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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Wednesday, February 4, 1920
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THE Carbondale—"Athens of Egypt." VOLUME 17. CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, FEB. 4,1920. NUMBER- 971 ; MAY LINK OKLA-COUPLE YOUTH 16 IS GIVEN PEDDLING SILKS WITH R. E. BRIDGES ROBBERY Wondering Whether or Not Couple Whose Belongings ' x Were Inspected at Local 'i- Hotel Had Connection With Theft. Authorities are wondering whether or not the man and wife suspicioned of the Bridges store - robbery, and whose belongings were inspected, while they were stopping at a local hotel a couple o£ ago, really were. in any way connected, with the ".theft. . ..•-.:•".. A light ,has been thrown, on the case . with word , received from ' Oklahoma -stating- that a man and woman -.'are peddling $25 silk waists for $7, al ' : so selling silk -dresses. The identity of. these persons .are not as yet connected with the persons suspicioned at • the hotel here. When their baggage was searched and inspected, .the man • and woman resented ' the procedure • very much that they should be mentioned in connection '"with the'rpbbery. . The couple left the city shortly and were tarnsients, • -.-•"' Further evidence and word is being awaited from Oklahoma by the author.' ities "here.; '• The Bridges robbery ^vas one of the largest' hauls ever made in. the city. More than J1500 worth of silk goods 1 'was taken. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS MEN. ARE APPOINTED ON COMMITTEES Springfield, 111., Feb. 1.—Delegate S. W. McGuire, Republican of Sparta, representing the forty-fourth" sar.a- torial district, has been appointed a member of the following committees of the constitutional convention: Initiative, Referendum and Recall; Suffrage; County and Township Government. ' Delegate Henry - W. Meinert, Republican of Hoyleton, representing the same district, has been named to these committees: Agriculture; Miscellaneous Subjects; Military Affairs. ONE YEAR ON CHARGE OFGIRL13YEARSOLD DeSoto Youth Found Guilty of Statutory Charge of Girl at DeSoto—Were on Way Home From Church New Year's Night. '"~- i ~"W—- * - - • • Theodore Watson, the DeSoto orphan defendant on a charge 'of'stat- utory rape, was found guilty by the jury reporting to the circuit court a sealed verdict Monday night. The verdict, opened at 9 a. in. Tuesday, found Watson guilty and gave him one year, says the Independent. •Freida Wood, the girl in the case IS years old, swore 'yesterday that Watson, going on 16,"threw me over a fence, jumped - over after , me : gagged me so .that I couldn't scream and then assaulted me." A physi cian corroborated her charge that she had .been assaulted. In the course of the trial,the ques- tore was raised whether the boy of slight, though .wiery "build, could have thrown the.girl over a fence. The defendant swore he did not use force. (Court officials,' pending the sentence from, the court, say Wood would have gone to the penitentiary for a term of' years were it not for his youth. | - • The .assault was committed when Watson was taking the Wood i girl _ome from the DeSoto church after <Tew Year's service. The assault took lace near her home. The girl stag- :ered into her home where she met .er father and made charges against Vats on. • Later in the .night the boy was- whisked out of town, fear being felt hat the girl's father in the heat of lis anger might kill him. The case 'attracted many citizens rom DeSoto. . _ . , _. WILL PROBE BOTTOM ELKS TAKE FIVE OF PHONE CO. DEMAND FOR INCREASED RATES Hearing Held at Murphysboro Yesterday — Case Will Not be Decided Before Three or Four Months —Books and Property Valuations of Co. to be Scrutinized. IN LAST NIGHT Colored Widow Woman's Home Burns This Morning ' The. home of Mrs. Lenora Green, 407 East Chestnut street, a colored widow - woman, was burned shortly Before i O'clock this morning. ' Only a sma! part of the furniture and ( househoold goods were saved.'