Independent from Long Beach, California on April 2, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1963
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FEATURES INDEX Amusements .B-10 Markets ......B-« Classified C-4 Radio-TV ....B-lt Comics B-8 Shipptoz B-5 DeataNotfces .B-7 Sports C-l, 3 Editorial B-t Women ....B-2, 3 PJ»M HE 5-1141 -- CUalfieJ Ns. HE 2-5959 3 0 The Southland's M Finest Morning Netcspaper /tfPASES IONS BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, APRIL 2. I9H VOL. 25 -- NO. I8 WEATHER decreasing today, mostly snnny and tlightJy warmer. ID(h 66. Complete weather, B-7. : HOME EDITION-- I3e MAMIE VAN DOREN Actress Acquires Angel DIAMOND TILT Bo Winner With Pitch to Mamie H O L L Y W O O D (UPI)-Blonde and bosomy actress Mamie Van Doren said Monday night that she and Los Angeles Angel pitcher Bo Belinsky are engaged to be married. "Yes, it's true," she said when contacted at her home here. "Fm very happy. Mr. Belinsky actually announced our engagement this afternoon at San Jose. He's coming back here Thursday and well pick out a ring. Then well decide on the date." · · * · (MEANWHILE, at San Jose, where the Angels are playing two exhibition contests. Belinsky said, "We wanted to make a nice official announcement out of it. but the papers got hold cf it first. But you can gaged.") say were en- Bellnsky, the darling of the a no-hitter for the Angels last seises and rmde a few head- fees with his late night activities, has been dating the actress for several weeks. · · · * MISS VAN DOREN, 30, and 2 Republicans Vow Braden Vote Reversal By JOHN MORGANTIIALER SACRAMENTO WV--The Senate Rules Committee voted 5-0 Monday for Thomas W. Braden, but it was really split 3-2. Chairman Hugh M- Bums, D-Fresno, a n n o u n c e d the committee had recommended unanimously that the Senate confirm Gov. Brown's reappointment of the 45-year-old Oceanside publisher to the 17 Anti-Castro Raiders Seized at Bahamas Isle 'Cruelty* Probed at Hospital CSct Starr. Plclum ·· r«oe 1-1} By BOB GEIVET Administration of Fairview State Hospital at Costa Mesa, wracked by charges of mistreatment of patients, was' taken over Monday by Dr. Confirmation requires the drastic steps will be taken Elmer Galiom, deputy director votes of at least 27 of the 40 against agitators," the De- of hospital services for the member? of the Senate, which fense Ministry warned in a c-.... r, . .. .. ,'.-. -,-rf, n- .:. ·"--broadcast statement. · a » · MOST POLTnCAL parties of this Central American nation acdaimed the coup and its avowed intention to fight State Board of Education. * * · * THE TWO committee Republicans--John F. McCarthy of San Rafael and John A. Murdy Jr. of Santa Ana-they voted that but both said they against Braden on Wednesday. Confirmation requires Guatemala Refused Ally Links GUATEMALA «*--Guate- mala's new revolutionary government Monday declared Communists are planning disorders. It threatened to crack down hard on any Red agitation. The army was alerted-to crush any opposition to the military takeover. The most State Department of Mental is 27-13 Democratic. The Hygiene. [Senate has not refused to Dr. Hyman Tucker, super-' ca ? finn * gubernatorial ap- intendent of the hospital at:P° mtment ^ ncelit history. 20691 Harbor Blvd. since it! Gov. Brown is solidly be- opened five years ago, was listed as on the sick list. » » · · HOWEVER, his administrative assistant, R o b e r t W. Evett. said Dr. Tucker himself win head an m-hospital hind Braden, and his rejection by the Senate would be a severe blow to his prestige. Sen. Burns did not appear worried about" the outcome. * * · · BRADEN had solid backing probe into conditions at the ia the Rules Committee from sprawling haven for mentally!trie three Democrats--Burns, retarded children and adults.'Stanley Arnold of Susanville A report will be ready "in a'anci Stephen P. Teale communism harder deposed President Miguel Ydi- goras Fuentes, himself a militant anti-Communist, anti- Castro leader. few days," Evett said. He added that "it will be' Calaveras County. looking into all matters," and