Independent from Long Beach, California on January 20, 1975 · Page 9
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 9

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 20, 1975
Page 9
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INDEPENKNTIAM) ^ : Harris Survey Muskie, Jackson gaining 012 Ford) ' " ' · ' ' By Louis Harris Although he has gotten a very low rating for his handling of the economy, President Ford nonetheless holds a 47-42 per cent lead in the presidential trial heats over Sen. Henry Jackson, D-Wash., and a closer, 46-45 percent edge over Sen. Edmund Muskie, D-Me. YettFord's lead over the other two senators, who have tfius far proved to be the strongest Democratic . contenders, has shrunk considerably since last November. ' -. "\ · ' · ' . ' · ; · " ' . _ ' . · · Between January 2 and 8, a cross-section of 2,164 likely voters in 1976 was surveyed in person by the Harris'STtrvey and asked: ' ' "If'the 1976 presidential race were between President Gerald Ford for the Republicans and Sen. Edmund Muskie for the Democrats and if you had to decide right now, would you vote for Ford or Muskie?" · FORD VS. MUSKIE TREND · -- - - - " . . - . ' N o t Ford .Muskie Sure .January, 1975 . . . . 4 6 45 9 Nov., 1974 ; . . . . . . 49 42 9 · May 44 43 13 March " 48 46 (i ·' A Ford-Muskie contest always has been close, even before .Ford took over as President last August. ·4Jhe cross-section was similarly polled about Sen. Jackson: · 5 ;'1f the 1976 presidential election were between President Gerald Ford for the Republicans and Sen. Henry Jackson for the Democrats and if you had to choose right now, would you vote for Ford or Jackson?" · . . . . . . 95% of Navy's secrets called WASHINGTON (UPI) A retired admiral, now a sharp critic of the Pentagon, said Sunday 95 per cerjt of the Navy's secrets are . facts being hidden from rival services, Congress and the public. Only 5 percent are legitimate secrets, he said. Rear Adm. Gene LaRoque (Ret.), director of the Center for .Defense Information, said, "About 50 per cent of what is classified in the N a v y is designed to keep it from the Army and the' Air Force and the : secretary of defense. About 25 per cent is designed to be kept secret from Congress and about 20 per cent from the public.". : "The other'5 per cent is legitimate," LaRoque said in an interview. "In other words, 95 per cent of all secrecy in the Navy in my opinion is not justified by our own regulations." · ' , ' ' . · The issue of secrecy arose when LaRoque was asked about testimony he gave Congress last year to the effect that it should be assumed .that many American warships using world, including Japan." "Today, we have well "I think it is the duty of over 20,000 nuclear weap- our government and the ons, and we are adding «£fc«*N j « irTM 4 * ^^jssrzj such.weaponry in Japa- "}.?*« »e^acis avai.- nesewaters. : "-' ·' »!»«· L"'^»= °» i u Both governments have norts were armed wi«! nuclear mil State.Deoartment and the uiiuersiaiiuuigs iuiuiuu : .ii B :-?r~~"L°~,'.~:;~~:~.~:.i\~ j.,.. 4« TM.- ......Wi- areo. - · . - . . ..'- . . : . ' . . _ ! . _.. !_ I ,%'n n III M K H I I I H I H I' I. f* ft V ft t I- UU V IV VM1 · »lW^»V-l*i u» uv LaRoqiie, a'former task force commander in the Mediterranean, said: "In my. experience, nuclear capable ships always carry nuclear weapons. It doesn't make any sense to make a nuclear ship that doesn't carry nuclear weapons. They do not take nuclear weapons and any other weapons off a ship when it goes into a harbor anywhere in the acted in a very strange way by saying we can neither affirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons and the public be damned." LaRoque also warned of the dangers of nuclear, accidents, s a y i n g , "I think ... we are headed toward an inevitable nuclear explosion if we keep on building them." nal," he said. .-, "And we are training our allies how to use these weapons. One day, we are going to find in one of these countries where we are training a group of people ... they are going to capture a bunch of the nuclear weapons and they are going to pose a real t h r e a t to the United States. We're really not providing adequate safeguards for our nuclear weapons overseas.' ; ~Commenting on a published report recently that;a pair of U.S. and. Soviet'. n u c l e a r submarinej.;- hniche'l rafh other undeT* water, LaRoque said he thought the report was; accurate because t h e . Pentagon did not attempj;- to prove that it was erV roneous. *if "If the Navy could puj'- (syndicated columnist),;; Jack Anderson down and point out that he was wrong in his report, I think they would do so " gleefully," he said. Military's fuel problems resolved . , ^ . . ' _ . . . . . ' . - _ i J«i~:1 iU« nnsiltl A w n FORD VS. JACKSON TREND '· January, 1975 47 42 4 -Novv; 1974 '.. 