Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 50
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 50

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 50
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Loin BMtk, OH!., Tlwn , March II, li;t Concorde Campers f ac flight due in fees at sta ·'i»»» 1/f.r.wr */f SACRAMENTO (AP) - tinuc 9JI1 IrM.tiy ^*± Fees for use of mosl stale secii "·*.",; parks will be increased Gr · ' - N E W Y O R K (AP) -- effective April 1, including will i -.British Airways and Air a 50-cenl boost to $1 .50 for Us France scheduled on cars in daytime. undo ·^Wednesday a May 24 inau- Stale Parks and Rccrea- will ..gural o( transatlantic Con- tion D i r e c t o r H e r b e r t from corde commercial flights Rhodes said Wednesday "ft "into Washington. The two Ihc increase was needed to opm - firms then went into the offset a 200 per cent jump ties federal court here lo try to in maintenance and opera- tern , open Kennedy airport to tional cosls since Ihc last the - the supersonic jetliner. general fees increase in lino .Citing reciprocal rights 1067. who agreements between Brit- Fees for tours of Hearst are ain, F r a n c e and t h i s Castle, revised in March atxn c o u n t r y , the Concorde 1074, will not be changed ope 'sponsors warned in their this year, Rhodes said. naix suit f'.at a ban on flights Daytime admission for into ..cnncdy "has grave persons on f o o t w i l l re- r». foreign implications for main 25 cents. "1 the United Stales." Camping fees for over- | · The two overseas air- night hookups to facilities ICj lines arc seeking to upset will go up from $1 to ?5 a a March 11 ruling by the night, and m o s t family to Port Authority of New campsites at improved York and New Jersey ban- campgrounds will cost $4 S/ ning for six months Con- a night instead of $3. Mac ' c b r d c flights into New An annual day-use pqr- oas York's major airport. The mil will cost $15, up $5, self ruling was made on envi- and off-season camping intr ·ronmenlal grounds, such permits -- good for 10 lure as noise, vibration and nights of camping -- will A polluting e x h a u s t cm is- double in price, from $10 Mo, sions. to S20. sait Al stake is a $,1-billion It also will cost twice as hy -investment over the past much tn bring the family won .U years in the 1, 350-mile- dog into n campground, dro an-hour droop-nosed jellin- the new rate jumping lo $1 will er. per night. There will con- Ii cal Harmer aide said one ^ of 'dirty tricks 9 force S ' 1C J tho An adviser to John Harm- report on Riclz late Mon- cvc er, Republican candidate day and described him as r j (or the U.S. Senate nomi- "one of the advisers to the sa | nation, was an a c t i v e campaign in its technical f member of the "dirty aspects ... We have not cc j t r i c k s " department of confirmed as yet who Ihe eal Richard Nixon's 1972 cam- campaign manager is." O ' nc paign, the Sacramento The Senate Watergate ;iv Bee rcporls. committee's final report, j a[ C i t i n g S e n a t e docu- (he Dee said, described menls, Ihc Bee said Ken R i e t z , head of Young Rietz helped plant a spy in Voters for the President, 1971 in the campaign as a key operative in the organi?4ition of Sen. Ed- Muskie i n f i l t r a t i o n ^ mund Muskic and arrang- project, called "Ruby 1." cd to h a v e some docu- Hielz also organized L«H ments copied and relayed heckling demonstrations c " them lo the Nixon forces, against George McGovern M including Jeb Stuart Ma- in 1972, [lie Bee said. . "°°J gruder and John Mitchell. He lioasted in a memo £ Harmer, a f o r m e r to his immediate superior, California lieutenant Magrudcr, lhal his efforts governor, told a S a c r a - were so successful thai Ihe menlo n e w s tonfcrencc Democratic presidential last week that Rietz was candidate canceled a plan- otm executive director of his ncd walking tour of New campaign. York and instead spoke ^However, the lice said from a barricaded area, warmer learned of (he Ihc newspaper said. T- Frk Ted .Last ./\.TMiGsts set \.