Independent from Long Beach, California on February 11, 1958 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 11, 1958
Page 9
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by HARRY FULTON KIDS, BLESS TEM, are un r predictable. Try - as you might, you just can't figure out what they're going to say, or do, next Just the other day I found myself engaged in conversation with an unpredictable 8- year-old. "Why doesn't a locomotive ever sit down?" he asked. "Dunno,"'I replied. "Because it has a tander behind." * * *:. ONE OF MIT favorite kid stories took place at the time of the 1933 Long Beach earth- · quake. A woman has just bathed and dressed her small son. Then she instructed him not to move while she took her bath. Well, the 'quake s t r u c k while the mother was sitting in the tub. Naturally,' her first thoughts were of her son, so she rushed to his side as quickly as possible. She found him still seated on the davenport', but he was ' looking up at her with that abused look that only little boys can get. "Oh mother," Tie said. "I didn't do it." . * '* * ANOTHER BOY, age 8, was hoping-for a baby brother, so naturally he was quite disappointed when the new arrival was a girl. He didn't even attempt to conceal his feelings. A few days after the baby arrived, the boy's father returned from visiting his wife in the hospital. "Mom's doing fine," he announced. 'She sat on the edge of the bed and dangled her feet today." But the boy was totally unimpressed. "What's she Rot to dangle her feet about?" he replied. .* * * IT WAS Halloween night, and, answering her doorbell, a. local woman found herself ·looking--at a 4-year-old boy dressed in a Superman costume. ' "* She waited for him to. speak, but he said nothing. - ···" ' "Well," said:;ihe lady.;;'--;· More silence^ followed'''' .uneasy shuffling. : "Well," she insisted, "aren't; you going to' say trick or treat?" "No," lie replied ... "May I use the bathroom?" .'. * * * A MOTHER was tackling, the not-too-easy job of teach- · ing her daughter,. 3, not to associate -with strangers. She thought she should dramatize ' it a little^ so she made up a story about a little squirrel. She explained in great detail how this little squirrel · met up with a strange squirrel who lured him away and got' him into trouble and then con:,eluded with this - question, "Now what's the point of that "story?" . ' . . "Never go out with strange squirrels," tho child replied. * * * A MOBILE X-ray unit was visiting an elementary school, ' and a good looking second- grade teacher left.her ci'ass to have an X-ray made. When she returned, one lit- '·'tie boy asked her where she had been. "Out to the mobile unit," she explained. "I had a picture taken of my chest" -. ..' "Oh, thafs fine," said the . ' boy. That'll make a nice picture. You've got a nice chest." * * * · STUDENTS in another class had just listened to a' man , talk about the Far East, and among other things he dis- · cussed the dangers caused'by rat infestation. · Afterwards, the teachers asked her stu- ' dents to write notes of appreciation to the speaker, ' and here is what one of-the youngsters wrote: "We enjoyed your lecture very much. We didn't even Know what a rat looked like until you came." * * * . THE YEAB-OLD member of a family of seven was grinning from ear to ear, and her brothers and sisters gathered ground to watch her. One by one they expressed opinions as to what made her so gay, and finally it was ..her 6-year-old brother's turn to. speak. "I bet I know what's making her feel so good," he said. "She thinks she's n boy." * * * A BROTHER and sister were sharing a portion of ice cream, and brother helped himself first, leaving only a very small helping for his sister. · . '. "Greedy," she protested. "Why if I'd been in your jpl'ace, · I'd have taken the smallest." "Then quit griping" h« replied. 'You've got it."- UCKY TO BE ALIVE Jimmy Jackson Jr. (right) gestures with hands to show brother Doug, 5, .the length of a mortar shell he found Sunday. was lethal, Jimmy took the mortar 'home on .his bike. He even dropped it three times? didn't explode. DROPS SHELL TWICE By GEORGE WEEKS The City Subsidence Advisory ommittee Monday took two- ild action to accelerate and xpand engineering studies and /ater injection in the Wilming- on Oil Field to stop land sink-' ge "' ' ' · ' . ' ':' v Committee members voted to recommend that supplementary ten instructions-,,, given )eGolyer :MacNaughton,, en- ineering consultahts;' specifi- aily. 