Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 49
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 49

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 49
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calif.. TKfft.. M*rch u, t?* INPEP£NO£NT (AM) PfifcSS-TElEGKAM (PM}-C-9 American Stock Exchange Today ....... nSfvW Tuesday ..... SSi.47 Ifl7iilligh ... 1000,11 1075 High .... 881.81 MLWRTU Wl .. ACoPtrof.44 11 AGA/Pd -M Amlrrt Picl l Rd 30 t 1 J.v, ( t »·' Prtnl KiNl 13 Ml 14 7 V v i U P m R e d t e .. 1* 1'* PrnietOn .. Mi 14 - Thoro* M*.1 ThrtflitnlA 1kS*1 - t t C o c k l n a j f l ) H I I H . ·· ' ' 20 70 4 B"»- l » ro .n r 3 ft^-i · i K) .311 11 13* 4H- i * Ml U + H ' AVCCP.70* 3 AVEMC .CJ I 11 137 l*t XirtiPdJO 5 3 fj Tvf .33b 10 II »nicm Ac 1J7«1 23 75 . *jbH)A 1 43 II 1+utoliB 1.* M .. IS i IH -- w*rt: pfcas .. 3i s-o i .» 1} US !"· WRIT 1 JO II 1 11 - Ntxtrtnc HoAmM! Ml Hof Am ROY nil* ._ - , -.t COW .74 U 20* 19V)-- HFoxh " ~ Wi'P* I *l Whtepny M 4*w 34 1-« 1J3 FnftFaiVk: FwOrg.1* FDi Inc Blr 1 I ll*i-- ' H » 311 i r it 5H * ' CxWrtPA 1 .M A 7 IS 1 *- ' CdnMjft .70 I ii S"4 -- ' OVER THE COUNTER CHICAGO (AP| _ A dfrrv*«j Ini1l«t(tf bv crmme'cial tnftrm% IvlDrd nove rrx«1 torn omrTxrflr luturn on tt* CM- LVard of TriOe Wrdnnddr to ttvir bnt w^m in more tun two *«-ts. Ho* »Jrv.f A^rdi 4 had Mum en mad* j (dkOlvt movt *t*d1 i crnh. com rrvlv 7*4. SeyWan rryjl g^innl more SI J lor in npw I/OP oolcrrs **.n bean oil troiVn CtovxJ on t m-*sd *3r«. bul by ccrfkni gained iwty found. gold Mum. iho In U S (Wl* wrprovTad **!T^t kr n»( mxe rhan Jl Open HH4 L«w Clow Prtv J B ' l U " !« 175 in in j « ) cr-, i « i!i t- comr^eccil bwin^ t»*i but W/tfan romp*«f rrutrV mow utwjfd »«w rt e * § 1 uiCI* Pr »i u^fKH "" " I fc' 1ST- Ml i w. IS IB I IT. t.S! 10YJEAK5 ll/M tol =«rmer 6/ _ iyvF*rrCc»»i«*«y s n i i?i si?*7 su s i r ^ s n i i r i S l i OIL iteta hi ii n u « its H e H; 14 c ins no i 4 o n 1*00 U K I t S S 1*43 U K 111) MM Hi! '41 un » » un IMS UK » W H13 UK i;« uoa iroo ^oo UK SOYBEAN WEAL (1« ram) 1 » * rK»115JI I1O01KX1KJ) IJS» 114'Slli* 1*101*0) not in* iv nil) X inx is a IFX lisa ix so ir x m si in ifltt 11 at K t O B«CHlt»S IBM K) r 7S ATS TIME DC Tttn*1 Kjrff^ n f f l ~ *r ] M .-ft A**vl« Kc J Your Money's Worth What you can 0*0 if ·/ you get bumped off | By SYLVIA !*ORTER Have you ever been bumped by an airline -meaning left on Ihe ground because the airline that had sold and confirmed a ticket to yon had given your scat to someone else? If so, you probably were not only infuriated, but also at a loss on how lo retaliate and lo make sure you are not bumped again. A first warning: do not leave the check-in area. Airline personnel must give you a written statement of Ihe Civil Acronaulirs Board's provisions for so- called denied boarding eomnensation immediately after you have been denied boarding for whatever reason. And the airline must offer you compensation immediately after you have been denied boarding for whatever reason. And the airline must offer you compensation for the denial of boarding if yon meet the conditions for eligiblity outlined in yesterday's column. A second warning: don't walk away and try lo make your own arrangements. CAR regulations state lhat the airline must pay you Ihe money tor denied boarding compensation within 24 hours. If you have not received the payment within that lime period, you have iX) clays to file a claim. Since the airline is required to keep its ticket records (or only three months, you may not get the money due you if you delay. HERE ARK other key ways to minimize the aggravation of getting bumped -- a "misery" which will strike hundreds of thousands of us in the peak air travel season directly ahead: -- Don't depend on an oral confirmation, and do ask for the name of the reservations agent who confirms your flight. In theory, an oral confirmation is as good as a written one, but airlines have been known lo protest there'is "no record of your reservation" in the computer. Airlines can refuse either to issue a lickel or lo offer "denied boarding compensation" to passengers who put off getting (heir tickets until they arrive al HID airport. -- Try io claim your reservations by paying (or and collecting your ticket well ahead of your departure lime in peak travel periods such as Easier, Memorial Day, Lalmr Day, etc. This does not prevent you from changing your arrangements or turning in''V; your ticket later. ?