« off before treaty v MERCURY, Ncy. (AP) nounccd test Ihis year and ^ -- Government scientists the 1-Hh since scientists ^ detonated two powerful announced last June they E! nuclear devices Wednes- wou |,i ste p up a testing [3 day and U.S. officials said program of high-yield ric- they would be the last v i ccs j n anticipation of a high-yield tests before a pro posed Threshold Test if March 31 deadline on a Kan Trcatv between (lie £ proposed t e s t limitation ij s . anrt R u s s i a , h a t «* lrcatv - would limit tests to 150,000 ft Both blasts had a dc- ( o n sofTNT. " signed yield equivalent of Aflcr (nc b | as , Si Dr , £ 200,000 lo 500.000 tons of Robcr i Seamans, adminis- ft TNT and were detonated , ra(or ot , hc ij s Energy \« within SO minutes of each u C S C a r c h and Develop- 1" other at the Nevada Test mcn ( Administration that £ Site. conducts all testing, said jj The blasts sent sharp the Slrail lest was the last earth tremors lhat shook in the scries of high-yield Las V e g a s , about 100 blasts before the March 31 c miles lo the south, for treaty deadline. ^ about 15 seconds each. Seamans s a i d it "re- The f i r s t test, cede- mains to be seen" whether named Pool, was sel off at Ihc treaty will actually go 15 a.m. at Pahute Mesa into effect. Congress must and the second 30 minutes first ratify it and currently later at Yucca Flat. The Ue treaty is in ncgotia- ,» second blast, code-named lions between the U.S. and J Slrail, was the cighlh an- Russia. f V Medi-Cal fee liike would give doctors $35 million SACRAMENTO (AP) - ihe proposed fee increase v California doctors would with Brown. get a |35-million-a-ycar "The governor may c fee increase for caring for v e r y well oppose t h i s £ M e d i - C a l patients if a legislation." M c C a r t h y f proposal made Wednesday said. ( by Assembly Speaker Ix;o California doctors cur- ; McCarthy is adopted. renlly receive *33S million i ., ,, .. r, ,, ,, a year in federal and state McCarthy, D-San F r a n fu nds (or , ( j Mw)j . , Cisco, said doctors have c n | rntienis ' been granted only one 2.5 ' T ^ MfCartl , v propoSill v ? r °"i *, * S1 ,T represents an 18 por ccni 19ft, and hat the slate ^ jn s(a|c pay £ cnts to has been "derelict in its d , b , £,? in responsibilities- to pay j £ , ho , , , adequately for treating Mo(iJ . C al fees to doctors. Medi-Cal patients. T h c , o l a | M c d i . C a | McCarthy, who is chair- budget counting hospital man of (lov. B r o w n ' s cosls, drugs and other presidential c a m p a i g n , services, is $2.2 billion a said he had no! discussed year. e hikes In 2 te parks Help foi lo he no charge for By RICHARD BENKI g-eyedogs. Associated Press oup-campmg charges Tnc teen-aged girl who at lot be changed. 11-monlh-old Valinda boy is c of primitive or slate hospital escapee who Ux velopcd c a m p s i l c s nc ' m infant from a Christmas cost 12 per night, up vcar . investigators said Wedne $1 50 Doctors at Camarillo Sla cquisilion and dcvel- say they want another chance enl of land and facili- Kirl. wt «sc name ls teing «' or Ihc suite park sys- cause of her age, but they 1 are supported by all reaction may prevent this, people in California," "There certainly is reasc Jos said, "and those "'at this Kirl can be helped use the park facilities mem," said Dr. Arthur llayn expected lo support can work wilh a child long en t 50 per cent of Ihe feel safc arxl trusting, and (hi r a t i n g and niainle- a ciiance to help." e costs." Eleven-month-old Richard na Jr. was abducted from his ,, , , day after the girl had been gi 11 WOUil overnight in the Valinda home tors said. They said tho girl "alizC maCC lnc door, said she needed a p ' and was given refuge. The p defense returned unharmed to his m cloy. VCHAMENTO (API- The girl first escaped fron e and tear gas weap- hsl November. At a Chris would be legalized for shorll ' afterward, she took ar defense under a bill the baby boy of Carla Simmon Kiuced in Ihc Lcgisla- lnc mother went lo the slore, the baby vanished, ssemblyman Alister Two days later, a man Ulster D-San J o s o thcm up hitchhiking heard th his bill was prompted scription and called police, w the cxcricncc of a her. She was sent back to Carr lan in his districl who "Apparently she wants to ·e off two attackers cr rciiilv ba(1 '" sald a Vcilt a spray can of mace. sheriff's deputy. "Someday rr i possessing the chemi- onc wi " accommodate her." (he woman, Rebecca " quo, could have been iy nvv «r»r»tr ffl *ged with a crime pun- ^ · ** · T ^ " " im-* i i. c Tison McAlister slid SAX FHANCISCO (AP) was rot proseculcd! ' ~ A mechanical malfunc- f realize that (here are "°" forec(1 ? Nnv l' hcl1 ' e who will say that cn P lcr TM rrvln S S 1 X P er ' ce could hurt someone, S011! i lo , mak ?,, al ! cm ? r K c per by gelling in their c ' landing Wednesday in s or in their rcspirato- Ihc San Francisco Bay, s y s t e m , " McAlisler the Navy reported. 