Independent from Long Beach, California on April 1, 1963 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, April 1, 1963
Page 29
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1 Tree*! 4 Tractors lit Import o. Sport Cert 174 Import!! Sport Cora l7lStarie«Woqeai 175 RENAULT l_Oetrrr atrt.^ . iter*» BUY*i?,G^-SaUNS JIT?? STOCK * \a ·r ten || a/.a _ . Jack. Brewn. CA - · . Ma BURNS FORD '" see '60 Rtn*u» Cer.rel $2If5 ·eeunful Arctic White. Rc4 krterior dt YBt Sports C*rs ini a, AflanllC HE P« REKAULT C«J nomv. O? an. ». uriqut and Classic Can 174-A *e~~ariiAULT--HIM. yinvL "ftr S230 * gevmentl. P**- "rtf. ce B««. 57 REHA1.XT. aertect tarA. SrtT. at T»U« cm. Lang Seac* IEADT MIX CONCRETE -_ USHESS IS IOOM1MC! Cet ·~ f» » no«. Ova rour ran truct. t^w Iniflal knvestmeftt With large recutaoie fecal comcam. Can HI48W tVtS. ·V oooct ttt ever. I ton. Ul.* stake. f«*a tsi| gatg. Cavered -.- targ top. COM cond. Kainbov .ytnilisale Fooav 2» Wllmingfun ·» FORO H To« Piduo. Stan t Seautftjl Wasninotosi tlue. Al -- f " ' * 'S. «a»» eur, ruD »«»3*-*79l. Hj'e Y»i».g . a»CO E. Anaheim OE KEHAULT. Ki»S Serlect. S17 ·n. t S » mo. gir. HE I «J SPRfTE ·el UK B VVtte/Rei H39S GUARANTEED M CLASS JAMESTOWN UM tang ItaO »l»a- t-1. AUTHORIZED SALES «· SERVICE Larpest selection- «e»-Vrtel. JAMESTOWN ·SI FOR3 4 Sta. Wegoa. Rao. A Mr. 4 stick sum. flus car Al ·wcnartlcallv. Sa!e artca S2ML Ha a Yaung Farg, XX t Pacffic Caatt H«y. CI «r« . Fore, »«AKO rrw n ta CMv* true*. «a. * L C * U " tradg. pvmu, ¥^.**^ m »- m aooreve* creait. Ait far «AY SUCKEY gnl». ME ·41 FOSO PIU.UP STICK .--40 OOOOE Bickuo -I - Vert clean, fa dn. i : Anto Parts Rfpo'irs U9 lia Long taadi t\«. t-i. TRIUMPH AUTHORIZED SALES 1 SERVICE Largest selection. new-Used. JAMESTOWN 133 long tiadl ttvd. VOLKSAVAGEN STOP RITE Bonded brake snoes, eg cars -AM , exchange. Bonded Brake Wfwie. *3I E- Anane.m PnT ClTta LABOR free on autom. irans^ B.X Engine all ar luneuff. Small sery._clio. Auto Jtrade^ScJools. cn£ Auto Trade TRANSMISSIONS mSTALLEO Ketwm 4 »5ed. Cnerry Aute Fans - an CHERRY AVE. CA tea St VW. Radio, rearer a. w-« tires. AR factory ananaL Runs like new. Pa* to ser mo. for drt. av- rnent. on BOOT, cr. »ea assurr contract of MOO. T t L. Den. O-HENRIS 3745 cxERtr CA A.J ·11 w-Blact. R. H » w v. Km. Showroom fresh, gav 127 me, tor on. tayment. On accrCr. then assume contrad et S13aft. Ta "^ "^O'HENRI'S gtl CHERRY CA ·63 VOLKSWAGEN Ready tor Immediate delivery mctuding «e tard-nnmd U0« ~ dans t. CJiJas. Can AM*. Bel TO WJM. Oirv · Bectrie Con 170 Atrtoj Wonted 173 : - · W£ NHD :-:- JUNXCARS -- -- HIGHEST PRTCES PAIO ' FREE PICKUP SERVICE =-- CAVlNJUr«tWUCtlNS ' JIM V. PAC- CST. MWY, t_». - - HSt-SCT Of ' DO YOU NEED MON£Y7 Car FaytngtiH Too Hi^f sve win traja your car er esuJtv for a lower ericed car or buy 0? for fcof casa, CREST MOTORS - U3 Long BcaO t^d. HE t-7Xf ·a) VW near rew 2-dr. Invnedta' delivery. If no cast 13 D« Payments SI1I4 wk. Dir. Cat Mr. Bec« LU H770. *M VJ* station wagon. S1330. RS.M e^rellerrf cnndition. CA 4-iat EXTRA clean '54 VW fji IX VOLK5\VAGEN il guarannea at tzaVp C MW,. we tsVe Tfaors I 'M CHEVROLET *-*- Statit* wagon,. S«n. RIK AS factory ** IVMV-. TM» car rvns iooka knt Me new. Pn SIT ana tor totie« Wocjons PLYMOUTH la. 'agon. RM. I an. fires. *.;· me wlta, an alum. TearOraa trail- isteeot H. Camole-e SCS - law snarman PL PLY r ja, Cusron SaorL .Fact. air. BjR i S3 aeL Car .·3S: Jeffrey Finance Care. SiE BITg ----- . -- FinarS'C Jeffrey finance Cera. Car sit ItTSi assume contract a* sfofta. i fcc «*s. OWENRVS PU CHERRY CA a-i!ts ·9 FOR9 · gau* Sedan V t Automatic. RIM. cover stra a, t _ X» CHte. ·"· ««· *»3=i *· - -=----- Attos for Sd« 17* Autos for Sol* CHEVROLET es. em. ucanr gneral «vns 1kg nr.5 Pay 127 CA tor *x aoor. cr. Vitn as »f VfX. U* a Sc. O-HENM-S Ht»«Y CA '61 Ford Country Sedan QMlc* f^axicnorr availabrt an ·ccvttonanv tootf terms tcfort *^* "itOSCOC MOTOUJ CM tarn »«»dl »!»C. tl. Aitos for Sole «IH. powe-glli a. Brakes. Original, likg rev. air. ing LONS IEACM iCva SOUTH OATE HE «- ·«! CHEV. PARLSVOOO tr. V steer Wagon. H, B.twr.1 t brakes. Alt CONO. Par tail maT a. assume Bal. 1UCN an aror cr. Olr. HE »-3»6». * CHEV VI Sta. sVgn. Sharg. Take ever tor S3 tno,* »!» »a cast i assur-- ' mane.~Ki~H.~ A real'Beauty. SZ7 an. a, Sll-ll w t t a .assume con- trad. «r. 17* MISCELLANEOUS INDEPENDENT PRESS-TELEGRAM ' CLASSIFIED "ADVERTISING "AUTOMOBILE CODE HET« JAR advertising gccected rem rrancnuaa Dealers entv. an. acceoted *3 eavs attvr Meal announcgmenl fate. CUtREKT KIOOEL . per apers. »g 401 engine, 4spe«4 trans^ Pes^ ··acttaa rear end. ttxset aeats, toaoed sr-ovrcom tresk. Pay S33 per mo. tor gn. Bavwcnt en aoer. cr. Then assume Bank Bat. et C« al 34 fnonms. ITU CrITRtV '61 IMPALA CONV. ALT conditioned, electric windows and seen PLUS ail atner extras. ·w mi* convtrt:ble now before KOSCOC SAOTCRS CTS Lorg Mao IML. L. I ·O CHEVROLET ttrcKa Scon Cauoe. V4. automatic, radia t nftter. Power steermg. avhitewaTls. Arcfcc wtutg wit» red mtertor. t:«. ria'e Yeurg PONT. Satarl Chrr. X'.er KaXtrtsmaA. 