Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 15
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 15

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 15
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HUMBOLDT STANDARD Friday, April 6, 1962, Page 15 British Awards To Newman, Loren LONDON (UPI)~ The British Film Academy Thursday night named American Paul Newman as the best foreign actor of the year for his role in the film "The Hustler." Italian actress Sophia Loren was named best foreign actress for her performance in '"Two Women." ^ it^JRW* Glass Doors -for Fireplace New way to eliminate smoke from fireplace. Keep your mantle clean and sparkling and at Ihe same time cut out cold drafts. Ideal for corner and see-thru types. Guaranteed to eliminate smoke or your money back. Actual y gives more comfort with grea er safety. Lower fuel b Us. 35 Sizes. Send for free folder with prices listed. "The best investment you ever made in your home." Exclusively at "Anything for the Fireplace" Including accessories W. A. SIPES Distributor 2123 Pine St. Eureka HI 3-5465 LEGAL NOTICE TAXPAYERS NOTICE! The second installment of Coun ty Taxes for the fiscal year 196 1962 is now due and if not pak by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 1 1962, a 6% penalty and costs wil be added thereto. All taxes on th secured roll are payable at .th Tax Collector's office, Room 125 Court House. WALLACE E. MARTIN, Treasurer and Tax Collecto Humboldt County. 3/13, 20, 27--4/3 thru 4/7 IS NOTICE OF PUBL Notice of Public He ollcalion for Variances ments of the Comp Ordinance No. 3575, Q reka, by Mr. Sam J. dition to a Non-con which Is In an "R-3 Residential Zone. An appllcalion has he Board of Zoning City of Eureka, for Ihe requirements of Ordinance No. 2575-s ve Zoning Ordinance (3) bedroom and balf- the east portion of th at 14 1 "F" Street, cribed as portions of L H, of Ihe Amended A and Porter Addition, a lone district. The req reduction of the req one-half (7Vj) foot s d and onp-half (3Vi) foo Sa d public hear ng on the 16th day of fi regular meeting o the Ad ustment. Said hear n the Council Cham room 203, City Hall, a 'K' Street, Eureka, C terested persons are sa d public hearing. Dated: April i, 1962 R. T. DITT Director of 1C HEARING arlng on an ap from the requir ehenslve Zonln the City of Eu Sacco, for an Ad ormlng Dwellin ' Multiple-Famll been made \d ustment of th a variance from Section 7-D-3 'The Comprehe of the City econd story thre room addition tl dwe ling locate; on property de ats 1 and 2, Bloc Aap of Ihe Bre nd in said "R-3 jest constitutes u red seven an eyard to a thre s deyard. will be schedule pril 1962, at th Board of Zonln Ing will be he ers, 2nd floo t 7:30 p. m., 53 al fornia. All I invited to atten MER, fanning. 4/6 IS ·--·O. F. OLSEN"--. 1 MOVING STORAGE j · EUREKA, 8th B HI 2-2949 ' " Local Long Distance Moving J * COMPLETE STORAGE FACILITIES ] " AGENT FOR ALLIED VAN LINES I m The finest warehouse and moving ' · facilities in Northwestern California · ' · · · · · · · · · H I B B D B B B A-l RE 4898 WALNUT DR. FOR GAF Rotoiiilers, Farmall Cubs - - Rollers-Hedg FOR CON1 Air Compressors, Cement Plumbing Too s f- -- · Tifri-- ?\ ^fc, Ipffi. "We Rent Moi, NTAL EUREKA IDENERS: Attachments, La e Trimmers [RACTOR; Mixer Tools, C Post Augers RESER^ Vacation T NOW l Everyth · H · · · S HI 3-5550 v/nmowers- »: arpenter /E rollers r mg". LEGAL NOTICE No. 15158 Dept. 2 NOTICE OP SALE OF REAL PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE Superior Court of the Slate' of C fornia for the Counly of Humboldt. Estate Of ANDREW SHARKEY, a known as ANDREW J. SHARKEY, ceased. Notice Is hereby 'given that the derslgned, EMIL P. CALAHCHINI, Executor of Ihe Last Will and Tes mcnt of ANDREW SHARKEY, a known as ANDREW J. SHARKEY, ceased, w II sell at private sale to highest and best bidder, upon terms and cond lions hereinafter m tioned, and sub|ect to confirmation said superior Court, on April 12, 19 at the hour of 10:00 o'c ock a. m. thereafter within the time allowed law, at the offices of Mitchell H derson. Attorneys at Law, 814 Seven! Street, Eureka, California, all rig title, interest, and estate of said A DREW SHARKEY, also known as A DREW J. SHARKEY, Deceased, at time of his death, and all right, ti and Interest that said estate has quired by operation of law or olherwi other lhan, or in addition to, that said ANDREW SHARKEY, also kno as ANDREW J. SHARKEY, at the tl of his death. In and to the real p perty described as follows: All that real property situated 