1. ul he added, "Any con- Thc crew was fished out yable defensive device of the water by a passing be used lo hurt some- tug and taken to Alamcda ; in fact, most dofcn- Naval Air Station where c devices are perfectly t h e i r condition w a s de- ablc of killing people." scribed as good. -· --- -J?tV -- · r T~ l "TT -- ^TT*^S J\. TVTT -- ^ n n; ly/TT^ n;hv. VT T T F-V.M.M j ( BA»c* ind Orjr9C County MeFroPolilin Artil - t ncr cj ynq {.lajd*n«s Ihi^ r Mcrnocn becomiog ckxxty tortighr aod Friday nKKniiyj w'h A 30 PCI CL-nl -i rwnce of WTK light rA'n. Cfc^ring Ft kfav ilicfnoon jntf coo'Sf diys. Htghi wl.iy i»1o 15 ^nd F r W ^ v W lo /O. OvernVjhr kr*i IS to U. 'jhtt -- FaU with wme high cfouds thiouch this mornlno. fncrcdsinq Outfrwis thii tlMcrnocrv bccom'rq clnxJy Iwi'ghf and FrkJrtv morniryj. IWIIKP trf lljhr rain fonrchl jnd Trkfciy morning. PV||Y ckxxJr Tridav llcfnoon wilh 0wly noiltrWil winds ?0 to M mrrtu Cookr AIY%. Rpvxl h-'ghs hurvtoy i? to » aid frkldY 4i lo W. Ovtvnighl Iws U lo x3. Socw level tyilght and Friday morning J,500fwl- Ti - Vrtrlabte hMl cfoodincss trwixwii frHiy. GvJ* *. - rxh 25 lo 3S rryh noil fVWi Friday. Cookf dayi. MKrhi lod^v in mxthcrn dos*ifs M o M iWJ r Idjv 58 lo (A. Ovcrrtghl kiws H to i?. H^hs todjy in soultwrn deserls J) lo U iwi Pf kJ,iy n to 7S. OvCfnlght lowi 45 lo 31. tore [Paint ConcetHlon to the Mexrt^n bortw] -- Lktil van^bk? iviods *ilh 1 oot w'.nd waves rUsffit and morn'Tq hourv Soo'hwcii lo w«i ^indi 10 lo 18 notv Ihrs Afternoon Onr to J tool *«lcf ly iwe'li Irvrrf.islrw to J to S Foci Ihis 1twnoo« and loniqhl. Moilly Ftilr bu1 sonw [ ovr c'rxxh .TVI foq Ihis owning. IncieASln-jcloutfness tWs afteinooo. Cha.-cf of id in lon'ghi. SUH, HOW AND TIDES IT'S sunriM: 6:00 a.m. Sumeh -C3 p.m. Moomel: 7-.3S d.m. Mmnrisc: 9:79 p.m. Uy't wnriM: S i» «3 m. SurrWt: 6:0 c m. Moonsct: l.3i A m MoonrLsc: 10 34 [ m Jr'i lidn: HHrfn « A fff\ dt to 51 ,1 m. ,VKJ S'ed it 10: M nm. LOM-S 0 reel At 4 n a.m. wdO.' (wt at ^-JI u.m. t*T'» '**«: Ifinhs l»(«t si 11 i3 ,1 nv ,w^JS S fret ,il 11:39 p m, Lcv,^ O.J (Ml Al 5:39 a. m, «xJ 1.7 5:li P.m. tf B**ch wi remptrjture: W . WEDHCSDAY'SWtdlHLR RLPOWTS H L Prc, H L Prc. Anoe'M W 60 JVm Springs 53 ii kef sfk-W . . . . 15 i3 fi iver ikl^ Jiw n V. SAoOo*n.r(Ji-vo ^9 5? ·the. . .. n }l 5-'Ok'^o ft SB rtwnli 80 M S«i Fi.inclxo « 51 rtfClty . . n 55 S-vilriAna . . . W 5A Ctflro. . . . SO "O SanU D.wtwr.i . . . . (J 5? ·VW . . . . . JW 5J Irxrjnce . » it k/Arrowtwjd W J7 Vkkxvilk' -- Acr»s me Nil Ion H L Prc. H L Prc. XXluCfniA* 6S 33 Mi.vni flr.Kh !Q 63 U jn*^ .. . 5 ) il AVIwrt'jtt-r? JS 14 rflMfCk . . . « 7? AHf* -51 P.iul . W 1A Mon" " " . " . . " . . . . " 3 1 7 ? 3 ; KrtvYwV . 1 1 M O ; fa"o TO "i n QhLiMnt.iCitv' '; M K.wo . . .3) 1? On.Vi.i A3 ?A ·vfl.i'Hj . .. » 19 .07 P^L*Je'p*M Ji 7; O-i ·over tA 11 PtwcniK 77 W i .VoJncs .. . 4 1 ?(. Piir^Nxijh . 71 17 P7 rhinos 4 0 C"i Axlljnd. Ore il I/ OJ -TWorWi W 3' Reno.. . . 70 AS 'M-i .. . 6j ]? Rkhnxyxt tA 31 ootuty W 49 .2$ Si. . i' 71 fi-i-vipo-'rs .. 34 U 5-iir L.'keClly AJ 35 ns^Crtv . 61 37 So.Hl S5 u (IV * Vc*ws ?3 3 SoA.w SJ 3S CU wphu . . /O J1 WJihir*)too . JO » Cirudj H L Pic. H L Prc. fciwn'oo tS 77 ^ 1) 1? M ings lout-Si WAI IT tVjw ^1 H-btfr?. MKV. ^^^j TV yr*^~"\/^^ | ^ T^^ i E/*~"" I \T -ji^ ^T~^J j^j _J_\X i v_ _^J V__T* f , "\^. * ? | j V J -M--\^f ^L ( hlvWayl «S i"?.* SouthCwi" WEDNESDAY'S HOURLY AVERAGES r basin. Na h^jMh jdvrw*\ art LMf Ln Orji»9t cJkffd Bf a c h A n 9el fi C»on1v R tiding art wr mi""'jo oj'ts c' 0;o«? 06 '6 .1* / [ppoil. C»'ifiX''i I'jrxJjrds jcr Ca'to^ MiV^oi'tfr ) U U W pwn fix a-i hsur, or when cjrbot SuJphv D-otiJif 0* 2S §ml»AOTTOjffis^2; Cwn pited By Mj rm« E i c ruryt nt«4 B*fi* orwfitx Out to S**l FK- unygj*j MKU O* rij . . . LBi · J · K " L«v 1 '1 P.