The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on February 4, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 4, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS SIX MONTHS! COULD NOT WORK Lyiia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Made Me Strong and Able to Work—I Recommend It To AH My Friends. . - Bayonne, N. J.—"I had pains in back "3 so thatlcQuld notstapd'tause.d """Tlby female trouble. Ill felt so tired all the jltime; had bad head- laches,-, and;for six llmonths I could not II work. I was treat- lied by a physician llandi took 'other- re- llmedies but' got no relief/A friend told me about Lydia E. IPinkham's Ve'ge- ble Compound and —. ~ has helped me •*ery much. I am well and strong and aiow able to do my work. I cannot ^foifolc you enough and I recommend -your medicine to any friends :Who- are- idc.'"'—Mrs. SUSIE SAGATANSKY, 25. Mast 17th St., BayonnerN. J. It must be admitted by every f air-r minded, intelligent person,' that a medi- riirt could not live and grow in popularity-for oveV'forty-wears,'and today, hold a record -for —- IJ! - SwOriderful success as noes tiyaia-jorrfnkhain^s-yegetaHe- Compound, without" possessing great virtue and actSfal worth". . Such-med- looked upon and termed fcoth standard and dependable by every thinking person REFWHtETS YANK^SPURNED Poison Propaganda to Russian A. E. Fi Revealed by U. S. Secret Service. ,. : Extracts from. pamphlets, published by the Engllih-«peaklng Communl»t» In Ruula, ' anil' dl*trlbut«d among th* American tr*»p* In the North—now In j the pnaeiiMin of the U. 8. Depart- m*nt'*f Juitle*. •• "Comrades! Drop this dirty wort Turn jrour funa on your.real enemies, the sweaters and.capitalists. '• "Come' with''Ms' in the" far ncbler struggle to establish the triumph »{ labor tb« world'over: (Slfened) N. LENIN." "East and Central Europe Is •flame with the rerolt^The exploiting class has in some countries fallen, and lg_others areiim Jhe joint .of. falling: tlie day of "Labor's reman-" clpatinn has come I". "Tou hare anas. You ,taow howVito use them. Will yon, like slaves, .nse them In defense of yonr master, or will you use them to help your class be free? . If the firmer, then yon know that you will ; meet;-with deter; mined resistance of the united" revolutionary people of Bast and Central Europe, and History • will he ' your judge." If the latter, then Here's-, a hearty welcome into the ranks of International lab*r." ,; ",We ,wiw»t you to understand-.that eVery country Jn the world—Including y*ur ownfr-can become it . socialistic state, a WorkBien^s/couiitrjr,-U'.only.rit f*ll,ow3. tli* J iilfei)l»n emniple. , .livery iaatlon;'In-|;.'tli^^ri^iricjudWif.v .th'e ^ank*e i ..r«ceVr<MuC : 'become' «;, really free'iiation; if "It only, does .away, with the ; trasts;; .the looiiey, lords, Rnd.,,the It' Is', iip'tp '! It,is •ij.totiou-toibring' the'.igrejttilesioa-rot. the Rasilan HeYplntlpn: home-to your t*Uing and avfearing brolhjfrs; It's .•»jato'-:syete',*••:stjuctr-itl-therarrto. your '•wm Aaaerlca, .ynu Just start it—and y«nr hroth'ers wlU:follcvr:you I Ton just dare I _Tou'haTe ncthlng to: lose but your ' chains. r TTou liar* a world to- gain. • .." • ' •"••'• ""'." ' ''."•. % "Ton Just dare to take home ,wlth ( i yon the feed Banner of the Revolution -and Inscribe upon It: . . "Down with capitalism! "Long live Industrial Freedom! "Long, live. Socialism I" !