Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 10
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North Long Beach Junior Women to See Fashions 'Birdie Success on the Bench North Long Beach J u n i o r Women's C l u b will-view spring- fashion show March 8 Welch's Restaurant, ways anc n5enns"chairman Mrs. Jim Cofer announced to members meeting iri-Houghton Park Clubhouse. ' In'"other business, Mrs. Ralph Bergdoll, philanthropy, c ti a i r- man, reported that the club is seftffig :up a trust, fund to .lid with medical expenses for a North Long Beach child burned DRY IT FREE ·All Yoy Wart (JSe load) Hw« NO LIMIT! 7 DAYS 7 NIGHTS Thera'i On* Ntar You PAY-LESS LAUNDROMATS NORTH LONG KACH-1339 I. Arttila llvd. COMPTON--1904 I. Rowcrani NORWALK--11CS7 I. Roiecram DOWNEY 8811 I. Imperial ARTESIA 18709 Pioiwer SAN KDRO 217 N. GaHey iELLFLOWER--9713 E. Arttjio i n a r e c e n t fire: Mrs. Carl Rodgers, Operation GI 'chairman, requested that members donate cards and games to the Chaplains Service C o r p s for servicemen's use. * * * *, SEATED in chairs of .honor were p a s t presidents -Mines. Tom-Watson and Grover Se- juine, charter members; Pat- pick Lyon, F r e d Harris and John Garrels. Unable to attend were past presidents Mrs. Troy Epting and Mrs. MarshalTKie- ler. . · ' ' . . . During .the. program, presented by Mrs. Chuck Negri, members and guests saw their own past presidents, the Junior Gav- eleers, -perform S p i k e Jones pantomimes under the direction of Mrs. Seguine Jr. *" . . · Mrs. Kenneth Newton, president, w e l c o m e d Mrs. Dick Wing-Hartlein .and Mrs. Ray Bowen as new members and introduced guests Mmes.' George Maddux, James Mason, 1 'B. B. Nevitt and Joan Parks.- - USWY Luncheon United Spanish War Veterans, Long Beach. Auxiliary 71 will meet for noon luncheon anc sewing Thursday in Veterans Memorial Building. SOUTHERH CALIFORNIA MILITARY ACADEMY I Ch.rry Awm«,.lMl »··*;, ^»«^'_ "ALL NEW FEBRUARY BUDGET BUYS IN ADVANCE STYLES 8 FABRICS - Fabulous varietal Chemise, butterfly backs, I new "Go-Go" coats, short toss-ons, long button-ups. ALL TYPES1100* wool pastel :tweeds, plush. Cashmere blends, smart tf ppsacking. Target Cloth, etc. Handsomely. i ."Hned.some Insulated. 8 to 18. : . - RED NAW WHITE BEIGE MELON YELLOW BLAC BLUE GREY i Charge It, 6 month* to pay BROADWAY AT PINE DOWNTOWN LONG BEACH Shop Fridays 9:30 A.M. to 9 P.M. Order by Mail or Phone HEmlock 5-7259 By GAY PATJUEr UnlUd Fittt SUIf Con-MpomUnt NEW YORK--At the rate J u d g e : B i r d i e Amsterdam, chalks. up "firsts," I wouldn't be surprised to see-her the first woman 'ever appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court . - . But the judge .is first again --to state firmly that she Isn't interested in the job. '· "This has been my: dream," said the 56-year-old woman who is the. only one of her sex ever elected to New York's highest judicial .post, . the State Supreme Court "I have no aspiration beyond.'this, I want that understood." The strikingly, handsome jurist also was the first woman elected to a New York municipal judgeship, and the. first to sit on the city court bench. Her current job, to which she was sworn Jan. 6,. is for a 14-year term at 'a yearly salary of $32,000, which is just $3,000 under .what associate justices of the U. S. Supreme Court earn. What is she like--this woman named "Birdie," cited by one high-ranking jurist for her "extraordinary accomplishments on'the bench," and holder of goodness knows how many · citations and awards from her own profession? WELL, SHE-wears pearls, Maurice Rentner suits, keeps jer deep auburn hair in a chic chignon, is-happy her judicial robes are enveloping enough to hide an occasional stocking run, and is convinced that eventually this nation will have a woman President. "I don't know if it will be in our time," said the lady judge.