1 the County of Humboldt, State o California, described as follows: West half of northwest quarfe of Section 12 in Township 2 North of Range 2 West of Humboldt Meri dian. ALSO, all water and water right and privileges and all other right which were granted to John Crow ley by Hiram Minard on March 8, 1BB4 by deed recorded in Bool 12 of Deeds page 540. EXCEPTING therefrom such par tion thereof or rights therein a may have been granted by the fol lowing instruments ol record In th Recorder's Office n Humbold Counly: Deed from John Crowley to Geo L. Benedict dated September 14 1B81 recorded in Book 3 of Deed page 635. Deed from John Crowley and Johanna Crowley to Geo. L. Benedict daled December 22. 1881 re corded in Book 4 of Deeds page 46! Deed from John Crowley and wif lo W. K. Edeline dated October 17 1633 recorded n Book 10 of Deed page 443. Deed from John Crowley and wif to R. S. Tyrrell dated May 13 1901 recorded n Book 75 of Deed page 54!, Deed from John Crowley and wif and Rose A. Sllssman to Town o Ferndale dated May 16, 1B96 and recorded in Book 53 of Deeds page to Ferndale Electric Light Co. dated July 16, 1904 and recorded in Bool B9 of Deeds page 553. Agreement between Johanna Crp ley and Ferndale Electr c Light Co dated March 27, 1905 recorded in Book 93 of Deeds page 96. Deed from John Crowley and wife and George Lafayette Benedict t Patrick Manogue dated June 19 TBB4 and recorded in Book 13 o Deeds page 467. Deed from John Will am Crowley and Minn e Crowley, his wife, t Bernard Crowley dated March B, 191 and recorded In Book 136 of Deed paga 470. Bids or offers are Invited for s property, and must be in writing, a will be received at the said offices Mitchell Henderson, attorneys for s Executor, or may be filed with Clerk of said Superior Court, or livered to Ihe said Executor p sonally, at any time after the fi publication of this Notice and bef making s a d sale. Sa d sale wi 1 be made upon th following terms: Cash,. In tawfu money of the United States, or such terms as may be acceptable to said Executor, ten per cent (10*3.) of th purchase price to accompany 1h bid, and the ba ance upon confirma t on of sa e by said Court, in ac cordancc with Order Confirming Sale Said Executor reserves the right reject any and all bids. Daled: March 13, 1962. , EMIL P. CALANCHINI, Executor as Aforesaid. MITCHELL A HENDERSON, Attorneys for Executor. 3/33, 30--4/6 ( TIMBER FOR SALE, UNITED STATE DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIO BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMEN ORAL AUCTION BIDS will be recelv jy the Distr ct Manager, Bureau Ukiah, Ca itornia at 1:00 P. M., Loc Time on Friday, April 27, 1962 for imber marked or designated tor cuttin Before bids are submitted, full Inform ion concerning the timber, the con ions of sale and submission of bi hould be obtained from the above D rict Manager. The right Is hereby r erved fo waive technical defects his advertisement and to reject any 11 bids. The United Slates reserv le right to waive any informality lids rece ved whenever such waiver n the interest of the United State N HUMBOLDT COUNTY: CALIFO NIA: PUBLIC DOMAIN: ORAL AU ION BIDS: GREEN: All Imber desi aled for cutting on the SEli SEVi, Se on 8; SWA SWA, Section 9, T. 5 S R. 2 E., H. M., estimated for Ihe pu ose of this sale to be: 266B M bd. ft. gre Douglas-fir, 60 M bd. ft. dead Dougla ir. No b d for less than $21.90 per d. ft. for the green Douglas-fir B 9.35 per M bd. ft. for the dead Dou as-flr, or a total purchase price 58,990.20 will be considered. Mlnirnu eposit with bid $5,900.00. 3/30--4/6, 13, 20 ( A FIRST IN Nixon, Shell and all G.O.P. every Republican to attent schoo . U.S. Senator Towe and G.O.P. National Chair Miller have phoned the co congratu ations on the hig the school. Q0*aim*mmmm--~y NORTHERN CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN SCHOOL OF PRACTICAL POLITICS 10:00 a.m. to 5:09 p.m. April 7, 1962 Eureta Inn Hi NORTHERN CALIFORNIA! eaders urge this unique «· r (R. Texas) £ man William £ ·nmittee with S h quality of jf ·; \ 1 | T e o " A R ,} S HL TililM fe*=»yMi Wlr'^ 1 1 1_ I P rrrp. 1 iIs seminar will be conduct- d by fhe top political advis- rs on the West coast, special guest wilt be Frank eynolds of the National Re- ublican Congressional Cam- algn Committee . . . LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Sale No. IABM NOTICE ts HEREBY GIVEN th'a on April 27. 