'authorizing studies' and esign of pressure-restoratioh rograms- "for the entire--Wilmington..Field." . An earlier ^letter': of author- zation by .City Manager.Sam E. 'ickers covered only. Fault Slock 4, with the, note'that urther authorizations would'be --staff .Photo by Ctmclc Sundqulit Boy Finds 'Bomb,' Plays With Death Ten-year-old Jimmy Jackson ; Jr. found, a "bomb during the weekend'and unwittingly played with.death Why' the' "bomb," a .60 mm mortar shell, didn't explode is a mystery, a Navy inanitions; expert said Monday. Jimmy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jackson, 3154 'Studebaker Rd., doesn't remember the spe : cific street where he found the explosive shell. It was somewhere near Spring St. and Studebaker 1 Rd. STAY OPEN ON FEB. 12 The shell was' lying in ' some shrubbery and he thought, 'it would be a good idea if he could bring it to. school and "share". it. . ·* · ' * · HE HOOKED IT ON his bicycle .and . headed home. ·' En route, the shell dropped to the street · .Nothing happened: Jimmy picked it up and came home. .-. : When he got. off his bicyclej he threw the.;sh'eU'-.on. 1 :the,.sild!e7, walk "just" ' to ·'make^sure'-'lt was-.^e'ad." .Nothing happened; Jimmy .-..repeated-, fhe.-'-process.,: Nothing- happened. ' ,. . ' .-' When his father came home; Jimmy proudly s h o w e d what he had found. The, father was shocked. · . * * * ' * . JIMMY'S FATHER took the shell and ..gingerly put it away until the next morning, Sunday, when he phoned "the 'Navy Ammunition - ' D e p o t at -Seal Beach. The Navy immediately dispatched a demolition expert who brought the shell back to the depot. After dismantling it. Chief ' a r r a n t Officer Case ' reported that, the, shell had been "live and- in .a; very dangerous' condition." The shell, had originally been fired, but had not exploded. 'The striker" iri the fuse had -hit and stuck in the detonator. - . . * ' · ' . * · · · "THE SLIGHTEST move ment. could have detonated' it," Case s said. '"There must, have been *a guardian - angel watching' that boy when he 'dropped that shell." The Navy officer theorized someone brought the mortar back as a World War H "souvenir," then decided to throw it away. · ' Jimmy, a fifth-grader at Cubberly Elementary School said: 'I guess I was just lucky." OIL, SINKAGE LINKED, NEW STUDY HOLDS The Long Beach Harbor Commission Monday, made public a new subsidence study showing a strong relation between oil production and land sinking. The study, by L. B. Brock, Harbor Dept. petroleum engineer, 'is based on geological research conducted in 1949. and 1950 by Jan -Law, Long Beach geologist. .. Law's studies . showed that oil-well casings were b e i n g squeezed, and .shortened in .the pil-pro- ducing strata of the'Wil- mington Field, ' while. casings above and below the oil strata were not affected. Brock's study "confirms strongly Lawn's- 1950 findings," according . to Frank Hardesty, chief petroleum engineer. The-commission--made. the "study public by pass- . ing : a .motion to receive andfUe-it State, -county and city offices'" as well as public ·schools and libraries -will be dosed Wednesday in recognition of.-Lincoln's. Birthday. But banks,' .the. .post -office and most other businesses will operate oh .the -norma ·schedule.' . There .will''be-no collection-Wednesday,, but all reg- .ular · collections of'trash -wil be 'made,: 'the'; City.;-. Public S e r-vi c e .Department announced/ · · ' - /: -.'-" ·. .- ' . . . Fugitive A man wanted in Tacom Wash., in -connection with -mor than .200 burglaries was -a rested in a .Long Beach mot Monday by special ..agents he FBI. · · . : The s u s p e c t , James Ear Angevine; was .surprised.-whi having in the bathroom of motel near P.acific Coast-Hwj and Cherry Ave. Twelve-loade guns were -found-in! the-mot room and in -his-', car- putsid but - he Ji-adr no ;.;pp'portunity.:... useiany .of- the..weapons.- --;·'.: ' D,. K. Brown, special'agent charge of the"-FBI office in Lc Angeles, said Angevuie , w arrested on the basis of a fe eral warrant--issued'.-Feb.- 7 : Tacoma - C ' h ' a r g i n g -urilawf light -'-toj siyoid. prosecution .'o wr'glary charges. The, dis'tri attorney 'in' Tacoma request FBI aid -in 'a p p r e h 'e n d i n ATigevine..