43.34. Box. Lift W. CB -w. rasi. TO **m air. . FORO weooa. Power, one r. SI dels. Dir. SI-* ·«- Mr. Sman-«ia-r»r ·57 CHEV. V4 «r. R I.M. Sacrk ·S7 CHEV. *dr. V4- Auto. f t Reas. Orlg- ewner. GE s- ·S7 FORO Rancti wag. Cleaj. S46V Mr. Sctiurcn. CE 4^UT, Cf s-CJ OVERSTOCKED SALE! ifalcans and Cemc*i. Ceirw *arN to vet vour cAoica. Prictd bc : o«i « n^irt. b-HILE THEY OSCOC WOTGRS, mj Bcadi .Vvd.. 1 BUICK *SS KUICK Canturr **. Han Automane «-m.u fun power, e wtw. VJXJt «Lpft 1 «wncr. paxf cortfl. CA J '63 CHEV. IMP. CFE. Drtv« L* mi In from D«nvtr. Owck TOUT Mwmgi m Viiai inr """VoSCOE «OTO«S m Long »4ec» Blvd.. L. ». NO PAYMENTS ! ! ·S. Cnevrolet amaala sedan. Just -» sun case ana arivg r *"".'OSCO« MOTORS. 739S Long Beacli B'vo-, L. . ·a CMEV. tmtalg -t" tar. Htg. Kl\hV BCwerglloe, Bower steering a\ w. v. tires, etc. White w s run. Pay TJa." rer irvj. , sjme tat. of sTTU H gn aoor i:r. SJE Htte. ·al OiEVY Neva «. g--- . ------- .per mo. Bi assume Bal, ·a CHEV. an. cpe. Pny. tarty Must sen. going east, ftest jr*- cbanicaJ cond. View tnotor gaint. Rta S3S. Clt Ouig'ev soum cf Harvey way. Lafcrwooa. 13 BUICK Ruv-era. FUR oower. facftmr AJr. ton miles. Private JMTfit "E "" . rans. a\ Beater. 59 KUICIC KT. FwH Bwr. Cuar. anteed. 19 deL Car ryts. sff no. JEFFREY Finance Cj-H- ME H7S7 CADILLAC Tracks Tractors 148 Treels Tractor* DESPERATE for CAU im JJ for T R v He rites, Ja3S Porsche. . Bonva n tor TR v Healers, a!so Sorites, Jaas, Porsche, SAG. VW. Renault*, etc. We art» can con. sign sel your car I get tog S t IONS BEACH IMPORTS - tat L.E. Blvd. CA e-4Ci WE NEED CARS « ! Highest erlces Bard tor »»s .r ' Inrouon 1961s. See Norm Isaacs. DICK BROWNING -- . Exclusive OLDSMOBILE Dealer . 1CT8 Long »eac» Blvd. HE aMU TOP CASH ANY CAR . local er out of state kcensg Ooen every day. I to T g.m Jijo w. Pacific Coast L «. CE s^341» _ HE455M - STICKS WANTED Long B»«a-s Richest buver br : Ton Faerfte CA Hwy^ GA V.WS VwaVrsiT lar* mc«.-l CMinac udan. Have uactovs Cre«n Hitts Ma- marlat Par.1 tati vaJurd af IlKt 1 as tfn pytrvt. tmcCarteoii CE «-PH LLOYD C PAT Top Priori tor Cran Cars P LONG BEACH BLVOU VL.. IMPORTS WANTED C B01 AUTILEY HE JUMX CARS WANTS) ta uo for trmt can. TE *ttfl TOP PRICES FA ID maatwfrarr* 19S5 UD Harbor lgt, 3778 Oiemr Atrt. CASH FOR IS OR OLDE* CHIV. OK fORO. G£ t-3711 ~ Import Sport Cars 174 MISCELLANEOUS NEW 1963 CHEVROLET FLEETS1DE '//.TOM PICKUP. WITH I-FT. IED ON A 3-YEAR CONTRACT 14925 PARAMOUNT BLVD. ME 0-5841 PARAMOUNT 774-1300 Cinu at CoTptoB Hit. » finmort |(T|. Clcsii SIB. VaDOIADOHTP.JI59« Al eitras. mcL air. Fua Ka Mr antr. tmmae. aocal car. OSSORN5 20TH 1 CHEUY Auto Ports Repairt 147Auto Port! t Repair* It ·y CAa SeHan de Vllle. Fun cwr. air cond. 3aJOg actual mi. sad ar trade rnmed. Pn Ast for «Ar. Simpson. HA . v. rty. s-7aa ·U CMEV. IWPALA CPE S-9» V4. Had Wr. Powergiiae. power t LACH BLV^C _, HE ica . wtii!