Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 9, 1961 · Page 34
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 34

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 9, 1961
Page 34
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:V-3-- INDEPENDENT-PRESS-TELEGRAM Inc ·l-wn Bejcfv, call)., soi-da^ July t, mi * 1' Morning -- Evtntnq -- Sunday Inc ·- CLASSIFIED · FATES AND REGULATIONS TRANSIENT A ;'.' ADVERTISING t day. per Imo p»i day S?t 4 day). P" li- 1 * P*' d fl v 5 l c 7 7 dayi, per lin« pti day 47c 30 day), par tine par day 44 c conjeculiva irusrtion - ' 5 average words par line ) - *, wilhoul change o copy. Minimum ad 2 linei I." Count 14 lin« per REGULATIONS .The [ndeDe--xjen ana P r c i * 1 Tfieoram ieitiv« [he npv .0 «i- j/reieci ot cicwhr oois-v i y - NrtMiserrwii't ana V.'i_L H ' - ' * BE RESPUt.b'BLE FOR 4H« · T . - A r / O N E INCORRECT ,NSf-P - "I10N 0^ *NY Cl-AS$iF"E*U *" - 'A,i ClO'rni o! error* *h-,jx tt injdE «i!h n 2* ro'jri alfei --t- · · t'Cdl'OI - An rtcc^oa/ tiaii'i ea i-.ien v \.tit out) i .i n« In ocrn fl-.* ViDr-i tog l -.ce D*I ' a en r a.-.a The fcv:nl-.. ' "PieiVlOleOlirr. (3f Of.* CflV O. ]n tms«.u1lv« day roeri Su-ia^v 7h counted ai one lu'i trier r ci .'"day. A'k NEW COP' Ciass'lsed" ^A:li will npD«ai FIRST In Ths '·^ MonV"B l n :Je oer a cvit / Anv ad^ yrdciea ana J "i'.h;cn.'cnlly ui-Kclied te'ore f r s l Insertion w'.ll be charged fDr o~e (1) day. Downtown OHice 6fh and Pine Ave. ( Long Eoach LAKEWOOD 5Q5E Faeullv MBcall 3-07M BEUFIOWER 9S34 E. Flower Si TOrroy 6 - 1 7 2 1 - ^GARDEN GROVE 9674 Garden Grove Blvd. JEttencn 7-9120 Cornmerciol-lndust'1 '(31 SITES-LOTS *· SITES-- 1 TO 10 AC. . .Ne« Irxius'r'al a-ea. sore wl'ii trackage, iticnl rccasicn near la- .bor, h(H,-s:r.g, Ircewavs. r.Biil Brooks Co. HE 2-4421 APT. BLDG. SITE SOxlfcO R - 4 . HI* EAST jRD. a ' f c O N 8RISIOW GA 4 4 0 1 1 "^2" ESTATE" i or i w 11. 'rorii^c · Vr'^clow Road. Rcdjced lor quick -. sale. HEJJMJlf.Bltr.JW^ftZfi?. · Inc, Prop, for Sato 132 ~ WEEKLY 'SPECIATS"" *SIX arl o-5-fccdrm. an's. 5 gais. -Hoi 5pol dcwniovvn 'ocal'cn has ' iTail evp- O.TV sis.r/vj cawn. J-IVE un Is rr. 6lt» A Elm. ti'jO . iro. IHL. $21.500. H 2.500 cash. il.115 jwr mo. Inc. 517.500 d.i. 15 UNITS west side ho' soot. Mas - $750 per no. Inc. $12.500 cas^i dn. Hoi Soot Ocean Blvd. cor. runs '· to balhing teach. ill.WO rtl nsnv ptus re* bldg. site. 29"r« dcwn. Steel B, concrete bus. corner. Has 1 ii?6 manlhly 'rxr. Srn^H exp. It's ;: credl IHJ/ al W 1,500. Trrrs. "GREAreST c c s e In b'tla. t o r . !n |_0. Great for any 'YDB bl03. Let us s^ow vcu. ITS ISOxtQO f e e * . ,-H. R. EARP REALIYCO. " W _ A 7 L A _ N T I C HEiJ^/H Smart Income Buys -'1. SIX 1-BR. unirs i 2-BR- h3UJ«- Near niti. CtOie In. Incor-.e S507 mo. 2. TOUR 1-BR. UNITS -t- 2-Br. hcme. tasli'tfc. New Ra'ohs /V.arket. lncot« S335 3. Flah! 1-Br. iurn. aofs. Clo^p In. Corner Ice. · Inccme S«i rno. '4 Two liEV/ 2-BR. hcuseicn same tcf Gocd rer.lal a r e a 5. BEAUTIFUL 2-BR. DUPLEX. HulIMn*. S3COO riovin - Ce 1 ! Ted Brown GA -W33 ' YIKINGRLTY. _G A 4-07 34 '" JIT.VOO Annual Gross ^"lOVELY EftSV SIDE \t UN TS ". ' OWKFR-S 7-BFDROOW «. DEt GORGEOUS POOL .- L'j'jrv i-lt ro en 1XS' frc iMIgc Tcr t.c^uro ?. flpDl. -o 5CC-O1 -:IL1NE PETERS HE 6-7278 ; -'m F Ero,id.-fav R C 3 . GE F,-C*7 4% FHA LOAN ALLOWS "ORE brEHDABI-E 01 tl-"e E or. me u-.-t;: sc^ rrKicr-. 6 Fiiri , 1rulv R 1 rp. Iroiiii'c frc 'Income we!) -ccslC'J In Ca I, ns Submit vo-jr o f l f r s nav.! 1 ' HT 7CW1 Hpaklns Res. G^. 87? :i , STEELE MOSS CO. , Anything You Can Trade '' -You Can Trade BeHer-- OH THESE TV/0 MOUSES : W I T H DUPLEX IN REARI · YES YOU CAN I INCOME «M SURE YOU CAUL CAL(:' 1LINE PETERS HE 6-727 . . .ii3 E. B-oflthvav R!l GE 3 CA -""SUBMIT SMALL T R A D E S O '.·'·12 Units-- $994 Mo. Inc · Lovelv large owner's *nt. 8 OT - . 1 y t a ' s new-no VACANClt --, ILINE PETERS HE 6-727 i!3 E. Res. GE 2O6 ": 7 UNITS-- EAST SIDE ·· -Th-s is bfai/'i'ji o-cp-r y i: . .1h^n yea' eld Fivs 7-DRs ; 1. 1-BR! ; * rflrar'^- Ca-'Dos-rg .' ··(fTfv-ili rt'i,. I4 : 3 mccrr u : · A-V.BRY. OL 3-3J;i. OF E !" 'PRI'DE'IN OWNERSHIP * c' V;rc!cy. Ty f o -BR w- 1- j h . -. GE £523: Rcalio- 3118 E. ^ -'."i 7 CtOSH IN, V-EST SIDE . :N:ce ? B3 i den hc-ne i 3 1-B - , ecrs. Lot iciw. set-1052-58 CEDAR *·"· .Gwce E f.'-crrill He iA ,V 4 UNitS~~EAStS'lbE" Ire 5/70 rr.o. 1 BIS., corner 1 ~ P.P. $17,550. Try SI. SCO rkwn SlAfllcy IK W. V/illcw GA i TEN 2 BRS. EAST SIDE. Lfircc Id. [nccrrr SI. CO) r-.o O*r.r.r w.ll 1(odfi tic.-.n. ,, SPECHT REAL1V HE ?-E - · ^ H O U S E S ?r g*f£3C anl/Si-c* r .rtonlial a-p.i nc. Si!0 mo. F ''. PjiCC Sl?.50-- S7.CCC ftn- · -BVr. TW7-3W-5 / i v c - T . V ' - ^ r f» UNITS l?5,iM F.P S ; Cr rcr r : 't,t.zr Lvnv/«MJ Pel 1 W-?' --·'· B - R ^. ( : E 5 J r," C 5 EY O-.V:;ER, · r.-i Co'o-.'.ii. ov 5 Wr-ns. (A. fnc. Si'.S mr, J " O:^«n i B'thv Pa;k. Tct HE 7-5013 - i5^ E 1ST ST. New 11 units. X "·c llna-r'r^a, //eda:; en elet. k ; t c ;':i. UMTS. N.L.B. ? vn. old. Inc ·:- Wi5. rrortoaoe S?90 rra. i'.SKAM. WMOTdown. GE 1-99 U5» r.-^n. -2-BR. UniJi. V ". ct city 8r ccfan, 1320 Incorre. ^- prlM »7J«. Ov.-n£r GE *9 ? - 4lX 1-BR ilnKCo. All l-l ory - . 75*1SO lot. $36,900. WSOO to*n. v -DO'.VNTOWN REALTY. HE 5* *- BY OWNER-- HOWE 8. INCO'-" · r'2-br, hor-.« -v 4 1-tr. Ao'i. "S313. S?5,500. 6J3 E. ICrH HE 5 EOVFLY 9 clean f ^n. Cn :s". Z~ - , cs, 1 do. Cl=;* ft. Par a'ea. Reas. Bv C A r t r . HE 2-i f - E ^ S T SfDE-- EiCM "2 RR US _ r:;v/n. F.P S5?.SOO 3 t e a r s Rfi ll ;r. i-F. / 1(0 '.'C'JEY rtnAn-Tjike" T D s v - ? V u~i1s, ^ v r s . o'rj. Irtfrrp .-_^EI! ;c.-, HE : "·"lt"l"UN"lT APT. BY 0'iVNE .- · HE; st; i 6 "5-^lCO, ftVl. ica«d 30 vrs. , - S1E5 mo. S«KO d-\ TE -..'f-ON'ONE. .Vjil te so'd "Lea pitafe. LB.-O* Tc», CODI ir.c p-, 6y cwntr. 372 Lcma. GE 3 - fitVf.ER m-jjt s« l. W^TQ * U7.500 F.P X Ocean blu 1 Tn .·- 2 lartw 2-BRl, 1 tingle. HF. 4- ..^Mcrrnoia. Loveiy Iriclex. M . -furn. M.MhCHJSi -r T 3-Br. fiUA/JTY 12 U. 3 vs. Inc. SMS L D Bl. al 1th. /^uit idi. E.:iicn R;rv i?iO £. lot HE 2 . Prop, for Solo 132 IN 3 APT. BUILDINGS In LaVowood Village T T R A C T I V E 6-UHIT APT. Parily (urnlineo . . . . 1 Price SS 1.100- Gxiillng lonn L J75.0CO @ 6 V %. O^ner vtili CITY US COT = 4S37 E A S T CARSOH 1 7o s*e, call for rroM j UNIT A P A R T M E N T BLD. ' i Furni.hc3 ^ 3 Pflrilv FL-rrli'-rd r P'.t« ifl5000-S:OMO div,n-- Bi'^nc* 20 yean 6^ 4436 LAKE'AOOD BLVD. D-UNir A P A R T W E W T BLDG. T*o 2-brdroom aols --. | Flqhf 1 -bed room 8Dli i G'C*«i $930 p'us cer rxj-n'h. (, A , k - ~ o Drke JM.C-W-iK OCO d ^ A n , bala-.ce 20 y«rs @ 47iO LAKEV^OOD BLVD. MATTERY, WILLIAMS 4 BREWER. Inc. " -- Region -477 Ei^^ ht HE 7-0631 (;i no a^wer call C.A 7-?iMl O?EN 1:30 1O 5 ^ 2 TRIPLEXES ALAMITOS HEIGHTS 641 WINSLOW EacJi ^pt. Iifli icp. paKo, 2 SRS'l. i rear apt. hat 1% lile b A ! hi. b-jil* - i n stov?