Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 9, 1972 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 9, 1972
Page 7
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To Be Held In,'October War Eagle Arts And Crafts Fair Planned WA'ft, KMl.K --' Wiir Mills, popiiliillon 21 la oxiiputcd toiHllriicl upwards of 100,000, visitor^ to Us imtlwiully knu.wti.Q/iu'ks Ar'ln nnd Criitls Fair, scheduled, Oct. 20-22,'' : The' t(uy hun|lut 1ms hdcomo one, of the most popular «iis mid. crafts .communities In the nation because of Ihc aiillienll- clly n n d f h j g t i -Duality of lln -exhibits, . which reflect the culture 'of ; i)lo'n6W ivhi)' helped 'establish War Eagle 1 and · other 'Quark; Mountain' communities, v : this',year's lOlli annual fair Is at '«n nil-time pitch/ as·-.'. exhibitors ···:· have already reserved more llinn 400 booths which will lie housed In two large circus-type tents and the main display building. '"A few more spaces.will be nddec: for the convenience of the exhibitors'," said executive fail director Mrs. Blanche H Elliott'.'' . . . Tills year's fair attendance it expected to surpass last year's record crowds which munberec between 75,000-100.000. "The fair c o n t i n u e s t o grow irn prcssively,"; commented Mrs Elliott. " · · ' · ; EXHIIiiTOHS·. Exhibitors from Arkansas Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansa will display and offer for sale authentic wares, which wil include such handcrafled item » rjiilllH, rugs,' wall 1ifinglngn, tinbtmneU (mil aprons, knitted locos, . imic'rumo, dcllciiloly mid-painted o h 11) a , tooled oalhcr, sliver smllljcd Jewelry rid metul sculpture, choice olc-pulntcd pieces uf q u i l l i n g , dolls and toy making, Also offered will be finely Inlshod furniture : from tho maple, wild cherry, walnut and aged'pine, : - » ' ·. 'Beautiful bandcrafted dulml ccrs, 0/arks books and candles, ams and JclHos from Ihe wild Vult of ibc hills and Ihe black Shed Damaged BY Springdale Fire SPIUNGDALE - Children playing with matches ac cidontally turned o v e r a con tuincr-of gasoline which ignilec In a 'shed at 736 Holcomb St at, 7:13 p.m.'-Tuesdns', ' · · . The shed is owned by Harolt Ferryman, fire departmen captain., Damage' vias . rnlrioi and no injuries were reported,' Two five engines were, alsc sent -Tuesday afternoon to G3 N. Mill St. 16 'extinguish a fin caused by a short in a telcvisioi set. Approximately $100 damag' was reported. . ' . ' wnlnnt and xcalo-lmrk hickory ul moats will ndd flavor find oodncss to this .jirollfjc aria nd crafts offering. , ' ' " ' . · The Ihrce-diiy pvcnl, con- olvcU and calilbllslied : by Ozarks pcorilo whose forefulhui's ame lo 'the Arkansas Owrks lofore Klutehood, - I s auth'ontlc and staged without fanfare pr iiakc believe. -,. "It .strives, lo seek out and give recognition to Lt)0 unsung, unticraldedi but ' lalqntcd. ,,I,n- dlvidual.iWho \yorks with liand and hcarl In creating beauty rom,; n a t i v e .materials surrounding him," Mrs. Elliott explained. "Our show provides he most exciting market for landcrufled goods in the Ozarks." Ol'ENS AT 9 The fair will open each day at 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. with plenty of food available (oi anyone desiring to cat lunch a! Hie site. The menu will InclUde barbecued chicken, sandwiches hot and cold drinks and candy Ample parking space, will : be available, 'with experiehcet attendants On hand lo direct the smooth flow of traffic in an; out of the fair grounds. War Eagle Mills is localcc between Ilwys. 12 and GO nea Payetteville, Springdale, Roger and ItuntsviUc. The roulc marked by road signs, Harris Says State Law Will Prevail um,E nocic (AP - u.s, Jlslrlcl Court Judge Oren liar la sitld Tuesday ,11111.1 slate law .vould always prevail over a school,board rule. ·'·'[·' ' Ills r u l i n g came. In a sull lied a g a i n s t ' the' Pino , Bluff School Board ;|y. Miss .Sarab ialloway, a.i ; formcr ' English .eachor, who claimed she wu6 'ircd because of tier race, She tied suit last, year und wan lolncd by the Arkansas Educa ;loh Association. 