-; ' ' · ' - . ' . - ' ' ' ' · · . ' . ' ' .- · · v . · ' · ' · '·' . . . ' · . , " . . Acceleration of Wilmington Fiel(| ction released in the future and that the Fault Block 4 would be subject to integration with a comprehensive' program encompassing all areas of the field. ·*V. * . ' · · ' * . · ' ' ' . · · ' · -THAT' LIMITED .authorization was .challenged last : .week before the '.. City Council and reiterated Monday by Mayor Raymond C^Kealer. :, S: M.' Roberts," subsidence control administrator, said the policy/'Jia's''.;been aimed consistently^ toward injecting x* u areas as; required. thoriza'tion was delayed; merely to permit explanation of; the program, to Harbor .Department officials and private operators, Roberts, said. .The advisory, group also recommended three changes, in.the current DeGolyer MacNaugh- ton-.c.p'n.tract with the city. These'are: - . . Extending the. terms beyond June: 30,1958; to provide' for the m o r e comprehensive .assignment · ' . ' Authorization to e m p l o y other engineering firms as sub : contractors in addition to Core Laboratories: '·; Authorization. to. include as necessary'-work the duplication .and reproduction of massive engineering data. T h e reproduction of d a t a supplied by private 'operators is already well, advanced; Roberts said in the progress report'. . So far, more than 32,000, feet of technical, material has been duplicated. '· · i ' · study is expected to be-com-; pleted within a few weeks:.-,- · The.consultants are' scKedid-v. ing.per'sonnel for an Imrnediatis' start on design work'in Fault* Block'4'and for similar ;engi-' gram T H E CONSULTANTS h a d two engineers w o r k i n g full time gathering data, . and. arrangements have been made for immediate, assignment of. two additional men from', the' Harbor Department petroleum di- Jeering in the balance, .of jth»; vision.. Other points covered in fle i[]_ . ... - · - '.. ' r ···_ I - 5 r £ the' report "included: , . . , :-, The original -.two-month time schedule for amassing data may be cut in half as .all major operators 'have granted' permission' for use of technical material. Union Pacific.Railroad has assigned three full-time engineers to^ help city 'representa- t i v e s . ' : -. . · · ' · · Work' is in p r o g r e s s . o n gathering and interpreting-geological infprmation'neces'3.ajy to determine effective unitization areas throughout the field. This · Chairmann William ··. iHa rington of the Board of -Har^ bor Commissioners has; offered; to place .the departmeht'iien--: gineeririg stalf on ah extended;; work week.'. Three additional-. persons will be made available; for the assignment.'. " ^-;*'rJ~ * _~.-".--^ UNION PACIFIC, in;copperr r ation with .the city, isvcontlnu.- ing work on. forming a : unit-j eratiori p r o g r a m '*'»·-»·«· Blocks 2 and 3. to Open Here's new hope for the more han 2,000 epileptics in Long Seach: · :·-;;-. An epilepsy clinic,"first of ts kind in :this area, opens oday in Long Beach Community Hospital. It will provide a team approach to t h e .diagnosis and reatment' ,of . t.h e . 'affliction'. (Epilepsy- ,is .'not a 'disease. itself but-is a'general'term used to-Hescribe a'variety of seizure or Attacks which are : symptoms of various disorders .affecting the: brain.) · . ' · · ' · · It will be open to any -epi- eptic patient or person with suspected epilepsy. Physician! may refer patients, and after he-case work-up, the patient may-return to his 'personal doctor with the clinic's findings. » * * · ' * : . ' · THE CLINIC will be staffed ay.two doctors of medicine, :tw.o clinical psychologists and a«pr'o- ·essional medical-social worker It ; will operate- ability to-pay ..basis.. For...the.: indigen' there ;will -be.nb'. charge. : ..- he-, clinic physicians' wflll.b Dr.', Oryal ^alieyVand ·!£_ Ed ward L. ; Artm'an'.,' TJie^psychol dgists",are -Dr.': -Eugene. -Blunv berg and'Dr;'Bpgers H3Kright Mrs. Marye^SpwScei. wffl-^.th social-worker;:-The board'of.'di- rectors willincTude;,a*represent ative of 'the'lLong-'Beach 'Chap ter of California .Epilepsy Society. - ' . . ' . ' · · - . · -. ' » * ;* · ALTHOUGH D R U G S have seen developed which-can whol ly or partially control 80 per cent'of'epileptic seizures, only 300,000 of the nation's 1,500,000 epileptics are. · seeking s u c h treatment at the present time Drugs currently used include dilantin, phenoharbital, mesan toin and tridio'ne. Sometimes the drugs are given in combina tipn., ·· . ,- The new clinic will be open from. 8 until noon each Tuesday ANCIENT WARRANTS Burglary Brings Term .'