The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 31, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 8
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aft* *«t Big W«itencf Expected Here Af AUwfow/ate, OW Ocean, *, Holiday Golfers In Two Tourneys firsfitfift _„ „ Kxsfc'fuil advssstage of the altftfflst peff«t weathef And the SfettfoTial Day holiday to j«ft the Old in t Itofa to* BrSirospWftefs Lots of attraction of SnnFert Days.are in with an outdoor urg-» thi* weekend. Add all thi* to pertect golf conditions, bMtmg and other activlti** and you have ? full weekend. li appear* that th* wall tfann** ftaanp of ttanti '1. *fr AMtttJ ^trtll *' " »-•-••*•-»• -* opening Jh» »uram*t «aw* ai snrara* win ttajdr *har* of Th« boxing card will take place toriight and Worn Sll ' indication* some real good scrap* have been lined up. B«yi : from Freepott, Lake JaekMn, Clute, Angleton, Houston, Gal- J »e*ton and othef towfts will be on tfce card tonight. i Several mo-e it«ft.« will be going oft »t Surfside v the weekend and it look* as if a large crowd will be on hand • : each day to take part in the fun. • ge»p in a-ind the list of limn* that are stheduMd m I" th* tonfMt f>«.y* and ir» and 9*« *n»n «« ">• r ! a UMI* tvinthh-.* who* thi* h gotea en. j, A lineup of Little League game* is on tap tonight, ; While the pace slow* down some Saturday but move* bfck . to near high gear Monday. ,' r A couple of Teen-Age tilt* ar* also on tha program", in • the area a* the Lake Jackson Senior* will b* over in AlVin fvhtle the separate LJ Junior Loop will be playing their I »e«ond gam* of the year after having their offieal opening •Hurt night . . * • la *li it look* Ik* quit* a fin* weekend and if th* j weather t.m«m« along the line* ihat It has b*.n sine* Monday, w* are looking for a vary sueewtrui parted. tow Crowds In T.A .... Fan* in Friitpon shrulrt be taking a lot mor* interest in their Teen-Age baftbaU fait year. Only a few game* have tfefe&fi Aftd Meadawlake fot oneway tour n&ments. Old Ocean drew some player* for theif Blind *fouftey W golfers wefe at Angle ton's Mteadowlake Coufttfy Club tot the Jackpot Sweepstakes. Temperature* reached the lew 8o's in both spots wtuUi Old Oce*n pro J. M. Munttef> lyh repotted good weather Ml through the bne-da* affair. winter wfth Peterson, 6f Lake Jackson, in setrtnd tm Dave To Lake Jacksoft, won Out several playeri > that tied fdf third. in the special W6men*s flight been reeled off but the crowr.< were not near what they should have been. ' A public address system has been added to Lion* Field to give fans something to look forward to. At least they know who is balling and who is pitching. This public addrtu sTtl.m wa* brought about wh.a a n.w prt» box, which by th* way b real good, wa* hoUi en lop of lh. home itim dugout. Flan* are underway to build a permanent stand tor telling cold drinks tj th* baseball fans that attend game* . at Freeport's Lions Field. W* look for these things to add a little interest to th* low attendance that ha* been watching the** games. Bruoiport ha* on* ei th* but b*s*b*n *r*i*n* thai , **m b* founJ *CZIMJ ib* *l*i* and ih* Mai aft4 Jhlbllt iheuld back It up by ttttndlng lh« g*m*fc ' Several tournament* are bing planned for this *r«* in