^to B.J ; *"'l nrf*n. [Pjl . . M4 J.v^t\ Rfi V 3 "1 r,.irM'«\ kvM OwftlCXi rx) 1M S^iM*-««i LHtouMort 1 '-1 x.h.K4 Ii ^wrrvCrvi-'iM (TV) . . . . 117 *\v ,^f TijT^Txyl Li-V 1 1 Ff«wi In *l4i S*rte (Li) IB9 ?FPi S S Co 3 '* Cixw j \yl ATir"^ rtry (B*l L6M Crti Bu"i C^TVT J : CX*^ ' ·a A^ 1 *rl ?7J Ar^rni.ix L-1 * 3 H B«*"\i **··" ·*-V.| Wj.jJjVfVJ . IS4 IV Jdf ^ J 1 I rnf\ J 'I V^VJ^I* .iv^yi c IS** . U' S.i-v Rfttv* V^vtf J X 'kvsj KO** Nf*f»if (P*l fO Cl Hv'(h .~-i 4 Cd 2 "1 S^-* [V«* o ( npq^ iNo'* A/V C Vvort 7-ii-.Wf ? C^o l :.( RKT-VV\ ·^j* S^KG^f^y iLi) . . LBXS Sfihv J Srvottj 3 i VJ-vov^r' W " r ' VESSiLiOyr'TOOAY """ " ^ ^ l/*Vl» Frwn Opfitx t«F Vs«^j(S5l .. .. Vjnrc^-.v Vnvj Li-icOy 1 HVV-JV i v f* ) Dw*\»i Vrt^t*.*" Lj*vrt - . L^ *JCg^ friVC ( ?«5l SilT F r *1 KC«S^ t. i*v«s . . . . J .o«wr (F») O'^"! **?«!Y I~IT . . . . *31f 1 J«V ( 8 / ) KX«V" f 4'VTJ^ A'V'C TlTB.^S LB ft^t'J-i\-»" iCX.t CM'^«\VI "ijj-vi'e tv«*i infant kidnapings J * abuctor urged ] 5 Her stepmother, who lives in Riverside, said the giri loves babies and older xlucled an people and would never harm an infant. Ihe same Dr. Haynes said that he and Drs. Ben 1 k an Ana- Siegel and Ira Kruskol of the hospital V party last staff wanted the girl to know sh« would i sdav. be welcomed back at Camarillo if al- I c Hospital lowed to return. t to help the Pending resolution ot the l a t e s t . t thheld \x- abduction charge against her, the girl is ti ear public being held at Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles. 1 n to hope "If she could understand that efforts i with treat- 1" help her should not be confused with i as. "If yoj punishment (or past acts hut are aimed 1 jugh. she'll al eventually getting for her what she ' 1 n we have wants in life," then there is hope, he said. But Haynes said he realized "com- Alan Vczi- munity reaction to this type of behavior crib Satur- has got to be rather strong." ven shelter He s a i d he feared such reaction , invcsliga- would prevent the girl's rclurn lo Cama- tnocked on rillo and argued that society was not ace to slay without fault in such cases, child was "Many children arrested and taken to Dther Tues- juvenile hall have committed no greater crime lhan running away from home," i Camarillo he said, linking (he abduction incidents (o mas parly :i history of running away from prob- intcrest in lems. LS, 20. When "'f there were some way we could he girl ami workout wilh juvenile justice to continue to treat her, Ihink we could have suc- vho picked cess in building the needed trust," he c girl's He- said. "I think there is evidence she was- ho arrested n't here long enough." arillo. In both abductions, Ihe children were be a moth- well cared for, investigators said. Haynes ura County said he believed the girl "identified" with aybe some- the children she abducted, comparing their situation with her own. ills into bay A Navy spokesman said a cutter and Navy divers conducted a r e c o v e r y operation for Ihe chopper, which hit the water about two miles north of Treasure Island. P u b l i c affairs officer Charles Itainey said the small Bell HI helicopter was on local flight operations from the air station. It developed mechanical problems 10 minutes after deparlurc. l-URIJC NOTICK The IXMIJ; ivarh Uniljort Srhortl Pi* kl will nf iHvc vjfoil biil\ 13 Hie office iliiunLMralkn Hjuklini;. 701 lifif 1 Ur KM 1 . I/mi: llf.vh, ('anfnral.i. up [n 1] m April 1. 177«. f,* Ihf follmrini!: (Vupr\ J^J [awru Sf«-ifirjl:ixis M:1 bki firtim nay he N.Ti:i."J in Ih? oflirr tf Ihe Piiri'ha-ini; HvisKfl. ScilWH. DISTHICT fly M.VBIE WEIJ.S. 'ah M.U. H..S. imi ran. K? NON-llfSrONJilRKJTY NOT1CK Nirfiff i-. hfitfry ^en by Ihr um!iv .itfioil Tv.ftx!.fe K. Utrhotl nvklmK at III DJM1I SI. U«K IV'arli r.iliriiTnU MV iful ullrr the dale nf March 1C, :77i; K- »ill rvrf be rcs|«nsible for anj v\x.*.. h.itHlilirv nf nWijuliMw iiKurred iy any (X'lsiiON i^her Ihaa hiE:^eII TUKODORK R TJTX'HFTrT a.h «nr. K. n. IS. IS7S IHI IJ1I NOTirKTOBinnKRS The l/it IVifh L'niliPj Schwl [Hs- n.