1962 at the hour of tei o'clock a. m. In Ihe lobby of the office ol HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COM PANY, 611 "1" Streel .Eureka, Cali lornla, HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COM PANY, a corporation as Trustee wll sell at public auct on fo the hlghes bidder for cash In law ul money o the United States, all payable at Ihe time of the sale, Ihe following described real properly In Ihe County of Hum bold), Stale ot California, to-wil: That portion of Lot 1 of the Hansen Tract, as per Map (hereof recorded In Book 7, Page 23 of Maps in the office ot the County Recorder of said County, described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the West line of said lot, distant Northerly, thereon 210 feet from the Southwest corner of sa d lot, and running thence East and parallel wilh the Soulh line of said lot, 176.00 feet; thence North at right angles 220 feet; thence West and para lei with trie South line of said Lot, 133.46 feet fo the West line of said lot; thence along said las) mentioned line Soulh 6 degrees 0 mlnules East 7J.39 feet; and South 149.0 feet to the point of beginning. SAID SALE will be made without covenant or warranty regarding lltle possession or encumbrances to satisfy the obligations secured by, and pursy ant lo the power of sale conveyed In thai certain Deed of Trust executed by WAYNE K. AKIN and MYRNA L. AKIN, husband and wife as Trustors lo HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY, a California corporation, as Trustee, In favor of PAUL S. SORGEN and ARVILLA B.. SORGEN, husband and wife as joint tenants and recordec August 10, 1959 under Recorder's Serla No. 13133, In Book 547, Page 403 of Official Record*, of Humboldt County Stale of California. Dated: March 27, 1962, HUMBOLDT LAND TITLE COMPANY as Trus ee. By: M. E. ARNOT, President. 3/30--4/6, 13, IB (S) County of Humboldt State of California NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS will be re Clerk, Court House, Eureka, Cal fornia until 2:00 P. M., on TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1962 al which time they will be publicly opened and read for performing work as follows: CONSTRUCTION OF STORM DAMAGE REPAIRS TO YAGER- BRIDGEVILLE -- ALDERPOINT ROAD P-222, PROJECT NO. 1!, LOCATIONS No bid will be received unless It Is made on a Proposal Form furnistiet jy Ihe Counfy Surveyor. Each bid must be accompanied by cash, cashier's or certified check made payable to the County of Humboldt, or a bidder's bond made payable to the County of Hum- )o1dt, and executed as surety by some corporation authorized to issue surety bonds in the State of California, for an amount, equal to at leas five percent (S£ of the amount of the total bid, such guaranty to be forfellec should the bidder to whom the contract is awarded, (ail to enter into the contract within ten (10) days from and after Notice of Award. All bids are to be compared on the basis of the County Surveyor's esf mate of the quantities of work to be done. No bid will be accepted from a Contractor who has not been 1 censed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 791, Statutes of 1929, as amended. Plans may be seen, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may be obtained at the office of the reka, California. The special altenlion of prospective bidders is called to the "Proposal Requirements and Conditions" annexed tt Ihe blank form of proposals, for ful directions as to bidd ng, e c. In accordance wilh the provisions of Section 1770 of the Labor Code, the 3oard of Supervisors has ascertained he general preva ing rate ot wages applicable to the work to be done as follows: Copies of the wage schedu e adopted by the Board ot Supervisors are available upon request in the County Clerk's office. Court House, Eureka, Calilornia. All crafts not represented by Hum- joldt Building Trades are secured from jan Francisco Building Trades. Apprentices to all crafts are sub ect o working scales set up by the Appren- iceshlp Council. days work--Forty {40 hours per week. Overtime: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, governed by craft involved. The following holidays shall be observed: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Admission Day and Veteran's Day. The County of Humboldt reserves the right to reject any or all bids: By Order of the Board of Supervisors. Dated; March 11, 1962. County of Humboldl FRED J. MOORE, JR., County Clerk. By s/ W. E. SCHUSSMAN, Deputy Counly Clerk. 