both Littl* League and Teen-Age when the regular *e**on '.' is ovir to it loom at if baseball in Brazoria County will last until mid-Augu't. . x .. .... From what w* lav* iwn of the Little Leagues and early Teen-Age play tne county should do quite well in the** tourneys and might even tend a eoupl* of teams off to lt|t« m««U. manager Soy Gregory reported that the Att- gletofl ceum had a liootMime show*? tnat slowed dawn play for a few minutes but did not hurt the Sweepstakes. Some 100 people were on hand in Angleton and played golf eve? the holiday. The affair in did Ocean was! a JS Blind Bogey meet with a handicap being used while I the regular sweepstakes point syjtein was nsed at Meadow.) lake. The entry fee.was $4 at Meadowlake. A special flight for the. worn* en golfer* were held in the Old Ocean meet A pair of tie* resulted in Meadowlake in both first and ftewnd spot*. Bob Magetrrs, Of Freeport, and W; B. Slaughter, of Angleton, teamed to tie John' Donnan and Larry Proctor, both Of Lake Jackson, for first place in Meadowlake. Joe OodlesJd, of Lake Jackson, played with BeOrville Kvans, of Freeport, to tie Ches- \ I t*r Simons and Dutch McKieth- an, both of Freeport, for soc- ond place In the Meadowlake winners* circle. Player* started their Wednesday morning round* at Meadowlake around 5:30 p.m. and maTSiy ^ ficL „ fiuKuK *^«^g . HW Tit KttSHSett. tfHI t.flOSi* fttt it* the Winner 1 was Mrs. . LerU, 6f Old Oceaft, White Mrs. W. K. Saldwtfi, M secottd place heftbrs. las -l*rt* i»« aw W. week wlITl* take*,6ff i* ...... Golf activity to« als6 R«vy in STreepdH lit the' early tfi&ffi* t*w» fetfott wi* ftrt Sa ing houfs atWell SS fli tfislate attettttan fls tfi« «fitt« IMeuo 61 county liKks frtd '4 MeffioriallJa*', , ¥«m*n'a hoMr, Sitki* Man* with t ttfete, airf M»* Anin«KM aid *«• the Mf hit*. _____ . ,****** ft*d*fein* ' fiftt wltt hav« *A on- W* Hasttfi A Ooapl«t« Lin. mMch«, tchedUled tor OI-1NSURANO* e« Surftld* Beach. i o.«u p.tntt • vix ouiuiiu* .DUTCH* The' enHfli'evettt l* «•« to the public, and Silt Null, chairman urge* everyone to com* out and the many fine boner* in matches. Columbia mtd ford'* to *wr* moat oi their the Bruotport girls' *oftball aiLLBBS HARBOUR run* on naM batt a« they only warn will play i dotibleheader Houston .Snortettw it Wefcej^ehmidt J1*ld la Lake night, whit* Wtettyk teaa«M Jacbon Saturday ntgnt, tun- frvtport ma«a«*d to g*t ** *** loaded or runner* e* tches will be toys from th* ttatri* County, Sugar A stngl* game with a team will also be played eaeh tnnlBt tint wet* land, Angleton and Bratospott the' bout* ate "gtudg* bout*," run* aeroH th* plat*. Mre the boys have every re* Twd wito and sort to give everything IV* f or a win. Pollard in th* flrtt inning Such is the -case in the re- utn bout* between Abet Mo- renc of Britosport and Ken- ptty was kept moving until dark. Deadline on entries went to around 4 p.m. for the 18'hol* sweepstakes. Over in Old Ocean th* tourney was held on flight baai* with George Driikffl, of Lake Jackson, taking the first flight with a 71 afttr handicap. Pete Mercer wa* In second place while M. ft. Scarbrough, of Old Ocean, finished third in the tirtrfliglifc- - •e:--^ • • •-*... Doug B o y d, of Sweeny, gained « tie with Jimmy Jonei of