Independent from Long Beach, California on May 18, 1957 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1957
Page 10
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SAFE ABOVE GROUND Little Benjamin Hooper Is carried from rescue shaft on a stretcher after his dramatic rescue from a well more than 20 feet deep at Manorvllle, N. Y. ·OXYGEN GIVEN TO BOY SAVED FROM BURIAL ,;' Ambulance attendants administer oxygen to 7«year-old Benjamin Hooper after V the youngster was rescued from a dry well In Manorvllle, N.Y. He was trapped ··. almost 24 hours. Benjamin's mother looks on anxiously. The youngster already l " had been given last rites of the Roman Catholic Church.--(AP Wlrephoto.) Crowd Exults in 'Miracle' · Boy is Rescued Front Well · . , , «/ ' · . · · · . . - - . . - · * ' . , · l ' ''- ' "-v' . ' · · · · ' · ' Water Hearing Recess Called (Continued From P»i» A-l.) JUST BEFOBE THE boy was brought out, 'a rescue, worker had reached -him and. touched him, But -when the man emerged from the well, he said: "I believe he li dead. The . father had taken this . newi with a sober nod of the head. But almost before Hooper had felt the shock -of It, a vole* rang out from the' rescue pit: 1'The'boy Is opening his yei;" ' '.The.wonder,of the rescue was enhanced by the almost'utter: gamma-ray shields, each-about 4U feet'long.- These were scalec to (It neatly one Imlde the oth er,'They could be-expanded and contracted like an old-faahloned collapsible metal'drinking cup. One by one, In descending order of their size, the shields were forced through the sand from tho bottom of the rescue shaft toward the welL . - , ' AS THE WORKERS tolled, there was every Indication that death had outpaced them. There had been no sign 'of! . ... . . movement from the well bottom «-, " , . In hours. Benny lay wedged In JXCelSlOr tube/to the'bottom of the well for hours, determined to glve^the entombed 1 lad every chance'for survival. But even he grew despondent toward mid-afternoon and said: · --· "It's possible but very Improbable that the boy Is still alive." - · - . . . . Still there war no giving up. There was nothing to do'but forge ahead With the rescue task, hopeless as It appeared. SAN FRANCISCO /B -- The Colorado River water hearing recessed Friday until July 1. The current session, presided over by U, S. Supreme Court Special Master Simon H. F.lf kind,opened May 6. In two :veeks six witnesses testified the Imperial Irrigation-District, Coachella Valley County Water District and Pain Verde Irrigation District, all of Southern California. ' These, along with the state itself and the Metropolitan Wa ter District of Southern Call fornla which Includes the city of Los Angeles and the city and county of San Diego, are bat* tllng Arizona's claim of clear for title- to 3,800,000 acre feet of Colorado River water, annually. tfr.TRA-MODr.nN or ANTIQUE -- to sell or buy, Clas- dined Ads do it fpr you. Call HE 2-5959. . . It's SIGNAL--3801 -Atlantic--for '*"",,·*.' * " \ * · , ·"-· ' '- · d vox drifted down on him and at one point -not even' the- beseechlni tip of an .upward-thrust hand was visible to rescue workers from the top of the well. · But strong suction pump* drew out some of the sand, am the hand became visible again ORIGINALLY rescuers had dug a parallel shaft 12 feet · away from the well. Then they tried to cut across horizontally ' at a level with the lad's body. ·But when landslides repeat edly blocked their progress, they considered abandoning the shaft and attacking the well dl rectly, a maneuver of utter des ptratlon that might well have cost the boy his life. . At the last moment, however, tney reverted to their original tactics, with the.aid at an Ingenious device furnished by the Atomic Energy Commission! - ·The nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory sent fourj terror. """"' Re-election Test It was harrowing, heartbreak- Ing work'for the rescuers who . squeezed Into the ever-narrow. Ing point of, the horizontal res NORWALK -- Lone Incum bent running for the post of a board member of the Excelsior cue shaft-as they forced toward Junior High' School "District, the well. About 3:30 p.m. they report ed they were within three feel of the boy. . But now their working quarters were so cramped that *hov els were useless. With bare lands, In relays, they scooped out the sand. Lack of oxygen 'arced them out of the pit at Intervals. 'Shortly before 6 p.m. Jhey were only eight Inches away rom the boy. Then suddenly they broke through. .From 2 a.m. on, Friday, there was no sign of life from the bat- om of the well. Hooper pleaded n vain for some response that would Indicate his only son still was alive. Dr. Kris fed oxygen through a Venn Furgeson, has returned to office In Friday^election with a total of 1180 votes. Phyllis Aegerter, running for the -first time, defeated two other candidates for the remain ing vacancy. She pulled a total of 1,024 votes. . . . ;..,- · Incumbents Milton, P. Crook and Leonard A, Delk were returned to their posltlonston the tovtrnlng school board of trus« ees for the Norwalk La.Mlrada chool district by the voter* In Friday's election. Crook pulled a total .of 994 .votes, .while the voters elected Delk.' with ,530 trotes. High Fidelity iiiMfr for a limited time only I?, .-··-.