Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1930 · Page 15
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 15
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'—>- *•-*-- **#?%*». ,„ Death Along Highway While Adjusting Tire td Rear of Aotomoblle, MOWN* UN16M, May S.-Paul well Byera, 13-year-old «on oil Albert and 6iiv« knabte fiy«r« of AthlftsoH Mitts, was killed instantly about one Wile east of Mount tTntofi on the f William Penn highway Saturday evening about T.Sfo o'clock whefl'he was struck by A coupe drlvsft by George Forehian of Mount Union. ^ With his parents, the boy was eom- Ittgf to do their Saturday evening buy- Ing when the accident Cecuifred. the family was riding m a small, tourtrig car and,had stopped off the side of the* road to fix A punctured tire, The work . *aa cowpleted and the IS-year-old lad was in the act Of putting* the spare tire on the tire-carrier at the rear 'ipf the sar When he was struck, Mr. Foreman Was returning from work at Itawestone and, aitother car was approaching in the,opposite direction. Lewis Miller and Robert Seek, both of Mount Union, appeared on the scene a very few minutes after the accident and they hurried to Mount Union to call a doctor. Jt)r. C. A. R. McClaln responded and when he examined the lad -he stated- theft death had been instant. The body was badly crushed by the itnpatt of the cars. The accident occurred in Mllfffn county and . Coroner Barr of Lewistown was notified., Mortician W. P. Dunmlre 'of Mount Union took the, body to his morgue and prepared it for burial. An inquest was held at . 10.30 o'clock Sunday morning by Coroner Barr with the following Mlf- flin .county men as jurors: F. S. Harvey, J. A. MoVey, William fie- )aney, Jay Deianey, W. J. Harhbrlght and J. A. Varner.' 1 The following verdict was rendered: . "We, the underslghned. jury-^of six lawful citizens of Mlfflln countyJ(in the death of Paul By era, Whope death occurred by being struck by ah automobile owned by George Foreman, Shirley street. Mount Union, .Pennsylvania, in Wayne township, Saturday, May .8, 1930, reader the following verdict: That ho came to his death by'being struck by,the car of George Foreman, C€llftl|Kltcd? Don't wt It-tor' Constipation to grip you Areyou allowing poisonous wastes to clog your system and throwoff poisons which rtp your vitality?/ Keep your system, thoroughly cleaned, dent let' constipation'get seated. If you hive not gotten rid of . thit food w«it« today—don't wait but do th!*. Tak* two Ep- •otabl tonifht for eoiuttpB- tloa reltof in .th* mornin«. / They act gently and potltlvefy -r«o pain—no (riplni. Kpio- tabi, the modem laxative, ia KpaomBalti in palatable tablet form. 35ublet«35c-«talldrui- lilt*. THE DILL' COMPANY NorrUtown, Pa. Whom we hold responsible but do not flttd ttOr fefel that it was careless or reckless driving on Mr. -Foreman's part as he may have been blinded by an approaching car." Paul Maxwell Byers .was born Sept. 18, 191t( in Shirley township, the son of Albert ahd Olive KnaWe By'ers. The Byers family lived on a farm for some years but had lately moved -to Atkln- sOn Mills in the Long hollow. SurvlVj ing are the following brothers and sister: John Byers, >at home, Miss Dorothy Byer^s of- McVeytown and Merrill Byers of .Klstler. Funeral services Will be held on.Wednesday. , 6. contrev»ri¥ ofW- Jnttga John J. Parker^! N Una at s. suptoftte court JuiOrt n«a completion W the senate tod*y. A voie IS-expected tomOtrflW. Megnwhlld the h«use, v having -disposed of <h* tarlft bill, turftfed to miner measure* oil the-eohscnt calendar. ' the administration's fight tot Par' k«? was to be carried oft today by Senator Waterman, Repuotidan, Colorado. His, perhaps, will be the last lengthy speech in the Parker controversy. The judge's Opponents, there- «ft«r, plan to force a vote. A poll of prospective billots indicates a five to eight majority against Parker. Congressional leaders today were* planning, to adjourn on June 14 if the legislative program can be disposed of by then. They hope to pass the tariff bill in its final form within two weeks; ratify the London naval treaty the following week, and pass the more important pending bills .in the three Weeks thereafter,' • ' : /Hearings on the:$110,000,000 rivers' and harbors bill were to be resumed today by the senate commerce committee. The senate campaign expenditures v lh* hfttie insular affairs today as it met to tohsTder the Bill ot Repfesefttative knutsoh, Republican, Minnesota, to withdraw or th» ^ AT OOLLEdB «»nootl seiflfttt Wfll Open at 2 o'clock Rev. ft. M. £>«t*iler presldlftg. The _r*»s of the *fte*no6n win be rtwwl* y «*v,' 6aie« B. ftoy«t> on "The fte-, atiort 1 of thfe Ministry te Missions," which win be followed by, art op«n orum. The closing devotions on the heme, "The Church and 'Missions," Will be ftmducted. by Rev. M, .C. wlgatt. l.-^-fhe 'annual ift C61- .--o'clock with 1 Mlirflc tiy th«"M«n's 5l«5"«Fttbrt°th* Mdttti o< thd eve- iiinf will be • niad<* by »r. AndMw Match. lTh6/L*di«8 r oie* ctub wiu close thrnttetlfljf with a selection, the flret ««88l6n towfofrew fflOfnlng will be ftt 8?46 6'eWk with *tt> Mfoffnal ,con f««mc6;ftftd toV6«0«f by Rev. C, 6. B«fe«y"' *»»6 6hap«l sewlon wMl be W^id it ,».4d d'claek with Dr. 0. q. Bills, pMsfdeftt of ^ufllftta college, in chafee. ^tha addfess wlft be* made by Dri. Andrei, Mtitdhi At 10.30 WeU^ ttW. *. ft Gdtthian will prtside. ' The addres««*^df the morning will be gJVeti b^ ttev. M. J. WeaVei 1 , who Special Toeiday, 5 to 9 P. M. Chicken afl<f Waffle Dinner....65* Epsotabs li<c f ('nnri'un'nl /«\fiiivi Send Your Washing to Logan Laundry The Cost Is Small PHONE 7377 ^LIBERAL Credit Cloth ing Co • 1507-11- AVENUE, QUALITY FURNITURE CO. NT 8th Ave. Dial 2-8356 Mint » Little Out 1 o} the Way,, But LOM to Pay!" NOW BBADY! 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