Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 16, 1969 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 16, 1969
Page 23
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As Is Polynesion Visit Views On College Protests Well Covered By CYNTHIA LOWRV NEW YORK (AP) school-age children, A lot of watching CBS's "Polynesian Adventure" Tuesday night, undoubtedly envied the three children of Stanton Waterman. Waterman, a motion and still photographer who gives lectures, took his three out of school for a year, and the whole family went skin diving and sight-seeing in French Polynesia. The National Geographic Society special based on film shot by and of the Waterman family during the year, was a combination travel-talk, nature lecture a n d , sometimes covered the ground--rather the ocean floor --in the style of Jacques Cousteau. Sometimes, too alas, it looked a lot like home movies. nMinifflHBHBiniiiitffiHsajiiHiTM^ HELEN BOTTEL Helen Help Us Dear Helen: I'm a divorcee and not about to break up a marriage. But what can a girl do when a man keeps sending her gifts. This man is either rich or crazy, maybe both. I met him at a party and let him take me home. That was before I learned he has six children and a wife. He was. honest about it, and about not wanting a divorce for business reasons. I said I wouldn't see him again, and then the presents started coming. First it was just flowers and candy. But now it's up to a tape recorder, jewelry, and a portable color TV. Today, waiting for me when 1 got home from work, was a mink stole and two nightgowns. I've now told my landlord (who raised his eyebrows to the ceiling not to sign for any more packages. But what can I do with a whole bedroom full of gifts that I won't use? I don't know this man's address or any mutual friends who would give it to me. and besides that would REALLY fix things if I sent all those presents to his home. I gather his wife is very heavy, so she would know the clothes weren't for her. He calls me every night. I beg him to take the gifts back, but he says, "Only if you'll have dinner with me." Somehow I don't think it would work out that way. He says he always gets what lie wants, eventually, nnel I'm afreaid he may be right. Ho fascinates and scares me, but I'm not in l o v e with him and I don't want to be! How do you get rid of someone w h o where they are--before you change phone numbers. If this doesn't cool him, change apartments!--H. Dear Helen: My husband seems to think with ['m threatening his freedom if white [ want to know when he'll be black ate for dinner. Sometimes he stops for a beer after work and e can be two or three hours ate. The dinner I've worked lard over is ruined, and I'm afraid he's been in an accident, so I blow up. Then somehow. I end up apologizing, and there ie sits, forgiving ME. Yet when I go shopping and Jet delayed, he paces the floor .ill I come home nnd--again, I end up apologizing. How come a husband never realizes a wife worries about lim just as much as he worries about HER? --Mrs. Fussbudget (HE SAYS) Dear Mrs. !·'.: . . . . Because a man KNOWS lie can take care of himself, but ie figures a woman in traffic is like a firecracker looking for a match. You should both develop the telephone habit. That dime in the slot doesn't say you've got a ring i n ' t h e nose. It s i m p l y means. "I love you too much to let you worry." - H. overwhelms Dear P.T.: you? -- Present- I doubt that you really want to be rid of this man -- he's enough to tempt almost a n y lonely divorcee. But you'd better get some iron in your backbone before big trouble hits! What kind I couldn't guess, but my advice columnist's warning system points to " d a n g e r , " that's all. and T don't mean routine other-woman problems. Store the gifts under his name in a warehouse and tell h i m Computers Agree STERLING, Colo. (AP) -When Sterling High School as a gag used a computer to pair off boys and girls, S t e v e Burnham had no quarrel with t h e results. The computer paired him with Marcia Jones. Steve and Marcia had b e e n iteadies for some time. This came when the attractive family was on dry land--shopping in Tahiti, walking along beaches, bathing in the surf when everybody seemed self- conscious and aware of the camera. But the undersea photography was fascinating. This series started quietly a couple of seasons back and to everybody's surprise built a big audience--so big in fact that it started one of the pleasant healthy trends of TV. GIANT STEP CBS News took a giant step Tuesday night in