. • .The house caught fire after Mrs. Green got up and made- a fire and returned -to bed.The fire department was unable to do any of its' usual effective work-on-accouii of no water plug 'being located near enough to the fire for the hose to read flames which were making quick.head way, requiring the-use-of water in stead of ..chemical , extinguishers ' Chestnut street is almost, impassably 1 for- ; the fire truck anyhow. ' DEEP .WELL AT PRISON . The prison officials -have decided t drill!the well 'in which they are pros pecting for an artesian flow of• wate to a/depth of 500 feet, says the Ch'es ter Tribune. The drill is now dow to a depth of over 300 feet, Spme wa ter has been encountered, hut not su ficien ; t to satisfy the officials, who in tend 'going.the limit to secure a suppl of pure water for the institution'. A, present the Watsr is secured from th river, the pipes reaching put about 900 feet over the sand bar which has form- The claim, of the Murphysboro''Tel- ephone Co. for increased rates will be probed to the bottom, it was brought out at a hearing at Murphysboro Monday held by Examiner Hunter of the State Public Utilities Commission. The hearing -was attended by attorneys representing the people of'a dozen towns in which .the telephone operates. Attorney C. B. Feirich represented Oarbondale. • The meeting was in- session all day. Attorney Feirich cross examined a.n "expert accountant of the company ag to the figures and the methods of arriving at the figures. It was contended the company had charged investment-' to current operal|ng expens'es. The com- "pany stated the increase in salaries alone for tile year 1919 -amounted to $32,000, also that the company lost money that year. Other hearings will be held at Marion and Bentori this month. The case will make a .probe of the books of the telephone company and its property valuations. Final action as to whether or not the increased rate will be allowed will probably not come before four or five months. Nominating Committee Appointed to Name Officers.'For Ensuing Year • —Luncheon and Smoker.. ji • ' • • '. '. ' *An unusual large membership attended an initiation at the Elks lodge laaft.evening. Talks were made by several of the older members of thij lodge, many of whom had not h'een atte'nding .regularly. frive candidates were initiated. They were* Frank Hayden, C. B. Gauthier, William Kayser, Jr., v Frank Ebbs, and F.: G. Dyhrkpft. David Entsminger was initiated last week. Following "the initiation' a nominating' committee was appointed, which nominated ; officers fo rthe coming year. The • election will be held within a short 1 time.- A luncheon and the lodge activity. smoker followed WHEREABOUTS OF WAR CRIMINALS Crown Prince'*'Name Is Put at the Top of a Long List. . ALL "BEST ? IRE HIT ALIEN CASH CRASHES I ENGAGAMENT ANNOUNCED Mrs. L. W. Broctor was in Johnston City-stoday attending a party for Miss Jessie Pollis, whose engagement to Dr. C. E. Proctor, a dentist of Murphysboro, and brother to L. W.Proctor was announced. Miss Marie Kayser was also a guest at the party. Exchange Reaches Lowest Ebb on Recordj'Stocks Fall. U; S.,,.Markets Hit by Slump .as English Pound Is Quoted at .$3.33. New York, Feb. 4.-—A slashing slump in foreign exchange and a fall In stocks were the sensational fea- Demand Al«o Include! Hollweg, Lu- dendorff, Macken«en and n Rupprecht—Berlin jn Panic : •'.. • Over Note. , : Hr Paris', Feb. 4.—The list-pf Germans accused by the allies of war crimes'and whose extradition'is to be demanded is headed by former Crown Prince Frederick William and several other sons of the former German emperor. The Hsi was' handed to Baron Kiirt von Lersuer, here.' the German representative No Word or Clue of C&& \ ^Street Dairyman Bfissihgr P . ucitteEfforits t Becoming Unbearable. •<•". ""-' The -whereabouts of C.* L.^R4HJn8 r missing dairyman of Murpnysborcf-re- mained as much if not more., ot.a-' . mystery. Tuesday than it was Mon- • day, the second , day of his tures in finance Tuesday. I The English pound fell to 3.33, the French franc, to 14.00, the Italian lire; to 17.52,- the Jowest recorded figures in-'these' foroign.moneys.. . What, such quotations imply} is told by a comparison. • • • t Included in the list are: Dr. Theo- tfhld von Bethmann-Hbllweg, former German .Imperial cbancellor; Field Marshal von Hindentrarg. Gen., Erich Ludendorff, formerly first quartermaster general; Field Marshal von Mackensen. Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria, the duke of Wuerttemberg and a number of other princes.and titled officers. ' ' ' The total number of names, on the list Is about 800 and it is divided into eight sections. The first "section is a common/list 'of all,the accused. Then follow seven other'lists, giving the. names, rank and accusations of persons whose names were supplied by Great Britain, France, Italy,..'Belgium, Rotunania, Jugo. Slavia and Poland. Might.Yield Men"as Criminals. ' Amsterdam, - Feb. 4.