Independent from Long Beach, California on March 18, 1976 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1976
Page 47
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, I Revised impact study released ^ * ^ · ··'--.. ·· . ..·· ,··.. i, Mineral King surfaces again L«f»«K»,c.iH.,TT u n.,M«-cMi,Tt7« INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TtlEGKAM (PM)-C-7 By ALLEN WOLFE Sail Wriler Mineral King, the focal point of a prolonged nine- year court battle between the U.S. Forest Service and the Sierra Club, has surfaced once again. E v e r since M i n e r a l King was proposed as a multi-purpose, w i n t e r summer resort, a lot has happened lo s t r a i n the r e l a t i o n s of t h e t w o parties, a l m o s t lo the breaking point. To t h i s day, there is no resort at Mineral King and the controversy over its development remains mired in a sea of pre-trial litigation. The issue of Mineral K i n g Valley--located in the Sequoia National Forest, only 228 miles north of Los Angeles--began in 1967 when, after competitive bidding, the Forest S e r v i c e granted development rights for an ally e a r , all-around recreational resort to Wall Disney Productions. On Jan. 8; 1969, Disney submitted a master plan proposing 18 ski lifts, a ski jump, trails for cross country ski touring, overnight lodging for 6,000 persons and service, facilities, i n c l u d i n g restaurants, a ski s h o p ami rental operations. The concept was approved by the Forest Service weeks later. two THEN, ON J u n e 10, 1969, the Sierra Club filed suit in U.S. District Court to block the development and Mineral K i n g has been in litigation ever since. Essentially, the e n v i r o n m e n t a l g r o u p wants lo preserve the pristine nature of the area, A£ unspoiled .by bulldozers and other works of man. !n the seven years since the Sierra Club filed suit, two important case points have taken place. F i r s t , the S u p r e m e Court of California ruled against the Sierra Club in 1972, saying they had no "vested interest" and therefore had no grounds to sue. But the organization came right back with an amended suit that is still awaiting trial. Second,the Forest Service--in December, 1974-issued an environmental i m p a c t s t a t e m e n t on Mineral King, a requisite that fulfills one major contention in the amended suit, claiming t h e U.S. Forest Service had "tailed to prepare and circulate (for public comment) an a d e q u a t e environmental statement under the Environmental Policy Act of I9GO." A C C O R D I N G to the first of two impact statements. Mineral K i n g is essential to the growth of winter sports activity in Southern California, particularly as more leisure- lime becomes available to the sports-oriented public. The environmental impact statement says: "Mineral King is the only remaining area where high-quality, large-scale winter sports opportuiiilies can be pro- v i d e d nt a l o c a t i o n reasonably accessible to S o u t h e r n C a l i f o r n i a , principally lxs Angeles." The report goes on to l i s t m a n y o t h e r advan- t a g e s of Mineral King, among them being: · A distance 100 miles closer lo Los Angeles than Mammoth Mountain. « Superlative ski terrain, approximately 70 per cent being suitable for intermediate-level skiers, who comprise the majority of the skiing public. Artesia blanks Mayfair, 2-0 Senior Eddie Hodge of Artesia High limited May- f a i r to four singles as the Pioneers trimmed visiting Mayfair, 2-0, Wednesday afternoon in S u b u r b a n League baseball play. UCLA scrapes out 3-0 win Earl Battey smacked a two-run double in the tenth inning to break a scoreless tie and boost UCLA to a 30 baseball victory over hosl Cal State Dominguez Hills W e d n e s d a y a f t e r noon. The Bruins are now 15-3, Dominguez is 8-17. UCLA . . . K10 000 0003--3 7 1 Dom^suer . .. 000 0000000-0 * 0 BijncN. Lliarraw 131, Dost (!) i*6 Arrmtftlorp: AKooct. StdMein 14), Burton [ f t and PacVe.-l. British Soccer KnglLll Ifinr rrhhU. I ch I. JlatvclKiliT L'rjlt.1 I. S'otlinihim ForMI 2. S ijndr rl ar.