The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 3, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 1
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FACtS - a • - *''' fcellfe ffrf « 4 Jtowd if y* fc# the iunftt- £31* and iiESS^WiV*"? me .Programil •tjMtMg ttfrMenffay, June 3, st| ««^Amtolftaft fasghjS swim- flUfig Pott. Qualified tted Cross imtruetdtt will teach these 17 f tt asa. *"*"'*• i ..'Wilto from alt over the {<**?<£ art mvfted to parttd* Wte in there taufees, the only ipiffirttM to ~ 3.—,/ fafc&tat lf*i0 yea: S. They will pt«y»twd gaKfe • .f^yftat-, die 4t hdme t |ft j ftr>A will a^Stalf^ff'^ «BaM\^J&fff*'*w» ******* ««•* ."EJSS&E! 1 !***.»«* «*».«t4«««t«>««d team- t64eh. , having me gym. ^ rfil?^^ 1., '12 d £? lw ,M ftl "LP# H *«* «M» **« leagued I M» ta«SS° ««?« «*^? »2!? J*S **«!>** ««"»*« cW X5S"SSX t^IJ'^lN*'^ Vet**:*- Alf win t>l*V two ftrtAJr!2*, t^K* 1 ,*' ^?* a '"S* 8 ' *«**• *>« »t home. «^ir^^^^ ;2Sb ,r t f i± { ^ M ^-^ *three tttms. the majar te<fflggj|jjfr^ aag«-» ef stop, gym and Car, Boat Plunge Into Rice Canal The II ta tf &st old* will meet at 8 a M. for aft hew each i of swimmin?, tftop and gyw.j the 16-18 &gi gttfljp will begin 1 at 9 a.m. fof their hour classes of swimming, gym ind shop. oolsfa, Dray and Nettew, alt ,Hed Cross instructor's, will teach the swimming with Mr,. ^Mary Lee McCann. LeNorman ftn-nished for all to ride. "^ . Jerry Mize will give iiutruo «<>«« in gat for te5flgerTc a , h afternoon at 2 at the elementary school. The gym will be open each afternoon after 3 lor games, reading and relaxni on. Golson said that stress Is be*J, ?!f ce 1 thl * >"«•* on *««* ^ctiviUesforboyB gnd ghls of I all a*&. thw gr»a« ft]*) 5 a^ 1 **™*!!'& daily for caachirig by Oft THeV win participate in JuftW 2&5&° «««*"!« WHeWvw' pOsSlole. .'ft I N«tsSatg*.f« being made h« *en*>IM» any of these livities. the admittance „,-„ must be paid 16 the Swirtmlfiir pool lor all lakfHg th* *»!*«», mfng le^onst howevw. fftfef price is J5 «h(s, with seasMfc. ickets being usid tot? admlff tartce. *? .. 3™ *<5"iW may join i« wit*; th« summer prsfi-am «ach Mefl*^ m n ^f htl ^5" tte SJ-W""^ win be open tor garnet for ti$ entire fanUly. Th* shop H>m alSQ DC OpSfl tO IF evening beginning .', June in. These tie* begin at 7 30, Ihe la early Auousk * THREE LOVfttfil POSE aflsr being Judged mow beautiful In the Miss Sunfest beeuiv pssennl. Shown eenier is Miss Loretta Aueb.trj «» Freepcrl, Miss Sunfsit of 1957. At left is MUs Pat Muekleroy oi Jeius Cfiielh iint, runii«-up and at right MUs Judy Wwniill oi Frtafloitt, second sun*r-up. MUs AiUbtrrr'-' will repteseni ihe Brssotport ttei in the.M&s^rexas coyest to be h»W in •tirrTlf" ""' *' " •J*l- ! '" i '•-'--••'' '* lucaui, rau losi a i IHO limO DI | the accident He had mi.4*ed th* ;rosd he was looHing for and bad driven hU car onto a private road where he failed to negotiate * narrow bridge and drove hU car headlong imo a ; nc« canal. The car was Pul'in* fa trailer holding a boat. I Deputy .Sheriff Q. c. Daw- !sofi ot Awfti said that Jarrell : had r'poiaiWe broken neck and 'hew"" H 1 ^! 0 " thC t0p ° f h ' S Adriance Munson, 71, of j out and did not know how°1ot"« Angleton, died in a San Anton-(he had been in the water be- 1 0 hospital Friday as a result) fore he managed to walk to a' of an automobile accident near,nearby house to call for helo Boumey May 25. , He was taken to MemoHai Funeral services were held- 1 Hospital in Houston by a Fro'» "•- First Presbyterian j berg Funeral Home Ambulance in Angleton Sunday (from Alvin and the extent of Angleton Mon Dies Friday From Injuries Read •LATE BULLETINS Kfl-Evaltution Asked WASrtlWrtTOV *- J** Senate is being asked to rt- evaluate the V. S. pcltejr barring trade with Red China. Lyndon John»cn U rmong tboae asking for the study. n exe T - nD «*s<"». pas- ihisinjuHes is not known. Burial was in j The accld ent occurred about HIT Will Carry Ztt Share KARACHj, Pa]u...t«tt — The ». S. promised to "carry it* fuH slme of resefeiatMUUes" today as it offic illy joia. ** the Baghd*d Pact Military committee. D» WSO n said the car WM a ttom oft * hole The ™ — •' •^••«"w^^iirvi» w»*f vjtiu v* M|V yearly celebration had to keep their fingers crossed. ,™.. It rained Frl*sv. afternoonHh»l but failed to hold (i Own the «nal Friday night boxing bouts, which were held on the beach. Then more rains fell in Freeport Saturday morning but the skies cleared off in the afternoon and the ski showand boat races were held. An overflow crowd lined tho banks of the New 'River to watch the ski show Saturday afternoon* while some locals managed to place in Lie out standing Freeport> Oalveston Marathon boat rac», Billy Richardson Recent Graduate FORT MONMOUTH,' N. J.-. Pvt. Billy H. Richsrdwn. son of Mr, and Mrs, J. E. Richard son of 1100 North Tiniley St Anxleton, was graduated here May^ 1957. from the'' Carrier KqttuJpment Repsir Wield course in the,Wire Division of , the Signal School. The Signalman Braces* en was graduated from port High School.. «*» '•JT'^Jn O. HJ« wife. Ottal'e Htchwdson, resides at tf Ch.lia Avenuei I*** Bra^h. N, J. Qraduatw ot tftft Wfw do» of Th* «gn«1 Sch «rt . J and repairing telephone »»U Wetypewrltw systems and associated,, equipment under combat condition*. This J3-weck course is one of the nwe highly ipecitlitea phases of Slgni\ Corps train '"" Pv», JUchardjpn wUt b( -«ffl»4 ta utjjiw W» urajn- teg wttfc the Amy rjeM Forces, Tol • Uoited l'r«a» count ritowed 390 persons killed i « pju, Wednesday and mid- *ne tii Little Slough for the remain- provcment and widamng ot ng 6.8 mile* to Angleton. ' [ Farin Boad 522, which is south. Frances Miksovsky, '"' *"~" ""'—"' ' resident engineer, said !2*L*^ °"- thU «*««.•»— °«ween rreepon end Jone* of the highway may begin as j Creek, the contractor will in*'t early as July 1, and that the crease the width from its pre»4 • contractor would /have 300 •? t ^ 18 feet ** • new tot «l ot ^^^^ : ^"^^^^^ ' rf "-*»M««»«»*r*»|r»1t< *~~y~nfWffH!mi*. •fcrted to watch tor * postOtlt appearsnce la this country ef * lethit ne.v InfiuenxaVVirus that has swept the far east and lately appeved {a BrasiJ. out to shine ihg. beauties final phtfse Fest competl Sunday aft crowd was Although overhead, good steed the. final fireworks The showers Fire Eflto Three WQR'atSSTER. Mass—>• A pre-dawn fire raced through the Hotel P.easamv today, killing three women . a . _ | ">d inlurinf other persons. AWb Harger Special Senate Election MADISOA, Wis. — Cov. Venwn The — mnced today that Sec. Joe McCarthy's success. thoien •t a special election. ', Ftteport ^ttty couneiLuen I will be asked by Missouri Pad- i fie. to allow .;the consolidation of ;of the two railroad depots they . now operate Aflrth anri uviih BrMosport ty mounted . to 'Well over 1 hall at Pine! j coda had the in Angmtoa 2.10 Inches t. Lake Jackson _ three day period. Forecasters up today,. In spawning thu have bUuted two months, floods took highway and Numerous 1T rmi» MM the state were blocked . Brazosport Chamber Manag- jer Arnold Mathias is in Mine.<*' WeU * W*> xx* tomorrow at the annual meeting of <h Chamber Managers As - — Links MINERAL WEILS — Texas Highway Engineer O. C. Greer told a convention of Texas Chamber of Commerce Managers todty th»t Texas would spend 4114 million in the next *hre# years ir Unking nwtropoUtan centers with the federal multvUtc superhighways. • I* ffiird Phase Carries 4 Lanes To Angleton f A contract for widening Highway 283 the rest $ ™* w »y to Angleton, and contracts for the two othW' " O f t^g j^gj improvement program for Brtt< ty will be awarded this week, the Te&»\ Department announced today. ^ Highway 288 will extend thgfoufr^ a , wcii s ! 