\. boautllul c-ib:ncti, q a r b . diip-. 6 ^r.. Idscp., ipt ntloi. Eipertly planned a n d quality conitrucrcd. MILDRED ROBINSON GH 4-7«7 -REALTOR- OE 9 6 3 1 7 BEST BUYS . ConilUcr ir^des. 4 f -o: - ?-fcr. hoo^e-- N7.M5 Ire. SW3 Srr.HI dn. Cori'cier T.D. 4-n!cx - li oar. EaVsirte. Ccn- s cer lra:ic^. Sma'l d^wn. ] ?--l-t)'.. V/rigicv. inc. 6" x Grc« 12 Uiits-Lkwd. Blvd. . S/'J.GOO 16 Urils -- / vrs.-- r.' SiKTPino C c v c r . A', 3-tir NiiEO B - 16 fis'i w.m siiaM an. p-vy-rr-.l. O'-VC B^'a-ii':. h'E / a ; 5 6 RL^R HA l-?4-.l 3 Hones cn 50^3CO R-^ Lot Near 56th St. .W L.B. Blvcf. 3 F5R. l'i tmlh front 1 6R A l;e. bach* cr aci. in rear. Pni inccrrp 5270 im. Roi !o by 'd i mcrp Too loiatloi. Onlv S*i.$iQ S7000 dn. veil: h-i-x3le. Can r,o-,v RAT/.JACK, Reader OA 3-iJ£8 S^IJ Orfl'-oc Orcn 9 A'A to B PM Cor. Anahoim Raymond 130*150 a"cv; composed of e'chi 2-btfrm. *sls. r,i,:lno Ravn-.cnd 6 new slore b'dgs facing Ann- hcim \vl'h laroa parking lo!. Po- tenl!il irco-ne $t$A5 rno. This U 1hc best dcve!cced corner on E. Anaheim St. -a genuine Invei! n:enr-- SI 75.000-- lermi arranged. O^.icr 310S E. Anifrclm GE 4 031A 6 UNITS-- EAST SIDE 1 3-tctlrcom; 3 2-tied ro'vm ; ? 1- bodrDo.ns.- 3 gacdoc?. BJ it Itfi'- Irc !6J7 m^. SiO.KO rin. Sn-ith. C ^ C i , Jal., Sun HE 7-/;£7 CL1VE GRAHAM CO. EM E. Ocean R e a l t o r s HE 7-:'7il DRIVE BY .'. ; 1 3 1 1 E. I5TH ST. * f i r n : s h C d im : ls. 3 twrjx' ·""·^ 3jr^! rm X'll crjid.l cn in .11 d 0=1* S?60 mo. No v.irnnrv f e c s r . OV/HER VERY ANXIOUS --SUBMIT! MOORE REALTY GE 3-4?6i GF P 3*3:1 $$ TRADE J$ 24 UNITS NR. NU l-.c- S2100 rrto. A'l 7-bdrm. Take horn* or sma'l unl's or T.O/s. Msroe LAl3RAfJCH-Dcb HtNDON hE MtSI; GE 3-5197; GE 3-8781 REX L. HODGES CO. 12 UNITS -- II FURN. ON CfcOAR -- Near pac. Cs:. 1 way tol Wx?l* Extefiof RCV/IV pin ted Nev; rcois E s'no'es lour 1 BRS inccmc S'OQ rr.o. An f*'e!!nnl Income orowfv-- Ciose In* Si9.»--!crmi! ·^ TRADE UP OR DN. " ' DUPLEX-- SPANISH Lcvt'v 3-bdrm. A drn, f r c . + l-bdr,n. renlal. N e e vard Marge LABKANCH-Ecb KENDOH Ht MHl; HE 3-SW7; GE 3-S781 REX L HODGES CO ON ONE CORNER Rear unit eilranie on side il. Bolh have do'e car, hwd firs. hVfit ncak A lab'e, chairs, «D vard w/pat'CS, near ihcpning. Anxiaus lo sc'l cr trade. Call Les GL 1-5573 MOULD REALTY GA 3-6443 1. EAST 3nd rear Dixbv Fit. A un'.ts, furn. Sd'e or Trade. 1. 10 Unlls dsv/n'cwn S?3,500 tu Ddct 1 . IncDrr.e WSO man^h. A "Wuit Sa'c" - "!i ID ice Ricninan GH 9H3Jr GE 8-4»; RLiX L. HODGES CO. EXCHANGE YOUR HOME isr 4 bvsiv r.Civ 4 u^il, 100"' ren'ctf. ?-P?1rm, l : i bfUhs I'ul., p.ilioi. careered g?rr,pr? r-:753 * 3505 V.uTJrtlt Drive, Ar,ihe ; -T OPEtJ DAILY 10 TO 3 7 UNITS Try ilOOCO dn. Ire. S700 E.ii l 5 d e . 7pk^ tr,-de. Call S 003 HENUO'J-'.'.ircc LABRANC Hi: 7O25I; GE 3 £ ? S 1 ; CE 3-5« REX L. HODGES CO. " PRICE IS RIGHT SUPER OLDIE-- 6 « Gross ?? cbse-ln ufli's. Tc» cortf. S!5C0 tfn. X'nl. terns on bd ASK FOR RUBY VSIDMA1ER ^ GE /-Pi40 Reailor Gp, 9 E7 , FOR a VCK-O ebVd'j w;m iht a 5 sire !o wcrk hard and build ·; luiure this t -nil *Dl. Is re cpMiJunily. Ca'l Lc-derce GK S-2131; GE 7JH 1- REX L. HODGES CO. . Prop, for Solo 132 Inc COME MINDED? BETTER CHECK THESE a 16 UNITS WRIGLEY * \", Y t A R S O'_0 V DOUBLE UNITS c 7 ; av b* idi lcetref cr icp^'d^c c . \V v. p cupeling. drapCi. bj-ll-m . ,, n 1 n cincr' 1 ! aol. s DELUXE .ViARRON DLOG. * 15000 tin. wi:i o--rchaie U LHI'S. T hify 1? vrs. c'd. X nl ren'sl arc-i. L a'ccnv ii/e. Real nice oaiio. · c ffcrds n man^cer, cays for lf;clf \ nj oj^es i?M!c incor-.c ^/ rnwh. BELMONT HEIGHTS t F-LAT, SEP. COTTAGE 3-BR. APT. i GARAGbS ro-jflrly retcs drcoralir.o but W"ER'C I ARR'IES-XLNT. TRMS. P CALL FOR DETAILS n 1 _et Me Show You What $5,000 Can Do nfjvcr unit*; spciless cond'r cn. n i tin. pymf. win hand t i urprhe YOU on thi spendable , Prop for Sat* 132 Ins 164 To connclmuri NHERITED PLEASURE j wa;ri vcu frcm Ih'i A-lft-deluxe X un i1s_a FIMST LISTING on a ' EAUTIFUL QUALITY-BUILT 10- r NIT APT. BLDG. HL-ART OF · RIGLEY cors'sr:rg ol 3 2-BR. , wtiich 7 have P.i ba'hs. PLUS l 5 - O R . Fine a'l-wco". wnll k w.ill rps'ing. SOUNDPROOF. Dlspos- ». Therr-o furnaces. DS'«. In- ·af:cn txlwcen *'i ar.'t. 7 tia- c ;es CORNER LOT SOxlSO to r 'ey. A.I R E f l T A L A R E A «"i H' , 1 D 0«ntr win r-c!o finaitc «f 1 OV.' INTERT^T. C Tl Ted B-cv/n GA 4-\T^ 5 DIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 j ^ 3 Thinlcing Ahead??? ( Thii U a Futur« Busiris Property Which U Being R O F I 7 A 3 L Y OPERATED a* a ",\ Komc-A^o 2 acarimenls. rice »5,000-0/,ner w - l l llnsrce. SE 9-2447 o* GA 4 - 6 I S t Millfe Co!n» Sanderi. Rltr. -- 0:«n Evenings -- ^r '".ccn^e at wen. _ , ILIITT i I*\T CALL FOR DETAILS |Q UNITS + LOT MAKION DAVISSON TNI orcpcrly * the anTM«r lo I. ATLANTIC HE 6«'» v^ 1 r wTM^..*^ 1,'Jr.^^. /ANT TO MAKE $$ ?? ;£--'. ^.^"l^rVfi^ V Lsif s'dc 10 U. Lo^ rcnls. r^ L i ; v t E S F : S7J.OCG Botl HEMDON-Mnrpe LAF1RANCH SH^NuABL.;. W700 or U S ' . . : HE "i^l; GE 3 8/81; GE 3 S297 i N V f c b ' i : SiO.OX bHtNADBLL: iW or ll.i 1 . -\ r 927 fc. Anflrcim-C-I--ViKenl. I-.P. $20,000-Clear. Sutxnil. Trade fcr U ·'- uriis. \' 3'.-? A.-- fA-2 -S onal Hill. Pr.ced low a? S/J.UOQ. V/iil lake clear in iraac. \' I'.o acre-M-2 -Sig.-wl HIM. F.P. VJ2.500, clear, jubniil deal H. J. HUNIER ASSOC. 73J E. \VdrdlQ*. GA 7-16W GA ·*-/'/?) ·; Deluxe 16 Units -:'-' 130^135 lot batks lo a'.lcy. Benj- lilul pano ft grounds aicund Ux33 [XM!. 3 L-n.l* lurn'Sticd. All 5 have drapes, Y/-W carpels, i'o/cs i d spoiais. Low vacancy lactor dje (o oca:n.-i 8. rcnr schcd.-'e. Price S16/.5W) S*3,»J oer vr. UrNNItU RcALiY JA 7-T/t PINK Ba'ccnv Ivce / le ue u p- sv:ih t/. . m ove=i r 0 r,ce. 1 o.k. to ; at jno^o ng. Owr.c- w.ll rclp-- ALiU R- Io1 near o-.iiilcv,n. Te:n.3- /ok !or Gco. Fre-kis GE C- ir _ VliINfc Kliy. C^A 4-0734 SMART "I'NVESTOR-- LOOK ' 11 maXir.g neans mere ;o you Jhan p r i a e of ovinerh o^ call i nov/ :o see mis smain:rg va LC 4 API'S. Plus 2-BDRfA. HOUSE FULL PRICE-- $19,775 MONTHLY INCOME $290 M O O R E HA 1-8481 4151 E. Cd.-ion. Open bvei rgs PINE~AVE.-- 2~-BR. DUPLEX Loo 11.15 A gjcd u^v «i 5'iJ.oDO. GAVIOTA-- 2-BRj.-- 3 UNITS Ji-^i tci: ^ c.ta. L-)tuc:ca. A i E:CC, Summit Avc.-- 2-BR.~^ Url i Long Soacn Blvd. -- 7 Uniii ' SI, t J J ,. .. ,-..