Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 14
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Eureka Humboldt Standard from Eureka, California · Page 14

Eureka, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 14
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UUMBOW'f STANDARD Friday, April 6, 1962, Pago 14 THE FLINTSTONES By HANNA-BARBERA L TTLE ORPHAN ANNIE By Harold Gray YOU /WlOHTJUST \ AG weu. T POWN A / 0ARHEY/J FKEP* SEEMS,TO-RAYS WHH.E BUCK OH THE HftRSOR'S BUI IKT2M PKDK.BM. NOBOOV'P EVER COME IH HEBE, THFMUGII THAT MANGROVE THICKET. AND TM 1 ewe's R£«_ DRV, FOR BEIN' DOWN SO CLOSE- TO HIQH TIDE. AND LOOK f\T ALLTH'STUFPSOU.OR SOMEBOW. HAS SQUIRRELED UP HERE! CABMICHAEL FINISHED PRUNIN6 THAT 7r?eer.. ear A GAMS TOW.. WMADO'YUH KNOW.' YOU BiB KNOW WHERE YOU WERE LEADIM 1 USI WEIL.THIS SURE IS A HIDEOUT! VES,BflHIB! BUT ONE OF- 7HEIB, PATTOLS HAS JUST' STUMBLED ONTO IT. WftIT HERE! I SHSU. RETURN ; __ IS IT STILL DOWN THERE ftS WE LEFT IT. PUNJAB'? By V. I. Hamlfn MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs YOU DID IT! YOU DID tT{ I ) DIDNt THINK IT CCXJLP BE K*!E V BUT YQ 010 THERE Y'ARE, DOC...WHATCHA KA THAT? · WELL, HI. EV6KY- \ YOU COT US I «Y GOSH, CANT YOU JBODYI WELCOME./A PLENTIFUL TELL BY LOOKIN AT ,' BACK FROM SUPPLY OF L POOR OL' EUSTACE? ALDER CULCHi L GOLD, I HOPE I WHAT WOULD YOU \I DOuV KUOW CO,MK.WAVNE,JF\ ITHCULD YOUR HUSBAND WASIM/DEP6HDON5C !L AMDIVAUTEDY3U \MALJYTHIU5S. TO TAKE. HIM W«?) I'D WAIT AUC SE£/ VOU MEAW «. BY HEttT-BlTTTHBJ I K YOU'PPLAV SUES? THAT 1 ? NHATYOiP rr BV EAK? | MEAU.' i WISH i QDULO ADVlSSYDJ.BLricAHT. A FEN DAysf VISITIUS TIME ^ STOP worn iATH?... I |5 OHLY MIUUT6S) IM6 / SHETJ. AWAY.' OKIE GA)P /WD IT' 1 ? tO Jl)St BUGS BUNNY Y O U R B I R T H D A Y and Tomorrow LADilS DAY FRIDAY, AI'IUL G -- Bora lo- 3V, you have a distinct talent in he decorative arts and will he Saturday, April 7 ARIES (Mar. 21-Anr. 20)--Fin ish Saturday chores )ome an artist of note if vou de elop these talents. You have a morning and vou will have tl hirst for knowledge and will try balance of the day for recreation. o learn as much ahout everything is you can. Your difficulty will he hat you tend to scatter your taints over too broad an area and nd up by concentrating in none, n an age of specialization, this a mistake. TAURUS (Apr. 21-May 21) -Utilize today and tomorrow fo major persona! interests and you can avoid argument or dissent. GEMINI (May 22June 21) -Avoid all risk and look carefull By Chick Young H'!!*TM IT WAS A UWI" J VJRONG NUMBER, 1 --. ( BUT WE JUST SEEMED) V --/TO HIT IT OFF.--** Learn to concentrate on a single before you leap into anything new You've BEEN ON THE PHONE FOR A HALF HOUR--WHO WERE YOU TALKING TO 9 bjective. Start one U Be average and he happy! and only then go on to some- CANCEH (June 22-July 23) -- nng else. If you have foo manv "Beautiful! Now try it with the ball!" [fold to routine this mornin rons in (bo fire, vou may discov- r that you are getting exactly afternoon comes vou owhcre very fast! A hard worke hen interested in something, you ossess an enthusiasm that runs igh at times. At other limes, you LliO (July 24-Aug. 23) --Morn- ng hours are the best. Keep an eye out for trouble and avoid it ecome lethargic, even lazy. Culli- atc the ability lo work at a .eady pace. You will accomplish ore that way. Although you do have an artistic mperamcnl, you must not lean i it too much. Inspiration is fine, ut don't sit back wailing for it lo he rest o flhe day. VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sepl. 23)--This jould be a day for Ihc unexpected. ositive thinking helps to sidestep mcertainly. LIBRA (Sept. 24-Oct. 23)--Morn- By Frank O'Neal COME TOfKINK OF IT.I DONT THINK I'VE EVER SEEN SO WIND MM'.