind of her own." There' was another example Fri'day night -Several party workers wanted Mrs. Frohmiller to' campaign for The governorship at certain places Saturday. TOorning. Result--Mrs.'. Frohmiller' went alone board'only. QUIZ aiWli ,i V*ll«-4-*"+"C^ f*~m- -- -- - · - -role of ' an appeal and not to the ff vrt- DIFFERENCE There was really no intention to Imply that a quiz was being conducted in last Friday's column on the referendum which : removes double liability from bank, stockholders. It was reported that State The Republicans are having the same trouble, with Howard Pyle, their.:standard bearer., .Last week several, of .the bigwig. Republicans, at least bigwigs in their own eyes, were gnashing their teeth at Pyle's speeches. They weren't A '" zon, feut "a- headache to headquarters-lieutenants. They're.a bit.con- fused, arid occasionally · blush v over their predictions of- what their respective' candidate, -will- do and say next. what he flQICErS It "Was icu'v* 1 '^"" w»s*w **·«·.·_ -t - ./ Sen William F Kimball, since he was supposed to say at all. Its a had' voted favorably on the refer- welcome sign on the political hori endum when it was approved by -- ·-·* --.**.'"·*· *« h«rtfl«.r the legislature, is recommending it for a favorable' vote by the people. The only trouble was that while the measure was properly referred to in the column as a referendum, there was never any mention that It involved banks. It does. BEPORT There seems to be some confusion on when the rep'ort of. the National Probation association on the Arizona industrial school at Ft. Granfis due. The original date as announced by the board .was Oct. 1. Last .week.in Phoenix Judge Dudley W. , Windes, president. of the Arizona 1 superior.-court judges' association, -which- requested f the study -and report, said he had been advised by'.the: probation association the report would arrive about Nov. 1. Yesterday in.Safford Dr. Donald E. Nelson, chairman', of the ·controlling'board at Ft. Grant,.said It is due the- last of November. Apparently' anyone's -guess is: good, ·nd when it arrives it will be a report, of conditions six months ago, not now. EXPERIENCE Even before Gov. Dan E. Garvey ·aid last Friday night that he had locked horn« with Mrs. Ana Froh told have mention of establishlng.a icaiyiwf- - * y - . ertv ta\- division. The commission miller as State auditor and lost," he ft3f has been handling this work. --·« - » TM'««i n.mn^t, The,.reorganizaUon is, apparently an effort .to beat the,special, legislative interim committee x to the punch, 'The committee'is expected to recommend to-the "20th'legisla- ture that'a department of revenue . k m . . 1_^. _ . _ i _ V l ? ^ \ l A/4 ^TT^X lelcorn. will-'be provided'-, for A girlVbicycle an,d a week's stay the^season. at a boys' summer _camp will -reward th,e~-handsomest Halloween figures., Overl,500 Tucson youngsters are' expected to join the it winds snakelike," parade when across the'field.' ' · -Although oldster^ still fondly reminisce about putting a cow on top "-of the', schoolhouse, -and load- :,».u Democrats ing the main street found t out--that cars,, they best subdue'their urge to^tell'a better'tale and'hustle the youngsters off to" the stadium. ' Because it's just such stories that urge Junior on to bigger and tiet ter feats, out of sight, and have a supply .of goodies on · hand for tricks or treats. me At the stadium, Mrs. Dooley ment are j 0mt sponsors , of the Bookman, widow of the founder of even j Kittle's Bicycle shop is the grand prize for girls the event, will be on hand to crown- th e Hal- City Briefs MONDAY 8 p.m.--A mass meeting of .interest to all taxpayers will be held.at the Shrine club : hall,' 2900' E. Broadway. All taxpayers arc urged t o attend s "· . ' · ' · · 8p.m.