-:. . =i .c · t i-ii f 5 . h^o.. 5, v.U.iKi.JoHAf.\_OA 4-.MIJ --, MOJEKN UNIIS" a n c s i o i v near ncv/ \jn:U in b9u..vt.-fl LCi.g tk-v.ii. 0::c ? r,l? e, ISirca I-LJR. un'll. '.Vd.l-wa 1 t a . c c l i ?. n.s- pD-.i.-j rrruou-. MUNiZ REALTY GH 9-2141 Rca.isri liii E. 2rtf 16-UN. -H HOME Trees, Patio, Pool Rm. Md'g« LABRAHCH-Bob HENDOH Ht M?il; GbE 3-i»7; GE 3-8/81 REX L. HODGES CO. OCEAN VIEW INCOME TOD loc. r,«ar Bixbv Pk, cn Occ ; m Blvd. 6 l«e siutto units, 5 oars, icrnfic fcr c-wnrr vjao v,fl i.i J p'us Bcao mcorw. See mis! tLLiiKUKUtK, RlrALfUR LOVELY HOMb WITH A ORFAM Dl£N i ? rcnld'.b. Ta'-ce house in iraca. / LABkANCH-uob HLNUON Hu /-1 351; Ot J-5?/'; Gb 3 S / 3 L KtX L. HOjGtS CO. WRTGLEY 5-UN1 T S Smart mcde'n. 1 2-br. t. 4 1 br. ' (urn. fill. -in tcdturcs. Inc. Si25. Btsi area-- CaM (i.cnn Luke CA 7-W18; GA 2-1J9-1 KtX L. HOtJGbS CO. WB Need Good Sa!«imeri Now VAKt GOOP VA SLLLING INCO.'AF. PROPERTY Martin, OdegAid Plumb 501 E. Brcddway HE 7-0/36 13 NtWER UNITS Balccnv -- Cuslcm Bu»ll-- Deluxe Ire. SMJO mo. 1 2-BR., ? ba'h. Bu-lMn ovc-15 A jfligei. wr-w, d-.-rcs. e ffdri. JJ3.0CO dn. Trade? S'anlev, 323 W. Willow GA 4 4051 INC. $1800 MO. It 1-8R. iTiii. 4 r.ev* bid-is. ICO'» p.irk 1(1 5D'ir,V.| ( rs. LCe- 0' pool, Dir b a. C3li«. Corl.n. 600 El. Oc^Ji Ht d A78s 2 BLK5 TO BIX8Y PK. 10 furn, unils. S315 uro. Income Only J2.WO lull rrice. Tr,-^e. , HF 7-liid. Eves: Hb 6-479/ f RtX L. HUDGES CO. 7 STEAL THIS BEAUTY 12 "GARDEN" acts- r-.o.-nt YO'JR TAX-FREiE MET, SS.COO SlO-rVi co«n. A'-l lack in 2 vcars SALES.V|,, T V«»1ED- TOWH Sce:ialnlng In Income prop, erlies i horcei. For f'_-rlher ? niormatian call BcrnlD Scecllt !1 ORAHE -- HE MM 1 4-UNIT COURT, E. S. 1037 LOMA, $24,500 SMALL DOWN! TERMS 8 ·· BEL. SHORE OCEAN FRONT CLEAN (urn .wills, ont »BR it ! ^ l-.rr -H^t 1 L r,K r h c -· 'c«-flr--n rA-js« fr 3 1 3R s. Hr, vJ.n «r L Ir^Hb^^ 1 ""-: S:'vS r ^: ^Pl^ ,, M A D E I R A R L I V . S E 4 - 0 9 3 5 1 S,^: vtMd '-""""fe,^ .=· JUSV LISTED '' U r e - v f r uTts-- :» !ci. IS5-50 t LC-.V dDv. n Eci / tc'n-.s. 7 - E-V-ipIci Hf 7-",5'- HF f 37" REX L HODGES CO. ,V SCO MOUNO t 3 BR1 . 2 b,i!hs. ^ C d r s . S-r.g rh rctwi fcr rro.-e. SS.OOO rin. Martin. Odcrjard P;umb R. 501 E B(I/.V HE- 7-07^4 GA 7-*l NO~VACANCYHr " 3 s'crci. 5 soh. C-ill fcr dels ?3 {1o nnaVe vc-jr is count). ~" M1LLY BECKER. REALTOR c ' ~ Open P.M.-- 1503 Tempfp SI Siu^co TRIPLEX. One 2-BR. i 1 B 1 ? Incon-c 5JiD r-.o. vacr fcr VO'J |Q rr.Cve -113 ] S?ede Won Co. HE 7- OS 10 Units -- Downtown j'l F P S"? 'CO Ire SY-0 rro R 17^= T»:.e cn m huiie a-, dc "'·" : s'.-.niev. ::( .v v«,: cw. GA_4 5 -a" ~ ' A C R f - I C E S'-LE 10 i;im -. 1 OV. D'J - - L A ^ ' J 7 l"v ir--- re '"·" '··::. Aw.' r ' t " i - " M -, ' .-.-/7i ri. lnc-,--.e W£ 3 n/ GE $ y,'Jt R V E K S O ' - or i . 'ir! " V.'RlGVtV" TIS. 7 HOUSF 5 R LOT, 2 B'S efl Sea O.'? . o a r j , ?:v. : JJ' ;/AT V THEV f S. RfVIo' CA ^-C wni D'us 7-bd-m. -i- 1-Mrm. ^P 527S txr mo. Askir.o S7S.500. «,' SubTt cn c:c«^-- ccnikJer tra F£M 1 BLOCK Iro^i Bi*bv Park. 14 ur iM. 12 l-Brs.; 2 5-BRi., 9 vears cn Tess thiVr«p!«e.T.cr1. XinMer Orart GE 93371; HE 3 E Elic!*. cV flocri, inccrre S re- balccny Ivce, oarv.'ra, bt'o* itt p'accrrert c«n. siOOOO Ji. s ; n ". J. D. WILLHOIT, Rl'r. GA 7 r-C TRIPLFX ·*' I-SR. hcj^c" -r "l XI- ! acl. over 4 gadget. MxUO C« "iC SJ37 mo. ur(. O(;LY SKCO r,:d S;^) ma. ovrrls. C/, GC ^ -^ ?1 " 9 " f J E V DL I'lJXC UlliT!, o' 8.-' - l n ^lr/(*- cvc 1 -.^ (-" · r : d-,io-? nc s;sJiOTo iiitoa i'15 AL RUfZ R E A L T Y HF ! R " " r j p ' c i v i r c r ? i T E R " t " r - r J ( -f f^'.i 1-BR. CA Onlv Mf 7dC7 r - L- V/.ll'pmwn. Rilf. GA t ^ · n a l W y 3 nN.-l 3 - R R . 3 T-QR F ^-. 6 vcars o'd S200CO 1H *1SS V«' inc. WOO. Bfcr. GA 5-506?: GA 3 ,*r : BY A P P ' T t 7181 CHESTM Ic*; Ocu« Unllsl BV Owen. Tr 2347. REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7 d«rn I^APLES-6 UNITS FURN. M + i Submir down. Owner nf. nr. ^ T H R ft»«onoll«. 3-hr. hcu«. F ri T!C»-. 1 r.' vutso. inco-re. XJIS «0. HE 2Eii/. BUY FOR PROFIT 3 12 furn u:i:1i el 1S56 l.ccmT Inc. S9«!. Price S59,ira 1 Cflll Lo,ia HE 7-CW1. eve GE 375 STtELE MOSS CO. c 4-FLAT BEL. SHORE 1 b'k. from beach ^ s^ons. 1-bf » ^R^smaa'afW 8 CLEAN UNITS-- $29.995 15 Huco 'c!. Bfst buv In Lo"g Beac Crabiree Corner! Realty Co '/KO E. Pnc. C5l. Hv«. GE 3-49 GOOD RLKTAI- AREA. Nee 5 pa:n! TRY TO STEAL T H I S W "' ^^LL'HO^R^GA?.^ 4 1 VtE h.v;s over O years e*eenen -- in e;iing irccwr,- Drooerlv. MAX L1VONI, RLTR. !11 1101 ATLANTIC HE t-1 ·?ii " «6EOO DOWN E s1.:'C3 U. nr ho;D. c nse C ' - Ju^T ro .-.hcrt 11 A oi' 1 . mr.. s ,·1 : ir-o GE Z-3H5; GE S-32M. Owr sn ' " "BY OWNER 5-- 2 - D R . UNITS. IflCO.'.'E M. -t,. Vinc'.H I'ts SK.CM . ir. U.v iS«n . Hc_fci «, " 12 NEW UNITS ~" 9 1-BR 3 2.BR. 8lf.-M ranoe, c TIP fc drps. Ideal Ice. S11CO rro. rr\c IIS «0 Cn. Rlt'. HE V-K16 »j 3 UNITS-- J8. 500 ^! rr.ccn-.e JIM r*. Small en M Crabfro« Rsaihr C fcr 5MO E Pac Clt. HW/. Ge W rns. MODERN 7-U»!T COURT "3 030? East S'tJs ICC. JJ7/XO F ~;n VERNA BAPP, Rllr. GE ? 530. 4 UNITS -- BALCOrlY STYLE "· nttr (Kll eoune. S1CK» rto GE 1W1I: GE e^V/35 Rllr. s " OV;NER w.usf SEL'L-nev/ ti B«. S45.C-/, nctft ST;! t o * «e i nf ro vr.caicv GE 3 57»j -^?i ' O'.VfJCR resvTS liv-rt-« urIM £ - ·^ i 6V-f» ic r.c.^ r w .«, "tviv^'^r^a J -- EIl'-C-i R1. l//' n. IGi HE j \ M i W R J G L E Y 6 u:;jTS-- P . r e ' A v C . ?° come S«l rr.o. Try ilO.OOO r: 7.«7 ^^ On - 1w GA ^"11; GA 7-t - - 3 rer.ln:s. Inc." illO'mo. L.B. B urn - Lew down. Bfcr. GAJIJT^. Xt'fli ! X UMI1S f.x UD lOtO Norman -,4-- Oxn L5. H500 dn. Rltr KE 6,A,- r07i"LO'AA-12 furr. uril!i, lol 17*1 150, Hioh inc. Rltr. GE 4-9 owner; 2 garasti; nic* earner urn races, clean, owntr. GE 4-1 IT S?4,- w6bERN~Y"uV|i. 1 TBr. A 3 1 J1500 cJn 1o 111. GA 3-7W2 CA 3 REX L. HODGES CO. ' ARE YOU TSRtD i worKSno? Thoi- u^ils v f :1h c ^ s Hn. v*i!l ray Fcr )hem^?"vci + socndablc Irtoir.c. 0 irucco u . Ge'n. Ho1i. Ire. /S5, 3 BR. icr ov/ner. Sub. cn. ? Dn'n. U. Gocd l:c- 're. S70. A ? BRs. 5cil or exc^aiifl- STORWY KEATS HE 5-7419 1542 MAGNOLIA OPEN 2 TO 4:30 2_^-un;i bld«. Each hai ona «K- c e o r o n a l l y loe bd/m i 3 a t i r a c - '.vclv fjrn, sing'es. 2 Ice oars , _ c n r k m in rear. Cm te bougtil r scDrtra^elv or toselher. QNT.CT , o a"»*rous 'o leilt PHONE ANY HOUR SPIVTY-COMPTCN, RcdUors 3W7 Pacific HF 55375 ""\/" TRADE V voj" cnullv, Dccdj c r ; S15.COO do^T for 7 D E L U X E 1 O"drc3f~i u^ts 16 furnished]. J · vcu! NEW-NO FINANCING NF = DEOl S57E:-3. CALL A 4 - 4 1 5 1 M Ilia Colr.G Sandcrj. Rllr. ""BESt'EASTSIDE COR. 