Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1969 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1969
Page 24
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OH,EXOI5£MEinM006HTiW WERE AW AWtt EXCISE *£.., NAMED HIS FIRST SON , COURIfMK/ 'fiKVtt/BE 7!W MttlffcBSTHF LASTHOKDHE NA800K M*S KfAOINO B ,, .MAGNESIUM, AND FLUORINE. THAT'S 4 · AifaiiHO. IIMIS, Wd, By LESTER U COMMA*"'. M.». Astronauts' Sly Viruses I...I CAN'T HaP IT. ANWIFE..SHE«SHEWAS COINS TO PWORCEME. SHE \TOULDHT61VEErtN FIVE DOLLARS TO RANSOM ME, IET ALONE A wiww---- yOU CAM E 6IRL! VOU'U MAKE A A1AN A GOOD WIFE IWSWVWINf fOttT TON OUT TH' 8RCK DOOR WO' ME MIGHT KETCH HIM NOPE-I CRAVE HOWDV, SHERIFF TO RST SNUFFV A R E M E L O O K I N ' PER ft CHECKER MISSIW CHICKENS MY PIPE'S 1 v MIS5INO- T VOUUU WEVR BEUI6VE WHAT T. CAUHT THIS VOtr OOING-! ; MAD A LON5 LK WITH TH£ . ME PJSJ5 AACSE OL3T5IPE INTESE I JOSTWONOEREP ·f ··'- --IT^issgj? 1 ^! ·irrsS?" ~i i'ifcSl Francis Drake Your Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. and efforts commensurate with obligations, this diamond-in-the rough period can be polished beautifully. FOR THURSDAY, APRIL 17 MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries) -- Assignments m a y seem odd. but with a double check you will find those from due authority quite rewarding. Don't waste good effort trying to hit a poor target. APRIL 21 to MAY 21 (Taurus) --Some contention about: YOU can be a stabilizer so, w i t h your best logic, do your best to restore harmony. Your person ality should be tops now. MAY 22 to JUNE 21 (Gemini) --Note requirements, then the time available. After t h a t , determine how to proceed, so as to get the most from your alents without burning your candle at both ends. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer) --A lack of plan or proper schedule could mean lack of controlling interest. This d a y c a l l s for meticulous care, accuracy and only the BEST ol endeavor. DAN'T depend upon luck. JULY 24 to AUG. 23 (Leo)-Combine intuition with know ledge already gathered to make the most progress. Handle af fairs with the will to win the kind of reward worthy of your efforts. AUG. 24 to SEPT. 23 (Virgo -You may not be able to ge to the heart of matters readilj or may not fully know all thei implications or recognize de tails that, can change a situa tion. Deliberate, then move. SEPT. 24 to OCT. 23 (Libra --Day may seem unmanage able but, with calm demeano OCT. 24 to NOV. 22 (Scorpio) --Do you believe YOUR prob lem is the only one of its kind? Study people and circumstances other than your own and ym will see that many have facet similar situations -- and solved them! NOV. 23 to DEC. 21 (Sagit tarius) -- Much is up to whethe you would cooperate fully will others, or withdraw into you special litle shell. It's a give and-take day! THE DAY I returned to Jhicago after a winter holiday n the warm Caribbean, I came town with a terrible cold and sinus inefction. My husband nsists that it was caused by our return to a cold climate while 1 think it would have lappened in any place. Can you enlighten us about this? Mrs. H. L., Illinois Dear Mrs. L.: I hope that the solution lo this problem does not in any way affect the solid basis of youi marriage, for it hardly deserves more than passing discussion The likelihood is that you were harboring and incubating your infection while still in the warm climate. Remember that the virus and bacteria have no greater respect for people ii warm areas than they do r cold places. Almost always i takese two to three days befor the symptoms come out whci once these germs invade th "Kidy. Often doctors arc asked hm ey can prevent colds. The onder if isolation from othe eople can do it. It is general! greed if the body resistance ood with a diet of cxccllcn ourishing food and sufficiei est and sleep, people arc les rone to infection. HARD TO HIDE There probably is no bette lustration of the inability ide from those sneaky virust lan in the recent story of 11 stronauts who had to delay a ipollo mission because the loses became infected. It ard for all of us to imagii ow carefully they were pr ected. isolated, and e v e reatcd in order to insure pe ect health. In spile of thi here were those tiny viruse t is a strange thought but makes all of us sit up and ha- more respect for the vulnc ability and the wonders of t body. I have a feeling that ma of us would gladly have slight cold just for the plcasu some Caribbean sunlight at s time of the year. I am 42 y e a r s old and am ex-athlete and in perfect alth except for repeated at- cks of bursitis in my shoulder, know I ciin withstand pain but icn the all nek comes, on it is bearable, and keeps me away om work. 1 wonder whether 3U have any suggestions. Mr. S. 1. U., Washington, D. C. car Mr. U.: , All physicians are extremely ·mpathbtic toward patients n f - cted with bursitis. This parti- ular physician is probably lore understanding because I ive h a d s i m i l a r attacks, ursitis is an i n f l a m m a t i o n of IP bursa or sac that lies in niny joints and acts as a lunri- ant and a protection against ic jarring effects of one bone gainst another. There a r c Hire t h a n 150 hursae in the ody besides the heel, the Ifoow. the hip. a n d the knee. The shoulder is probably at ackcd in more than 75 per cut