—According 'to the English pound was tuoted at High Cost Will Stop Big Valley" Highway, Repart SPRINGFIELD, 111., [Feb. 3.—The high cost has hit the Mississippi Valey. road building a deadly rap, road men said here today. Delegates at the conference here today of the Mississippi Valley Stale Highway department, comprising nine states, declared that toe abnormal cost of labor and materials wllha 'It the road construction for" a year or two, although there are plenty o£ funds available. ' . '• ' Through routes were urged by Clifford Older of Springfield, Ill.,who said ithat the main traveled roads Mrs. O. R. Edwards and son, Chas., leave tonight for Parsons, Kansas, lor a week's visit with relatives. MARRIAGE LICENSES John A. White, Murphysboro... Lillian Ellis, Miirphysboro.•..'... R. Z. Gill, Murphysboro Josephine Kuehle, Murphysboro BARBER SHOP S'OOZE KILLS 4 should .be numbered uniformily to avoid confusion. Illinois was included in the states represented. Joe B. Gill's Mother Dies at Murphysboro Mrs. R. R. Cobbuin', aged 78, mother of Joe B. Gill, formEriy Lieutenant- Governor^ of .-Illinois,- .died: at Murphysboro early this afternooni. She had ^.eeh-ill-fbr some- time -arid her. son, . . Joe had been in. Murphysboro for the -last few. .months on account of her ill- 'ness. ' His'ho'me-is-in-San .Bernardino, .Calif. '.The former -Lieutenant-Governor is p'rominently knowri ; in this section- and , throughout Illinois. He is very wealthy, having extensive interests- in- California. '-, • Mrs. Cobbum was. a sister of Mrs. Margaret Riseling, who died at her home' in Murpbysboro. last week. Eight Others, in a Freeport (III.) Hospital "Floral Spirits" as a Beverage. Frei'iif-.rr. 111.. Ft>li. 4'.—Four yiinn: J men su-o ilcail mid tfi.-:M otlic-rs -are in tilt- luispitiil suriously ill si's M "result at il'rinkinK "l>:i'rlK".' "licii Imn/e." nt n par-ty hi i\ \nvi\\ !>!irln-r slmn. Tlie bev- cvni;p was cnnfni'tr-il hy nu'inl)ers rhe party, usiir^ r'.n;-nl spirits :is n linse These- spirits-im' usfi !i 'n fu'.-P tniiios Within n few I'.ouvs rift or (li j in!;inz t'u liquor nil of the nu'ir'hecimie ill tin? were ruki-ii ta_iii. : > hiispirai. : - Tlioir /iodies -turned '.ilaok anil, blue, flu- 4.86%, the French''franc at 5.1SV4 and the Italian lire, at about 5.18%. Trans- ated 'more plainly, you can now an English pound with $3.33, for $1 v(m can get 14.00 francs, or 17:52 lite. ..... • . ' , J AmoEi.jan--tioI(lei-s- of -f-oreign- bills, unnerved by the declines of last week, started a liquidation which . became more or less world-wide und ended in the above t]notations. This selling incited n raid on the stock marker which• imiiuired values Quite seriously. Emphnsmn;; NIK! hastening the occurrences was tlie action. oC the KOV-. eminent in withdrawing Ifl26,000,000 from -the public banlis in New York within the lusc 24 hours. This tightened the money market in Walt street, where !) per cent- was bid for time loans and 30 per cent for call accom-'_ modatious. *. ' . CONTINUE DAYLIGHT, SAVING RHINE YANKS GET B!G : PAY. Exchange Rates Give American-Doughboys 3000 Marks a.Month—More - Than .German'Officials. ' \ . Cobleirz,. Feb. -\. —The rate of ex- chance for the of American- sol- PRISONER,HAS NO LEGS The Southern Illinois Prison at ed in front of the prison, to the water. | Chester received a prisoner from Pumping water from such a distance! Danville- last week, who, was conylct- ._., L. - „„,;.„„„« it ^r-prtain. 1 ed on a charge of assault;-™Hi intent and the circumstances, is uncertain. BIRTHS Friends here . have received an- ed on a charge to kill. The'- peculiar circumstance concerning the matter is that the prisoner has no legs . This being true, it does seem that his victim could, have gotten out of his way, provided he had legs, as most folks do. nouncements of the birth of an eight I Anyw . ay the prisoner got the best of •nourid daughter to Mr.' and Mrs.'J. ( his .victim, and now the law lias the tlaughte of Sikeston, Mo., on Jan. j best of ' 30. The new arrival has been named I ^.f^l Florence Kathryn. Mrs. Sluippert was ; . formerly Miss Ella Dill and is a sis-'| ter to.I. W., J. D. and Chas. Oill c£ j this city. ' She was employed with the | A. S. Johnson Merc. Co. previous to her marriage.