13 Nt-V.'ER UNITS-- 12 GARS. 3-2 BRb, 15-1 BRv, b-g iwr". Th;5 wcil c o - ^ r u c ^ E d bid. s^/'; na a mo.",1hiy p nco-ne of S2.GW "is tie'r? olfered w!lh !crn-.s I, o r ' c c a-tradivc fo ihc rr.osl cr 11- cal buye'. Cdi! for a Dpi. JACK BERRO HE 2-3444 A CASTLE! IN LONG BEACH Vr h n sdi.. pool, catio. sun- dccKs. Even a v:c^. Fineil len- /n!5. Tr.idc (in. Excel, lcrrr.5. E'lKELENS-THOWPSON R C A L T S T A T E rNVEST^AENTS 40iD E. ANAHEIM ST. GE 9-0163 5 UNITS-- SIGNAL HILL icen-e S?73 rr.o. Prcperly clear. l'^ nB ·S.Nal.. S ,n. HE "/E7 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 801 E. OCC.ii Rcn.tcii HE 2-3^il TLCSF TO" BIXBY P A R K ~ Ex 13 clea^ -l-rorr'iy Nat. l rw. eccX eoTiD'cle'v rtdccar. In^'de A cuf. Wmv malor imorovc-mcn's. X'nl. price and reruns-- Cull Dcirpscv cr Lor.rJnree GE 9-21VS; HE 6-1553: GL J-7A24 REX L. HODGES CO. Medical Btdg, -- Atlantic 3 Suifes-- Inc. S297 mcnlh Smlrt, F V C S , Edf.. Sun. HE 7-77E9 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SOU E. Ocean RraMo-i HF ?-3Sil 11 FURN. HEW UNITS I/ re.'J uniurn. Gold Mcdn' 'cn. 5 Fi:rn. Newly rcdeco-alea". V/lli Trade SEIF-CRT f. STE^N GA 6-3931j HE 77351; HE 7-"/4 R3X L. HODSGS CO. OPEN-- OPEN-- OPE^J ·! TO 5 P.M. 1203 TO KM LIME AVE. 4 cr«d ren'Jls. Collrcl S317 mo. nr Mk c vo-jr choice cl a 7 or 3 BR. home renl 3 urih. Terms. GR 9-547? -"- STOP DREAMING -/-.· ' 6 Nr. Nu Unlls a'.l 2-br. Trv S5000 dn. cr irads-- Call AUroe lABRANCH-Ecb HENDOri )E 7-1251; GE 3-5197; GE 3-37E1 REX L. HODGES CO. 1705 E. 5TH ST. 5 br,iul.tul 1-Bd'm* f, cne ?.'c» ?.Bdrm act. Tolal income S293 DEr riio. Ga 'h S^ to Gavlota Ihe.i rnrfh cnc fciock. RAPHAEL R E A L T Y _ HA_9 ^5/17 PRICE SLASHED NOW $15.0CO 3. J .1^1 h'rig- . 9 g^'. S560 Inc C'o.e n v;. Side loc. Ad r.inv A - l RpflllyScrvico GE 3-MO) NEW LISTING COMPLETELY REMODELED 18 units. Fwir 1-BR. A U slr.o'c? Infire ilj07. Ch^frc c/ov.n'civr rer.lal .irca. Low vacflncv lac'cr MADEIRA RLTY. GE 4 - 0 9 3 S 8-UN. NR. TOWN T^ke house cr sm. ui'f ir^de. A ibciirocm. Call /.\sroc LABRANCH-8:b HENDOf Hf= 7-1251; GE 3-S797; GE 3-S73 REX L HODGES CO OLD LAKEWOOD VILLAGE a DELUXE 1-BR. units. VEP fc«t ouallty. Has heavy sh,i-' re of. V/-w coSv, drasc^, g^race Tate frcrre cr lot m irade. S6n SCO Attinson ReaUy. HA 5-74W - " ni IP'I r-Y 0 (n: SliO TIO. Lee R-J lot. F; price S13.C}. Lflv/ (Jn Ov.rer -,v carry b^' AlV for EkdMil GE 5W-,1: HE 6-K25 £ PEX L HODGES CO, 11 U N I T S CLOSE IN 7 2-hdrm , 13 1-bdrm. b^.lco" i 6 vs. o!d Inc. ill.tCO. Set ir ' Icdav. C«H CF 9-J191; Hb *-!559 REX L. HODGES CO , a NR. BEL SHORE SUR J S rccnv 1 BR. fjm. JVP!S. blf. ' Si7Q Inc. » 1.000. S1A.OOO dn \Vill lra!e. SUBMIT. TWELVE" L*nl1i Sanfa An*, w 7o7-.stfuct«rJ. Terms So mcel t « SM ^ab,| C»'. L«ndcrc l4 7 " REX L. HODGES CO ta TRIPLE'X-1-J'Mrm 5-1-Mrn 3 wr oar,!3C. dale sinks. C P3!?K. ti!c. c!c. Gcs^ f^.L locinon- £*crl. ln=. Do.eniifl «J Moore Rlty. GA 3-54' 1127 Sculh SI. E w e s GA_?.£ n ~18 UNITS "GOLD EH /.^EDALLl M Const, rev;. 13 gars LGC. i.v ·r m ng racl- Trcn-cndcu? if c. ve.c. Dix I3C. Tr^ne fcr ?crc v H!! '/-1339 Reader HC A ^ ,, EARN 55bO PER MO Frcn 10 limits. Xlnl. c»sl s'de ' Only m«0. Submit trades. »'· JACK BERRO HE 2-34 ° 3 OLDER 2-BR. UNIT Inc. S5IS. F.P. 415.750. S55WJ . 0. 10-UMIT STUCCO COURT HI « 1-BR5.: ' slrcles. AIIV. X e r HFI nt?_ HE 5-1422; GE 3- tit 9W BLOCK chMlnal. Home + -- Dle^ Rm. o bu pld rn (rcnt - c - S7500 di. Xlnt. l«rmi. To s« m - Robv, 71h i Cedar HE_6 : -,-. 3 6(1 1 -"U3.5W a-l 1US Dcr jro. Sub w vr*At vco have down. OBAN SEALIY HA __?_ cie ! ~~ ' ' HO.'JVE i inCO-'/.n ·,, i 3 Br. Irr.rr 4. 2 L n'!s rear "5- »);S. 5KO C-i Tra?c (rr 3 el. .'.'ATTHFV/?;, Re.i!'or'. GA -! "*: 5 " n t r ) F R l-oi.'.cs co'lWx^lO ? ! " 5 r-« p cl L.V.rwccr:. S!0n t r Jn^U's^'cr^-iw "· 50x150 ON W. OCE/ w/olfcr uniK. Ire. IS» V; J3S.OOO caiti F.P. HE 7-M9. I »« BELMONT SHORE -- 1) units. \1 "/£ from beach Inc. !"5. .f." REALTY CENTER 111 OL1.IE RROWN HE fr l " 6'A%. Inc. $400 mo. 12 An Ofl- M J. OLSON 3? E. Ill HE t . Prop, for Sole 1 32 1 Inc. Property (Motels. O ARGONNE ^ O P E N 2-4 Residential Trtp!ex j 6 ~ UST LISTED: Dftuxe 3 un H; 8 B ear* rww 2 aals. of 7-DR; c'fwr S laice 1-OR turn.; J gar*.; Irxicy n , itor.-ige rm.r an bait:fj!; 1 wncr'i apt w/feiljiet cl orivAlc 1 crre. PRICE Ib SELLER'S r OSSI S43,MO-- xlnl terms! R DRASTIC REDUCTION O IN BELMONT HHIGHTS cwiiD.ire this 4o\tx. lhi Igl, hi( rice v*l!h nnv croofrly 1n are.^! OR ea 4 fircDl-sceir 4 gnri.. on t 7 S * 1 t S w'roorn for rror« unii-,! h: C owrer's »Dl. 134.5001 Musi e'll Sutwnit vwr (crms. NICE EAST SIDE LOC. m'.rs one ?-BR, two 1 BRs t s'r.p'ei, Iurn. Low ciSwfi tHiVi DJ This Iffn-endcus re rum-- in- orr.e V370 -- S21.SOOI IN BELMONT SHORE =)CAjlilul X-olex, 1-8P each. All 'wanMv (urn. EnclosM ys'rf, 4 ytragtl. Lr.cfry rm. Vi?5. -13,9W. T.O. tti.OOt} ® A i%. Jut-nil down. Ow.-wr will carry. WE CHATLE~NGE YOU to COMPARE THIS RETURN 4 unlls cornel furn. Tv.o 2-BRJ, cur -BR%: f 1nr 5 e llr.o^ Xlnl cord. S/,500 dcwn. Incorre cl S9?2 mo. al b.nroa'n price ol S4?,SOO^ i C'.OJB to ocean find Jcwnlown. 3 BLOCKS' TO OCEAN dcwnfown ,yiarp ft f /Ira !Q^ 5 t-n it LDR each; Ij'r--; J narj nccmf U6S. S20.r/Xl (5 4', Toa.n. RtNE Roatty GE 4-0908 Vr NEW! -/· LUXURY! M -V SHOPPING! V' INCOME! ·- FINANCINGI 2 10 30 UNITS. V/e'll lll k er 13 Y O U R 'frrns . . . o r Iradel 1601 E. KAY-- OPEN [N. ol Rosecrani olf TcmDle) STOTLERailly SERVICE i «13 E. Carsin Oiv-rllU HA 9-5«l : L EAUTY SALON Th's cnrt In a IIFcMme ocDS^ru- niiy o ov/n ywjr o^n txMlne» a hs vcur c-wn land'ord is on Ea^^ Biosd,vay in a nelg^bo'l-ocd ccv- er'r.g an excellent c"tante 1o ex- p=i-fi Us orescnl vo'i-'m*. Dcv;n [ of SiOOO includes nal o-'y a fu"v eqoiopcd flccwiy Sa'cn b 't s.- nlicin:ng ?.3dj-n hn-ne CT «T E.O/HC 1 lot vrorih aboui ihe loial o-j.-chaie price. y.nnlhlv ·, povrrcTs I12S. C.nll · ' ['Cc GE 9 ?191; GE ^ 78i R'3X L. HODGES CO. HORSES INCOME A h;H,s« on 13?**« A-l iQ-e In tome $495 mo. B«auf lu! iel-un Fer hcrsev Prowrtv in Immacglale ccnd. Only S4?,5SO. S^.own by aa poin mcrt cnly. 1 ACRE PLUS In Dftlrv Valley. Lee. ?· t«rf room home, 2,0oo ch'cveni =^'0 Ctose- n agrlcul'j.'e ^o^t. S35.000 DOGG5 REAtTY CO. 17117 S, ClarK Bellflowej- TO 67534 K r.o , r.s. TO 7-3473 ~U/llts7"" EaVls'rde." Owner can live fret t inc. S-b-nli riavn. 7 Unili, all elec , b_ ! 'l rr.s. r^iMil hc.i!. \V-vr i drakes thrucur. 1U.KO do-wn. 1? F'jTi Ur.Ms. c^c^t l-'i. Low di ts^vnen!. Shews i? c i sixnriab'e. · Net ri-^nv like Ihls! CaM Rav Crr.w.-ll HR 7-l?Sl RLi;: L. HODGES CO. "OWN WITH PRIDE-- " X'rl cnrnrr Blxliv A" FA. S U.?