_·*. -- Meet Ihe required minimum check-in (Ime. On-w-'j domeslic flights, this is usually 20 lo IM minutes bcforo'^ departure. On International flights, it usually is long-'i x | er. t-o -- He sure to inquire about rcconflrmntlon -- and ( t· whether required or not, it's always good practice tfl^ij reconfirm. At peak travel times, after stopovers, itu";:' connection wilh many international flights, reconfir : ination is often required. If you fail to reconfirm it is mandatory, and you are bumped, you are eligible for denied boarding compensation. -- Aflcr you've checked in, be careful your byes lo family and friends don't make you lalo al t departure gate. Your luggage may wind up In Angeles while you're still al Kennedy. -- Allow adequate time to gel through (he ty clearance checkpoints. Al peak travel hours, Ihj^ line in major airports at Ihcsc terminal areas can bCXjj unbearably stow ... and long. .%.» As for how to avoid being bumped in the fifsU/V» place, the gossip is thai airline employes are inclined'vH to pick for bumping the passengers least, likely lo be'j"t inconvenienced. So, protest (hat you're being met by* ^?. important people who must escort you lo your desllna^i lion by a specified deadline. Plead that you will lose' i? · your prepaid holel reservation and you may sue. Polnf.' ; "-« oul that you arc (lying on an emergency schedule W.»? sec an ailing and elderly relative. .VV. HKK!) WELL (he general guideline that the first 1 '/ 1 '* ticketed is usually the last bumped. "··'" If all else fails, demand a copy of Hie airline's;';, rules concerning (he way it selected passengers (or.'* bumping. The CAB requires that Ihesc rules be avniU!'A able from U.S. (hut not foreign) carriers. If an airline: I"'; employe is forced In note a Immping mistake thai caif'f;' leave Ihe carrier vulnerable, (here is far less likcli-.',''· hood llial you will be Ihe passenger bumped. .' ; i If you have a complaint, suhmil il in writing lo.' · the Office of Consumer Affairs, Civil Aeronautics.":'? H o a r d , Washington, D.C. 20128. Transporlntloif"; analysis review every complaint and contact the air 1 ';.";' line lo rco.nesl that Ihe company sctlle Ihe mailerJ"j promptly and report back lo (he CAB on Hie actiorhr? taken. **'·"' DOW-JONES AVERAGES NEW YORK -- Dow Jones rinsing stock averages: Ml. fi I Indus. 20 Transp. t- 2.52 207.77 - .71 + 8.07 208.48 -1-1.81 211.51 174.12 202AS ISUtils. 8B.30 i- .00 80.21 - .H 01.00 87.07 9S.M STANDARD POOR NKW YORK - Standard Poor's closing indexes (1U-IM3 nvcnigc equals 10): ,r* V, ' "f- t'K Imlus. in Kails Wl Ulils. WW Stock? » Today llH.-ia -1-l.fiV 45.48 100,86 V 1 : Tuesday 113.H) -14..T7 45.40 100.02 V'-l i m s i i i g h . . . . 107.W -IO.L8 45.r»i a r ».6i .: IMS Uw 77.71 3-1.02 35.31 70.04 ' ^ Stocks turn a shade greener NEW Y O R K (AP) - Sloek prices closed higher Wednesday, but the market failed twice to muster a sustained advance. The Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks rose 2.52 to 985.99 aflcr falling back from surges of 5 and 9 points during Ihe session. New Y o r k Stock Ex- c h a n g e issues rising in price led those declining by a 7-fi margin. V o l u m e on Ihe Big Hoard rose lo 20.19 million s h a r e s f r o m Tuesday's 22.78 million. Nationwide volume in N Y S K - l i s t c d s t o c k s , including trades in those issues on r e g i o n a l exchanges ami in the over- the-counter market, reached 30.31 million shares by the close in New York. ANALYSTS s a i d the market's "technical weakness" -- the tendency to relrcal after ils dramtic upswing this year -- was balanced by continuing en- t h u s i a s m generated by bright economic reports from Washington. The Commerce Department reported today lhat personal income continued lo rise sharply in February. And Treasury Secret a r y W i l l i a m S i m n n predicted l h a t inflation would slow lo an annual rale of about 2 per cent in two or three years. UAL was the most ac- live issue im Ihe New York Slock Kxchange, falling more than two points in p r i c e . Us s u b s i d i a r y , United Air Lines, reported a s h a r p February loss. Several l a r g e blocks of shares were traded. A n a c o n d a was also widejy traded and posted a gain of more than three points. The company is the target of a lender offer by Atlantic Richfield, which declined about a point. O t h e r oil companies showed strong gains, how- Hay Market e v e r , w i l h t h e biggest price advances posted by Mobil cind Kcrr McGee. American Telephone Telegraph, which reported higher quarterly earnings, w a s a m o n g I h e active issues and registered frac- t i o n a l g a i n s . S e v e r a l blocks were Iradcd. Ocncrnl Motors, Ford and Chyrslcr -- each re- nortini; higher auto sales lor early March on Tuesday -- were high-volume issues and posted (raclion- mon slocks edtied up .01 id 5.1.91. ' '·'.' At Ihe American Slock , Exchange, t h e m a r k e t . , ' v a l u e imlrx cliinbcd .20 W : The NYSK's composite imlox of all its listed com- 'Oie NASDAQ index ol over-lhe-connlfcl 1 :,' I r a d i n u closed al flO.II, a Kain »l .'