an effort to cast some light on the pros and cons of the turmoil that currently afflicts so many of our colleges. It covered the main bases calmly and intelligently. It would be interesting to learn how many people who listened to the hour of talk have changed their minds about the situation. The program started with Mike Wallace in Chicago talking with four students. One was a Dear Helen: I work at a service station in the city. During an average day I get 20 "customers" who drive up to the gas pumps, and just ask for information, directions, etc. This ties up the pump and a real customer might drive on. Would you please tell people to park away from the work area if they only want a free answering service? And would they please wait until we're through serving the persons who pay? -- Attendant Dear Attendant: As one of those persons who could never get from here to there without "asking a service station," I'll he glad to remind myself and others that you attendants are the greatest things since road maps. Treat 'em kindly, fellow trav- j oilers: Except for their patient directions, you might still be on the cloverleaf going nowhere. -H. radical and another a militant and both were critical of college land expansion, military experiments on campus and ROTC. Two other students, infinitely more conservative, argued for the use of persuasion, not force. SOMETIMES SHRILL The discussion occasionally became shrill, but it set the stage for the next discussion- three college presidents around a table with Harry Reasoner. All three expressed sympathy and found some .justification fur the demands of black students, mostly on the grounds that the students are primarily seeking equality. All resisted adamantly the idea that a radical minority could ever override the majority of students. Most frightening result of the college troubles, said Michigan's Dr. Robben Fleming, is that "never before has the public been so hostile in general to students." AREA OF AGREEMENT Dr. S. I. Hayakawa of embnt tied San Francisco State suggested that much of the trouble stems from the fury of intellectuals who believe the world run by the wrong people--business men and military men-and propose to push these wrong ones aside. It was agreed that changes should be made in colleges, but that sit-ins, demonstrations and battles would not produce them. The civil liberties of other students, too, are involved, the presidents said. Eric Scvarcid. summing up. turned a philosphical reference to youth and age into what became almost an explicit warning of public backlash. OINNIS THE MEN/Cl ·y Ketehon The TIMIS b Tit* ·M! iuy For Your Advertising Dollar I ( :\ST HAY Open 2:15 ·THEATRE. Lirtle Rock Plant LITTLE ROCK (AP) -- TH C Little Rock Chamber of Con 1 ' merce announced Tuesday th?' Allis-Chalmcrs. a leading manC" facturcr of farm equipment would locate a plant in tl' le south industrial park here. The firm will employ aboij* 150 persons initially to produc-Jj electric motors from one to "* horsepower. Groundbreaking for the Idf 1 -" 000 square foot building will l )e May 1 and the plant is expcc 1 -ed to be in production in ear's 7 1970. Princess Dances LONDON (AP) - Casting aside her royal mein, tccn-iigcd Princess Anne proved her membership in the Now ficnerntinn with a mean hip-swinging iliinco on stage at the American musical show "Hair." She turned up at the Shal'tes- bury Theater with three friends Tuesday night Tor a surprise visit to the hit show. Anne, joined in when the hippie cast, issued their nightly invitation j , for the audience to come on: I Features 2:30-5:Z3-8::0 2ND BIO WEEK Richard Burton Clint Eastwood MaitUre Where Eagles Dare' Nwthwvtt AffcmtM TIMIS, PAVCTTIVILtf, AMtAIMM I., April U, IH» · NEWS WHILE IT'S NEWS IN THE TIMES STARTS THURSDAY "IF HE HOLLERS, LET HIM GO" with BARBARA McNAIR KVOO, Tulso, Channel 2 KYTV, Springfield, Channel 3 KFSA, Fort Smith, Channel 5 KOTV, Tulsa, Channel 6 KOAM, Pittsburq, Channel 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Channel 8 ICkannel 4 m caklt in Fiycttivillt) KODE, Joplin, Channel 12 (Chinntl 11 an cable in Fiytttevlllf) KUHI, Joplin, Channel 16 «""- Channel 9 on cable in Fayelleville) ; r'KGTO, Fayetteville, Channel 36 K "S« (Channel I en cable In Fayetteville) Raymond S(. Jaqncs Dana Wyntcr Arthur O'Connell Kevin McCarthy WEDNESDAY EVENING* «:H - NC\VK, Weather, Sports . :. 3. 3, B. 7. 8. 12. 16. 36 * fi:30 - IIcrtj Come the Brides . .. S, 1? citllican's Island 3D Virginian 2 3, 5. 7 Glen Campbell , 16 * 7:00 Monroes 3C * 7:3« Good Guys 6, 16 Kins Family 8, 12 * 8:10 Music- Mall ;. 