1 · · · Miss Culloway claimed Ilia the school district did not re new her contract for the 1871-72 school year because sevcra while parents had complalnci they did not like her tcachint their children. Her .suit als contended that a rule book o the school states that a louche must be (old of his dismissal b April 151 Miss Callqway sai she did not learn of. her dis missal until June 2. · · The school .board said it a tcred the rule to comply with stale law that the teacher mus be informed of his dismiss; within 10 days after the end ( the school term. " · Harris upheld . the board i saying Ibat state law prevails. iiast Of Saigon N»ftKw»M ArkflnMu TllWfS, WM., 'Aug. ». MVItTIVIkLI, AMKANlAt ' * ' Mauled Militiamen Replaced By Rangers 'SAIGON (Ap). r Hundreds far outli Vietnamese rurigcni have eplaccd - government militiamen badly mauled In a series if ambushes only 17 miles east if Saigon. Officers .In the field .aid 58 of Uic'militiamen were allied 1 a n d ' 55 wounded In the Iglltlng Monday and Tuesday. The Rangers, moving on fool and; by: helicopters, wore maneuvering to get behind the estimated 250 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong in the Binh Song rubber plantation east of Highway 15. The enemy forces ambushed a platoon of South Vietnamese militiamen on a piitrol Monday along a dirt road between the village of Binh Son and Long i'lmmi. Tlie North Vietnamese! rrhod 'wllh mines, mortars; mcl rocket grenades, tbon.ciil nlo tho militiamen ,who were ipur'cd In lo rclnforcp Die pa- Completes Training Navy Fireman Recruit Wayne W. Ellis, son of Mr. and Mrs Donald R. Ellis of Route 1 Hunlsville, g r a d u a l r e d frorr recruit training at the Nava Training Centelr in Orlando Fla. . ' ' rol. ENEMY HOLDS The fighting tapered off by 1 u6sdaynight, but'thc enemy orces held · Us · position despite J.S. ,,:and Spu(h Vlclnamese )omblng, officers said. ··; .,' Officers said It was the hlg ;est action (n Long Thanh, dis- Tl.cti in two years, and .the first ,Jrhc during that period that the Morth VIetnamosc and Viet [long had stayed and fought. Previous enemy , attacks were by plato'ori-slze forces on a hit- and-run basis; the officers; said, In Cambodia, Cambodian forces still holding part of the town of Kompong Trabek. 85 miles west of Saigon, drove back a north Vietnamese tank arid Infantry assault after withstanding a 500-round rocket and mortar barrage, Ihe Cambodian command said. It said the Cambodians dc stroyed three North Vietnamese tanks. REFUGEES KILLED The Cambodian commam supported by U.S. bombors and U.S. and Cambodian offi clals .- have claimed 24 Soviet links knocked out since Sunday n Hie bailie for Kompong Tra- jek, more lhan halt of them by J.S. bombers; The , Cambodian cmomand also I'eported that one of Its helicopters loaded 'with refu geos was shot 1 -down Tuesday icar Kompohg Trabek. The tour crewmen and 10 lo 15 refu gees from the'besieged provin clal capital of Svay Illcng wer reported killed, . In'the air war against Nortl Vietnam, a flight -of U.S. pet flashed laser-guided bomb onto the Dragon's Jaw bridg at Thanh Iloa and knocked on that., important link in Nort Vietnam s supply network fo in thrc Force an Black FCCtMwiber Defends ,R,ac|st, h CHATTANOOGA, Tonn, - lion I,,' rtooks, th0 Unit nember of the Federal, mimlcatlons Commission,' defended, the rlghl of a, yyhltaj senatorial candidate tor: jroadcasl null-black-CHinpalgrV- stalorn,enls.. , u - , ( , » Hooks, of Memphis, , said! Tuesday that while,ho person-,! '(.he; the 1 second time months, the