-| will rvtrn,' sealed bl.h in Lhe irffirv \'lminL-.tnltifl Tluiklinn. Tin I^xu^l Aif. ·^.i'. Ix^b: Ili-.vh. ('alifDrrja. up In I j m Ji. Wns. fi.r the Mlnn-itu:: Sin'iirh-aTkft 1 . an1 hkl fivnn may he r^.Tinf,! in tN 1 otfiiY of ISv P'jrfh.Tiir.K UJMiUKAOIl^lMKD sniooi. in STRUT H y U A R t K WELLS, A^uUant S«vrrt.iry l'«h 11. W. lWi31i[,(t[ vima'.nx IIKXHIM; OK Cavr Nimbfr SWI' I2»£l ' Snit-n-r dmn nl r.ilifnmi^. f'^nly fM-il^i-tVimUNlA L KASOALK H.m-fl lii'J fitS .1 plain Lr ' I'nJnli' i- ftill J^.| for lotion ti'^-. An !·· \|^it .'. I'^'i -il 9.'" 1 J m m FS-pt A. lli-fi-r 1" iKUU-n fnr [iinhcr pjr?uu- 'luiiil Mauhs. ir:n n. \RK\rKf: CARKI.U Cr4iiHt fieri Hvrr'SufKS. [Hpi:(y HjLrr. iWt^i Auw V 0. R*i 7 W UrrVxll fjKf 'VMT7 Pnr Uir I 1 * 1 1 - ^ I'Ti ."Si T HI .SOTlfK OF MARSIUL'S SAI.K \'« \r, rx TIIK IHNKRS- n.i;it. i\o j c^^v r.«i-n i''iff \ * IXJNAID A STRM'R ET IU IVff.Tjjnl Jjru:ir\ X. !·:·!. ^ ih.' MCNh'IPA rurRT. ifs; BKITII jrmn\i, PIS- TRUT. t'ixjnl i( lit*. AncrJcv SLi!c f (Vifnn-ji. ur"fl .t iixIciT.^ni cr.trrrrf in .iMf nf TIK IMNFR^ 1 riJ'K INC . i JWiiwl' IMINALD I'^STRU'W irvj A db-^ PON STRAI R A ASSVIATRS VJH. 1 ; m»NAI.n A STRAfK -»lu BARBARA ANN STRAIH Ji r^Jtnircl drfir^ I h.Hf !cNPif L^T. Jll tiv nithl. ink .tni] irl«-f% i*f VIM J-jd^mrrJ Jtbtor* s IV pnfVfl) in Ihi* ("mini) (4 \i* An l^'s. TTA.-I 3ftKW. p.v-i[ ^.'S. p.i^fi I 1 Thli vi!( ii ^ni rrr-iwtfd h\ Mrtix l«. I'Th vS"*ir-4 i net IviUnrf -i HA5* \irrTH J E IS HFREBli' ^f\ F\ ihal M Apnl ^. !·«. H 11 Oftn dork A M J u«s .\NOEirs nx vn - OX'RT r1iH"SK. lift N Gf.im1 Aif -Gr-ivi A^f Prvirirk-r. City "f 1^ An^rf«*«. ("tnjnly f '*i\ M [XjNv .VJv"ThO to Ihf hl£rVM h* Jcr. fix fj*h ui iJ^ftl rrhXKy c th. ird-rc1 c4 «.ih1 HhliinKnt it'tHiX 1 * 10 Ih .»h" \f ilo-^nhou pn^-ny -T ·-·« mx i.«KJ fiixuthifl. »nh actnjrtl in(frr*t .vi i ' J JO|{N F M.UION.JR . JOHN It ilOTTMAN. JR. * ! P 0. Bfli *f7S ', Rjrx*«rirt SUtwi 4 i !M iRJC^ki. f j W . Xh| .- ; r-jh Vfb x Mar i. u H. PL'HUC NOTICE O212 NonrK TO tTitnmMLS S'ijvri'}r (V.ui1 ^ Lhf SlJtr of r.llifnr- Li.fcrlhc C*xinty»J l^s Anxrlcs n ilK 1 Mailer o( Ihc F.Male fit BEU- JMI ElA'A JACKSON. tVitAml. N'rfrCP i^ KfrHiy given In creJilnrs in\in! rlirns a^.iinst rhr said dwrrftrJ i fiio sai«l f],iim? In the rrffkr nil Ihc krk of the alorrsaW coul or In prcs«it hem n Ihc untkrngw) at ihc olftcc nf 11AHE.ES F. I.EGKMAN. 120 E. Ocean \ \1 *SIJ, la Iho (,'itj 1 »l l/mg B^sch. in .ns Ar4yU'S Cuiniy. which Iftiifr iflicc K Sc p1*. - c nf bowrwis ,f iho irwter- iRrx in Jll roJllfrs pfrtainlnjt In 53 W ·state. Such rlaims with tho rKcevuiry wii-hcrs rauM U' filfd * vrestn'.ed as- j(] \riifcm fimr noftlh^ atli-r the rsl p.iH k)3 nf thii noiire. [airtl Maft-h 9. L?7ii DOItOTWVH. LACIOPPA Exn-tiirit rrf Ihc*ll1 ALionw) aUjw I'uh Mar. IS. r.". Aw. 1. S. 1!»WW LHI Nona: OK INTK.VTION Tt KKiARK IN T1IK !vVI: OK r\l£OIKI.IC RKVKRARKS Msprfi 15, 137fi TO WIKIM IT MAY CONCERN: Sahlwl lo jttuaTvc "( thf liftns* IPV!K\| f«, nobct u hereby WVCQ Iful .he umJonicinl pnifio!^^ lo srll ali-*io)ic hi'viT.i^rs al \hc pn-mises. dose n bed as (. *)«·( 2/a SanU Fr Au-rix- l*unu,int Vtiirb inltnlhtn. (Kc HI^T- sirntij ii jfjpljiiui In Ihc Di-oartcnfnC of \kfAnljf lie iifrajjc CM-.tnil for Lscu.inrr of .m jlcuhofx- bcvrra^c Ikensc for ihcw irrmbcs n fijJl-u-s; On-S.ilcReT [MAMA M .CAUWKIJ. LVRKY J.CAUIWriJ, Pirti .Mar, W. 137rtilt)IJlI txr* KKTmiHS RISINKSS Th.- [oljo»-jns FXTSOOS are cJoina hiai- wssa^: CAIJKORNIA ESTATE SERVICES al IW Puir Ave . Rnocti XIW. l/w»l 'i-ja-' l!ui*iyi. XT.17 Tlh Street, [iownoy.Ca. 'XKA\. K. Hfnald Kngxvck. IOS| Oak Sired. Strth Pa*l«u. fa Si'Od. This busirh^^ n cnodiMfd by a «ncralpJt^[KT^^:p E HON'AIJKROPACFK This it.Ttfnwrt vi.n fiW wilh (he (V*aHy (Icrk r^ I/is Ar^olrt Cr.ur.ty rm Cuh Frtt.'X Mjr. 1. 11. 14. 1976 Mtt [.HI ein Supt'ivr ("mi rt (^ ilv Slaip tvf r.nHfnr- n a. d.* ihr Crtinly o( L-s An^plr*. In the \AMfr ol ilw K«un- -rf 1 1'CV JANK BKNNETT. -iti L. I 1 . HENNETT. .ika l.rCY PARKER HENNETT. N.-IK,' i* bttvhy jrivm i.^ rrtihton l-i fik ^.IK! rlJitr.s n Ihv I'rffKf if the clrrV "f IV jTi^rukl r*Hjrl or (o jn'owt 1hrm l- the umkTM.5wi1 al Ihr rtlfjce of [XI N KfWIS RANl-W. Snilr JB]. iSS t (\^an Wvd . in rhe Cny nf 1/41^ Ric)» rn !»