Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 10
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 10

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 10
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- ^O-INDEPENDtNT (AM) " PRESS-1ELEGRAM (PM) I*,. M.CI., CUM,, M«., j... ». im ~"~ " By Johnny Hart | I'll ABNER ByAlCopp, MISS PEACH by Mell Lazarus MR.SKIMMI5.' \ KOERT WIWTE HIS FIWT TODAY.' KINP OF 6ET$ YOU RlSHT HEKE, DOESN'T IT? W r f ^C - * iySTWVlP. ANIMAL CRACKERS By Rog Bowen "I cooked your breakfast and served it to ' DM NEVER 60IN' WTO WfTBNW 6USlfJKS. ft GET LONESOME FOR EVERVTHINS 1 SOLO. . CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Anlic 5 Bill Bailey article 9 Edible seaweed 27 Patriotic 9' 29 There. Lat. 31 Hindu title 32 " - o f G o o d Feelings" 14 Column note 33 Cheats 15 Mountain: pref. 16 Charles Hughes 17 Auntie 18 Vistas; nation's headlands? 20 Plod in mud 21 Open 22 Holy 23 Pour oil on 25 Ore raters 36 French duchy 40 Opposite of grasshopper 41 Least difficult 43 Sea bird 44 Also-ran 46 Roman friends 47 It's m the fire 48 Greek E 50 B'waysign Solution to Saturday's Puzrle: 51 Ziegfield . 52 Puts in Coventry 57 Grafted: her. 59 Hockey gr. 60 Run again 62 Region 65 First in peace 67 Invitation iniis. 68 Palm 69 French R. 70 Acts 71 French historian 72 Ivan, e.g 73 Feminine suffix DOWN 1 Fades 2 Suffix for cap and dig 3 Donkey followers 4 Last one 5 Gem of tho ocean 6 Algerian city 7 High-id society S Presages 9 13 states made one 10 Grape: Lat. 11 Error 12 Scoff 13 Curves 19 Back-talk 24 Believer in freedom 25 - and yang 27 New or Fair 28 Cartoonist 30 German girl 34 Kipling boy 35 After cinco 37 Writer of 9 0 38 - Roberts 39 "Do others ." 42 First interviewer 45 Long one 49 Sun disk 52 First 53 Portion 54 Merlin or Ole 55 Gram fungus 56 Enough: Lat. 5S Siesta time 61 Thing It 63 Not - one 64 Church part 66 Fatalist's inits. SEEK FIND Parts Of The Horse B H A U M C H N R E ' T S A P Y R A M D C W I H T E W T N G F O R E L A C K M . R D 0 C H R I I E F O S R A H T I C R E 0 H H F L N A 0 F S K K T I) C S T R T L S D T E N O R O C C N O A H N S O O F O B W P C G L O F E T S K U I I A A A N K O R S R C P N T H O S B A N 0|SJC N U C F A M S O H A H O T t. L C K N|0 F|K A 0 G R A E r U L H T A F I N E T 0 C N T E S R C H P A l H O H S H R D O H N H ' N C F C O E E F C H E T R A C ! R L O H E N M A N I A D A C K C O R O N O T G I T H N R N P « L I R T H P A S C G I R T 0 T G A S F C R S T C H O O K ' C N U N H L O R K Instructions: The hidden names listed below appcu forward, backward, up, down, ot diagonally in the puzzle. Find each hidden name and box it in as shown: CKKST CKOl'P DOCK H.ANK KOKKl.OCK CASKIN CANNON HAl'M'H Tomorrow: Oatmenl ('' HOOK M A N K P A S T K H N W I T H K K S rTHAT TRU/WWpy *- ' /5HeCK5.'- / HAINT PLA rr YET. AH «K --;--\r \ l ^ TUMBLEWEEDS AAAWI flJOrUOTSA LUCK'S IN ONE OF HIS PEEP TKOUHSJ WHASSAMATfER, P£EWf£?... BROKEN POWSTRIN? ' ' WAR PAINT? UNREQUITED ICW IRON-TOR PLOOP? PANPRUFF? By Tom K. Ryan Qgj/dVfV^S S^SirSi MARK TRAIL By Ed Dodd HOPING TO HELP AUNT CLAUDIE PROTECT HER LANQ MACK DECIDES TO VISIT HEB AND DO SOME FISHIN6 WHAT'S THE BEST FLY FOB THIS TIME OF YEAB...IN iJ^ LITTLE INDIAN RIVER? YELLOW TAIL NVMPH IS ALWAYS GOOC..BUT FI5HIW6 LITTLE INDIAN RIVER IS SOMETHING ELSE/ 1( THE HAGDY BOYS THINK THEY OWN I THE KIVEE, ESPECIALLY 'ROUND AUNT ( CLAUDE YAWS PLACE...AND THEY v ARE TOU6H.' f»»Sfe ~~ " ' DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney MEN'S SHOP EB and FLO FRYING FOR THE VACATION, ITS ONLY THAT SHE SVWL.P HAVE.A ?AY ABOUT WHEI?e WE By Paul Sellers THAT SUITS M E . - \ I'LL B00K US ON SEPARATE SHIPS / / STEVE ROPER By Sounders Overgard ^X"OXJR, PIOROSCOF'H! "by JB-A.2STE