3/31 Ihru 4/9 (S) No. 15306 Dept. 2 NOTICE TO CREDITORS Superior Court of fhe State of California for the County of Humboldt. Estate of FRANK GISCH, Deceased. Notice Is hereby given , by the undersigned Administrator of ths estate ol FRANK GISCH, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against Ihe said decedent lo leave them with the necessary vouchers within six months after the f rst publication of this notice In Ihe office of the Clerk of the above eniltled Courl at the Courthouse, Eureka, Cal lornla, or to exhibit them w th the necessary vouchers within six months after the irst publication ot th s notice to Ihe Administrator at the law offices of Mitchell Henderson, attorneys for sa d Administrator, B14 Seventh Street, Eureka, California, the place for the transaction ot the bus ness of said estate in said County. Date of first publicat on of this notice: March M ,1962. W. L. WALLACE Administrator of the estate of FRANK GISCH, deceased. MITCHELL 8- HENDERSON, Attorneys for Administrator. 3/30-4/t 13, 20 (SI Alsip, 65, regional director of the Federal Mediation and Concilia- ion Service, died of a heart at- ack Thursday night. Men and Women ACROSS 7 Fresh 1 "GotxJ Queen" 8 Remove from 5 Mr. Fianklin office 8 Secretary Rusfc 9 Enthusiasm 12 Mine enirance 10 Continent 13 Mrs. Adam HOinmcnt M Actress 19 Possessed Lancaster 20 Military meat 15 British princess 22 Favorites 16 Stitch 23 Nero's capital 17 Couple 24 So be it! ISCrouse 25 Try 20 Unit 26 American Jurist 21 Singer Boone 27 Solar disk 22 Footlike part 28 Hardy heroino 23 Evaluated 29 Cloy 26 Changes chain 31 Plant 30 Hebrew 34 Neat measure 35 Tells 32 Beverage 1 2 3 * 36 Came in lb 39 Cover i« i 41 Woman's Utlo 2l 48 Give out 23 2+ 25 \ 49 Trouble L 50 Story 30 1 61 A few 1 52 Anger 33 Bra3 53 Great LaVe Ml 54 War Rod ot 55" OTT Greece 1 I SBMuslcal DOWrf 35 1 " IShwptalk w j 2 Writer Fcrber R 1 -.1 Vocaliio 61 precipitous ^ i$Miif.r IDE (J f BJORK Cal ifo ence She i other years ently Grave at Re tery April Bradli SKINNE SCOTT the la Sister F. (E Kusse Mateo Eurek Allen Diego Rfi. Pr .Coope Ferns wilh officia View PLAMB 4, 196 Claret Moncl Mond live o 64. Se Coope Ferns April View ALLEN 4257 F hand Fathe Mary Spent: rence Allen for T of the World Contrs Montg Denve pendin Home ATHS AND! UNERALS HELEN A. -- Petaluma, ·nia. Mother of Mrs. Flor- I. Schneider of Petaluma. s survived by numerous relatives. Resided several in Rohnerville and rec- n Petaluma, age 81. side services will be held hnerville Masonic Cemeal 4 p. m., Saturday, 7lh, with Rev. George y officiating. R, MABEL VIRGINIA te Robert W. Skinner, of the late Mrs. Edward oise) Pettingill. Aunt of 1 E. Pettingill of San Allan D. Pettingill of a. Great aunt of Mrs. J. (Barbara M.) of San A native of Eureka, age ivate funeral services at - Mortuary Chapel of the Saturday, April 7, 1902 he Rev. John Thompson .ing. Interment at Ocean Cemetery. ECK, MARGARET-- Apri , Blue Lake. Wife of ce. Mother of Bill Du of Eureka., Eugene Du of Murray, Utah. A na f Green Bay. Wis., age rvices will be held at r Mortuary Chapel of the at 3:30 p. m., Monday 9. Interment at Ocean Cemetery. NAT S. -April 5, 1962 airway Dr., Eureka. Hi's if Marion Allen, Eureka of Eile'.-n Allen, Eureka Ann Allen of Eureka; ;r Allen of Eureka; Law Allen of Eureka; Arthur of Eureka. Scoutmaster oop No. 3G, Native Sons Golden West; Veteran of War II Marne Corps; ct Sales Manager for omery Ward. A native of r, Colo., age 48. Services g at Sanders Funera Eureka. LEGAL NOTICE NOTI Notice p Ication qu remenl ng Ordin eureka, l Addition which Is Residentla An app Board of of Eureka qu remenl No. 2575- Qrdinance which lirr o a max he total conform n seven 57 ol area, build ng 1 This 3P pand an e game roo on of a outheast t Eureka r ct. Sa d pu n the 16 egular m Ad ustmen hearing w at 7:30 p California. nvted to Dated: CE OF PUBLIC HEARING April t, 1W2. of Public Hearing on an Ap or a Variances from the Re s of Ihe Comprehensive Zon ance No. 3575 ol the c ly o V Mrs. Bertha Smlln, for an 0 a Non-conforming Structure In an "R-3" Multiple Family Zone, ication has been made lo the Zoning Ad ustment ol the C ty for a variance from the re s of Section 7-D-7 ol Ordinance -"The Comprehensive Zon ng of the City of Eureka" Us lot coverage of building! mum of fifty (50 percent o lot area. The present non- structure const lutes fifty- percent coverage ol the tolal The request s lo raise this sixty iiO) percent, p ication is requested to ex- xistlng ha Iway into a proposed m addilion to the west por- slructure located at 7s "K" properly described as Ihe one-quarter of Block 91. City and in said "R-3" lone d s- 1 c hearing wl 1 be scheduled h day of Apr 1 196?, at Ihe eetlng of Ihe Board