Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 5, 1930 · Page 11
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 5, 1930
Page 11
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JROfiRESS MADE Report of Society for Prevention of Blindness Shows Record of Steady Achievement In Campaign. .YORK CITY, May 5.—A record of steady achievements in the campaign to conserve vision ia outlined in the fifteenth' annual report of -the National Society for the 'Prevention of Blindness, made public here today; "Let There Be Sight)" Is the commanding title of the report which la being forwarded to members' of the society throughout the United States. Tribute to thememory of the .late Chief Justice William Howard Taft, who was honorary president of the society for the last fifteen years, is paid on the opening pages. Throughout the pages following, there runs a note of hopefulness for. the chances of materially reducing the number of recruits to the ranks of. the blind. "We are especially concerned with the problems of that enormous number of children and adults, otherwise perfectly normal, who are constantly handicapped in their work or study and In their enjoyment of - life because ' of defective vision," explained Lewis H. Carris, managing director of the society. "With care, early In the life of a child, weak -vision .often may .be strengthened or, at least, frequently kept from diminishing and perhaps being lost entirely. Science Is teaching us that most of the causes of blindness are preventable. "The Society for the Prevention of hdness has always felt that con- vihg sight has a place among the jrests of all organizations, whether y. be health, educational, welfare -~ industrial. This spirit of cooperation with other .agencies was never more apparent in the life of the society than in 1929." A number of activities directed at preservation of the eyesight of 'cliii-' dren,, discussed .in the report, trace the interest of the society from the general health of the expectant mother, even before the baby's birth, on through successive stages of the child's \IU until It has teen given every opportunity for clear vision' which modern science affords. The use of-prophylactic drops In the eyes of babies at' birth, in order to prevent ophthalmia neonatorum, usually called "babies' sore'eyes," is now required in most .states.. . Entire eradication of this source of blindness—once the most prolific of all causes—Is said to be scientifically possible. ' An increase of forty-five "sight- saving classes" within the last year is noted in the report. There are now 850 of these classej for the education of children with seriously defective vision In ninety-five cities of twenty- one states. Through the use of large type books, movable desks, ideal lighting and special teaching methods, children with little vision are not only given the same sort of education out they, aft iattfht «*»w Jg"-c35n*ftrv« their *8mftlnWg 'slfcnt. tfne society estimate* that approximately 6,000 SUch classes are heeded m the united States, to train teacHefrs for this work, special course*-will be given In the coming summer months at Columbia uriiveistty, the university of Chicago, the university of Cincinnati, and the State Teachers' college- in Buffalo, N. Y. Trachoma, the disease of the eyelids which leads to blindness, continues to baffle the best minds of ophthalmology, the report discloses. Renewed impetus 1 to research Into the mysteries enshrouding it was given through a five year program of investigation started recently by the medical school of .Washington university, St. Louis, and financed by the commonwealth fund. In addition to cobperation with the federal trachoma clinic at Rolla, Mo., during 1629, the National Society for the Prevention of Blindness assisted several other agencies in a study- of the incidence of trachoma among the Chippewa Indiana of Minnesota. Concerning the formation of the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness at The Hague last September, the report states: "It Is noteworthy that this worldwide effort was inspired and accomplished largely through the example of[ efficiency and effectiveness on th.e part of the American National Society for the Prevention of Bliiidness. The international organization wad established after a joint study by the American society and the League of Red Cross societies regarding the International, aspects of sight conservation. Twenty-five countries and numerous interested bodies, Including the League of/ Nations,' were represented at The Hagire conference. Dr. Park Lewis of Buffalo, N. Y., vice president of the American society, was elected also vice president of the International association; Lewis H. Carris, managing director of the American society was appoint- e'd'United States correspondent for the international association." rUTAl OAY OBttlWID BY TWitt POET (JtRtS Misses' Marjorle and Martha foot, twin daughters of Mr. and MrTs. ifllton Fiery Poet of Holltdayabufg, are today celebrating their natal anniversary. Two weeks ago the young ladies joined In the celebration of the joint anniversary of their father and his twin brother, Melvln Poet of this city. An appropriate celebration in -honor of the girls will be held at their home this evening. Dr. W. H. Howell and Norman J. Doerner are celebrating their natal anniversary today, as Is also Blmer O. Hoover, former Altoonan, Pennsylvania railroad official, now located in Philadelphia. J. C. McKerihan, president of the city school board, celebrated his birthday yesterday, as did also H. Ernest Hite, Justice of the peace of Duncansville. RUSSIAN GOAL MENACE TO ANTHRACITE REGION WASHINGTON, D. C., May 5.—A possible menace to Pennsylvania anthracite markets was foreseen today in the increasing imports of Russian coal, by commerce department experts, who said, however, that "the domestic product substantially undersells -the foreign. ' ' ' Asserting that Russian anthracite Is produced by low-paid labor, Pennsylvania operators have asked for an embargo on Russian coal. The.depart- *ment authorities stated, however, that the Imported product sells for $1 more a ton in Boston and $1.25 more a 'ton in Canada. The Russian coal Is alleged to be of a higher grade than that mined in Pennsylvania. Atttotitft jsratent shipments indicate that 1*»r y «r1 Imp6»ts front RuttttA may Mi doubted th!»>y«lf, the department experts said that only 113,000 tons or Russian boat was shipped to Boston in 1929, while Pennsylvania was producing TO.WU.otXJ tons. v Russia has shipped more than half the 1929 quantity during .the first quarter of 1930. It Was also pointed out .that Russian anthracite is favored by transocean rates.. Russian shippers are able to transport their product for between $3.60 and $3.90 a ton, while $4.25 a tort must be paid on Pennsyl- ania coal going- to the Boston market. Footer's . OLEANEKS AMD DTEHS 1111 llth St. Phone 5179 Westmont Bread FRESH DAI if At Your Neighborhood Grocer WESTMONT BAKERY HERMAN'S GLASSES Registered Optometrist 1311 Eleventh Aye. 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