Independent from Long Beach, California on March 31, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Page 3
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'Whizzer' White to Highest Court INDEPENDENT--P«g» A-l (Continued from Page A-l) Stewart, who wa* 43 when appointiil and is now 47. WHITE WAS football an All- player at /Mlicuia i""."-- I J the University of Colorado and later played professional football. He also has been a beet picker, a naval intelligence lieutenant, law clerk to the late Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson and a corporation lawyer. After g r a d u a t i o n from Colorado in 1!»38 White signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers at $15.800--the highest salary a professional football player had received up to that time. In January l!tt! he entered Oxford as a Rhodes scholar and returned to the United States in November of tha year to enter Yale law schoo and play football with tin Detroit Lions. In World War II. Whin served with a d e s t r o y e r squadron and later as an aide perform with equal excellence in the court bench. .Some hours heforc announcement of White's appointment. Welfare Secretary Abraham A. Rihicoff. among hone mentioned as possibili- ies for the post, removed limself for consideration by saying he preferred to run fur the Senate from Connect!- THE PRESIDENT reached into his Justice Department to fill the court vacancy caused by ailing Justice Whittaker's decision to step down Sunday. At the Justice Department, Ally. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy said he was sorry to lose his deputy because "his work has been outstanding." But he added that "because of the kind of person he is, he w-ill be a distinguished member of the Supreme Court." In announcing the appointment, the President said he had known White "for many years, in war and in peace." The chief executive and White have been friends since they -- i s ( K i NLW ASSOCIATK JUSTICE Uyron White as he appeared when he was named all-Anierican foot' hall player at University of Colorado. Later he became a Rhodes scholar. WHITE WAS OUTSTANDING scholar as well as athlete at University of Colorado, here he rides hike at Oxford University where he was Rhodes scholar. Whitens Beet-Field Days Readied by Kin A L B U Q U E R Q U E . N.M. (UPI) -- S u p r e m e Court Nominee llyron I.. White earned p.irt if tlic money for his college education by working in the hcet fields, his brother said Friday. "We both winked in the sugar-beet fields when we .iy to get money to go lo college. We did anything rl"-p we could find to raise money--if it w-as legitimate." The work includes hoeing. to Capt. Arleigh A. Burke, who was to become chief of naval operations. « * * » HE I.F.FT the Navy with the rank of lieutenant, returned to Yale law school and was graduated with honors in I!) 10. He then joined the Denver law firm of Lewis, Grant and Davis. During the 1%0 presidential campaign, he was national chairman of the Citizens for Kennedy. He is a Mifl-.-|Kiken. square- jawed man whoso hair is beginning to thin in front. Over six feet tall, he still has an athlete's build. * * + * JUST AFTER Kennedy selected him as deputy attorney general. While was asked if he is a liberal. He replied w i t h a grin: "Well, if resistance to change makes me a conserva live. I'm not a conservative." As for his prowess as a fixitball player, most authorities on that sport say While just considered it a step on the way up. White was valedictorian o his class at Colorado and won a Phi Beta Kappa key. WORDS of praise for Whit came promptly from such men as Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, Mont., and Senate Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen. I I I . Mansfield slid he "couldn't lii any happier." White, he added "is the right man in the right place for the rich! job and from the right sec lion of the country -- we of the Rocky Mountain West are oprcully pleasrd and b.ippy." I Dirksrn agreed with several !uf WMii's Justice Depart l i n e n t colleagues that he has 'a knark for c u t t i n g through I heart of a problem. The GOP leader said the ap|xiintet; is 'one of those solid people" who makes a division and " ' .. WON'T WORK? Don'tJExpert" in Classified for swear at it! Check "Call jm|re]iah]e_ serviceman. .CLOSE OUT: ON ALL DUTCH BOY PAINTS -- Subject to Stock on Hond O**f Off PLYWOOD PRICES SLASHED TO BEAT OUR COMPETITION o-J to-rar. is... (lit.i a'i pre»« I your*.If t^al |Oj eat buf f a * l.ii at S.igllro'n MAHOGANY Roosevelt's ambassador to Britain and White was a Rhodes scholar at Oxford. li;Ri: IS W i l l I K as he appeared in Solomon Islands while scrvin? as a Navy commissioned officer in the Pacific during World War II. 2B BEAUTIFUL FACTORY PRE-FINISH-- '.4 "i4 1 i8 3.99 4.88 BEST QUALITY BIRCH 1 / 4 " X 4 ' X 8 ' 8.85 ASH l/4"x4'x8' 6.39 MAHOGANY l/4"x4'x8'.... 