- ' "But women have shown they have outstanding abflity in a variety of jobs. Let's appraise our resources realistically and utilize' wom- anpower as well as manpower. . . ." Judge Amsterdam is single, has no heart interest, but believes "where there is love, it does not matter if a woman also works." ' She dines on sardine sand- "wiches 1 at her desk because there'hasn't been time to get away from it at lunch hour; she's a size 14 "but a 16, unless 1 watch it," and is a gardening hobbyist, taking over where the hired help leaves off at her summer home in Lido, on Long Island. . She is an amateur interior decorator who outlined during ' our interview the new color scheme for. her. chambers, currently done in office green." ·.- '·' -..'· ... . ··. · "Hate it," said the judge firmly. "I'm going to have the WE,THE ag. B-2--INDEPENDENT Dress: tor Flair, Gals, to Heck With Figure! \ : . " U«t loch, Mil. Tw.., Mk II, l»li By MARY PRIME nnlttd Pint «t»tt Comipondmt. HAML PRESENTS Three fashions from her'spring collection-at left an^venmg dress; in Ma* and red lace worn with a black tulle scarf. In the. center picture, Chanel has fashioned a flat-breasted, deep-waisted afternoon dress ir.' "d wookn mus1m trimmed with matching tie and worn with a large black ^aw hat At right is an afternoon dress in printed tulle, with garlands of flowers at the shoulder and hemline.--(Associated Press Wirephoto.), ' . ··' . NEW YPRK--A casual-war] designer's theory ihould/ do wonders for our morale if not our waistlines. She ; says we women should dress for flair-and to heck with our figures. "Most women are too conservative when it comes . to choosing casual clothes and sportswear. They think .high- fashion lines and colors are too extreme for-the average figure. If they have to'make-.a choice, they., should'forget their size and concentrate ' onf -.clothes with' flair," said Florence :Zinberg, designer for 'Macshore Classics, a leading v manufacturer of medium-priced. separates and c o o r d i n a t e s (Mouses, beach coats 'and two- jiece dresses).' '..""?·-'· ' ' , . - ' . ' i ' * * *i' "··'"' MISS ZUJBERG : alms, to solve that problem;. however, jy combining-conventional cuts with high-fashion; styling^in her new. · collection,.. inspired by a visit, to .-.Brazil during carnival time. · , . . " ; - · The ; clothes designed by Miss Zinberg.-were shown to members 'of the. North and .South Jfaierican .fashion press in Rio Ae Janeiro recently. The collection is the first, of its kind to be available at 1 moderate prices in Brazil. Miss'Zinberg plans to design her, next collection from ideas gathered in Mexico. She believes color Is one o the most important features o this line because · "Braziliai women wear more colors thai we do. They wear casual style but are less conservative." The designer borrows.lots o hot" colors from South Amerca--bright turquoise, orange, old, and crimson, often. com- ined in prints or used solidly dth.white. ·. : · ' · ' ' * · ' · .BLOUSES COME witn ''moderately ; plunging" neckliiws-!- ' ' ' - "" " ' in be ow enough.-for- comfort warm weather. They can worn with shorts.or slacks, or . late in ,the day with dressier kirts. Other highlights o£ the colection: - . .The overblouse is a top-style. Most versions .hug the hipline with - ' ' " have waist. Nautical touches show ; up in ailor collars on blouses and-on . a drawstring tie. ,Some buckles marking the- ;erated sailor styling. Qne- beach coat which drew applause was a white -broadcloth .with six big patch pockets. on the front and -one pocket i^ jack. The pockets were done in" colorful prints, checks and stripes. · Visit in Solvang Mr. and Mrs. Walter-Nichols and youngsters, 'Carole and Tommy, enjoyed the past weekend visiting in Solvang. SAFE, NEW, EASY WAY STOPS BED-WETTING tMkil HUM fcuvny «J1W DIT-TAM mmt w*r tu«touiaiD.wmntQpM~iir.