- TRANSFERS IN •REAL ESTATE HARRISEURG PASTOR i C BE . \ EWING COLLEGE PRESIDEN i DuQuoin, 111., Jan. 27—The Illinois; State Baptist association, announces i the election of Dr. H. A. Smoot, pastor of the First Baptist clmreh' at Harrisburg, to the presidency of Ewing College. Dr. Smoot will succeed Dr. H. M. Tipswood, 'who'recently resigned. Louis Henfro to C. E. Graden:.east part of lots IS and 19 in. Thompson & Russell's addition to Carbondale, and part of flot 35 in S. I. N. U.. addition to Carbondale,. $3500. 81 YEAR OLD WOMAN A SHOPLIFTER fliers in the occupied territory has been fixed at. 100 mark? to the dollar, giving the doughboys 3.000 mnrks monthly. This is considerably more than the pay of ' the . German officials- in • Ooblenz. When the Americans first- went to the occupied regions they re'ce'ivejl eighteen or twenty marks, to the dollar. , Bill Before French Cham'bor Is In- tended to Conserve Fuel-;—Summer to Start Month Earlier. Paris, ' Feb. 4. — Daylight saving •would- be legally, .adopted in France for at'.leust two years- more under the provisions of a bill that has been drafted and which was to be brought up-in the chamber of deputies. Hitherto summer'time has been fixed arbitrarily, and hns been subject to no law. Because of the coal shortage the bill would" provide, thnt. summer time .would'-begin n month earlier, or March 15,- during tlie'years of 1920 and 19^1, and would emi October 25.; It is probable, the passed. measure will:, be quickly Blame Reds for Fur Prices. , St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 4.-^-Fur prices will remain high n's long as the bolshevist uprisings in Russia- continue, buyers, attending the winter auction of the International • Fnr exchange here ^asserted. About 85 per cent of tlie country's fur production hns been stopped by the uprising, buyers said. Start This New Year Ball Rolling Today LONDONr—Sa.rah Ana Be'nnett, 81. was convtcted of shoplifting here. She stole -silk stockings, ,& diary, perfume fend post cards. the Handelsblad It is quite probable that Holland would consent to the extradition of "German war criminals'" who are within hcjr borders If extradition were asked ou the grounds that they actually' are vicious or criminal. In tire; event -that- the-- request • were based on some act of the ordinary course of war or reprisal ordered 'superiors', the "cas'e would be different, the newspaper asserts. Unless the allies' list includes former Crown Prince William, the newspaper snys, it has been unable thus far to-, ascertain which, if any of the desired persons are now in Holland. • 'The Hanflelsblad snys further that 11 the extradition nf former Emperor William had been demanded on -nctun criminal grounds instead of politics grounds. Holland's reply might have been different. • "'Tremble Over Allies' Note.- Berlin, Feb. 4.-^Until it becomes known here'just who are on the allies list of "persons, accused of having cor- mitted' acts in 'violation of the laws nnd i customs of war" German officialdom will not have another 1 quiet hour. At present "uncertainty as to' what sort of reception tile general public will give tlie list when it.Is published and when tha. government .must admit tlu'|tit is irrevocably bouml by the.Ver- sailles' treaty, to arrest hundreds of 'officials and army'leaders and deliver them to the' entente^for" trial has en'- tirely superseded tTfe fear of a new Spartacan rebellion such as the recent anti-government' demonstration before the reichstag. . ''•'.. • Flee to Switzerland. No steps have beeil:faken to prevent the escape of the high military officials whose extradition is likely to be askect as. a result of their positions and ac- ! "tipn In B.elglum and France during the \yar. It is freely said, that many of. the former leaders have fled to Switzerland, Holland and Scandinavia and that.the number is. increasing daily as a result of Holland's firm stanrt in refusing to deliver Hie fqrmer.SJiiser. "The attitude of the German people is that all persons guilty of violations of international law, no. matter of what nationality, ought to be'tried.and receive adequate punishment," said a foreign official. , "They'do not wish to shield, their own countrymen, but they houra that these