• "Tou probably., would let ns alone and go home, If your, officers 'would let you. But they do not Intend to let yon do so. Tou are under their orders, and they are under the orders of "high-' er iips," and, those are under the orders of "still higher ups," etc. At tte top of the whole pile are the wealthy capitalists •. who want 'to ' get',"-their'' greedy hands upoJ the. mines • ,ajjd ; . factories, railways, etc., of ' Russia. That Is the reason yon are here to'rob- wortlngmen and malie millionaires ^richer. , ' . .', "We know that yon are bound, hand and toot by discipline and have been In blind fgriorance of. wh,at, you-were doing here or why you came. The only way that you, can do'thej,d«cent--'thing: : is- by breaking 'the: discipline : - that drires you to this crime against your own kind, the working class. i "The war Is over. There Is no. honest reason for you to submit to military ord*rs. Tou are not fighting 'German militarism.!, jou. are aab- Good Health for You Dr. Carter's K.&B. Tea Crate but Little and Ton Can Make a . . Wh*le Lot from One Package More people are drinking Dr. Carter'i K. & B. Tea thin ever before, became they have found out that for liver,»tom«ch •nd bowels aod'to purify the blood there U nothing lurer, uferbr better. The littl* toll just love it. . mlttlng" to it wheri : yon obey the commands .of. your : own officer.' ( . '•'Ton- citn break away. t We. know that yon. can, .for .we. did..' Tou ; are powerful enough' aiid'nninerbuis eneugh to arrest tlie officers- or to do ~ '"~ th^m /: ;what jroji. pleas*.. Or jeu can coat* orer to m" . ; OTJR JOB' And at s That It's Cheap. MRS..MARC PETER Mrs. Marc Pater, wife of tlio nt\v Swiss minister to Hie United .States. who lins arrived in .Wuslilugtun wiih lier husband. CHICAGO GUNMAN IS-KILLED Labor Feudist Shot Eleven Times ic He Stops His Automobile ..: at Home. Chicago, Fob. 4,—^llsnirice '(Moss.) Enripclit, -.chief of OViesigo gnnricn. onne. oonvict^tl of niui-dei\ fnuious fnr Tiis participation in Inbor fends,• \vns sliqt Hinl killed us li^'sloppcd his ;;mo- mohile in- front of liis home :it ]1TI West Garfieid boulevard.- Five men. in a bhiel: initoinoliilo \viib closed curtains, according to pvevrit- TH*:SC J $. opened fire on Hnright he'furr Jio coukl draw his reyolvc-r from IKS rvercoat. poctct. FiftVen shots'•were I'.vod. Eleven tool; tfTect Enriglit was dead, ivhen his wife, screainins :iuO hysterical, ran up K.- th'e C:IT. . SEiZ-ES WARSHI P Italian Torpedo Craft and Munition Vessel Are Taken Into "iumo by Insurgents. Trieste, Feb. 4. — 'Gnbriele d'Anmin- zio. Italian insurgent lender at Flume.' has seized the torpedo boat Orsini un'd the. auxiliary ship Citta di r.oma, bound from Ancona to Pola with munitions and foodstuffs for the Italian naval forces. The vessels were brought into Flume. KILLS PAIN 5 MINUTES Agony °^ Rheumatism and Gout, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Chest Colds and Sore Throat Prided in Half the Time It Takes Other Remedies. Mustarme won't blister—it is always ready for use—it's grandmother's old- fashioned mnsrnrcl piaster . with other .up-to-data. pain killers added. The best and quickest remedy in the wnrld for lameness, sore muscles, stiff rinck cramps In leg, earache, bacltache, JieaS'ache and toothache. Bcffy'3 M'ustarine—ask £01 It bv name. la made oJ real, honest, yellow mustard—not cbeaP substitutes. TTse !t freely to 'draw the pain from those sore foet— it's great for chilblains, too, and for _. _i?j, *„„* Aolr .ffir. I*nrl (»oi- ."\fnctal^«o it a creat ror tunuiuiuo, LUV, auu ±ui. Eai_^e.^»ow £0 bo^ a Set • Mustar *"'j He says Fm a good skate 95 • .' •', •' • • -*? ' ••:--'•; ' • • '' • •:.