«*fr«i«»« * _ . , BOM? hwk.N« lIlUtjHBI JIIIIW PI t^mm^m^f^ ·lina, »r ««. Ajk f«r DRT-TAM-only HM. AT BEHER DRUB STI»is1vaVWHCRt wails done in a'sort of'cham- pagne shade, - the carpets a. pale beige. I think an .office should look like an office,, but be ..pleasant and relaxing at the same, time." · » ' · * · JUDGE AMSTERDAM was born on' New York's -lowest East Side, the product of Austrian immigrant parents. She was christened Bella, but her parents dubbed her "Birdie" because of her baby chiirping sounds. The name .stuck. "My parents taught me to aim high," said the judge. "Mother always said, grand opera --or nothing." · One.of six children, Birdie 'Amsterdam .was graduated .from Hunter 'College High School with a state scholarship, studied at City College of New York, and got her LLB from New .York University. She was admitted to the bar in 1923. · But she never has moved from the neighborhood of her birth, although the area hardly is a fashionable part of town. She now lives with her youngest sisters family,. "I lik« my neighborhood, I know the people," she said. Since she became Supreme Court judge, the letters have poured in from all over the 'country, she said. One of her favorites was, from a young man in Hot 'Springs, S. D., who wrote, "I am just a coun- .try boy ... but 'I just want you to Toiow howl feeL ... I think there should-be'more women running things in this ole world. . . . " , . . . \ . Money well spent You will not reftenl When you are content With beituty improvement That's worth every cent. ^7/d U-abutc ou.5 lamorouA m il Changs GLAMOUR SALON The ^Vetc fabulous Imported Machine That Will Bleach and Tint Your Hair in One Day in a Cavalcade of Gorgeous Colors to Match four Gowns and French ' Poodles. ' . · ' · " y«... If i f h» n«w«if dficovtry for btauftfyfng the HAIR and FACE . . .-It Blcaehts and Tfnf* In feoff *ht usual tintt...It glv»s 'a scalp frtafmtnf vncftr a gtnff* vapor that fe*(ps fo ·1/mJnof* dVyiJMS at th» scalp, and leaves ffte ends of fht nafr to soft and glossy!!-/* opens and cleanses the pores, thus helping fo eliminate Wackhtads.'.' 'John Wilson Day' Friday "John Wilson Day" will be celebrated by Woman's City Club, at its '1:30. p.m., meeting Friday in the clubhouse, 1309 E. 3rd St. Wilson,' former Jordan,,High School principal and perennial favorite with WCC audiences,, will discuss current events. Mrs. Eva Marquardt will : .preside. . . . . . During the group's last meeting, Dr. Dale D. Drum, instructor of speech at. Long Beach State College, spoke on.'liincoln --the Man Behind the' Myth." · * . » * · _ · · HE DKEW an appealing word picture of the 6-foot, 4-inch Lincoln, dressed in black suit and top hat''arid shawl, bringing out not only the strength, and sadness of the man, but his wit and_humor as.well.. ; Also on ' the program was Miss Lynda' Sue Mark of Long Beach Symphony Orchestra who gave a vibraharp program, "Music Through the Ages." Beauty Feted Mr. and Mrs. Les J. Heedwohl of Long Beach hosted a dinner party -at The Plush Horse restaurant in Redondo" Beach In honor of Miss Joan Adams, recently arrived here 'rom Las Vegas; Also present to 'etc the pretty' honbree, who was "Miss-Nevada"-in-the-recent Miss Universe- contest,'was i. Alberta Kelly. 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