£. Special tax credits help to increase personal income WASHINGTON [API - I'aymonl of special tax c r c r t i l s lo l o w - i n c o m e families and ;i spccil-np in certain veleraivs' benefits contributed to the seventh coasecutive m o n t h l y increase in Americans' personal income hi February, the C o m m e r c e D e p a r t - ment said Wednesday. II said persona! income i n c r e a s e d d u r i n g t h e month by $12.3 billion In an annual rale of Jl.327.9 billion, a g a i n of nine- tcnths of 1 per ccn from J a n u a r y . Personal income, which i n c l u d e s i n c o m e f r o m wages, rent and all other sources, hart increased in J a n u a r y by $14.8 billion at an a n n u a l rate, a gain of 1.1 pel cent. T h e steady growth in Americans' income during the past seven months has been a major factor contributing to Ihe recovery of the nation's economy from recession, since the Increased income has led to a step up in consumer buying, which has increas- Thc lax credit payments were provided uniler the 1975 recession tax cuts, which provide low income f a m i l i e s wilh children the credit equalled lo 10 per cent of earned income up to a m a x i m u m credit of MOO. W a g e a n d s a l a r y dis- 'hursemcnls, i n c l u d i n g m a n u f a c t u r i n g payrolls, s h o w e d s u b s t a n t i a l l y smaller rates of increase in Kchruary than during J a n u a r y . Overall disburse- ments Increased $5.3 h i f - - ' l i o n in F e b r u a r y , corn-';pared with a gain of $1)^ billion in January. -"]; M a n u f a c t u r i n g payroll?_* rose $1 billion in Febru-^ ary, compared with an in-«: crease of $3.1 billion IhiT; previous month. _-'*. The Commerce DeparU'* ment said (arm incorri?."^ fell during the month byj^ WOO million, t h e nccom-* consecutive m o n t h l y do.'lt clinc. ":". Jobless rate may fall.d "r."' below 7%, say9 WASHINGTON (AP) T r e a s u r y Secretary William Simon said Wednesday t h e r e is a " f a i r c h a n c e " l h a t unemployment will drop to below 7 per cenl this year and also that inflation will decline to about 2 per cent wilhin Ihrcc years. It was the most optimistic oullook for Ihe ccono- Citrus* Market ed productkm and helped my yet expressed by a top to put Americans back lo f o r d administration o f f i - cial and came against a background of steady improvements in almost all sectors rif the economy. "I don't know anyone who forecast the vigor of the economic recovery," Simon said, tie said he was especially p l e a s e d with Ihe record increase in new housing starts reported by the government Tuesday. He called thai a "very positive development." Simon said he believes unemployment is coming d o w n f a s t e r t h a n t h e work. The Commerce Department said about half Ihe increase in February personal income was due to a $5.5 billion gam in transfer payments. A m o n g these were $2.1 billion from a speedup in life insurance benefits to veterans, and 2.1 billion from payment of earned income credits lolow income families The figures arc computed al an annual rate, meaning the actual payments during the month were multiplied by 12 to show w h a t the total amount would be at the f a 12-month period. per cent and 7.5 per cent'.':, by the end of Ihe year. ;; £ "I Ihink there is a fair/;- c h a n c e t h a t u n c m p l o y - j ; mcnt will be below 7 per.' cent at the end of lh|s * year," Simon said in y\ mcetinj; wilh a group fl * newsmen. ·!:·,, lie said Ihe underlying^ rate of inflation In lh?,-^ economy now is about ·$,," per cent, but he believe;^ the annual rise in the cow 4 of living can be reduced to 2 per cent in two lo IhreU -. years. '.ft', v* The nation's inflatioj£J rale has not oeen bclow,2i' per rent since I9fi5, whgov price increases lhat yean; averaged 1.9 per cent;.;; Trices rose 6.9 per rent:, last year, and the admirufc.^ Iratkin is forecasting a 5,$;; per ccnl in 1576. ,'';·' administration's o f f i c i a l forecast last January of a joblc.u rale of telwcen 7 fOK SALf (COVERED WAGONS Omtr 167-173} or 476-6 7M

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