·'.Joseph Charles Courcy, 24, o 1225.'.Molino Ave;, was sen tence'd by: Superior Judge RalpI K.i Pier's'on to six months in county jail 'Monday as a cbndi tiqn.ofTthree-year probation o a; burglary 'charge.: · ·J-Qourcy was arrested Nov..-l when officers found him insid ^'service station at 1510 Cherr Ave. 'i~ '· . ·· Independent The Souland't M Finett Morning Newspaper .**** TUESDAY^ FEBRUARY I i, 1958 ,B-I Court to Decide on ' Whether Alfred E. Taylor, 35;-can; be prosecuted on two ancient'felony warrants wiU be. decided'in Municipal Court Friday. -: : · . ' ·'*' · · ' · ' -'. -. ·;·:., ''?··' ' .-"· · Judge^Charles T;'Smith Monday ordered Taylor, to return .to court:then for preliminary hearing on.a two-count burglary complaint issued in 1942 .and an escape .charge filed-against him in-1941. ' '. '. . - . - . · - · · . . ' · . . . · - · * · . . · * . - · * - · · , · · · · · · JUDGE. SMITH denied Attorney W.-.H.. Winston Jr.'s request that the complaints be.dismissed because the-statute of limitations-had run out, saying that was a matter-for the hearing judge to determine;. : . , · Judge Smith also ruled against Winston's application for reduction of the $3,000 bail Taylor posted when-arrested Friday. "The defendant, apparently ,got absent-minded 17 years ago and he's liable to be absent-minded again," the judge- explained. . ' · . . : · · . · - ' : * . · * · * ' . Tim: COURT ALSO must decide whether Taylor, a general contractor:here, since 1951, is. to serve 90 days he allegedly ."owes",the city.. '. :: '- ' : : : , Taylor allegedly walked away from an officer in 1941 after 'being, sentenced to jail for'90 days, for stealing a tray and dishes from a drive-in restaurant. That was the basis of the 'esdape'charge'. - ' ' ' . . ' ' . . ' · : . . . . . · · " - , - - ' ' . ' - · " · -' Taylor,'5528 Carfax Ave,, : -was arrested a speed- -'in'g''Charge'and ; was rebooked when;the old warrants were ' · '-' 1 ' ' - - ' : ' " ' ' · ducation members. Schools Supt. Douglas A. Newcomb said the . c l a s s e s would be for average.and above average students who are not reading.up .to their capacity. · on Port Bus :The City -Bureau of .Fran- living in .'the Rossmoor Trac chises split. 2-2. Monday on and attending whether to .support or-.oppose mew's.,--School, Tanner Motor ..Tours'"-applica- QuincyAye;' tion to the State Public Utilities Commission for authority to operate passenger 'service between the Long Beach docks and the Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles. Councilmen D. Pat Ahern and-Virgil H. Spongberg argued that .the proposed service would 'siphon-people away from Long Beach to Los Angeles." On the opposite side, City Manager Sam E. Vickers and Councilman Charles R. D'oole^ contended that direct connection w o u l d increase Long Beach's attractiveness as a port. ·' » x » * ' *-.. BURTON "CURTIS, Tanner spokesman, said the. company proposes- to- serve .only 'Commercial .passenger ships, no' Navy vessels. He conceded however, that the-application does not specify, that-limitation Because -of the deadlock, the bureau continued, the question until its full membership .is present The absent member was Councilman William T. Dalessi. \. · · / . On other items the bureau: Instructed It* chief engineer, Henry E. Jordan, to support an I application by Airport ^Service, Inc., for authority to'establish a shuttle service 'between Long Beach Municipal Airport and a point at Atlantic Ave. and.-Artesia St. to. connect -with the company's .limousines eh route between downtown:Long Beach and Los' Angeles International Airport. · '· ' ; Also authorized. Jori!nn to support a. proposal iy-Southland Bus tines, Inc.,'.to.provide school · bus. service for pupils ·Continued for '60 days, an ap- licationV by. Fox .Sport '· Fishing Co. for a five-year permit to perate 'water 'taxis, a^'fishihg joat and bait and tad?le store t Belmont'Pier. 'Neither, this irm nor any othe^rvbidders re- ponded to the city's.rec'ent ih- itation to seek a mor'e' ; general lermit for use of the pier: Also continued 1 action von ' iroposal to change'nearside .to lull-through bus- stops ; 6n'?down- own American Ave.. ".i'V IT'S A DOG?S LIFE, : . .. . V V^-V.'