Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 9, 1966 · Page 19
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 19

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1966
Page 19
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PAGE 20 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, IJ * T^TV · ^rm V/1I By ALFRED SHEINWOLD In many situations a defender can give the count by signaling high-low to show an even number of cards in a suit. When he has an odd number of cards in the suit, he plays first low and then high. North dealer Both sides vulnerable NORTH * 10962 V 65 0 A K Q 8 4 + 64 WEST EAST 4 QJ5 4 873 0 5 2 0 7 + K J 1 0 9 5 + 8 7 3 2 SOUTH A A K 4 y A Q I O O J 1 0 9 6 3 * AQ North East South West Pass Pass 1 0 Pass 3 0 Pass 6 0 All Pass Opening lead -- 0 2 Declarer drew two rounds of trumps, and East discarded the deuce of hearts. South then led out the top spades and gave West his spade trick. It all happened in the 1953 national tournament, and Frank Weisbach had to find the right return from the West hand. If he returned Squth's doubleton clubs, South would get two club tricks but eventually would lose a heart. If West returned hearts, South would get two heart tricks, ruff a heart and discard the queen of clubs on dummy's good spade. The clue came from East's discard of the deuce of hearts. East could not possibly know at the second trick, when he made this discard, what his partner's problem would be several tricks later. Still, the deuce was a clue. Since East obviously had no high cards, he could discard either a discouraging club or a discouraging heart on the second trump. At the same time, if possible, he would try to give h.'. B partner a count. If East held six hearts and three clubs, he would play his lowest club to show an odd number of clubs. If East held five hearts and four clubs, he would play his lowest heart to show an odd number of hearts. If East had five hearts, as his signal showed, South held three. Weisbach therefore returned a club and declarer eventually had to lose a heart trick. Don't be discouraged if it takes you a couple of minutes to work this out so that you can apply the principle some day in actua* plav. It's 13 years since Weishbach played the hand, but he still sweats when he thinks of it. QUESTION: Partner opens with 1 NT (16 to 18 points) and the next player passes. You hold: spades 10 9 6 2, hearts 6 5, diamonds A K Q 8 4, clubs 6 4. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid two clubs, the Stayman Convention. If partner can bid spades, you plan to raise to game in spades. Otherwise, you plan to jump to three no-trump at your next turn. To order "A Pocket Guide lo Bridge" send 50 cents to Tucson Daily Citizen, Box 3318, Grand Central Station, New York, N.Y. 10017. It covers bidding conventions, point count, etc. Copyright 1966 'Nationalization' Of Gulf Urged GUAYMAS, Sonora-WI--Mayor Enrique Ramonet urged the Mexican government yesterday to "nationalize" the Gulf of California. His message to the Interior Ministry charged that U.S. and Japanese fishermen are poaching on Mexican shrimp and lobster beds. Medicare's Centers Must Be Unbiased WASHINGTON - UPI - The nation's hospital and nursing homes must sign nondiscrimination pledges before they can receive payments under the Medi- nrnuram a hil?h federal official says. The Public Health Service will send a questionnaire to hospitals and nursing homes next week to survey their compliance with the anti-discrimination section of the civil rights ]aw. the official said. The section forbids racial dis- criminaion in federally aided programs. Wilbur J. Cohen'. underscore: lary of health, education and welfare, outlined this condition in a speech before the District of Columbia Public Health Association yesterday. The . Public Health Service will ask each institution involved in the Medicare program to file "a statement of assurances of its intentions to fulfill the (non-discrimination) conditions," Cohen said. He estimated that payments for treatment of persons over 65 who have medicare hospital insurance protection would provide 25 to 30 per cent of the operating expenses of the average hospital. Cohen estimated payments under the hospital insurance and doctor bills insurance provisions of medicare would total $3.5 billion in the first year after the programs take effect starting friendly BUILDERS SUPPLY t-tL U--l AND LUMBER CO. 5001 E.SPEEDWAY · PHONE 326-4348 Braid Rug Carpet Sale 9x12 BRAID RUG Tone Colors - Extra Heavy - Reg. 39.95 Ul LONDON -- m -- Britain's national election campaign is spawning a gigantic betting spree on the scale of