of all cases of bursitis. EASILY STARTED Infection, irritation. injury, ifting heavy objects, and exposure to drafts can set off this lainful condition. The treat- nent is rest and, in severe cases, injections of the biirsn vith a local anesthetic a n d cortisone brings welcome rcliclff have found that freezing my shoulder brought relief while icat made it infinitely worse. S P E A K I N G O F YOUR HEALTH: Taking antibiotics with a few (easpiionfuls .of gelatin dessert reduces I h e stomach irritation. Dr. Colcman welcomes loiters from readers, and, while lie cannot undertake to answer each one, he wil use questions in his column whenever possible and when they are of general inlcrest. Address your letters to Dr. Colcman in care of Northwest Arkansas TIMES. DEC. 22 to JAN. 20 (Capr corn) -- W i t h co-workers neighbors, seek understandin of how to further intelligen development and methods tha ead away from confusion. Yo may have to change YOUR ·ay. JAN. 21 to FEB. 19 (Aqua us) -- Fine planetary infh nces promise a happy, usefv sy All good work should pa ft well. Pitch in, c l e v e Aquarian. FEB. 20 to MARCH 20 'Pisces) -- Extras to attend? Jegin as promptly as possible o forestall fatigue later in the day. If someone should oppose you, don't answer hastily. It is .00 easy to get into arguments. You born today: The Arien thinks big, likes everything king size. And you can have that type of success if you strive consistently, concentrate on your best ideas, and do not neglect tedious details. You remember old friends, and con tinue to make new ones along your skillful, generous road. The Arien living on the higher plane never stoops to gossip abhors anything petty. Many of you go into the diplomatic field where you charm and cleverly witty remarks hold attention win"sides. Birthdate of: J. P Morgan, Amer. financier; Wil liam Holden, cinema star. CONTRACT BRIDGE B y B . J a y B e c k e r flap tocorilfcljir to Morttr^lndivnfad Chompionitilp Hay) Wiat deafer. North-BouBi HORIZONTAL 1. The cougar S.Pikelike fisli S. Portico 12. Quantity of paper 13. Narrow inlet It Russian inland sea 15. Medley 16. Siamese coin 17. Clasp 18. Florida resort 20. Conforms 22. Recedes 24. Conjunction 25. Social unit 28. Repeats 33. Turkish officer. 34. The law thing 35. Sacred vessel 36. Tells In trust 39. Agee 40. At home 41. Famous cartoonist . Practical jokes 47. Longs 5L Italian coin 52. Tamp ornament 54. Vessel 55. Iridescent stone 58. Dawn goddess 57. French cleric BS.Docil* 59. Soak 60. For fear that VERTICAL l.Goad 2. African river 3. Post 4. Love token 5. Ipswich sparrow 6. River island 7. New Zealand tree S. A desert 9. Snare Answer to yesterday's puzzle. lAlTlAJSl AnritllH*IMl«IOB: J6 ninnies, 10. Hop kiln 1L Mountains 19. Major blood group 21. Beetle 32. Dutch painter 25. Foucn 26. Self 27. God of flocks 39. Charles Lamb 30. Game at marbles 31. Blunder 32. Firmament 37. Conclusion 38. Printer's need 39. Kettledrum 42. Symbol for selenium 43. Scheme 44. River bank 45. Ancient country 46. Prophet 48. Garment 49. Grabs 50. Printer's term 53. American author A7664 4J97682 4-- VKQH09S 4KQJ1088 SOCXH 4Q1086 »768 +A108T5 Dm Mr. Becker! X suffer from nightmares--bridge nightmares, that Is. I have been having the came dream for many years now, and-1 have Been quite few psychiatrists about it, but they don't ceem to be able to*) a thing for me --anfl some ot them are pretty bad bridge players besides. Tra not a good player either, but I seem to play even worse when rm asleep. What happens is that I am always dealt the Bast hand--I recognize it each tone by the four deuces -- and my partner, the idiot, always opens the bidding with two hearts. I don't think to has genuine opening two bid even though he hai ten cure tricks- in his own hand -- but that'3 besides tha point The bidding from then on doesn't always go the same, but somehow or other South always winds up playing the hand in seven spades. · I invariably, double him--can it a compulsive double if you wfll -- and he always redoubles and make* it This comes to a tidy 3,090 points, and frankly, 1 can't afford to loee that many points on one deal, even though it's only a dream. I aont think my double ot seven spades is really atrocious, especially after my partner, tha idiot, has opened with a two bid --but South always makes tha contract jut tha same. My partner usually opens the king of hearts. Declarer takes it with the ace and leads the queen of clubs. I cover witu the king and South wins with, the ace, catching the jack, enters dummy with a, diamond, leads the six of clubs, and lots it ride. Then he repeats the finessa against my nine, cashes a lu'ga club, discarding a heart from dummy, and ruffs a heart with the four of spades. After that, with six tricks to go, he crossruffs the hand as I sit by helplessly undertmtnping everything he plays. 1 just thought that if I wrote and told you about this extraordinary hand, and kind of got it off my chest, maybe the bad dream, would go away. Cordially yours, John Q. Dough. (O 1969, Kft»c ^atorcs Syndicate, XDC.) PONYTAIL 26 23 f S7 ·Tm changing my biology to AFTER the lunch hour ... it's affecting my appetite!" TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results. Try 'em, Just Dial 442-6242,

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