3. 7, .16 Movii- . S. ». 12 Beverly Hillbillies 6, 16 * 8:30- Green Acres 8, 16 ·k 9:00 Outsider 2. 3. 7. 36 Suspense Theater 6 Weather Let's Make A Deal 8, Hidden Faces * I:W- DH.VS of Our Livrs . . 2. .1. 7, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 5, 6, Newly wen 1 Game 8, * hJH- Doctors 2, 3. 7, Guiding Light 5, 6, Dating Game 8. Another World Secret Storm General Hospital * 2:31 You Don't Say One Life to Live Edge of Night * 3:00 Tombstone Territory Match Game Unklctter Dark Shadows , 3, 7. 5, f. . . . 8 . ARK · ir a-r»*_ ^ NOW Open 7 p.m. stage and dance. I Both · in · Color TONIIE THURSDAY! (Last 2 Nites) Cool Hand Luke Will Be Shown First! One Feature Nightly «:4S V-m- Sunday Malinrn 2:00 p.m. Adults S2.00 Children $1.00 Sorry No Passes or Reserved Scats Winner of Two Academy Awards FRANCO ZEFFIRELIJ Pn«r|»Mron of ROMEO ^JULIET Chicken Hut 2 Pieces of CHICKEN ] slice of bread This Offer Good Monday, April 14 thru Friday, April 18 Chicken Hut Hi way 71 at Locust Fayetteville So-Lo SHOES BOYS' LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL SHOES $ 2335 N. College Are. FEATURING ONLY FIRST QUALITY MERCHANDISE LADIES PATCH CASUALS SAVE 97 Step-in styled for indoor-outdoor wear! Man-made materials. Black, Bon* or Brown comb., sizes 5-10. LADIES RAFFIA CASUALS Italian Import! Two-eyelet tie in natural raffia, leather soles. 5-10. 2335 N. College in Fayetteville 2219 Grand Avenue in Fort Smith 3 COMPARE AT $4.49 Rubber outsole and cletes! Man-made uppers in Black/White. Sizes 1 to big 81 Use Our Convenient Layaway Plan REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES CHEERFULLY GIVEN MEN'S CASUALS $197 Oxferdi, loaferil Fully foom-lincd, with cushion-crepe sole, heols. Man-made Vinyl uppers in Black, Brown. 6"i-12. TrlrllifunCoim @i Would You Believe 8000? 8,000 Hornet and Busineiset in Fayetteville, Farmington and Greenland are "On the Cable". FOR THE BEST TV AND FM RECEPTION Call TRANS-VIDEO 442-7111 Hawaii Fivc-O H * 1I:M - Newi. Weather. Sports .. 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, ». 12. 16, 30 * 11:31 - Mejvie. Ji * 10:35 Movie * 12:00 THURSDAY MORNING* I:U - Llfht of Lift * 3:30 - Flinlstones ... Hn7.rl . .. Bcwitchrd ... Dark Shadcn'a Mun-itcrs Lucille Ball 6 * 4:00 - Batman 2 Houicinakori 7 Mr. Zini! and Tuffy 8 Children's Hour 3 BfwHched f Mnvie fl Fllntstones 16 * 4:31 - See 1969 Model T £NITH Color TVs E N T E R P R I S E 442-8575 tyfo§artdl 2333 N. Colleg Service on oil Mokes News 6. IfiiFlint.Monrs · Todny 1. |, 5, 7 Perry Mason 2, 7 All Stnr Theater 12 Miku DniiKla* 3 it 7:3f _ J m t r n r y to the Center of the 7'nrty Line . . 1.; Thrr-r Stonrr* 12 iiiree IOORCS 12 ' "' Moment of Meditation B * * :WV ~ . ,, 0 , t Jn Captain Kangaroo 5, G. 16 F] V ] n ; X u n '· * 8:30 -- JTh'ai Show .'....'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'..'.. f, Pay Cards 12 ' n i f l c m s n ri * !:Mi - .*·=»? · It Takt-* Twr, 3. 1. 3f, * "··· -- Gidcct 1 NI-M-H 2, S. 5. 6, 7, 1« Bettv no-el S I Love Lucy I Lucnic D Ban : "..·."··:.·;·."·."·.· 5; H. THURSDAY EVENING- Kens IS OFFERING 10% OFF ON ANY PIZZA AND DRINK FOR ANY PARTY HELD EITHER AT KEN'S PIZZA PARLOR OR DELIVERIES TO HOME PARTIES. Minimum Order for Tliis Offsr -10 PIZZAS. Romper Room 12 * I:N - Cnm-rntratX'n Movie . - Hcvcrly Hillbillies . Jack LnLanne * 10:00 - Siupi'iiM- T l i r j t f r . . Prrson.tlity Andy r.rlllith ..... * 10:30 - HiHyuni,(l Sntiarr» Dick Dyke . . * ll:0»- J r n p n r r i v Mewitclird N*wv Weather, . . .1 7. V' S| ·!·:» :. 3. J, 6. 7. S. i:. 3« :::::·*. i ,! * f:3 ° - n Dann ! noonc ..,,- Tunnel ·y 3 , .,j Kljn-.i: N u n . . . ' j.' «.' ie ·*· 7:00 -- . 3. 7 C. IS ."T, S. 12 That Girl . ·il:% * '=Ja- Hoh Hopr . i: * K:fin - Lovc'of Life !. 6. 16 .,., , ,. , * 11:25 - M.'.V,,. ' Newi I. 1« Wli.ifi I: All Al» Coffee Hrnk « * S:M -- *!!:»- ; Movie 6 111 . X. 12 TV REPAIRS 2 Trucks Same Day Service E N T E R P R I S E 2333 N. College 442-8575 r , i t : i r r l l . i i i e l ' I ' T 36 IIMeiirt Kneinv V-iii Shriulel AAk . !·''+ |.M Senre-h tor Toineifrow . . . . * U " i f * TM" Eyn GueM erole.r' . . :. S. 5, 7 H i i p f « " TlirMfr TllliKSOAY AFTERNOON- H"",.* 11 " 1 " 1 ' * ll:l *~ * 10:00 l l i r h Neiem '· N c v l , ; J ; Nrw» 2, 9, «. i:, \t + _ Noon on Flvn 5 w lu " lu Drr-urn Minne K Paul H u l v r y Mnlexiy Munnw ' Mnvtr * IJ::t(l- J i n - v lli.rmp Mun'^wirh .'MI*. ';;;'.:;;;; 'j * WM -At th« World Turn* I. · It Mm it I, 3, S, T 11 :, 3, s, 7

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