0 ' West Columbia, for a f- PM "W fX — - p#*yj«»u« phases 'of the widening hM canried the add«d Au? lanes from Highway « in Freeport to Clute, and rom there to a point a half nlle north of Little Slough. The low bidder on the pro- Also, thfrVshoUWexs of stretch'will b> wider surfaced with lipliaft. in* pia. , The work on Farm Boad 4J1 ? will be identical to that ' Highway .34. The project on Highway will extend to the new bri on te pro- — -~~«« . v ui« new u was I. B. Dlrby and Co.! ov «T "? e San Bernard on ttfen* ..,h. A.I — tii-j roaa. — .»«<• *MI +f, A'ait tjjp gflla Pharr, who Submitted . gure of *1.1J3,378,4S. At the same time, Miksov- ky said, the Texas Highway ommlssion may award con- acts on the .widening and mprovlng of Highway 38 from e New River bridge in Tree, port to e point eight-tenths of mile east Of Jones . Creek ommunity; and a new ap. roach road on Highway 33 to e San Bernard bridge now nder construction. Also, during this period, the ichWay Commission will •«rd the contract for the im- . e p weekend downKun, A^ few!?*" «l»yon wlU be July «, Utaet-all in the same po tniuni lw*r« mfbAM «>«« >K_ ' " ' " ' ' w • — —- . A busioeis , Wtthen Oyster'. ~- •r —r-^ - —1^^~—» roast, six House Ar~ eggs, and three pounds ot no- today at imtt^m all !•» ***A •&«>.«. •L&«> ___. ..— a town* „„. , outside M all der water. The Fort peered to b r~*-—<* »— ww p^»M<m M4V bllilC of th* reins a* *wne residents arm tat were ..„ loroes for month Four BP Mishaps List Weekend motorists jammed pital, but was released « short 11M u. . . .. jtJnwiaterwithnoappMtntMi " road. On the other side, wdS is already in progress on th approach. When both ap> prnaches and the new brldg* * v are complete, that section wUft i / * replace the old. dangerously , ". curved section of Highway 35 in the vicinity of the oli .: bridge. . * - * Contracts for both the Highi "* way 3« and Highway 35 work! are to be awarded to the South Texas Construction Company of Corpus Chrlsti on a low bid of $578,109.47. t .' * In the meantime, the work °? '^ JJ 1 " 1 * 1 vu ^^t Phase* of Highway ,J8« are about completed .after the asphalt surfacing of the shoulders on phase one last week. All as. phalt wo* on the shoulder i* due to be completed this week on Phase two,, together' witfc final esplanade work. T Also near completion la the ^facing of ram 9oad m from jrreeport to the Oyster Creek community. , violence Hgures, were . - - .-- some light'accidents and in It* wake, The h«a-|kept in the low ugures, appeared to be get- One P<d*«tHan was raoprtoil -^ >" mine* mShaw ^j^e ^ Freeport and oM in Lake Jwkaoo. The G\u* u^t h*4 no 'accidents to report A Negro woman, who ront end ' ard siid the.her n«n» as Utrta Hanit, . «W was «g itrucV to • « pja. Saturday car around The Saw 8 new $» ^^ •"* HUM MHUIIBW* w«*-. issuej' piace aaiuroay mcwTUig u a ticket for following too (ptawilj polio* cbj^ i- «• Brown, »y Fi-eeport officers, JJamngo Total damag* was arouni '-> botft ears was around I»M, !«80. McGretw «'** i«ued a TM final accident M rre«. Ucket by LJvpoy»e far «oUow i- port's weekend list caqt* at'ing toochJst.'T* _ of the i Community is scheduled Alt memberi .the intersec- .-Pecan Street • - Allen of trailer. «M was auto. Com not »ae and *ia 7« cities in Asia, South Afrit j »nd November," HUJ sued travelled „ airfoet and visile* IB Lt. Col. and Mrs. Roy C. , E. Grandsttif, who V«f by ggtrict Judge *. hft W ate us,,,,,, Urn,. ~ ,.., first mishap on the Fretport ledger came at U:S3, *.m. Saturday at 2nd and! ..„ Cherry 8tr**t. Involved wwe,volv«d Miss liarar Joe Matthews *f ing a „ ^rL^ °' °' K * rtw< **" SS* O 0 * '—<T~ - "-«J? 1 ""; l 7 ** wreck *"»! WPOrtert taking Miss Matthews was issue J < olace Saturday" mnrnlnv by

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