-Br. E.KH. ^155 inc. -r owner's delude 4 UNIT cn b'a 91*15-1 lol-Can'1 rw wro"o here. Bl'bv B r ea he v,ccn AHHnlc L.B. B'vd. Cell US «SU5TINE GA 7-5^09 23 UNITS Vi blcck to rcw clv'c cent«r. lo IWxUO. incorre SH;o mo. ?/:. tfowr-. SmUh, «v« . Sa!., S-jn. HE 7-77£9 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. BOO E. Ocean K«a'lors H£ 2-3561 5 NEW UNITS-- BEL. SHORE l i b QUINCY-- OPEN P.M. SI Q.CM D OWN P A YW.E NT ! ft r 2r *r * t- i % «i *· -Cr * -ft fc * A'io Choice Cor., Trade Up SJO.HO FQUITY CALi LON H;iRLtV GE J-1AJ7 M;CRATH-5HAIJK CO. GE 9-H21 7 UNITS i b!o:«c to new civic center. Lcl 50x175. Al'e/ cn iwj'h wesl. Inc. MJ3 rw. S10.0W (in. Sni.fh, eves.. Sa'., S.n. HE 7-7/i9 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. iy) E. Ocean Rcallcr^ HE t-Tti 8 UNITS-- DOWNTOV/N InccTe S*a rro. 110.000 d = «n SP K"?,r CS * a ;a... S,n. HE 7-;7 J? CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SM E. OceaT R c a l r c r s HH 3-3761 DNTN. 1TH ST. COR. W.m * JDls. Inc. )JS5 mo. Wil lacrHiCe Icr [cl vn:i*. S'_bTll down-C.nll n'-v Fov.-lfv OE 1-253J: HE 2-!7C3 RGX L HODGES CO. 6 UNITS w.fh ov.TEr's lovely 2 br. C'cse ID s u oca ; ig Ov/ ani cus. R C G E R 5 GA 6 3M3; HE 57557 REX L. HODGES CO. 2 HOMES, CLOSE IN-- $5,000 £n. Owner \vl'l carrv fll 6%. Cxcep! : cna!;y c'ean R~* M-irtin, Odeqard Plumb Ml E. Briwy. HE 70736 HE 2-35T OV/NER k an si erred. Two 5-roon hoc'sci on 1 fo'. e.ic^i lacing cp / ooiMe streets. One has w.w. car c ce!i. Or«n ho'jse Sun. thru Fr 1-5 c.m. Owner, 1351 Quincy Ave GE 9-5140 4 UNITS NEAR OCEAN D:wn1awn-- 2 bides, 5240 ^r.c^rrt S!WO DOVrffl i Or iratie fcr hcme. | OE^ 3 X71 6 NEWER 2-8R. UNITS v.--w cirrc^j nafb ri"« coin's /. ci/ irade fcr :?car herr*. / NELSON GE 5-JS'.?. GE 9-VJ1 ; 5 REN3TALS. 4 'A ACRE SALE.M. OREGOfJ Fcr Wo H SECURITY -- 3-BR hc^ne, 2 1-B ^E!S., 4 gars Inc. I2'l rro. Pvm 5 ] Inc. Prope^^y f Motels, Trailer Parks) T 3 " TRAILER PARK ' e 2 Indcnerrif^t soaces, 2 sfcre . dua'cx, In REiUlawcr. Pflced rio at S73.COO, ecuify ilO.OOO-Plus c un^ 7-rcom executive r-orr.e N V/alk, Dlu? 0 E t T f Missouri Idr c:ca- z1 S3.CCO o- W 3.000 down '«! C.iH Shci-m f-re*rnan r«s:den B TO 5*173 ( EOGS R E A L T Y CO. 1 1 17LI7 S. Cirt^V Be !ICA 'J ' TO 670M. 537 i fVOTE: 1 - -- SUJISFT DEACH"TM D!J 7 i_n;ls. ^ .ID:S. cn F'fc.f-c Cr m - H.chiVAv. .-rroi'. (ro.-n Muni No r-n Ha'bor'na. Will cr ~c $''iX-s:.OCO n-o. if r»emiv5 rn riils ETC clinvr-6'ed. F ^ ; ? SiO.CXW. SJ1.COO cJcArr. I V J i l l frstfe «w:iv f c r HI T r DcfJs or residential cwne. Of. HURT S'.MTH CO. R E A L T O 93?? P. Fls-Aff Avc. TO 7-7 44 9)J2 Rosccrans ME 4-i S Dcv;ntowo-- lak* low down or x _ corr-t u-\:ii in Iradc-- Cfl' ^n Bcb HENDON'Marct LABRAM TS . REX L. HODGES CC rjso MOTEL BY THE BOATS -j- A coed vacfl'ion soot.' Neat ·SHl c1«ar,. 7 L-nl's includ'r.o owre ^L v Submit Iradc. S 9 MARTHA LAND, Pealto -- It6 GLENDORA GE 3 rill 170 SPACES-- G^OS4 (CM TCP iscalion-- n-. schols y; W a r g c LABRA^CK-BOD HENT HF 7-Pil; GE 3-S'/97; GE 3 B -f REX L. HODG:-S cc i:'" Choioo* 10-Un't Mote '' p'uS 3-P.R. ho«re r O'hcr Trc "· ' - ,-ccin 1C tC*"ti Cvn«r ^-' ; s- hin r f. r te A :crms. Ca iJKO, R i f f . \N DAY-- WEEK-- WONT m -° OCEAN AVE. IB UNITS · A'l wfi ki'cheni-- coort f ra-c b'k. A-;V fcr Phelfln, G E 1 - 3 S " U _ 7RAILER~CA^K-- 5;?'500.~Lodi. C 7 ,-, fr will carry. No vacwc e?. ' - M. Pdlcrscn HE WiSS9, HE fr 3 TRAILER parks rrotels la ir 75*1 state-wide «veMo». ._ , -fr? Open 1-5 8-07 Alflmitos ov/NER-iOunii n-mei. trwe «92 Xlnl ccnd. Dkr. GA 7 »!' Mmo 1 nvmll. GA 7 MJ1. UNITS In cor\d. In cut. eit Ice. Xlnl. no pointt llnwicinff- ee th 1 -* or.el ALSO J air cond. uniH + 2-bd'm. hcvme (j*^e(l area Subni.i c!n. Pelted E h X~L'.' l HODGES f0 CO. HE 7-l?Sl wrt-Yoiir Ov/n Apt. 134 -Vlode Apartment For Sale Large nsv/ 2-BR. priv. anoi, ON THE BLUFF, , overlooking BEACH « (he OCEAN! Sxteen36thPI. / Trado or Terms o Suit V OPEN AFTERNOONS OR CALL CLIVE GRAHAM CO. M E. Ocean Realtors HE 2-3?Sl ON OCEAN 32 Seventh Place LIVE RIGHT ON THE BLUFF IN ONE OF THESE 15 LUXURY UNITS AM e cclrlc GOLD MEDALLION ).j;il n Kikheni cor,o!ctelr e a j of. fKlvWo^lv LLOVDS Open" I'-B* Daily For Informarion Call MOORE REALTY HE 5. 1126. Evei. GE 8-2437 UCKY DAY! Far YOU wf-en. You fc-jv sojlheait tor. 3-br.. 2-ba- l«5 SQ. n. AH eKc cu',- lom carpels, drervcs. S33,- 5M resale af V.i'a Del fAar. J51? Livlnrj^rgT Dr. CALL ?OR A P P T . TO SEE HOB OLIVLR, HA 97777 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. SM E. Ocean R e a l f c r i He 2-3741 SEE THESE! 1 BR. grcj"d floor. 2 vr^. c!d. tarDclcc, G.irb. diD., wa I he« e^. birth «bi..,:er. Very Siili Pri?; 59,350. Ov,ntr w.ll c a i r v , i-.b. jroa^le han-.e In Trace. 2-BR.-- uoila'ri. ResiiV nlrp. ^ c x c a i u r c j 2 vrs o d. tarccM. oarb. also., wa : l !·"'"·. .V'.'S! 1 '. "ass., dnt;:c. car. P'kf SU.1W. Miuii ta'«e »m«il hoire :-. Irifie. PERRY JOHMSOH. RsalMf 512 V/. tttl HE 7-6ji6 Open Sunday 1-4 21 - 7TH PLACE p-mora-nlc o r s a T VIE^. Saaclcus U6- sa. II., U 11. liv. rn.. d,n. flrea, e'ec. kll , wllh d;shwaj*ier. , 2 05- bdriili. 8. 2 33roeru5 bfiihi. Beaulifuliv carpclcd !. diaocd. KATHLPiril S/.UNDER5, HE 7-'K7 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. EOO E. Cee.Tn Rc^lois HE ?-j?6] PARK VIEW MANOR 5-100 OLETA ST. Facinp Rccrcaiian PtT^k c^ ; ' ccurie. 2-BR. 2 b-ilhs, 6 1 e eclr.c kllrhcn. fAedal'.on Hri-rie. Larcc balcorys. L'n- obstrtdfd view. Ncf m«ireiy r c f i , D-J! real homos. Gxcd (cnf llnar.c'r.o. Open daily 9 O°pner on Sifa GE B-4260 i-ntcrr-ts have aik«d ui ID l.nd 6^1 acceoraie buyer for m j bcaulilul 7-bdrm act. [Icwcr level) havirc every mcdErn convcnierce [oCrJlciJ In a semi -private area wilr.'r* one blocV of Blabv P«rk. Mar.lcnance cnly 124.5$ rr.o. Ga- LS^^GE Ml»l: Gt -7«4 REX L. HODGES CO. REDUCED-- f 14,750 LGE. ROOMS. LOVELY W-W THRUOUT. DRAPES. ALL ELL-C. K'T. FA HEAT. I ILE f. QUALITY BU LT A REAL BARGAIN. CALL .S:.iu=i!-fer. HE 7-1251; Oi: 3 63 £9 REX L HODGES CO- 728 Cherry Ave., Aph 9 OPEN 1 TO 5:30 P.M. ONLY I b9 furnished 1n mcdern Dan- '·h; w-w cat., cuitsrn morio drf.v drapes, fgc D'cru'e wlnrfcv;* ewer- coklrg lovely garden oallo. Pr cc /educed 13 SI 0.500 cr msv yo- furniih. iV.cnirV.y uaVeeo M4. Ca rage nv?ilah:e Al SHOO. GE 9-5J2?. ~FOR~FLFGAUCE, RgKlNEWEHT ROYAL PALMS VBDRM ALL ELF.C. KITCHEN VlEV/. 'S675-3 MOVES YOU IN 'i% L O A N TO SEE ask for S duati'er HE 7-12il: GE 3-«3S9 REX L. HODGES CO. TWO ON ONE Carn«r 1st. Older 7-br. home In Ircnl. 