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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
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Tuesday, February 25, 1969
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A.2--INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM |PM) Lt "" *"*·· c ' m - tu! " Mk r " 1 NEA1. WOODWARD STREISAND REDGRAVi: 0'T(K)LE ARK1N MOODY ROBERTSON BATES PEOPLE 11N THE NENVS Motion Picture Academy Picks Its Best for Oscar Race K a t b n r i n v Hepburn, twice winner of an Academy Award, was nominated for a record l l t b time Monday for the best actress of the year. The freckled actress, who won last year's Oscar in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," was nominated again for "The Lion in Winter." She is now one ahead of Bette Davis for most Oscar nominations. Sharing the spotlight with Miss Hepburn in the ·list annual Academy Awards race was "Oliver!", the musical version of Charles Dickens' classic "Oliver Twist," which garnered nominations in 11 categories including best picture of the year. Miss Hepburn faces formidable opposition from two former Oscar winners, Patricia Neal, in "The Subject Was Roses," and Joanne Woodward in "Rachel, Rachel." Another strong opponent is Barbra tue Reds Advancing on Saigon Combined News Services SAIGON, Tuesday -- B-52 bombers and Allied ·.artillery pounded the Saigon defense perimeter with · thousands of artillery rounds and a million pounds : of bombs in an effort to stop the reported advance · of 40,000 Communist troops toward the capital. I HTT7ERJSTA.TIO3SrA.lJ While the windows and doors of the capital rattled all ; night and past dawn to the thud of the defensive : -bombardments. Communist gunners shelled 50 more !' towns and bases throughout the country in the third · day of their nationwide offensive. Eight major U.S. ' bases came under fire overnight, including the U.S. 1st Infantry Division base camp 30 miles northeast I of Saigon and two other large installations within · 40 miles of the capital. Damage and casualties were ;. reported "light" at all the bases. Three ground bat- · tics with Allied troops were fought within 14 miles ; of the capital. American intelligence' said the wave i of Communist shellings, which began early Sunday · and had hit more than 200 times by this morning, were diversions to allow Communist troops lo close · in on Saigon. Berlin Deal Cooking ; NEW YORK -- West German Foreign Minister · Willy Brandt confirmed Monday that his government ; was "discussing the possibility of a deal" to resolve · Communist objections to the upcoming presidential · vote in West Berlin. Brandt denied that the election ^ issue would reach crisis proportions. "We are not · moving toward a major crisis because, I think, the leaders of the Soviet Union have a major interest in · talks on various subjects with the United States." ; Brandt, said that in transatlantic telephone talks with Chancellor Kurt Georg iKesinger and other West German officials he got "the impression that the Soviet Union is interested in a deal, and that my government is discussing the possibility of a deal But we only can discuss it seriously if we know what would be the real changes," he added. Britain Issues France Invitation, Warning LONDON -- Britain expressed willingness Monday to hold talks with France at any time on pro- · posed European reorganization but warned President De Gaulle it would not allow him to "put a veto on all progress in Europe." Speaking to a packed House of Commons, British Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart said, "We are ready at any t i m e for t a l k s with the French government provided they under- s t a n d how we s t a n d on essentials of security and European unity," Stewart said. "But none of us can accept a position in which France tries to put a veto . on all progress in Europe." The British-French row ','· centered on an alleged proposal by De Gaulle to re- · organize Europe which the British said would in:. elude scrapping NATO and the Common Market. IEgypt at 'Maximum Alert' for Israeli Attack *' CAIRO, Tuesday -- Egypt declared a stale of · "maximum alert" today to prepare against possible I repetitions of the massive Israeli airstrike againsl ' A r a b commando bases in Syria. Arab guerrillas '.' shelled I h u country home of Israeli Premier Lcvi · Eshkol from posilions in Jordan. Eshkol was in Jertt- I salem at t h e t i m e of the Monday night attack. The · guerrilla attack and the Egyptian announcement fol- .' fowed raids by Israeli fighter-bombers Monday on iwo Arab commando bases on t h e doorstep of Da' mascus. It was the biggest air raid in the Mideasl -. Mure the 19b7 war. and Israel claimed both bases ; were bl.