Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on February 21, 1973 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1973
Page 5
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Northw** Arkansas TIMES, Wed., fob. 21, 1973 *AV«TT«VH.LB, ARKANSAS _ . · S FEBRUARY 22 ONLY ON THE SQUARE DOWNTOWN FAYETTEVILLE BETTER FASHIONS Second Floor DRESS COATS in wool by Youthcraft In sizes 14 and 16. George says to hurry on this great bargain iOff DRESS COATS in wool with fur trim. 2 only in size 12. These are too great to 1 Alt turn down by George 3 vll LADIES DRESSES in wide assortment of styles and colors: Sizes 6-20. We cannot JL All tell a He--these are great buys at 2 Vll DRESSES Old George would not believe it and you won't until you see this nice selection of which many are perfect for spring and summer. Sizes 6-18 EVENING WEAR. Rack of short evening dresses. Only a few left, so don't miss them LONG DRESSES. A wide selection. Martha would love to wear one of these for JL All George's birthday celebration. Sizes 6-18. 2 Vll WINTER COATS to prepare you for the next Valley Forge winter in Arkansas. 1 Black Cashmere. Size 10. Reg. $69.98. .Vi Off 2 Camel Hair plaid coats. Sizes 10-12. Reg. $129.98 . 'A Off 2 Canvas boot length Coats with hoods. Sizes 8 and 12. Reg. $59.98 14 Off 2 Fake Fur with Vinyl trim. Sizes 8 and 10. Reg. $115.98 14 Off 1 White Wool with Persian Lamb trim. Size 8. Reg. $169.98 14 Off COATS. Others from pant length to boot length In tapestry, fake fur, fake suede. JL All Sizes 8-16 2 VII ALL-WEATHER COATS. 4 only, 3 in nylon, sizes 8, 10, 14. 1 navy London Fog size 4 petite SPORTSWEAR Second Floor WOOL PLAID CAPES with hood and fringe JL All bottom. 5 only. Reg. $25.98 . 2 VII PILE JACKETS. 3 only. 1 beige, 2 purple. t4F AA Sizes 8, 10, 12. Reg. $32.98 * I J.VV SUEDE JACKETS. Beautiful shade of light purple. Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14. 4 only. _1 Aff Reg. $75.98 . . . . . 2 VII JACKETS. Group from co-ordi- nated sets. Some solid, some stripes, one check. Values $7 AA £l( AA from $15.98 to $45.98 *I.UU r *l J.UU JR. LONG DRESSES. Group from fall and Holiday line. Martha will turn green with t* A AA envy at the party. Were $70 to $140 .. * J«UW SHRINKS. One group, some angora, some JL Aff with appliques in bright and vivid colors 2 JEANS for cherry tree chopping. Group ol good colors and sizes from regular stock.. PARTY SHOP Street Floor Off 1973 CALENDARS. Count days until George's birthday next year. Few ehil- dren's calendars also. Reg. $1.50-$?,50.. PARTY GOODS. Odds and ends of napkins, cups, plates, invitations, fable JL All cloth*. Martha won't mind 2 vll STATIONERY. Several assorted boxes. 1 Aff Up to $2.50 .:.... 2 VII POSTERS. Assorted designs and pictures. And we can not lie. A few have small tears. Reg. $1.00-$2.50 FOUNDATIONS Second Floor BRA SLIPS. Martha never heard of Mich. JL Aff Broken sizes. Reg. $9.00-$11.00 . . . . . . . 2 VII GROUP of Girdles and Parity LINGERIE DEPT. Street Floor PEIGNOIR SETS, Any small Martha would look pretty in one of these. 5 only. Values up to $50.00 CHOOSE A BARGAIN from our selection of Robes and Loungers-- 1 only large long fleece robe. Reg. $11.98 $5.99 3 only long tricot loungers. Reg. $24.98... .$10.99 2 only long lounger with quilt skirt. ,Reg. $16.98 $9.99 1 only size 16 crepe Palazzo Cullptte. Reg. $33.00 ; . . . . . . . .$12:99 1 only size medium print Cullotte. Reg. $19.98. .$9.99 4 only short short cotton quilt robes. Reg. $7.98, $3,00 1 only short fleece green robe. Reg. $16.98. . .