--Tucson Stamp-club will meet In roomM12, State Muse\im building, University of Arizona campus. Frank Hoskins will speck on. "Mythology in : Stamps." Visi'tlng collectors 'arc Invited. TUESDAY 7:30 p.m.--Adobe Lodge, So. 41. F. A.M. will- confer tbe Fii'st Degree at the Masonic Temple, 160 S. Scott Visiting Brothers are invited to attend. 12:10 -p.m. -- Regular monthly meeting of the Pima county. Bar association: will be held at the Pioneer hotel ballroom. Entertainment will be presented during the luncheon meeting. Over, at the''Amphitheater auditorium, teen-agers- will appear In Halloween- costume, for; the flist junior,high"teen canteen' dancei of All junior hjgh~ school students are- invited^".by j \Mr,s.\ - Harriet Nichols,"' sponsor-' of- the'' 'event, 'assisted by",the 'new junior high student council; Barbara-JM.ay- 'fielcL president; J u d y O'Neill, ·.vice'.- .president; -Barbara ^raw- secretary, Marjorie treasurer; Itelnhelmer's; belt and buckle, E. savings" 'account for boy and girl, Valley, National bank; wrist watch for girl and' bo", Daniel's Jewelers; for boy and Grabe Elec_.,, 51 for*,boy and,-girl,"Copper State Chemical; 10'free'rounds'of ;olf;for boy and .girl, Golf Center; np .quart of ··! '' Shamrock DeRoy mic bootsies, *"« -- * · Co · fluorescent socks, Dave Broom e -"sons; metal erector- set, Jones - ~- - jaaii, treasurer; £* sons; meiai eiettv*- **-* ~~«~- ^V^T*^^ **«,, ^ n ii^t.u uj «^*v. Anita Hand, 'Karen. Malohe,";and Drug, .1225 _S.' Cherry* cosmetics^ Tucson office for southern Arizona T/,r.aino ManVi · aTp other mmmit- Tnnes Drue. Ill E, Congress',' pen .... , taVon A-TM,- K-,,. thA*DWn»n!-ir ·f\l.lllrl Ai«**^*J t *fc«fci m, ^.-»--n.i--, . -- --Loraine 1 Mann 'are other committee members. , . '' At the Mardi Gras event, a-handsome list^of prizes donated by"Tu ici ic=i..». · · · . . , · S ome use or prizes aaudLea uy i uti Nevertheless, it's good'advice to S0 n-merchants will.be awarded the keep your car and garbage' cans youn gster5 with the most hands u l .of some costumes. · The Junior chamber of; commerce and city recreation depart- crown- th e Hal- * bi ° clej an d the YMCA, the boys loween King and d ize a y. 6( fc a t summer Queen. This year's*' * ' · ratrm Halloween com-r"n,f, mittee has traced the event back 25 years -and have * years -and have Qa f cari wjndows if yo u leave ,- named tomorrow J£ deEp i te nhe.parties, your night's fesbvi5·*£ ^ still ed 4» Silver Jubilee _, .,, ,,,,_,, )t t t. pn en . _i- Gras. The late Bookr man. who : 'owned a variety store 'on Stone near Congress,' called . the Halloween-.''his Christmas, and started distributing gifts to the small fry. He con- tinued'until his practice, grew. Into the;-Mardi .Gras, an-.annual event Mrs. Bookman traces it back 28 years. ' This is ;the first time Mrs. Book- glycerin soften it. then go at H with soap and water. And now'you're fully protected for the infamous night. A complete list of prizes and .the merchants donating them, for the mardi gras follows: Western belt Little Polks Shoppe: boy and gir sweaters;,Jacotne's;'-tle. holder, com pact. Grunewald- ..'Adams;-_ doll football, .Sears. -Roebuck;' portrait, Bueh'man studios; 15 passes .for .boy aid!-'girl, Plaza:."theater;, wagon, ; . i denims, . for boy arid girl, : Ronstadt .Hdwe.; llllS IS U l c 1U£»U unie i»aio. j^wwn.- g n ^/ 'glTl, data.. . Lin;at^:i., ,»«*c,v^, man has participated, in the event jj; tc helf'Furnlture;''belfand buckle; ln"-15 years. She will put the-'--'--- .-nru,-+«--anviw. S9.sn .-m-ize crowns on the kingly forehead "of Lany Knauff, 11. and. the.queenly £0.; ..Mickey- Mouse . watch, i. . . . _ ·- /· · rt. . TM i _ c*.t«.