· · ,. j,-·,.-.,·· ';r-.t' v ,' ,-AV'· V"*T. .-?· ies u/iW ^, . ; ;''/ : ;;:-;.'jjoiiget»;.; \v 1 ··SPEAKER, 1O WATT CONSOLE PHONOGRAPH oqulppid with Magnavox genuine Diamond Stylus Pick-up Perished 8YearsAgo ' , _ . . . . · · ' , - · ,, . - - £ ? '·",; in Earlier Deep WettJDriamd '. · . · · . - - - . · ·, , · M. · , .. . . « - . . - , , - . ' . · but they could'see-him wedgec Into the foot-wide hole some % feet down. Then the sand sifted ;NEW YORK Wv^-Two children running, laughing, never Watching for the dangers 'of the adult world. Then, suddenly, the (round disappears beneath their feet and down they plunge, A 3-year-old golden - haired ' ffrl ran a foot race with two Other children eight years ago W « Los Angeles suburb. She lost. When they turned to look ' for her, she had vanished. Her name was Kathy Flscus. and ·he died 100 feet u n d e r the , r r o u n d In the old well Into which she fell. |A boy. 7, ran a race with a friend Thursday In the backyard of his father's house far cut, on Long Island. He won, and,triumphantly -jumped over ·Tnound of sand--and vanished rtown a well hole his'father had jQ*t finished digging. ,,.,, · , . · · · - · , . · · ' ' ITHET COULDN'T reach him, Indiana Seek Damages ^WASHINGTON W--Indians ef the Crow Creek Sioux reset-! ' vitlon In South Dakota asked L Congress Friday for, $8,794,195 .| v AplUSTAIlE · ' for lands being taken from them and other damages resulting from construction of Ft. Randall Dim. · 2 , IXTBN9ION SPEAKER SYSTEM regularly priced at $49,50 ' KATHY F18CC8 ' 1MB Tragedy Recalled over him and not even his out- tretched 1 JlngeTs were visible. Fate wrote a different indlng for Benjalm Hooper Jr N _ but It was close.. ' Kathy fell down an Iron well casing. Scores of men, giant dig. gcrs and huge and expensive instruction equipment' of all kinds worked for two nights and days/sinking a shaft parallel to the/casing. Volunteers risked their lives In the loose earth and sand as they tried to reach her. After 32 hours they finally got deep enough and cut '8 win low In the well casing. It was too late. Kathy had died after] the first couple of hours, * doctor said. SIX NEW 12 RELEASE A $24.00 " LP LATE ALBUMS Selection v and Sate-1 Ge* all for only Plumbing Fixture Sale ~~ ~ 12' GALVANIZED PIPE Nr F»it SPRINKLER HEADS I 1 "' Qisrter WHITE : Lhri tte IN* el Illty it tkt MUNTIIUTON HOTEL . 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(at Cherry) * Ml 3-2J3I 1:30 «.m. fo 9:00 p.m. except Sat 1^ we-close at · DivQrce,I,8 Kinal,.Say.s Ty VowerJ '.'"'· ·'i-'ugitive.Ai^eited 'MEXICO CITY/ ^"--Tyrone.reconciliation with Tyrone. Power denied Friday he has any! Intention of -effecting » reconciliation with his former wife, Undi Christian. , · . , . · EImer "«"# Weavbr.^ a But the actor, reached on the Part-time gardner. WM arrested j film set, declared their divorce on the 400 block of Melrose Way of May 1955 Is "Oral" .-. Friday by the Federal Bureau ! - · night her actress daughter wag flying home to Mexico, where Power Is making a picture, "The Sun Abo Rlien." Mrs. Amezqulta added that Linda may i«ek a 2,000,000 Salk Shou WASHINGTON -- The of Investigation. Weaver Is fugitive from Sioux City,'Iowa, ; sought t h e r e on a'charge of ' Public Health Service announced beating his wlh with a hammer. : that two million doses of Salk according to special agent John polio vaccine were released dur F. Malone In charge of the dls- Ing the week ended Friday. trict- office, , · READ THIS STARTLING FACT 5 out of 10 smaller cars * " ' wear a Pontiac price tag -yet none give you any of / / , - ^ s - . ' . - ' Pontiac's advantages PONTIAC GIVES YOU MORE SOLID CAR PER DOLLAR THAN THE BIGGEST OF THE SMALLER JOBS! The. so-called "low-price" numbers just aren't in it--Pontiac gives you up 1 to 1.9% more solid car per dollar I And your Pontiac dealer can prove it-with · official specifications. Check ' them yourself. Starting with Pontiac's rugged X-member from* and con* ttouing through every inch of the car, you'll discover engineering advances and advantages the · smaller cars haven't even thought of. Then put the · facts and figures to a teat--with you behind the wheel. Feel the safe, solid '" * security of Pontiac'a extra-rugged heft... tho way it holds the road... the absence of bounce and shake. ' More important, you'll discover that , this big heavyweight handles like a \ dream in traffic or on the open road, · '·because only Pontiac offers you Pr»- . . elilon-Touth Controls for almost effort- .'. x less steering and braking. No doubt _; about it-here'g driving that puta the * '· smaller cars in the shade! NO SMALLER CAR EVEN APPROACHES PONTIAC'S 122-INCH WHEELBASE! . . . : ' · You can't ride on overhang-but you can on wheelbasel Pontiac gives you from 4 to 7 inch** mar* length between the wheels where it counts! From bump-smoothing comfort to interior stretch-out room, this is real man- size bigness) Add to this extra length Pontiac's exclusive UvtM.ln«Rld» find ' you have a car that makes the smaller jobs seem like toys! · . ; NOTHING ON WHEELS, PERFORMS LIKE A PONTIAC ... THE SMALLER CARS DON'T . EVEN COME CLOSE I Your Pontiac dealer can show you on* the-record proof that Pontiac is America's Number One Road Car." 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