Old Ocean for second flight honor*, both carding * 78 after handicap. Carl Lamrek, of Sport Notes. Sport Note* — A correction on a story w* had ( few days ago. It wa* Ann Oelcune that won the Junior High Tennis Tournament and not Sherry Oahl in the girl* single matches. Miss Deliun* bout Mix Dahl in th* final*. We had it the other way. Sorry. Big Longhorn Back .... It loiks as if Darrell Royal will com* up with quit* a tophomor* fullback at Texas. He is big Mike Dowdle, who tips 0-.. scales at 8'o..nd 230 but should drop back to near MO by September. The big soph cut handle the 100-yard dash in around 9.t Royal, the new Tnxa* coach, made a r.cent talk in front of Lonchorn Exes at th* Lakewood Yacht Club in Baytown recently according to Baytown Sun sport* clitor Tom Murray, • former Fr**porter. . ' BaytowB ha* ml enough of their 1117 gtiddtr* to T.XM io acirly Kut * Mpuai* l**m. Added I* tt»* »*** IIOM Btylown lb.l at* *Ji**4r UMT* U should be qrttt* * lia.up of Q*nd«* la th* n.xt eoupl* «i r***** < .- Semi-Pros Set Saturday Tilt Bnzo*port'« *emi-pr* bat*ball team 1* due to play somebody Saturday night at Lien* Field but to date they do not know who It Will be. W. H. Colvin. managtr ROY HEYKA, lop plclut., and Ab*l Mar*a«v lower pic- ha., will be e* the BunFwt Fighl etrd MatgWU AJatg* llarap of bouit his b*«« stated with som. oi th* better amateur boxw* en ta* Gulf Coast taUag part. Th* houU will h* ft**. ' Jr. Olympics Open Juno 10:... Angleton Plan: Recreation Card Angleton'* (ummer recreation Older boys, those between program, headed by th* Junior u and 18, will hold their work- pected to take part in th* vast These will come on Monday Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Of the semi-pro*, I* trying to line up a game with a Houston outfit for the Saturday 7:30 tilt but if tint doe* not work out the club will battle Freeport's Major T-A. The Saturday game will be the first.gime action in recent w*ek* for the semi-pro*. Several new members, mostly from college*, have been added to the club recently. They have hope* of playing several games in th* area this summer and are trying to move into * league or form on* In this section of th* Texas Coast,, network of activities. BUI Hamrick, head .senior high school coach, will be In charge of the summer program and the Junior Olympic phue. rlerman Moore and George {kipper, both coach** on the Angleton staff, will work with the swimming lesson*; In addition to the track and field list of activltte*, tht An- gUton summer card will fea- and basketball. Hamrick announced that the entire group of youths that watned to take part In the Angleton summer event* will You'll Alwoys Find FRESH TASrf SEAFOOD-Brought in Fresh Daily, FRESH TASTY RED FISHu,45c JUMBO ftod MBOIUll ^® SHRIMP Brought In ?r«»H DaUy RED SNAPPER Canaries have been used to detect dangerous gate* in cq*i mine* a* well as poison ga**i on th* battlefield. Mmt of the meet* have been planned on Wednesday night* according to Hamrick. „ The first meet that will have an Angleton entry will be in Pasadena on June M. From ther* th* scene will shift to Houston for the Gulf Coas Invitational. Angleton will host hundred* Of trickster* on July 11 to a tur* touch football, baseball,'star-studded