of Zoning of Ihe City of Eureka. Said II be held in the Council Jnd f oor, room 203, City Hall, m., S31 "K" Street, Eureka, All Interested persons are atlend said publ c hearing. April 4, 196?. R. T. DITTMER, Director of Plann ng. 4/6 (S) No. 15277 Dept. 1 NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Superior Court of tne State f California In and (or the County f Humboldt. In the Matter of the Estate of RAY C SCOTT, JR., Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by he undersigned, John R. Braun, attor- ey for Ihe Administrator of the estate f Ray C- Scott, Jr., deceased, to the reditors of and all persons having aims aga nst the said deceased, that within six months after the f rst pub- icatlon of this notice, they eilher f e hem w th the necessary vouchers In he office o the County Clerk of the Superior Court of the County of Humboldt, State of Callforn a, or exhibit hem w h the necessary vouchers to Ray C. Scolt, Administrator, c/o John R. Braun, 515 J Street, Eureka, Ca 1- ornia, the same being the place far he transaction of the business of said state n the County of Humbolat, State f California. Dated this 20Ih day of March, 1962. JOHN R. BRAUN, Attorney for Adm n strator. 3/23, 30-- 4/6, 13 tS) The modern jet airiner has about a half-mile of hydraulic ) umbing. Answer to Previout Puzzle T O D SP P * U IHfcjfcj C A P AN £ l£| 1 Is rtpkl 7 Cheers 98 Musical "My Ga 0 Heaped 1 Plateau 2 Love go 5 IS rr~ 16 B3M ~Br* "~Fn~ FF « Level NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE XYL JF I R S T ·J EIRI IDI 1 V N E ^TJELygASErl ?BrajjBf i^HH =. R|SJi|SJA · - 1 R - aSrgfet§SJA|i-|E[ rlsf"^ ^IREM IMS! 43 Con 44 Dreadful 45 Pastry 46 Char cs Lamb 47 Watches d W Ventilate 17 I B 9 10 11 n " i I [2? 128 129 I SH pn i 1 (5 146 |7 I t~T~~~ C ^ L 13 ASSN. BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICES % A /i i/"-wr- \ A /i ic-\ A director for WHO'S WHO in the Humboldt . Arts Crafts AREA · professions Air Ambulance Air Ambulance comparable to ground ambulance rates. 3 new airplanes (or 1962. Also airplane sales, leases, rentals, charier, HI 3-5014. PIERCE FLYING SERVICE Alterations Dressmaking Alterations Df essmatdng, I snoring, Ma chme tmnroiriermg, Hemstltichlng, But ton and Buttonholes. The Cameo Fashion Shoppe 710 Filth SI. Hf 3-200 Auto. Glass McBRIDE MOTORS AUTO GLASS INSTALLED 916 Broadway, Eureka HI 3-7389 Bail Bonds EUREKA BAILBOND CUf KA1E LOWEST R A l t - S FASIEST SERVICE Across Ihe street from the tail HI 2-5795 ANYTIME If you want to get sprung call RAY GENUNG 924 4lh St., Eureka HI 3-1606 -- PAUL WILLIAMSON -Dan Hays Bail Bond Agency HI 2-6789. Bottled Water Spring and Distilled HI 3-3023 INgersoll 44611 CERTIFICATE OF INDIVIDUAL DOING BUSINESS UNDER FICTITIOUS NAME Know All Men by These Present*: 1, the undersigned ROBERT A. CAR That my name in full Is ROBERT ALLEN CARVER and that my p'ac of business Is Box 2035. McKlnleyvil e, California, Counfy of Humboldt; That 1 am transacting business n Ihe State ot California under the fie litious name and style of CARVER ELECTRIC COMPANY OF A R C A T A thai 1 am the sole owner and pro prletor of said businc5s; that the placi where said business is carried on anc my principal place of business undc said name ts situated al Anderson Avenue, McKinleyville, California, County of Humboldl. In Witness Whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand Ihis 5!h day of April, 1962 R. A. CARVER, JR. State of California, ) ) ss. Counly of Humboldt J On this 5th day of April, in the yea one thousand nine hundred and sixty two, before me, Francis B. Malhews 3 Notary Public In and for the County of Humboldt, Slate of California, re siding therein, duly commissioned and sworn, personally appeared Robert A Carver, known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the wilhin nstrument, and acknowledged to me that he executed the same. In Witness Whereof 1 have hereunto set my hand and affixed my oflicia seal In the County of Humboldt, the day and year in this certificate firs above written. FRANCIS B. MATHEWS Notary Public in and for the (Seal) County of Humboldt, Slate o( California. 