Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 6
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A»6-INDEPtNDENT IMf Iwk. CW'I. ttl. Mm» II. III! KKADMITTKI) Ted Kennedy Airs Harvard, Incident BOSTON 111 -- Fdward M. Kennedy, y o u n g e s t '·brother of the 1'iesidcnt, said "Friday he was asked to leave Harvard college in his fresh ·man year in I!OI, after a dean learned he had a friend ·take an examination for him. Both Kennedy and his friend, who was not identified, were asked to withdraw. Kennedy. HO. is a candidate ;for the Democratic nomina lion for the U. S. Senate scat his brother, John F. Kennedy vacated after his election to the presidency in I960. Kennedy told the story be cause rumors of it have been THOUIU.KI)? mil GIM-79»7 Coins the rounds In Massachusetts (or some days. HE SAW lit: was 18 when lie entered Harvard in the fall of inso. "During the second semester of rr.y freshman year I made a mistake." he said. "I was having dilliculty in me course, a foreign language. "I became so appithensivir that I arranged for a fellow freshman friend to take the examination for me in that course. The dean learned of this and my friend and I were asked to withdraw, with the understanding that we might rcapply for admission after a period of absence." he said. Kennedy enlisted in the Army, and served two years in the infantry in Kurope. On his return he was readmitted to Harvard. So was the friend who had taken the i:i)\VAUI) M. KENNEDY Graduation Day, I95G RICKEY'S S' !II "J Out Con-pM. Sled -- R,.Jy.|o-W,.r. l;. 9 ,M. 1 Sport..,.r. MUST CIEAR AT ONCE j LC;;S BEACH EVERYTHING MUST GO 11 Further Final Reductions DRESSES ifj. 11.95 r.g 19.95 to 2 5 9 5 r. ? 35.95 r.-, 4 9 9 5 KNIT SUITS t1. 39 95 .. .. «·. 49.95 r.j. 59.55 SKIRTS r..). 7.95 r.j 11.95 BLOUSES r9 MS i.-j 8 9 5 CAPRIS "9. 595 rr r 195 r.a. 995 t.lo. Celt $5.00 SI 0.00 $16.00 $22.00 $26.00 $34.00 $38.00 kilo* ecit $3.49 $6.00 tile- ceil $2.22 $3.44 ti!o- tcit $3.00 $4.22 $5.49 BLOUSES G",O' "1^ Reg. $8.95 B HOSE iox OF lit Quality Demi-Toe Reg. $1.29 pr. SENSATIONAL VALUES IN ALL DETRIMENTS R.nhAinffKaid--In1rrnjti.n4l rickeu 6 Di '( I I Is 9 t. M 5.1.--10 13 t P. M. S..-.M05P.M 4274 Atlantic Ave..L.B. 1 : GA 7-7092 NO LAT-AWATS -- NO CHARGE -- ALL SALES FINAL Astronauts Urge JFK to Cancel Slayton Ban examination as Kennedy. :i favor to KOIll LAI HI took part in intercollegiate athletics. In his second try at Harvard. Kennedy said, "I worked hard, passed all my courses-some with honors--and was graduated in cwxl standing in !)5r,." When he enrolled in the law course at the University of Virginia he said authorities there were fully aware of the Harvard incident. He was graduated three years later.j ind was admitted to the bar! in Massachusetts. I "What I did was wrong."j Kennedy said. "I have re-' prcttcd it ever since. The u n - j iinppincss I caused my family and friends, even though 11 years ago. has been a bitter experience for me hut it has al«o Ix'cn a very valuable lesson." WASHINGTON (UPI) -Donald K. (L)ckc) Slayton's fellow astronauts appealed to I'rcsidcnt Kennedy to reverse the decision disqualifying him from the second U.S. orbital space flight, it was Icarr.cU Friday. Nothing apparently came of the plea. The Air Force major still is grounded. Out a source close to the astronauts said they were "damned upset" about the abrupt shelving of Slayton because of an intermittent heart flutter. The spacemen were said to have begun to "simmer down a little" now, but Slayton and his six colleagues still insist that he should not have been scrubbed. The sequel to Ma rine Lt. Col. John 11. Glenn Jr.'s three-orbit flight of Feb. 20 is scheduled for May. Slayton in a letter to the mayor of his home town, Sparta, Wis.. said he felt his disqualification 1 was the re suit of "ignorance of the quested by "new