Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1966 · Page 20
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 20

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 20
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH ?, 1966 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 21 Goddard Upset Over RoadToD Driver Schools Program LOW prices ·%!« ** PHOENIX -to- Gov. Sam Goddard, "troubled and upset" by Arizona's 1966 traffic statistics, wants a statewide program of driver improvement schools. The governor, at a press conference this afternoon, will ask for adoption of a 10-hour course established by the National Safety Council. His plea for the safety program will come after an informal meeting with traffic experts to discuss the program. John Menhennent, chief of the Arizona Safety Council Inc., said, "We plan to throw ideas around, look for any clue or any pattern to the terrible accidents we have had of late." The group will consider data supplied by .Phoenix Police Chief Paul Blubaum and Greg Hathaway, head of the Arizona Highway Patrol. "If we can get 200,000 people through the course in the next five years," Hathaway said, "then we can almost guarantee a 25 per cent reduction in the traffic accident rate." Others attending the meeting will be John Green, chief of the State Highway Department's traffic safety division; Earl O'Clair, head of the driving license division, and David Campbell, superintendent of the Arizona Highway Patrol. Astronaut Borman 111 In Australia PERTH, Australia -- (I) -American astronaut Col. Frank Borman is confined to his hotel room in Perth, Australia, with an infected throat and ear trouble. Borman and astronaut Capt. Walter Schirra were to have flown to Carnarvon early today to visit the space tracking station which helped them on the Gemini flight last December. But Schirra was the only astronaut aboard when the plane flew the 600 miles north to Carnarvon. Cattlemen's Group Elects Sonoita Man Robert Bowman, a Sonoita rancher, has been elected president of the Southern Arizona Cattlemen's Protective Association. Other officers elected at yes terday's meeting at the Pioneer International Hotel were Ceci' England, Florence, first vice president; Fred Boice, Arivaca second vice president; Dame Clarke, Tucson, treasurer, am Richard Reed, Florence, secre tary. Directors from the three counties, Final, Puna and Santa Cruz, which make up the association, also were reelected. From Pima are J. R. Gardner, John King, Clarence Britain and Frank Boice. Those from Santa Cruz are Horton Noon, Robert Hathaway, William Piper and Thomas Bell. Fred Ash. Boyd Wilson, Virgil Mercer and Patrick White were chosen to represent Final. LSs WVUJU 8R\ *f DISCOUNT SUPERMARKETS V EVERYTHING YOU BUY... J YOU BUY FOR LESS Boby Food*. GERBERS STRAINED HIGH MEAT DINNERS MODILAC LIQUID 18' 23' Crackers Cookies OREO CREME SANDWICH BURRY SCOOTER PIES Beverages SHASTA BEYERA6ES SEVEN-UP^* 6*0,53' ROYAL CROWN COLA 5T 6^53° Cereals SUGAR CORN POPS Kellogg 12-oz. Box 44° POST TOASTIES 18 ,, Box , 38° BIG'G fr WHEATIES 18 ,, B o*., 45° SUNSHINE KRISPY CRACKERS 1 lb. Box 31 KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP Quart Jar · 53 Pet Foods CAT FOOD IfCU I DATIAU Meat Liver Dog IVCIl'L'KAIlUn Food--1514-oz. Can . KAL KAN HORSE MEAT £?'... NABISCO MILK BONE K , 2 Pkg . 14° 17° 25° 40° Conned Meats Jury Acquits Delmar Sells Delmar W. Sells, of Albuquerque, has been found innocent by a federal court jury of transporting a forged and counterfeited $31 bank money order across state lines. Sells was accused of transporting the money order from Tucson to Los Angeles June 8, 1964. Tucsonian Attends Meet On Juvemles A Tucson woman left today for San Francisco to take part in a conference on juvenile problems which will include Parent- Teacher Association leaders, from 13 western states. Mrs. B. L. Clark of 2726 N. Winstel Blvd. : is juvenile protection chairman for the Arizona Congress of Parents and Teachers. DAY N/TE 'OXYGEN SERVICE Molki-Croup ft Rifrlg. TentJ A*reiol Unirt-I.P.P.B. Unix ''Evtrytbint for itt Sickroom* 1501E. Broadway 822-8821 ' LIBBY CORNED BEEF CHILI W/BEANS^T ROAST BEEF HASH 12-oz. Can 55° 82 Sf 1 !".. 49° · Canned Fish ORLEANS SHRIMP SSTc» .... 59° DEL MONTE SALMON S* Can 79° Flour Mixes CAKE MIX ALBERS CORN MEAL ,,. Box ALL-PURPOSE FLOUR 39° 33° 45° LUCKY PAPER TOWELS Giant Roll 23 FILTER KING SIZE CIGARETTES Ctn 2 plus tax Margarine Milk NUCOA S rgarine SANALAC l-lb. Ctn. Instant Non-Fat Milk. lOVi-gal, Pkg NON-FAT DRY MILK "£,, Box 29' $1.56 95' 37' KNORR SOUP MIX 2 , k , Pkg . CAMPBELL SOUP 'Sgi'S. 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King Size Tube. S1.09 value!--Our Low Price KOTEX TAMPONS. Pkg. of 40-- $1.59 Value! Our Low Price ............... 56' 84" 51.19 PEPTO BISMOL TABLETS. Large Pkg. 98c Value! Our Low Price $JL 76 STAINLESS STEEL 10" FRY PANS Replace that worn-out skillet with this modern designed pan. Sturdy Bakclite handle. S2.79 VALUE! OUR LOW PRICE 1 29 MISS BRECK HAIR SPRAY. Large size. 99c Value! Our Low Price SETTING LOTION. Reg or Extra hard to hold. BRECK. $1.00 Value! Our Low Price BUFFERIN TABLETS. Bottle of 100 $1.39 Value! Our Low Price .......... $1,04 EASTGATE PLAZA: 5667 E. Speedway NORTHGATE: Grant Road at Alvernon COUNTY FAIR: 22nd at Craycroft PUEBLO PLAZA: 22nd St. at Cherry GOODMAN'S MARKET: Green Valley store hours: daily 9-.30 am to 6:30 pm * ctosed Sunday SOUfflGATE: So. MAve. at Freeway umSTQRi HOURS SWANWAY PL70»: Broadway at Swan * 9a.m,to9p.m.-Da^ AMPHI PLAZA: 1st Ave. at Ft* Lowell 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.-Sunday

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