4/fi, 13, 20, 27 (S) MARRIAGE LICENSES 2 April 5, 1962 Leonard Edmund Kitchen, Arcata, Calif., and Nona Belle Reames, Arcala, Calil. Ronald Richard Treese, Alameda, Calif., and Patricia Lynn Shumard, Trinidad, Calif. N APPRECIATION 9 "CARDS OF THANKS ARE -Said Emily Post! "Cards of Thanks" may De used appropriately lo thank friends 01 the deceased. "In Mcmoriam" and Mass Notices afford fnends the opportunity to send appropriale messages to the tamily of the deceased. To Insert Cards of Thanks, In Memor- lam Mas* Notices- Memorial Dedication, on this page, phone Ht 2-1711, Ext 204 and ask for Eve Edwards. She will gladly assist you with helotul Information regarding correct wording. LOST FOUND 15 CLASSIFIED LOST AND FOUND Anyone finding keys, glasses or lost articles, may bring them to the COURTESY SERVICE Counter at Eureka Newspapers where ..jvner may claimt Found EARRING on private parking lot at 3rd 0 Sts. Call HI 3-1711, Ext. 264, before 3 p.m. or HI 2-8701. Lost in Arcata Safeway: Ladies' Red Btlllold. .Keep money. Please return papers. TE 9-39B8. Found: 1 small brown black don. HI 3-53B3 afler 5 p.m. LOST -- Female German short hair. Children's pet. REWARD. VA 2-1993 Lost: Young o.reay Persian cat in vicinity of Del Norte 8, 1 Sts.. April 3. Children's pet. REWARD. HI 3-0974. crooked front legs Reward. NO B-5016 LOST: Ladius aqua dinner ring In Eureka Bowl Friday evening. March 30. REWARD -- HI 2-1541 HUMBOLDT GRANGE, SPRUCE POINT Card Party Every Tuesday Games, 7:30 -- Cards, B:30 RUMMAGE SALE April 5th E. 6th at the Old Arcata. Cannery. 191 So. G St.. PUBLIC GAA,"ES E V E R Y WEDNF.S^ DAY at fl P.M. Eagles Hall, 1317 PUBl 1C GAMES every Tnursclflv -- 3 p.m. Moore halt. 107 Fifth Sired Eureka. Cnrd Parly at Cnrlotla April 7. Games 7:30 Cards 8:30 WHIST PARTY WESTHAVEN FIRE HALL April 6. Games 7:30-- Cards 8:30. M niature bowling It fun. Ancs 6 to 60. Complete Blrlhdny Parties. MINI-BOWL 3i7S Harris HI J-5617 PERSONAL NOTICES 23 MOVING AND S T O R A G E Free Estimates HI 30161 IN 4 4 A 1 ) LIST YOUR SERVICE IN THIS DIRbCIORY 3 Llncs-7 days J -M 3 Lines-l month JU.40 3 Lines contract rate-- 1 month $11.70 phone m j.]711 -- Ext. M7 Chimney Cleaning Licensed Chimney Sween. Eaves trougt cleaning, repairing and odd |oM. HI 3-2VI2. Commercial Refrigeration BARKER'S REFRIGERATION Contractors -- Commercial Refrigeration 1119 41h St. HI 3-300S Custom Forming PLOWING, DISCING, LEVELING, back fill, lot clearing, rolary cutting. F. E. LEE, 1940 "5" St. Phone HI 3-3S01. Dry Wall Construction Taping, texturing. Quality work reason- aUle rates. Free estimates. 0. L. Breckner. Hi 3-2917. House Moving HOUSE MOVING Our Specialty. Ca 1 HI 2-JS11 for a Free Estimate. A. C JOHNSON, House Movers. 3134 North Highway 101, Eureka. Lownmower Sharpening LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED EUREKA SAW WORKS 18?9 -- 4th St. ^^wvwlwiiS PERSONAL NOTICES 23 SUBSCRIBERS IN EUREKA If you fail to receive your Standard by 6:00 p.m., Ph. HI 2-1711. Lines open till 7 p.m. on Standard. If you fail to receive y o u r Times by 7:30 a.m., phone HI 2-171 1. Lines open until 9 a.m. on Times. FORTUNA-- If you fail to receive your Humboldt Times by 7-30 a m., call Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5,2077. Complaint calls taken until 8:00 a. m. ONLY! If the Humboldt Standard isn't received by 6:00 p.m., rail Mike Coletta, RAndolph 5-2077. Complaint c a l l s t a k e n u n t i l 7 :00 p. m. ONLY! ARCATA If your Humboldt Standard isn't received by 6 p.m., call VA 2-0462 not later than 7 pm. If the Humboldt Times isn't received by 7:30 am., call VA 2-0462. Complaint calls taken until 8:00 a. m. ONLY! In Crescent City, if you do not receive your Humboldt Times please phone Clyde Stennett, INgersoll 4-3734. If no answer Phone INger-- soil 4-3171. Complaints are taken until 10 a.m CASH REFUNDS FOR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISERS The following Standard-Times classified advertisers have oish returns due them. They paid cash wilh copy- got low rates for their ad and received results before the expiration dale of thrir ad. Here's proof ol the fast, effective results of Times-Standard Classified Wants Ads. Is your name listed here? BR1ETA BURCH 1500 Allard Ave., city !.!B Glade Campbell J03 W. Pacific, city 2.2B Frank M. Georqe 853 Weslgale, city 1-40 Cecil Green Rt. 1 Bo* 215A, Arcata « J. W. Johnson Gasquet, California 96 Ray H. McConnei P. 0. Box 96, Arcata 3.16 Herman Parton 959 D SI., Arcala 1.76 Philip Santa Rosa 2018 Jt St., city 96 Wm. Sheppard P. 0. Box 474, Fortuna 2.28 It your name Is listed above please come into the Times-Standard Classified Dept., 328 E Street, Eureka, wilhin 30 days. Upon proper Identification, we will gladly refund the money due you. Dan Hays Bail Bond Agency We do not want all of the business, JUST YOURS. For fast friendly scrv- ce by professional bail agents call our olflce al HI 2-4789 anytime. We are on duty nite and day everyday nnd are as to you as tne lele- phono. You are guaranteed the finest Our ritles are compelilive with any in town plus you gel Ihe besl service B vail able. Dan Hay- Bail Bond Agency Call HI 7-6789 anytime'! 