Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
Page 3
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A Positive Way to a Better World la the course of doing my part each day to help fill up any space m the paper the advertisers might have overlooked, I deal with a great .variety of suggestions from the clients on how to improve the world. Most of them involve having some-' body else mend their ways. That's why I like this letter from E. L GaHeher of Leisure World. It's different "Last Saturday." he writes. "I took my grandsons Kenny and Bruce and a friend of theirs on a picnic up in San Gabriel j Canyon. . . . There is a beautiful spot t h e r e ] where one can park J right along the stream] under the trees But [ there was one fly in the j ointment--every place I j looked, empty beer cans. I -Wen. I finally had 1 aa idea. I took an empty WELLS shopping bag out of the car and we picked up the trash, put it in the bag and carried it out of the mountains. Getting rid of those 20 or 30 empty cans certainly improved the appearance of the place. "Now, here is all you have to do-you convince just one million other people that they should bring a paper sack full of old beer cans out of the mountains when they come home and in no time at all there won't be an empty beer can or pop bottle or scrap of paper left to mar the beauty of our picnic areas." Now you see why I like that letter? Any one of a 100 other people going to that picnic ground might have written t me denouncing Jitterbugs. Mr. Galleher didn't denounce anybody; he was more concerned about what he and other responsible people could do to undo the mischief of litterbugs. And somehow I have an idea that cleaning up that picnic site did more to teach his grandchildren Kenny and Bruce consideration for others than" all the ranting in the world about the thoughtlessness of litterbugs. I don't know if we caa convince a mfflion people to do as you did, Mr. Galleher--but I do know if you get one, there's a chance of picking cp the other 999.999. Home Brew A month or so ago, you may remember, I took the house flack for Angostura-Wuppermann Corporation to task for suggesting that women might be taught--given infinite patience on the part of the teacher--to mix a good cocktaiL Well, I got a letter from Doug Bradley cf Angostura-Wuppitc. defending the suggestion. -In permitting this release to be sent out." Doug wrote, '"we felt we were doing our bit to encourage the female sex ia its eternal struggle to "prove" to the men that they are equaL ... Suppose hubby has had a hard day at the office.... Who but the little woman, instructions in hand, will come to his rescue with a "Headless Horseman" (ginger-ale, vodka and Angostura bitters). Or perhaps he would prefer a "Fish House Punch" ({ pound granulated sugar, a qt. lemon juice, 2 qts. Jamaica rum. 1 qt brandy, 2 qts. water, 1 wine glass peach brandy and a large block of crystal-clear, hard-frozen ice).' "Who else would prepare this for him? Certainly net the local innkeeper, who would more likely can the police. "Naturally, after you have taken a sip of the drink madame has slaved over, and you have said. 'My, that's good,' you wait until she*s gone to fix dinner, then pour it into the flowerpot and take a quick nip--straight from the bottle." sss Lara luck. Cal». INDt?ENDENT-P« S t A-3 BADIIAM BILL Teen-Ager Jail Measure Loses By JIM HcCALTEV ir-T Ucr«m« Bmaa SACRAMENTO--The Assembly Monday debated for more than *a hour over a jail-for-older-teen-age-delinquents biH of Orange County legislators, then voted against it 40 to 38. Assemblyman Robert Bad ham. R-Costa Mesa, argued that judges need the authority ,to*nd some juvenile offend- 'A Badham Bill would this possible. But Assemblyman J o h n Moreno, D-Santa Fe Springs, 'promptly objected that county jail is unfit for juveniles. "Have you ever been in Los Angeles County