$9.99 2 only short short black Cullotte. small sizes. Reg. $9.98 $4.99 BRAS. A Group of broken size* · ·nd discontinued style, at }A 0 / [ An,/ AU ch.rry picking savings ...... JU /OOU /O Vll LADIES' ACCESSORIES Street Floor 88c Off CHARMS of varied motifs from Campbell- Bell Jewelry Dept. George charmed the JL All ladies and so can you with these 2 Vll Look What 22c Will Buy- Sheer Hose--broken sizes Tulip Roses To Hold Scented Candles Shin Shams to make shoes into boots Wiglet Boxes to hold your hair piece BANK on this for a bargain in savings colorful animal banks SLIPPERS. Martha would be delighted to wear these little gold and silver slippers. PANTY HOSE. You can trip the light fantastic" wearing opaque panty hose. t| AA Were $1.49 to $3.50 *|.UW JEWELS are one way to a lady's heart. Choose sparkling dinner rings and costume pieces. We've used a hatchet on the pricetagi! 20% OFF SWEATSHIRTS. A battle may ensue over J| AA these Bulldog and Razorback sweatshirts I ·"" INCENSE. Spray gold in the air! At this price you can afford intriguing frankin- aft- cense or myrrh 99%* VANITY CASES for general personal use These vanity cases by Celebrity will hold all your personal items for travel or J J i_ J4J overnire use Look for satin Jewel Cases 88c PURSES. We cannot tell a lie about these purse prices that call a halt $7 f ft $10 to inflation * "» '** COIN PURSES. Pocket the savings from this purchase right back in a beaded or leather coin purse. t4 IT J| QQ Reg. $2.00 to $2.50 * I.W* l«^7 Bathe with luxurious bath and body lotions BODY SUITS in cherry pink or red. £3 I A 1 1 I A Also other colors ............. ·*' ^-"t.17 COPY-MATE. Need to have copies mad» of important papers? Save by using your own Copy-Mate and make your own. 2 only. George could have used one. JiQ QQ I7g " CANVAS LUGGAGE. Going over- nite to George's party? Use. our " lightweight zippered canvas lug- t J Q Q t Q QQ gage in an assortment of colors. . , , ' DRESS GLOVES in leather. 4 pair of size 6 only. Reg. $10.98 . . . . . . . . . KNIT MITTENS. 4 pair of 1 size stretch. Reg. $2.98 $ WO $1.00 Sett Warm Enough for Mt. Vernon Scarf and Hat Set. Reg. $8.98 . . . . $4.49 Hat and Mitten Set. Reg. $3.98 . . . . . . . . .$2.50 Scarf and Hat Set. Reg. $3.98 . . . . . .$2.50 TOPS. Long sleeve turtleneck nykmtopi. Small and medium sizes only. Purple, J green, brown. Reg. $3.98 ..,.-'.· APACHE SCARF to wear in th« hair or around the neck in assorttd solid* and prints. A good buy for any Martha to wear BUDGET FASHIONS Street Floor JEANS. Group of novelty velour and corduroy. Martha will want a pairl Reg. $8.98 to $12:98 TOPS..Long and short sleeve in cotton and acrylic LONG DRESSES. 21 only in prints and solids. Hurry before Martha buys them all. Reg. $19.98 to $24.98 LONG COATS. 5 only in corduroy, polyester, wool and nyton blend. Great for Ihose Mt. Vernon winters in Arkansas. Reg, $35.98 to $69.98 VINYL COATS. Fake fur trim. 3 brown ones only. More fit for a queen than George. Reg. $49.98 t-OB 3 iOff $26.00 $26.00 M.M SOt HOSIERY DEPT. Street Floor OPAQUE PANTY HOSE. All sheer to the waist in black, cocoa, navy, plum. Sizes S, M, and L. Values to $3.50 BODY SUITS. Sleeveless tank top knit body suits in two-tone colors. Black/White,, Purple/Pink, Yellow/Orange. Reg. $3.98 $1.00 $1.00 GIRLS-INFANTS Second Flpor WINTER COATS. 1 tan vinyl suede with fur trim around hood. 1 purple pilo coat with hood, boot length. Both size 12. Were $26.98 · RAINCOAT, vinyl Daisy Print. One only. Was $5.98 MAXI-COAT. Only one size 4, all weather coat with zip off bottom and zip out lining. Perfect for a Mt. Vernon winter. Reg. $24.98 v GIRLS' BLOUSES- Slip Blouse with lace trim. Sizes 3 and 6 only. Dress Blouse, white, size 5 and heavy. in size 6. Long sleeve red, white, blue shirt blouses. Sizes 5 and 6. Reg. $4.50 SKI SUITS for Boys and Girls. Cotton fleece. Red, white and blue, sizes 12 months. Toddler 4, Reg. $8.98 BOYS SUITS AND GIRLS DRESSES for Razorback supporters. Infant sizes S, M, L., Toddler sizes 2-4. Were $8.98 GIRLS DRESSES. Small group of Shutterbugs, voile and cotton dressy print. Sizes 6-12. Reg. $4.99 to $8.98. Martha Liked Them at BOYS HEALTH-TEX Playwear. Heavy on Size 4 , Boys INFANT ROBES, 2 only INFANT ROMPER SUITS, 2 only BOYS OVERALLS with snap crotch. 