-WERE MUST BE EDO VJITtHES UP THERE ipear on the horizon. Keep busy 1 the lime, and in the midst of During the afternoon and evening, The girl with red hair and green eyes has built-in stop and go signals. CNtAt uline, ideas you have been wait keep an eve out for trouble. g for might easily arrive! SCORPIO Oct. 24-Nov. 22 You arc happiest when enter You could make a hasty decision aining in your own home and se- \vhich could prove troublesome cting friends of your own choos- so think before acting. You do not enjoy miscellan- SAGJTTARIUS (Nov. 23-DCC. 22) ous acquaintances as much --This can he a pleasant day for ou do those hand-picked friends health - building and hose interests are similar to our own. Wed someone of similar lelleciual tastes. Among Uiose horn on Ihis date ·e: John I'icrpont, poet; John oach Slraton, churchman and ithor: Anthonv II. G. Fokker. social plans. CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. 20)-Combine business with pleasure on this Saturday. Avoid risk-taking at all costs. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Fel). 7 SAl/EiWE A PLACE... ILL BETTHE(?lvtRI£RISIN6... IF THE WHOLE WORLD 6ET5 THE NEXT THIN6 TO KNOW FLOODED, A PITCHERS WOUND I I V I MAY BE BACK! //;; it! ^"^ . . _---Tf!ri · ! 60M6TOSTOP RAININ6! WELL BE HAVINS FLOODS... UJILL PROBABLY BE THE SAFEST PLACE TO STAND... \ day for leisure and social gath- i-plane designer: I-owell Thomas, but avoid risks at all costs in everything yon do. To find what the stars have in PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)--Take f you have to work lodav You may make some extra money responding paragraph. Let your but you also need resl! rthday star he your daily guide. "The school season should end and lei Ihc baseball sen- son take over!" MAIN T NO MORE - EF VJHUTEVER WAS IW THAR WAS HOOMINJ-THEY'D BE ·' LICKIN'THARCHOPS/.' TM WOLVES SNIFFED AROUND ITA PIT- AM'THEN RAN AWAY/T THET ONE IS HOOMIN.'.' ' TH'WEDDIN'.'/WE GOTTWOHOOMIKI WITNESSES Let's sea what you have in fools gold! By Nadine Seltzer Whaddya mean, you've stopped drinking?" DAVY JONES By Left and McWilliams 'Honey, have you seen my glasses? --1 seem to hava misplaced them this morning!" I'D LIKE TO GO ALONG. 1 THERE MAY BE TROUBLE ! BETWEEN LIZ 80RDIN ANP SUZY BENAY.' YOUR SIRL5 ARE \ MR. JONEsJ READY TO DIVE ON THEIR OWN, MISS KIRKLAND.' THANK YOU... BUT THE 6IRLS' BEHAVIOR IS STRICTLY A SCHOOL CONCERN.' By Fagaly and Shorten THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW THIS TRIP WILL BE A JCY NEXT YEAR, LAST ysAR-wrTH THE? OLD JALOPY.. Tn'EIB. VACATION WAS A SREEZc '. SMOOTrt WVHENT EVBRYWHERgr ABBIE and SLATS Raeburn Van Buren VOUGOTIT/1LLWRON6. MAW-FRIED DISASTER IS VERY NUTRITIOUS---ONCE YOU GET IT mST YOUR *p NSVSR SfW (MIS VEAR,,.IN TMSie ( SO MANY PETOURSi;'v SSANP NEW NAUSSS S-V IN MY LIFE .' r~5Y RAN INTO MORE- EOAP BLOCKS THAN OH THWAYTO K THAT ISN'T COOKINS. THAT'S A CLEAR CASE OF (COUSH. 1 ) PRB/MEBITATEP MUROER.' you'd better read one mor» chaptori Pop. I think the sandman ii goofin' off I"

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