The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 31, 1957 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 4
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•y^^np **#* fit fACfi f C0f KM HOOD COWTROt HtLP If DfSflMsllf tXCffflON THE SALESMAN Mi. '».*. Worth Tfmrtdty tt find out what th« meat CM* -ftrihtaui to flaw* "«H *ttt might te doe* «txxrt tte» feftrft*! SleW*. Wfc«th*r ft* fete**) auUxttiUes tal* «r fuxtfcef ttftOtt e* sot, ae atteftttoa "gives to feat Wffl ft Hstft cau« toe* te J•^| min'ttit n t fa* A -* •BEonHnMa or u» -A: m,.<ta-' *i~ £*g*ttLy^* «^^^ ^o*l^» irtiliw- aBOuM OEM luiKt wan guild OH '- • -' rf tto ill* ot fiflbd wtd , ^^M^t. •%**•-' u^Ub' jmujufa|^Ua^, • ayy 08 «B CKCpuHk oft i» fett tit* fe«tef»l flwilved to ttls field, talftg ftwh t*» high official. -ct UM Amy fingiftem, tb* j.-.i .-»« Sttft at least ft* * pKtjttA that , tfeat befo** the r«*M t»iM» drought hid cttcied ft* Kv*l in tt»* nine ««lti-fMrp«l* tuariotlj «6 til* TrinitT, &f*a»av Heche* Jftd Coktfndo to oaiy 14 fe* *a» o( tlwst Btew, they «* at «$ per c«ot Oa* at ft* officiate eafiaated i ages during tfc* ffeod fittiod at a total of ttt? affliaa *»J*f tacit of the finM% Satfiisifet rNNsfi^ jjtifixfy, rtdo, tUftd Cimdihq*. irW&BwUSaa^b J *s- J . * HI 'im f aTir ^ •lOTnn f n mtm m ? 9 \ miim ft QOOQ. CQCUrot prOjectS ffift TnLtfty*' JasttB. JHakfdal pft"*& k f£ftt£a aJdilimial kmt of tl«6J mfflion. Aiitiioi m"ul, Dttt uiMuii&liiM^ _ jects, fe> said, would bare prevented fattier MtaaUM dat&age of $3fJ ttQ- fioft ea UM» Bra*r&. Tjtai&f tad GoadaV Know of lac ofk faads. oa SMtt easet w» eonsidtt tt*t aay gjeueual vd£tR project that matt trwdd OodUty. Y**ts «£«, tfet t*!* Jaf MLJfaiaiai ^Uab«te^^aJl a% ^^Mfj^jf Kngificcff proposca m aenvs OB t»»9tirt** «tf th* Busies «* tb* ttttt tat state „ ttf th» tat boddiag partks^atittg «jfb tfe Cotpi fit tt th* JBralM* ItNCf AtH&BIIMk , tfo» > y, the BRA hi* i that iadod« not * fit* temtt B» Wen alfiMsit in* evitabt*. IMatt pfoffatt Wat ibehttd fiuou. oudUw a&d <?iuttifft"yiiUOii to b* MilMtdi&ated to recnttkn and pfOddctioa el electrical po**r. Alt tbt ol ti>* dans would be c6B*tr«ted' atev* Waco, Perv/ Honrey N«ws TfXAN UBtUJONK fACING Iftf KDIRAt 4/0 ROOTs OOP wffltt*~fc«fJ*w««3' «*§•«** the naiaattHBB i «*«»J* R» aoM at tt* fihMesrt fitp^tt a* »*mft «« KM^Hf «Mta ««««»» BdWW* ttat *i» M, VISK, •edit linttWtt «t OMt an -*.««*. tut art ttoUHtttt M tt* R*pebltt*a B«d tttjr etttet m flto M(ffiU--tlM> *- -j- or fdif at eoMniittM f tdlowcd MKeA AkMti tad cod#re«loo. ai IteaaMkiaM in which -h* *s tow tfett the ^ a ,-rt CVn tin fit* wtfa cloMd to tbt Htipafit* «Dc«l tfa Urae* ,*n*ffly, M. adminiitntUM »«uiiel tad pel- Ida*. Th* ia MriMK tretMt with th* vo- tfe* rtulrmin huttlcd to the Whit* BOOM to talk tt or*r. H« •obtequtetiy r«eeiv«d (reu EX- ttHKawUhBT A lttSt£ WbiCflt !«• UfitWu Plttttt WM i&fOftlMQ« tt*t*d bbmOr that the people oulu lunpc tlw jpFCAtcst «UM« M dfcett«« ««i<e in detwm- Ve did Bide to essahacw which baa misled a COBCCRawfif laWl Ml avwaffawaMsw* " too Htneh about «h» aM aaHft ytt bttM«M «• oa* An tdttofs. a« Theft teUowed re«ioa*l «on report will (*•!!