-iMrd i n t o f l a m i n g ruins and two Syrian MIG ; · jets shot down. . O'Neill Denied Mandate, in frisli Victory :· BELFAST, North Ireland -- Northern Ireland's '.. voters denied Prime Minister Terence O'Neill Mon- -·; day the overwhelming mandate he had sought to '· raim the country's turbulent Protestant-Roman Cath- ·', olic feuding. Although his ruling Unionist parly was .': returned lo p a i l i a m e n t a r y power, O'Neill was unable -;. lo smash a powerful rebel faction clamoring for his ,"· removal as party leader. And he won only an embar- ',", rassing marginal victory in a face-to-face election · confrontation with ih; a n t i - C a t h o l i c firebrand, the .' Rev. Ian 1'aislev. Pope Considering Spring Trip to A f r i c a VATICAN CITY -- Pope I'aul VI is a p p a r e n t l y considering a spring t r i p lo Africa Ibis year, Vatican sources said Monday. It would be the first such visit by a pontiff to that continent. The sources said Ihe Msgr. Paul Marcinkus of Chicago, the Pope's advance man for all his trips abroad, returned to Rome several days ago after visiting several African countries \ 3SrA.TIOSTA.Iq I President Asks New Ceiling on U.S. Debt WASHINGTON -- President Nixon asked Congress Monday to raise the ceiling on the federal debt from $365 billion to ?382 billion and adopt a new way of figuring how much the government owes. The revised accounting approach would produce no dollars-and-cents difference in the amount of money Ihe government is in the red. But it would state the debt' in different terms and at the moment that would mean a somewhat brighler federal balance sheet. Instead of $363 billion, the debt would be less than $2!):{ billion under Nixon's proposed changes, and instead of requiring a new limit of $382 billion, a ceiling of only $300 billion would be necessary. The change must, be approved by Congress. On Capitol Hill, chairman Wilbur Mills, D-Ark., announced t h a t his House Ways and Means Committee would break off current hearings on tax reform and begin consideration of the package of debt legislation on March 5. A congressman powerful in determining fiscal matters -- he declined lo be identified -summed up some of the opposition Nixon's accounting change proposal will encounter. "It represents a suggestion that we be something less than frank in slating the size of our obb'gation. It tends to minimize the debt and the fiscal difficulties which con- f r o n t us." Caplin Says: Tax Tax-Exempt Groups WASHINGTON --A former head of the Internal Revenue Sen-ice urged Congress Monday lo tax- business profits of all exempted groups, such as church-owned girdle factories, school bookstores. Girl Scout magazines and farmer cooperatives. Mortimer M. Caplin, IRS chief in the Kennedy Adminis- t r a t i o n , told the House Ways and Means Committee t h a i tax-exempt organizations and groups have an "unfair business competition." The committee is investigating abuses in the tax laws. New Laws Urged to Cover Dangerous Toys WASHINGTON -- Citing cribs which strangle, the 600-degree temperatures from some toy electric stoves, and blow gun darts that can be inhaled, the National Commission on Product Safety called Monday for legislation lo make the things children use safer. The commission was created under the Child Protection Act of 1366. It said that act, covering only flammable or pressurized toys, was inadequate. II said the Health. Education and Welfare Depart- m e n t should be given a u t h o r i t y lo prolecl "against hazards which are electrical, mechanical and thermal" in articles used by children. Hickel to Replace. Conservation Head* WASHINGTON -- Secretary of Interior Walter J. Hickel has decided to replace the heads of several key conservation and natural resource divisions of the Department of Interior, the New York Times Service reports. Congressional sources forecast a ·'general house cleaning" in the key bureaus, many o? which now are headed by career personnel named during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. It is not unusual for major changes to be made in key federal bureaus, but in recent years an effort has been made to have career or professional personnel head Ihe conservation-natural resource development bureaus, such as the National Park Service. The Kennedy and Johnson administrations held over several appointees from the Eisenhower A d m i n i s t r a t i o n . .\ixon Reported Selling Island Stock MIAMI -- The Miami Herald said today (Tuesday) l h a t President Nixon plans to sell his interest in 'an island off Miami Beach for $350,000. Nixon is selling about 175,000 shares of slock in the Fisher Island Corp. to avoid any chance of a conflict of interest charge lhat might arise from future development of the island. The corporation is headed by Nixon's close friend, C. G. (Bebe) Rebozo. Campus Unrest Across Nation Forty Negro students seized a building at. R u l - jjers University Monday and threatened to destroy switchboard equipment inside it if police interfered. S t u d e n t s al Alabama's predominantly Negro Slillman College chained t h e doors of the student union and challenged a u t h o r i t i e s lo oust them. About 150 shouting, chanting · protesters invaded Ihe slaid Quadrangle Club, a faculty refuge, at the University of Chicago. At tiny Wiley