Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 35
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 35

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 35
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Homes for Sal* 139 $375 DOWN L : !it Wit on larw lol, ,ui*( rool. HUGE KITCHEN, h,rea llvlno rocm, forced a'r heal. ni?io. IC'rm. lio clialHYlTM necessary. Key »t m I 5 " GUIVER CO. GA 3.MV7 IWJLJRADE T001 Homos for Sale 139 ·lomes for Sale -A- Newcomers To Calif. MOVE IN TODAY SPflC'O-'i 3 convcrliblc den. V i hvru -- "Dream Kllchf-i wlui BUILT.IN$-D«llGillul ealing A-M --CArKlcd. B'ock w.i.l Icficfl-UI.WO. EXCKLLLtU TtFW.S! call -GA 4 - 6 1 5 1 or TWin 7-5422 Willis Coin* Snndon, RtErT. LOCAL WORLD-WIDE MOVING AND STORAGE A'o^l recommended rroverj HODGES MAYFLOWER HE 7-3583 3 BDRM. 4 SWIM POOL ATTENTION Gl! II Isn't far to IMS desirable carried draocd 3-bcdrc:m l'0-vt inlK » SPARKLING HEATED !. F LTtRtiD S\VlfAMlNG POOL. 1165M - ONLY COSTS S. IM POUNDS DOWN! WALKER LEE ]00_Beiillc«C Blvrf. VIA S1214 HANDYMAN NEEDED DROP BY AND SEE Vacflnl 2-Bdrm, "A" model. 0'. «r reallv w.nls to. ie 1, and _ ' f CORNER 3 - O D R M . 2 B A T H V BUILT-INS $450 DOWN Alrrost niw iDarXTing har'C. h.dwd. t.ri , W'W carpdlno, dranes tri'u- ojt. Forced air heat. Ho oyaiityino necessary. Key M 4175 Sautn SI ME ^8112 GUIVER GA3-M?J (WE TRAQF! T001 It . make al ° " - 3501 STEVELY ELL15-5CHRADEA " A_ "bPEN HOUSE SUN. 1 - 5 107? Orflr.g* Ave. R-J Lol 50x1 SO. Ine SI35. 2 older hcuses, room to tji'd more, wr.ere cai this dta'.? Lot a'cne wor'n tfe AMT. S10.000. 10* di. · l°" EoRWAC REALTY GE 3£23; 1-2903 "ENJOY THE OCEAN BREEZE" Art QCDOr!unHy lo havt a 2 vr . _ 3 bedrcsm, family room, 1 cam luxury homo I-T an e«c«Henl ares As low .1% S7500 ciovin. Subm "WALKER LEE __65«_E. Soring 5-. HA 9-SW ^500 DOV/N WHY RENT? Move rich! in'o 1his va:?nl 7-HR d ring ICKITI ha^ie freshly ca-ii In oul. Jjsf S1C5 Includ-n-j 1ax In f're Lakcv/ocd iccfl'lo". *GE 9-21i. 2^65 Pa'o Verde. WALKER LEE 139 ·bines for Solo 15x30' Swim Pool 1 Bdrm Carrpletely pB'med hcrr.t. w/Fo-mlca t, nalL.ral fin'"'*'* ' n kitchen, foon relinlshed. Vitro* fobe c'cscli. A lurnijhod apt fcr morn| f l w --Dad--father-in-law . . . wriar ha*a you? W/Slovc. relrlg. scaara 1 * kikhcri. 3* balh. 6' Rfdboard fencing P ocd In wh'1c dratxd w/n»tt:ng st-eHs. loy«*v r*cd covered pai'o, ove^- iSoVrg li«W fcoi, B'l decked HURRAY °J N UVT US! ED. REAL BUY VCheck Mark Rlty. 1719 W. KATELLA 139 "BELMONT HEIGHTS -- VET OR NON VET 3-BR. 1'i balhs, 5350 down, SSS-50 e rr.Onlhj princiD.1l lnte^rc_sl. Giblon Rlty. HA£-7454 " " T R AD I~ME 3 BR, 2 Ba.. w/*1hruoulr scr«-.«l lanaJ, fireplace. bH-:n slove t ovefl Frjs T^'RR- Crt'.rwarii HA 5-7*76; GU 1-7J92 MOULD REALTY ... - 7-bdrm t, dei pir.c, beam ce-lma Inkrlo; s'ceoing rrn bal^i aliatre dbl ga--agf, Lrg R 2 tot. S1000 en or no on lo Gl. A Deal with Dw^s ^» HA i'wai eves HA 1 MOULD REALTY K. CUSTOM BUILT HOMES $24.jQO 1o W7.WO. V/e have $«v. C'al IIStY.qs riohl na.v on cuslon' built h^jmps, in Dc*nev. Bell I lower, Norwalk A Lakcwosd Seme are new. samft vet to be | fcyiil, seme .Vrcad/ landscaped, ca-ocled draped. Lei us sHow them to youl BOGGS REALTY CO. 17117 5. Clark B*IHIower TO 6-703*; TO_7_-247a _ 5595 DOWN. Gl RESALE Imagine trtfj, If you car A sharp 3-Bdrm , 2 balh han'.e on a b*a- J.ILI itrect. Hciwd. ttoors. TA heat, puilt-ln ircve A OVPJI. V/Bll-to-wall c-ircct R Lfrapci. d chondra lavjn wilh iprinkllng 5vs!cni*ct fence. Ort-Kr Icav:t9. Pick uo key at 269] Bolldower Blvd. ELLIS-SCHRAPES. HA 9-5925 iiooo DOWN TWO BATHS Magnificent! For The Largo Fjmily 4235 East 2nd Street (Shown by Appointment Cn'.y) A [ove:y 2-s'orv hcire v«nn S bcdroMin--r.'i balhi Living rm 19x23, forn*nl dinlno rm Llb'Arv ol-js rccni Brc^ltfall roon^--Kltct-cn Bultcrs P^nlrv--Service Porch Gan-e room--Inroc '·'! baseirer.l 3 car aarayt ad ov«r) Oi-'ldcor RiT B'Q Mvear lean of SJ3.0M 9 6V.%. MATTERY, WILLIAMS X BREWER, Inc. Realtor! «7 E. 1st St. HE 7.0631 Homes for Solft 139 Homos for Sola 139 TLOVE MAPLE ? 3-bfJfm. East s'tfe. Palio, BBO. Bst^HENDOU //-arcP LABRANCH HE 7-1H1; HE 3-8J31: Gti ^5797 REX L. HODGES CO. OPfcN 1 TO 5 6LO? DUOXFORD a BR den- I 3 '* bslh, cov- c*- Ih C'IOSB lo DutcK Village Siiop- p^^a^^^^oTM^ ~ 3 BDRM.--2 BATH liOO rfn- S135 mo. rlo «scrcw SW5 Del Arris ' " . East L.B. toca'kjn. 3 ^ tie in rarDEf, Ir.sidf, dlshwajTie . Try '-3 baaf this but oon t wa't to call GE 9-21H,?26S Pa!o Verde. WALKER LEE _ FOR" THOSE WHO CARE . tKir.c. 1 b'* to SI. Cor- WE LOST YOUR PHONE NUMBER! Will tr.e p a r f v who wailed a dbetfraom, 2 ball! hcme w/blt-ins UNDER SW.500 D'.ca^e call ui. OMCM GA 7«5S; J:s NE S-Mll JOE HODSE, REALTOR GA 3-mi HOO_S£ulh SI. "USE THAT TRUST DEED FOR DOWN PAYMENT 0*-ec \vlll conifer lil oc 2nd Tr^sl DEW! In lieu of cash down cavnicnl for IhH l.'kcwocu 3 bd-n hone v/:ih cucst house cr ifNKARD^RLTVT'HA j:«36 "~ LOS ALTOS AREA 3-Bdrm. hDine. B.g. bio lol. Paved alley, 1 t)'.K. lo s'cres A bub hro. Only SU.500 Sua^iil Your 1prmv Pick uo kev at 7671 Bdlficv.-er ELLl'S-SCHRADER. HA_?.59Za $1000 DN. F.H.A. 2 3 br.. cf.'3'ocd k-l. bli-ln ^io oven, w.w, dros. oocd la-Oic. Lot 55x110. To sec tall HA 5-K5I -Pat-- tvcs HA 59593 MOULD REALTY ^EASTERNER: ATTN.: Acnrox. 3400 sa. It. ' B R , llbrarv T- lamllv rm., 2'.'i balhs. Hlcnesl qua!Uv construclion d«fa'l. Mar- b'e bathrocmi. hand palrred murals. BeajlHul back yard w/Drl- vacv room (or pocl. Db!. oarage. $36.950. A Low Dn. for Bel. Hgts. Sharp 2'BR., stclwlcd Cal. Raricno r,t res' ol lot. rir. tor anollwr unil 518.750. 