515 JSt., between 5th and 6th TASTY HOMEMADE PASTRY! iNORMA'S Murray Field Restaurant HI 2-6201 Eureka CONVERT NOW! Double breasted suits to single breasted S22 W, VAN'S TAILORS CLEANERS, 317 E Sirefit HI 2-3012. BULLER'S, Ihe friendly Texaco Service sorvp you 6 n. m. tn 10 p. m. daily- Sundays 8 a. m. to fl p. m. HI 3-S700. "TOAST to Ihe TOURIST". . . Breakfast In the FLAMINGO ROOM at WALT'S, 2331 B'dway, HI 29769 Peanut brittle. . , Peanut bulter. . or lust plain PEANUT RATE! get ,5 tuimburticrs for 11.00 to 30 11JI Broadway. DRINKING PROBLEM? Alcoholics Anonymous HI 3-3181. PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR HI 2-4870 Wee Bee Cflle 312 F Sired, Eureka HI 7 « Credit Union Members: UNWANTFD HAIR r LI iftiiM M i PM °ui m i u Ji.i i Removed permnnontly. Eslrllff Hcmen Call JOHN ALLTN. HI J-3IS1. Wrty . R E., 4» Hcndor^on M. HI 3-W44. P p t illf AVI^wSl TMmip fl ' C i' S n F ° R TM AT r X T R A MT '° PEP Machine Shop Hansen Machine Welding Wo'ks Metaliiing -- Gluer Roll Grinding 7th and Broadway HI 2-2917 Painting PAINTING -- PAPERHANGING Including Scenics Sanltas. Reasonable John Boyce, RO J-37U, RA 5-3845. Pumps BAY PUMP IRRIGATION For all pump supplies reapers VA 2-44'u days -- VA 1-4261 nlghls. Tire Recap Sales MULKY -- KOVACOVICH Commercial -- 820 W. Murray PAssenger -- 622 Jth Street Truck Repair DAYTON MURRAY BODY WORKS Rebuilding wrecked trucks a specialty. 8th and B Streets HI 2-6295 Weil Drilling RICH S. JOHNSON TE 9-2992 Gravel Packed Wells TE 9-1732 TE 9-2386 TE 9-13fi) Yard Work YARD CARE L 4 C Yard Service Ht 3-4027 Ht 3-330B PERSONAL NOTICES 23 As of this dale 1 will be held responsible for no debts Incurred by anyone other lhan myself. SIGNED: Harold C. Wade Locks need repairing? Insure your safety with Security. Locksmith Shop, 521 6th St. HI 2-7177. A meal -- that's real CHINESE OR AMERICAN Canton Cafe 61 W 4lh HI 2-2156 PERSONAL SERVICES 30 COATS, DRESSES, SUITS resiyled. Also general alterations. 7320 Hillside Drive. HI 3-3742. JOBS WANTED-WOMEN 50 Babysitting by hour or day. Also professional Ironing-- my home-- reasonable rales. Call HI 3-4395. Day care for 1 preschool child. My licensed home. 2S37 Calif. (Grotto SI. entrance.} HI 3-2059. Day work i nl9ht babysitter. HI 2-5828 elderly lady or couple. RA 5-3027 Invalid desires office work al home. Phone 926-5309 or write to: Box 155, Alderpolnt, Caif. Convalescent Care, Motel, Ironing or what-have-you. Own transportation. References, experience. HI 2-4961. Will do housework oy hour. (11.25 hr. Also praclicat nursing. HI 2-7570 JOBS WANTED-MEN 5! KIRK'S LAWNMOWER SHARPENING 1 pickup and deliver. Cut tike new guaranteed. HI 3-3326. Service Station attendant with 5 yrs. experience with own station. HI 3-4383 Road construction work. 35 years experience on CATERPILLAR and malnta n- CARPENTER FOR HIRE. S2.50 per hour. New construction or repairs. TE 9-2180 after 5:30 p. m. Yard Work, Lawns, Hedges Phone HI 3-6240 after 6 P. M. CUSTOM LAWN MOWING and general yard work. HI 2-9394. HELP WANTED WOMEN 52 MANAGER TRAINEES Excellent opportunity for advancement. Need career minded women willing fo take responsibility. Able to reloca c afler (raining. Age 25-45. If you have had retail selling or managerial experience of any type call Miss LEE MILLER, HI 2-6441, April llth, 9 a. m. lo 7 p.m. or send resume to Box 281, c/o Eureka Newspapers. WOMAN . . . Experienced In Ready-To-Wear selling. Apply IN PERSON ONLY, al KENT'S. Experienced women only need apply. Rohnerville. Write 3540 Church SL Reliable Woman for Child Care light housework. 2-3 dnvs per wk. My home. HI 3-4920. EXPERIENCED SALESGIRLS Wanted for Bislrin's of Arcala 4, Eureka. HI 3-6787 for appointment. babysitter. S60 monthly. HI 2-0458 Mature, reliable woman for babysitting n my home. Must have own tr.msporta- I on relerences. VA 2-0847 alter 6 p. m. Lady ID deliver circus Hckels and collect Full lime wotk. HI 3-5336 HELP WANTED MEN 53 Solos -- FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE National AAA-1 Mfq Co. ceds representative to work established territory wilh great qrowth poient a . CompensMion discussed in lntr:rvinw. For appointment writo Box 24fl, Eu- CARNINGS UNLIMITED tor a young ambitious man in the Held of direct sales. 