meet while on • July 18 the Regional Qualify* ing meet will be held at Bra* oiport's Hopper Field. First, second and third place winners in the regional will ad meet at the football field June 10th. Boy* between the age* of 8 and » will hold workout* after th* tint day's meeting between 8 JO and 11:30 each morning. All girl* will work from 2:30 to 530 each afternoon. These workout* will b« on Monday, Tu«*4ay, Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays., on vane* to the Gulf Coast Junlo (Olympic meet in Houston, Jul deth Vincent .of Angleton: Roy leyna of Brazoaport and Lloyd 'inceat of Angleton: "Spud" vey of Braiosport and Israel Jora of Sugariand. and Thomas fcKinney of Braiosport and Shorty Raymond of Angleton. Other Bracotport boxer* M be *een Friday eveniag ar* Glenn Labeth, Robert Freeman, Detmis Kiesler and Jeati* Lart. The other club* will be bringing their top boxen, and Null assure* a full two hour, action packed show. , . A* an added ttcentiv* tocat- !**W*.at the SunP**t Bon[ii» i ButeAMi Jo* PonaUVfAftui* *r#»ignt champion for th* Gulf Co*»t area will stage an exhibition b*«t with Rudy Lara but they got the two taUte* on pas* ball*. Bob Sheppard do bled home a freeport t*fL th* first -,_-.„ ttf ^MWM0!*. JMMTt and Wiacayk In th* xeawl lav nine, atoag with a walk* and a few netted WC thre* MM* rtth* The visiting WC crew added County her* from Dularry... a beauty specialist to chart new beauty for you.,. JUNl 3rd THRU 8th they are eapibl* At meeting Jo* in a matched boat 2D-SO. Thi* Houston meet wi: draw team* from aero** Tax** and nearby state*. The winners' time* and distance* will be sugmitted to th* national Junior Olympic or- (•nlzation and these compared with other championship meet*. ShowSundw Between fifty and a hundred boat* *r* expected (o.h* entered In th« M*r»thon Boat Rae* from fr**p«rt to Oa}v»»ton and return, aeeordlng to Fred Palmer, chairman'of th* event. The Marathon .Boat Race I* being staged under the *U«- plce* of. .the Braiosport Boat Club a* a portion of th* 8un4 Feat Day* celebration. Starting time for the race 1* 1 p.m. Sat- Brave* v« Oodger*. — Bmaria at Chit* <Br.v*«>; 31 Greek at V Ang. 00 — Leflon ^.Tail. , twiitow; Brave* V* Dodg< .«|t," J ,vJl « ' ' .."»•• Wilt ColumbU — IXwbto- ho»der iV Galloway Park. itBarctty Alvin'at Lake Jaduoa <••- nlor>. urday, back of Stauffer I'iUiMi CAMERA TIPS Fishing condition* in th* jBrajuMport area appear to b* ___ „ thj beat tb«y hav* been to w- Bjr Cha*. M«n* .. licent month* a* both inland and •'deep sea anglar* ar* looking forwafd to a aw****** week- PIOTPBf WITH A BTpRTf. . . Tak* *) tip from th* pro- fenionaj new* phoMgraphffs to |*t *»«•» tnt*r**t in your own *hot*. Th* gtfatwt *tngi* pictute |»k*n during WorW W«r If wa* taken by *, ij*w*r paper cMBermau thowtaf four at* railing th* American fl*c oo Iwo Vta» in th* VttMe, Wfea4 »nnbo(i«m. what r«H- inn, wb»t » MQJV! V*t it waa ' "uupMed" : mvf eoeflt of • impt of W» th* end. Should th* w*«th«r main_, pace that It ba» baen k«epin« th* past f**^* »• catch** *houJ4 h* |ood. Weather fowc«*t*rf ar* calling tor tomperatura* In th» mid «o*, wind* mild and partly cloudy skie* 1 thi* ' )**umjt VMlHfc VI. M1V BMU4«VC Chemical Company In Freeport, and there will be no admission charge. Palmar *ald. Rule* for the Marathon Boat Rao* hav* been sent to all boatll ^or,/.