college in Marshall, Tex., where the Texas Rangers were called out last wenk, students again barricaded classroom entrances. Campus ferment c n n t i n u r d in h a l f a dozen other areas of the nation. Streisand with a powerful performance in her first movie, "Funny Girl." The fifth nominee is Vanessa Redgrave in "Isadora." None of the five best actor candidates has pre- v i o u s 1 y won. Peter OToole, picked for "The Lion in Winter," had been nominated Iwice previously. Alan Arkin, cited for "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter," had 'been nominated once before. Also nominated for besl actor were Ron Moody (Oliver!), Cliff Robertson (Charly) and Alan Bates (The Fixer). "Funny Girl," "The Lion in Winter," "Rachel, Rachel" and "Romeo and Juliet" were nominated for best picture, along will) "Oliver!" Best supporting actress nominees were Lynn Carlin (Faces), Ruth Gordon (Rosemary's Baby), Sondra Locke (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter), Kay Medford (Funny Girl) and Estelle Parsons (Rachel, Rachel). Jack Wild (Oliver!), Jack Albeitson (The Subject Was Roses), Seymour Cassel (Faces), Daniel Massey (Star), and Gene Wilder ('I he Producers) were the best supporting actor nominees. Nominated for best, director were Carol Reed (Oliver!), Gilio Pontecorvo (The Battle of Algiers), Franco Zeffirelli (Romcn and Juliet), Anthony Harvey (The Lion in Winter) and Stanley Kubrick (2001: A Space Odyssey). HUMILIATING A former aide of President Johnson suggested Monday in Los Angeles that the office of vice president of the U.S. should be abolished because "it is demeaning and humiliating to any man of caliber." Historian Eric F. Goldman, former White House intellectual in residence and the author of a hook on the Johnson Administration, proposed a caretaker government assume the powers of the president if he should die u n t i l regular elections could be conduced. SPACEMEN FOGGED A "field trip" to the ragged Quitman mountains near El Paso, Tex., by four astronauts, two of them moonbound, scheduled for Monday was postponed at Ihe last minute until today because a duise fog kept the astronauts on the ground in Houston. Scheduled to make the trip were Neil Armstrong, who will command the first moon landing crew of Apollo 11, and crewmember Edwin Aldrin. The other two scheduled to take part in the exercise were Jim Lovcll, one of the first three men to circle the moon, and rookie Fred Haise. The schedule calls for an exercise to sec how much va- n'ely the astronauts can in a 50-pound collcc lion of rocks. JUST FINE former President Truman "is just fine and ready to go home" from the hospital, his daughter, Margaret Truman Daniel, said Monday. Truman, 84, has recovered from a sudden attack of the flu but remains hospitalized to undergo his first thorough physical checkup in three years. HASTY AH-' ARI Carol Burnett was h o n - ored M o n d a y for h f r "great acting skill and feminine q u a l i t y " by H a r - vard's Hasty Pudding Club. Said Miss Burned: "I was never oven asked run for a dale \vhcii 1 was in school and now I'm g e t t i n g an award from all these men." PRINCE'S Prince Charles, Britain's future king, sat in a garbage can Monday night and sang a song called "Let's Get Drunk W i l h Many the Monk." The 20- year-old heir to the throne appeared on stage in t h e dress rehearsal for a Cambridge University revue entitled "Revolution." TOP COP The Atlantic Monthly. in a supplement titled, "The Police and the Resl of Us/' Monday credited ,Los Angeles Chief Thomas Reddin with making "Los Angeles once again proud of its police force." The article praised Reddin for initiating progressive reforms and inspiring confidence in the public. CRIME FIGHTER Charles II. Rogovin, r.s. an assistant attorney gen- oral of Massachusetts, \v;is chosen Monday to licail the federal government's new crime-fighting ageni-y. Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell said Rogovin, a Democrat, will be nominated ly President Nixon to be administrator of the Law Enforcement Assistance A d m i n i s t r a t i o n . The law cnforceinoni a d m i n i s t r a t o r supervise-, programs created u n d e r I h r IflfiS Omnibus CrinK Control and Safe Siren-: Act. Eventually, the apen cy is cxpecipil l" adnuni'.- ter ii billiuii-ilrill.'u' p i o gram TUl{EAT-DKATH A 52-year-old Ncgnt, charged last week by the FBI w i t h sending threatening letters to two persons active in George Wallace's presidential campaign, was found shot to death Monday. The body of Willie Lee Payne was found by his son in a wooded area near Thomasville, N.C. Hi: had been shot twice in Hit; head. INDEPENDENT Phone 415-1H1 Classified m-«n Tucjdav, Fehurary 25* W Vol. J!, No. 10 Published flallv except Saturday «nrf Sunday at Sixth St. and Pine Av«. ( Lo;'o n(Mch u, Calif. Entered as second ci^ matter May 27. l?43, at Long Beach 7. C u l l l. AdludlcniKt by Superior comi Los Angeles County. Oct. *. 1?H, 0* trie No. C-IOUO. 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