« fin:s.V HO CHEVFOLtT V* *et Air **r Sdn. ftLN tV Pt?w«rgrac. «a.l3 ecr. mo. trnum* s _ baJ pa acpr. cf. Dir. M E 3 ·24 CH£V. 3-dr. tVcvU RtH, stic.1 Shift. .UOO. COtSU. . FLINT s CHRYSLER 1K1 CAO FKelwooiS-Low nileaoe. Oflg. thruouL Tlis car Is * per. fed condition. See at *2t E. 47V) svey. at-L-B, Can SIE H362. ·ST CHrtSU* SAIATOSA P-ur.s 4 looks xmL Baautiful -at terrinc savlriBs. lie Ba. Jus Kt ana, ta aaor cr. Dir. J599 1SSS LAIEi-OOO ^aAE i3»:» ·S* CATJ1LLAC coupe a2 series. Fun ; . Elec. erlnoows. Air candl. maa. MA t-ra. / power. t:Df*d. ·». CADILLAC C Canvstrt. Fud ixrwer. SS99. 100% In. av«iV ma t«i»vboo,"6ir.'T*'Bitl ·St CAH. _ . power. Excel, cond. vine. Fun Prtv. Bfv. VE S)M irs» CAD 1=1^ CAO. CPE. DEVILLE. »i»«JP. Brvaa Sales. S30 L. av «;vd- ciaai ·59 CAO, 42 ere Fun gwr. Lew mL Prl cry. CAB-Ua CA1433 CHEVROLET st iM^AUk v« COUPE. %vn. Kadia, r».Ttvr PowtrBllda. Mr. tna LONG I EACH KLVCX SOUTH GATE ' ME -WiCJ et me 7 best made cars s« - Tie wortd." "S4 Rover. feE g-2S»l ALFA ROMEO i?62 ROADSTER J!395 GUARANUEO ts» dASS t JAMESTOWN ' 1J5» Long BeacH BIvJ. t_ B. .· - 5i ALPHA--J1095 Slack win red kiterior. stiarg I -- - reaoster. d« YiHei Sports Cars Anaheim Si Atlantic HE T-Pfl AXGUA 'j» ANGUA tnflitsu Fort] wagon. AH trtsdorv artanaf. Runs lilt* rew. FuN crlc* eniy aV59f. tOC% - * Fin. availaO's? en tear, cr. O'HENRI'S 1741 CHERRY CA I »«i HONEST VALUE! CHEVROLET Motor Overhaul Special Ci t-STL--Similar Snlirs *i V-l ttcli'.t Gomplele $ Special... INCLUOEl: rinvs antf »ln. PART* SNCLUCE: tmes AND rns CASKETS ANT* OtL REMEMBER ... We Grind Your Valves and Adjust All Bearings SimTIaf Sgvlif] for Seme* Frrfaraieat eg ALL W1IES nt MODELS. AR Wori Ctrered fci Wrineg Gaorosfte. MO MONIT COSVH OH APPROVED CttOIT rotANCE COVNSCLCX CM DtfTT AT ALL TIMES HARBOR CHEVROLET 3770 CHER8T AVE. GA (-3341 AM o mat mmioNs onn AUSTLV-HE.ALEY tl AUSTtN Hcairv Sorif*--Ad on«- tnat.