Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 77
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 77

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 77
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Jwo Long Bsach flkVftj FEOPLE Y T°H,TM Ice Skating Favorite Winter Sport By EUGENE GILBERT President, Gilbert Youth Research, Inc. Thanks to the girls, Ice skating is the favorite winter sport of our teen-agers. We asked 1,083 young men and women to nam» their top g s winter sport. More.than 37% named ice skating -- but a breakdown of. those figures showed that only 17% of the boys felt that way. The over- all percentage rose because 47% of the girls liked gliding over the ice in preference to any-other winter sport. Curiously, In the sport that finished in second place -skiing -- the female sex also led tho way. Twenty-one per cent of them named this sport compared with only 13% of the boys, with the over-all figure nearly 19%. Russ Copters for India NEW DELHI Wt--The Soviet Union has agreed to provide India 30 heavy duty helicopters urider an agreement hockey, signed In Moscow, the gov eminent radio reported. IN THIRD PLACE, with 14%, came basketball. As might be expected, far more boys -- 24% -- than girls' --- made this sport their choice. Next in line, with small percentages, c a m e sleigh riding, football, tobag- ganing,' b o w l i n g and ice Incidentally, with the exception of less than 1% of those who replied, the boys and girls said they participated in these sports rather, than just watched them. How much equipment cost for taking part in each sport ranged over a wide area. But, using the largest percentages of replies as the key, ice skaters spent between $15 and $20, skiers spent $100 and over, basketball between $10 and $15, football $25 and over, 'ice hockey $25 and over, and bowlers between $20 and $40. These sums represented amounts spent during a : single season by one individual. skating permitted her "to enjoy the fresh air, the excitement and the floating feeling." Another ice skating enthusiast, Susan Warren, 17, of Baltimore, Md., said: "It's a lot of f u n , great exercise, easy to learn and doesn't cost much." Cathy Santoriello, 17, of Los Alto, Calif., preferred WHAT ARE · the why the teen-agers like certain sports? Laura Goldberg, a 14-year-old girl from Beachwood, Ohio, thought that ice Burglars Lose on Job CINCINNATI (ff -- It was not a profitable venture for burglars who broke into a store in suburban Evendale. reasons Apparently frightened away when a store cleanup crew arrived, they abandoned burglar tools valued by police at $600. skiing because "it Is, challenging' when going down a slope and contemplative when riding in the chair lift; besides, I love snow and the chance to talk with the boys." Bowling got the vote of Paula Queenan, 17, of Louis vile, Ky., since "it is good exercise and it is the only sport at which I excel." From Honolulu; Hawaii, came the basketball, said: "No other ball is the most competitive and fast-moving winter sport that 1 am able to play." Bob Bergen, 17, of Vermil , , stone, N.Y., said that "basket- - · ----.-- sport has each member of the lion, S.D., who also chose team constantly running and opinion of 14-year-old Lynne ··-· -·-· · · Kurasaki, 1 who selected "surf- Ing because it is such fun." * * * * AMONG THE BOYS, Michael Nadler, 15, of White- thinking as this one does." This was a bit different from the opinion of 17-year-old Roger Crouse, of Tolono, III., who asserted that basketball gave him "an easy way to relax." Stephen Barnicle, 18, of Worcester, Mass., said he was taking up skiing but that his first love was ice skating And with good reason. "My father," he explained, "was an Olympic speed skater, anc I have always liked to speed skate along with him." Will Restore 1782 Adobe SANTA BARBARA UP! -. State and city officials say restoration is being planned for El C u a r t e ! adobe, the city's oldest adobe, dating to 1782. Spokesmen for the Santa Barbara Trust for Historic; Preservation and officials of the State Division of Beaches and Parks said the adobe will be restored to the style pf- the 1790s for a cost of $10,000. They said El Cuartel is an' original part of the married soldiers' quarters of the old" Royal Presidio. MAKE A MEMO to gather, up toys