with the Democratic majority will be released to the press, because he did not want the Meanwhile, two "outside" movie crowd since he pitched investigations were u n d e r way Monday and a third will be l a u n c h e d today into charges by three women of maltreatment of some patients. THE PROBES were trig- bandleader Ray Anthony were gered by complaints filed by married in Toledo, Ohio. inJMrs. Stephen Walter, of San . _ Angust of 1935 but the union'Frantisco, chairman cf men- even Murdy noted he could ended in divorce court I960. They have a son,] Perry, 7. The actress had one previ-:, ous marriage -- a brief one'chairman when she was only 16. Belinsky is a bachelor. On tan to spent CoL Enrique Peralta Azurdia's regime also bid for international recognition, but some of Guatemala's anti- c f Communist allies turned their back on his government ani Murdy said he went along issue presented to the fun Senate as a partisan matter. He said he would vote against Braden because his "caustic remarks" about Mai Rafferty, state superintendent of public instruction, would make cooperation between them nearly impossible. Both Braden and Rafferty have said they get along, and Ydigoras charged that Peralta was allied with Red sympa thizers. Declaring absolute tranquility reigned in the country Foreign Minister Alberto Her rate Gonzalez expressed hope for prompt recognition by al member nations,of the Or ganization of A m e r i c a n States. BUT COSTA RICA Venezuela announced would not recognize the Peralta regime, and Venezuela and the; in tal hygiene for the California not find "a single instance immediately recalled its em- m. Council for Mental Retarda-j where Dr. Rafferty has pub- ^jy staf f. BQU, countries " · - · 26-year-old^nd Mrs. Emfl Berger, of Sac- days ago, several spectators (Conthmed Page A-7, CoL 8) '(Continued Page A-4, CoL 1) u,ii^juiit~u lui jticuioj xicuuU4-) --«'--·- --.. ..--.--.-j r-- tion; Mrs. Walter Dunbar, cfjlicly criticized Mr. Braden." ·i-jSacramento, public affairs * * * * ·. chairman for the California AT. A PACKED hearing be- umn-u» i 'Council for Retarded Childrenjfore the Rules Committee 10 and Peru. I *vw4 Vfw C*v**n RAV-WAV **f Ci**-'*t ·»«»* *·»/* e-»^-0v9l mt*s~+·* t f*Tf "TV* I f I also have refused to recognize --Stiff Ptoto t« lob Slwmw« HIGH WINDS that whipped through the Southland toppled this huge elm tree, studied dejectedly by Carl C Huey, in his backyard at 350 E. 69th Way Monday. The tree, which had stood for 13 years until gale-force gusts uprooted it, destroyed Huey*s redwood fence and downed power and telephone lines, (Another Picture on Page B-l.) . "Mutiple? Textbook Bill Killed SACRAMENTO «1 -- The .. . . . lAssembly Education Commit- the governments set up by, * military coups in Argentina' 1 " kmed a measure Monday 'to allow local school districts e One Boat Escapes British MIAMI L« -- Seventeen : anti-Castro raiders were arrested on a small Bahamian island Sunday night and IS were placed aboard a British warship that was proceeding toward Nassau Monday night. A companion group ot commandoes that eluded capture was reported cearing Cuban shores. Its mission was to fight any Communist xsats encountered and to contact rebels inside Cuba. * · · · ^ THE CAPTAIN radioed us at 6 pun, that the boat was ;0 miles from Cuba, and wa assume it Is completing its mission," said Dr. Orlando Sosch, coordinator of the anti - Communist Cuban Es- cambray Front Army. He said the two boats left efore the State Department issued restrictions against raiders Saturday. "Our raids wfll definitely be continued" Bosch said. 