- Runs bk* pew. ftcd bucket Mf*. Fatv t27 ma. tor dn. eav rrwnt m aocr. cr* vien centrad of SQOO. t» ft K, OHENRl'S PU Cut RUT CA £ JAMESTOWN T' H5» Lang BtaO rvt U R. . iggaVrl UIES irnsioi CPEI i UL-I rn. naranc JCKHTJ 3 CHEVKOLET Bel Air »«. Sfd- TIP-TOO. Sel ar «-aa« tor travel frailer. Tues. eve. ar an Wed. 452* Gardenia. CA 34C27 174 CORVAIR ! CO NY Alt Monu ar« fr«-tL iit.2 · * ».rru. ta cay CORVETTE ·» COvtIIf ----m. «.. n. « ,De. rn «3J nr r«. t ttclt N tat. t« aoor. cr. t Utrt. DE SOTO AutomatlcT «tn, "power" sleer n. A brakes. Swivel Bucket sears. Rjna like aww. Sctedel week entf gnce anlv Sin*. 13TX financing available. va CHH»Y _ _ 17 Dt SOTO HT. (KTB. AaV«v turer. wtliK. FwN wr. T«IN carta. 4 scc*d cou1«. CA ttas. ·34 CE SOTO fnflil* co«o. too. Tim il.t a -fur. CA ? Sa"".. FALCON II FORD FALCCX Soft-Automatic, tin. original nrucK*. Kim l.t rtv^-fn tz/ B«T ir«. for to. Lm« conrad of'tKS. 1 it PtSCMtKIT Aitei for Salt 174 FORD IFORD HEADQUARTERS ana eoTpaity Demo-i. A» ·TwCe-kt tV Mr* (TM tUSSSi Aa. OrCaTT CWV»T In ·ur new ttor* at . . . 1433 Lofi4 Mac* »Vd. OVf * « TO r.Cst; fOtJ-t MEL BURNS ANNEX M3J Lent t,.»d. IVtl HE »770| NO DOWN PAYMENT frofclamt her* «ini apor. credit. ·3 F0«3 Victoria. QMCS77. $599 FULL PRICE Ware Y«i»i» Far*. K» f_ Anaheim tan« teaoi CE «tru THE HRST - TAIE$ n -- ·ST F«r« Fainan* 550 l«f!». *wr*r car. vululewani. Driven leu nan 7ax niiei rer rear. ce trxt *.m. -- HA i tat tor Marg-e Ca.Ha ·MFOKD Fainane ioo. v-t. r»«»r steering I brakes, ItlK. auto^ t new fern. Aa lacttn anginal ·VoDut. Par S3 ma. tor «n. NO DOWN PAYMENT Problems tiere with aog. en. ·« FALCON 1ST. SXS «l_ $899 FULL PRICE Hale Toun* Fort aa E. Anaheim long »»ac« CE ura ·« FAtCOM JOoor. Hea^r. am. trans. Oeiu«e mtr. meed mn »e»en««nl». il?t. H.« roung Farg, CQ C. Pacific Caast Hwi CE «W7f «EHT FalcriH roiqi. including lasl Backs, T Buns I Trucks. (AH serin) at Dealers cost + sx. Jr. Call Mr. »eck tU » FORD 9 fC«3 ConvertiDie Ouxe. Poo- der blua vin white too. matching Interior, v-g. automatic radle a. neater. VhlijtewUls. RCJ en. sue*. Haie Yaung Farg, 3»og C. Ana- ·tl FORD Startiner 1-Or. Vs. rum. Kadia. nearer, automatic.- rl M Cfritu S3 dels. Payments «U n Mr wk. Dir. Call KK. IECK. ·St FOIO Jar, Futlv eoot 0-HENRfS CA NO DOWN PAYMENT ·M FO»D F*«rl«. * mr 'TH?ilS7 $109? FULL PRICE Male Yung For*; lug C. Ananeim long Haa CE tCT* ·S3 FO*O WX I ICItA 70». Estate sa'e Wake wri^en etter iv Security 1st Kan. tank, atn: u. Addmgtoit. strrt. S!a. in w. St_ t_ A. «X cr Bnone MA t er HE 7«la, Car at Cl Camn-a Car. u Elm. Lang ItadL _ close 4 vu al 3 am. $50 PER MONTH . '40 F«r convertible vitft BO». ·tertaa. autornatic ratfiO, hea*er. Ta C«xd crMI Til »· cw I excel lanf terms. ROSCOE MOTORS . a« Lena »«ac» » int. t. ·U FORD Felrtant Mr^ ww. «y»l HA t-JUt. PT!» ««rm. r.