6% loa-t. Terms. RENE Realty GE 4-0908 DEAL FAMILY HOME Close lo schools -- A t a'-l levpts. 4 BRS.. (a"nlv rm. wit^i wet bar, M'x40' Paddock pool, LQO., fn c'cserf, t«iullfullv IdnojCd^ed ^hartci 1-ane EVM.. GE 9-3«S8 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 E. Ocesn, Realtors, HE 2-3?il BELMONT SHORE S~ST. JOSEPH OPEN 2~6 JUST LISTED Large J-ilorv, 3-BR 4- i'^b. ifp. din. rrn., brMst «rea, V'i balh], nd^ural ^1*1 kllch. oorb. d'sp ; p-fiY:tv heat, tr-c'rw; laroc enlrv n«ll w/w:nd f no ila'Ti; laroa clov elu charrr.ino la'oc catio a^ei w/tlBQ: cbl, par. Priced lo se!l qylcklv-J22,;55--Only 53WO c!n. 2N GLE:NDO^X ' OPtEH 2-6 LARGE 2-STORY S A don, £'n. rm.; ipad^us a 1 - iracliv* 1h. r uwjir oV- gar. Vic-nt. Conioare tMs D r i c e l f 57i.?a wiin REDUCED 51900 RUSH TO din rm could * (am. rm,; 1** balhs; nat. wood Ml, blMn elec. ovt^ range; 220 wiring; clio.; b r k f s t bsr; dfaoerlct. Secluded pa'lo. Double garagp. $??,WO. Practically on Boachl On l"i kisl BBayllfui'.y built, loe 2-s1orv \t/2 !u'l fcfllhs. o'us room over gar. A I'tUe effort W.I I rr.flip gcrgeuus home or love I v ·" " Xlnr fr-nnce. Re" Flexible lermj. B1XBY AREA FIRST TIWE O P E N 3950 GUNDRY Ycur DCPcrtunltv 13 i« bov a [ovcly IK mi conv*r»!»nt lo icnoai, ch.-rci shopping. *.««ciov$ bcd-oo-Tii--13x15 convcrllb'a drn-- Mrl'frcier h«l--2 itall ir-.cwcri- comDlc:elv carpeicd d £ a .^' Comoofillrtlv priced forQUick. sa c. C V. JACKSON, REALTOR 5JO E._CARSON _ _ _ G A 7 /.^? TAKE YOUR CHOICE OPEN SUKDAY P.M. 1W ''*j p . ccllu *- 3c ^ 1 Vpw^aleS Lar"oB airv rocms. Itfeal ler lum- living. W.i CCT!!OS Drive. S b r . 8. den w-w, btt-in stove-oven, I'a'^ i l ic GA 7-1139 Gosc^ GE 0-74M Homes for Sale 139 CALIFORNIA HEIGHTS 3336 Falcon Open 1:30 HARD TO GET 3bdrnv. S'cial It II lull SOulh cl Wa-r!'oj» Rd. Lg«. d n. rm. Lo w*le* ra'ei. 13 la«es, so-ne oil Incoi-.t. Lcc. I-? lor. l.uFcrco OA 7-Hll; GA 4-1W REX L. HODGES CO. YIS G.I. NO DN. Clc^ini cosls enIv. 3-br., 1 ba. D r cs, cov naiio, caoo la".osc., HA 5.293? -na r |.- S "e' MA W5J3 MOULD REALTY Srxftr'%r!d,'i'-oV?n : 'k ",: ^^E'^^f"^'^^ Lou 'ol bMuiilul snrubbprv 8. 153 «=i K- lo' J' 1 '",.' Fu |, csoltc Planls. Fo^Vs pplng to | 3-urH . .c. «l "or . » * « » · Flirlria A very an»i0ili. Call - - - j Price 2^'V^^j. -p iC?3 EdlS-SCHRADER._HA 9-S928 | '·"~ DODGES CO. UH R E 5TR,CTEO .-. OPLH. -^^-j^E ^ o*-ner dcsccra'c. 3-tr rericcci Pi^k ua k c / st 2371 Pzlo Verde G^ 1-1371 cr GG ' UM 1350 1452 LEMON J B R S EACH. BARGAIN JOE F. REED. RLTR. _ . _ USE "YOUR G.I. Ihls lovely 3 hr. Vfllh din. 'h ; na rln., lust c!csmn c RETIRE COMFORTABLY 2 br home wiln dli^c. car, pat.o whbq ^54 nw. lr.c«. tavcs ^ Ine. Ca'.l GE 1-1371 or CE 1-1225 Bkr^ "'DRASTIC REDUCTION Larco 3-br. Fral., w-w ca-r.fl. bkFsl. rn.. Xt.-.i lot. 'ol 50»l 0 O-'V 5H.WW Trflvlt? Gt l-13?l REX L. HODES CO. $775 DOWN OPEN SUNDAY 1005 L. MIL l- 2 Jot. OPEN UNTIL SOLD EXCEPTIONAL HOME MSO GUHDRY-Coilom bit. 2 den, 2 lireclgces, POOL! Con- s'tier cny rcaicnatHe Irone ^C*\ BELL. Rllf. GA 2-5400 "SELLER'S SACRIFICE 3-BPSfA FAMILY ROOM FrcL, (J'os.r w-w, loH of ti i Pr^me Iccalion nr, s^os scnl: V ' Cd *' J H A B '£SH" a d" G E 9-40M _REX_L._HODGES CO. "NOT A MIS-PRINT 3 BDRfA, $12.503 r.tcney heie. Nic« area. 'ODD* l-io'USlKG CORP. GA 3-7979 17jS PEL A^AO (al Cl-errvl 5r A GOODIE 7 B(i"m In Blxbv aiea. Lge Viich- en wilh bll-ln Jlcve ar.d Trv S2700 rin. · Deal with Doris · HA 5-2531 eves HA 9-5MO MOULD REALTY 266 TERMING Ideal school loc. 4 Itc. bdrms. 2?17 llv rm., din. ;m.. den, bKlst. im.. heated pool. Abu-.aanr« oF c'^set soare. Askiro i3?.MO. Drive b * Ch'a'Vs 3 'uint. GE 9-34E8 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SQO E. Ucefl."! Re 3'Mr s HF 2-39A /Aake ' South of 2nd, Beauty O.-r ol laroest 2-BR, beauliluHv hjiH; carpe'i, d races, SCD. dn rm.; Id* nal wood Vikh v//b't-'n oven ceil ml li'and rarvoe. Sharply riccoralcd. Pal.a. E»oa-.rt- able potenha.. filcc yard w/brkk llowcr bcrf. IVi-car gar. SM.^50. RENE Rlty. GE-1-0908 "OPEN P.M. 4520 CERRITOS DR. I Iko rcw 3-BR with larpc panC'Cd de" 2 bains i 2 llreoVes 21f» °o It. ol cwner.Dulll ajs'llv on (^r.e Wo tol. compare Ihls lor "cV 1 JACKSON, REALTOR SM E. CARSON GA_7.M5_7 ~ SPACIOUS 2-Bdnn. den, IVi balhs, carwf- Ina fhriwut exccot den, drapes curtains inck. forced a'r heat. 2'/i car enrage. Soring.ers. UIM MOORE GA 3-5441 1172 Sou'n M. Ev^s GE * -TO" VACANT 3 OPEN I TO S 2«? ST. JOSEPH Ne.vlv listed 5-br. S. stitdv G.-ac cos home. Fcrrn. i ; ning m., 2 balhs. Charmin. b^ck ga-cen. R-xim Inr pcot. Prirrd lighl. Xl-^t Ima-.c.-g. Lo* ^MASON E. KIGHT CO. 5SM g. ?nd. Pay cr nlle OE »-C535 | ""HOMES + INCOME Excellent for la'ce fami'iti or pa'«rnal nrgapliat:cns. 1--5 91S., 2 BATH + 4 U. I-- 3-BR. + LOE. APT. EXCELLENT F.NANa 1 tW/J REX"L. HODGES_CO._ $T2,500 FULL PRICE T Rd-rn l : i oalh?, blt.-ln rarge t* 'Jen Lurwlirrad. Really. SI31 'E, Carscn. HA 5 7«7; eves: HA 1.13)5. 2 KOUSFS -- SlO.iOO S1100 i3v.n. R i lol. AM welcome. "ffutiU" r GAVyi»: IIE7«59 REX L. HODGES CO. G.l'. RESALE Corner ol Ncrw.itk and Eivt'esl. 3-bdrni , P.i bnlhs. near Flee- wav I. s'KiorJng area. C. T. VcrKJY HE 7 ^Z Real Estale Salesman PlcnV ct leans f. '=P CO-TITIIS- sio-^. For Lcng Bca:h 6. Oranae 2-BR. DEN A surprising baraa'n, lor 53750. Ov/ner says "Gel " So.d. over 1 000 sa. fl. ol . living space S'-tirU Your oov,n. 03AH RfcALTY S137 Sojlrt SV : fA.yJZl Amid Spreading Trees this 3-brlrm , larnilv rm., 2-ba., 2- fipls.; (ar below reorcdudion R REX m L. C HODG ES A _C S Q._ $500 DOWN IN LONG BtACK t.