4.79 · Discount Lumber Prices 2x4 Studs 25e ca. 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Commenting that he had I k n o w n White for 'JO years, j WASHINGTON l/Vi -- A p - j t h e President added that he -- «- TT7I · ipointment of Byron R. WhiteIhad "excelled in everything VI iio \\' M l I f 1 ' t o the Supreme Court drew a i h e has attempted" and would I f A l 0» T T · · » l»-!..,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,.. ( . (imn , cn , |.-ri,|.,yj- - 'Thrilled' With News (Continued from Page A - l ) A. Burke. i Burke recalled his first j meeting with White, then ,i| World War II Navy' skipper, when Burke was in Krundor Over Culm commanding a the destroyer QUITO. Ecuador l/P -- The Ecuadorian cabinet ·signed we hope that we can live up squadron in the Solomons Friday night in the face ol lo it," she said. jaren in lfl-13. (growing army pressure for .. While While was in Denver' "I needed an intelligence.hrcak in relation* w i t h the at the time of the White officer." Bur!;c said. "One day Castro regime in Cuba. House announcement, his w i f e While came aboard to si-e me. i The move reportiilly w.i good-naturedly scurried alxmt,saying he wanted to };et i n j t a k e n to permit President their home, answering the.some fights. jCarlos Arosrmena to form a telephone, coping w i t h news-' "I told him he was the now ntw cabinet tha't would carry men. preparing to attend a intelligence officer. j u m such a policy, dinner party, and tryini; to "White said he guessed he, Arcxemena said he w i l l c a l cnd their children, Charles..'). better go back lo his boat and I a nat | ( , n ,,| referendum and Nancy, A. lo bed. "- '"' -·'-'··- "'- ··--- -"' She said her husband ha never discussed with her Ihcj possibility of his ever achiev''you'll tmr to come w i t h usi ing one of the most honored now.' He did." stations of his profession. i He nude a wonderful MI ··nut *.uu .11 ^ u i o - v u ." Arcxcmen.i saul lie w i i i c a l ,;,. better go back lo his boat and!., nMwn .\ referendum sooi; ,get his clothes. We were alli s ( , |hc w)l()lc cmin , r . c ., n 1( , ready lo sail and I told him.j c | c , 0 ,. vhc .| 1Pr ,,, ,,,,, ,,, hr( , ;lli ihcl'Son, if you want this job.:,,., ,,,,,,,, u . ||h CommunM mmuni |poverr.rncnts. The army wil I police the referendum ar.d th in- r( .,. u | nr n ., t i nn .,l e l e c t i o n . . . . . . . . ., . . . . . . . . . · . . "When we first came here.|lclligonce officer with the; t)(Uril wl)1 f o u n , , he v ( ) l r s _ ' it was w i t h some,"' i dcs:roycr r u t f i i . Burke said, she saiu. "We had planned^-atrr, R u r k p took him into to finish out here and then ! Task Force , r .S. where White return to Denver so llyron was a«'",nrd as assistant in- could practice again." Jcliigence otficcr in the fa Wrntr. before being l.ipprd mom i . n r i r r s t r i k e forte. j to become the deputy atlor-. B:u:r was duet of s t a f f for M " MrM ney general, practiced rtirjio- Adtn. A Milsdur. who r a t p !.,«-. c-mmind-cl T:i«k foice S 1 *. I'Vciicli Tol Kdckcl-* PARIS ( U P I ) -- I ran c car 'nod out six siiccessfi.! mis shots in the .Sal;ar. last wr'-k. t h e IVfcrrc Mm iHry irportrd F r t d i y . OF COLOR TV IN THE ENTIRE AREA THE QUALITY BUY IN COLOR TV! HAND-CRAFTED CHASSIS . ( i i ; r r n s - - \ o MIOK'K T I V Only /.M.:!h ( . - l i . r TV i t l i s c M l i r n r lljinl.Talii I l i i » n , u i l l i i u t i f t i luml \urc.l .itui l i i i u l s«I.!trc'i' u l c j | i M l i : i i l y x r t . n t i i.l i:nprj|ldi.l hl'iliU - - t u n /n:rh . i i l - t i u i a p i i i i ) - - H . T I / . U I . T I I w -^ ,, IS " U M I J I IT ·, '|. / 7_j.Jt1V». J| in in piiii'mim c !·.-·: Xf^'liAr!'' ^~«5T' ·' * o i o i s \\TIII /i:IK ni.\Kinn.A- '·'·""" , , p i . l u r e ^ i t l i l v \ o c\- :i !ll!'\ t i n t L-UC n U III ( I.I.T '1\'' I lio.M 7.1 M I H s l \ I . 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