«^ ft^,r- " i n " OOQi f . · _ ! - _ - . . \«««T^-. trvr* Vin\/ anH. brow, of'Susie Summers, 10, .2334 North Richey Blvd.. Gates will open atS;30 p. m. All children in costume must report, at tlie Conner of Seventh and Second avenue to form the line of parade on-the Second ave. side of the field. 'All adults, and children . not in costume' 1 must enter the stadium, on the Third ave. side. ..Free, candy, nolsemakers, and Tm voting 102 i» Siy» CAVETT ROBERT, Phoenix attorney and recognized authority on real estate law. ; · · ' . ' · ' "Amendment 102 will help to equalize local tax rates. Tax rales will go down, especially where the assessed valuation per child is low." 1*AID yOLTTICAL AEVZHTISING Tht Arixona Citiz«m Committee fer Equalization of School Taxes 1OUISA.MYERS Chiirmtn -- Phoenix SAM J. HEAD Prescott H. C. DOBSON JAMBS F. BYRNE F. W. HCKETT BERT HA'WKINS Viet-Chwr.--M«» Yumi t Tucson .' Winilow MRS. GUS LOPEZ MRS. S. SAUNDERS E.F.VICKERS DKW. PRICE :Tucson Phoenix Pouglts Sec.-Tre»j.--PJi'x. suspicious, the UXCOM- of standards,, recom a coating of lubricating oil Narcotics^ Office Here Will Close Henry B'. Hays, treasury _ agent for the bureau of narcotics, .sta tloned" here *since, 1948, has been transferred to Memphis, -Tenn;, and the office heref'will be closed 'tern poriniy. '· , sin, wu". ^"~-, , Hays.will leave for his, new pos jilK dally; for 30 agj manager of the' branch, office 1 In v =, ~. Dairy.--j · Memphis "for western Tennessee-as Ten-dollar prize for'boy pr^girl, SOCHr as.all cases pending here-havi «. .· /^;r-i »u« n . fiqcViUcylit. -cera- · _ , . some time about ,th Jones'Drug, "111 E. Congress , and, pencil ;set ior boy and, girl Flores, Pharmacy. 1 ^ . -Bowling game, puzzle, Toymart; football or basketball, doll, 5. H Kress Co.; copper horse, Thun- derbn-d shop; x lamp,' horn, Ingham Ingham; two' $1 median- dise certificates for boy and girl, McLellan store; skates for^boy and girl, Kussell poo for boy Beauty shop will be Sheperd; sham- and · girl, Andree's camera for boy and jrfrl NuArt Photo; two passes for boy and girl, Lyric Theater · ·-- boy' and Co.; five phonograph record for girl McWhorter Music crystal sets, Roh's Ra3io; doll. toy truck, Reuben's Arizona Home Supply. Belt' for boy or -girl, Porters football,' Howard s f £ t s u r prise package, box of candy "Sloan's Pharmacy; for boy \ and girl UUA Ut Vt»**-«J »w*. -- -] j -- _ - ~~rDamskey's: c o s m e t i c s , Martin Drug; trophy for king and queen, Tucson Gas Electric'Light Power Co. · PUBLIC RECORDS TUCSON BLOEPRINT CO. , . House; 40 W. Congress Ph. 2^647 Jewelers;. bogk for boy : PIttr girl · Dpen "Beauties Hi LEWIS.Designs Beautifully Made by : ' JOHANSEN ere walking a w a y with, top fashion, honors .on- the most flattered feet in. America. Anklet in black-' or ..rhulti-' color doeskin. Instep strap .. in black'or brown dos- .skin. Perfect' matching bags. Dexdale nylons. · 16.95 Open a Lewit Chant Account or Use Our Will Call System Widths -AAAA to B ' Sizes 2 ] ,s to 11 Tucson .· (Phoenix 55E.PENNINGTON Activities now handled by the over by Mondty Ivtnlnt, Oct. 10, 1HO' fflce' untjl"the, offlcc-'here i* pened'at an. Indefinite date. OPEN ' EVENINGS . Every Monday TO 9 P. M. Other Days to 6 P. Mv · FREE PARKING Behind Westerner ", " i handle with care... Have no fear ... even your most valuable possessions are safe in the hands of our expert movers. ' : . ' , " · Tucson Warehouse Transfer@Co. ILHI ilffiS 1 ESTABUSHEO IN 1892 LIGHT AND HEAVY HAULING · HOUSEHOLD GOODS MOVING CRANE SERVICE · PACKING AND SHIPPING BAGGAGE TRANSFER · STORAGE Christmas and Thanksgiving AREN'T TOO FAR AWAY! We're not suggesting that you drag out your Christina* lists and get the Christmas