· Anc«*t** Cipanly. »hk-h IJIVr o fKiMi irw pljcr of taniiv** of (he imdf KTV\] in jll nult/YS prrtainmt; In UK tiNji-hiTt muU he filrt) CT ftrrvn(ii*« .1 jfnrf^AiiJ within l-.\ir rr.'«lh\ after Ihi fir^t puNw.i^a rf thi^ ryytifc Ijle*l Mjrrhl. W' AI.RKHTH I'ARKKR f-MvnW itf tho uill cf MX] rw ^wi» R^IKX ! \1l*nwy-at-l j» SuH SJI.jji K. OCTJB RH4. UFXrV«k. Calrf. W«2 P-.ih Mir. K r.. Apr 1, . H7MIH 1 Jll (7*17 \OTTO: OF HUVUII/S ELE7.\Etrni JOAN I'.E^IS, Miir-n x ^ WrtOHRrtW UNCOt.N LEWIS. IV fiTV) l.ll Crtirl, Cffliwy (*f 1rt \ncrfr*. S/air p 'j'jf'»rpjj up^o a ju«!|!jrmt in fa\or ·' KJ l7_\Bmi JOAN li:W(S Ji ludzrtw rrrtlih* *l Jjta-jtM WOOOROW LT (in.S 1 KW1S a,i jud(frwrJ drUor E hj\ ]f\v4 ap«« J U fl» nihi. 1rt .ift] wlrrt't «M ud )u.t)(nwil dVbdv iKe prwrty m iJw Ox^rty ^ 1^* -A. ·o-lf*. NAir r4 Ca'^orrja, dewnbed Ml^s IM 77. BVv^ U .^ Trifl 375fl. B«i (V Pj^i 1*;. i-vKj*i\e. K.n F, Oceaq Bhd. I-^^; B*rh I'jhf 9TNnr. TV «le ii horn rooduded by »tri iif j «ril rf ?trcutwi iv*urd on Nmf be; 13, 1/r^. *Srtrui)( i nrt bjljnr o J];,*.V* jcluanydiM- m *Jid wrjenvx NOTlt'E IS HF.RFBY GIVEN ft« \Tfil 27. W* al 11 » o'cfcxk A H 1 AS ANfi El -^ t"lH ?»TY (X4TTT IUXSK. HO S Grind A** - Cra 1 \\t F-n(ranrf City ^f hrt An^l 1 r-v,TJi rJ li* .Vn^H«. Stale of CaW r- n i I »iti wH) it rxibbr anftvo In f (-.i);S~t bxWfT. NM- ruh in U*ful moor ·J iSe I'r.irwl Sljirv aH the ndit. Et r Jiv1 in'«ri[ of *JK! k*Jj;mer.( irt*v i ilw jNn f df «· nhiii pf^perty. of v n«b tSofn-f at may W net-wary * ir J»»IINE?' M.\)[ON. JR. L M KRAMF.R.Sh-t K« F. Orf ji W . *W I*n* rVwk. faf. MK \b Fv-b XMjr i. ii.iii?rsiHiLn ^.A. property-tax 3Oost 'inevitable' Associated Press ' i' Los Angeles' adminis- it's a liltle difficult to do r a t i v c o f f i c e r said and si ill maintain the ' ; Wednesday it appeared same level of services thai f icvilable lhal the proper- people are enjoying now.* 1 ''y tax rate would have to In addition, Piper said a -c « raised to Ihe legal limit sewer service charge of o meet the city's new about 50 ccnls a month udget . wou Id be add cd to the Dr. C. Erwin Piper, ap- · water bills because of a tearing before the City federally mandated pro- ^ Council's Finance Com- gram. ;,· lillee, said this would Chairman Robcri Wil- I )rin^ Ehe level up lo §1.41 kirson had asked Piper' to ' er $100 assessed valua- appear before the Firiafice f ion from (he present level Committee a f t e r Mayor f$1.32. Tom Bradley ordercd;;aN He said it would mean department heads toehold - f hat (he owner of ,1 ^.10,000 the line on spending and ? louse would pay $30 to f10 imposed a hiring freeze.' [ norein taxes next year. 'The importance of!cJ6n- "The city has no choice serving budgetary fund? is * ml to raise Ihe laxes if even greater this year t tcople w a n t service,' 1 than last," Bradley said in Mpertold (he committee. a directive last week. He He said the city was in said he was taking the ac' v e r y sound" financial lion because budget re- condilinn but thai budget quests for next year "far requests from various de- outstrip" the amount, of lartmcnls far outstrip revenue that will be on resent anticipated revc- hand. nue. "The job of the mayor and the council is to provide those services that they can finance," he said. "The budget is merely an exercise of apportioning out Ihc funds on a priority basis. Sometimes PUBLIC NOTICE NON-RESPONSIBILITY NOTICK Strife is hereby jtfvcn hy ihe uruler- vl Janes W. Craig rewtinj; .H 1H2 TU1 H'a. 1/WK TV-irh, CaUIornia, t .iftfT (ht- Ji!e nf Mirfh l». 1976 ho ix*. be n^tfnsible lrr any drbis, vjlilii-s. or nbli^alioiw infurnxi hy any rvr.s Mhor thnn himw If. Rite«! March 15, IWi. JAMt^W. CRAIG b Mar. K. 17. 14. lOTGtfi LHI NOTK K TOCRETIITOKS SujK-rior (V«rt of (he Stair ««( Calilw- J Itr \hf (.ViirUy cif l/« Anppk^. tVtate nl NETTIE MAE NORTON. ^ ItmwTi .11 NETTIE MAY NORTON, nd N'bnTIR M. NORTON, Decease!, Nii1t\c is plvon k Ihc rntiilon of (he irtv-c itemlwl that .ill pcrs^os h.i%inj ilrn* ic.ilAM ihe dcrciEcnl arc rvgunx fik- Iht-ni in ihc ollVe nj ihe Coynty C\fr\ nr tn prr.