-1 I VI'CM BroniuUhO. Bmtol Cr!y 1 riMilHJ Brighton I Grirmby 2 Hereford I. TUlSail SMrxkJVMrrste I Canlill 3 ! r :i 1. Northampton 1 Kttfjtl 1. HuldmlKld I Krjdinx 9. Baciwlfy 0. tir SntllibUtnr rHihho! Rjuh Ro*«n -V tVr»:cfc 0 Pro-cage briefs SLCf.ETSUBA*- . ·'rirlir.j! fuiri Ckvcli WOTIini us an fit idmtnl jvl iJI bf ihiL;wri Jot i KKIC1U iVHAt- \raovnrr4 Dul .-uatd Wall rtaifcr »J1 hr h^t lor M Vast a 4eekduf In a ipra^rd txack. In other gamos, Gahr moved in front by itself wilh a 2-0 m a r k , defeating Glenn 2-1, while Neff was edging Excelsior, 5-1. H o d g e , n e v e r t h r e a t - ened, struck out eight and w a l k e d t w o . A r t e s i a scored its runs when Greg Stapp tripled lo score Jay Brenner in the fifth inning and Jeff Johnson drove in Richard Epping w i t h a sacrifice fly the sixth. H i c k D i f f i n c pitched well for Mayfair (1-1), fanning three and walking only one. Rightfieldcr Joe Wicr- sina drove in both Gahr runs, the second coming when he hit a flyball lo score Fhvaync Decker in the fifth inning. Glenn Pratter was the winning pitcher (or Gahr (6-1 overall), while Dave Backus was the hardluck loser for Glenn (1-1). Neff (1-1) scored three times in t h e seventh inning in its win over hosl Excelsior (0-2). Winning pitcncr Steve Chambers singled in the third and decisive run in the seventh. SUBURBAN I.EAGUE - I S i Prjiifr jnd Dooyrj.; Bxfc-Ji irnJ KluHf Nffl III «J- S ( I KurMor 2fiOO»ft- I T j CJu.nh.-M. Mirim »7. *nd D-JTJI. IlfArnm a-xl fH-a-l Skkkj StlurVM Rec Softball tournament at Dominguez The c h a m p i o n s h i p weekend for the Carson P a r k s - R c c r e a t i o n Y Shakey's softball t o u r n a - ment is scheduled at Dom i n g u e z P a r k , t o u r n a - m e n t d i r e c t o r R o l a n d Majchrzak s a i d W e d n e s day. Six games are carded Saturday and four or five S u n d a y as the 21-team d o u b l e elimination lest was pared lo 10 teams afler 30 games. The hustling Cypress Hawks, a new entry in the Pacific Coast League, are in t h e winner's bracket finals against top-seeded Las Vegas. Manager Bob Styles w i l l s e n d young D u a n e Williams against Ijs Vegas' veteran Ron Smilh at 12:30 p.m. Saturday for a shot at t h e championship Sunday. J o h n T i n k e r ' s Long B e a c h B C h a m p i o n s , C r a w l o n I n n , w e r e a scrappy surprise, winning two games before being eliminated by San Dimas. · Seven treeless ski bowls, all with northern exposure, which is preferable. · A potential vertical drop of more than 3,700 f e e t w h i c h "surpassses that of any existing winter sports area in California." · A high. U-shaped rim, p r o v i d i n g e x c e p t i o n a l protection from wind. Three weeks ago, the U.S. Forest Service released its second environment a l impact draft, significantly scaled down from the original. A F o r e s t Service spokesman said this was done to enhance their position when, and if,' the suit comes to trial. The final environmental impact statement differs on the following [mints: · The draft originally called for a maximum of 10,000 visitors in both winter and summer. Now that figure has been cut lo 8.000 in winter and li.OOO in summer. · Plans (or a coi; railroad tn carry visitors from Oak G r o v e to Mineral K i n g -- a distance of 2(i miles-have been shelved altogether due to prohibit i v e cost. Travelers would have had to pay between $i and $8 per round trip to justify building of the cog. t In place of the cog, n two-lane, :IT m p h road w o u l d extend for a distance o( 2-1 miles from the t o w n of Hammond (at Highway 198) tu Faculty Klal. Electric buses would then transport skiers the remaining t w o miles to Mineral King Village. Visi- lors' cars would not lie al- SNOW REPORT smTHFHM'AIJFimNM liUl.MlAV - pnngpMVrd. frwd. daili. K R A T K A KIDGE-]*-: - ud. daily. uvt«-, fcrtJ, vfty cud. . MnbTfAIS infill-ill im-ht-s. spring r«'"1, dalh MT' lUi.nV-ifc IIK-M. hi, a roffc .ind wing tnM ilaiK MT WATEBMAS-lS-U imbf!. ^prluft pJcVed. Hood In Vi-ry RDivJ. iix! SUNBISK-651 