* V..--. HENRY J. HUDSON -i? CHRYSLER WinOor I-dr. ^too. Power rterlng brakes. ·UK. Priced 10 sen. ICS Ltcb- t.Hd Ayt., Lang Btach. COMET 11 COMET. Excellent cond, Fwtly Mini- Mfl. 77*45*1 Anaheim. - CORVAIR '« MOUZA couoe. Llceti-* TFLL »alX radio, 'fceiter, E-Z rvt »:«!, aw* mlleac*. Fun price IJ4-O. CM arranor (4t,S7 a irve. Dew* ravrmnt no proo'em. Can WE .WIT. rdl tor Den., SotoU er Sam tMTTy. Olr. E . . . ·sKinw U3.H talanct 0a ·oar. CT. OLT. HE 3£A*. ·»! IMF ALA CPE _ -TM LCWS^ltACH H.VO. SOUTH GATE 13 CHEVY SUMT ..port, futt pwr. air cand 3000 mt. JJUnS w.. ar trad* Bmrr^t prlr. ptv. Art tor IAr. *tor». HA 1-74.3 'W CORYA1R $899 St\ck ihin. RtK motor h.T-1 ever- ltau:td. Xint cond. ' PHIL HALL t401 E. PAC. CO* IT .CUKJI Pltrv. PARTY SACRIFICES '41 Jttonz* Com*. imm*c. Very lew me 4 so. AH rtrav u«k* orter. GE f-OI- . -, wxw_ TDme«a. am out. fvL 43-vwzi 'aO CHEVRCXJT V4 Tflck. Facmrr ·ouct. Xtnt condL fft «27 dn ca o * _ . , Cat! CHUCK tlNCH vntv. ME t07»V tear. ·« IMPALA · HTP. «I7» RIW, lulom. pwr. xtver, w-w. tflr. 1/30 LOMC BEACH BLVTL SOUTH GATE WE *«22 'aO CHEV. mipai« Cp*. auiom_, *S9 IMPALA doO. C7 C . . ·ssutrtat omrract. Olr. fc'.C J753t. -aO CHEV. Imoala couee. AX pwr. Elcctrtc windows. AUny cxtra«. 1 vwrter. TIOO. CE 1 M73 CHEVCOLETS, Repewi«iion» A Dtnen. Anurn* pavrrrcnTiV. Otr. HA 1-3723. tU CHEV. MDVB SUDCT wort Furry abaided. T«M IT.KI* for .nuitv. OS Pvl t*TfV. ·55 CHEV. Jdr. 4-cvt. « 1 H, iftcX Vcrr ctcan. .USD. CE 3-7137 VJ9 tUir* tvtar. Long B*ach. tit POSSESSE O '42 Impal a «*. · ad. ft, tar. 4 sewed Bex. Can A4rTas. TO 44X4. ffr. '42 -CORVAi.1 Monia. Leaded. L*« new. Pvt prtw. V.uU aeN wj weefcend. ·TTV/ttJ »! pVlONZA. 4 w^ radio. chra*r« wtieer*. seeclat *«ft«*rtl AMa »*nr f*st. CaJI after 4:3.) »jn. KE S-7079 UOKZA *Vim»--U4 50 0*1 ptr no. C*JT Mr. Vnal -. ·Or. Futly eool 4 fiower til oeiivers a. U3 ma. . sLAatEWOCxa trtLFLC.t.Ht I fORO *Ooor Cwrtotn Sedan. Crvii.orri.iflc trar*. Had. )V fctr. IkAechankailY twol Sa:e crtc« tsn. Haia Your, Fflrk cao E. Pacific Ca-gt Hwy. GE «-t*7f IKStPEKDEKT -- Mee. Agrl U ' Ate*. uri i. ' PEK s-Ti Pag i I Antes far Sda 174 A\£RCUR.r mo. Automatic. Riff XW cond. Pe» S27 on. 4 SHtl Ber ana. ta assurrg canfracL Dir. WC S-TSTL SHara. Tale ever lor lU'tne ·itli ne cesn a, » B*L «f ST5B- lug, st air. , VERCUHY iHar.t1eD. AutDmirtc. »tH. in Cont^der rae*. » E. CA 1-2351 t', OLDSMOBILE 1-k.t brand itew, «3 cer no. tot- en. tm aoor. cr. Then «ssutT*e contract fc»l. et 13300. T