Air nounced, Pilots from the carrier Sara; toga struck Ift tho Elainliong area,: and their main target was the Hong Gal ship repair yard 22 miles northeast of Hai- phong.. Tn a delayed report, the U.S. Command said a Navy A7 was downed by an anti-aircraft mis^ sile last Sunday 10 miles north- cast of Haiphong, and the pilot is listed as missing. , ally abhors the statements J. B. Stoner, he defends ' candidate's right. to , thorn. , , , In some of the television.' radio campaign , advertise-' menls, Stoner, whp sought llii" 1 Democratic nomlnaUpn' in the Georgia' primary on Tuesday, refers lo blackit as niggors and states that "all the nigger wants is a white woimari." DR. LYNN BUHR CHIROPRACTOR announces the opening of his office 6 0 8 H w y 7 l S . Sprlngdale Mon., Wed., Frl. t lo I »!Kl 4 lo I TUCS., 'Ilium., Siit, 9 lo 1 next to . Kentucky Fried Chicken PHONE 751-0023 Whick of the following is true about Cool-Tote? a) Weighs only 43 pounds b)ls less than 11" deep c) Has built in handle 4plyiTyloncord Full 18 month guarantee. Low price 9 88 · Dlus1.75-F.E.T.andc plus 1.75'F.E.T. and old tire 650-13 blackwall tubeless. Reliant. The 4 ply nylon cord tire with a 5 rib tread design for better traction. A durable, quality tire at an economy Dtte«. d) Has outer case that won't rust e Delivers 4,000 BTUs Answer: All of the Above, Blackwall iubalats Tire size F.E.T. 775-14 2.12 825-14 . ,2.29 .815-15 ., . 2.3' ' Wllh'out trade-In, add $2 mora p*r lite. 18 MONTHS GUARANTEE WITH 4 MONTHS 100% ALLOWANCE Price 14.88 16,88 17.88 oit lira covets all Foreman pattnge/ irrei r roid hazard ord*f«c[ rallurer. You 'your lira fjlli during thi guJrantti p«ilod, i*lurji It to u n«w |li«. W* will tllow 100% of lh« oilgln price, excluding jppKcible Fed«ril ExclM Tin. 100K illowinci pulad. Thtietllir, we will allow SOS 01 of a FedeMI ExclM TJX, towaid the. purcfla (5M thirl tHlow). Fcdatal *xeln TiX ad[uitmtnt allowinca will b« rnx5* on the bpilt of th pertan 1 ordinal Iread i«mlnlng. /· · , , of Ih* HKS; i p«r1ad « «....».. Enltmu I00%alli SOK allowance period ...;,, 1*3 monllif - 25%jllowine« pirlnd ;, ,,.;.... 1Q-I« monlhj Trrid Lll*rotiallon, W« bulid Inla every Fonmoil tit* urelucllon]n]lcdlD[i. Tft«y tlgnilwhtn your Ilia itiaultf alignment) wC'Wlll.mih* an allowance bawd on th« oilgrnat puicrmg pilci, flxcludlng appllcabla Fdiral Extll* Tax. lawifd the purehasa of a new tin. We will allow 1/3 during lh« flilt hall or 1/4 during IhB tecond ^alr or Ihe iltled montlit cl quaiailte. Fedeial ExciM Tax AdJuiKTUnt allowine* will Be made on Ine bailt of This suarante* l( not [dnlfeiable. It U only farpTlvali Pllienger carl or piuengernation waqoni. 99 95 Meet Cool-Tolo, the truly portabla air. conditioner. It cools as well as a slandai size 4000 BTU air conditioner. There's one difference.. .it's not big. As a malic of fact, It's about the same size as a 17" portable TV. That means you can ta^ llwhero'veryougo. And those are the cold facts about Cool-Tote. 7 29 tr fit, JCPenney heavy duty shock absorbers lo help your car ricte like new. Designed specifically for extra control, longer service and rugged driving. INSTALLATION SPECIAL . . . 99( ea. Universal Mufller Included Installation 17,88 Washer dryer closeout. $ We know JCPenney ow what you're looki Now Orig. 219.95. Features 6 fabric programs. Just set the fabric dial and you'll get the proper wash and rinse cycle..Choose from 4 ^ popular colors at no extra charge. '.· · Vt-Yt NOW 128 ing for. Orlg. 149.95. Matching electric dryer has 4 temperature settings. Signal sentry sounds off when drying Is-completed. Matching gas dryer, Orig. 179.95...Now $1 48 Get a great buy now, pay late,. Us* yowr JCPenney Charge) JCPenney auto center We know what you're looking for.

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