DIXON Forecast for Tuesday IN THE LIVING-ROOM, HAWK AND'SMID'"AREHOLDING A WHISPERED CONVERSATION- )T£VE HAS SPOTTED A SMALL CARD OH THE PASSAGEWAY WALL - can be detected !iy your alarm -AND £0X5 TO A SPOTBEMtATH A FIXTURE OAI THE CEILIN6 - JACKSON TWINS MAYBE SOMEONE UP- STAIOS KNOWS SHE'S LOCKED 1 IN THAT VAM AND BEEFED UP THE SIGNALS ON "CHAWEL TWIN".' I NEVB? BELIEVEP I OOULD REALLY IF TWE STATE POLICE ~\ SET 7HBOUGH REMEMBEB SEEING THE \ TD HER SO House-srrappEBs'vAN FAP AV\AY, CHOPPEPONETOCAgSIX, 9FDTTEP PACKED VAN ON SIDE BDAP OFF EOUTE FOUB ONE SOUTH OF STEELBUC3S AIRFDCT. PICTURES OF A MCMNG VAN ATA GKL'S HOUSE ....... BUT THE FAMILY WASN'T SHE HASNT BE EN SEEN SINCE' i Your birthday today: Hold : onto whatever limes into vonr ! h a n d s d u r i n g tho earlier months, as you'll need all re' sem's (or tlif complex, transi- i tional period near the end of ; this year. Relationships ranse I from" precarious to rewarding. Keep on vour toes. Today's natives a tlieir own way. seldom i i! ever heed advice. Today's : men usually p r e f e r serious, simple lives." Aries (March :'.!-\pril I S ) : Business deals are brisk, longstanding matters settled reacfi- i K Ease tensions in your home: 1 talk of the "good old days." childhood me-riiories. An early ; rest is suggested. Taurus (April 20-May 201: Renovations, replacements are j in order Ri-view your budget. : c u r r e n t p l a n s . "Constructive hobbies vhoukl fill any gap left , by basic routines today. Cicmini (May 21-Jurie 20): It's up to you to set your own pace now. x) ni.ike definite appointments early A friendly, cheer- i ful approach makes a second ' round of benefits possible. Keep i ai it' Cancer (June 2Klnly 22): Moves that have been secret can successfully lie brought into the open Career surprises are likely. Changes relating to \rnir household are favored. Ix-o (July it-Aug. 22): Ix'l ' somebody else speak for you, and in turn do (lie honors for someone who has earned recognition There's plenty of opior- Utility, aside from these ameni- I lies ' V i r g o ( A u g . 23-Sept. 22): Wind up a long job or project, at least to a ijood slopping place. Associates are aU for lakini; short cuts. Be propared for seVious sttidv. Libra (Sept, 23-Oet. 22): Consult an cxgort rather than rela- t i v e s on i n s u r a n c e , i n v e s t - m e n t s , technical m a t t e r s . You'll have to make vour own decisions, but you'll be better informed. Scorpio (Oct. 2;!-Nov. 21): Replenish your wardrobe. Get rid of anything around the house thai has losts it.s purpose. Cleat- space for the arrival of articles not yet seen or measured. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): T r a d i t i o n a l a p p r o a c h e s to health care pay off again. Intuition rises in case of discrepan- ev (probably there'll be several'. Follow q u i e t l y w h e r e intuition leads. Capricorn (Dec. 22-.!an. 10): Old onjeets come into use out of context with original purposes. . Current questions vex you to the point of doing something ' alxiul them -- but nothing rash, i Aquarius (Jan. 20-Keb. IS): I Listen carefully to your preino- I nitions. They may be off a I iitlle. but near enough to put i vou well ahead of problems j Parents, older people require : unusual attention. Pisces (Feb. IS-March 20): Be sociable, accept what is at hand as the dispensation for Hie day. do what vou can with it. i Ho'ulines must bv double-check- j ed Quit early. j ARCHIE By Bob Montana ARCHIE,YOU CAN PLAY IN THIS CONCERT UNLE: VOUR KETTLE DRUf ARE IN PERFECT TUNE ' THE CONCERT IS CALLED OFF BECAUSE OF HIS KETTLE DRUM? WEE PALS By Morrie Turner MOM, THESE LEAVES ARE 7YIN... I PiPN'T SAY ANY- THINS PAP TO

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