Jan?" Moreno 'asked Badham. a a a · *L\ WHAT WAYT replied Badham. then clarified that he never had visited Los Angeles County JaiL Badham said the bin is Dannemeyer ·good bffl." called it a ASSEMBLYMAN Joseph Long Beach Youth Department, branded the bin as "completely unnecessary." Said Kennick: "It wouldn'l be used once ia 20 years." , Another blast at the bill was made by Assemblyman Alfred H. Song. D-Mccite«y Park. This bill contradicts the essence of juvenile law." said Song. Teen-agers now caa be tried is an adult for felonies and possibly may wind up in prison. But there is no such ft* Bn , ,, needed so that some hardened ' juvende of fenders in their l a t e e teens won't be puiaCalifor-Lck,^ ( ma Youth Authority facilities l de jj ^th j-ouths several years) The author moved to have younger. tte ro j ]ca]1 TOtft Mondly | Assemblyman W i 1 1 i a m'erased from the record so he Dannwneyer, D-Fullerton. a can take the bill before the co-author, said the bai was Assembly again. Assembly requested by Orange County Superior Court. Dannemeyer, a former Long Beach resident, said that as an attorney he is aware of conditions in Los Angeles County Jail, but said he anticipates youths could man James E. Whetaore, Los Alamitos, also is a author. CANT FIXD what want? Read the Tor _ Miscellaneous" columns be sentenced to facilities out- Classified. Chances are it' side the main jaiL (offered to you right there. PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH] The Day in Sacramento *T TIM Auecittcrf frnt THE ASSCMItT CensTilutianal Amendments nrtrsduead: Bands Umits aamber at Bonds mat caa bt sold tar school baitduii ar stars coRsfcvdio*; ACA 39. Monagaa. R-Tracv. Sets aa sdlRa seal* la determine umber at estes aeeded tar ssite and. local fconff issues; ACA a. Monafiaa. urive session; ACA V, Fernanda. sins ~ · Bill to Ban Tobacco Ads in School Papers Killed SACRAMENTO il--A bill to prohibit tobacco advertising in school publications was killed by the Assembly Public Health Committee Monday after a college student president said it would cost his paper $5,500 a year. NEED HELP WITH TAX PROBLEMS? -toil IISK IHl SSSEIV1T.E Cf CKJDItrEJ -RMf CCBT TU EXFEm WHS COM TI taut IOME 11 sn iv ratpcsin orrecs-m ISAPPUI inu UPKS. ISTL INSIST UPWU.SEIlNG'rSTATE LICENSE" TO~PRMTICF PUBLIC ACCfrUNTlKG^OON'T BE SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING LESS! The committee also turned r ; down a bin caning for a study,in advertising revenue, __ of the need to regulate thejsaid, and be "disastrous" for Stilt II Clttfin:] MAC FRANKEL :£--!?. ** Matt Th«r«*|h Tai'5*visy AnftlTtTt If Our Copyright Wo/i)iiK I InpF, C»«ck frtjrcn,. Ill CS r j t t f A t t T O U l HTU«NJ- | ingredients ia detergents, iwMcb. are permanently suds- ing the sewage. : The cigarette buTs author, Assemblyman Alfred E. AK quist. D-San Jose, said that *'*; cigarette advertising ia col- aimer! lege publications "can have arSS, S.'ISWS- JS other effect than to en' *"* J ** *"· ""*'"· courage students in the use tfir*uM *; AS zin. inn. «su Diego. Ftnnits cam to Moot «ta.| ·feuxniTv ·rdiaancet luBtlemcnftnt iWt ftaiuftu AB zm. Bane*. j vmmolOYineul Htvn ictwduli tt ·»- benefit*; AB 2I», Cascr. O-! Meetuias-trtrm!* Brew* Act tar aoea meetings at public bodies la several stare ~ ~ STata boards and cammis- TrUb-- Aw cnmiiut fJ»; JMerrvA. Birtm-LMO mmUr rt «nr tlrDer ufleg* loncu Al KO. frrtt, r- _ _______ _ At ZlJi. «iotoa. O- tttcia] svrvlcrs for et^ta A* ZIX. CnoKKic*. K- ACCEPTING tobacco firms' money, he said, "is prostita- tion of the student press." EH! Houdc, president some of the smaller state colleges. a a a a THE LEGISLATORS voted I to hold the bill ia committee. The anti-detergent bin by | Assemblyman Don Allen, D- Los Angeles, was sent to between-sessions study. John Parkhurst, manager of the Los Angeles Sanitary District, said that because of detergents, only 10 million gallons of waste water caa be tl.