52 35 CScpta 63 23 S.May'': · 42 41 S March 45 45 Not Sure % · 11 13 M 17 10 t After Ford became President, he enjoyed a commanding lead over Jackson. But Jackson has been gaining ever since, although he has not yet come close to'rthe .tie he had with Ford last March. Still, Jackson, who was only familiar to 26 per cent of the voters, is now recognized by a majority, 54 per cent. Muskie is familiar to 77 per cent of all potential voters. ; Both surveys demonstrate that Ford is now losing political strength with the voters. Yet, compared to the laje of the Republicans party in last fall's elections, which lost by a landslide, 61-39-per cent margin, Ford's showing isn't bad, particularly since Democrats tend to win in the off-year, congressional elections and Republicans do much better in the presidential election. 1 ' ACCORDING TO this latest Harris Survey, Ford's core constituency is that established by former President Richard M. Nixqn. The President depends upon the support of small towns and rural America, and leads both Jackson and Muskie by substantial margins in the Midwest and South. Ford loses the big cities to both Democrats -tested and trails in the East and West. Ho beats Jackson but trails Muskie .in the suburbs. He runs ahead of both Democrats among people 50 and over, leads Jackson among people under 30, but loses Ihjuryonth vote to Muskie. Among political independents, the President beats Jackson by 49-38 per cent and jvfst edges out Muskie by 47-43 per cent. ,'" Muskie has stronger support than Jackson because he carries the young people, the suburbs, and closely trails President Ford with independents and the college educated. Muskie also does better than Jackson with union members, Catholics and Easterners. . Research missile launched by AF VANDENBERG AFB (UPI) _ The Air Force early Sunday launched a research and development reentry vehicle from this coastal space and missile center. A spokesman said the vehicle was sent aloft at 3:12 a.m. PST aboard a m o d i f i e d Minuteman I intercontinental ballistic missile. WASHINGTON (AP) A dispute over oil contracts that has resulted in some fuel shortages for the military has apparently been settled, according to Defense Department officials. . Department spokesmen confirmed that some military activities have been interfered with'by a fuel shortage resulting f r o m the impasse between the Pentagon and the oil industry over disclosure of costs. But Pentagon officials said over the weekend t h a t "in the last f e w weeks the Department of Defense has received sufficient data from oil companies to permit the award within the next several days of the majority of contracts to meet its continental United States petroleum requirements." THE dispute centered over disclosure of cost information by the oil firms, and Sen. William Proxmire, D-Wis., had charged t h a t some 68 companies were refusing to cooperate. P r o x m i r e said in a statement that the oil firms' "idea of dealing f a i r l y w i t h the government is to o f f e r their products at prices which they fix, but to withhold the information needed to determine w h e t h e r the prices are reasonable." : In its. statement indie at. ing that ; the. problem had., been resolved, the Pentagon said "the data received, coupled, with' other cost information available to the DOD, permits the department to establish fair and reasonable prices For the most p a r t , spokesmen said, overseas fuel requirements will be met by contracts with foreign countries executed outside the United- States. The cost a c c o u n t i n g standards law does not apply to these contracts. The Pentagon said that "there have been temporary supply dislocations caused by the delay in negotiating satisfactory contracts for the January to June supply period.". And while Pentagon spokesmen said the impending a w a r d of fuel supply contracts will solve the problem, they added that "there will continue to be some short- f a l l in supply until contracts can be signed with the remaining f i r m s whose quoted prices have not been found to be within a reasonable market range. We expect the situation to be f u l l y re- If you're not in a retirement plan, we'll show you how to ' It's a new tax break, starting right now, for the one out o! every two people not now in a pension or profit sharing plan. You can set aside 15".'. of salary up to $1500 a year in your own Individual Ryirement Account at Great .Western Savings completely jree o/ Federal Income Tax until you retire. And the interest you earn-atthe highest rates on insured savings-Is also taxjree until retirement. At Great Western, we know how it's done. We have a Tax Savings Counselor .,ln every office. 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