men Olivia to be.tried" before Gorriian court's. The government takes the same stand. In our latest note .to the. entente we \iivgeil that, trials of Gerfnan officers take place before the German supreme coiirt. the entente to he ruprKseiited' by- its own associate .judges. \Vhat the government will do if .rile request is rejected has not as yot'boen decided." following his disappearance Sa^ajp- More of' a 'mystery is since -now every effort -the , had recourse to has remained iin- amswered. And. with another^ day of suspense dragging by at the RoSins-- home .the situation has become at- most unbearable there. . ' ' " The sister of the mining man, IKrs;.- Rehkopt, of Owensboro, 'Ky., arrived here yesterday, and 'is <Joingr,, what she can. to /stay the diKpair of ." the wife. .' Mrs: Rehkopt stated at.Jhe- Rollins ^home at 2 : 30 p. m. '', today . that: . .. •••.••; "We have received! no' word from/. Mr. Rollins., WIB think, many •et 6iir distress, is such that >we not what to think in reason. 'We incline to the belief that his; = mind failed him and he just.. -wandered away, and may not know-ho^,,to-get back home. He has . been in? .iEP iealth BO long. Mr/Rowe, -Mrs. HoJ- lins' 'brother, was forced; 'to- return. to his duties at Grand To*ter>' I arrived here yesterday from O.wensboro,- after being apprised of my brother's- disappearance." • ••'•'.' WILSON DODGES President -Has; Narrow- Escapes From Attack, Says Grayson; Every Precaution Taken .to. ProtecSi. the Chief Executive, filow - ( Improving Steadily.. \ Washington, Feb.'.4.—President WiT- son contracted a cold several <laj's aguv and had a narrow es«ip.e'l'ro1i> in»'~ KII'!!:I, his pliysieinn, Doctor.. Gray sol-, . said. .'••::'• i ' Every precaution is now:-b«ing taken' ,: 'to protect the, president, his. uhysici.-m - ssiHl, !ui<l no person \vitli> «Ven. thesis--; pit-ion of. a "cold is.penuiUX5il''to eateir bis room..- • •••.-•;.•,.,-.! Doctor Grayson said. .'t:-lic—i«vsiile!i-t. 'was steadily though slwwly iuiproviiiK,-' . an'O is to:wails.about tiie r soconirfloor of the' Wbit&iilouse' sisted. -. \' • •:-<•'•:'. Tlie president is not-likely to Ic.'ive.- • Washington for. some; Uiiio, Doctu-i .Grayson intim:ited in-iliscu.ssiug' reports from various sections of the;-country concerning itupen»i)pg trips. Witlv i life! pres;dent:-.stea<Hly- Impr'ov.- ing. Doctor"Gruyson-sai<J-1je - tliought it would'be uiuvisetd change.his course- of-treatment. ••'•: v--. 1 The president's improvement from week'to week is 'notic'wilJJef'the physi- cinn continued. HB is allov/^d to walk from room to room, on (lie secqnil-8'iDi- wltlv the aid'of his cnne,'bvn so far Jias " not lieen perniitted .to venture, lietow *• shiirs out of his wheel c-4inir.' FIRE SWEEPS N. Y. TOWN rhnee Blocks, Destroyed in Business Center of Hudson .Falls—Loss •May : Exceed $500,000. ' Glens' Falls, • N. X.,..'Feb., 4.—Fire starting in a Greek restaurant, t.hrea-l- ened.with'destruction rhe business center of Hudson Falls. Three, blocks of- buildings have been desjroyed and .the | fife is still spreading. The loss is ex| oe'cted to-, exceed 5SOO.OQO. '- ' . REBELS SEIZE- VLADIVOSTOK: Declare Aga'nst Foreign""!nterfercrice... United States G%n«ral"Reports— City Is Orderly. ' i '; "NVashih^tnn. Feb. 4.—Rc'voiutionisfw have ent'pn-Ml 'VlinlivoRT-oTv-iiml ;m; lit. c-ontrol Qf t'Ur itnv;i. rbe 'w:ir 'depurt — nic j iit was inrorined liy Mri.jor Ocnor:!! ' ; Graves;, in. clirirgt- .of 'tlio Anioric.-ii": •. forces in Silieria. *riie' nui.ssa^c. Uut'Ml ! .T:iiHiai-j- 3\; Tpporteil the' ero\v<!s orderly ninl .«aid the ;i11iOF:'"'troopK \vuvfy.- patrolling; in- prevent ili»;o'nlwK. The -i-evolutioiVst::' 'pV;H.fonn, .the--general said, dcclai-cd Vitsilnsf llio in- .terJ'i'renc-e. of fon-i^'iiers in ti:;? ;iU"aii-s•-• of tlia ' . '.•••'' HOLD noOTse C'-riccr Arreste'd .After cno.r Ic F';u:ic! Cell— Moonshine Ancjle. "Nashville. Ti'iin., Fwh.-4.—Vom; j'j'ji 1 sons. iiH'liidiri^' '--\: !'._. W'ln'en, slierilll. •of tlie cuuniy. \vere arsested at McMinnville • in connection with investigation' of the- death of Fred Murphy, a prisoner in-the- county jail, who waa^ found .banging in his cell January 24,. with his hands tied. .. '. Sheriff Warren is alleged by 1 federaSf officers; to have been, involved .in illicit "distilling case in which " was'>a witness. • ;

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