irvrbcs. sprint rofVrdjfair In Ruul .daily. SNOW SVMMIT-liai inrhri. fair to very gofld. daily. ' - sprirw nack-d SNOW V snnni! djil) In \fly - . . lair tu l.vhoi. h.irj |iaik and daily. ] U I G K R PASS-21-a ir*-hrs. sMing p:x kcd, f;wr In B'"1. il-iiiy. f . F \ K VAI .I.KY-2i-n inches. F.ORKAl«-^S inch^. h a rJ parl. Rl \'ln*NA JI 'l'KAK-l2-i n:ch(^. fprau iuta). lair (o Bo-l.djilr. HEAVENLY V.U.I.KY-H is iTH'fof:. H'Tinf! [urkitJ. l-iir iii **\ daii- 9 a m - Onirrif C'wn!) Col^T3 ^ UWool Tiacftn. W li nipndilc CoalltrnUl I'yrrjlu.T \ t Cordon "n Mill! of Orarure; I?:W-Cpff« M. Us Vf BJI; 2 IV San Dlreai "i Chfantylf; I Wn*T* nt 3 j«J 10 IS ri-iifl; 6- [,akr-»'u»J ClKDil" Af^oclilf; %1 2 li Tennis results WCTTOt'RN AMF.NT (Tlr»l 'rwWi- V i j j y Amntrjj ifiv!!!! -iff B^nt* Mitton 'Soj'h A f r k a f f-J, 4 3 : Tom Gorman I." S ' -V! Jurrv, Km-./ KT.ilr' M. *-. Shilri «Kep«» 6-1. 7\ Hdl)- Mart;! 'L Sidrl Briia FibliM.Vw/*ilar]j P-iikfti. (jir iii roorl. dailj K1HKW(XJI-4? inch cjcbd very E' 1 "!, daily Jl'SK WT.-rOV. in. pjcJu'd CiiM diilv. MAMMtmi HT-SJa njrk L\"-], daily SirRRA SKI RANCH-.11 -.1 \at h SjSy* 1 SODA SPR1NGR-*n?2 im-hi S|i rina par kit]. MTJ - £'··!. i1jib SQCAW yAiJJ!v-iv*i ·biij S U O A R . Knod l rva-krd. good lowed in the valley proper. · The draft cuts from 25 to 20 the number of acres devoted to development-both skiablc terrain and t h e village itself--but increases the a m o u n t of land lor development outside Ihe valley at Faculty Flat and Silver City further down the road. The Sierra Club suit, inactive pending completion of this second revised e n v i r o n m e n t a l i m p a c t study, has now IKHMI "exhumed from the grave" and given new life. The next step will be a ruling by California regional forester Douglas U. Ix?is7, on w h e t h e r In go forward w i t h t h e Mineral K i n g project as outlined in this final draft. It Ihe decision is "yes." which it is expected to be, the U.S. Forest Service will seek a hearing on the lawsuit. F i n a l l y , t h e development at Mineral King can (inly start if tin- lawsuit is rendered in favor of the Forest Service. l.imiNKS. The l.nn« Bfiu-lt [inn nl KELlin^swnrUi. scloclod nn'liHci Is lor the now Klkhiini Villjim* Inn near Sin; Valley. Irfa. Thr 15 mil- U»Ki strui-turo will cmnpliHo tin* Villiiuc Center ;\n envisitm- t'[| in idf master phin five years a^o which presently in* cltirtcs shops, ri'st;iur;mlH. year-.nround ire rink and '22i Ix-R-in (liis month mi t/n 1 new fmir-htory, Mi^-nwin JxHel and ronvi'ntioti [.icility. (calurinH :i total square fiMrtaye of Sft.- Uilt [eel. SclnxIuliMl intoning (lute is Dcfomher, Ifl.'ii . . HonH [Xi-.-ill-irH is n-wnlln^; tin 1 work! prnlessltHinl ski r.ic- inu recoKl Ixxiks this reason. The .!H-yc;.r-oUl Krpni'h ptuMiDin ntnasset! ,U7,i00 wluU- wnuiiiii; II 1.1111 of !fj s t a r t s in dun I challenge slalntn and njntil slalom t'uw- pflitinns the lcsl pro rat-tTS in I he world. By nun- |)iirisi)n. si'fOiid-|J;irp Josrl OdrrmaU, a Conner Swiss World fun lonipolilnr, has h;uiked $21,10} and wun .wu cvenls. Nexl slop on Ihe luur will le UK? sevenlh UIIIL'O Cup Mardi 2H 2» ;i( Sun Vjilfe-y. . . . I Menilinu pro e h a tn pi on Hunk Kasmwa is nul fnr Ihe remainder nl the sen sun, having undertime knee surjlery two \vecVs :t^o iti OkUlriima City, Cartilejjc was removed fnHii f«Mli sides nt his loft knee. IHJ! pmt;ix)sis [or full recover^ 1 is excclkiU. He is rectipcratliu; hai'k lumie at Slpamtm.!!. 'ol.x . . .Due U pxlen^ive sijou 1 am! excctlenl (o.Klitims. Hii; Sky in Mw- tnn.i h;is extended its season Ihroujji April IK Urifjiinl eld- .sure dale April t. . . .Mammoth Ml. ajjnin oilers its :innual Ski lasirm-lors Tr;iinin; College [nr |») instriK'tofs with iso UMchinu exitericnr 1 ' or iw» divisional i ertlfic.ilinn Courses will In 1 held May 10 ].l from fi n m. lo 1 p.m. daily. Cost is V*0 .ind ijpiidline lor .1 pnlic.itinns is May 1. Knr furlher intonnii- linn write Max Good, Main- molh Ml. SVi SchfHil din-dor, I'D Box 21. 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