2 only. Size 4T. Perfect' for romping around the cherry tree . · · ·;· · WINTER SLEEPWEAR for Girls. Heavy on Size 3X S? QQ T/Vi ! 7» $1 ? Oft f| *' I ° i Off $3.99 $3.99 99c 99c Off TRUMPETER SHOP DOUBLE KNIT SLACKS. Va|ues wto $30.00 .. $t290 2 For $2500 TIES. Values to $8.50 3 for $5.00 SWEATERS. Entire stock. Values to $45. lAfl/ All George could not lie about this bargain W /P VII TOP COATS. Double knit. London Fog. Navy and black. 4 only. Reg. $85.00. CARCOATS in wool, corduroy; also Nylon Parkas . · MEN'S SUITS. Hart-Sehaffner-Marx, Griffon, Vorsity Town, Lincoln Park. Wool, Double knit, Dacren wool. Valuer, from $100.00 to $160.00 ... SPORT COATS. Reg. $90 to $145 CORDUROY SPORT COATS. Burgundy. IB only. Reg. $45 to $50 40% Off 559,579 BRIAR SHOP SLACKS. All wool pattern and flair leg. Values to $30.00 2 for $25.00 YOUNG MEN'S SUITS by Crick- eteer. Values to $100.00 FARAH JEANS. Solids, Patterns, Corduroys $50,$60, $67 BOYS 1 DEPT. Street Floor WINTER JACKETS. Broken sizes. JL All Values to $40.00 3 VBl JEANS and DRESS SLACKS £(|0/ Aff Save up to DU/O UII KNJT SHIRTS. JL '· ' f -t long sleeve ·* SPORT and DRESS SHIRTS. Long sleeve in regular and husky . . . CARDIGANS and SWEATER VESTS. Perfect for that Yankee Doodle Dandy JEANS in. velour corduroy. Slims, regulars, £( QQ huskies. Values to $10.00 Jl7 * Of! ,51.70 NOTIONS-LINENS Street Floor SCHOOL PLAY PADS. Reg. $2.50 PIN CUSHION. Crewel stitehery kit. Martha loves them for sewing. Reg. $2.00 . : HOSTESS APRON. Ready to embroider- thread included. Use it for George's party. Reg. $1.98 !...... TAPESTRY YARD. Reg. 55c . . ,..Vi.-.-. Sv,.-. w-;.'. . · . ».·.-.,. PLACE MATS and NAPKINS. A few odd ones. George didn't use them but you can LINEN TABLECLOTH and 6 napkins. 66- inch round. Almost like Martha's heirloom. Aged and spotted. Reg. $29.98. . . TWIN BEDSPREADS. 2 only, lazy Daisy Patterns. Reg. $24.98 ea $22.00 for both BEDSPREADS. 3 only. Full, quilted, Martha spent hours at the quilting bee. Reg. 24.98 CALENDARS, 1973. 6 Felt Ones. Reg. $2.00 , . . . , . SHOWER CURTAINS. Acetate. Solid Color. Reg. $6.98 SHOWER CURTAINS. Acetate. Matching Drapes. Floral Design. Reg. $11.98 $1.22 $1.22 $1.22 22c 22c $1122 EACH $12J2 $1J2 $2.92 UNIFORM DEPT. Street Floor FASHIONABLE TOPS to wear with skirts JL or pants. Were up to $11.98 2 BLACK UNIFORMS. 3 only. Sizes 8, 10, 14. Great for serving cherry pie WHITE UNIFORMS of Bengaline cotton. Broken sizes. From 3 to 18Vi BARGAIN BASEMENT ONE RACK--Ladies double knit dresses. Sizes 10-20. Values to $19.98 13 ONLY -- Ladies coats, short or long styles. Sizes 10-18. Values to $45.00.... 50 ONLY -- Men's long sleeve Ban-Ion knit shirts. Sizes S-M-l-XL. Vol. to $7.98 ONE GROUP -- Men's winter caps. All kinds of styles. Reg. $1.98 and $2.98 ENTIRE STOCK -- Men's and boys winter [ackers. Not all sizes left. While they last ONE LARGE GROUP - Flare leg jeans. Corduroys, brushed denims and others. Values to $10. Sizes 28 to 36 ENTIRE STOCK -- Men's long sleeve dress or sport shirts. All sizes, good selection . . ENTIRE STOCK - Boys long sleeve sport. shirts and knit shirts. Sizes 3-18. Values to $4.98 MEN'S ORLON SOCKS -- Select irregulars of $1.00 values. Extra good buy GIRLS SPORTSWEAR - Dresses, slack suits, slack sets, blouses and skirts. Sizes 2-14.., ONE TABLE -- ladies jeans, sweaters, and knit blouses ONE DAY ONLYII1III DOUBLE KNIT SOLIDS AND YARN DYED FANCIES. THE VERY BEST YOU CAN BUY. THURS- t DAY, FEB. 22. Values to $4.98.... '* I 52.00 ibif Jl_ Aff 3 VII t Off 69 c 4 Off Off QA V| I .77 |U.

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