\u\l be so'o. Loe. 2br. Sep. riin. rm w-w rugs A traces. Neeas pe* cv.r,cr. HA !-i9!l: E 9*)3«. Bl:r. '"WANT V;ESTMINSTER? Cle^n 3 fc 4-br. hcmes. 2 balhv CALL OR S1£E VANNETT RLTY. at 7374 Westminster Ave. TWir.oaks 3.25W-lives. OE 3 [MS Approved Brokers for Vel. Adi'l. NR."MEMORIAL HO'SP. 3 t, dcrt--real low dov/n. A'.arlineau HE 7-12S1; CE 5 ?!74 REX L. HODGES CO. POOL TIME All s'rcs, shiiaes P.-ICBS with 3 or X-bdrms. PIcV up your iwlm RE*X a L HODGLS CO. KA .' bitiliei u.-Hlml!i? p^ch flaor + Ua Kii. KD fcXA^rTATimr"co.'/.ir;G UP Soecifll Re-ncv/al _ClA« SEE OUR AD under Cla« ?? HOWARD BUTLER SCHOOL OF_Rj£AL ESTATE LARGL 4-BR. Use vour Gl lonn, nolhina down ; Fircol _ farced air _hca^. Ju^t r-.ln'«3. Full price S1S.700 REALTY HA 5-6471 AVOID Ur.ancla' loss. Prelect ycur new home. Hive Ir.e t.tle la vcur property searched a-c insured bv TITLE INS, TRUST CO. Slmnlv soEtijv Jjl. Naval Officer Transf. tkaim.. 1 bslh. FA hrM. Mr. UNRESTRICTED OPEN 1-5 1028 SALT LAKE 3-Br. Ho.^- Bkr^ GE.J^O5 OWNER-POOL-4 BDRM. 13x2-J cov. oalin, fa.n. rm., toll-in _nELLA BRIGKAMr_RIJr._GA * VI7.3 y7[f~HAVE over *0 vcars cxDfirier.c* " MAX LIVON1, RLTR. 1101 Allanlu:., _. __HE_fr97lll I 6 2 I 6 8 E . 6 7 T H 1 ncuscs. S17.500. S?i00 dr.wi For tasl said O. Ke^tv. GA 2-731 Must Go! 38i6 Mflrber! Shnro 3 bf.._2;ba._Flrcbl. Qv 0, r M,..h . Low Sov,n Ba . rent. R "" 5 RAPHALL R"ALT'Y 6435 E. Srrlng HA v W 1 7 139 GI--Np"pnv/N 3-Brtrm , rear living rm.. e*lra- large kilchen. Cove.-cd oalio, rear shoos. Full crlce, S12.ECXI. _BKR._HA_J 1 5?29 ADORABLE 2" Bdrm. Loe HI. has hll In slave oven, bybmil price - te.-.-ns. Ask'ng S13.500. Call Mary MARION DAVISSON 218 Allaillc HE ^^il? OPEN P.M. NEED 5 OR 6 BEDROOMS? Study various ways ol convert, i-a ihis line large duti'e*. Pos-.i- u.lllml!cd! 1.903 sa. 1. en · ' base.-nent njmp'js room. SEE [I.E. CORNER ST. JOSEPH 8, VISTA TBUlLfJN "RTTCHENlT 3-Bdrm i fwn'.lv rm a bAn lor EACH Bdrrn! fircp'Rce In lie living rm, trcD'csl cat.o. z-car oa'ase, A ne-.ver home n trc He '?l7 XIMENO -- OPEN STOTLERealty SERVICE ^_E._CnrMn, Day-Nile. HA V-5jOj MODERN HOME 7 bdrms. den, 1U barM. W'W caroellnj. Your.Oilowrt kilchen Ilroolacc. Onlv 12 years o:d. Re Inforced tfbl. garace (or EcW ; ro a unit, So^cltKJS vard. Eaw lerrni 533,500 FULL PRLCC CALL (ViRS. HURIFY, GF 4 . _ McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9-i^ PANORAMIC VIEW 55x700 Basf Ocean Blvd. R5 BUILDERS DRLAM //.UL.TI UNT SUO. GARAGFS. SHIPS AT SL 10 RMS.. FRPL., ALLLY- Ask fo Slaw-l^er HE M3S1; GE a 4K REX L. HODGES CO. " OPEN 2 TO 5 P.M. 130 LA VERNE 3 B3*. large Hv. (J-n. rmi. U6.9U -- ^3.000 tJown, maybft leu. JUST LISTED! gar^oe c'oy'd be 3rd BX'-t- carMrt, Only $15.500. SHOW ANYTIME! 161 SANTA AHA-2 den or 3-BR. sliding glass to terrltle nAt'oL Carpeted IhrucuM Modern d*cor! Trv W.OOO dcwn. Price $13,750. 3 BRS. FURNISHED Kor'h of 2nd net' schools A churches Spo!less--readv to move In. Extra larpe gaMgc. Aboul SJ.OOO dc«n --^18,500. ONLY $2.000 DOWN! 3-RR, modern kllch: w'w; rtraces. F-enccd vrd. 5oJlh o1 ^-TMid. 4 UNITS s" v^art old f " f »V500' C S'Jbmit do"ri or ;rarfe In vour hon-.e. ISABEL PATTERSON, Realtor 203 G'.tndcra; GE7M19; GE 3-m: Xi COVINA. OPE.H P. W- -VITHIN o^«-ha'f tlack from the ocean «"r! wdikina dis'vice to b-w YOU tan Uve like a "porerslafe' 1 in B cooi- pletelr rt-decorated 3-bdrni- liomc fcr as IHtle as $3500 cash fl-.d n-wiual pavmls. less than voj would pav (or 3 mcmlhs suijircr rental. This Is as close to 100 rcsidar.lial location as vcu will tind anyv/here near The asVlna p-ice- DomDScy cr Lo-.rierec. G£ 9-3191, HE £-1555, GE 4-7E2J. REX L. HODGHS CO. BR. *^iTMicTM£TM£*mw? T r v 51 W) dDrti. possess JOE F, FURR Realty Assoc. 3752 GARDENIA · OPEN ; TO 5 PM. -Price Reduced $2,000 LfliQp ^BR., n't bdlhj. In t D [CP condition. Owrt*r n«ovlno oul of I own. ln-.intdiaie p^iitss'CT. NOV; ONLY 1P2.9SO' _ S_P_EOJ_RE A L T V HB 1 : ^9?1 INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM-D-.9 Lena Elicit. Cain, Sunday. July '. »fl Homos for Sale 139 Homes fear Sole DOMINCUEZ 2610 HARRISO ShvD. 3 BR. Lol! of floj?f%. Mdwd liosrs, Iherir.o htat, oa- do, able oi'^co. Small down. To _scc_c.VI Broktr. _ GA A-JtQi BUY TODAY--WOVE' IK TOMO'R- RO\V. A5 tew «i $1000 dn. 4-BR? bfllh%. Htf*d. Gar. Fe-ceO, OO;AINGUEZ_RCAL T _ Y _JJ- _·* ^21 Y O,VHER-Oten. 3br. Allacl-iXl rat o, mo'MMrvia* rooTi, 2 Fru'.t Ireti. Keflr jhopD'n ac^eoii. t'^.OOO- DOWNTOWN AREA , 'ng cen'cr TE 5-1501. CARSON PARK ~~0 FFicFTjlH OM ElT POPULAR 3 - BORCA. % 'D" MODEL. ROOF LINE OF DOUBLE DEI ACHED GARAGE CONTINUED ACROSS BACK PROPERTY LINE TO AFFORD A LARGE DEN PLUS LANA1. IDEAL FOR PERSONSVr'HO t.'EED QUIET A R E A TO WORK OR STUDY AT HOWE. OWNER MOVED TO ARIZONA -- MUST SELL. Moor* GE4W* or HA 1-5479 RETIRE TO A LIFE OF EASY LIVIIJOI A conveniently located ?-Br. t-.o-ne lo top condition. All BIRCH--All ELECTRIC laichen wllh all t;-o NEW tr.-:l-ln ann'-'ancei. see .U? E. 16TK ST, GA 7-54S; Realtor llE S-MM A T T : BUILDERS OR BUSINESS LGE. C-3 DOWNTOWN Stucco S Dr. SED. din rm. 1 fro's. «% TGRVS. TO SEE ask for S'sua^Er HE MW1; GE 8-6359 REX L. HODGES CO. ___ FIXER-UPPER', G . M o . REX_1-. HODGES CO., BIXBY KNOLLS DRASTIC REDUCTION! REDUCED W500I Abojl 11 ve.