people" in problem and resulting panic" on the part of certain officials within the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA). Slayton told Sparta Mayor There have been reports that Ralph Osbomc that the mat- tcr could "best be resolved through education of responsible personnel." NASA D e p u t y Director Hugh L. Drydcn and the astronauts' personal physician, as well as others closely connected with the Project Mercury program, had been aware of Slayton's heart flutter for 2'/J years. Drydcn and Dr. William K. Douglas both said they felt the decision was a mistake. Slayton said his physical per- by the heart flutters. Drvden said a review of Slayton's condition by an Air eluding the city of Leon. Force medical board was re Malfunction Halts X'15 Test EDWARDS AIK F O R C E engine Ignitor had failed to BASE. /P» -- An attempt to function. The XI5 remained lockwl launch the XtS rocket plane was canceled at the last moment Friday when pilot Neil Armstrong observed tliat hlsjbasc. under the wing of Its B5i mother ship and relumed to NASA. Slayton remains on thcj' astronaut team and has been assured he probably will be able to make an orbital flight. NASA might install him as the prime astronaut for the third shot. NASA officials said, however, this was not true--that the pilot for the third orbital! flight had not been chosen. M. Scott Carpenter, who was Glenn's understudy for the first flight, was tapped to take Slayton's place for the May shot. Nicaragua Volcano MANAGUA. Nicaragua OT1 formancc was never affected --Ccrro Negro volcano erupted Friday sending rand anil ashes over a wide ait-a, in- nnouncemenl May \vc suggest that you invite your friends to join you in a gala event, for a few days at the N'cwporter Inn, during the o p e n i n g week beginning April I I . Reservations are being taken now / Icwportci* iinn J.n-bor.. RJ- t H.y 101 ORiott tl..port lock 5-1700 A CCORCC 0. BUCCOLA ENICBPBISC 975 E. WILLOW ONCE-A-YEAR Slcel Pact ! Approval Vole Today PITTSnURr.H Ml -- Steel negotiators went through the routine job l-'riday of button- in, 1 ; down details in a reported new twii-yrar industry labor pact (or e.\pccted union ratification today. The new contract terms arc expected to call for no immediate wage increase but renewed talks on pay rates at the end of the first year-with immediate fringe benefits worth about 10 cents an hour. The reported settlement, conforming to I'rcsidcnt Ken-' nrdy's call f«r a ivn-infl.v tionary agreement in the economically - i m p o r t a n t metal-making industry, is already being greeted with administration acclaim. NciTuTTiTii Funeral al 1 p.m. Today Funeral service will be this afternoon (or Neil K. Hill, -10. o( Rolling Hills, minister of education and of music at the uptown Church of Christ. 1 Hill, of 2S503 Rohinvicw I-ane, died Thursday. Tor the past ten years he has been a music instructor at Kl Ca- mind College. 1 Survivors include his wife, Shirley; son, I. a w r c n c e; d a u g h t e r , Kimberly Ann; mother. Mrs. Catherine Hill; sisters, Mrs. Vcrgena Kollcr and Mrs. I.orec rugate. Service will be at 1 p.m. in the Uptown Church, with Patterson Snively Mortuary in 1-h.irgc. TODAY SATURDAY SUNDAY 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. FLOOR SAMPLES - DEMONSTRATORS AND 1961 MODELS Yc$. it's that bargain time again. Once a vear we take the red pencil to all floor samplei. demonstrators and last year modelt--oil merchandise will be clearly tagged with the reduced prices. Over S60.000 worth of TV and Appliances will be sold at this Once-A-Ycar event. EVERYTHING PRICED TO SELL! .WESTINGH REFRBGERATORS - RANGES - WASHERS - DRYERS REFRIGERATORS SQ. YD. A 4.95 value INCLUDING PADDING 9x12 RAYON TWEED PILE RUGS 19' 5 ROOM SIZE Remnants 50% OFF CUT PILE NYLON 395 S9. YD. 1S.TEAR WEAR GUAK. CONT. FIL. NYLON PILE 4.95 £ RAYON PILE f° S9. YD. PHONE COLLECT FOR FREE ESTIMATES DARPET CITY LOS ANGELES AX I-J441 I Slit S. WESTERN ANAHEIM M 2-7) 20 '7C9 E. CENTEX c^t«w.r«w «f SAN OIEGO CT 7-ltll tie WEST WASHINGTON WEST COVINA TO 2-3574 U S. SUNSET LONG B C *"M HE 7-2717 1170 E. ANAHEIM lOI'K.V DAILY !!