I L . Of ·- O-HENRIS *5S OLDS tl HTP. firf puww. t.. HL A «-w ttrri. kunt xinl. M» »T, Jutf C« mo. On aaor. cr. Dir. $299 ff. t«7S LAKEWOOO «E *3Tt . tJM. CE «153 I gtyi-gr. PL\T«OUTH PO.VT1AC Viptrirt t. traces. *, «. fc w* r.r*. »l4»ct s*'re4 bucket scitv FacTorv or igmal immac.ilat terueul P»v t3 cer fna. tor ctn. contract «T* t27iil T A L. De-3 O'HENRi'S nevllic Cot*, earner |rt. F.jl *"ade. Tenrn. SI I*ONT. Kt C«e. Fwnv ecu a. Cuaranteetf. STf **L Car « ' . E Y ftnunct Carp. Antos for Salt 174 FCNTTAC . (100 DaiYERS ·a fentlac »onr»vine Her»toa. Cm* «J at awnf-. »«s! von can make tooavt Lone avt T RA.MtfL.tK f RAJWBLER Surer *Or. Slick shift. KLH AH original thrvowr. Ttrs to · one-ewer. Law mileage car. Runs t looi» tut · tr*-a new ana. pev 123 ma. tor an. Mvmtnf en aw. cr. VIM assume contract ef 1723. T« I He. 0.1. O'HENRI'S p»s CHER «r CA «ai ··2 RAVi»l.£R AmerKan l«r. Rlrl. Snck. priira'e ewner. S143BL ftA I-4CS STUDEBAKER THUNDERBIRD mi t! P » torv Dfl MEL lUlf^S FORD ·59 T-BIRO CONV. . fn eit V-t b«!.n .TIN *t t!r. C-1 .Ur. keck. a-f~t~iTllO Marsha. FuB oew«t\ Raet. at htr t Pwr. »*»?**·-. bk.u seat. Seal VSirv at .i«9«. K* 1 * Youna Ford, SiO E. Pacific Coast Ha¥. _CE 4-097T *../ THU1UDERBER3 l)d*D. tjl k.i, aSjfl cower. Cafl A*J-. EclU TO --»?*- pir. VALIANT G£T THf BEST OF THE LOT g V4 FAIRLAKC F«ra 4or. Rad. titr. Lew mileage car. frt_n at S1VH. THis veekenal anlv. Ha'e Teung Fard. £B3 C. Pacific Ccast H»T. CE 4«7« . . f «j«l-»cn. turt 1 Can, 1-3. O 71T« 1943 Fort} Conv.rttt. *57 FOrlD FIN. 500 JV?t V I Automatic. RKH. Pe««r. ttj-* A4jta. .aa Li. ·S3 FOR3 CtL CM. R K t O OT. S* on.. 19 wk. S9f F P. Oir. TE 42271. MUTST SEUJI *S FORO Fatrtartt 500 Kartmw. S«rt fransmlssiDft, T-Bir« eng:n«. 1S5B. HE J4OT1 . . ·ssume contract. ME *» m J-7STL ·S2 FCRO 3 ttr. snclL Runs oood. -S? FORO falHartt l-dr, HarcT R1H. ttldu V4, Jvharpl Comi trade. .U99. ME Va FORO Cc*. TUCK. A KOLL. towtdrct. .rlc, rT.c«.! rght. dtr. CE 3C.TL cwr. strr, auto.,jani FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED WILL SEU TOU A CAR [TEN If TOU HAU NO CREDIT -- POOR CREDIT OUT OF STATE CREDIT BEEN THRU BANKRUPTCY are Wia Acceat Air Raawnalile Baal WE CARRY OUR OWN CONTRACTS c. '695 '57 T-EJRO J700» MtLEl lmm.Kul.*a kt i*L i.nit.. .LIU h-r* teof OriBinat '*!. SEE ITI BUY iTI -HCHtVIOUIT I JaY. Bel A.r. ».ce_ Karaao. Clew ·BPITMOUT* V4 lav. sna Son. Above average. 61 OLDS M OLID AT of ff« OI3 CAVIN USED CARS 2120 W. PACIFIC COAST HWY. . 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