Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 73
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 73

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 73
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P 8 Z 2-P 13 Z 3-P 6 Z 4-* 20 Z 5 'to* fetch Brighten Your Home With Potted Plants CHICAGO (UPI)--In look-iflowering over various peri- touch tu AT 82, JAKES NEW JOB H. F. Burmester, retired editor of the Independent, Press-Telegram, has be-'come news consultant to Long Beach Promotions. Burmester (right) who ', will be 82 in June, is shown conferring in his study with Wallace A. Lagorio, -.-, . general manager of the news bureau. decorate a room, homeowners and designers frequently forgot perhaps one of the more unusual items: something living. Not a pet, but a plant. This is the time of year in which more money will be spent on plants than during any other part of the year. Valentine's Day -was the kickoff date for the high point of the plant-giving season which runs through Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day and the June weddings. * * * · * THE DECORATIVE possibilities for the common clay potted plant are practically unlimited. Large plants can be placed on the floor for accent or for striking pictoria effects in hallyways, or alongside doors, fireplaces, stairs or picture windows, says the ?otted Plant Information Cen ter, New York. Medium sized plants bes lend themselves for handsome centerpieces, on wall shelves in room dividers, in hanging baskets, on benches and win dow sills or in window boxes Smaller plants can be used in planters, in dish garden; or narrow shelves. * * * * THERE ARE basically twi types of plants. First, flower ing plants that may eithe flower all at one time or kee 3ds. Secondly, foliage or 'green" plants, mostly of the ropical variety, professionally conditioned to grow in almost any climate. Foliage plants need only be ighted from the top, while lowering p l a n t s must be ighted from the top and the ack, while indoors. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that all plants going into an indoor garden should be in clay pots. The USDA also offers some other suggestion on the care of plants indoors. "You should water the plants thoroughly jut infrequently, f e r t i l i z e them periodically and illuminate them adequately anc regularly. Water often enough to prevent wilting, then water thoroughly," the USDA says. Really Relaxed as They Quaff Beer, LINCOLN, Neb. UP) -- Five fire companies answered 1 thi call when a Tire started in j stove vent and spread to an overhead fan pouring smoke through a Lincoln tavern. Despite the smoke and fire fighting activity two patron sat calmly quaffing their bee until a policeman · finally asked them to leave. Police Prove Poor Guessers NEW YORK (AP)--Some New York cops could stand a few lessons from Sherlock Holmes. Fifteen of them recently were invited to watch a new movie, "Ten Little Indians," base on the Agatha Christie mystery classic, and to try to guess who the murderer is They marked their guesses on a card during a 60-second "whodunit-break" just before the movie's climax. The results: with two sus pects to choose from as the murder, eight of the cops guessed wrong. Still Best Spot to Find Cheetah NAIROBI, Kenya W»--East Africa still is the place to meet a cheetah, reports the East African Wildlife Society. Nearly 2,000 were sighted ri Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania during a six-month survey. _ "Man's expansion will inevitably reduce the available labitat and the need for adequate 'conservation measures is urgent," says the society. But it adds that for the moment "cheetah in East Africa do not require rescuing." WILL IT SELL? Italian designer Forquet of Rome went all out in the current bare fashion trend with this litHe number, described'evening dress, featuring ii mass of beads , for a bodice and very little 'else;. Tlia beaded bib is worn over hip-h u g g i n g pantaloons. 'H TiJte Ai C»»4 J« It lull' us PAL-BIAS RED CHILI SAUCE CHILI BEANS ENCHILADA SAUCE SEW (OR IRE! IINTEN RKIPIS MMIMZ i FEIIAUD CHIII co. VINIURt. UlllORNIA WHO NEEDS PftOPS? : Actress Angle Dickinson, animated and clever, thinks women can go too far with cosmetics, clothes and eyelashes and after all "they might look better if they don't look like Elizabeth Taylor." 4ng/e Doubts That Women Need to Use So Many Props By KELLY SMITH NEW YORK UP) -- The brown eyes twinkled and the former beauty queen popped a shrimp in her mouth: "Girls have so many props -- eyelashes, hair, nails, Do they really need props? Do men really care? "They try to look like Elizabeth Taylor, but it may be that they'd look better if they don't l o o k like Elizabeth Taylor. They do everything magazines say to do. They - hardly have the time to do much else." This is Angle Dickinson, 5 feet-5 of spunk and laughter and a shapely size-8 blond with 10 movies to her credi and more on the horizon. ' "Personality is more than eyelashes. Props can mak most girls pretty. 1 used to d things I thought I should do Now I do things I want to do * * * * "WHEN THERE'S a ques ion of clothes, I choose what want." The, hardest thing about uccess, she says, is learning o cope with yourself and meeting criticism. "I used to panic, I'd go out ind buy jewelry and clothes vhen I got frustrated," she says. "There came a point in my life where I had to say to myself, 'Am I going to stay in Jiis business?' "Then I had to decide nol to be frustrated and to go full speed ahead, accepting all that's involved. In some ways that's been hard. I'm a loner.' Being Roman C a t h o l i c helped her adjust to the shiny sometime j a d e d world o movie stars and cameras, she says. "The book, The Prophet is my favorite reading ma terial." "When the frustrations be come too much 1 take a wall on the beach and sing." ANGIE grew up in Burbank, Calif., attended nearby Glen- lale College briefly, then upon urging of classmates won a ocal beauty contest that lead o a movie contract. "[ gag when I look at how )ad L was at first. I started stone cold. I was horrible. "My voice teacher Laura iiart in Hollywood helped me earn to discipline myself. Friends helped too." . One of those, she says, was Marlon Brando with whom she just finished the film, 'The Chase." M a r l o n realized I felt pinned to the l i n e s and showed me how to say something else. He didn't let me lock myself into the script." Movie business, says Angle, is exhilerating but rough. Angle and composer Durt Bacharach were married last May and maintain homes in New York City and Hollywood. UNION MEMBERSHIP Organized labor's millions of union m e m b e r s are distributed unevenly throughout the country. According to a Labor Department survey based on 1964 figures, nearly half the total membership of 17,187,700 was accounted for by only five states with more than a million unionists each--New York, ' California,' Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio. Total membership was 29.5% of all nonagricultural workers in the nation. Newsmap shows unionization : pereeiitages in the separate states. Not shown are Alaska, in the 30-40% category, and Hawaii, with 20-30%. Generally, the 19 states with so-called ' "right-to-work" laws on the books, banning union shops under a provision - of the Taft-Hartley Act which labor for years without success has sought to have Congress repeal, are among the lowest in union member percentages. * CLEANER LOOKING WASH ,, A -CLEANER SMELLING WASH' You just know it's the cleanest wash you can get. Dirt can't hide from Intensified Tide, To test New Intensified Tide, a dirty T-shirt was hidden inside a child's dirty crawlers.. Amazing! Even the hidden T-shirt--clean to the neckband. So naturally, your whole wash is cleaner-looking! Both were hidden in the leg of dirty work pants and added to · aregularwashload... with New Intensified Tide--strongest Tide in detergent historyl Results? .

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