spirit at this early date,.but . . . We do cordially invite you to drive out to our lovely - grove salesroom . . . -'.browse around . . . and see' -what's available for you when you're ready to tafclde that gift list. CANNED DATES · MARMALADES · DATE PECAN BREAD · O R A N G E P E C A N BREAD · FANCY F R U I T PACKAGES Drive out today and see the / many lovely gift suggestion* on display DESERT TREASURES CITRUS and DATE GROp Oracle U. S. 80 at Oranje GrOTe Rokd : By ALVEN BRWO; TlLBHCHAf --says one of the mosClmpdr- tant group of men to't^y mnd all men. - ^ {; At one. time Insurance * men- had to be fast .talkers, ^0 were endowed with ; thick skins and who wouldn't take "No" for an answer: not so any, more. This group .vJi recrulted.- : fr6m the- top layer of our academic" pile. They are keen business _ men. and 'rarely approach^ anyone- without " knowing In advance how they can better Jiis economic position. They present a plan, carefully'-worked, out'mnd applicable to that one ..Individual's affairs. They *re m ° re Ulce engineers, they" could bt financiers or specialized business counselors rather,' thin Insui^ : ance Salesmen. This highly trained group, of men use Insurance as 1 » vital element In successful business- operation. When they say, "I'll betcha," they mean, "My Company will pay your loss--If you can't." 'UNEBAU Don't'trust a $ : there's « reason.' Gonvenisnt FREE PARKINS «t Pirk Avt. Coll«g« Shop and Campw Boottry CONTINUING OUR 11th ANNIVERSARY -NEW TALL SUITS Newest- Fall Styles, in Fontmans, Hockanum,' : ' Jullwrd, Welshire, Botany and American Woolens. All' : n*w ; colors, plaidi ind check* -- Junior, Missw 1 and Women's sizes. . , - ' · ·Originally 39.9S Originally 49.95 Originally 59.95 NOW. . . . NOW . . . NOW . . . 28 S 38 48 -NEW TftLL COKTf -- Great Coats, SHort-Coats'-...-. Fleeces, GataYdinei,:Tweeds,,Coverts--AH newert styles and colors for Fall.. Junior, Misses' and. Women's liias. Originallv 39.95 Originally to 49.95 .Originally to 59.95 NOW-. . . ' NOW . . . ' · ' · - . ' NOW...... '28 '38 *48 FALL PRESSES- Tailored or Dressy types in all new''.Fall styles and colon.-You'll^recognize these Presses as currently featured in leading, fashion magazines. Junior, Misses and Women's sizes: - - - « . . ,, ««», Originally to 12.98 Originally to "19.95 Originally,to 29.95 N O W . . . "NOW - · - - ' NOW ... 8 13 18 FROM LINGERIE . SECTION^ Reg. 8.98 . . NYLON TRICOT SLIPS Lovely nylon lace trimmed slips. Sizes 33 to.42.. NQ.W Reg. 6.98 NYLON TRICOT HALF SLIPS Nylon lace trimmed -- washes easily, dries quickly. Sizes 26 to 32. NOW -------- ...... Reg. 2.50 NYLON TRKOT PANTIE BRIEFS [n white -- wash like 'a hanky, dries in minutes. Sizei.4 to 8 NOW ............................. .'. ----------------- Keg. 1.2S NYLON and RAYON BRIEFS In white-- ^Jfylon elastic waistband and leg band. Sizes .4 to 8, jfOW ................ ______________________________ Beg. 498 RAYON JERSEY PAJAMAS One piece, elastic waist .lounging pajamas. Two-tone colors. Sizes 34 to 38. NOW Reg. 3.98 and 4.98 NYLON and RAYON GOWNS Plain colors, .some with loTely polka dote. Sizes 32 to 40. SOW. Reg. 3.98 NYLON and RAYON SLIPS * fcavely Nylon lace'trim top «nd bottom^ washes ind feels like ·ylon. Sizes 32 to 42. NOW 79' 2*8 and -FROM OUR- 813 N. Park Aye. Dissolution of Partner$hip SALE OF FINE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED WOMEN'S DRESS SHOES 12.95 TO 19.95 VALUES NOW \ '6,. '12 Size* 4 to 10--AAAA to B .Nationally Advertised (HILMEN'S SHOES '3 *4 *5 Value* to 7.95 CIUAI j rlNAL I 815-817 N., Park Av*. To*. «m«t fc« «onplctsl7 satiffied -or jo« noaejr will b« cheerinlly refunded 1 I3S E«tt

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