-vs new. teayMu-h bit. home; ncprox. 1SSO sa. ft. /" 1 BR dn rm which could b* 3rd BR1 Larce tarn rm w/l I replace cojtd t« din rnvfam rrn corrb; eaKna area In kitch; P* bain; pa No; * printers; d*t. ca r A garctocs fcl Wi ' roo:in .JPL.P 0 $k S12 C 07 siiLxnH rJdwPl SUXOCQ TD i '6V, O.V/.C. or trace Fcr t.te no-ne. Tl-Js is a Prcstc« RENE Realty GE 4-0908 . - . - SALLM. Landscape, sorlnkler. S23-- - . Open. ' . GE 1-S11J _ "ALTOl'lTOS HEIGHTS SPUT LEVEL BEAUTY MUST BE SOLD. Bsn-JMJl 3.Br. h^jiie of iwusual Des'on, over- locking terraced pa'Io. Loc fail- rm w/wal bar. 1 J * balhi, 4 b:*. iV.arble Pov/der Ream, MILDRED ROSINSON GE ^ 7J07 Rcaltcr GE 9-6317 CONVENTIONAL FINANCING OPEH 1 TO 5 P.M. 524 PANAMA O-^.V Si.OOO dcwn tor 3 bdrms., larcc ta-nllv room cif kilchen. Lovely patio. De luxe cat PL ring ^jsjbjjJPjUeficn. RUr. GE 9C419. 53f5 COLORADO, OPEN Mr new 3-Br. 1^* b-i.. hiMns. a^h paneling. COV.E, LOOK f. DEAL. Trarf« for UOb ALTOS - · · - · TOM_STEVF.flS OPEN TODAY NEV/LY rfecor. 2'bdrm. 2 bain, cov, ai:o, la- Vd. ov/ w^ll carrv. I 1330 Arocnne Ave. GE 8-tf37 1 "BELMONT HEIGHTS 239 BELMONT 3 large bedrrr.s. J- 152Q farn'.l rm. 2Vi balhs. Sep. din^.ig rrr lars* kitchen. Custom-by: if ' ved.-s aoo. 70x133 lor. Xlnt. fern Ca!1 BeHV Hill la see. GE 3-32- r HE 21516. HART REALTY $12.950 SHOO DOWN Lovely 1 bedrooms co.Tiple! redecorated -- doub'e carafe, tin'rcj room, oversize lot -- f r u u Irccs -- our bes! buy. WALKER LEE jraO_BcW!oytf_er Blvd. GE 3 7«3 1120X20 FAMILY RM.l! j plus 3 Bdrrm. L«l'i live a Mlt'el Se». Csnlng rm., Icvclv oaho, ' ca-celino, draoos, V-bLnds. thermo. Li's LOADED for S17,590l I We'll try Gl no tiawnl 4102 JOS1E -- OPEN STOTLERedlty SERVICE 4313 E. Carson. Day-KM e. HA9-SM1 KO.V.E -t- SiVALL BUSINESS nvB 2 Vie 11 located .jr hoo-.c office ccrrb. I 1132 E. Broadv.-ay--1714 AtJanl c Coil Lcng HE 7-OMlj Eve GE J-73U I STEELE MOSS CO. i "OLDER BUT NICE! Bra-it, (ce. 7-BR. hcrr.e - srr 2-BR. rental In rear. Valj^b j. R. SE'ATON ' ' HE of; 139 EAST SIDE COZY-AND Close In!--1019 Gardenia 5 rooms B. balli--Hardvraod doors th.'iKiul--Mew pvnt exlirlor--Lot silt? 50«JS. Priced SI!,5CO wilh S1XO down-6ala-.c« al HI.15 ctr mo-ifhl Shown by aoDolnlmenl--Call MATTERY, WILLIAMS BREWER, Inc. -- Roaltorl -427 E. lit 51. HE 7.0631 l( no answer, tall GA ?.?!«) J17 WINNIPEG PLC OPEH 2-fi DELIGHTFUL HOME Well-bit, fr-in-.* 3br.; e-lra Irg. Itv. rm.; SCD. d!n, rm.; dbl. oar. Lrg, R- lot (room for mora unil») *lnl lirms. S1W5-510.5CO [can ® $106 rro. Inct. T I. ALSO WE HAVE older valuable R-^ lor nr, ocean. Ir.a. _ GE 4-0908 A LARGE crowlrvg family ' v, rto a re loo'* ; r o for sract and freedom a.-.rt v,ho like to Mix Ihinos uo". T h i s elder 4 bdrm., 2 balh ho TIB li a real rr.v^sfmcnt; In ths fu'ure. Tht prFce It only 5*5.500 «-.(! terms cai be arranged. Lcnrlrrcc GE 9-71J1; GE 4752-* R EX I. HODGES CO 3-BR. -- POOL 4345 JOHANNA-OPEH P/elliest and most private cool you'll find tcoelher v;ith a beaj- tiful txtra-featured 3-br. hcme. Has a'rrost everything! A 1I-.HII to sec! 519,500. HOWARD BUTLER, RLTR. i!76 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 3-M73 CAN YOU PAINT??? IP so -- IhM vcv can s.wc a Id on 1h:s lame 7-BR. Cl^etonc^ich rnv slo'C3. elc V'ACArlT MOiV. S«=E A r i D Si;aAlT OFFER! MASON E. KIGHT CO. 5SS* E. 7nd Dav or ni'«. Gt-^J OPEN AFTERNOONS Mi QUINCY 5 BRAND HEW UNITS 2-BR ^Hl. lor ov/ner. Reqy'r MO.OW cash or buildar will la p'a livl "A BEAUTIFUL DAY!" ta'is '3" seo'ro i!* : ^ at"raci ? ^ rici or 3 B r . NOTHING bcl Ouft'ilY H=\s toe. Mich., cov. p.v.o He-He is I fce re.v! 34 E. ROOSEVELT-OPES* P f.V "3 + FAMILY ROOMl" Cor cvorlsoXiPg Otv P*. Nr-- SI- Ba'iftbiii DUP..C scn-o'.^. Cho ce Frwrrlv BM430 MARSHALL PL. GUSTINE GA 7-5409 Clavl(n_o( Lane Co. HE ?;N75 home ' " eniror EAST SIDE ·A. OCEAN · nearbVthls spacrou* 3-tdrm home, Very ctean bunga'ow type. Ck)?e vfKtNG G RlTY r . a GA 4-073_4 220 BELMONT OPEN 1-5--SUN. MON. 3 BpRM, ( DEN. 7 ^ BATHS Terf;( : c n bw a't SIJ.CCO! 'E-Z Irms, fV.ADRY" RitV.riE_e;57g?;_GE WJ1 "'"START SUMMER RIGHT 2/J War Vfsia Ave.-LET US SHOW YOU IT O2CT 1-5:30 Sun. wk. rfflvs MARTHA LAND, Reitlioi iNO REFINANCING TO of H*'cMs, 2 + tJen, btt!. ccv. oatro rear yard area. C'nder-blocV fence. Call Gcarce /AcCorn-,-ck GE 9-W3J; GE 9-F.16 REX I. HODGES CO. HOMES NEEDHDEl 1 2 or 3-br To SM.OOO 2. 3 or 4-br. . _ ..- ...To HO.OOO V/e can SELL cr TRADE your hcrr.e--cash nut! MASON E. KIGHT CO. SS5 E- ?tvJ DAV or rvte GE 9-0935 BY OWNER Eleganl trrfxldrrilzed 3-br., 2 bs^hs. ta-n. rm.. nal. wood kM. w/b'L- l^^. comb, b.-kfst. A serving ba-, slidlr.p glais doers leading to ? oa'tos: Igf- wd. Rm. Icr pcol. S?J.WXL___3-37 RovcroH. OE_-_0201 BELMONT " OPEN l":30 70 4:30 5280 THE TOLEDO /er style 2-bdrm hcme w/firc n ! ace, carccilnj, draces, J'jf* vino rm; cbl. gsraa« PMIo N«ar churche:, scnocls fr stcro 1 See Ihis cyickl Good lo^n jwa; FOR~SArF~by~bV/n¥Rr2-b7r f jrn hbuse i W, at 209 Ar^rme Ave Belrrsnl Shore. A'l clear. ~ r ~ cond. Mew roct. Gar. Y^ IV I I L-pilalrs rm. Crwlv Klin, p-cpcrly, Ciuiet ne'g'bcrhcoo. Near all marXels ir?n*por'et;on. Phore_G_E _fi-1-112 Jcr ap30in|nent. ~4S"lTUVINGSTON" DR. Drive by !ITs 2-bd'm., l'/i ba'hs. Its. hv. rm., hard*d. firs., bo din rm . siiall ;oi. Call Marce Suitor GE 1-2534, GE 0-12W. REX I. HODGES CO._ YOU'liTNEVER GROW OLD enlovlng 1hll larcc living rconi. 