the annual plunge on the Epsom Derby. Leading bookmakers report a flood of money on political hunches. One, William Hill, said he expects lo take a million pounds ($2.8 million) before the nation votes March 31. The political-issue is whether Prime Minister Harold Wilson's Labor party stays in office and gets a bigger majority in the House of Commons or Edward Heath's Conservatives take over. The betting issue is more complicated. One firm, Ladbroke's, is using election betting lists like the soccer pool coupon millions of Britons fill out every week. Labor is tiie liul favOri'ie to win, both with the bettors and in the public opinion polls. For a straight bet on Labor you stake 6 pounds -- the pound is $2.80 -- to win 1. The Conservatives are 7-2 against--you stake 2 pounds in the hope of winning 7. For bigger odds you try to pick the majority which Labor kJlwi I'd or the Conservatives will win in the 630-seat House o! Commons. If you back Labor to win by 71-80 seats, a fair prospect according to the polls, the payoff is 10-1. If you choose the Conserva- more, the odds are 1,000 -1. As for the middle - road Liberals. Britain's third party, "I'll lay the Bank of England to a carrot that they can't win," said William Hill. Ladbroke's coupon has a list of 22 evenly matched voting districts. The bettor tries to forecast the winning margin in six of X X * x"k ·m--m--m -w* rr these districts. If he's right with- ia 500 votes -- and it doesn't matter which candidate w i n s which seat -- he collects 20 times his stake. The bookmakers say much of the really big money comes from investors betting against their other interests. A Conservative who has investments which he thinks may suffer under a strengthened Labor government will back Labor as insurance. They've even detected a sort of double paradox -- wealthy investors backing . the Conservatives, whom they normally support, for fear that they might win. The reason is the Labor party's commitment to nationalize the steel industry by compensating stockholders on the terms which the money markets re- (TO****! QI? rYAna**/\ito With a majority of only three in the current House, Wilson had to drop nationalization because some of his own party oppose it. If he wins a solid majority, some form of nationalization probably will go through -- and steel shares will at least hold their current value. If the Conservatives win, steel shares probably will fall, md the betting stockholders will get their compensation from the bookies. Sun Goes Out Of Drama NEW YORK - UPI - The Broadway drama, "The Royal Hunt of the Sun," must do without its sun. Paul Libin, general manager, said someone broke into the theater and stole a 150 - pound wooden disk covered with gold-colored metal that symbolizes the sun. go with them retu rn with us them us EXTRA HEAVY and THICI BLENDED 60". WOOL REV. 40% OFF SALE i Extra thick authentic Early American Reversible 60% Wool Blend Braid Rugs. Colorful and extra heavy --usable on both sides for double wear. Choose the sizes and color for every room! SAVE 40% NOW! Not to be confused with inferior 20% 30% wool rugs! 9x12$ Reg. $49 3'x5' Oval Braid 9xl2 Alh Nylon Multi-Red-Brown- Green-Gold. DUPONT'501'NYLON Pile and Other LUXURY CARPETS Completely Installed over Rubberized Pad Your Cho/'ce-- DuPont'501 Space Dyed Nylon Pile Tweeds All-Wool Wiltons Heavy Plush Nylon Chenilles '501' Ny; Casual * · Caprolan Nylon Cobblestone NO PAYMENT UNTIL MAY UP TO 36 MONTHS TO PAY I · See Carpet Samp/es : ^H in Your Home - Call "** MA 3-3659 For Day or fvening /Appoinfmenf 199 E. PENKINGTON - SON, I'xitK i iu;i: i\ itrvii There's no other way to see the difference. Actually, "see" is the wrong word. You can't see much difference between our Golden Jets and planes the other major airlines use... you feel it! You feel the pride of Continental's people --in their jobs whatever they may be, in themselves, in their airline --and you feel good. Comfortable. Confident. This extra measure of pride comes from the fact that Continental, as major airlines go, is not a great big, impersonal one. So Continental's people can and do maintain their individuality, their interest and involvement in how their airline is run. It comes out not so much in what they do but rather in how they do it. You feel it all around you... all the time. Come travel with us and feel the difference pride makes. Go with your favorite airline --return with ours. You'll have a new favorite. Yourtravel agent or,Continenta! will arrange it...please call. CONTINENTAL The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail

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