«*nt ihcm tn EIRUCK A. TMj\N. I'uWk AdmliiiAirator. as niinislrJtnf tif (he aho%^ relalr. a( hL«. nrr nl business at IKS WfM OiyTn^ic (··ulcwrd. IAI Anjwks, Callfnrnia WLS. ih thf wci"s«r' voofherj. w-ilhm four rvnlks jftff Ihtf lirsi puHkalkin itf (his OatfTf: Krt IS, l-ft-i PRITEA. Al.TMAN'. I'uWk: Adminiitraior. is Mmiiustratur ·( the 3tn - c eslaic. NonrK TO OIF n nous So. SOP 2UM SnjvrifM- Court nf th SlAtc if CalKrir- nu. lrr the County nf I/is An»;cks In (ho M-iltrr o( the Kstate rf MAR- JKRITE E. WOOD1N ati MARC.tiER- .VftHfc LS tercby jrivpn in rr«Jilor* lavinx claims 3^alr,$( the s.iUI rtwH«i1 Id? sakt rLums 1.1 Ih* i^livc u( (hi- .'rlt ff Ihi* afrjrr«kl niurt Of to jircsont trni (o \\w unrfrr s itnod at The Ui»' W!KM o( HAROLD 0. ADAMS. #.t»t, JOi hnitl EVach iloukvArd in tho City n *n; hoach. in l/es Angfles County. ·udi bllrr nffkf is Iho pbrp trf htu ^v M ihe umirrsiKTwd in -ill maiirn rtaitun£ tn uid Cilale, Such claims H! ar prttentfd js afore*.ik1 ui(bin nyr nwnlhs afttt tho first i^Wk-nlion of D.nHM^r. 1. I97R. N O R M A L WOODIN Execuiwof (ne *ill i'f iiirf rif\-pdcrJ aroW 0. Aiirm A(tcnxy al lj« 'lib II, IS. r. Apr. ! ITTriiHl I.B IK] I Nona: Tt cRKnrmRs \« SOP I«H Sdporv^r Court iV (he S»a(c of f afi!n ms. for ihf Cftiniy of l/u Anodes, In thv 1 Ma Ifrr fA thf fj.W.e I'AI'UNK H. ROMNSON. aVa MR STANLEY (I H{)F(INSON, 3 Eu PM UNKB WINFREY. fVn-avJ Nrtiw is Iwrfby /iven to frediV- i.uinjj cliirn it;aui«t ihr iiH ifrfi\Jm( t^i file uiil clum in 1hc rvfrice nf ihe rVr u'. thf .ilorr*-JK! dnirl fr (n prr-vnt Ih-^n r.' rhe unclorugm-tf a( (he oH[« o I'rKdRr.E R JOflNSON. ff F.lm Avrnur m irw City of Unc EWifh. in IAS Anxel ''xniy. whKh ladrr nfricp is ir* rJ*fr " min«s of ihr loknipird in all r..i h'p. pt-ft lining I-i ijH r-uarr. , ( Un- .wms with ihc wffsory vom-Jvn mu *· fikJ iv prc«onlpi1 as afrirr^aid *Bhii oar rrvxiiK* jfl*r ibc fuit publiralton » ' f)al^]- Marrh M. i*X CTANIJiYG ROPINSON Kxrfulnf r4 (h* *i!1 ·4 r -ari decedent. Gt+rtf R. J*tuu** AU*mry-atJjv U Kim Urtar '·ib Mar 14. 3. Apr L K. TO, m- I.RI i«in NftTtCK Of' TW-STEF/S SA1 ^ NO. T-tWS-S On Apnl Ul. Wf. at in nr \ v 1 OMK FKDKRAI.S.\UNt;S VM U) .VSSiVTATKIN Or 1 S.V.N DIEGO, j T ^TaiiiMi. jt Tn*tv unJrr IVf^J r Tn.^ Jaifii Apnl ^h. 1-7I eifTiiiH ffARKKN A VOCNTp. jn Lrururred anj rr»"fifn1 May 7. IKi .u J*ik* V 1H- la Rftik TJT7rt. Pa« TM of Rrt-oni^ rf [fii \r*telr* r-wrtk fAbforni.v Mill vll At puMM' auctj^n in ihf hizSrrt briiVr (w ra^h in Liwfu fxif iW ihf ['ajlrd Statet. a! (he m- rrja-e *t the Cnwty C«irth.«*. VI W Fn%t S?r*!. in rhf Trt (V I«i Anclr* Cr*m(ir nf (^i An^etet, Stale rf O»k{"-r eia. all n^hl, title ami m»rr»! mnve)ft t» inj nnw r^M by it under uM LVet) o Tm*l, la lhal prooerly wtiuted in wd CivntyaAJ State, nevnbed ai 1 \cA \T, nf TT.V) DIM. m the Oiy c/ I/c£ Rea^h. »* per enap recnnW in twlt ye. fjfrt ,tj and il of Man*. in the olfKe nf (Se C/mrty Recorder The s^;e^^ addnry «f the ahnve prnf-rly » porportrd !o he I7V171 w WJj Srwl, l«i/ BAh, AU Said oV will be 01*V, mrthnul co^e run! * »jmny reearrLnft tnfe p-«^« I*"* iv enru mbrarxTs, InpAy the taipiK prmftpal ium o( £i.iW St. pJo* irlerr* themfl ii ppnided n the n.Te woHTf b) uk1 (Vetf o/ TruM, pt-M ari^jrx^*. i in. anVr iS (rnr.* of vid IVd f Truct. pli« frei. hjrgn and eipenw* '^ iheTrutfee TV Rervfi nary und^T 5J»d fWd rw Tru*( his herrti'/dff *t*\-u(ed and detn err! (n «JJ TntfW* J »nlie EVi-|jr»t^o i^ EV*jh of the f*(xv«v se\-ured h .uid IVeJ of tnu!. and *nUen Nrtife of IVfauii and PW(»ii i Sell. «tufh V*Ke *aid Trunee ha fj-je^! \n he rffrtfded « [Vferr-Ser \^ 31 Filf No 7X1 m B.wk MSE'M P*s Jfiof OflkiJl Rex-ord^f^ utiJCfluntj IMME FEDERAL SAVINfiS AM 1 A\N ASSOCIATION OK S.VN ntroo .1 \ Tm-J rt RyUSDAR WIRNCR A^4Ujnl Vre frrsi^m*. Pub Mir U. U. S. l^SiX' LPI PUBLIC NOTICK NOnTETOrHRniTORR SupcrW Crcrt of the p of Califw- for the Coualv o( Ins Aji«k-s. Esiale ol AU1ERT E. 5WENSON. so kmun as EWA1J1 SWK^iSON. woawd.No BIWIS Nclkt is given vi Ihc creditor* nf the «v* dfcedcnt tSai all person j havimj ayns a^iinsl ihe decedcnl are rwiuirco Tile them In the ofhre ol the County Jerk ix in present Ikon lo UHL'CE A- .TM.VN, Public Adminisfnjlnr, a^ aiinjilratfw of the s!xne e^iale. a[ his ace of business al IS2J Wc« Olyirpif touJcvard. !« Awek-s, California S001S. Ih (ho noYWiry muflKT.