2-BR v/iili more tcssitlllt.c^. l 3 * ba:^s -t- 3 '* balh. Access to every- Ihlnn wllhcul M A R T H A LAND, Realtor m GLENOORA jE^;Oj Beautifully Done Iniltie out -- txjIIMn Ulchrn, W REX°L HOT'GfeS^a. CREM\ O' THE CROP 225 Granada--Open 1-5 A real bcauivl Lnroe ^ r " '~ NEW LISTING V 3925 LE/AON--OPEN-2-BR. 4- dcr. Trrri. Vi b!k. schools. \' 4475 CERRITOS-OPEN--Lge. 2 13R. 4 den--owner will i:V "KNOLLS BEST BUYI isoo M. f t . 2 BR. + dtn. Else. M. H"J. ! HUNTERASSOC. ~ CORPORATION EXECUTIVE"" BUILDING! 5! 000 SO. f. custom hcn-el H-jcc fv^ily rm 16*31. with fircnU crcn? on lans-. 3 tr r 2-h^lh, SCP. D.R. Aftosl spotlc-is fwe in Ofy! willfflrr^ GA "7'!)IS^GA 7-H91 REX L. HODGES_CO. "OWNER--Priced to Sell OPEN 1-5 P M. PS10 ROSE AVE. Laioe 3-bdrm , 2 baths, family icsm scMratc d.n. rm. Krw vj 1o w cnrpc'lno, a'sn*,, la'urvdrv rcwn. 210-voH. lanal v;lt!i built-in barbecus. Near Lcno'el- ~ " Bitnabss GA 7.83) CHARM UNLIMITED Im-nacula's ?-bd'm. w'.lh carnDl 1 draiws, sumv kitchen, c^-tc block rcoSy. Icrice, nice la Irec-s On r.'co s'rcct In very ocod iccalcn. S13.SCO. MOORE HA I-8481 JJ51 E. Canon E»rs. H A 9 3 J 1 0 OPEN 1-5 7073 HAN BURY Big yard--Walled in. Sop. Din. rm.--Big Bdrmi. Sharpest "0" in Town!!! MOORE Rlty GEJ-34M WHY PAY RENT? $500 Down movos you Tn-- 2-Bd-m. -- da'c. oarage -- d'S- ncs^l -- clean. Approx. S92 mo. on rcw F.H.A. MOORE RL1Y. GE 3.«66 Eyes: GE 8 3E33 $600 DOWN 3-B"R. T= rrotfel. no cscrov; chnrprs. vacant, move rlohl In. Pvn-jit. like rent, ncfds ('ing UD. CENTER REALTY ME 3074| SPANISH STUCCO IWO S-j. fl. -- 3 Ine. bd'rr.i. l'/j baths -- lormal c'nint) a · lurvr.v fcMst. a'ea. This is nice -- Lew as 11,500 dr.. SEE f. 5UBMITI 1 MOORE REALTY GE 3-74i GE S-3S53 "Opori 2-4:30--3506 RANSOM" THIS WON'T LAST! Irr.mscul.i'e 3 Mrm hDfre 0^ | SOxlJS R4 lot. Fruit Nets. Iricil, Incfil en lor tv;ilc!ing un!1s! Or'v i W'HITE REALTY GE 1-02581 Old Fashioned Charm In Ihf qulc! Is'and of Carro 1 ! Park, 1hls well-bit., cha'm'r.g clrl hcn-e v/'5 BRs. cien. 3'/i ba'n^; c^iing - tft- f'oor ston* dreoiar*. D'Jl. gar.; en R-2 lot aDorox. RENE Realty GE 4-0908 NEAR STATE COLLEGE E2? LEES-OPEH N«v/ a br., 2 ba. All Ditlns In. cliullng dishv,5^r. Term! flexible. Rich-lull GE lont: GE S-OT5 REX L. HODGES CO. $1000 DOWN . . . will b'jy Ihls 2 bcirm coHaje-- mwiernired Vilchen ba'ii -- cule lor a CO; n!e. 50 X ISO R-4 Icl- E.1SV terms 1 I tall us lr.tfay--.V.OORE R u T V . GE 3.49M. GE 8 - 3 8 8 3 WILSON HIGH 2-hdrm.. *Hflrp as a tflik. Full D'ICE S12.560. Try $?,500 down. Owner v;.ll cnrrv ba'.k. Call GFORGE McCOR'AICK GE?-OW; Gb9-B114 REX L. HODGES CO. IF you aro ... e n rp'fa! n i ng ccnicfcus, here is c-.e voj MUiT S E f c l l E^fra -;pati=us 1 bc-m, p!us f-ilKjl:us t3"nllv*dcn cinlni room! po 1 :! I'zed rwautlJullv PRICED T O ^ _ y -J R T E R M51 _ _ A BEAUTYI I 1 Bv Rciic. 2-hr, nine rm. Dile car. Me-* w-'o',v c.ircfiirg d'«T". New Vinvl ( m k'lc'i., scrv'cc rm A hT.h. Bu II- In b'caVjflst bar. HA 1-63IJ. OPEN I TO"5":30 3424 5TEVELY ?.Bdrm. A dn. BKR. CE 1-3W1 "cil'Y COLLEGE A R E A 21/2 BEDROOMS iosnl^h ?!u"co. L.R., n.R f. 2-car oar. On 't-e corner. Goad 1oc. Nc\v tile In kitchen. Price Vi2.500. Submit en Jerrr.?. Pc'-iv Johnscn. Ren'lor HE J^63S6 GE 4 J3J7 DUPLEX lie. SIM HID. Loe. R-J lol. Full cr. 513.0'Q. Low c!n. Ovy-cnr v; c^r.-v balance, fi^ fcr EVda GE 9 Oi?i; HE 6-E335 REX L - HODGES CO. DOLL HOUSE Nr. P.ecrcaKon Pn'V, Chvncr mu^t liave this rea' n-ad. 5-r.m. hem*. Tlie bi. kit. YtJ, (, parn, clc. Corntort -n every coiner. $13 500. GE 9-T\4t t.eedjm Bhr. OE 4 SS7S LAKEWOOD AREA Co^-s Don't BotKer You? Ihen ^c l-d^e an xlranice 3-tdrm, 2 balh hcme t?:ai a Cal Vet c^n buy far S7.COD da.f.i. Caroeleri, fe-ccd SviARP! fi:ct La^ewood ELLIS-SCHRADER ME 3 - 5 1 3 3 Opon House--By Owner j-Brirn. 'F' Midsl. Separate din. B'x. lence. Caro 4 drakes. 3- raKtd co . Clean + e $ under marVet GOLF COURSE VIEW S'larpfst 3 bdrm homt In am v,llK vi/v; carpellnp. tfraces. fire- D'Jice. LOvered psllo. DDO. new r£C.-io:d fence. Bciulilul fror.l f. hsck vard. A rtti llsllng. Call MOORE HA 1-8481 4152 H. Ca-son OpfS Evcnlr.os _ _ _ ~A RUSflC CHARMER TMi J-br. (; IM. lanV.iV rrn. hM 1he oaltry txibera-ce 1""' l.v= work, rivi niohj9nr.v oqnollng irnHs an u^cxocc'cd rirh nc,s i charm. Exlra rocm !j- .r . REX L. HODSES CO. " MAKE A filG" SPLASH! Befluliful 3 Bti'rn. Den l-DTT:e D:U% POOL. Carrying d.-acfi. FifMMcc. H'i blllis. S r r l r k t c r LvitEi Covered na'lo 8. cabaia. Ji ° W i i ' - ! h l fcr J39.000 HA 1-8481 CFCT rjveimji MOORE "iVOVvrviHAT A LiiAUl" voy C-IT rave w'.tr. vcur frlcn c!ler. Call Mcl.auBhlin. GA 7ISI3 GA 338c8 REX L. HODGES CO. 'LIVING ROOM I5.1B DINING ROOM plus 3.Q:lrms IdTilly rm. . b":hi love' 2000 ?i ID Mvi-.g rm corartclc!/ oanslcd In Ccrncr lol. Ask no SM.TM '-a looX sec sufcmill 55JO Airw.-lo'v Key Modorn as Tomorrow! n Rdrrr.s -- Famllv an. Rock F-irrolace - Panelirg Glass crotlo -- waltrts'l. Mooro Rity. GE 4-3464 HA 1-IS25 OPEN TODAY 1-5 110 EDISON PLACE 2-Vorv. 4-3:lrm., 2 Bath. Es'ale Sa!o. Fu'l c r i c e S9.000. 2 b'oc'KS W. cf U'xbv Park, 2 hiks. In Ocean. R A P H A E L REALTY HA I^W 251 I Belrnorit--Open 2-4 REDUCED! Varait ? R dsr. large lot Lois cf tree^. G33J f'nsndno- V E R N A BAPP. RMr.