3'br.. 2 hnfh hr;irc In rear C o-« In L. B Blvd. MICKEY 8EMIS A 2-4-M4 5m L.B. nivtJ. Fves. GA 3-«M DISCRIfAINATINO" B U Y F R \-;culd voif I'kc n nisdcrn dps o V0'-r cwn H hill. BUbv Knc Is? Priced very rcas, Cnll In see McL.TU3.V-n, GA 7-5l8; GA 3-3:ii3 RPX L. HODGES qO_ CHEERFUL, artractive (-·nner co/ rer l-tdrm Mcdcinly tur^. Love Iv carceling t. dracei. W a t c B'xbv Par^, ronrk«!s ocean S?.^5a-ONLY $18.?; malnfe.ianc* a!l wills, intcreif 8, Ins. CALE SCOTT REED GE 8-6W OCEAN VIEW Cbsc 1n, rocmv 2 BR.. Pi bain Billin OiR. 5 yrs. S2?.5vfl Iota T R A D E OR SELL-- SUBMIT! A-l REALTY S E R V S C F GE 3-040. TO LISTI TO SELL ROYAL PALMS APATT.V.sNTS. ASK FOR Sla-j^hlc- HE 7-1^51; GE E 6ES REX L. HODGES CO. Disilrct Preitige Addraii l BR. ccean fronl w/v e#. · Of.r.^i riovi:«g Cjt of !own 6 Steele i Moss Co. HE 7-054 OCEAN RONT A Priced S5 rJO ur.tfcr comparab prorvertv. Near re-*. n-x!orn ? hr R 2 tjalnj; paraof. S'-brr.'t vo- SUBMIT cn clean 1-bdrm. «ot. w/bll Ir. 3 re. cioit'l. Low cin. Low pric C«ll Gloria to see GE !-«. WOULD REALTY HA 3-74S 1, JUST LISTED ^ Clcs« lo Town. WMO. Low dDw e- Eaiv terms. Ca'l Bev ngtc a H REX"L. HODGES co J- "DE LUXE 2-BDKM.! Ri»bv KnollJ. fu'r.. cr UT J S'e Ifiis o~e flisl! er TAEMM USHNE GA 7 5 ROYAL PALMf. - . 1 ; s.irrirce ? W r m . CA^ocfcd -n 1r.-.-lcrt FHA Cn CD-- -fi e .r. Ov ;°, ell A r t . NO. JU-100 AI'JT ?nt ~ LXCur'fiC'.'ALLY'fllCE TJ!I Lower lro-,t 1 Br. nr. do^n^v cr \v-jw, Cracei. 1'ovc ar,d rcf u^f F : f ?.WC cxcc'lcrt terrr.^. GE ' * 3935-- Rea'lor-- 3113 E. *\ ~EasTVdri-brrw/w. Eire, b' ?'3 RO. G^r^cc. Vacanl. y ? Call RavCroxtll HE 7-ISSI. ,,. REX L. HODGES CC CM REAL NICE! 3RD FLOOR W ELEVATOR, GARAGE ) HE 7-1030; HE 2-66CT, RL -- '\CTH ORANGE." Wctfern A far 47,750. This is a buv. r's. E. V. Reed. Rcalicr. HE 5- disp, Near new. Close in, OB' Mil incVtfcd. OnU S13.BOO. ' " /Aallerv- Rllr. HE 5-S5S; GE 3 DESIRABLE-- Nf. 'rtu l-br. UD ON (rani. Lile airy. Drar*!, v, 781 SllJM wilh o^'ac;. Lev/ di. A y.V 6 -IMS PIckt'1 H2* ' _ i BR.'N'R! OCCAM-LOVEL J M ' . s l sc'i d.-t 'o M'ncs; : Sle/e SnT.tfcH Kcallcr HS 7 5 ?* C : t / S T ' j R D . ? B R - R o^r,-ic. Pr H A ! frcrr. 113.CCO 10 1U.9J3. H A - AONLS ALDO, Rllr. GE 8 . .- ~ 2 RR ROOA'.V H ;.'. WOST i;ri'.v. VERY Pf «TH !t OLIVF. HF. ? ·ifl. ARTABAN" furniihtd sinnic Srvi Ricf'. f;.-e ocoan view fcr 17,650. wn " E- v - R « d ' PcaMor HE^ IMS APPLETO!J."l-br.. w w , 3«J tdc bnliMris. Priv. oatfo. ( SINGLE. cio» to tvtryitim?. o for SPArio'l!^ new ? B R In-vcr, il L^ 1-BR. MliQ. O.V/.C. HE 6 rvn-YourOwn Apt. 134 Di BEST BUY IN TOWN ' 5 AT THE 6 1'radewinds s 120 ALAMITOS AVE. , Sell Out Sale ? flering 1 -Bedroom Apis. FROM $9,000 1 V e e c l r k GOLD MEDALLION omo:«teiv ecuiRpcd built-in Mich- TI, radlatl celling htai. carcfls. race*, tlevaior Ironi oaraa«. ·Q -to -h ~)PFKU ^ r L i N T 2 NOON DAILY Sundays from 1 1 a.m. cr tar Information cfl-l CLIVE GRAHAM CO. VX E. Octan RtaUors HE 3-3741 OPEN DAILY I2.i The PALMS 325 OLIVE AVE 15 SOLD-ONLY 5 LEFT MEDALLION AWARD for ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE Pnceri f r o m $10,500 lo $16.750 1 and 2 BEDROOMS wiln John N. Economou , Owner-Builder 1 GEM OF THE OCEAN! 2-hr., Jbalh. Fur.nlshcd bv Inlerl- or decorator. BEACH FROUr Resale at Ocean no-js« $34,000 OPEN EVERY API hR.'JOO'J C.5' DOB OLWER HA 9 7 7 7 7 | CLIVE GRAHAM CO. | EOO E. OceaT Rea'lors |{E 7-376 THE KONA IMPERIAL 1633 E. 1ST 9 One 8. TVJO Bdrm. Delude Aah. 4 SOLD -- 5 A V A I L A B L E Beajt.f jl N.w. corner Iccar cn INiTALLIfiG C A B I N E T S NOW MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE Paul f McKenzie, Jr. THE QUALITY BUILDER Christopher Hi- W113; GE 1-tlM I! Walk to Los Altos !! !! SHOPPING !! A rare 1hlng Indeedl 2 bdrmv. DJ il-ln Jfilchen, carwilino, drpncs. prvfl'e pdllo. A lovely 1st lioor VilS SAN ANSELIN6. OPEN STOTLERealry SERVICE 4313 E. Carson. Day-HMe, HA 9 5701 Duplexes for Sale 135 ~LOOK7?TfHESE VALUEST Larae, l-Br., $ 8 , 3 5 0 Large 2-Br., $ 10,450 VISTA HOMES 1325-31 E. 7lh Bkr. HE 5 fviiS EAST 1ST ST. BARGAIN -BR. OYO, $9900 Furn. W-W THRUOUT. DRAPFS. LCE BIRCH KIT DISP. B R K - A R E A DINclTE. LOVELY PATIO AND GARDENS. TO SEE ask Jor SLAUGHTER HE 7-1251: GE B 6W3 REX L. HODGES CO. OPEN 1 TO 5 li« E. ?ND 5T, Lnc 1 - B - . wHh. garace. /.\ARRON BUILT. Living rm. w. 1o VJ. csr- rc'.no. Am^.~a a'r coitfillo.-er, Erc'c r «?d r_b. Mr. BurkeM GA 7-2167 Large s'ncle *'h flcor OCEAN FRONT A f if-.c Si. RMis-- 1U3 E. EX-an CLIVE GRAHAM CO. MO E. Ocf^.n R e a l f o r s HE 2-3VS OCEAN VIEV/II CITY VIEW!! ROYAL PALMS APARTMENTS, WE HAVE THEM DELUXL SGLS, 1-BR OR ? BR SllvOO ID S79.500. ASK. KOR Slaushier HE 7-1251; GE e *K9 REX L. HODGES CO. BELMONT HEIGHTS B«i1 area. 1710 E. 2nd in ParV Lane. Lc^- mod. l-br. furn., even lo TV- On!/ 5 vrj. o'd. C'ear. !S7 r O, narre vour cwn iprm^. Ph- for k f y tfav or eves. R|:r. GE S-7j;9 BY OWNER -- OPEN Lg*. 7-BR. lower fronl \vUh o^r. sen D. R.. w-w V/Mlon carn*l-ro : Rocmy ai dec kilch. 1030 E 3rd, /»rl. 1. OCEAN BLUFF O-Y-O LGE 1-BH. LIV. RM. D1KETTE FNTRAHCF HALL V/-W THRU OUT DRAPES. OCtlAN VIEW. AsV for SiaugMer HE7-l?St; G E i S f REX L. HODGES CO. FIRST SHOWING 1738 E. 4TH Oxn Sun. i Men. 12:304:3 Trcnl lower 1-BR. Newly deccr \Ve:i wo.-lh 1h« low price at s*,aw HE A-4.1IS Picker! H22 E. Is 3 MARRON-BUILT LOVELY A really spacious, luxur.cus 1 bdrm. Kas V/-VV rcls., built-in g-irane, 2 ba:hs, 20x73 iectuffe ccn^ous? C?1!o. 476.000. ' ATKlNSOfJ REALTY HA *·?« - VILLA RIVIERA FXTRA coed buy. BIG SI-'IGL GD--O vlfiv/. New be^u^ w/w ac Dcn'f mi',s thii. See Jee've Crt-lin. Villa Lobb-/. HF 6 6 7 2 NEW -- SPACIOUS e W'V/ Carpels Rif'tt ins ;*e owner 1139 E. Octt TAKE YOUR PlCK CAT10MS. SI7ES PRICES. HE 6-*3-IS PlcJt*rl U?? K. 1 P' DELUXE-- 2 YRS. OLD 37 J13.WO. 1-bdrm. DownlO«n, Lo . el Dike in bul!dro. 6 Btvfr.Qlcn HE 7-1351; HE 4-37 REX L. HODGES CO. Spacious. F3" rnainlensriie. T Barcelona, API. F, IKS E. st HE 2-5A16. Ii75 APPLETON "· McXcr-i b'.t.-- 1-BR- Gar. nv P-- ctd to sell au'cklvl W Cr.ri stoker HE 66^18; GF 9 ^ ; ~ ROYAL PATJV.S". IOO""ATI A T J T . v;c- show vou Jhe test sc: ^ l on Fn r^ r s berty 11 r-'arv b: '* 1 ' Inq Ar! F07. HE 6«£fl. C - I Sieve SD'rCcll Broker, 7/« r. IDE LUXE 1-BR. Rv c-.vrcr. Fx "· l a r g e roc mi. 5:r;i"a1e d.r '·3- roo-n. Cfl-Mt. dr.iD^^, OJir? bc.iulfl. ostio. 3:0 Ch«s'no1, An "n Nr. St. Anthony's $82 Lovely furn. lovjcrl Trade? Ov REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1 , ROYAL PALMS SGLS. 1 2 - Bcvlngfon Ht 7O251, HE 6-3 ' REX L. HODGES CO r o "DUTCH CLEAN" 'J?-- HEWFT 1-BR. V/-W, Wt-ln s'o r,-w oven. Alum. tr*r.'