·!. SAT. !M». Sl;.\. !2-(5 11-Cubic-Foet Delun 2-Boor Refrigerator ] k Freezer C o m b i n a t i o n FROST-FREE rtliig- tralof, plulfrtcltr. i ONIT Mfo,. liit 5359.95 tO.fl. Frt.m. S13Q OO liil 1229.95 I* only). Ho. IJO.UU U-FT. DELUXE S l / Q OO frtttit. Li.t J279.95 (2 only) No. ..I OO.OO 1J.CU.-FT. tOTTOM FREEZER and FROST-FREE REFRIGERATOR. I Only. R.po. J 97B PP. liit 1429.95. No. A.10.00 U-FT. TWO-DOOR FROST-FREE REFRIGERATOR AND FROST-FREE REFRIGERATOR. S?7Q QQ lilt 1399.95 (I only). No. £.ia.OQ 14-FT. IOITOM FREEZER FROST-FREE SOOO OO REFRIGERATOR, Liil S 4 4 9 . 9 S I 3 ) . Me- A7O.OO U-FT. IOTTOM FREEZER FROST-FREE S3iO OO R E F R I G E R A T O R . L i i t U 3 9 . 9 5 I2onl,l.No. JOO.OO 14-FT. CENTER D R A W E R COMIINA. IAQQ OO TIOH. lilt 5719.95 12 c n l y l No. . "I7U.OO RANGES 30" DELUXE RANGE With Grill Clock. O.I Window, lilt 1249.95. (I onlyl. No.-- 40" 1001 HEAT CONTROL till S 2 I J . 9 5 ( I o n l y l . N o . 3i" GRILL, c.rn .indo., clod. d.!u liit J239.95 14 c n l y l . No. '128.88 "148.88 \ WASHERS Dtluic Fully Automatic Washer Wot*r 10.ff, I.T-P. control for bot 1 * wath and ri*i« cyclti. Mii. Hit $2.».is MI. FUUT AUTOMATIC WASHER -- -ol.r io..f t.mctrgt.r. control. Lilt 1269.95. *1/10 QQ IS only) No. ItO.OO 10-11. FULlr AUTOMATIC WASHED. S17O OO liit $319.95 13 only). New .I/U.UU 10.11. OtlUXt AUTOMATIC WASHER. S1QO OO lilt $369.95 14 enty). Now.... I /O.OU 10-11. CUSTOM AUTOMATIC WASHED. $9/10 OO Lilt $3«9.95 ( I only). Now A1O.OO WASHER-ORTER COMIO. *238 88 . Lilt 1499.95 (I only). No. DISHWASHERS DELUXE DUAL WASHER, liit 1259.95 .2 on,,,. CUSTOM DUAL WASHER. Liil (299.9S II only). J lQfl Rfl CUSTOM lUllT-IN. lilt 1299.95 »,,,,,. WESTINGHOUSE STEREOPHONIC Hi-Fi With AM/FM Radio · Fivt ipioltr bait, t-o i" d lyitrm wiih 12" j t«o 4'* trtbU bala'te* · D*luit full rongt AM radio and FM radio woitK Automatic Frtqutney Control · AbtoTatlc rfeord charger playi aM four iptfdl. inttr-Hir*! 10 o"d 17 i-tri equal Ipttd f»CCfdi. SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CLEARANCE PRICEI SERVICE IS OUR MAIN BUSINESS! Radio Dispatched Service Trucks Assure Prompt, Efficient Service After Sale! Another guarantee of satisfaction when you buy at Dean Hoffma.i'i Fully DRYERS Automatic f^^l Dryer 3- Politic* r«ct ten- tftl. «.ib. C-r« :t r (4 only) Mfg. Liil 5149.95 t-ll. DELUXE DRTER. Uol control. $11Q OO lilt $239.95 (I only). Now I IO.UU 10-1.1. DELUXE DRTER-- *19Q QO Lilt $329.95 ( I only). New I l.O,OO 10-11. CUSTOM DRTER-- 1?R QQ Lht $359.95 II enlyl.Now IJO.OO 10-11. TOr OF UNI CRTER-- *14Q RQ lilt $319.95 (S enlyl.Now I1O.OO AIR-CONDITIONERS WESTINGHOUSE AIR CONDITIONER I-H.P. N.«Ji r,o if.- tiol wiring. So*. d*r. in) thit pr«-ltolon tat*. 6 only. Lilt 269.95 '168.88 110-VOLT DELUXE--7503 (TU. Liit 17Q QQ $219.95 ( S o n l y l . N c w ,, 1/0.00 110-VOLT CUSTOM--I5CO ITU. Iht SO1O OO $329.95 (4 only). Now A I O.OU GARBAGE DISPOSALS STANDARD MODEL Liit S3O OO $69.95 16 only). Now JA.OO DELUXE MODEL Liit $?£ OO $99.95 (2 only). Now JO.OO WESTINGHOUSE FREEZERS 14 CU. FT. UPRIGHT FREEZER Autc-ollc Detroit LIST $419.95 «o.i,) ^£088 NOW 10-FT. CHEST-315 Ibi. $170 OQ lilt $249.95 II enlyl.Now ,,...!/O.OU 31.FT. CHEST-7IS Ibi. JOyO OQ Lilt $549.95 (I only). No- A/O.OU BUILT-IN OVENS DELUXE 24- OVEN Clod, window, liit JJ69.95 14 only). Now -'118.88 CUSTOM 24" OVEN. clod, window, Roliiutlf, Rout Guard. Lilt S299.9S IS cnlyl. 975 E. WILLOW CALL Gil 4-0715 ZENITH --RCA --PACKARD BELL --GENERAL ELECTRIC --WESTINGHOUSE --MAYTAG --SPEED QUEEN

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