^E_4 J3-J3 OWNER" IN A BIND Clean 3 br. home ' $61 me. Inc. I pe. R-4 1o1. Priced very lo^. Ekcl^hl GE 9 Qi'A: Hb 6 3E35 REX L. HODGES CO. USE THAT TRUST DEED FOR DOWN PAYMENT Owner w:il ccnsldsr Isl or 2nd Trusl Deed in lieu cf cash down mvrr.Kii fcr 1hls Lakcwocd 3 bdr. hcme wi |V i o-esf hcuse or delacrt. rumaus rm. wilh J « balh. 5LINKARD RLTY. HA I - B 2 3 6 SPARKLING COTTAGE Very iharp 2 bdrm. wilh rT.iirg rni. Excc-.iive w/w carpetlno. Lar^e D-cturc vdrxfo-jv, enclc^^d frcni pore 1 !. Service porch. A oarcain a* S13.9W MOORE HA 1-3481 4151 E- Carson Evet TO 7-26?j 3 DEN $1500 DOWN EvervlVng ai vcu I-ke It. F:re- D l ace; oatio, glistening paint sharp landiccclng Call HA 1-12U cr TO t 7075. 554? Wocdrulf Ave. WALKER LEE Ncar'Blxby Park Ocean 1£;0 APPLEZTON -- S rm. b-jnn=i- IGWJ SCD.; disposal- Small loi. 1 ctr paraw. No boiler loca'ion for rellred couple. OPEH 363i"//ILtON"~~ CoiV 1-hr., I a roe living rco-n w j ' h (rol., vulrert ??3. R ? lol A\^ry Jo. GE 9-2191; HE /-OIV2 REX L. HODGES CO. 300 MONROVIA CORNER AT VISTA 3 BEDROOMS -- A-l ccndilkvn, lono«t lot in area. Rcom for pool- nallo and boat, r.'ear Marine StarJ'cm £. tav- Across (rcm Lowell Rccers Sc hoots. Best ichocls Z. area In L.B. Priced to sell toriav. Bv ov,Tcr. M ; oh» ac- cepl 525,500 GE 3-7537; HE 7.?fo5 iMf MOVES ^^ NO OTHER COSTS BIG FAMILY Fier Ucor oWf-r 3 br. home on lavclyr laro! R-l^ot i'xlJS' w.lruit '""MILDRED'ROBINSON OE -7JOT Rfaltc- GE 9;6^IJ Open Today--Bel. Hgts. S8l-6«5 Euclid. Lcvtlv . djalcx. O P E t l - 7 0 ROYCROFT 4 wills. Lew dc.vrv O.V^.C fcalan:c B1XBY AREA BEAUTTFULLY K"EPf~ Laroe 2 B R ; wca! w/w carnelinti: d:n'no area; m-inv things new; C.B. tence; dbl naraoe. Buv wi:n 1"« dcv.-n to FHA cr ECHAtiGE FOR LARGE HO.VE IN H.L.8. RENE Realty GE^UI908 . parj. Must « Dcg:«y, HE 9-2M1; FIRST TIME OFFERED -- VA-FHA DUALITY APPROVED ON CONVENTIONAL TERMS 68l-6«5 Fenced vd. aCDrecla'«. HE t.mi. i!Sl THERfcSA OPEH 1_S lulitul Ftower Carder rocwn E. (Jen horr-e .. .- . - ?Bcd- OF LIVING AREA LARGEST HOMES IN HUNTINGTON BEACH 100% WOOL CARPET THROUGHOUT HOUSE * 25-FT. LIVING ROOM if 3 4 BEDROOMS AND FAMILY ROOM if ]3/ 4 PULLMAN BATHS VETS NO DOWN OR LOWEST FHA DOWN PACIFICA ESTATE Eo« Side of Highway 39 1 Block South of Winlersburcj 4 Miles South of Gordon Grove Blvd. Viking 7-2858 av^e'd lot, tibL garage. reasOTiab'* I _gcy-"Lj"'E 3^911: GE 8 : »3S^_Pllr.. 1 LITTLE ""DOLL HOUSE" V I-BR surj-.v home, nfallv dicaced corner 'ol. Newly ..--or. ini'rfe oyt. Sus.-nlt on dn. MADEIRA^ RLTY. _ Gt_4-093S SI2,^50, SMALL DOWN Cor, 3 br. Sr den. Hr^d A 1i'e. G'r.d area t'cie in en Junlctro. BOLDER"--~LOW~OOWN" Call MaVsi'eer G!" 8-4442 MCORATH-SHANK CO. ".E 91131 BEST BEUiONt Hots, fccafico. 1 11 8, tfcn. A'l 'sroe rmi. Sea d r r.g 1 8, brk. rrn. Lovel/ vard. Ca Ruddy GE 9-7W3; HE «?a K I D'gX Rjjclnj. 1029 E. Broatiway. MR. I. Q. Soon vo-j will want a hcrre n«ar the beat schools in L.B. C'ose ia V/llion HI. 1 b'V. f/om Rosers 8. Lowell. The schools with HI I.Q. 3-tr 1 J '« bal!n Bob HENDON: fAdrqe UABRAIJCH HE 7-1251; Gt£ 3 8731; GH 3^5??" REX L. HODGES CO. OPEN HOUSE 1 5 - 5 7 4 7 V I S T A Corner LdVerne. L-JXIX'OUS 2-hr. Lg. asn P5--el den. 3-hr. Fsrcol. Orarves. fo-j-/ers. w/w carcf!. ERKELENS-THOMPSON RFAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Jfl^E^ANAHLIM ST. GF" 9 J43 CORNER HOME 3-Mrrn., la*, fo!. dbi. twr. Close fn schls., churches Er iwJmm'rg. REX L. HODGES CO. OPEN SUNDAY P.M. 3729 MYRTLE A LARGE FAMILY HOME! Spsc'cirt 3-Br. den, tuning rm., Pi b^lh. Just J -i blic. from Lcr.g lc"ow Huo^es 1 srrhMls P U LCH F . R F U LC H ER_GA IT'S A REAL HO.V.E In a woruJe'fji nf^bc.-1-.ooiJ. BR. 8, run-pus r.m. WAlk Corh-al'c scnl. c-'-urcn. titar-ttcH cc:KJ- Pi balhs. A'l wro! w w CD'. Ctfsto-n drascs. Bea'j-ifjl. See Jfils THlHKlKG OF BUILDING? D O N ' T Wrrn vou can IHJV 3500 ST, fl. of ryiury liv'ro !i ncv; Bi«rv K f W - l s . hc'ig J ORS.. J'-'J f ^ - flp IPI . c 1 ^. Prlrc lerms v.i'1 JACK°BERRO HE 2-3144 420? CERRITOS-OPEN SUN' 3-Br. A fail. rm. 2 Irnl;.. 2"^ bfl. Wall-wall ft drarev B.Jilt--n fcr^cK B-D-0 In kll. Wide sv/ccn'ng lo-. fE~.ctd rear v^rd b'g ?Si£,'Sf^'9fS H. Adema Rlry^ GA "^ BREATHTAKING This 7-Bdrm 8r huaa den wilh we' ba-- 8. slo-.c fireti'ace. v;lll n'e.ijc VDU. [n perfect cnnMion. Baayri- e U I V E R C O . H A S . I 2 5 l " " REAL VALUE 3.tx!rm. hdwd floors, st«'l s^.owor. ^0 Y^ D aS' s ^ x c r ^ J^£,A%\K^"-- ~ NEWCOMERS Oaen daliv Nkelv lu-n. 2-Bdrm. hcn'c -* co-nicrlable living arcd. Close 1o scrvco'.s transo A *t?7i S i EN LARG E D~3-lR 1 *~" V.r~B AT H. Co-nlorfatle Mmllv hanie r.ea-- C'.irk A Ccnan^. For arrl- In ice call Jack Co'mar GA f-^j-i. _V1KJNG Rlty_eA_4-0734 ~~BBMTTIFUL SWIM POOL " Eot;c Y»rJ -- Irnmsc. 2-BR. Pe-txxielerf. b:g klkh. V'7 baihi.!«J!7.5M E , . 5U "yr SI50D DOV/N ·:'-.- Re.-ncdelcd 3 hdrm. O.T smnll lol. Ga-arjc. Priced fo sell. Ken Hcllall GA7.518; GA 2.E2OT REX L. HODGES CO. NEAR WILSON HI Really sharp ?-b r. IM ~n s. M u j ie i!--Irv IJ.OOO d:wn. Call Ekd!hl GE 9-W04; HE 6-3335 REX L. HODGES CO. HOMEY HOME I ihorl b'jci. frcm bsv 8r 5nt7 A lo scfcvcli. 5hr. i dt.n. Jcorox. MOO' OF conlcrt. Trv «5X) dn. _ _ OPEN HOUSE n in in So-j1hia-d Wa^a- Lcvclv ? - D R . «r.c:o-,E3 tjen, ter like Ih s in --ca, d;h A-l ~ " ST." BARNABAS A R t A · LOCATION, VALUE. CLEAN | For fsin'tv 1^' tnllv rm. Se- 39S3_GWIO_ ~L6~V£LY~PO~6T--A Bargom! Open f - 5 -- 3807 Gardenia + u2c:!ui 2-BR i een. IV. balm. VIKIN Rlty A 4-0734 "OTEN_43I6 MAURY Sharo 3-tr. sluccd, w/v/ carrot; mural tuilnlina over firtslacc: covered oat:o. BBQ fireDlace; (JDI. oaraoe. Trv SliW rio^n. CONDRY_REALTY_ CE 3 OX! OPEN 2-5 1060 EAST 46TH ST. Beaulilul 2 i *n. Like nt«. B-AuNfjl ( terraced ^^ck vard. ^ Crabitee Cornerj R«ii]tv_Co,. £ Linden--Open 1-5 3 OR. luxurious den + o-jejl house, FA heat, 2 Iro s.. 3 balh-, I ge. landscanod vd. S10.C-3 liown Gle.