-r.». Bar. $10, DIGNIFIED COOPER ARM ILL Cbarminp s'ngle, only ! ace L. k. COX HE 2 ,,, BY OWNER. Lge. 1 bdrm. 157 1 crol, tires, oarage. Near St., tr.cny's. ACT. 20 19 E. !h /w ' [057 E. 3RD, APT. 1*] 1 Rr., Iwr., oar. avail. A'.arccn Y ¥tAUT"lhUL~r--."l-Br. Bcs ·«rrr,^ A price. Evf. O*ntr. '·!31 5 M 7 . _ ccd siFJG'-E corner aoi. Nice corrt · to apr.fcc ^ro, H.'.rrtv 'o ev '91?' ihina. Owner, HE 4-*3W. _ _ BY'0'.VNf-.R. Pr:cc rcrlJCCd. A5 sinole ^r-t. Do^.-ilown. Ma 4c*6 byilt, 617 C«Ja- ACT. 3. HE 4 h a TRADE "NR. r*w ? BR., 1 "ba Blvd. fcr rv'ce ^o^;Je. 5972 HE 2-W37 Bkr. HE_* elec- LOVELY rooniv 1-br. Down! /*ry lif. Lincoln P«rV. Priced To wner PLEASANT 2-BR, 1*M; cp v" 3SO PRAC. r c ^ 1-Brjrm. OA'C. -I?i7 3 w.w vent. No-.e fceilpr. GE 4 plexcs for Sale 135|Lo « VISTA 1ST TIME OPEN 2-6 BELMONT HEIGHTS ^ ajra'piV'w.i-rSfiSffij sii'i.rir'D'uvf'iijWWi?;; j N BELMONT HEIGHTS f UST LISTED: Sl^j' 'Ilk. !«'»* Br. ta.i In A.I cond.r w.w cnrpt -i 1 unll. olhtf lullv ! u r n . ! l c 1 cl xlrai. New tiQl oar. »35,WO clear. t«ib'« *3«. O.W.C. hi » «?. 3 DOORS TO CANAL ^ TML1ST A^ : tffi er i.lh W »V ^".S %rd'.'! .A«3.^i h Shore South of 2nd ^ eaulilul fuD'ex-^ol ««v '."f!^ " -all Dlctura 8. '^^"f^TM" 1 ^"? J a'a^: Inc. J2M. Terms. S73.»0. E ^ENE Rity. GE 4-0908 = looie to 9» E. init-Optn Evil. HE BLUE PACIFIC M vcur frcnl 6cor. Thlf croMrlv ro. des an optcrtunllv (or a .(xne In » lorallon V(h ch! IB rtolactS 2.000 M. II. ol l»me w,lh a v i e w of ^-e b'u* Pacific f your door. ?br!.. dsn. Irol.. i; talhv carce:inj. draws. jeaufllul jL-ndecV a^d pal 0. . errn^ wfVcn ui-ja'lv arolv 'o IJi a ~ -w-e will pyrclias* this dekite J JD!CX and w^en you rellre yew w have ll-c scturilv of i laro- cit»l chc:K «r1 rr3:Hh o'us v5ur fc?aji:fit riotne. Call. ST 'lav dive lunger dcia i and PROVE THESE STATEMENTS MARION DAVISSON Ila Adsnllc IIE «·«" Right Dov/ntown THE BROADMOOR 528 Cedar-- Open 1 TO 5 SPACIOUS 1-BR. APT. W o w carocKrj, *«ce!. BuilM.n t'ec r c overt ranoe. CHAS. 5HERWAN. JR. Ssiei Dlrjclor, GA t 529! BEN F. MARRON CO. BUILDERS RESALES 7 BR , 3 ba . . B«l Mar R'.vlcra 2 B^ 2 bS:, furn. . . .:$-3ilh PI. 2 BR., ? b-i. . . - Ocean HQIM 3 BR . ? ba. . . - Bclrront Hgts. TOR FULL INFORMATION C.i'1 Mildred ProcTor, GF 3-1721 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. sflo F. nco.^n Reallori HE: 237*1 /ILLA RIVIERA WHErv/n V;KAT A VIEWM-- HARBOR CITY. All modern kiTchcn, 1 br. V.itanr r*adY for new o*rier. 5ou:riw*^T corner, 6:h floor. Call rlg^iT nov;t . RACHFL LYONS HE 2-3561 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. Et» L, Ocean R e a l r c r s HE 3-3S4 BreathlaVing Location View cf ocean. 2 bedrcwni dYir.o room in earh iwi'f. 2 oa- raoci. Excellent tonitructlon and Mrs. PNillpi. eves-, GE 9-6?l CLIVE GRAHAM CO. «M H. Ocean Realtors HE 2-K61 "THE OWNER of IMS "inusuaitv Idrpe room 1-txfrm. sal. w fh ga'age Is rot inter«s»«d in cssh. She p'ans lo Ir^vel and v/ I ··c! To ,1 bDver ^vho Ii rejpcns'ble rtirj yjlic v;anls lo live In. Bd- rro-ir Hciphli within v^a;k:ng dis- la-Ke cf a'l corrrrnjnl1v facllH c. Lo-.derte GE 9J1P1; GE ^";i REX L. HODGES CO. / ? BLOCK TO BEACH Choke Bcln-cKit Shore laroe 2-8R Icjver, ing'e unter i ready 'o add 3rd ant Ov-rer says subrn D'lce terms. C«H HA 10311 cr TO 6 7u?5, 554? Wcotirull Av«. WALKER LEE TWO ON ONE th's 1i cerlecT for Two I'vJr.g r.uflr- te^ 5 _ 3 3-hedrcom, twO-balh ncme «-d a hA-o-tocdrccm apt. In rear. AM for The Dike of front home. WALKER LEE RECREATION PARK DC uxe rBR.; near buses A shops; C'cse to nolf course. Love Iv oallo In enclosed bicV; yard. 01 course, li!e. cr.sposal, nrvd., «IC. S« .5CO-S7.51X) 05«n-o,» t«rrv o«^. » E '^ OW GE j.557, 2 1-BR. DUPLEXES I.Tm3cu'fl1e Ins'de ojt. Beajlflv fjrn. Easls:d« near Ana'-.e'm. TCD rental localion. Prked to sell-- subrr.;l ciow.T. Call Rev Foyer GE I-7SH; HE 1-I2J3 REX L HODGES CO. 8ELMONT HEIGHTS Sludio-lvpe 2-BR, l'/j balhj each, carpels, draoes; 2^) v.-irlna. Lois of closers. Just lli'ed WILL SELL SOON. MUNTZ REALTY GF 5 ?161 Rcallon 5536 F. 3rd TRY $2000 DN.-TRADE Lovely Snanlsh. T 3-cdrni, 1 Bo^ISrilES.-'^ar^BRANCH HE 7-1251: GE 3«73!; GE 3-5777 REX L. HODGES CO. 2 ON 1 ? RRS. each. Ckne to feusc^ A shcDs. Nest M c.a-i be. Fy'mshcfl LE%S itiLin IS /eari c'ri, ^li.SOu Consider lrt^.1 deed or iiraM down C D E V !3l« LFfEDoffsitV. GE .«57a OPEN P.M. T«EV *RE E B Y IO A!RE DELUXE 270-76'A ST. JOSEPH - 2-ON-l Try S1500 d;«n. Incomt «0 4 StSKfl 'GA7-S,' ; l GA 1! n 1 ^ REX L HODGES CO. CAREFREE - Luxurlocs l-to*droom. "iVARROr BUILT" aol. AH eleclric klTcfier MARJORIE MIGHT GE 8-378 d NEAR PC-W 2-Drs. e^ch, dl. o^ 1 race, ru!v;d., 1l!«r Inccire 315? me 5 Could te rr-cr*. s;7,50C F.P. !»C dn OWC. ^nl. 200C W. Arl-o'or \V L B Do nol diil:;rb ie^ant OA ^-1773 or tic. E-U25 ISM fl., 2 C!C.T with fires!., Cd CP^IS. d.-dces, T.'i balh, sum ^ kitch. w.'runlry. Sundetk. cal /. BBU. 3 car o»'- A e'ellph j D-if'til H E 7 C W 1 ; Ev«. G A ? ^ 2 Bel. Hgts. -- New Listing Hewer tvM. 2'BR each. Cow«rc n nvitlo Ov/ner will Imsnc*. Pr:c To se.L HURRY. GE 82173. B* GE £7413. ,, OPEN SAT.-SUN. 1-5 ~ 1 lo 2-Br S/S. s;9,?50 fa. e lin! Po1°n. Int. J!30. GA fr 7j i BR. CJUP'LEX-SEP. DIN. RI NAT. V;DWK.; GARB DISP, FA ^7 GE «913 Realtor 311S F.. 4 he 2 FOR PRICE OF ONE St Rcomy 2-Br. Iront and co/v 11 rear. Ne-»l» ca nlw!. Full R-« h -- 515.950 FULL PR CE :l ' E A S Y T O B U Y I Oak ncors. Age 2. Do-.b:e oara 'i 115 -',! r '/o ef; U 'REALTOR C 273 E. ,V/.rk*t G A 3 J ^ f l .'.'F 2 ^ ; " " PRICE'REDUCED ti E fii -- Nr. Atianiic Ave. Uo dr.v;n, 1-BR. each. M BE 6-43i P-ti-trl 11J3 E. ^ $ 2 - 500 DOV/N" -- 7-Btfrrns. ta. S'uccc. He-*ly cn 50 Fenced vard. OOI. garAce. S;,. OAVID H. LEWIS HA 9-5 351 112.900-- VBR. Frol. Caroorl. Ou'i n - B-B-Q. 8ulll-in ra,c« 4 br J5- har, 2051 Harding. N. t. B, ^i- 6-2W* bv BDo'ntfrvent. 2-BR eacft. R-4 loT, Room io tHJ -- 2 biles Blxhy PJc Ocean. $21250 252 LIHOERO -- OPE v« AonuAILx GE ? 6-/12 or G£ J-^ 2 DUPLEXES. 2-Brs. eacfi cn -- 500 lot. Clo« to rccreaTlon. S K£3 mo. Pric« 537,900. JOO McCARLSON GE 4-1136 GE 8- 153 \' 3 furn., 3 dbl oars. Laroe -vw List S35.0CO. C?l[ BIH C Ai- GA 44ZS Ci*rv^:nos GE 3~ i( - ? BR. c^ch. sTucco. hrtTAd. S/ 3 10!, f'cs* in. 0*nK. 'S apT. w'w A VA barn Sl«,«», e in. nowNTOwN REALTY HE 5- "c! ' DQWS'TOWN \VtSl S'rfe. S'i,cco H£ Rlex, flirrcst c'«ar. Room 'D fc ^12.600. tlliL^i R;IV. HE 3 See UNRESTRICTED. ~SfG3 CT. :"S: cry- · -- nsrcoe- ila-.e In. gicn incf ^TO.-.M F.P. GA 6 Jice WHY R£-'.'T? He//!/ redfC-'l-h* rrcn djrlex nr. 1C'r ^ V.ollnc. «3l 11500 dn. Elliin Rlly. HE 3- cn ? BR " : 8 5 . 