«»• Kiien. bower on federal aid to teboot 11 the regional trend of think- taf i« properly reflected. The United PreM wu totd f«d*r»l ichool aid WBC the MTttt root of alt There wu a tottd tat not tmiiNfrMl beef ttfliiit fttftiga aid. The ioudett laraattti at the Kgieaal meeting* wtw utd to Involve patronage and the way the White House handte* it Hot COMMENT •a orwntar* and not eaottgh abMt the baak- rartclec. Yen hear about Q* Dana* oilman who rests and redecorates the Bollywood lfoc«a> bo and tJutowc a T>uililrfTl-thffltninii rtflfiar yarty ft fOmhnd friends . . . But you donl tear about the miBion- dol-zr dry bo>. it makes news when a rojrattr owner ttie The etowa who scattors attar doDan to bCUBOyf flVtS eittainfiOask lasM aBBBttttBfc *8tt 6U* Bat doDan dont come easy in a» o0 An oflman makes a Hvfaf a bard way, risM that would stagger us more cautious But * •vet weO* are wMte i -a—_ j iBOKfl^HKa^kank . awaa rjfaTWVcn wMh the bones of men Dmt mlaanilaiiltad Texas doetnt disown Unas fcOowi. We ktnda flke them. . •An odmaa who works bard has a right' to puy hard. But when Cbe play gal Recently a the Permian Basin of West Tnzr. where a fourth of an the drUUng riga ia tbe United State* an right now busy rnawhint hole* tt pair planet, fth newsmatfa i «Btttad a rebriUon Uawiag. Oi Accoap fislmit Tan Job k dona, teat a* ate sponsor* said tt wotid be. An* ttose who taw fba ««»»r B fV ntent m tBe process would hare regained a great deal of lost fata in youngtten and. in this «a*Via the Boy Seoof brand. They did their food dead for Walt VaQT* Stripped to the waist trader a ran that was already not whan- they arrived just attar they handled a Job that In fact, few aduhsevec tried. A lot of folks who voted for Mr. ari**teklng aaitBer'took^at their hole Outsiders Wlflk ft fpltltj, laBaTsiMVCn f*aT*|. aTatt* tteg 71 ilsrpl»m hours OB top at a "Joiner" well, aptt casmg. a fi* in the hole. <drcula< tton cone, btowoat ttoeatenteg. ready to tote his saat tt salt Water takes over ... They Jost see file newt pictures. And ho always shaves for those. Congress is unfortunately too much faJ- prvjed by the stories of an "oilman" hnmV tec eUphants with a bow and arrow and fa- ehMvl to forget the astronomkal capital fhatiMcassary te the deep weB gamble. Some thus come to resent the slight tax adttntage slloaail aOmsn became they dent on eampa* • had to: In West Texas, where we pot lota of -stock to a verbal ccatraet, * man's word ia bbi bond. And they doot tte whart 1 Ilii to be mid-morning tier Mows of the Ht- wOtmg. of them fat Hat afternoon as ita* the morning. Bui . the Job, ttey Agate, dent get the idea this is a 1 of ri<h folks selfishly protesting * torr taxes. I haven't been visiting with any • of the folks yon read about. I spent my time with the salaried office hate and the tod pushers and the army of un-secjattonal folks who move the rigs and weW the pipe and keep the books and drive the tracks and take fba risks that gamble then- own security tor the ultimate |«usually of at an. And yoa Jost