you no longer need, sell them for cash with Classified Ads. Dial HE 2-5959 today! THE GOLDEN L YEARS By THOMAS COLLINS There' appeared here recently a letter from a vivacious young secretary, caiiiiig herself Nylon Nellie, who sought to put retirement-age men in their places. Now .'comes a rebuttal, from a gray-haired man who has jjeen dealing with pretty sec Talking Back to Flirting Secretary Kenya Minister fo Testify in U.S. WASHINGTON (# -- Torn Mboya, Kenya's minister o: economic planning and devel opment, will testify befor tlie house African affairs sub committee March 21, a com mittee aide said today. The committee is holdin hearings on South Africa' apartheid policy and on U.S relations with that country. ilaries in his office for many years: Dear Nellie: Your letter indicates you lave a tendency tn be a flirt md to tease with your short kirts and well-rounded legs. You should always remember hat we older men look and ouch but never buy when it's oo obvious, Over the years we have seen you come and go in our office,- and learned from ex Alienee your cute little ways of endeavoring to secure tha setter ^secretarial job. We tiave encouraged you with a not-so-paternal pat, tried t hide our quiver as we gazev, through your sweeping eye lashes so many times, know ing full well you believed yoL were really charming us. I you had encouraged us, w would really have run an ioLstalked you as you.hope-i ully believed. It has happened several imes that a tight sweater eally did proposition. But ihe didn't work for us very ong. * * * * BUT NELLIE, don't let our gray hair or lack of it fool you. .With a little more experience with men, and more maturity, you will realize thai you, also, are not so glamorous. Too many of you actu ally believe what your moth ers told you about mean ok men and young girls. But we have too many years and too much experience to be tha bad, though we are interestee in good grooming, personal ity, along with what yo think we want. What you have to offer is no prize. Am anyway, we couldn't take a hance with our reputation, ompany or family. So we pal you on the houlder and drop a joke oc- asionally, and don't feel at ill silly because we have been doing it for years with so many others. We enjoy your land on our arm as we are ;oing for coffee or heading home at night, but we are not so impressed as you might believe. Speak for yourself, Nellie, about hot enjoying running Fingers through gray hair. We have met many who do. Bui not around the office. We are vain because of conquests over our many years. But after 5 o'clock we don't think about you because we are at lome with our families and ealue that romancing a sweet young thing is too much trouble for what is received. · * « * AT OUR AGE we don' think it important for our M O N E Y WORRIES? Want Ad helpl Sell things you're not using. It's easily ot only beautiful and charm- ng young women of high haracter but the Influx of oreign beauties to our coun- ry with their exotic and Old Vorld chnrm, proper training horw-makins, cooking and nising a family. done through Classified. Dia HE 2-5959 for an today! wives to make eyes at us. We have acquired new values ol more interest, which you do not understand yet. Our pension, social secur ity and insurance are prettj far removed from your eage little clutches . . . if we ha( any ideas about marrying you . so don't believe all you read in the movie magazines You might also conside ad-writerlthe increased competition yoi Iface-in the years ahead fron Long Beach , MKCD It \Ht With our sophistication, and with air travel, we older men are meeting more eager and charming young ladies in foreign lands who believe a.officc. husband should be much old- er, who believe In pampering us and in making us so comfortable we just can't get excited over young ladies in the Romance Gray Call 878-4211 and find out all about j^ff% IAS VEGAS NEWEST RESORT HOTS,! HOTEL CASINO LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -HERSHEY'S STRAINED FRUITS OR VEGETABLES LIBBY'S MAXWELL HOUSE CHOCOLATE BEECH-NUT % CORNED BEEF MB. CAN COFFEE 69 DAINTIES INCLUDES "2c Off" BABY FOOD HASH CARNATION ASSORTED FLAVORS RALPHS OLD FASHIONED INSTANT ICE BREAKFAST CREAM BANQUET FROZEN MEAT PIES FROZEN rRENCH FRIED VAN dc KAMP'S HALIBUT 6-OZ. PKGS. « - 49' 8-OZ. PKG. OW *» BAKERY RALPHS CRACKED WHEAT, BUTTERMILK OR OATMEAL V 3 6Vi-OZ. t 9 H LOAVES ·· 00 RALPHS PLAIN OR POWDERED CAKE DONUTS PKG. OF 12 35 RAL'HS RAISIN BABKA COFFEE CAKE PKG. 43 PREE FILM! ONE ROLL OF BLACK WHITE OR KODACOLOR 127, 120 OR 620 FREE WITH EACH ROLL OF THE SAME DEVELOPED PRINTED AT RALPHS FAST SERVICE! NO MAILING! U.S.D.A. CHOICE-FRESH AMERICAN LAMB! LEG OF LAMB ANOTHER RALPHS EXCLUSIVE! . EACH LAMB LEG HAS POP-UP COOKING GAUGE PLACED IN IT - POPS - UP WHEN DONE! 79 m MLB. PORK LOIN ROAST SQUARE CUT. SHOULDER LAMB ROAST 59 LAMB CHOP SALE! ROUND BONE OR A«» SHOULDER 98ib LARGE LOIN K OR RIB ; Lamb M*ck REGULAR OR THICK FARMER JOHN BACON 79 e Mb. Pkg. 39 il'. Lamb Shank* 49 ,L FRESH CALIFORNIA GROWN ROASTING 49 Ib. 4-TISKERMEN-14-OZ. PKG. FROZEN FISH STICKS -LENTEN SEAFOOD SALE 69 79 FRESH FILLETS OCEAN PERCH *p7| b FRESH ' CERTI-FRESH FROZEN PACIFIC OYSTERS VAc WHITING PERCH FILLETS IO.OUNCEJAR M W HA.IB. ^ftc MB. AQC 59' PKG. PKG. LOIN OR RIB END - 3TO4-LBS. 59 c IB. CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS RIB LOIN o ,»Q8° ·ma ^v 85 MEATY LOIN SPARERIBS'69'* USC WITH SONA , ,, JM f* m SPARERIB SAUCE «. 39 e RATH SMOKED BUTTS DAINTEES FRY - BAKE - BOIL FARMER JOHN SKINLESS SAUSAGE LINKS ,1 89 3 V,LB. $1 PKGS. I REGULAR LAYER " ' PILLSBURY CAKE MIXES 69 MONTEREY JACK SOLID PACK OR STEWED HUNT'S TOMATOES 00 S 8.W FRESH SlICED CUCUMBER PICKLES 22-OZ. JAR CANS 39 WISCONSIN KRAFT SLICED MILD CHEDDAR i AMERICAN CHEESE COMPARE RALPHS EVERY DAY LOW SHELF PRICES POPULAR BRANDS CIGARETTES $2 REGUIASS F1LTEJ5 08 i. KINGS *2" PE« CAIilON PER CARION EXCEPT BENSON t, HEDGES PAU MALI FILTEKS SWANSON-3 COURSE FROZEN TV DINNERS WHITE OR WHEAT ALL STAR BREAD 2 BOBRICK'S AMMONIA ZEE SANDWICH BAGS GLEEM TOOTH PASTE CONGESTAID ROOM VAPORIZER QT. PKG OF 30 EXTRA LARGE 5-OZ. TUBE 27' 10 C 69' LIBBY'S PINEAPPLE JUICE HILLS BROS.-INCLUDES "20c OFF" INSTANT COFFEE CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP LIBBY'S CORNED BEEF KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES BISQUICK MIX 46-O2. CAN t-Ot. JAt 85 CANS SKIPPY PEANUT BUTTER REGULAR HUNT'S CATSUP DEL MONTE TOMATO SAUCE * 3 ' oz 12-OZ. JAR 14-OZ. BOTT16 45 e 19 e MB., 13-OZ. CAM 27* CANS 12-OZ. CAN 12-OZ. PKG. * , , IB. 2 Vi PKG. 4 3 DEL MONTE PRUNE JUICE RALPHS FLOUR RALPHS SALT QUART HUNT'S HALVES OR SLICED , CLING PEACHES '/· RALPHS | LIQUID DETERGENT *·*. INCLUDES "I0e OFF" 2 9 e | AJAX DETERGENT OLANT^ NORTHERN TOILET TISSUE 4 IOIL 38" 65* SWEET, FULL OF JUICE-ARIZONA WHITE RAPEFRUIT AVOCADOS 12-OZ.. PKG. PARK AY MARGARINE l-LB. PKG. Exclusive at Ralphs DECORATED SLOTTED SPOON ONLY 29 ANB All DECORATED ITEMS IN DISHWASHER SAFE STAINLESS STEEL ALL STAR BRIGHT PIECES AVAILABLE NOW AODTOYOURSrAtBRIGHrSEKVICEIHISWEEKI NO PURCHASE NECESSAJWI NO COUPONS REQUHEPI I EXCLUSIVE PIECE - A - WEEK PLAN GIVES YOU A FIVE PIECE PLACE SETTING OF STAR BRIGHT STAINLESS FOR ONLY WHIIE TH£r IAST 1 RALPHS BEEF OR CHEESE REGULAR OR LIVE* DECORATED VETS' ENCHILADAS PAPER TOWELS DOG FOOD 1 00 4 $400 15$i|00 = I . I PKGS. OF 2 EXTRA FANCY CANADIAN MctNTOSH APPLES FRESH HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE . FRESHLY SQUEEZED PURE ORANGE JUICE E E a 0.25*1 2 29 C | L S?Z G E E -H 39« E '/j-GAL. VQC DECANTER M 7 g*«p":' LIQUORS uugjuuug^gjHmmm^ggji RALPHS EXCLUSIVE YOUR CHOICE KENTUCKY SQUIRE · SANDRA VODKA / BOURBON $^" t LAKESHIRE GIN : ''^ AllinBl ao : , $ ^ 98 SCOTCH $4 FIFTH ^·Jii 80 PROOF. FIFTH ^^ '*QUOR DEPARTMENTS ARE NOT IN ALL RALPHS STORES -PLEASE CHECK YOUR IOCAI STORE M.J.B. LONG GRAIN WHITE RICE ;· 39 C IB. BAG J6OZ. PKG. 45 e 39' 10' "^ DUIUQUE CHOPPED HAM CANADA DRY WINK 6 12-OZ. BOTTLES PLUS DEPOSIT CLOROX BLEACH PURINA DOG CHOW 5 PACK GAUON 61 * 79 e WIER-S 8EEF 13. PXG. BOUILLON CUBES MEC1ERS SAUERKRAUT 130* PKG. OF 15 59« CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS Si 47« eTA , M | KC Dl AMC 2V CHOCOLATE BARS 3 - 25' SUPER STAINLESS BLADES KG, Of 10 *1 45 uoz. CANS f%m e SCHILLING ' M 41 , O.I BLACK PEPPER c« *IO PRICES EFFECTIVE THURS. THRU SUN., MARCH 10, 11, 12 13. ADD TAX TO TAXABLE ITEMS. THE FRIENDLIEST STORES IN T O W N 10th at CHERRY, LONG BEACH.... PARAMOUNT at DEL* AMO, LAKEWOOD ·J THE FRIENDLIEST STORES IN T O W N 15471 S. BROOKHURST, Westminster.... 7930 VALLEY VIEW BLVD., Buena Park

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