4 county area -- must have own car. This is your chance to earn bio commissions! Write Box 291 c/o Eureka Newspapers, Inc. WANTED 2 MPN AGE 25-30 Dcpcndnhln credit rating nnd reputation above average w.iqcs. Musi be In pos · fl iovi average wages. Must be ii posit on lo buv or finnnce truck. Call Popil Coin Bottling Co., of Eureka for Service Station Attendant · Experience desired · NCM flppPAMncc required Phone 62V-9673 - 8:30 «.m.-6:30 p m nnuir* - Union Oil Service Siatlon, Willow Creek. .xorrlenccd Journoyman rc-c.ippcr. ,,'-j.,\ tie bond nti If Union KAlO WJHQM otticr company benefit-,. Apply H, F. Good- fir.n Plant Mmrl J. WHipnlfl St. Atk Inr Mi. Chfli, Snil. HELP WANTED MEN 53 - WANTED Carrier Boys Times and Standard Several excellent routes available soon. Out of town areas please write the Circulation Dept., Eureka Newspapers, Inc., giving name, address and age. Bovs m Eureka, Arcata, McKin- leyvillc nnd Blue Lake, phone Ihp Circulation Dept., Hillside 2-1711. Here ii an excellent opportunity to earn your own spending n'ioney and win many fine and valuable prizes. Tire Service Salesman Applicant must be able la lirst sell, then service tils truck tiff accounts. Potential income 17000 annually and upwards. Compensation includes salary plus commission. Applicant should be between ttit ages ol 3i 8. 35. and be a permanent resident of this area. WARD'S CALL HI 3-3033 FOR APPOINTMENT WANTED Boys 1 2 years or older in Cres- -ent City area to deliver Humboldt Times routes. Call Mr. Clyde Stennett for n f o r m a t i o n ot INgersoll 1-3734. Several excellent, good paying routes available soon. INVESTIGATOR TRAINEE National organization needs man to train as an insurance Investigator. Prefer single man who could train in Valielo and then work in Eureka alter training. This is a permanent salaried position in Eureka. Must have car, be able lo type and have completed high school. Car allowance, bonuses and full company insurance benefits. Good opportunity for advancement. While Box 632, Vallcjo, listing your qualifications and employment history. MEN Over 31, go to work Immediately. No seasonal layoff. Plenty of overtime. .Hiring from 9 a. m. to 12 noon. 310 F Street, Eureka, Room 207. 1 need a mnn to help me fn my insurance business. Call between 9 Peelers; cat skinners DEPARTMENT OF EMPLOYMENT 211 5th St., Eureka HI 3-0801 WANTED-MEN, WOMEN 54 Experienced prcsser Tor cleaning plant. Woman or man. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Apply 107 4th St., Eureka. NEW TROY LAUNDRY AMD CLEANERS. 680 -- lOlh Street Arcata VA 2-0742 days. HI 3-4996 evenings ALLYN PLACEMENT AGENCY Specialists in office personnel 730 Filth Street HI 2-1677 SCHOOL INSTRUCTION 57 MUMBOI DT BUSINESS COLLEGE Day Evelno Classes 812 6th St. HI 3-7308 ROOM BOARD 60 Room free to an employed middle aged older woman. Henderson Center area. HI 2-0738. PEACEFUL COUNTRY SEIIING Room, home cooKlng care for elderly ladies. McCRANIE Gunst Home. 1361 -- Q, Arcata, VA WOW. We have openings Tor older men or women at the Harris Rest Home, 1750 K St., Eureka, HI 3-?944. ROOM BOARD TV LIVING ROOM. Home atmosphere. Men only. 1303 Eye Street Have vacancy for 1 elderly lady In HUTCHINS NEW licensed Guest home. TE 9-2661. We have a vacancy for 2 ladles. Licensed vocational nurse in charge. Overtoil's Guest Home, HI 2-5654. ROOM-BOARD WANTED 61 Gentleman, not too fussy wants room and board. Will furnish references. Write P.O. Box 457, Eureka. ROOMS FOR RENT FURN. 62 CLEAN modern, heated rooms, 59 per week and up. TV In lobby. Some kitchen privileges. Men only. 603 K St. RILLINGTON ARMS NICE CLEAN HEATED ROOMS. Daily Maid service. SID and up. Men only. 903 A St., Eureka. Gentleman: Furnished sleeping room in private home with privale entrance, Non-drinkors. 944 N St. MODERATE WEEKLY RATES. TOPPER MOTEL 1919 4th St., Eureka Travelers Hotel, 6th and H Sis. Daily and week rates. Free T.V. in ooby - HI 2-29S7. C can heated slecpin.9 room. Kitchpn priw- ilegps. Men only. $30 per mo. 1446 C St. home. Near Henderson Center. IS per wrok. HI 3-5223 fltler 3. wcrk. Men only. C!ub kitchen, T.V Clenn, comfortable rooms. Malrt, room service, telephones, TV. ilO.SO wk., up. Hotel Vance, 2nd d G Sts. on Samoa Rd. Sleeping room -- comlorlahle. Ni-ar Myrtlitnwn. (10 « wr-k. Kitchen Girls -- Furnished rooms -College or working. Kitchen *30 per month. VA 2-7697 evci. 956 J St FURNISHED ROOM WITH GARAGE. Cloie-in, Youno reliable man preferred. HI 1-7714. APARTMENTS 64 A R C A T A Near Plfl/a, VA ?f)446. 1*S -- 1 bedroom Hat. Sf.ivr anrl r* IriorrAlnr furnKhrrl. Nrar Wnlimh * P nf. HI 3-A119

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