don't na back en your word witfc these saan and get away witk itt :ttwgfc wift at leasTas __, ofanri aa was expected. To tell the truo, tome of the men in tie Chamber crews fwfavwen on the shovels thom- «*»^JhougM therrt be more Tbn Boy Scout movement Im* not been without ertttdam te recent years. Meet of tt eomet from Ike beHef that adntta arc providing so mnch of the funds andeturts that rSSsSFttst w^Bsx^Sd. 1 ^ havo no reason far effartef Bight now a* fofiagc that yon may picture at waving graceroUy over the road it atm te the MiL WsM f«w fronds are on OK' iiewly^planttd treat are dipped and bound together, and win riaiiln s<> The maen, Ota Braaoapert Chamber otficiasi are told, fa that Kit desirable thai the upper growth of tka tree be re- sarained so that meet, of «•> ncOvlt,y of tbe p^attfe it dlratt- ad toward growing a root ays* tern. ..:-.; '- ..• XVCO.'Bf£aA •JP^"""*** "aa> VVwaaaaf wig^not have *• *^™i^W , ^^••^^a^ , JT— - — —— aprtbteg InBrlaatinbav* gr«mdu Bntlrbon the i«Ttav, «faa to matnre, as at wffl ta two or thro* years, it wffl be somefhfttg that decades of tea*, elm and etttmns wffl enjoy. . .^«2ortOf«*«r,oi5Salt hope there wffi be another tea at fl.fa.M~g. taken wfcan Vml '"'ftnr travel nn—i^ M* •>«. cnoe. They L win say to rare tbe Aad it tore wonht Ton can got a goad look at wkat orna- ttsTJBtaTtl VMWtavttwasal 4Ofa*al fVeT A or a cttr by looking: at By fiUM MEAT! the (afinre of a traa drlva ta show up again ttts year in Bntfttaaori fa not the only town planted trees and otter 1 WOt bate, tak* Jackson, and Jonas Creek bat a lerabfa bead start te it- nraQy aylvan sntroandtags, | Mit a man who fiUfeks that aatora L do the whote Job ha« : BRIJONS ARC BITTER |r PURVEYORS OF SLANG to fact. Dr. O. B. Traebetttt, Who rrmliinil .freeport that pabn Jraat would be a fina floral theme for the entire city. bod triad to " * " - - oa ttaldaa.. H : fhenfc^urnad ^rSaSTpi-fa tr-tka. was ««d toft. rr»- land it now be- tofpahns »t DOC QVtOO P. ft. Staff Comspondnt" NCW YORK — 0<— When better attng is bam. the British, of eourse, wffl build it, and if yon dont use your loaf In feedtftg ihfc Hem HI bet half am oxford it wonH make It pence. One of the glories of England for to, these many years, has bean Cockney rhyming tUaf. a speech form that teem* to hare escaped Americans entirely. Bat now the British Travel Assn. has busted forth with full-page ^maca- atne anStertkemcnts OB the sub)** which «bWfld~tHrt H in the American public do. On Th9 Skb... NOTABUS GIVi OUT JUNE ADVICE Botif soch battona to raeont crack bank te Oyster Crotk Com. was barn in Baltimore* Bo was of the greases) baa cteb of aB times, the Baitanore Orioles, bat ho waa bam te Brooklyn. In HOT. aack at fhat Street and A*w Looking Back .MATH of 4». it waa then, when asked by an interviewer to account tor hi* meet* as a batter, that "Wee W5Be» gave voice to the classic nmiifc 1 hit 'am whan they am,V MPlT.lttHTB would &ko to keep, inrideatate, far that* who dnv^down •• avanot of pabns jjaar <aa drt*. ww * *** has been gypped, jaat be patient. It wffl take, te futf. about