2 «* r «- f 'LB. rfiWn??? F.P. SIWOQ. «:? Irw^i ReailV _L A _ 3 :wn^ 2-BR. home + 1-BR. dvcl sell. R-^ lot. saMO lull Price M1 AL RUTZ REAtTY fE 3 ftor $10,500 2 on 1 GA 6-4 Cor. $1000 DOWN -- Near 711 A Ch 61 -H prhicipali submif olfer. GE 1 H for Sale 136 H ON THE PENINSULA , jst llsltd: OCf^i view lol, *o x (sdpro».), »J*,OOtt-«siy linaTc.. IN ALAMITOS HSTS. UST LISTED-- On Terrains Ave. cSrox 40 » US. SIO.KO, llej'-i', rns May subordinate. *ENE Realty GE 4-0908 *. Country Club Eildte Lot SELL OR TRADE 3E 4.6980 or GA 4 - 6 1 5 1 ·Millie Coino Sandcri, Rllr. -- Oocii Fvenlnas-- * /ESTMEHT opoorTu.TTy-- ii v j ^dnt o bj!ld ar.rf live In Aoc « fa ey we have two lolj, escn v*r Vi acrt, 1haf have hee-i jvr.ed (or over 5 v«ri bv ?-e r o'na buyer wr-o It moving 'ait ar-d will icli for Ee;t trten -ripn,,, cos,. Ml L*d,re. REX L. HODGES CO. ; 2 ADJOINING, 100x125 RJ CLEAR Srr.illl, «ves., Sal., Sun. HE 7-71=) CLIVE GRAHAM CO. M E, Ocean Rea'.lorj HE 7 37il CHOICE R-4 CORNER 0 x 9 0 ' wllh older 3-Mrm hsn-« ar w; toJY vour R-?, 3, 4 lalj. SIEFERT STERN BA 4-373); HE 5-2851; HE 7-7774 REX L. HODGES CO. *o2 W. Wills// Sr. $ 160x117 COR. LOT $ n o^^d Lice me ares. Try sufco'- li.raiion !o njsiiffcd buvc p . ^^^"GE^If^E^M REX L. HODGES CO. ft ADJ. INDUSTRIAL LOTS )ie«r Harb3.' * l«1h. 2MxlS3. LARGE IRREGULAR LOT Cgr Arbor Locusl. apprOK 95X7SO SUR.'.MT ON EXCHANGE FOR INCOME PROPERTY GF 4 E923 -- Realtor-- 311B H. 4!h. FAST SALE OR TRADE 113 fl. frcnl x 4 0 MI let cr. b-jw L rce!. Near Sanfa F«. Ca 'Harry Kav GE 8-1/13 VIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 Bay Front Choice Location £0 fl. boat ancf.ordise. A1S3 lot near vactil OuD. Gnlv S12.(iO. MASON E. KiGHT, Roalror 5iW £. 7nd dav or nigM CE 9 0.3S L O T S OF"LO"t"s Big Park Elates corner ._ SI5.00-T Cor. Lakcv/d C.C. Esldles . 3l3.r- Srra'l E-S de R-l - S'-OM JACK R BERRO D HE 2-3444 E. PACIFIC COAST HWY. 50xl?0. to allev. C-3. Haj i!23 mo. ir.c. Owrer w.ll help fn. DU SAY REALTY SM E. 3rd HE STOS 1625 CEOAR 50xlSO R-4, paved alley. Y houici. Sli.950. S'jbmll dow.i. Hdrtin, Odegard Pt-jmb 501 E. Brtw. HE 7-0734, GA 7X174 WHERE CAN YOU'FiND " an R-2 43x127, «' paved dlk-/ a Only J45CO-- Call Bill GA 4-435A Cummln^l GE 3-4iO MrGIIT'SUDbROINATE' ' 50x150 R 4, Wrlcloy. 15 If. paved al'c^ Pul 0 u;iHs on 11. 417.5K. DO H JOKES, REALTOR ·m E. Msrkel GA3-37M NE?!.«7 R-l LOT !!l37'/j fl. Xlnl iDc.illo.-.. Lo~,g Beach. ORVILLE M. ARTZ R-4 LOI -- 4 re* c.irfliei. Full pr:c« H G°E-,S; RICHV * NG E S «2 5 REX L. HODGES CO. LOS CERRIT05, R-1. 50 X 57 w!1h small hojie. S11.2M. Full price. AsK fcr Gw- Frarikls GE -17J7 VIKING Rlty. GA 4-0734 : R-2 50'x80' 1?6 E. Del Amo. Ur. L.B. Bl. On f $5.400. Owner. GE_M7S7_. FREE lifeline rrienibersh'D uces w/ purchase ct beajt. v'ev; lol In Qua'l Vsllev Cwjnfry Club. Ailrac- tlve (trim. GE 9 35)2. 6 OR 8 UNIT SITE 59,000 Terrm but ro vjfccrcfina'lcn. A l RFALTY SERVICb GE 3-:i R-3 ZONE 90x260. c»cd rwlal area In Param=ur.t. Fu'l crltc, S19 *03 RFALTOR TO 6-U-W. 3 m!nu:p? frcm or Marina- Priced from S9.;:x. Terms. /AOORE GS 4-H64; Eves. HA l-S-i'9 BEAUTIFUL R-4 lot, 5 0 x 1 5 0 . Exec: 'tnt V 1* (cr ao^s. Localed mrrecild'ely sculh of 14J9 Locust. PhtwiC Crf/ncr HE 7-69/4 LAKEWOOD COUNTRY C L U 8 ESTATES CORSES 130'xl3?-. GA485H ONE lor. R-1 HOOO; hvo R-2 lals S5000 By owner, A l s a home. 204? Gcldcn. HE 7-1731. BUILDERS ATTENTION Be monl His.-- N.E. corner Lotia Colorado. Slon cn prooorTv- BFL. HGTS. R 4 corner, 45' x 135'. Old 3-Bdrm, 3^5 N^/rport f PSklr.fl «3,m Submit offer, GA 4-7K6. DOCTORS, Denilils-- Ncv/ organlVrs lor cl'-n'c on srlec.led Lcs AHos s le. Andrew Balrd Rlir. GE 4-OC/O H CE 1-Ddrm cn 50 x 130, C-4. Trade ccullv for JBd'm. Submlll GA 4-43SA CU.V MINGS GE 349J1 : BUIIDPRS nr Ir.vEB'crs C-2 ?. R-4, comb. syxUA' lol vj-bido?., on E. 7lh. S?3,SfX). GA 34^45. CO~NEARTocusf B. 14th SI. S2COO t?3i#.n. Old hojse on D.'oncr1y. 45*)30 lo rtllcv. Bkr. HA 5-150?. Hill. S'O.OCO, A'.a'riir GA J-7601. ; LAKEV/OOO AREA, Wx9aVibxl02, iV.ujt sell, cash or terms. HA9-E164 M3A 40x1 ?5, tract, L.B- Bv owner. SY 0-5^9. LOT wanted. ji'xTO' ir'nlm-jm. R-2 3 R-2 LOTS fa Torrance. Chesn. ? 5 noer Inveslrr.cnt Co. HE fri^M R-?, GOOD bui'dlna area. Three o a.ocie frcm. Bkr. GE 10M1. j Subord'na'e na;t. Robv- HE 6-2519 · 100 x liS-Speclal zonlna. SIcnal H 11. Mori-ill GA 4-76C4. 9 CHOICE Southeast corner, SO x 12S. V/iighv D:sl. Ov^ner CL 5-4773, DOWNTOWN CEDAR-- R-4 LOTS 0 Rcby 7th «. Cedar. HE 6-2319. · 8LJ1LDER5 AtJentiMiL -1 lots, R-4. SM COO 1M ft. frc-.t. Bltr. GE 9-CZW f 4flVlSO OfJ bcorrifna pacific. Ave. v 5? - LOT S4CO inc., nr. B-xby Pk. o Davies HE 2-JO?7. 9 BROKOV/ HE 5-5355: HA 1-45M 100x?90-M2 SiDnal Hill. S5SOO tin. MorrPI GA 4-?634 rt R-l LOT"30xEO "allev corner. (JiDles. rd 110,700. 0*rcr. HE J-8030. - Homes for Sale 139 NEED OVERSIZE FAMILY 4" 4-br. Clean. Lnr«ir1ded, Clcsem. *: S14.750. Sub cn down. d Mrs. Smith Vii/Alex.inder GAfi-iiOJ ·5 No Down Rent To Buy ! ih J-br. + SAO. Trade? *l 6.900 Owen. ^ Paint Save! $900 Dn! B'o Hsu'-e A Tol. *10,9W Ov/ert Must Go! Opon S^t. Sun! Stuc. bcflulvl ISO Rcgwav. Ov/cn. REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-lJjil U9 LOVJ DO'. 1 ; N ."Mr* l/ d«cr. ?'br. 4- f rr,i Cel.Kh. in. On R? lot. Cio:e la scr-oo's. Va:Bn's. i FORD REALTY GA. t:W? . , MEXR~~WEMb~RlAL HOSPITAL" JV Nice 2-Bfl.. 5D*lJO. Ids cf trees. OJCSt «pt in par, GA 43973 Steve Scifvrielt. Rca'for HE 7-MH ^* OPEN 1-5 SUN 3613 E. 3ND ST. Immaculate 3-BcJr. ( hom«. Hwd. ^- renl. BKR. HA 9-5W3. Is, 1 No Down Rent to Buy 1 jrc Only *5950. Good loc.l Bv Owen ATTRACT. 3-br. itucco. Laro* 1lv. J31D rm. Flro'. Dfcl. Mr. Gcod ICC lot. iSO G. MTK OPEM 1-5 we?. 1?*3 fn. 3-br herre. SI2JCO, ?4^ PAGE X. CUN!J(NGHAM GA4-SJ13 ra I RENEWAL EXA'-l DUE SOON h« Forrri.' Lu-nuau ^itryctor M.--_ 10C C .. oar,:ro recortJ. HE_7-0_WJ Z JS ! A""SLE"EPER! sKafo ?-BR" horr.* tiu- w - w w crp'. i drcs. Tin-e Icr *n jiiri. S f f r l Try SKS tfn. Bkr. HA9S91=l ^ ' i - ' i M O DM" ?-BR. 'HtiA'd. firs., I'd. f.i x:n1 CM-d. DKr. ME X-W30. u^^BR- "BEACH PROPERTY, tii.ow ^"J tt'W DNT$76~ n-o7" Lot. 3-br. SHAR P 4415 Pali0 ' f ( r c c d ' Bkr - ME 4 ' W 3 ...-' «W DOWN. X-BR., '/BATHS/ 10 · 6kr. TAvter 8-76SS; GE 0-17XJ CSS! SJOO DH. J-BR. S1w:co, lixer opoor. 6X -- 8 V". Only M» mo. Bkr. ME -W» 3-BR., 2 batt-,s, Lkwd Pla:a, SiJS. -3M7 Lease. CWIdren OK. HA 9-IU1. h i e i-BR- -- Redec. Pallo. Dtsp. G»r. DII $?,«0. GA 7-?3M Bkr. HE 5-SJ41. SEW! Crablrei Rea'ly GE £«11

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