- «%4'iiWMM%* club* In the Gulf Coast arw QtUUtyDlAXOMXMI —_ j _. *^.»_i • _• *• *__._«.! ia« II '. ~ - - ~ " - '••••*..„&:" •...- . ' Little League— , ' Freeport — Brave* v* Bed- skins; Bobcat* v* R*d tUm. •Ang. (A) — Yank* *t Ki- wani*^ Rotary v* R«d »o«. Tecn-Aga— ; Glut* at W**t Col, (Jtamtort. RadtkiM vs Tank*** in . Ir**port UublorX Lake Jackioa at Bay City ijttiant, ., '. ;; -r ••• ' . ' Oars (R * 'PHP* * owe*! f*Mf|fTV SEUtCTIOM Of met If* MAZOSPORT SEAfOOO CO. 'iiS?te"6»*»«^f» u | (Sflt, ihco»|tl "--' laaujW )t for alf»y*. j,pl^ }*d i^ite abjajt ap?n* I MORfiAN'S . MOTO-SWAY IWMWWQH »*1 T«S MW 99. TM. PfcAHTATlON PS mm* STATION They ar* Use calling foe a few ae«tt*r*d showers hot if they are light it should not have a great deal of efteft m the fishing results. Memorial Day fi»htrm«n took advantage of th* good weather Thursday to bring I* spma fine results from the inland spots. Trout fishing appeared to hav* the inside track a* th* bait inland catches. Angler* wer* thick along th* *urf *ad J«ttie* Thursday and mMt «rf their cgtches were trout. Mini* Gonwkj, of Frfeport, had one of the beit trout catch- ef reported Thursday a* ha bad • string pf som* 20 (peck* with around four pusWnj 10 pound*. Th» rest wer* five, six *n4 and a total of 21 trophle* will Mt awarded, Palmer announced. Ther* it no entry fee, and Pali mer said that some of the outstanding racer* of th* Gulf Coast ar* expected. Another vent undar Palmar** chairmanship is th* boat parade which will b* st*g*dln th* Intracoaital Canal near Surfsid* Bridge, Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m n a* anothvr &tm« r**t attraction. Member* of ft* $17.96 jw |»i,«po.oo| AT* yo« maMag the Moo yow fea*«**t . If not, here'* your ohano* V l*arn th* "do and donV m mato-up and hair *tyl»«. An mpert from DuBany k h*M to chart an analyst* jwrt far you. Miall itudy yow f**« typ*, your skh» tone, your hak Une . . . and **nd yoo hem* %mj* p*rtonaii*«d "persertptsttn- . ftw a -lakm" ta«a» ki bs*«ty. Ce»* ta toitay . .. IV* eoatvliiMatary, «f tour**. PJ. And b* *vw i* aelfiahoot «nnr .Vlbraaaa Orama Maaqu*. »'* a new oonUn^W formula that 1 * antlrely dltf*r*nt from anythls* you-r* w»r uiwL , <,., « W KH«n. mnaaaiw at m* II JJ? **S?5Tf^^^l^lir-' Hoiwtoa Power Squadron, and X «*8 P AD D *'|f _. -. II , jj ^ j, £ R T 'i* > w&- ^^ A n owner* of many fin* craft hav*. indicated they will be In Brai- , psport for th. «Pa,ad* ofH "WWW, Boat*.* Imra«cUat«ly Uck-off of 'Rac., ttw ' Det* will ,!r»K 'it* fmtMtjl Uuen pOUPrfftTJIji ' ^ Good trout fUhiag waajsidn al*o reported at th* suff'in the) ar«a water ah^w aver *a*n In th», ares. Thi* *y*nt U *h«*duja|| fr-'-^^ATiaaa.! ....„ H«Mf, anrij;*^ 11 tltorf majrUwdwrlviet for iiu wvtop "*liffft*ti^ll»IFr by Payne, «hajrm»» •f"TS»l l water «ki show, ur|«* *v*r K-fe*&* in the |hoy* l0c»Hon or day 1QH RALPH COLLINS f ORJOOWT Twuuiuaii «,»p \m*pr <w w "** T^" ., f . t m^^i^t H/. 1*n> rtiL. IWph fj^Uaa «f rretfMTt. W* MM I •raws-aOT- •arfi^fenjas 1 a*Sp.»u| n*«B A BfJMfl JWJH^fWr^- Wwi IB' fei iw»»h*ayy' *:• M# J M [m, «t! : ¥lAal*; ^'ijiil' 11 ""^ 1 !!.^. #*'

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