-.n Ll^ke GA 7-yl3r GA 2-I35J REX LJjODSB CO. ETE G A N T hc~.B '-i a-j'et rccafcn. 3-brs. V; b^lh. Xlnl. icji. ts:l r 4 aF /2Mi 0 REJfL a . HODGES'co. BY OWNER ;5i.l LE.'.'ON LA"JC,E PROV!'FA. - .M'UV ROOM ~~ 2 "BY"bWNERT3rBR7 (arrilv rocm. bar room. sv,:mr.Vja ASSUME BIG G.I. 177 per mo en finest 1 Bdrrr.. Too oc. Kcar St. Cornelius. SU3 KEYNOTE-OPEN P.M..,, GE IKO RYfcRSON GE V3JH Walk to Sf. Cornelius Stxirm. coma'olelv carceled^ Lse. 2115 E. 7TH ST -- BIZ 7.ONED Nice 3 br. 8, d«n l-.o.-ne J- SV lln. co-ne fro-in 4 caras«s. Alley. Chvn- er will carrv 1st Trull Deed. Make olfer on dawn. Phofie GE 5 E9U cr GE 8.9J1S OPEN~2-4--I 15 PALOWA 3 t* den. w-w. llrep'ace Ncir oceai biult. Clsi-to sf.oots. Wcr,RATi'°S H KANK_CO J-,E v !??! 329 HERMOSA " _ " HOME INCOME Near Ra'nh's. A-l condition. Rich-rrfln GE 904^; GP B-*3?5 TEENAGE PARADISE JUST REDUCED $500 SMrp 3-RR., Pi bvhsj gar. v/'lh del. unif. krvoirv Dine den--Ideal fo 1 " many uses -- mathcr-ln-law tj:jei;t, yo-jf tcenace children. Only 3H.750~sut)mil dovrn. good termi. R£NE Realty GE 4-0908 OWNER IN A BIND Divorce. t~ chlnd in pavmenls. Large J-btlrm. rtcme, cnlrv hall, r«ar living rm., Forrnlcs kltchf.n with breakfast space- FHA. 4500 tin. Gl's no down. Seller n'jrry n h*i s one. Fred Roio Rtly. GE 4-0781 OPEN I -5 Rerrnx!eled "F" -- extiulslte. irn- msculale. V/-w, drapes, cnv. patio. "rJE 1-1371; OE ^-077^ REX L HODGES CO. VACANT 3 B R . ._ DM , f i reo'ace com b. WcrXshsp or s'eepino rocm. CLEAI7. [Jr. schools, shopping. Bring the trocpi f, move In. Call Al eves. HA WWfl WOULD REALTY HA 5-2981 ALL ELECTRIC KITCHEN 36J3 POPPY -- OPEH Cov. pfli:o. 3 BR., 1V* balh. VV. to w iJvi:;xji, custom drapei. OV/NER LEAVING--MUST SELL I OW nOV.'.'l. W.AKE OFFER. HA 5-9567 RAY A K R S GA 2-2M3 OPEN'l"-"5 P.M. SWS ON -- 34J1 LEES AVE. 3 tidrmi. Piiilco refrlg., O'K«ef«- range: dJ-aocn, HA 9-5975; GE M72S · REX I. HODGES CO. NEAR OLIVER W. HOLMES! Nicely 15-tiicared 3-Qc!rm. hem?. Walk to 'Aav Co. SI,100 r/IH hd;e. ELIS-SCHRADER GA 3-6476 805 FRYMAN Opon Sar., Sun, Mon. ( 1-5 Corner 3-BR. wl^h $!0 renlal en rear. Db v . oaraae. PatFo. //ABRY Rl!y. CE 3 5751 GE 3-3J7I r». dbL gar. Ream | COLLEGE ESTATES HEIGHTS OPEN 'TIL SOLD 3722 ROSE j-BR f a r c e familv reiom, with firetlace, oatto, Pi urns. w-'» cirr-r. Iceal tor surrncr llvlnu. 2 ON""I inrst Poc. Bom 2 BRS.. cne \i e-^ B. mwlern, one o:der fc-jt nk«. GE 4-e« Reallor 3118 E. Hh 5215 VISTA--OPEN 2-5 MUST SELL--2-terjrm, 2-bafh, den fa-nllv rm. Shiro! «IU Rilv. KE MH3; TV; ltW GOOD LIVING 3 H. Family rnf.m. 1' j ba. pn'rv hi't. Irp!. '.V-w cn'ino. draccs. lr«:v va-d. TERMS _70'/i STEVENS OE fi-HT? 295 Sania Ana--Open 2-5 I BR. den. 2 b'ts to Bay OPEN--3839 GAV1OTA| VYKIN^_R[fy^GA 4-0734 DUPLEX Besl buv tn urea. I2J SOD. Ov» ^i' bV'fj'brrsA' .'·;· -or I)-*: L r?J°'^ ! l!: GA W S EX L. HODGES CO. Is on this l-.ra-jntul rcc* garden w ; ih watertfll'. covered ra -0 and shrubs This allractlve ^~ Bi'rni. 2 Balh l-orvls muM te icen lo .'.pcrocia'e. Price In- MOORE C Rlty' GE 4-3464 Eves: HA l.JSK EXPERIMENTAL MODEL ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND J.BDrm., 3Vi balhs. Laree ( rm. 8. mas'tr b!rm. Sul.l.'ns. Flreola^e Forced air heal. Covered Dalio. Profe^itnallv land- 2.UNITS. 3-8R. EACH slcvc'-^ 1o Blxhy Park, 2 b -- cri Ice 1 13 the beach. Perfect for hcme A GE 1-3511 Income. Only S19.SM- RAPHAEL RLTY. HA 9-5' V-fc'T.g -- Brlohl -- CticerfiTl 1365 Roycroff Open 1-5 C?*v 2 BK.. nice va-d. Dbf. c^r- flge. Smre fcr h^at A trai'rr. W A B K Y RilV_GE 6^57e!: GE 3-3J71 1094 ORANGE Vacanl i-Mrm.. 7-s'or/ s'ucco. Sma.l lot. Sll,95fl. IIELSOU GE ?Jii», GA J-SOSS _SJ15_E. SWiro " tm . JHA 5J917 A' PRE~STIGE HOME VAC/.NT 3 BR. 2 Bo . W/w 1t--L out -- Drns. Bit-Ins -- F-AH -- C 1 le-.ce. BO Io!-Submill Call f»c-. Van HA 5-7055 cr Ttrrv rlA s-i MOULD REAJ.TY "Home Beautiful" ir 3'Brtfn ·*· Fv*i'lv R:cm. ·t-EiCclr.c Thruoui._ "^MORE 3 REALTY sivEf OY - ' T H E M C A L L " fl^Y Ritv GE J-M71; GE 3-S7A? 3 E. TH -- ? or. 1 -- C-3 icne ; TERMING -- 3 3 R , r.r. SC^Is. Gl'S -- NOTHING DOWN NICE SELECTION ol 2 1 J-Bdrn. t^ial v^ill aualifv for Gl. 100''. FINANCING. Pav cnlv cost] ft irrpou-rii. SLINKARD RLTY. HA I-8236. " LAKtWOOD MUTUAL "D" model. 3.bdrm.. din'na rm . \-» kilchen. Owrer anx!o-js to rr^6/£. 5-jbnT.r o«fcr. Ask fcr Al KcU.-na.-i. HA 1-W7; «vts., ME 3 l?J^^ Realty. ""MO MONEY DOWN, G.I. Corner pro?. Pav SH? « nYD:*ln. fncl. l-i)f«. 3 BR. 2 Joe Colhni' 'EVCI. GE 1-^:3 WOULD REALTY 6A 3-6440 BELMONT SHORE 5259 EAST OCEAN Uricxctt'id vlev/. Love'v, Ta^ci 3-BR. d'wns rm., IVi bath?, dish wathef. disposal, fan AND ai adcrabfe aot. off oatio. Gen» Page, Rlfr. GE OPEN 1 : 3 0 - 5 J -Bdrm.. I'/i-balh. ^W Rcycroff ""/A-.d'ern 1-b-. D'IS. Ccrncr Tn*. 1 REDUCED «-000. MOW SI A VO fp^Jprm^. GE 9-Kf. \ 307Ji/ ? LOMA 2ci-1-0riuc bV. Pf. S13.ICC. i REX L. HODGES CO- GE 1 ;SI ; ·AS~OU"ltrCY--O'PEM 1-5 OV/rT£9 OPEN-5270 THE TOLEDO 3-B9., 7-ft^ih r-jsmp, large liv- Tn» rm. Bcao'^o lor en owner. Consider tradt, WARREN Rlty GE3 : 093B v;a^t To sell cu'cVty. Beau'i'nl. mcdtm 3-b,-.. din. bll-in t)3". Ttr- r . f c b-jy. 0!"e Brcwn. Rea.fy Ctnlcr. HE 6-Mt __ NEAR "ST. BARNABAS J drn. V/;ow care., dr,ir.e;. Loe kit. Nicely d«cor. i!6,?W. MILLY BECKER. REALTOR GA 7-3JM; E»es. GA 3.^1?