-.;••' . —Chesterfield A REAL pal— that's dllesterfield. Look at its record. T7hree ffitil- llon smokefs — less* tHan five yea ro on the rjaarket S T\vd wprdfr-expiaiii ,li-" ffley Satisfy.". -.'•••.'•' '• , -.". Our expert; buyerfe in the Orient select for Chesterfields only the . finest grade .of the foiir choicest varieties of Turkish tobacco; To these are added the best of mild but full-bodied Domestic leal But, in the end, it's the blend that makes Chesterfields "satisfy" And the blend—our , private', formula—. cannot be cop.iecl; That's-'why it's Chesterfields —and only. Chester. f ields^if you -want "satisfy" - Ch.cGterfieids .are packed jfirst in gaper; then ia tiu foil and finally'enclosed- in a mpisture-prpof paper ' envelope -and sealed. LAURA E. SWARTZ OSTEOPATKIC PHYilCIAh Chronic Otceasei' a Specl««tv Offlct, In Laudcr-Nlehalt Bldfl. W.W.HAMILTON Coal and lee MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phon* 204 ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROF. W«shMl Nut, Egg mm Lump I Phone 149 K.- HENRY BAIN TRANSFER QET OUR PRICE* Phon* <NS'L H. O, HALL & CO; FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Phone 233 W. A. BRANDO1N, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND THB ' EYE Eyo Tattad Qlaa*** nttMl Vlrfflnla Blda. CarboHdal*. 111. DR. J.W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDINO H*ura • to 11 A. M. and 2 ta • f. .... PHONE » F.L.LINGLE,M.;D. Q*n«ral PractlM. attention/ to Ey«, Ear, and Threat Phon*»: Residence 330-2, Oflta* SW-1 Virginia Biillillnf HAMILTOiN & BRADLEY :' . Attorney a at Law Phon* 252 K Suite 112-116 New Hamilton BulMlRff) DELIA CALbWELk, M. D« McANALLY BINLDINQ • 21.1 W«»t Main 8tr»*t . Offlea Hour*—8 to lu «.«.: 2 to 4 P.H, CARBONDALE CANDY , KITCHEN Home ff.a'de Candles and lc« Crca<* Telephone 144 Y HAVE COLOR IN Be Better Looking—Take Olive Tablets To have a dear, pink skin, bright eyes, no pimples, a feeling of buoyancy like childhood days, you must keep your body free from poisonous wastes- PT. Edwards' Olive Tablets (a veg»- table compound mixed with olive oil) act on the liver and bowels like calomel —yet have no dangerous after effect Take one nightly and' note results. They start the bite and overcome constipation. That's why miiiicas of boxes are aold annually. 10cand2Sc. Mouey uack without quest3on> If HUNT'S SfJve fai)« in the treatment of ITCH.ECZEMA, RINGWO_RM; TETTER or otheritching skin <ii«t««e>..Try •- 75 rent'box ct our rale. HJETSFITT'S I)RUO STOKS" SIX CHILDREN IN 15 MONTHS Alabama. Woman Gives Birth to See- ond Set of,iej^—All Well, • •'». Says Report. Albany, ^Ala., PeB. 4.—Sis children,, two sets ol triplets, within 15 months, is the birth record in the familj' of Mr.' and Mrs. Vosey Livingstone of Albany. ' The secpnjl trio of children wasr born Monday and all are-well. NEGLECTED COLDS ARE DANGEROUS! Dr. King's New Discovery- soon breaks a cold and checks a cough /"MULLS — fever—sneezes—anS I . then a hard cold develops. . ^^ Take a little Dr. King's ??ew Discovery when the sniffles start.. It will soon check .the colcl, the- cough-provoking throat-tickle. Used . everywhere by people who know why it'has been on the market for . half-a century. Relieves cold, cough, grippe, croup. Ko. disagreeable 1 a • after-effects. All druggists—COc. and §1.20 a bottle. Give it a trial. Bowels Behind Schedule? • Liver acting lazy? Brink them to• time with Dr. King's New Life Pills. Gentle but sureracting system cleansers that are-tonicky ;ini action and pleasing In "results. Still gfic. ft bottte &t al] drug Korea,

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