two yoart* r tree* «B be ravfred. »» *mr .»My *at ftn Bava met a dWfOfadtoOGC neck Ward aajd, "tbn tan dfat fa good ntyfa at by kla waagang! wtfa aaxf old birtiilar domnt dfa at I — he sofa away Hk* • nufijwaa'a toJL* ; tew. Be teotn at* L trying » aign bam a» to do n E far oar Banes asri Women (Sept. Tf Ort tt> ftaenBj mam than onot. They antosOybond. Bavo a firm babaf variety fa the apicc of We. And thai Or, so say wh, Try and Stop Me 80 f harried over to Stanley HoBowsy, the dialect expert Who can belt out a British marie nan ballad so superbly that h* stops the snow at least twice a night at "My rah* Lady." and asked him to rattla off a bit of explanation. O. K-, guvnor. tvetyrkteg Bhymos Tm feeUnc reels," be began. That means Pm feeling ratten. Get ttr Heels la the first word of 1leeb>of- cottonr which is a phrase that rhymes with rotten." Hot So Necejtuuy TUfTORA. Qltf. —a*- At Iff as Both Necessary is con- famtd. Boy & Neeutary Jr. isnl airmniy. lira. Necessary fitadjatt for dhrerco Thursday, • J ~" cruelty. v nat atea Ae aheck* I 1 I *» Jarsay Ctty, M. J, a * auto was struck three by othw can at almost tervals during the What's this—Tar. temghr? DAILY CROSSWORD tvl Me AffMat The idea Is to substitute a rhyming phrase for many fa- mlliar word, and these words are standarduMd. Head be>. comes loaf-of-bread. But the Cockneys often drop ' off all but the first word, so that the thing doesn't nuke rhyme — or reason, cMtar, un. lest you know the slang. Hence, In the first sentence of this column, loaf means head, oxford means dollar (Oxford-scholar is the whole rhyme), and l< pence is the rhyme for sense. Inspired anatomically by '•haf," BoUoway rattled off the following Cockney translations: Eyes — mince pies; nose—I suppose; mouth—north and south; neck—bushel and peek; arms—chalk farms (a London suburb); beUy—Oarby Kelly; legs—clothes pegs; feet —plates of meat If s Poetry. Tea Asked to talk a bit of this, he went me one better and launched into verse, an old stage rhyme to wihch I have added parenthetical transla- "1 was sitting ia front of the Anna Maria (fire) "A-warming me plates of meat (feet. "When I hears a knock at the Bory O 1 Moore (door) •Which makes ma raspberry beat (heart from raspberry tart) ^^ "So I set down mo glass of fingar-and-thumb Crum) "Which I held in m* German band (hand) "And I want to tba head of the apples-and-peart (stain) "With me dukes al ready to land ..." Maybs you've got aaoag* to try a few sentences of your own. But if you're a marrUd man, I would parttcolarly ad. vise against tokm* M ham* YM'ff X. tnathaat tVOstoar M.Num. OvM asr d. Affirm , is* Wa» t. gjta sislfasi gan imyth.) M. Wtef. (.Primps taatol tl.Hliir>i tt.Pr*. UTaa. U-Tmatow, -«ylOU(tTT w./— •4.VAtaoat(t.)ti;1 M tt is diflScatt to fa «. LTkeons fl-W. 1 ' * Ta* aMd** l*er Ua4 fa Wmy THE BBAZOSPOBT FACT5 ± 4 T •*««* * «-l fin fax, was one Wr. aatt Bot U Bow * » * i^ V */ ajitnta) at iMait. ^fAo aaa|B|a ^•ear da Mi alBViBmtl* fe^aaaadlZ i|iip*asj isaff 4*^m ^WHF ^••aF* 1 VaHllPllfJIV !••

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