-COMfl(IE *IIC[ HITS CUNIT fOSTID ____ _ ____ UK H. Cnrxt both the San Jose State College student body and the California State Colleges Stu- "fc.iiSma. dent Borfy presidents Association, disagreed. Educanoa Board. Bills raised: Karcofics--*eo-*lres That Vnett if cones andcr remia conditions stituns era* ItteR.- SI Xf. Ritai Wiavervuia. Resolutions Adoafedr . finano-Hnprosnares a-ora mfnoent funds at lerutfa and Asscmbrv IHOJOI tor KUmenal expenses toorrrd bi BUM watar-- cnam wrtr anird fcaibint tl*t arm (SguM *m« »n» aumorn ta nakt bans · beat agendas to financ* anaoawd prated! anoer Stafs ; IB JOT. o-taKtaa. »· reclaimed of area. If each day ia his detergents were changed, he said, 100 minion gallons a day could be reclaimed. IT'S NOT TOO LATE * F O R L E G I T I M A T E S A V I N G S Personol Business Income fbxe* WHY GUESS? BE SURE! Folks Travel Hundreds of Miles for Our Scrvice- T R Y U S A N D F I N D O U T W H Y ! U A f C D A U t / E I II D crt«cA»u i«« smicc roi ITIHW ritHHIVElr LL.Da on« · TIAH -- imet it 4i ...Permanent O jiffs Cocrrziectlj Lccsted... To Serve Greyer Lot Angtlei and Orjnge County *BELLfLOWfR *GARDEN GROVF 9027 E. AlONDRA BIVD. 12393 CHAPMAN AVE. llal Fo* of I.l..oorf V,JJ (Surf W. W Harfar If, I at S. af S W Abash 5-22 1 5 JEffcnon 7-2002 MAKE MOXEY any time It would cost his school's [through Classified ads! Sell Spartan Daily $8,500 a ytar'no-longer-used items for cash. · SEE US for competes* professions. fftses of PaHac AccoocricK^Opea and Open.9 a.m. to Every Day e. \Tc £ icrrc foa ia all ear 'round. neurons UTWUT t smtmr · IW THIItX IPIIl I I I N *i'apaia'faieafs era aof aecauarw -^. Caaia la mt yaar.caavaaiaaca. W« «ra ·atpty' sf a*l erf * a ffv* yaa'jw-'aaiat. eaasla'erara vfteatiaa. PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH COWNTOWN Jj»rti-A»maniis stut cal r a e s to araviOa tor csfaafiianieiit at tacifcftes far s»ar«n« mm and aner rduttinan' an rertiiu IB ton Branier. « »aa FunaraH-- Provides «ial art»«r to ***"_ aracraio* · nmx «rn» tranc casnrat «e«lc»s anless amarvM CrtcteA; U MTV Bednrtn, D-Jac*iaa. lar« · ·ersa* aeiirMj b Bid aa araaostd nrcaast at seta* ki-l»oi I T n, BaaraV SB Wl. Demary. o-TartocL *r»i.- tcr «. Muror. Dana Brown in Race for Council Post Dana E. Brown, 44 Palermo Walk, filed a declaration Monday at the dry clerk'* office as a candidate for coua- cifcnaa from the Third District in the Hay 14 primary. He was the 20th candidate to enter the contest and the third frora the district now represented by Lewis D. Reese, who has declared for re-election. Brown, owner of seven toy stores, inclnding three in Long Beach, was a candidate' in the 1960 primary. He is a member of the Municipal Golf Commission and a former member of the Marina Advisory Committee. Candidates mast sign their declarations not later »-*«' April 5 and return the com-] pitted petitions by April 12. SMALL LEATHER GOODS summer organizers Neat, compact pone accessories by Holiday OOWKTOWN beauty foam by Dorothy Gray. A new facial deanser that tissues off or rinses away with witer in seconds. Beauty Foam is faster, more thorough in action, promises a glowingly clean complexion. Leaves your skin petal soft. 1.50*, 2.50* Boffoas' A«noot Frogroace end Hawer Skew Starts Today ... Coareiiient Portiag ia Oar Acts PINE AT BROADWAY LONG BEACH ogilvic S P R I N G specials HIGHLIGHT SHAMPOO Because it comes in specm formulas for dry, oily and normal hair, you're sure to have manageable tresses. 1.50 value 1.00* SCTTIM ixmos SETTING LOTION A quick drying, non-flaking lotion gives longer luting, more manageable sets with new body and shine. specul 1.50* SHEER VELVET spray that conditions is it controls ... contains no lacquer to stiffen hair c HOME PERMANENT control the lotion cd As liscc'j Park Gsre;e

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