^' T'was hardly a fit night out in Houfehton Park 'Monday.for man.nor beast what:with dogs.getting, -needled with $1.50'anti-rabies shoVand. ovyriers ~ feeling it hurt them worse than.-fhe strating this -was Kenneth; Barber," "8); as he j held SmoWe while. Dr.' David'OEglit'^prepared; the.shot., More than i,000;pers6nsshpwe^ : :up;;for.:the; first in a four-week series; of -clinics;'spons6red'i by. the ' ' Sentencing Due in Bad Check Case A' 51-year-old man, who police-,said -was'.wanted .from coast; to : coast · for , passing worthless checks,' pleaded.guilt; n Municipal... Court-Monday, to issuing a check back'ed' by. iri sufficient'-. funds- in the bank. : :,Cecil- Mitchell.Pugh will' appear-in Superior -Courtftoda; tor""sentencing :: .6r -to,apply for probation.' ; '-, -. . . . . ; Pugh'was arrested here Jan 28., when.;, an-; alert;..^Californis Bank' employe recognized ; : hir from .a picture in; the J'wknted section J ot~ »·: -bankenii.^bulletiii.' St. ;,Bartholo- ,4th St..' .and Special Classes | in Reading Urged||| .."'." -***. Special reading improvement, .The entire time in the.prq*' 'lasses for fourth, fifth and posed-.special classes would T*; :ixth' graders in elementary devoted to reading- under .W£ summer schools were, recom- guidance of teachers selectee mended -Monday .:to Board of asispecialists in the.field, *fe$: ·Rdiinatinn -members. I comb said. · · ' -":«"!- THE SUPEBINTENMBST explained,the: present summer school is intended': for .'pupita who need / to repeat work, jjl need -strengthening in vari'oui. fields. The new. classes : VOJj]I be, held to accelerate students who, for example, are capaljljs of reading on a sixth,grid* level but are only doing fourth or'fifth grade work. -, -2':' If approved by, the Bqard/ol E d u c at'io n at a subsequeiit meeting, the classes wbuld-Jibi held in five elementary schools; Gant, Burbank, Garfield/Lon^i fellow and .Twain. . -'-'-'p' ' Newcomb emphasized '.puplil would be a d m i t t e d - t o ;,th;e special classes on the 'recommendation of counselors. " · ~-j APPOINTED B..N. Hoffmaster, 3749 Pacific Ave.,. was. named chief harbor^;engineer Monday'by the Long Beach Harbor Commission. He succeeds. R. R. Shoemaker who died recently after serving as chief, harbor engineer for 18 years. .-Hoffmaster joined- the Harbor -'Department in,1938; Accordion Assn. Picks L.B.Men Two Long Beach' men -have IN ANOTHER board authorized . School Business Manager Arthur Ay Knoll to acquire 185 acVes of .'land near Studebaker and Ariah'etm Rds. for the hew $1,700,000 ;HU1 Junior 'High School. ; -"'·· ' Knoll-said the school- district . will enter -"condemnation 'pro- ' cedings to ..acquire the · land :rom an irrevocable trust* es- tabUshed by Fred H. Bixby^-O'f the 185 acres;,15.5-willibe'.used for the actual school grounds and 3.5 acres for roads.-"-; A review- of the. methdasTof teaching geography/in",. the schools 'was 'presented by-L"ouis«, Martin, a -teacher .fiom'. the Barton School; . Dr ; . Therbn Freese, assistant superintendent of instruction, and Dr." William .B. Meliu'or, curricuiani supervisor. ·· · .-. - " -·~^-.^,. The three -explained geog; raphy is taught in -each'of'tHii lementary school grades. been elected to off jce the Accordion Association of Southern .California, according, to Salvador W. Cracchiolo, the local . representative of '-the group. . . ' . - ' . . · George E. HowelT was named vice' preesident'.and 'Curtis B Fuller is the - hew treasurer Cracchiolo said. . -and instruction the junior school grades. continues, through and senior".high $1,298 Fur Theflpj Two' mink stoles,' valaid "at Sl,298, were stolen from "an'-unlocked fur case in a-departmen^ store at 2100' Bellflower" Blvi Feb. 5, police reported'Monday. BLUE AND GOLD DINNER ' As then-highlight'of Boy Scout Week, Feb. 7'to, 14, Cub Scouts of.Pack.225i and^eir parents'.held their:.'annual'blue and gold dinner iri; Burcham School/ -'Showing they are alert'and know how to handle 1he situation-^-in.this ; cM». · fried, chicken--are: (leff'to'jight)' Clinton Kolyer, 10, =5356;Mohlac'e Rvln ·-3; Gary Jule, 10,.38~27;Radnor St, Den 6, and Mike Gilson, 10,:of:5747 Oxhbhn v Sti, Den3,--(Staff-Photo:) ' . - , - i V : : : -v£

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