'We are violating no American law. We do not leave Heavy From Wind Winds that wailed to a gale peak whipped the Southland Monday, causing destruction, injuries and Across the Nation Romney Wins Key Mich. Vote DETROIT (UPI) -- Michigan's voters gave Gov. George Romney another significant political victory Monday, adopting the state constitution he helped draft Romney*s outstate Republican support dwarfed the sizable "no" vote cast in Democratic Wayne (Detroit) County to force adoptiea of a constitution that win supercede the 1903 document now in force Jan. I, 1964. With 4,006 cf 5,209 precincts counted the vote was yes, 613,587; no, 594,046 But, as in the November election, it did not appear Romney'* prestige would carry over into the race for 10 other statewide offices. Democrati, most of them incumbents, held leads ia aH tie races. Felons Foiled; 1 Shot FORT MADISON, Iowa, Tuesday (UPI)--One prisoner was shot and seriously wounded in the leg Monday night as he and three other inmates unsuccessfully attempted to break out of the Iowa penitentiary after holding two guards captive for more than two hours. A tower guard shot and wounded Harold Buck, 33, as the prisoner stuck his leg out of a ce3 block window on the way to freedom after the four inmates had sawed two bars from the window. Volcano Erupts ANCHORAGE, Alaska «V-A violent volcanic eruption from ML Mageik, on the Alaska peninsula about 400 miles southwest of Anchorage, spewed a giant cloud of dust thousands of feet HS*! Monday. The mountain, about 7,000 feet high, is adjacent to Mt. Katmai. The Air Force at King Salmon said the mushroom-shaped cloud towe-sd 46,000 feet high. Air Collision Kills 2 LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI--An Air Force jet and a small Chilian plane collided near here Monday, killing the jet fighter pilot and the one person believed aboard the lighter pUne. The Air Force identified the jet pilot as Capt. Edward Klosterman and said the civilian p!ane was believed piloted by L, C. Svnnntr of Twin Falls, Idaho. THEY'LL WED SOON Actor Chuck Connors is met at LM Angeles Airport Monday by hii bride-to-be, Kamala Devi, an actress of Indian-English parentage. They plan to marry April 10. coup. Washington was found dead in a picnic- ype cooler Monday by a otice sergeant. The boy, Terry Lee Ricker, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Ricker, of 221 C h a r l o t t e Ave, had been missing since ! p-m. Sgt. Michael Winney, one of IS officers involved in the search for the tot, discovered the body soon after 6 p.m. The 20x20-inch cooler was setting in front of the family on the hesitated Continued Page A-6, CoL 2) Anaheim Boy Found Dead in Cooler Board of tion. The measure received 9 of the 11 votes needed to get it out of committee. Seven members, all Democrats, opposed the measure by Assemblyman IL Winton Jr, DAH seven' Republi- Gordon Merced, cans present voted for the | proposal, joined by Winton land Assemblyman from American bases." An American adventurer in the raiding group that was captured. Jerry Buchanan, 24, was flown to Nissan Li a British navy plane. After an appearance in court, he said the Cubans and their equipment would be released today. BUCHANAN said he pleaded the case before the court to a steady 44 mfles an houri 0 TM 1 * 11 TM m ulc " tcaa u "iof Magistrate John Bafly and at Long Beach Municipal Air- Huntington Beach when the convinced authorities that the port w i t h gusts up to 48 Moot outboard from w h i c h t ^ j^ not miles an hour. he and his wife had been » « » · fishing capsized in the heavy EDISON CO. crews worked^ves. His wife, Martha, at least one death. Uprooting trees, f ell ing' conveniences. Death and pain signs and knocking out elec- swept with the winds, too. trical power in widely scat- Sam Massari. 35, cf 1533 The U. S. government made, a limited choice of elementary ,tered areas of Long Beach,| w _ Carson St, Torrance was in, , a st the^ld w-inds^trength^ed^ of '! through the afternoon and into the n i g h t to restore power cut by falling trees. managed to swim to shore. · * * · SHE WAS taken to Hoag A 3-year-old Anaheim boy Porter, D-Compton. Winton's proposed constitutional amendment basically would have allowed the board, if it wished, to include on its (Continued Page A-7, CoL 6) palm fronds and TV anten-|Presbyterian H o s p i t a l for nas. Company officials said treatment of shock. the majority of power fail-i Lifeguards said gale warn- ures were in L a k e wood, ings had been posted along Hawaiian Gardens. Wrigley,the coast all day. and the northeast section of j ^,,, c ' law and had not committed any act of aggression against the British government. Buchanan said his boat. Violin III, had been followed by a U. S. Navy plane for more than a day and a half before the craft put into Norman Cay to refueL At the small island, Buchanan said be and one of the handle the calls. _ wt TM,of 3236 Oregon Ave. suffered'Cubans under the command a 7-inch gash in his leg when of Maj. Evelio a 30-foot high plate glass'ashore unarmed. B u t those were only in-[(Continued Page A-7, CoL 6) CALIFORNIA POLL/FK Tops GOP Candidates By MERVTN D. FIELD [election were being held to- encnr. TM ucmu r« l^y between Kennedy and President Kennedy h o l d s Rockefri]er Kennedy and ' POLICE had been search-l Jate$ for °« l964 R«PoM*aa mg; a. r^rhood ^fc^fl-Sft^ 3:10 p-m. w h e n the boy's L, ^^ opjajo,, conducted mother reported him raissing.'by The California Pofl. At 5 pjn. additional block-) Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of d o t y officers aided by 13 New York appears to have a members of Boy Scout Troop t stronger foDowing against 74 had started a house-by-j^ 62136 ?^ than does Arizona house, garage - by- g a ra g e M" ^ Goldwater and ' * * * s * Michigan Governor George Sarcn - [Romney, although an three The boy was pronounced Ul ^ Kennedy at this time. The standings of these was dead at the scene. R E P U B L I C A N leader caus on GOT. Brown to repudiate aims of California Democratic A-4. CouaaL Page D O D G E R S sen Duke Snider to New York Mets. Page 01. Romney. The results were Kennedy 59% Rockefeller 32 Undecided S Kennedy 65% Goldwater 23 Undecided I« Kennedy 59% Romney 24 Undecided ..... 17 Among Republican voters, Rockefeller gets the greatest *« or fewer would vote for amount of support, althoughjany of the prospective Re- California Republicans Rockefeller 63% Kennedy 24 Undecided 13 Romney 50% Kennedy 22 Undecided ..... 2S Goldwater 49% Kennedy 34 Undecided 17 Among : California Democrats, 85 percent or more say they would vxte for President Kennedy today, and 10 per- "WE APPROACHED a barracks-type building where we encountered a detachment of Sahannian police," Buchanan said. "They had been there since Saturday morning wait- xig for us to come in. They knew all about us. "The police searched the xnt and captured a few of the boys who were wefl hidden from view of anyone on (Continued Page A-6, CoL 6) three Republicans who have President Kennedy still draws publicans, been considered as possible.the votes of about one-fourth] Many months of campaign- candidates for the 194 prest- to one-third of the RepubS-iing remain before the 19I dential nCTnrr.ations w e r e cans at this stag*. W h i l e elections come around, and it measured by a cross-section'many Republicans stfll have is to be expected that public sorveyof the C a l i f o r n i a not made cp their minds opinion will shift radically psbTic. The poll was made by about Governor Romney, helSome of these men may drop Th" California Poll, an rnde- drawi more votes away from [out and others wiH enter the pendent non-partisan public .President Kennedy than does lists as possible candidates. opimon T h e survey organization, Senator Goldwater. T h e s e PotTf interviewers people in all parts ot the state bow they would vote if an heats. 1 figures show the rote among asked a scientific sampling of a cross section of CJIiforsa The California Poll win be following the Presidential race as the time for decision draw* Republicans ia the three "trial Jcloser. Watch for the stories Jin this newspaper. RAIN, SLEET SNOW, NO! WIND, YES! "Neither rain cor s!eet nor snow can stop the government mail." but Monday's wind at least slowed delivery on some of it. Postman L e o n a r d A. Welch, 29, of 6033 Coke Ave., said the wind overturned his three-wheeler co Long Beach B o u l e v a r d bridge. Welch snffetrd minor Injuries when the stiff wind forced h : n and his cycle over the four-foot-high laac divider. The cycle landed co top of him. He was treated and released froa St. Mary's hospital. .

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