*, wilhln f«njr rwnfhs ,ilUr Lhe liri( pulfJifati^n f£ thja D.Hft-J: '-i.mhe. 1^0 HRl'CE A. AI.TMAN. as administratnr oi Ihi- ahw«IMe. 911 Ml Pt;b. Mar. IS. 2S. Apr 1,8. fJll IJ1I NOTIfE TO CREDITORS ' Superior C/HI rt f*l iheSJalP of Caljlur- a Ir-r the CutNy cf las. An^elcs. F.U:ile of lirciU.E SCT'DDER ARTER. Decr.i!cd. No MS-.173. NotKt tf, dvpii lo the croditurs of the xi vt doctilpnl llut it! [xistma kia\inj ain? against (bo divedenl ar^ rariinni fik Ihem in (he irfficc nt ife Oftunly leii or to present ihca; l« BRVCE A. LTMAN'. Vubllr ^rr.iniNlralni. .is dmlnislralM M Ihr ab.rt'p eslale. at rns aeo of bti=ine5fi M l^iS West Olympir i**jkvanl. 115 An^olcs, C-iWrfrfiJa ^uS. lib the necessary %«ich* i ni. ^jlbjq frvu* vxUKs alier tlw lirsi puhliraiKn o£ (his Dated -Frh IS, l^fi. RRIJCEA-ALTMAN. ad rainulralw nf the above eslatet P-.ih Frh . Mar, I. 11. Ifi. irflfi (Hi (.HI NOTICK TO CRRnrrORS N» SflP2l507 Suncricf C«in nf the Slate cvf Cahfrvr- nia. t-r iSo Conrrfy of l»* rVngdes. In ihe Hailfr tvf the F.^lalc ff DON\U) R. DEARTH, ati DONALD imtARn DEARTH, Dccravd. Nut in 1 is Hi-n-by ei\rn tn rrotJ]Ws \3\ n^ claim? afi,iin-U the said ckt'cikni i [ik 5.1 hi rlahns ix Ihe nfftce of (he erk of the aforesaid court or In nrejeni iem \o IN; unVrfizned al the offir^ of GKISIIAM. VANDENBEKn. NdTT t ·(WWAV. A Professkcul Corpiiralina. »10 Jcr"in Tni-i! BjiiWin;. h Ihe City ol /in* (teach, m tjs Ar.fieloi CfHwly, v-hkh latter office ii the ptare ol bun- ness (»( Ihc undt-riljuwd in afi mailers pet abiing 1i^ SIB! rJ.ilr. Such rtaiir.s lilh (he aetv^sary vnjrhcr^ mini rx ikl r-r prp^nt»tl as 3fnre«v1 vmhai rxir rr.ocilrts a tier ihc firsl pufcliralton of histviUrr Dated, fehrdir) 21 197S. W. II WINSTON. JR. fNrruUwtrf theaill of sukl dxredcAt firfthira. VjodeDbrrc. Noll Con*a+ AProfei4o«a1C«rporatim [ffft Jf rgms Trmi RoiWJM UM Reeh. r*Kfmia X**l I'uh Mar. 1. 11. l« 2-., IttHiniLfil 1X50 sono: TO CREDITORS N» SOT 2 H1I StiporwT C«jrt of ihe Si^ic of Calif-ir- nia. l-fr the CVxirHy of b« Antrloi. In the Mailer ol (h*^ "f Hll^ E.IAM r.Ennc.E PINNEY. Dwea^i N^K-C is hereby tiven tn rreiii'.oit hann^ flauni a«ain.«t Ihe sa:il decrdr ni to fik- utd claims n ihe iJlKJ nf ihv tfcrk irf Ihe .^^x·r^ax^ rourt or to wcsenl Ihem to (S,' i^vt,T\iKnvi ji ihe/nfliff- of RKDARO A DONNELLY. IN I'KO PER. 1111 Mlllm.irlc Grove in IN' ( r Jj -f S~in Pedrn. U |/*i Anodes Cixjniy, *hHli Uller ^Ke ^ Ihe pfarr n( nvsir.ri^ .W Ihe urdersinril in all nntlm wrtarrjae In s.iM eOai,- Smrh i-lnn:s wjih ihe nrf^^ary \T^rhrr musl be fil«l J'-T rnorjKs aflrr the firil puMiraltoo p( ttut IHIrd IVh M I'JTij RIOIARD A DONNELLY Etix-uiiir of ihe *dl (4 i«d derMerX Rk-Eurd \. DMoelty. in *ro per Mil MtBnarkCrare SanPedrt.ra W71| Pub Keb . Mar ( ir. S. l'r*. MI \X\ PVBL1C NOTTCK KOR O.f.P. AN ORDIVANrr/OF TllF. P/1ARD MKRVREUjR roHHI5S|rNKRSOK TltE Cm' OF E/NC, BEA(H PE RECTINC THE GENERAL MAN ACER TO F.XEATE A TinSH AMPNn«KVr TO LEVE ACRfK- 1 MENT. BY AND BETWEEN TIIJ' an 1 OF IASC, REAOL ACTTNG BY AND THROTCrll TM* R°ARD OF flARBOR rOVMI5S10^FRiv ·U.D PflWKRINF. nil, COMP.VNY ) of the Oiy rA |^r IVach ordarni a* Section 1. The General Uaiam 1 4 IV HartTM Department of ihe Crt) r^ ET.£ Bearh is Serrby iu(,Vn;ed i-xl direled u« execute, in dupfccjTt . a Tiir-l AwmrfrwrJ lo l^-ase A£reemeat in wh- tanru1 rofnpJurvf «nh ihe f-trrn brre- .Mibmilted Jrid hrrrby JM4D\M he- l-*een the City r-f l«« EVafB. actmf by and (hrou^h 1:1 Brtjfd nf Ilartvir t«m- muU'fiert. and po-»erine Oil Company. aCidf-irntj orp rv c*!f | i Sec 1 Thii ordvanre sh^tl he apyrl by the PrtiNierJ f* \Ve Prurient ar/j ifieJMlob)' the SerrrtJry i^flhe B^ard TV Sererjr Aj t l eendy to the fit wne Ui he puNii-hed anre IT IV V£Vul nrnpaper of the Cny o Irtii Bevh. iivl rauv a certified ffm iV ir.w (HxJi- in ty |r.nh*nh filed *.th lh Td. CVrk *V ihe Cny of \sr.t EV«h and it Ovtl lake effect on (he 11 M day afler lU * Si F. Rtntsr/s.jR ATTEST " · · J\MESO CRAIG, JR I hrrr* certjfx ihr [xeflr»r.i ^·finance «-j a-i^4«j t^ ihe R^M r/ Ilarti* (Vfr.mnnrwr* nf rSe Crt) of Isnt Bearh x iti meetL-w; of Marcfa l.i UT^ by the fallown* i-o'e 1 ft M'V RIXRY RIIHNGS Vv-, Civn.TKNwn NONE Abx-r.t rMnnii^Kwn WH.StlN JAMrSG CR.MCr.JR ?ub Mif l^l^^MJil

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