^ _ ~ TBR. DANDY db!. garac*; fenced *1 3,500 Low down lo , nr*f'FHA, Call row ' r- 311B E. 4lr ' READY FOR YOU Soir. sr-a.1 7-br dr«am h.cjje w i - h canel del. , SPa;kl : na \vhi1e GA k 7-S-"jJ S ° BETTY HE 7 0»1 I BY O'.VIJER-- br.. ! na. W-w 'crot. STEELE MOSS CO. *'«"·.· ^'- *-"···· ""HA- 0 '. 1 :?.- Looling or a Bargain? We 1-ave 111 Level* 5-BR. Home. 25- llv. rm., carMts, draw*, cov. patio. Ses 11 today. 2-5 p.m. II s f° b» sotd. 3411 Fa!con Ave. E. J. Glover Rllr. GA 3-0055 OPEN-- 3428 WALNUT" Hlce clean 7-BR. L«rce llv. 8, c=n. rocm. Many extras. SeUr yi 6A 4-0734 SOLD OUT WE C'.N SELL YOURS T00| H.J. HUNTER ASSOC. 2~l"BDR«rT"gJrace! 11SO no. Incoirt. sn.y dn. Owner. VI J-vni. ' HOME-Correr Id. Beil In:;!: Bv Appclnlrrenl. GE 3-2 IN SHORE. Loe. 3-br.. Sx» 'ol. iron!*. vj w en! . rtraiKl. M?.r.v c'ra^. priced 13 ^cl! T0« STEVENS _ GE t-HH | " BEACH."BAY. SHOPPING : , DuDlt'. 1-BR wilh dr. rg rccn lurn Inco-ne SKO m. S3.S«0 dn. I M A R T H A LAND, Rrri.or 1 UiGLEMDORA CE 3-C43J j 62' 64 ST. JOSEPH --OPEN 2 TO 6-- WeOrn-Or* Level Large I Bcdroo-i. 2-car oar. _NEl50rl GE9.45Mj.GE J 8593 NICE, f-BR evefvtfi'ro . Available MjLo Verrs. - . LARGE" 5"B"R. Corf j! "(urn. SM: lo ac3rcc-a!e. Broker HE 2 013? _ . . . a l x l r K l l l v * Y . ' i . C | r i . o . r l W M I V l ^ 1 J l r ^ k J J ^ ' 3640 WALNUT--OPEN Oua',.ly bjcrtn-c. '·TMl ! , "· 3 v.'alh t ^ "COLLEGE" PARK J^rjjgcwIM GE 3-3471; CE 3J8H. CNTRY. CLUB MANOR I-BDRM. DELUXE Older sma'l lot. !S,«0 F.P. S7.5O) dc. Mav trade. _tl c M33? Rcitlnr HE i 4 i l l 1 HOUSES OH I Int. Loe. iBR., [tfn, l'/j halhi. R-4 lot, '.o alley. Ano ? D 1 ?. hi-jss -- on rear, on St.nlev nr. ^Ih. Bkr. HE 6 ICCfl; Try Real Small Down Drive bv !«:£ PHTERSOV. 4 BP Cariw'cd. F-u'l orlce SlO.iK. Call _GA_7-»J1!._ Rl'r. IMMACULATE 2^. I Or-cn H?9 Lcrra. Lgo rms. ^ c-'fs. S1,"J Dn. R^. BVr. HE ?-P'"7 "$6900--A900 Dn. $50»n! H'* fl Hcn:v! by Ov/*n HE SC'II REX L._HOOGES CO._HE 7j:5l 2"BLKS. TO"STT'MARY'S ? RR. Cor. ZtM-crf for b-jslrc^%. S??00 F.P. RYersort--GE 4-3370 OPEN 'ni sold bv"owner, si.500 d-i. 1232 sq- 11. 2-bdrrn. + ckn or 3- bdrm. 2-ba. V;///, blinds, 1394 Te.-mlno. COKE 3 B ^ . PRICED TO SELL! Xrrt n'ce w to w carp. CD fenc*. M!LLY BECKER, REALTOR GA 7-33"4; Eves HA 743S? N^LTOWN--ONE LEFT nice ?-BR h^r-e near schools 4-rt s K ona:ng. Rerfocorated. WARREN SE 3-0933 ~~OPEN--2917 DEL AMO T r y SIO^O r!n. Loye'y 3 Bdrm. Rear I.ving rccm. Palio Barb»c,us LOCKE LAND SERVICES _y E _Jl* i12 GA 4-7173 """LAKEWOOD HI" Just a'C-jrrJ t^H corner fro-n ctrce 3-br. hcr.-e. x:nt (Iran. f'.-fjp Icy al ni E. Ca'son 6'.'.'r:ER P'or ip'l Itve'v Pflt'o, \v yy ' ' Bio coverert BcM bvy in a'ea. Tco lora 1 on. Lcc. ccvcrcd ( pa' 0. BBO. T r c t ^ . _: wVNEB£jER Rlly.^V'A 5^1? "~- : - 3935 WALNUT'-v-" 3'Kir.osiie tctlrocrr.l 4- o^e^t ror-n. !-« ^kilctien, Pi 8LU E~ero~OD~BARG AIN~" n uowr-cri,sT are*. 514,6^0 CraStrs« Corntrs Realty Co. 50SO E. Pac. Csl. M*Y. GE 3.4911 T29l. 46th ST.-- OPEN 2J E. ^ih Way-- SOLD 3M E. «ltl SI.-SOLO (Ml Elm Ave.-- SOLD JOE HODGE, REALTOR _GA 3-7l; ^E 3-U«: TO 403 E. 44TH ST. ailracuve l - Clean 3-Br. Nr. Wilsonl Distress! 2 Br. $900 Dn! B.'O Vd.l S10.SCO. Traft? Ov/en REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251 S^^S DOWN--MUST SELL 3316 E. Uih. Osen t-5 Ed. GE9.303ICummir . conucnienl nc'oh^sr^r.d. S10.- _ _ _ _ _ _ - . . 825"E. 37~ih St. Opon 1-5 45v 44TH CIRCLE 0?EH SUNDAY^? TO 6 OPEH 10 TO i P.M. rrr.rrftc'a'e Poss . unuiually rlrt SBR . 1'.. bains, w w col., dranes. lovely osrdw. »I7,«SO. By Owner. MaKe otler- 3741 Gi.-ni)ry Ave. Drivo By--3461 Lewis 4 BR., rltn. 3 U»IM. FA f«j ll ' =l '« hctre 1st isrce ta.Til'y, S76.9CO. METRO REALTY C5. G,\ 7-W19 . C. V. JACKSON. REALTOR 533 E...CAqsO( _ GA 7-5«7 -'- Built For Living -; S^irro 2-rKirnn ?. rten, lirep'ace. cf.v^rtd osto. f l s o i t c . n e . K e a r transc. ?. s'lCCDlno. Try S«W do. Mcflalt GA 7-J418; GA 2-8!» REX L. HODGES CO. DOMINGUEZ J-BR., l-dwd. fir., fence, dl. car. S115S !n., «7i mo. TE 4-7U1, TE _ _ __ . V/ELL bit. 3 B'R. with extras. B'ccV fence baclf yd. Rilr, HE S ZtU 2-BR. HOME-- S700 DN. 432» FULL PRICE _ NELSON _ G E 9 4Sf9._HA__V7SJS 1-BR. s'ucco. £0^M 1C' Newly Da-nl \/ 5142 DOWNEY \' OPCW BY OV.'HER 2-Br.. cc-n- o:el*ly frcd. nice shrub-.. Lew rtcv.n to r.e.v F.H A. L . olin. /J«ar May Co. Wool -w\y, cnvertd patio w/fireol.. bar-b-a. wal'cd vard, s!ail shower. M«".y et'ras. S376 Yearling. ME 3-7556. ONLY S3SO OOWfl J bedrcoms lamllv room, r.rt- c'ace, corre.- lot. Asklr9 $13,550 - 3-BR.--POOL--$16,900 OPEM--5739 HAYTER--V.E t-f''l VIKING Rlty GA 4-0734 . 2-BR. IK-TIB ' 1 RR. each d u r . R »«1S5 co-ncr. 601 NEWPORT. HE SQ3o2 Rl'r. CE J'illfl. __ 3750 ~oov;u Darllna 2.BR. slLCCO. Rtn',lor._GE_ -23J3; HE « CS9T _ TO SETTLE Estaie-3 BR. house S. Ant. oyer oarace. 2SJJ E. III. " " " Uev. Tj «», 2"bd"rmr"n:u«. tfj.SM. HA 741 GARDENIA--2 BR. (IxarHraKr S17.MO. HE 6.10't Br. GE 8-7413 ~~OpSl~4 8M M01.1NO N'ct 3-BR., VA bv Oal. oar. BXr. NEAR DOUGLAS i 5.BR. -- A MODEL. FURN. SuS- m't «.COO !n. X!nl. 1errm. Hunl=r ._AiiM. GA 7-)869 FOR SALE BY OV;t:£R 3 bdrm ^'Inl. f ~~?/. D U A ' T\V* "0'oETi~l'6USE""SuBDAY I:»~S" To" 5 /?!!? "R-nctoulM WA 5-1431 _17?q Cltrtr SI. n...n~... BEAUT. 3 . io«. shade * fru:t eil olrs. Trv S2500 5n. 'd. GE .97U. BICR. . C5P. Of 3 bdrm. My-.V S1J.SSO. S21M On. Dutcd TO 7.2i?7. BY owner--3~ BR.. w/w carpet thru- cut wood cabinets. Kfi. Dtp w "flrenlaee. ili,900. HA 1.5301. "

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